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Lll. It made up, not o great sacrifices or duties,
but of llttl. thlnfi, la which smile, and kindness.,
ead (mall obligations f ivn habitually ar. what win
and prearvt ths heart and scur. comfort.
Tha blessings of fortunt or tho lowsstj
tha Baxt art tho bodily adv.ntagee of strength
and health; but tha superlative blessings, in
finem, aro thoao of tha mind.
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Club notices will not be pub
lished in The Sunday Bee if re
ceived later than 5 p. m. Friday.
Chapter B. S. of the P. E. 0.
sisterhood will meet Monday after
noon with Mrs. J. F. Wood, 3306
Myrtle avenue.
Mrs. Terry Reitners will enter
lain the Dundee Woman's Patriotic
club at her home.
Liberty chapter, Order of the
Eastern Star, will hold the post
poned meeting, January 13, on
January 20. Liberty Star kensing
ton and business meeting postponed
from January 17 will be held Jan
uary 24 at the Masonic temple.
Sermo Literary club will meet
with Mrs. G. T. Lindley for 1
o'clock luncheon, at her home, 3222
Xorth Forty-first street.
George A. Custer Relief Corps
will meet at 2 p. m. in Memorial
Mrs. W. J. Mettlen will entertain
Chapter B P of the P. E. O. Sister
hood, at luncheon at her home, 3223
Hamilton street.
Omaha Spanish club will meet at
8 p. m. at room 505 McLague build
South Omaha Woman's club will
meet in Library hall at 2:30. A
business meeting will be followed
by reports of the general federation
nieetine. Mrs. A. C. Troup will ad
dress the club on the subject of
Business Woman s club meets
Tuesday evening, January 14, at
6:15 o'clock for supper. Program
at 7:30. Dr. J. F. Despacher will
speak on France of loday. Lead
er, Miss Olive Griffith.
Miller Park Mother's Circle will
give an entertainment of music and
readings in the school auditorium.
The sum of 10 cents will be charged
to the public and the proceeds used
for the Red Cross unit.
Mrs. F. H. Cole will entertain the
Omaha Woman's club of the rail
way mail service at her home, 1810
Spencer street. The subject will be
"Civil Service During the War."
Story tellers' section of the Asso
ciation of Collegiate Alumnae will
be entertained at the home of Mrs.
H. S. Howard, 3523 Howard street,
at 4 p. m.
Mrs. S. V. Fullaway will entertain
the Omaha Story Teller's League at
her home, 2955 Pacific street. Stor
ies will be, tald by Mrs. T. C- Brun
ner, Mrs. C. W. Pollard and Mrs.
W. M. Hill.
Mrs. Martin Buehler will enter
tain the J. F. W. club at luncheon
at her home.
Mrs. W. B. Howard will entertain
the evening Chautauqua circle at her
home. The lesson will be the four
chapters of the book, "Inside the
British Isles." The two Chautauqua
circles have been divided recently.
The officers elected for this round
table circle include: Miss Emma
Sasstrom, president, and Miss Eva
Douglas, secretary. The other cir
cle is now called the Bishop Vincent
circl with president. Miss Eliza
beth Ryan, vice president, Miss Her.
ma eutmyer and secretary, Miss
Edith Kinsman. Two leaders will
be Miss Carrie Nelson and, Miss
May Hayes.
At the annual election of Garfield
circle, No. 11, the following officers
were elected: President, Mrs. M.
Smith; senior vice president, Mrs.
I. ibbie Darnell; junior vice presi
dent, Mrs. P. Hedley; chaplain, Mrs.
Cherry Peters; treasurer, Mrs. Car
rie Broman; secretary, Mrs. Cornell
Elliott; conductress, Mrs. Gertrude
Johnson; guard, Mrs. A. L. Hanson.
An open meeting will be held at 8
p. m. Friday in Memorial hall.
Kensington club of Vesta chapter.
Order of the Eastern Star, will meet
at the home of Mrs. W. J. Traver.
