Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 31, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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Tom Dennison Produces Note
in Detention Home Case;
Black Says Money Was
to Hire Lawyer.
Jesse Black, negro police officer.
charged with accepting bwbes tor
.lowing inmates of the detention
Imnie to escape, was bound over to
tltstrict court in police court yes
terday. His bond was fixed at
51,000. He entered a pea of not
Black is charged specifically with
having accepted 550 for aiding in
the escapes of Emma Brown and
Gladys Thompson, former inmates
of the Detention hospital. They es
caped during the latter part ot ho
vember. 1918.
The principal defense offered for
Black was that the home was being
operated in defiance of personal
rights and liberties. Attorney Mc
Farland stated that inasmuch as the
hospital had no legal foundation.
Black, even had he accepted money,
was not criminally liable.
The court room was packed to ca
pacity with spectators, police offi
' cers and social welfare workers.
Chief of Police Eberstein and As
sistant Chief M. F. Dempscy were
interested spectators.
Womait is Witness.
Mrs. Gladys Thompson, a former
inmate of the home, was the chief
witness for the state. Mrs.
Thompson was the first witness ex
amined. She testified Black told
her he would assist her and others
to escape for 550 each. She told
the court that in response to in
structions from Black a note was
sent to her husband by Black to ob
tain the money.
George Thompson, a packing
house employe and husband of
Gladys Thompson, was called and
testified tp receiving the note and
giving $50 of the money to Black
November 26, 1918. He said he
was to pay the balance later.
Got "Cold Feet."
Questioned concerning their re
lease, he said he went to the home
that night accompanied by Frank
Burns, a watchman for the Union
Pacific. The 550 balance to be paid
he said he offered Black, who got
"cold feet" and refused to accept
it. He testified that before poing
to the home he and Burns .rked
'he money.
The women were released two
nights later, he testified. Ques
tioned as to what became of the
note, he said, "Tom Dennison had
it" He told of a visit to Den-u-
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Auto Thieves Have Trust
Working in Connection
With Officers of the Law
Startling Fact Proven by Sioux City Investigation Now
Under Way; Gang Said to be Operating in
Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota
and .Missouri. ,
Who is the king of the automobile theft trust?
That such a trust really exists and includes the states of
Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri and Nebraska, as auto dealers
and owners have contended for many months, has been
proven by the Sioux City investigation now under way and
recent developments in Omaha.
And that there is a head,
real brains, running the theft
despite the feeble efforts of
nearby cities to put their hand
In the Sioux City investigation,
like in Omaha, it has been repeatedly
charced that certain ooiice officers
were in league with the thieves, bull
as yet the real head and brains of
the organizations remains a mystery.
However, an underground current
rfstlcss, threatening, dangerous
:s clamoring to reacs the surface.
Echoes of the subterranean rumbl
ings denote something big is ready
to break and break soon. Thousands
of automobile owners, who have
been victimized during the last
twelve months by this interstate
syndicate of thieves, have their ears
close to the ground.
Owners of motor cars, automo
bile clubs and insurance companies
of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota
and Missouri, have been driven al
most to a point of exasperation by
the wholesale thefts.
Particularly in Omaha the unrest
has increased tenfold.
"What is to be done?" is the Ques
tion that is being asked on every
Business men. owners and deal
ers 111 automobiles recognize the
fact that for months the gigantic
theft trust, unhampered, has been
operating in the middle west and
that Omaha furnishes one of the
principal fields of activity for the
agents of the, syndicate.
Nearly Million Here.
Here are the figures of the local
thefts during the last year: total
number of automobiles stolen, 1,039.
aggregating an estimated value of
$831,200. Of .this number 370 -cars
were never recovered. This repre
sents a total loss 6f $296,000. Dur
ing December there were 18 cars
stolen in t)maha and never recov
ered. This represents a loss of
$14,400 for a single month
Detective Chief Briggs has
charged some of the men working
son's office, where the matter was
discussed and the note shown. He
said Dennison refused to give it
Dennison is Subpoenaed.
Dennison was subpoenaed and
presented the note. It was written
on the back of a hand bill. He knew
none of the details, he said. The
note read:
"Lid, give George $100 and we will
be out tonight and tomorrow I will
go to the bank afid give it to you.
