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Hurry, Mother! Remove poi
sons from little stomach,
liver, bowels.
Give "California Syrup of
Figs" if cross, bilious or
No matter what ails your child, a
gentle, thorough laxative should al
ways be the first treatment given.
If your little one is out-of-sorts,
half-sick, isn't resting, eating and
acting naturally look, Mother! see
if tongue is coated. This is a sure
sign that the little stomach, liver
and bowels are clogged with waste.
When cross, irritable, feverish, stom
ach sour, breath bad or has stomach
ache, diarrhoea, sore throat, full of
cold, give a teasyoonful of "Cali
fornia Syrup of Figs," and in a few
hours all the constipated poison, un
digested food and sour bile gently
moves out of the little bowels with
out griping, and you have a well,
playful child again.
Mothers can rest easy after giv
ing this harmless "fruit laxative,"
because it never fails to cleanse the
little one's liver and bowels and
sweeten the stomach and they dear
ly love its pleasant taste. Full di
rections for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-ups printed on
each bottle.
Iieware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," then
see that it is made by the "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company." Adv.
South Side
Beautiful, modern park plan ceme
tery acceesible to Omaha's beat resi
dence section. Family lots on partial
payment at time of burial. Telephone
Walnut 820 and Douglas 829. Our free
automobile is at your service.
58th and Center. Office 15th & Harney.
After each meal YOU e?t one
and get full food value and real stom
ach comfort. Instantly relieves heart
burn, bloated, gassy feeling, STOPS
acidity food repeating and stomach
misery. AIDS digestion; keeps the
stomach sweet and pure.
EATONICisthe best remedy and only costs
cent or two a day to use it. You will be de
lighted with results. Satisfaction guaranteed
r money back. Please call and try it
Sherman A McConnell Drug Co.. 6 Busy
Stores. Omaha.
Sloan's Liniment has the
punch that relieves
rheumatic twinges
This warmth-giving, congestion
scattering circulation-stimulating
remedy penetrates without rubbing
right to the aching spot and brings
quick relief, surely, cleanly. A won
derful help for external pains,
sprains, strains, stiffness, headache,
lumbago, bruises.
Get your bottle today costs lit
tle, means much. Ask your drug
gist for it by name. Keep it handy
for the whole family. The big bot
tle is economy.
Relief horn Eczema
In Cuticura
For skins that itch, burn, crust and
scale. Bathe with Cuticura Soap and
hot water. Follow with a gentle
anointing with Cuticura Ointment
Use these super-creamy emollients
for every-day toilet purposes and
prevent such conditions.
tsDpIs Isca trm y ttfcil. Addrvss post-tin):
"Ctucara, Dpt- ssna." Sold everywhere.
Soap Sc. Ointment 25 and 50c Tslcojn He.
(when Writing to Our Advertisers
I Mention Seeing It in Tbe Bee
Merchants Donate $110 to
Members of High School
Basket Ball Team; Not
Asked Before.
South Side business men have
pledged $110 to the South High
school fund for sweaters for mem
bers of the school basket ball team.
The students have contended
that the business men of the Soutii
Side have not supported the school
athletes as the business men of
Omaha have supported the Omaha
High school athletics. The business
men of the South Side said that they
had not been asked before this year
and that their willingness to stand
back of the school was shown when
$110 wag pledged without question
for a sweater fund, and it was not
eve nasked that the sweaters he
purchased from South Side mer
chants. During the Christmas vacation
the students will try to bring the
fund to $250. "I do not think this
will be difficult to accomplish," said
Principal . R. M. Marris, "because
every one asked so far has given
The sweaters will be red with
white "0"s, the school colors.
Those receiving the sweaters are:
Coach Patton.
Wallace Hanner.
.lames Fitter.
Arthur Ti'terson.
Arthur Hodgren.
Mnthta Ooltz.
Charles Wlelt.
Clarence Anderson.
Everett Chambers.
Kay Card.
Oorjto Morris.
Rohert Mi-Neil.
Jo Sn-parinuton.
James Webber,
.lark UlKgnns.
David Broadwell.