Mrs. Perry B. Spellman of Be
atrice will be honor guest at a din
ner given by Vesta chapter No. 6,
Order of the Eastern Star. The af
, fair will be given at the Masonic
General meeting of the Associa
tion of Collegiate Alumnae will be
held at the home of Miss Bess Du
mont, 3642 Lafayette avenue, at
1:30.- , i
Omaha Woman's Club
Political and Social Science de
partment will meet Monday at the
V. W. C. A. Mrs. H. C. Sumncy
will speak upon the fifth topic in
the outline of study, '"Woman as a
Voter." " A question box and dis
cussion will be features of the. pro
gram for the afternoon.
Music Department
A program of French music will
be given at the meeting of the de
partment Wednesday at 2:15. Mrs.
Elo'se Norris will give two groups
of French songs, Misses Margaret
Wagner and Madeline Scott will
give piano solos, MisS1 Flora S'.iu
kert will play on the violin, and
Margaret Leary, a French dance.
The program will folio chorus
work under the direction of Henry
Current Topics Department.
Current Topics department &
meet Tuesday at 2 p. m. The BiKle
lesson will be Mark 7, chapters 1 to
14. Current events and letters from
our soldiers will be a feature of the
program. A talk on the labor
question will be given by Hon. J. L.
Kennedy and Mrs. Charles Rosc
' water will review the life of the
late Theodore Roosevelt.
Art Department.
Art department will meet Thurs
day at 10 a m. in the Y. W. C. A.
Mrs. L. F. Easterly is the leader,
and Mrs Halleck Rose will speak
on the topic, "The Present Art Sit
uation" Psychology Department.
Psychology department will meet
Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Y. W.
C A. Dr. Jenkins will conduct the
Press Club Dinner
The Omaha Woman's Press club
wjll give its annual dinner Wednes
day evening at the Loyal hotel. The
ana'r will be very informal.
Kensington for War Mothers.
Mrs. M. E. Lewis, 4239 Harney,
assisted by Mesdames D. F. Nci
hardt, A. F. Hedengren, F, M. Deal
Miss Austin Engaged
One of the most interesting en
gagements of the season is an
nounced today. We have rumored
and hinted, trying to help de'ermine
the identity of the young coup and
wirh the formal anrtO'.nceit ent the
mystery is solved, for Mr. arid Mrs.
Thomas William Austin announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Eleanor, to Capt. Thomas Burnet
Niles, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. F.
Niles of New York City. The weei
oing date is indefinite
Miss Austin, one of the prettiest,
most charming of Omaha girls is a
graduate of the Central High
school, later attending Wheaton col
lege, at Norton, Mass. She has been
society editor- of the Omaha Excel
sior for several months.
Captain Niles is a graduate of
Princeton and a member of the
Elms club. He received the com
mission of second lieutenant at the
first officers' training camp at Platts
burg and later promoted to captain.
He has been stationed at Columbus,
S. C, and has recently received his
honorable discharge.
Captain Niles spent the weekend
in Omaha, visiting at the Austin
home, returning to New York City
a few days ago.
and E. Finney, will entertain at a
kensington .for the American War
Mothers Wednesday, January 15.
Health Committee
Dr. Katherine Sullivan announces
that the health committee will
rgive talks before the various clubs
for mothers, in the city.
Comus Club.
Mrs. Harry Evernden will enter
tain the Comos club at her home,
1826 Manderson street, Wednesday
Three New Drives are
Scheduled for Months
of Feb., April and May
Mrs. K. R. J. Edholm, executive
secretary for the Nebraska Tuber
culosis association, left Friday for
Chicago to attend a two days' con
ference in which Mr. John E. Stout,
junior director, Central Division
American Red Cross, Mr. Charles
M. DeForest of New York, who is
crusader executive for the National
Tuberculosis association and the
executive secretaries of the tuber
culosis associations of all the states
of the central division, will discuss
plans for the coming National
Crusader tournament. The Ameri
can Red Cross and the National
Tuberculosis association are con
ducting this campaign jointly, with
the co-operation of the Council of
National Defense and the United
States Public Health service. The
campaign will consist of three drives
of which the first is the enlistment
and advancement of the modern
health crusaders; the second is the
National Tournament in Health
Knighthood extending from Febru
ary to May and the third is a cam
paign in community sanitation.
