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Berlin Paper Bitterly Attacks
"Chinese Apathy" of Lead
ers in Permitting Inva
sion; Asks of Future.
Berlin, Jan. 3. (By Associated
Press.) A protest against the "ab
ject surrender to the Poles," which
is advocated by Herr Ernst, of the
Prussian ministry, is printed by the
Zeitung Am Mittag today. Tht
minister, who has just returned from
the border, declares that while the
invasion by the Poles could have
been prevented a fortnight ago, the
situation is now hopeless and that
Germany could not regain the ter
ritory occupied by the Poles even
with the division ordered to the
district a division, he declared,
which it now was impossible to as
semble. The Zeitung Am Mittag declares
that these statements cannot be true
and it asks why the government
has done nothing in the matter. It
characterizes the v attitude of the
government as "Chinese apathy."
Fears Bolshevists.
The Zeitung Am Mittag also ex
presses disquiet over the evacua
tion of Riga by the Germans and
the danger of a bolshevik invasion
of Germany.
The government members are In
session today and are reported to
be cansidering what action to take
for the protection of German cities
from the Poles.
Munich newspapers of this morn
ing's date received here, publish re
ports of shooting in the streets of
that city New Year's eve. Nine
persons are declared to have been
wounded. The accounts state that
the rioters used hand grenades
against the police and threw similar
missiles at the front of the Catholic
society building.
The newspapers declare that great
numbers of weapons are in the pos
session of the lawless element.
Petrograd People Are
Threatened by Famine
Under Bolshevik Rule
London, Jan. 3. (British Wireless
Service). Dissatisfaction and des
peration in Petrograd, caused by the
almost complete disappearance of
the necessaries of life and the sys
tem of gvernment in effect under
bolshevik rule, are so widespread
that the populace is on the verge of
an outbreak, according to a Danish
business man who has returned from
"Conditions in Petrograd are ex-1
ceedingly depressing," he says. "Ex
cept for the red guard and its'
agents, the whole population is in
direst need. Petrograd . is face to
face with complete starvation. The
prices of ordinary articles of food
have risen enormously and it is dif
ficult to buy anything, even at these
"All the ibig establishments and
the factories have been nationalized
and are either closed or in half work
ing order. The banks have been na
tionalized and money circulation has
therefore stopped. A recent decree
prohibits the carrying of parcels in
the streets without special permis
sion from the Red Guards agents
and, consequently, one is held up
when one tries to go out shopping.
No fuel is to be had.
"The present system of govern
ment is creating general stagnation
and the misery in which the majori
ty of the populace is living has fost
ered dissatisfaction and desperation,
which are gradually spreading and
which need only a spark to break
out into flames. On all sides it is
hoped that the entente will be able
to find means to supply Petrograd
and save the population from starva
tion. During the day it is compara
tively quiet in the streets, but after
dark no one who does not belong
to the ranks of the red army dares
to go out."
Car Service Resumed
in Denver After Delay
Caused by Rioting
Denver, Jan. 3. After street car
service had been completely sus
pended for six and a half hours
heir last night because of damages
by crowds of men and boys who ob
jected to the collection of a seven
cent fare, service was resumed early
todav on rearular rhr1ii1e Wt-thr
it would continue depended, com
pany officials said, on whether ade
quate police protection was fur
nished if the demonstration were
Dewey C. Baker, city manager of
public satety, said the police had
been instructed to prevent distruc
tion of property or injury to trau?
men, but could not and would not
undertake to assist the company to
collect the increased fare.
. oc'oc't tn'8 morning regular
"owl" car service was begun and
the cars passed through the down
town district without disturbance,
the crowds which interfered with
the operation of the cars last night
having dispersed.
The seven cent fare which was ap
proved by the state utilities commis
sinn althoucrh onnnnerl hv rifw of
ficials was put into effect December
to, tne company contending the in
crease was necessary to meet a
wage award recently granted by the
federal war labor board. For sev
eral weeks a six cent fare has been
in effect with the approval of both
the state utilities commission and
the city council but the company
lUlliJlllICU llldl lUlO W9 iiiautijuaiv
to meet the increased operating ex
penses. Repeats Sermon in German.