151,000 Head of Hogs
Reported on Big Five
Markets Wednesday
Hogs receipts on the five central
markets continue exceptionally
heavy. Wednesday morning 151,000
hogs were reported in yards of these
markets. In Chicago 41,000 head
were held over from the Tuesday re
ceipts. Omaha's hold-overs num
bered 3,396.
Omaha yards received 19,500 head
Wednesday and with the hold-overs
offered 22,896 for sale.
Coroner Jury Finds Rudolph
Kroywetz Killed Accidentally
A coroner's jury impaneled fol
lowing the death of Rudolph Kroy
wetz, 9-year-old boy who died of in
juries after being struck by an auto
mobile driven by J. E. Brown, 2320
South Thirty-second street, decided
that the accident was unavoidable.
The boy was a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Isidore Kroywetz, 2510 L
street. Funeral services were held
in the Brewer chapel Wednesday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment was
in the Jewish cemetery.
Live Stock Exchange Now
Has 745 Red Cross Members
Receipts in the Red Cross Christ
mas membership roll at the Live
Stock exchange totaled $857 Wed
nesday noon. The roll now has 633
$1 memberships and 112 $2 member
ships. Twenty-eight rooms in the ex
change reported 100 per cent.
Smith Side Brevities
Will buy liberty bonds. Room 1226.
Woodman B!dg.
Slack. 14 per ton. A. L. Bergqulat, Son
& Co. Tel. South 62.
Toya and useful gifts for everybody
Koutsky-ravllk Co. Store open evenings.
Cressey's Shoe Stora will be open eve
nings, beginning Wednesday until Xmas.
Holiday shoes and slippers of all kinds
to suit every case. Cressey.
Holiday Specials New grey and field
mouse high cut shoes, with the Louis or
Military heels, extra values. Cressey.
J J. Smith, llvlns In 432 South Twenty
fifth street, reported to the police that
thieves entered his house and stole five
$50 Liberty bonds.
Why worry about the Christmas Gift
Problem? Solve it for the year 1919 by
Joining now the Economy Savings Club
at the Live Stock National Bank, Cor.
24th and N Streets.
A Christmas gift valued by young and
old alike is money. Be prepared to pre
sent this next Christmas by now joining
the Economy Savings club at the Live
Stock National bank, cor. 24th and N Sts.
Louis Reddel, 1630 South Twenty.fourth
street, was bruised about the body and
head when he was struck by an automo.
bile driven by Dan McLane, 4624 South
Twenty-third street, Tuesday morning at
Twenty-sixth and O streets.
The Union Outfitting Co.,
16th and Jackson Sts.
A Big Purchase of Hirfh
Grade Electric Iror.s
On Special Sale Cne
Day Only
Saturday, Dec. 21.
This fortunate purchase of
High Grade Electric Irons has
arrived and will be put on
special sale for one day only,
Saturday, Dec. 21. Each and
every Iron is beautifully nickel
plated and very highly pol
ished. They have the detach
able switch plug and six feet
of cord complete with con
necting plug. Although there
is a large quantity of these
irons we would advise that
you take no chances and come
early, and as always, you make
your own terms.
Briej City News
Have Root Print It Beacou Press.
25 Per nt Discount on electric
Carey Cleaning Co. Web. 392
Xcw Congressman Visits Onmlia
Congressman-elect Evans of the
Third district, who defeated Pan
Stephens, was in the city Wednesday
and called on friends at the city hall.
Transfer Man 111 with Fin Elmer
Kpstein of the Omaha Transfer
company is seriously ill with influ
enza at Lord Lister hospital. His
wife, Clara, died a week ago of the
same illness.
Has Piece of Gimmn Helmet
Frank Koaeh of the I'nlon Pacific
is in receipt of an ornament from
the helmet of a German officer. It
was sent by one of the company
boys now in France and was picked
up on a battlefield. The presump
tion is that the officer who wore the
helmet from which the ornament
was taken is dead. Near the center
and through one of the wings of the
eaglo there Is a jagged hole, evi
dently cut by a piece of shrapnel.
Fine nrcpiaoe goods at cundenand's.
Jury Disagrees Over
Action Against City
Police Following Raid
A jury in Judge Wakeley's court
has been discharged after deliberat
ing 24 hours without an agreement
in the case of Edna E. Nicholson,
267 Harney street, against W. G.
Russell, H. A. Cunningham, Charles
M. Chapman and M. E. Anderson of
the police department.