Prizes to Be Given by
Conservation Council
For Compositions-
The conservation contest which
was launched last October by the
home demonstration agent and con
servation countil, and open to the
children of the fifth, sixth, seventh,
and eighth grades, closes January 15.
Through the courtesy of Miss Ry
an, the assistant superintendent of
schools, the compositions will te
sent to the office of the Board of
Education in the city hall and trans
ferred later to the' office of the home
demonstration agent. '
The comoositions will be judged
by a competent committee selected
from the conservation council. Not
all of the schools have been heard
from hut children in many ot the
districts have exhibited great inter
est in writing on "Wheat, the Com
mander in Chief, "The Autobiog
raphy of a Peanut," "The Confes
sion of a Garbage Pail," and other
similar topics.
Fine Arts Presents B. R.
Baumgardt, Lecturer on
Art, at the Fontenelle
Omaha Society of Fine Arts is
considered particularly fortunate in
securing Mr. B. R. Baumgardt, who
comes on Wednesday to speak at
the Fontenelle. His subject will be,
"Art Centers, Ancient and Modern."
Mr. Baumgardt has given this lec
ture, which is considered one of his
best, in "all large eastern cities. This
is an tiistorical lecture in a measure,
beginning with the Acropolis at
Athens and ending at Washington.
D. C. Mr. Baumgardt holds and im
presses his audience with an unfail
ing interest at all times.
Ibsen's '"Doll House" by
Woman's Club to Aid
Starving Foreigners
Public Speaking department of
the Omaha Woman's club will
present Ibsen's "Doll House" Jan
uary 1. at the Scottish Rite cathe
dral. The proceeds of the affair
will be used for the drive for the
starving children of the east. The
cast of characters will be as follows:
Thorwald Helmer Hart Janks
Nora Helmer Mrs. Anson Bluelow
Mrs. Linden
Mr. Nils Krvgstad
Dr. Rait
. Mrs. Grant Williams
Mr. W. R. McIiauKl.'.ln
Mr. Louis Nlttle
. Isr belle ehl In
...Mrs. Joseph Vvittf
James Puffy
... .Gwendolyn Elena
Florence Dreusedont
One of the most imposing me
morials to a woman to be found in
all Europe is the magnificent Maria
Theresa monument at Presburg. ,
Mr. J. H. Roberts is ill Kt St.
Catherine's hospital.
A Book for Boys 16 to 96
A Boy's life of Theodore Roosevelt
HARPER A BROS, Pub'ra, N. Y. 11.25
. ...
a '
fill I "fill! I Mi 1
Government of Brazil
Must Fix Price of Food
So the Poor Can Live
Living costs in Brazil have
reached a point where the govern
ment has been obliged to consider
restricting exports, according to in
formation received by the bureau of
labor statistics,, Department of
The president of Brazil has au
thorized a food administration, con
sisting of one commissioner and the
necessary assistants, to investigate
food supplies, costs of production
and handling, selling prices, and
means for improving conditions
through government control. Actual
government handling of the crops is
possible if it becomes necessary.
One of the plans of the administra
tion is to assist workmen's , co
operative organizations in every
Food prices have advanced great
ly in Rio de Janeiro and the work
ing classes have found great diffi
culty in getting enough to eat. Pric
es of domestic products have ad
vanced just as have imported ar
ticles and in some instances' the per
centage of increase is almost as
Cost of Living in France
Has More !rhan Doubled
Since War Began j
The typical French family, which
spent about 1,000 francs, or $193, a
year for food before the war had to
spend 2,331 francs ($449.88) for the
same amount of food in the second
quarter of 1918, according to figures
obtained by the French minister of
labor and published by the bureau
of labor statistics of the U. S. De
partment of Labor.