You know, kid, I h five the money. I
can't get at it while I am in here,
but you shall get it tomorrow.
Ringer's Secretary Testifies.
Harry Silverman, secretary to
Police Commissioner Ringer, testi
fied Black was a regular, police of
ficer. Chief of Police Eberstein cor
roborated the testimony of Silver
man and said that Black hadvbeen
assigned as a special watchman a
the detention home and was re
sponsible for the upkeep of the
grounds and the furnace.
Bert Murphy Sells
His Interest in the
Murphy-O'Brien Co.
Bert Murphy of the Murphv
O'Brien company, automobile
dealers, has sold his inter
est in the firm to his two
partners. T. J. O'Brien and
R. A. Coad. Mr. Murphy says that
while the Murphy-O'Brien jtompany
has been having a fine business he
finds it necessary to devote more
time to his other interests. He wrll
continue with the firm of Andrews
Murphy & Son, distributors for Re
public trucks.
Lewis Would Start Fund
to Help Returned Soldiers
The idea of Jack Lewis, local
business man and sports promotor,
to create a fund for the benefit of
returned soldiers who are unable to
buy civilian clothes or pay for their
daily expenses due to lack of money,
has found the approval of most of
the business men of the city. .Mr.
Lewis' idea is, to hold an athletic
carnival of which the receipts
should be used as a start for the
proposed fund. Among many other
communications, Mr. Lewis is in
receipt of a letter -from Mayor Ed.
P. Smith in which the city's chiet
executive endorses the move and
urges Mr. Lewis to co-operate with
the Omaha Chamber of Commerce
to establish such a fund.
N. Y. & P. Railroad Goes Out
of Business Next Month
Local railroad officials are ad
vised that after February 28, the
New York & Pennsylvania railroad
will cease to exist. The road is op
erated in 'Pennsylvania, is 57 miles
long and prior to government op
eration of railroads, is said to have
been a paying piece of property. It
was one of the short lines that the
government did not take over.
President Cobb announces that it
will simply cease to operate trains
and will go out of business.
Commerce High Retains
Place at Top of League
Commerce HI eh. IT; Nakens, .
Omaha Nt'l B'ks, JS; Independents, SO.
Beddeoa, 11; Central Furnitures, 14.
PL W. I,. Pet.
Commerce High 5
ken 5
Beddeos 5
Central Fnrnftnrea ...
Omaha Nationals. .. .5
independent ....... S
or higher-up, a man with
syndicate there is not a doubt,
the police of this and . other
on him.
in his department are in cojlusion
with the thieves to bleed owners of
reward money. He has filed no
specific charges with the city com
missioners, however, although the
men at whom suspicion has been di
rected have defied him to start ac
tion. Another investigation, without
regard to the efforts of the city
hall officials, has been instituted.
This is being conducted by repre
sentative business men and automo
bile dealers.
It was declared that the identity
of this committee would be with
held for the reason that the object
would be destroyed if the names
were made public at this time.
Some Have Confessed.
Attention is directed to the re
ports reaching Omaha daily from
points in Iowa, South Dakota and
Missouri, and even from Chicago, to
the effect that members of the same
gang operating in this city are being
picked up in these places. Some of
these prisoners, it is said, have ccn
fessed to stealing many cars on the
streets of this city. They have gone
so far as to boast that "Omaha is
C. B. Mullen, sent to the Iowa
penitentiary several months ago
from Council Bluffs for stealing, au
tomobiles, now is assisting the au
thorities to recover cars he helped
to dispose of while operating with
the middle west trust. Mullen is
alleged to have revealed many de
tails to the Iowa authorities cover
ing the syndicate's system. He
referred to the gang which has
been stealing cars in Omaha for the
last two years as intimate
acquaintances, and told of many
thefts here with which he was con
nected. In fact, Mullen admitted
that he did not confine his efforts to
"easy territory." However, he de
clared he was picked to work else
where, and he was compelled to bow
to the authority of his organization.
The prisoner declared after leaving
Omaha he worked in the other
states in the syndicate.