Mrs. Nicholson sued for $5,000
damages following a visit of the po
lice morals squad to her home at
10:30 p. m., August 25, 1917.
More Nurses Are Needed
in Influenza Epidemic
Officials of the Chamber of Com
merce are making an effort to have
several more Omaha nurses released
from Camp Dodge, la., to assist dur
ing the influenza epidemic here. The
four nurses who have already been
secured are doing wonderful work
under the direction of Miss McCabe
of the Visiting Nurses' association.
These nurses are going from house
to house where there are influenza
patients usually following the doc
tor an hour or so to see that his
instructions are being carried out. In
this way they can look after many
Shortage of Christmas Trees
is Due to Forest Fires
Omaha's supply of Christmas trees
is about 10,000 short this year. The
shortage cannot be charged to the
war, but instead, mainly to the fact
that last fall forest fires destroyed
a large acreage of Minnesota timber
from which Christmas trees are cut.
South Side Obituaries.
year, died in her home, 1220 Arthur
street, Wednesday of pneumonia. She Is
survived by two sons and'flve daughters.
Funeral services will be held Saturday at
2 o'clock In St. Johns Lutheran church and
burial will be In Laurel Hill cemetery.
The funeral of Louis F. Hump!, who
died Tuesday, will be held In the rest
dunce, 3713 South Twenty.third street,
and the Church of Assumption Friday
morning at S o'clock. Interment will be
in St. Marys cemetery.
Law Should Be Enacted Re
straining Irresponsible Per
sons from Serving as
Sureties in Court.
District court judges believe that
the legislature should enact a law
which will restrain irresponsible per
sons from serving as sureities on ap
peal bonds and her white husband
The hearing of various cases of
violation of the prohibitory law, ap
pealed from the police court, has
emphasized the need of legislation.
An examination of the cases re
cently called for trial or on the
docket, show that a colored woman
who works in a Farnam street res
taurant signed 25 police court ap
peal bonds and her white husband
.igned 20 bonds, all for persons con
victed in police court on charges of
violating the liquor laws.
Many of these sureties are exempt
from liability.
Lawyer Arranged Bondsmen.
A man who was sentenced to 90
days in district court, after the hear
ing of an appealed case from police
court, stated that he paid his attor
ney $40 after the police court hear
ing. He stated that the lawyer ex
plained that he would arrange for a
bondsman for him; that "there
would be nothing to it" in district
court and that he need not appear.
A capias was issued for his appear
ance. -..Ufit
Pape's Diapepsin at once ends
sourness, gas, acidity,
When meals upset you and you
belch gas, acids and undigested
food. When you have lumps of in
digestion pain or any distress in
stomach you can get relief instant
ly No waiting!
As soon as you eat a tablet of
Pape's Diapepsin all the indigestion
pain stops. Gases, acidity, heart
burn, flatulence and dyspepsia van
ish. Pape's Diapepsin tablets cost
very little at drug stores. Adv.
Omaha's Popular Priced Shoe Store
Styles that are newest
are always found first
at the
And they are all for less
than $10.00 the pair
Nothing could be more use
ful and really appreciated than
a pair of these Boots as a
Christmas gift. If you are not
certain as to ize or width-
buy a Shoe Market Gift Certifi
Brown Military Boot, 9-inch
top, winged tip; a most re
markable Special Value
No Charges
No Deliveries
No Discounts
Open Evenings Until 8
P. l. Till Titian. I
16th and Harney New Conant Hotel Bldg.
Edgar A. Guest
It is the human note in Mr.
Guest's verse that endears him to
readers everywhere. His lines
sing themselves; they have a sim
plicity and heart appeal that goes
"home." The genial, homely phil
osophy of Mr. Guest's verse has
made him the most widely read
poet in America.