The food purchased by this sum,
supposed to be sufficient for a fam
ily of four, would include 1,540
pounds of bread, 440 pounds of
meat, 44 pounds of bacon, 44 pounds
of butter, 240 eggs, 66 gallons of
milk, 44 pounds of cheese, 550
pounds of potatoes, 66 pounds of
beans, and 44 pounds of sugar. The
figure given for the family budget
also includes oil, petroleum, and
wood alcohol for the family use.
Be a Doctor of
Build mweesflful career In thfa pmt profes
Jon Chiropractic, the advanced science or treat
ing disease through apical adjustment. The de
mand for Chiropractors ia constantly inereaainor.
In larger numbers than ever before intelligent,
thinking people are becoming convinced that It m
the common sense and really scientific way to re
lieve pain and disease.
I flani WeteachyflabymaMorlnelaai.
J-iCani Instruction under the personal
A ft 14 AtMA direction of a faculty of compe
nX IlOniC tent, practical Chiropractor.
You can master thte good payinar profession and
(rrartuatewiththedt'Rreeof Doctor of Chiroprac
tic while holding your present position. Nospeeial
preliminary study and no more than a common
school education an required. The coat is small
terms easy.
The Rtcteaa of many Chiropractors has come so
nickly as to be almost startlingf. Incomes of
from 1S000 to IfaXK) are not rare some, up wards
of MO.OOO a year. Dr. M. D. Moore, of Kentucky
report SyOKOayear; Dr. L. H. Roche, New Jersey.
16000; Dr. Hanna, of Florida, over J50-X). You will
receive the same kind of instruction which these
Chiropractors received. Your propects will be as
bnght aa theirs. There is no reason why you
should not do aa well or better. .
rnpp Llthcfraphed and printed
r lxJ-iA- in colors. Actual value,
pL9tj,. $31.50, Onthiaofferyou get
VetaleuTS them all free. Send coupon
ror facta about this iree oner aiso 0
paffe Free Book which tells a'l about Chiropractic
and it wonderful possibilities. This is your big
opportunity to enter a diprnified profession, ba
your own boes, be occupied in pleasant, profitable
work and become independent. Hail coupon today.
Manierre BW ., Dept. 421 Chicago, 111. I
Without cost or obligation sand ne bj mail, a
rmr nv illustrate! R-paa book and four Free I
Charts Ollu,
CHr Stats..... j
Art In Omaha Is
Crowds to
THE sixty oil paintings which
the Omaha Society of Fine
Arts exhibits for ten days at
the Fontenelle, are mostly of a very
serious and sincere nature.
The nine Monticellis afford the
student an unusualfy good oppor
tunity for study. All done in his
distinctive manner of poetic beauty
and mystery, they show two dis
tinct phases of his work and the
transition between them. He was a
contemporary of the Barbizon
school in France about the time
when it was considered an iron
bound rule that all landscapes must
be first scumbled in brown, raw um
ber, and the lights only thickly
painted in, the. explosion of which
theory gained Constable his fame.
The two pictures. "The Peacock
Garden" and "The Pet Dove," show
a half-hearted conformity to the
rute and were evidently done in his
earlier years. He gets away from it
in "Star of Bethlehem," and in the
somewhat stilted and"' timid "The
Lark." and still farther in "Feeding
the Chickens," when he was begin
ning to use the thick impasto char
acteristic of most of his work. The
other four pictures are done in the
usual style of his maturity.
The two styles of George Inness
can also be studied.. The "Roman
Campagna," is done in the stilted
photographic style of the days when
he was a soldier in the civil war
and when he was considered hope
less as an artist. "Moonrise" is In
ness at his best and is done in the
scumbled brown method above men
tioned, with the lights painted in
heavily and gives a beautiful effect
of night and its beauty.,
Robert Henri, instructor at the
Art league, in New Yorlc and one of
the most popular of our teachers, es
pecially among the new cult that
believes in finishing a six-foot can
vass In one day, is also well rep
resented by two, for him, very small
portraits, also his transitional style.