Fences Located Here.
The thieves' fences are located in
St. Joseph, Joplin, Chicago, and
many small towns in Nebraska,
Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota,
it is declared.
It is said that few automobiles,
however,-were disposed of in Chi
cago, because already market could
be found closer. The heads of the
theft syndicate are said to be lo
cated in. that city, and from their
offices there direct in a general way
the operations of the men in the
With the arrest of C. J. Wool
ridge, an automobile insurance .ad
iustor of Sioux City, suspicion has
been directed to other representa
tives of insurance companies, who
are alleged to be working with an
understanding with the thieves and
the police.
Butler Favors Probe.
City Commissioner Butler declares
that city council should take up the
police department scandals and sift
them to the bottom.
"Mr. Ringer says he is probing the
detective scandal and I hope, he will
get that done." he said. "But I am
in favor of bringing Briggs and the
detectives up here before the city
council and questioning them.
"The morale of the police depart
ment' is suffering. The men are
angry and distrustful of one an
other in many cases and all this must
be cleared up without any delay in
order to get results from the de
partment." "I was very glad to see that state
ment in Wednesday's papers from
Tom Dennison," said Mayor Smith,
"because it showed distinctly who
is running the Omaha police depart
ment now. It showed that Ringer is
running it. and Dennison is not and
has no influence or pull of any kind.
Yes, sir, I thank Dennison for that
And a number of prisoners In Alsace,
two years ago today, January 3L
Find a prisoner.
Upside down at right shoulder
Officers Said to Be Afraid to
Send Alleged Auto Thief to
County Jail for Fear
of Developments.
An Omaha private detective, who
has requested that his name shall
not be used m this connection,
makes the statement that William
McKenna, alleged star automobile
thief, has been a "stool-pigeon" for
the detectives, and therein he finds
the answer to the question why Mc
Kenna is being held in the city jail
instead of being sent to the county
It is customary to send prisoners
from the city to county jail as soon
as they have been bound over after
their preliminary arraignment. In
McKenna's case there has been
more or less mystery on the outside
as to why he should be , held so
long in the city jail, an unusual pro
Explanation Easy.
"The explanation is easy to those
who are on the inside of these af
fairs," said this private detective.
"You should know, if you do not
know, that the police have a staff of
stool-pigeons who tip their as
sociates in crime. To be of real
service it is obvious that the stool
pigeon must be on the job himself.
In the case of an automobile stool
pigeon, he must get out and steal
automohiles and be in league with
other automobile thieves. He is al
lowed to pull off jobs in return for
the information he gives."
Afraid of Consequences.
"They are afraid," he continued,
"that if McKenna goes to the county
jail, outsiders will get to him and he
will tell some things that the police
would rather not have told.
"My point is that in some in
stances it may be all right to obtain
the help of a stool-pigeon, but I con
tend that is bad business to allow
them to go into the business of
stealing automobiles just for turning
up a companion now and then.
"If would be interesting to watch
developments that would follow if
they would send McKenna to the
county jail where he should be
Waive Preliminary Hearing.
Sensational disclosures against the
police failed to materialize in the
hearing of Red Neal and Maurice
Katleman yesterday. Both waived
preliminary hearing. They ivere
charged with aiding McKenna and
Lovell C. Jones, who are now -.vait-ing
trial. It is understood that the
evidence against Neal and Katleman
is the result of an affidavit signed
by McKenna, in which he and Chief
of Detective Briggs are the central
figures. Rumors that eleventh-hour
arrests were to be made also proved
unfounded. McKenna is still held
in the city jail.
When Black was called to the wit
ness stand in his own defense he
testified that he secured the money
to hire a lawyer for the women. He
denied all of the accusations ot
other witnesses.
Emma Brown testified for the de
fense. She corroborated Blacks tes
timony and asserted the money was
to be paid to a lawyer and not as
a bribe to permit them to escape.
Council Bluffs Boy Finds
Cousin With Hun Prisoners
William J. Greulach, 'Council
Bluffs, Company L boy and son of
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Greulach, 302
West Pierce street, in the Bluffs, has I
written to his parents detailing the
unusual experience of finding his
cousin among Hun prisoners he had
helped to capture in the St. Mihic!
drive. The cousin was in a squad of
the Seventeenth Uhlans, and the
Bluffs boy met him casually while
looking over the prisoners.