Fremont, Neb.," Jan. 3. (Special
Telegram.) For the benefit of the
members who claim they are unable
to understand the English language,
Tastor Phillip Lange of the Trinity
Lutheran church has arranged to re
peat the regular English sermon,
riving a German translation. This
was decided upon at a meeting of
the congregation last evening.
Daily 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.
" everybody! ST
Friday, January 3, 1919
Daily 0 A. M. to P. M.
Phone D. 2100
Continuing for Saturday Our Great Annual
Table Linens Towels
Outing Flannel
Presenting uncommon values the sort that will appeal to every housekeeper
and means the natural cutting down of the high cost of living. Included are:
Crashes Sheets and Cases Muslins White Goods Sheetings
Bed Spreads
Lace Curtains
Curtain Swisses
Etc., Etc.
Women9 s and Misses9
COATS, suns,
at !2 Price
Represent by Long Odds the Big
gest and Best Values Offered
WE admit it is really unusual for us, but we never believe in
doing things in a half-hearted way and we've put the
price-cutting knife into the very core and cut the original prices
exactly in half to insure an immediate clearaway preparatory
to the new season.
Every garment is from our regular st6ck, fully
measuring in every way up to the standards of
styles and quality so rigidly demanded by this sec
tion of our store. Everyone is this season's latest
models the very best fashions greatly favored at
this moment.
Another point to be considered, is that, although we do not
quote comparative prices, the public realizes that when we say
HALF THE ORIGINAL PRICES that's exactly what we mean
that prices have not been marked up to allow for the reductions
and that there will be no disappointments. We would advise
investigating these offerings before you buy, because these val
ues won't be duplicated again this season. .
: -N Burtts-Nuh Co. Second Floor
Brush Up
On Golf
THESE cold winter days is
a good time to sort o'
limber up your joints by awing
ing the golf club and batting
the "pill" around over the put
ting course on the fourth floor.
" The course is ready for you
come and enjoy yourself there
ia no charge.
Eddie Murphy
Golf Instructor at the Field
Club is in charge.
Burgeii-Nath Co. Fourth Floor
Our Annual
Sale of
Presenting values of
an unusual nature, when
the cost of cotton is con
sidered. See Sunday morning
papers and windows for
An Extraordinary Clearaway of
Radically Reduced
The Super Valuer Giving
Clothes Event of the Year
Mostly sizes 32 to 37.
THE suits offered are for men and young men in
fitted, semi-fitted and conservative models
styles that will appeal to the tastes and fancy of most
any man and we can not urge upon you too strongly
the real advantages offered by this sale unusual
for Burgess-Nash.
The suits are in three or two-button
styles, soft roll lapels with or wjthout
vents. Some have patch pockets while
others have plain pockets. The coat is
half or quarter lined with a superior qual
ity of lining.
The materials include such favored weaves as
homespuns, flannels, cassimeres and worsteds, in fancy
browns, grays, blues, pin checks and stripes; sizes for
most any type of figure, stouts, slims or regular, 34 to 44,
but we feature, especially, smaller sizes from 32 to 37.,
Barf Mt-Nuh Co. Fourth Floor
The Clearaway of
Off Regular Price
Original Prices Range
$16JS0 to $400
ALTHOUGH the prices
have been radically
clipped, the Burgess-Nash
guarantee of satisfaction
goes with every sale.
Including individual scarfs,
toles, cape collars, coatees,
luffs and sets.
The furs include: Hudson
Seal. Fox. Mink. Raccoon
Chinchilla, Lynx, Marten, Etc.
Our entire stock of Fur Coats
atl4 0ff the Regular Price
Burf MO-Nash Co. Stood Floor.
Clearaway Saturday of Women's
Neligees, Robes, Breakfast Coats
Sacques and Jackets
At I2 Price
THAT'S the way
we offer our en
tire stock of negligee
wear beginning Sat
urday morning.