The large, breezy pictures of his
earlier years, disregarding drawing
and structure and which expressed
his- inspiring enthusiastic personal
ity, have now given place to those
painted mostly of the Indians of
the southwest, accurate and right in
structure and drawing and technique
but rather lifeless and wooden. The
two here shown are evidently be
tween the two and possess the vir
tues of both. "Irish Girl," partic
ularly has a fine feeling of the bony
structure of the head and of the
body and he has very successfully
made use of the old method of
scraping out the dress entirely.
These two pictures are unfortunately
nun? in the hall where one cannot
get much distance on them.' Some
years ago the trench government
bought one.of Mr. Henri's picture
for the Luxembourg and it is said
the price was $40,000. He is one of
the most interesting character's in
New York art circles. Intensely
sincere and independent, he has
more than once created a sensation
on New York exhibition juries.
To those familiar with the work of
Charles W. Hawthorne, the well
known instructor at the Art league
and the summer school at Province-
town, Mass., his "The Story Book,"
is a surprise. Very different from
his other work, it is done in glaze,
that method of painting the picture
without color, grinding it down and
then putting the color thinly over
it, which was used by the old mas
ters and which so many modern art
ists are experimenting with. This
picture is more broad, sincere and
simple and pleasing in color than his
other work.
Singularly' Joseph Isreals is rep
resented by a portrait, for he always
painted genre. Fritz Thaulow, the
great painter of waterlin motion, has
a fine example. He did such fiine
i Traveling Salesmen Wanted i
! For Nebraska, to sell Stoves, Ranges s
; and Furnaces. Apply in writing,
- giving age, experience and refer-
? ences, to
I Charter Oak love S arje Co.
Situsfion Wanted
Advertising man wishes to lo
cate with an enterprising man
ufacturing firm of middle west.
At present employed by a $5,
000,000 concern. Age 43, ex
perienced in folder lay-out
work, general copy-writing, art
work and commercial photog
raphy. Address Box Y293. Omaha Bee
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets '
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Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study
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t :.!rjPi"jH?i.-i jTfljf I I
Fontenelle Gallery
work until he signed a contract to
produce so many pictures a year
at a stated price and could do it no
longer. There is a fine Albert P.
Ryder, "The Tempest," which is not
apt to be liked in a temporary exhi
bition, as one must live with a Ryder
to love it. A fine memorial exhibi
tion of this, one of the greatest of
our artists, was held at the Metro
politan museum in New York last
An excellent example of the un
fortunate Blakelock, who passed his
last years in an insane asylum, is
hown. There is a very fine Dau
bigny, especially interesting just
new from the subject,. "Late After
noon on the Oise." There is a very
nice Charles H. Davis, but not so
The vesper hour on Sunday at S
o'clock will be in charge of the
"Z. Z. class" of girls from the First
Methodist church. Mrs. Jones M.
Wilson will speak and Miss Myrtle
M. Wyatf will sing at the vesper
service. The program of music and
reading which follows during the
social hour in the club room at 6:30
will be given by the "Z. Z. Girls."
This js the friendliest hour of the
week and every girl in town is wel
come. Come and meet old friends
and make new ones, and learn about
clubs and classes and social affairs
which will turn a listless winter into
a wide-awake happy one for you.
The Students' club Bible class
wilt meet on Monday afternoon at
3:30 -for a lesson, and to mature
plans for a special program to be
given at the end ot the present
The business women's Bible class
meets on Thursday night at 6:10
olclock for supper, immediately
after which its lesson will be pre
sented. This plan makes it possi
ble for the members to keep later
engagements. Register early in
January for this course.
Girls' Department.
The Girls Reserve company of
the High School of Commerce, of
which Miss ' Mildreth Greeting' is
president, will hold its initiation
meeting in the club room Monday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Frank
Harris Redgley, club leader, will
present the plans for the future. At
the meeting of the Central High
Freshman club Wednesday after
noon Miss Evelyn Lane, chairman
of the program committee, will give
a short talk on the customs of the
Japanese people preparatory to the
Japanese play to be given by the
Student club iri February. The so
cial hour will be in charge of Miss
Beatrice Rosenthal. Miss Blanche
Eads has been secured as leader of
this club.