Three Volumes of Verse
by Edgar A. Guest
. Over Here
A Heap o' Livin
Just Folks
Uniform Binding
Cloth, each $1.25
Khaki edition, boxed and ready
. for mailing, each. . . .1.25
Red Morocco, each . . . .2.00
Burgess-Mash Company
everybody STORE"
Ess-ta to
Vfie Ciristmas Store for 6veryodtf
Wednesday, Dec. 18, 1918-
-Phone Douglas 2100
Five Shopping Days then Christmas
MY ! How time flies. So many things have happened in the past few weeks, time passed so quick
ly, before one realized it. Now everything m ust be done in the five remaining days. That's why
we have lengthened the time the best we could by keeping the STORE OPEN EVENINGS TILL
CHRISTMAS. But if it's possible
Shop in the Early Morning Hours of the Day
Gifts that Men Like Conveniently Arranged ior
Easy Selection, North Aisle at Harney Street Door
PRACTICAL, useful gifts the sort that every man will appreciate, here in better range of selec
tion than vou're likelv to find elsewhere, and risrhtlv priced, too.
tf -f '
Men's Neckwear,
$1.50 to $30
Fine high grade silk neck
wear, representing the finest
qualities. A wonderful assort
ment of fine scarfs in heavy
rich silks and satins, beautiful
designs and colorings, $1.50 to
Men's Fine Scarfs,
50c to $1.00
Silk four-in-hands, embrac
ing all the newest designs and
patterns. An almost endless
variety of hundreds of beauti
ful scarfs assembled here for
your inspection. All scarfs made to our own speci
fications, insuring your satisfaction.
Silk Shirts,
$7.50 to $10.00
Finest qualities of beautiful silk
crepes, empire silks, broadcloth and
tub silks, rich and exclusive patterns.
.X .1
A m j- mr fin Alt Wlv
iuen s cruris, $i.ou w $o.uu AW)
"Star" and "Beau Brummel" shirts ffc&YMft
in a vast assortment of fine madras,
percales, silk mixtures and fiber silks,
in either soft or stiff cuff styles.
1 l vl rs
Men's Gloves, $2.00 to $5.00
Men's street gloves in genuine
gray mochas, gray suedes, gray and
tan capes, washable chamois, ivory
eape and buckskin, either unlined or
lined with fur, silk, wool or fleece.
Men's Handkerchiefs
Men's plain, all linen
handkerchiefs, at 25c and
Men's extra quality, plain,
all linen handkerchiefs, at
50c, 75c and $1.00.
M e n's initial handker
chiefs, box of six, at $1.00
and $1.50 box.
Men's linen initial hand
kerchiefs, 35c each, box of
six, $2.00.
Men's extra quality linen
initial handkerchiefs, 50c
each, or box of six, at $3.00.
Men's Hose
Interwoven and Holeproof
hosiery for men in every desir
able color and grade, also many
styles of beautiful and striking
novelty hose in fancy stripes
and checked effects.
Men's lisle hose,
25c to 40c.
Pure thread silk
hose, 50c to $2.
Fine cashmere hose. 40c to $1.50
Burgcti-Nath Co. Main Floor
Silk Pajamas, $5.00 to $15
Men's pure silk and fiber silk pajamas
in plain shades of pink, blue, tan and
white, also many beautiful striped ef
fects, $5.00 to $15.00. ,
Also a big selection of popular priced
pajamas in fine madras, poplin, oxford
and mercerized materials, priced $2.00
to $5.00.
Men's Silk Mufflers,
$1.00 to $10.00
Men's silk mufflers In
either plain silks or knitted
styles. From the plain col
or silks in black, pearl and
white to the many beautiful
high colored effects and
novel stripings. Finest quali
ties of imported Swiss reef
ers, rich colorings and beau
tiful texture.
All French Ivory Toilet Pieces
Will be Engraved Free of Charge
AS a special feature of this very uncommon offering, we will
engrave each piece free of charge. '
Buffer, large size, remov
able chamois, heavy back, 75c
to $1.50.
French Ivory Clocks, several
styles, every clock guaranteed,
Trayt, heavy quality French
ivory, 75c to $1.25.
Jewel Boxes, various styles,
at 75c.
Talcum Holders, at $1.25,
$1.50 and $1.75.
Perfume Bottles, fancy
shape, ground glass stopper,
Perfume Sets, triangular bot
tles, French ivory case, $2.95.
Powder and Puff Boxes,
round, 65c to $1.25.
French Ivory Combs, at 44c.
Pin Cushions, blue, green
and purple velvet, 75c.