Speaking German fluently he talk
ed with a iiumber of them in their
native tongue. One young man was
particularly interested and asked the
Bluffs boy his name. The interest
vis'bly increased when, the name,
Greulach, was mentioned in connec
tion with Council Bluffs.
"Why, I've got an uncle, Andrew
Greulach, living in Omaha," he re
sponded. Further conversation dis
closed that the boys were first cou
sins. The cousin had risen above the
ranks in the kaiser's service and in
troduced himself as Capt. Philip
Greulach. A cousin, Louis Greulach,
was killed in the drive a few days
before. The old world cousin ex
pressed his intense desire to get to
America and said he was coming at
the first opportunity.
Railway Police Will Hold
Banquet in Omaha Feb. 22
Association of -Railway Special
Agents and Police of the Central
West will hold its annual banquet
in Omaha the evening of February
22. Chief special agents, special
agents and police of the roads op
erating in the transmississippi and
transmissouri territory, as well as
state, county and city police offi
cials, will be present. Prominent op
erating officials of the road also
have been asked to attend.
219 S. 14th St.
My Spring Line now ready
Order Early to Insure
Prompt Delivery
Ure Favors Remodeling Mu
nicipal Auditorium; Want
City Ownership of
Public Utilities."
Plans for a memorial to the men
and women of Douglas county who
entered war service were discussed
informally yesterday afternoon by
the city commissioners. . They all
agreed that the memorial should not
be a mere monument of stone. These
ideas were presented:
Mayor Smith A museum of war
relics, posters, photographs of Oma
ha war activities. This building to
be in connection with an auditorium
seating about 2,500 people. ,
Commissioner Butler An athletic
field for all sorts of events and in
cluding a mile track.
Commissioner Falconer A small
er athletic amphitheater, to be built
on the park property between Har
tley and Jackson streets, between
Thirtieth and Thirty-third streets.
Commissioner Ure Finishing and
remodeling the Municipal auditor
ium and equipping it with movable
walls so that it can be divided into
two or three smaller auditoriums,
the whole to be called the "soldiers
memorial hall."
The other commissioner were not
The commissioners agreed that a
bill now in the legislature providing
that the Omaha Gas company shall
be operated by the Metropolitan
Water District of Omaha after it
h.s been acquired by the city shall
be endorsed by the city commission
ers. .
They also agreed that eventually
the other publicly owned utilities
shall be operated by a "public ser
vice commission" which shall be
the outgrowth of the present water
board and shall be elected by the
R. B. Howell, general manager of
the Metropolitan Water district,
said the plan is a good one.
"It is necessary to manage such
public utilities separately from the
other business of the city, he said.
"If they are not managed separately
there is danger that their earnings
may be diverted to other uses than
those to which they belong.
"Earnings of publicly owned
utilities should go to only three
uses: First, to pay the running ex
penses of the utility; second to cut
down and eventually extinguish the
debt of the utility, and third to re
duce rates. In the water works we
have paid our expenses, cut down !
our debt from year to year and re
duced rate's 55 per cent."
Mayor Smith declared that he be
lieves when Omaha owns the gas
plant it can supply the people with
gas at "a great deal less than $1 a
thousand feet." '
Commissioner Butler favored the
creation of a "loop" by the street
railway company in the downtown
Zbyszko Throws Henderson.
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 30.
Wladek Zbyszko won from Mort
Henderson in a wrestling bout here
tonight in two staright falls,; the
first an arm-scissors, in 19 minutes
and one second, and the secortd a
head scissors in nine minutes and
three seconds.
. . -
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The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
There Was Nothing So Good
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as Mustard
But the old-fashioned mustard
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acted. Get the relief and help that
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sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chil
blains, frosted feet, colds of the chest
(it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospital size $151
Police Say Youth Has
Confessed to Robbing
Fifteen Omaha Stores
Henry Jackson. IS years old, who
says his home is in St. Louis, but
who police allege was recently pa
roled from the Kearney reforma
tory, was arrested for investigation
in connection with the burglarizing
of several stores. Police say Jark
sot) has confessed to burglarizing
15 stores.