The present committees of Stu
dent club will join in an indoor pio
nic supper- jn the gymnasium
Ihursday afternoon.
At the regular meeting of the
South High club Friday afternoon
officers will be elected to fill the
vacancies left by the removal from
the city of the membership and lo
cal chairman. Miss Marjon Howe
Jo r.loro
Up lights!
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ed by Recent Scientific Discovery
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The freauent imDulses to urinate
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Successes with this salt have
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1158 Hoffmaster Block,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Kindly send me, Free, 80c box of
Kellogg's Brown Tablets. I enclose 6e
in stamps to help pay postage and
City State
Y. W. C. A. Activities
4j 1
good as others of his which have
been shown here.
Gar! Melchers, the great painter
of chintzes,; is represented by an
unusually good example, and there
is a similar picture by Frederick
Fricseke. "Moonlight Surf," by
Taul Dougherty, the prize winner, is
in his usual manner, though cold in
color and done with palett knife or
thumb nail as well as brush. "Sun
and Shadow," by Frank W. Ben
son of Boston is unusually fine.
"Buds and Blossom," by Daniel
Garber, is in Japanese style, now
gaining interest in New York
There are also pictures s for those
who care for the lighter side of
The exhibition is in charge of
Mrs. Ward Burgess, whose hang
ing of the pictures in the Franco
Belgian exhibition two years ago
attracted such favorable comment
from those familiar with the eastern
will take up the leadership of the
Extension Department.
At a meeting of the Lohachie
club Wednesday evening following
their club supper the following offi
cers were elected: President, Miss
Clara Baldwin; vice president, Miss
Carmeleta Sund; treasurer, Miss
Catherine Simmons; secretary, Miss
Alice Duffy, and sergeant-at-arms,
Mrs. Hazel Cox.
The club voted to change its club
night to the first and third Tuesday
of each month. Mrs. J. T. Maxwell
is the newly appointed adviser of
this club.
Two new clubs were organized
this week, Thursday and Friday
nights. They met for club suppers,
but discussed plans. The evening
ended' with a jolly good time. 'Miss
Beth Howard is the adviser of one
and Miss Rise Lee Holsten of the
for your furnace
There is now on hand, ready for (Juick delivery, one of the best fur
nace coals ever sold in Nebraska.
Order a ton now to hold your fires over night you can burn the rest
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coal will not clinker or burn out fire grates.
Sold in Omaha and Vicinity by all leading dealers
The FvkAS ester Fasel Co., .
733 Omaha National Bank BIdg.
Physicians Explain Why Women Heed More
Iron in their Blood Today than 20 1 Years Ago
Say Anaemia Lack of Iron is Greatest Curse to the Health, Strength, Vitality and
, ' Beauty of the Modern American Woman.
D"'Ai 2
physiciana ahould prescribe mora or
ganic iron Nuxated Iron to supply the
iron deficiency. Opinions of Dr. James 4
Francis gulUvan, formerly Physician of f '
Bellevue Hospital (Outdoor ept.). New .
York, and the Westchester County Hos-
pltal; Dr. A. t. Newman, former Police ,,
Burgeon of Chicago, and other physicians ,
who have thoroughly tested the value k
of Nuxated Iron. I
Any woman who tlrea easily. Is nervous ,
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the strength and endurance of weak, nerv
ous, careworn women in two weeks' time.
' "There can be no strong, healthy, beautl.
ful, rosy-cheeked women without iron,"
saya Dr. Ferdinand King, a New Tork
physician and medico 1 author. "I have
strongly emphasized the fact that doctors
should prescribe more organic iron Nux
ated Iron for their nervous, run-down,
weak,' haggard-looking women patients.