The offering in
cludes a wide range
Crepe de chine and lace
negligees. Satin breakfast
coats. Japanese kimonas,
tacque and padded jackets.
Owing to the
extremely low
price, there
will be no
phone orders
accepted, no
C. 0. D.'s and
no exchanges.
IvrfMt-Nuh Co. Sacoad Floor
The Clearaway of
$1.00, $2.00, $3.95, $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00
In the
White Sales
Reductions of
Regular Prices
THE Blouses are voiles and batistes, man y are hand made, trimmed with real filet,
flat venice and val laces, also hand drawn work and hand embroidery.
Some are pure linen, all white or combined with
v - colors, some voile, with daintily colored stripes.
There are scores of styles, including either high or low neck and sizes 34 to 4(J.
For quick disposal they have been grouped into six lots at reductions of one-half, one
third to one-half the regular price. No exchanges. No approvals. No C. 0. D.'s.
Burfess-Naah Co. Socond Floor.
Water Bottles at
THESE bottles are known as
factory seconds, but in
most instances the imperfection
is so slight they're practically
unnoticeable. 2-quart size, spe
cial at $1.00.
BurfMi-Nath Co. Mln Floor
in the Toy Store.
(Fourth Floor)
In tne Sporting Goods Store.
(Fourth Floor)
in the Shoe Store.
(Second Floor, Fourth Floor and
Downstair Store.)
Our Entire Stock of John B. Stetson
for Men
The Standardized Prices
EVERY man knows the
worth of the John B. Stet
son hat a make that is stand
ardized as to quality, style and
price the world over, and there
is but little need of further
comment suffice to say that
the offering includes our entire
stock of "Stetson" make, either
soft or stiff, in fancy or stand
ardized styles.
There is a wide selection of "Stetson'1 style represented
in this great clearaway and most all sizes, although there
Burf Mt-Naoh Co. Main Floor
A Clearaway Saturday of
MEN'S Furnishings
Prices A re Radically Reduced
rt HE clearaway includes men's gloves, sweaters,
JL mufflers: half hose and flannel shirts.
saving advantages'are really extreme.
Clearaway of Men's
Gloves at
Men's street gloves that represent broken assort
ments and single pairs taken from our regular stock.
All are standard makes such as Fownes, Faultless,
Dempster and Place and Hutchins and Potter. The lot
is composed of tan capes, black capes, grey suedes,
washable ivory capes and washable chamois gloves.
Sizes 7 to Not all sizes in
all styles, but all sizes are here.
On account of the limited num
ber there will be no, exchanges,
refunds, C. 0. D.'s or phone or
ders accepted at $1.45 pair.
Clearaway of Men's Mufflers
at V2 Price
Your choice of any silk or wool muf
fler in our stock at 12 price. Plain
silks and fancy knitted styles in black,
white and pearl, also many bright col
orings in novelty effects.
Clearaway of ,
Meris Sweaters
Men's fine high grade all wool and wool mixed
sweaters in heavy or medium weight qualities in
V-neck, pullover or shawl collar styles. Colors are
grey, dark oxford, navy, maroon, green, brown, khaki
and heather mixtures. -Prices range from $7.50 to
$16.50. Clearance sale price 14 off regular nrice.
Men 8 Flannel Shirts
Reduced to
$W, $2SS and $3S5
Our entire stock of fine flan
nel shirts grouped together in
3 big lots $1.95, $2.95 and
$3.95, for quick clearance.
These prices represent a saving
to you of at least 13. Good
range of styles and qualities
are here in colors of grey, dark
oxford, navy, khaki and olive
drab. All sizes 14i3 to 17. '
Men's Cashmere Hose
35c. 3 for $1.00
Men's medium. weight natural cashmere hose, 35c,
3 for $1.00. Some are slightly soiled and mussed;
others have slight imperfections. All are splendid val
ues at 35c, 3 for $1.00. 14 cn fw