Roy Carr, 1910 North Twenty
seventh street, and Aaron Smith,
1142 North Twentieth street, were
arrested as accomplices following
Jackson's confession.
Among the stores police assert
Jackson entered are the Larson
Jewelry store, Sixteenth street and
Capitol avenue; Dacy Millinery store,
south Sixteenth street; Central fur
niture store, Miller Park Pharmacy
and others.
Police are continuing the investi
gation of the burglaries. Detec
tives say Jackson has agreed to lead
them to the cache where the loot is
stored. They expect to recover
most of the stolen merchandise.
Creighton Team Defeats
Drake by Score, of 32 to 7
Creighton, 32; Drake, 7.
Trouncing the Drake "bulldogs"
32 to 7, the Creigton basket ball
team added another decisive victory
to its long string last night at the
Creighton gymnasium. The visitors
played a defensive game, attempting
to prevent the local cage artists
from too speedily chalking up
Lineup and summaries:
F.a. F.T. P.F.
Haley, r.f 2 0 1
Wise. I.f. 5 0 1
Kearney, e 6 2 S
Mullholland. r.. ..3 0 0
Vandlver, l.g 1 0 2
Condon, r.f., 2 0 0
Totala IS i 7
F.O. F T. P.F.
T.F. rn.
T.F. Pts.
II 2
Shawver, r.f 1 0 2
Payseur, I.f. 9 8 (I
McKlnley, c 1 0 0
V. Payseur, i.g 0 0 1
Good, It 0 0 1
Lamar, r.f 0 0 2
Kbert, Ig ft 0
T. Fayseur, r.f. 9 0 0
Totala 2 S S
Officials: Referee, Harold
(Central High); aeorer. Murphy
keeper. Shoevlln.
Time of halves, 20
rJJoior Truck
Desirable factory connection
open for live business man not
loaded with other business bur
dens. Headquarters Omaha, and in
cluding Nebraska and Western
Must be financially reliable
and a proven success.
Call Friday, January 31, 8 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. only.
II. ti. Fowler, Hcnshav Hotel
. Bothered two years. Skin at tips
of fingers would peel off and fingers
would get dry and brittle and crack
and bleed. Wore gloves all the
time and could not lace shoes. All
disfigured. Finally wrote for sam
ple Cuticura. Bought two cakes
Soap and one bos Ointment and in
less than two months was healed.
From signed statement of Victor
Kloti, 5832 Erna Ave , Rt 1, Sta.
B., Omaha, Neb., August IS, 1918.
Most akin troubles may be pre
vented by using Cuticura Soap and
Ointment for daily toilet purposes.
Do not fall to teat the fascinating f rsffranc. of
Cuticura Talcum, an exquisitely scented face and
akin perfuming powder, 2& canta everywhere.
The Postmaster General has instructed all tele
phone companies as follows: "For purposes of
economy in administration, and the convenience of
the public, the - charge for moving a telephone set
from one location to another, on the same premises,
Ehall be $3."
A , ml
Pesek and Eklund Furnish Ex
hibition of Mat Skill; Ath
letic Bouts Round Out
t Program of Sports.
Goodfellowship, pep and enthusi
asm abounded throughout last even
ing's smoker at the Omaha Athletic
The entertainment was for "stags.1
The announcement "Not for butter
flies. This party is for he-men only,"
was literally obeved. The crowd
exceeded the expectations of the
committee in charge and late com
ers were forced to dine in the grill.
Shortly after 6 o'clock an exhibi
tion of dives and swimming strokes
was given in the natatorium by ex
pert swimmers. This entertainment
was followed by a beefsteak dinner.
Witness Mat Work.
An exceptional line of cabaret fea
tures and a "jazz" band furnished
entertainment. The glbom of a hard
day's work rapidly disappeared and
a jolly crowd attended the re
mainder of the athletic program in
the gymnasium.