Pallor means anaemia. The skin of an
anaemlo woman la pale, the flesh flabby
The muscles lack tone, the brain lags, and
the memory falls, and often they become
weak, nervous, Irritable, despondent and
melancholy. When the Iron goea from
the blood of women the roses go from
their cheeks.
"In the most common foods of America
the starches, sugars, table-syrupa, candles
polished rice, white bread, soda crackers
biscuits, macaroni, apaghettl; tapioca, sago
farina, degermlnated cornmeal, no longer
is Iron to be found. Refining processen
have removed the Iron or Mother h,artn
from these impoverished foods, and silly
methods of homo cookery. y tnrowtne
down the waste pipe the water in which
our vegetables are cooked, are responsible
for another grave Iron loas. 1 nereiore.
you ahould supply the Iron deficiency in
your food by using snme form of organic
Iron. Just aa you wouio use sail w jrum
food has not enough salt."
Dr. A. J. Newman, rormer ponca surgeon
fChicago, and former house surgeon.
Jefferson Park Hospital, Chicago, saya: It
has been my particular duty during the
n.t six vears to assist in keeping Chi
cago's 6.000 blue coats in good health and
perfect fighting trim, so that they would
be physically equipped to withstand all
manner of storms and ravages of nature's
elements. Recently I was prompted to give
It a trial. This remedy has proven through
y own tests of it to exeel any prepara
tion I have ever used for creating rea
blood, building up the nerves, strengthen
ing the muscles and correcting digestive .
Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques, visiting surgeon
of St. Elisabeth's Hospital, New Tork
City, said: "I hsve never before given
out any medical Information or advice for
publication as I ordinarily do not hellrve
in It. But In the ease of Nuxated Iron, I
feel I would b remiss In my duty not to
other. The names of the clubs
have not been decided upon.
Thursday, January 16, the club
council, consisting of the president
and a representative member fi.a
each club, will supper together at
6:15 o'clock. The objects of this
council are to unify the spirit of
fellowship among all the clubs; to
plan special gatherings for all the
clubs, to draw up a constitution to
be used as a sample for new clubs
and to interchange program ideas.
Members of the club council will be
replaced by others every six
January 20 is the next banquet to
be given to all the girls in the Mon
day Night clubs. January 23 the
clubs meeting on other nights of the
week will banqv.-t together'.1
; The first' of a series of industrial
talks to club leaders and the exten
sion committee was given by Mrs
Leff Caldwell Saturday afternoon.
Her subject was "Practical Prob
lems Involved in the Every-day
Life of the Working Girl." Mrs.
Charles Offutt led the open discus
sion which followed. The follow
ing talks are scheduled:
February 8 (1:30 p. m.) "Labor
f Laws for Women," Mrs. F. H. Cole.
March 8 (1:30 p. m.) "Recrea
tion," Mrs. Weirich, superintendent
of the Welfare board.
April 12 (1:30 n. m.) "Women in
Industry," Mrs. Gillan," industrial
secretary of Chamber of Commerce.
May 10 (1:30 p. m.) "Leader
ship." All interested are invited to at
tend. All clubs will meet, as usual
this week. The 'following exten
sion committee has been appointed
by Mrs. Charles Offutt, chairman;
Mrs. Henry Wyman, chairman i so
cial service committee; Mrs. (Ida
Hanchett, chairman educational
committee, and Mrs. Frank Judson,
chairman hospitality committee. 1
On Wednesday evening, January
8, at the Y. W. C. A., a group of
men from the forts were delight
fully entertained at a party given
by the Lafayette club. Music.
The Chill, Appeal-What h Yom Answer?
. . . Ajmx
"Mother, why
don't you take
RON and be
strong and well
and have nic
rosv cheeks instead of be!
nervous and irritable all th
time and looking so haggard
and old The doctor gave some
to Susie Smith's mother and
aha was worse off than you are
and now she looks veers young
er and feel just fine."
mention It. I have taken it myself and
given It to my patients with moBt surpris
ing and satisfactory results. And those
who wish quickly to Increase their
strength, power and endurance will find
It a moat remarkable and wonderfully
effective remedy."