Manicure pieces, includ
ing files, cuticle knife, but
ton hooks, etc., each, 25c
Round Mirrors, heavy French
ivory, $2.95.
Hair Brushes, solid back, ex
tra heavy quality, at $3.25 to
5-Piece French Ivory
Manicure Sets at $1.25
including buffers, nail files,
cuticle knife, button hook
and ivory stick, for $1.25.
French Ivory Hair
Brushes About V2 Price
One big lot of high grade
solid back French ivory hair
brushes, assorted styles.
Very special at about
Burgeu-Nath Co. Main Floor
Make His Gift a Practical One-
A House Coat
A gift of this sort is al
ways acceptable and certain
to be appreciated. Every
man likes to slip into a com
fortable house coat after
dinner and enjoy his paper
and pipe.
Our holiday stock of men's
house coats is very extensive,
embracing a wide range of
styles, coloring and mate
rials. There is really nothing ycu
could give a man that would
be more practical or appre
ciated. Price range, $5.00
to $30.00. Fourth Floor
i '
Blanket Robes
Many beautiful color ef
fects, a large assortment of
models, colors and prices to
choose from, garments that
are splendidly primmed and
tailored throughout. Priced
at $4.45 to $18.00.
Men's Lounging Robes
Fine brocaded silks, silk
poplin, corduroys and fancy
silk mixtures. Rich and won
derful colorings are to be had
in this assortment. Ranging in
price from $16.50 to $40.00.
Burgei-Nah Co. Main Floor
Practical Gift Suggestions for the Home
That the Entire Family Will Enjoy
T NDIVIDUAL pieces that lend so much to the arti stic setting of the home, articles that will appeal to
-L every one who enjoys a beautifully arranged a nd attractive home.
Very fine pieces, each piece
a replica of the antique. In
cluding Day Beds, mahogany
with mulberry velvet cover
ing, $98.75. f
Blue tapestry covering,
Telephone Stand
Chinese lacquer telephone stand, book cover,
phone shield and number book and bench, $40.00.
Copper lamp with silk shade, combination rose
and jade Georgette covering and antique lace
with combination fringe in colorings or shade,
Chinese Pottery
In a variety of odd, unique designs and color
ings, 50c to $20.00.
Polychromic and old English brasses, and Jap
anese lacquer, $2.50 to $125.00 each.
, Gray Enameled
Day Bed
Decorated, one chair and
rocker to match, $137.50.
One Arm Chair
Needle point tapestry,
Sewing Baskets
Colonial Sewing Tables, ma
hogany, $8.95.
Foot Stools
Mahogany foot stool, tapes
try covering, $9.00.
Book Stand
Mahogany book stand, $10.00.
Writing Desk
Queen Anne writing desk,
mahogany, low body style, $100.
Pair 12 Tables
Mahogany, can be used as
small tables or ends of daven
ports, $18.00 each.
Side Chair
Rush seat mahogany side
chair, old English style, $26.00.
Arm Chair
Tapestry covered arm chair,
reproduction of the George
Washington chair, $85.00.
Kidney Sofa
Small Kidney sofa, covered
in brown denim, all hair filling,
Cigarette Boxes
For living room table, poly
chrome and gold, size 4x10,
reproduction of Spanish jewel
cases, $11.00 to $16.50.
Chinese Feather Fans
Hand decorated, $5.00.
Old Colonial Set
Old Colonial set, consisting
of 7-fpot settee, one arm chair,
one sicle chair. The set, $112.00.
Chinese Embroid
ered Fans
With antique pieces of em
broidery, eleven inch circle
with old silver and black handles
with tassel end, $4.00 to $6.00
Table Covers
Chinese embroidery and
many old brocades, made to
Odd Pillows
Taffeta, satins to order.
Venetian flower bowl, $5.00.
Burfeii-Nah Co. Third Floor
Large assortment in gold, silver polychrome,
$5.00 to $150.00.
Cords and Tassels
In all colors, for pictures and mirrors, 75c,
$1.50, $3.25.
Fire sets and fire screens,
kets, $4.50.
Book Ends
Gothic polychrome, $9.00 a pair.
Chinese images, bronze and metallic
$9.00 a pair.
willow-wood bas-