John Pesek of Shelton, contender
for the heavyweight wrestling cham
pionship of the world upon the re
turn of Earl Caddock, furnished the
mam event of the evening. He was
onnoscd bv Clarence Eklund of
Buffalo, Wyo., claimant of the light
weight title. They wrestled 30 min
utes before Pesek was able to pin
the fast Eklund to the mat.
Athletic Exercises.
Following the wrestling bout
Harry E. Reed, western representa
tive of A. G. Spaulding & Bros., and
F. P. Nusslock of , Milwaukee, a re
presentative of the Parker Motor
Truck Co., gave an athletic exhibi
tion. John Rickie of Chicago and
Earl Puryear of Denver also gave
an exhibition of athletic exercises.
The entertainment committee was
headed by Frank K. Latenser.
Others were Gene Melady, Wm.
Schall and Clark Coit.
Ed Creighton and Carl Marfisi
referred the athletic bouts.
Dr. King's New Discovery used since
Grant was President. Get a
bottle today
It did it for your grandma, for
your father. For fifty years this
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Bowels Acting Properly?
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tire system. Dr. King s New Life
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Tha llttls Hyomel Inhaler It mad of
hard rubber and can easily ba carried' in
pocket or purse. It will last a lifetime.
Into this Inhaler you pour a few drops
of magical Hyamel.
This is absorbed by the antiseptic
game within and now you are ready to
breathe it in over the germ infenled mem
brane where It will speedily begin its work
of banishing catarrhal rcrms. Hyomei is
mad of Australian euoslyptol combined
with other antiseptics and is very pleasant
to breathe.
It ia guaranteed to banlxh catarrh, bron
chitis, sore throat; croup, coughs and colds
or money back. It often cleana out a
stuffed-up head in two minutes.
Sold by Sherman & McOonnell Dmg Co.,
and druggists everywhere.
Complete outfit, including inhaler and
one bottle of Hymoel, costs but little, while
extra bottles, if afterward needed, may In
obtained of any druggist. Adv.
I( you ire not stront or well
ivou owe it to yourself to make
the following test: see how lone
you can work or how fsr you can
walk without becoming tired.
'". Next take two five gram tablet
I 1 I . j .. t ..... .. . -i..
times per ivr iwo wki.
Then test your strength again
and set how much you have
gained. Many people have made
this test and have been aston
ished at their increased strength,
endurance and energy. Nuxated
Iron is guaranteed to give satis
faction or money refunded. At
all good druggists,
Dr. Franklin Miles, the Great Specialist.
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' pathic Treatment Free as a Trial.
Sick tieoule whose nerves are weak m
deranged who have weak heart, stomach,
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headache, dizziness or dullness; nervous
dyspepsia, irritability, cold hands and feel,
xhtirtnrss of breath! palpitation or irregu
lar heartbeat, drowsiness, nervousneits,
uleeplessness, trembling, wanderins paini,
backache, irritable spine, rheumntism. ca
tarrh, constipation, hysteria would da
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It's Not
Goods Alone
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wish to place away safely for
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Here every detail for the
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ifter each meal YOU eat oris
L.TSCtob vour stomach s sake)
and get full food value and real stom
ach comfort. Instantly relieves heart,
barn, bloated.assy feeling, ST0i'3
acidity food repeating'and stomach
misery. AIDS digestion; keeps the
3tomach sweet and pure
EATONIG ia tha beat remedy and only eoati
a cent or two a day to use it You will be de
lighted with results. Satisfaction guamitcxwl
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A Never Failing Way
to Banish Ugly Hairs
(Aids to Beauty) '
No woman is immune to super
fluous growths, and because these
are likely to appear at any time, it
is advisable to always have some
delatone powder handy to use when
the occasion arises. A paste is made
with some of the powder and water
and spread upon the hairy surface;
in about 2 minutes this is carefully
removed and the skin washed. You
will then find that your skin is en
tirely free from hair or fuzz. Be
sure, however, to get real delatone.
LVKO seHliaafttlaaiaaelta
agos Mly. una picturs abe,
Ratuaa all aubsUtutea.
Thos who are weak and
reduced from an attack
of Influenza or Pneumonia
will experience wonderful
recuperativa effects from
the nse of
The Great Genera! Tcric
' ' jjl
-J J