Dr. James Francla
physician uf Bellevue
Bulllvan, formVly
Hospital (Outdoor
1 J . -V. , -
Dept.). New York, and
County Hospital, says: 'Thounands of
.1 miumir.
persons go on suffering year after year,
doctoring themRvlvea for all kinds of
ills, when the real and true cause under
lying their condition is simply a lack of
sufficient Iron In the red 1 iod corpuscles
to enable Nature to transform the food
they eat Into brawn, muscle, tissue and
liraln. But beware of the old forms ot
metallic Iron which frequently do more
harm than good.
"Notwithstanding all that haa been said
and written on this subject by well-known
physicians, thousands of people still Insist
in dosing themselves with metallic iron
simply, I suppose, because It costs a few
cents less. I strongly advise readers in
all canes to get a physician's prescription
for orgsnlo Iron Nuxated Iron or If you
don't want to go to this trouble, then
purchase only Nuxated Iron in the original
parknges and see thst this particular name
(Nuxated Iron) appears on the pscksge.
It you have taken preparations such as
,os ani! ts made iun
and friends for all. The varioui
clubs pV-i to give a similar party
each Wednesday and Saturday
evening. This plan is being carried
on by the . 'icr associations-"cat
the war camps and has proved itSell
a splendid opportunity for social
life for the men : vis and also
for the girls of the community.
Miss Molby, the recreation direc
tor sent by the National War Work
Council of the Y. W. C. A., will
v.ort. with t:-f .. in i . -ining and
directing : ; nrties.
Y. W. C. A. club parties scheduled
for this week are: Genera Persh
ing, January 15'; Many Centers, Jan
uary 18.
Sugar-Saviag Desserts
Jiffy-Jell makei Instant desterU
which art rich and fruity.
It comes ready-sweetened.
The fruit-made flavors coma In
liquid form, in vials. So they keep
their fresh-fruit taste.
One package serves six people
In mold form, or 12 if you whip the
jelL So these luscious desserts
are also economical.
Get It today. Try .Loganberry
or Pineapple flavor. See what It
means to yoo.
t fmckmtmi for IS Cants
At Yomr Cracar'e
JiffyJeU-Waukeaha. Wisconsin
You can tell tha women with plenty of
Iron in their blood, beautiful, healthy, rosy cheeked
women full of Life, Vim and Vitality while thosa
who lack iron are often cross, nervous, irritable,
weak, tired, complaining creatures whom noboov
wants to have around. ;
Nux and Iron and other similar iron prod,
ucta and failed to get reaulia, remember
that such products are an entirely different
thing from Nuxated Iron."
If people would only take Nuxated Troll
when they feel weak or run-down, tnsteud
of dosing themselves with hhif.,. .
drugs, stimulants and alcoholic beverage
there are probably thousands who
..M.. u..nj . ... . HUSH
,011117 uuiiq up ineir rea Diooa corpusrltir
increase infir pnysicai
enerffv n4
" '"i".' conaiunn 10 ward ojf
the millions of disease germa that r.
iiiuai rumiiiuaiiy arouna ua.
Ing how many people i
suffer from iron da- f
know of It. k l)a ,
1 you owt it to your-
ficlency and do not kn
M nnl il.nnv a .ll
aelf lo make the following test: See how
... .ou or now rar you con
walk without becoming tired. Next lak.
two flve-graln tableta of Nuxated Iron
three times per day after me. Is for two
weeks. Then test your strength again and
aee how much you have gained.
Mssofaetiirer-i NteNuxted I,on. wttleJa I, i.
stnlwd and recommended abore by phyMe,.H.
not a sa-ret rmmlr. but one hlch w,l LneJi
to dnm.ta Kelts. t! older inMI2,i.iJ
ITodw,, It Is e.Mlr snlmllited. dVw not In!! 2
the teeth, mil. them blsc, nur upset th.
Th. msnufietiirers nur.mee siieMfu) ,'0"
iMnra Se;.to,r,7