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uepuiy Attorney uenerai
v , Rules Albion Man Entitled
to Office Since Death
o7- of Incumbent.
From a Staff Correspondent.
Lincoln, Dec. 12 (Special.)
VVhar constitutes the constitutional
provision "until his successor is
elected and qualified," has been held
by Deputy Attorney General Rowe
to mean exactly what it says, and
it that "elected and qualified" means
lv antil a successor is elected and not
!.k ippointed.
The proposition conies up to the
ittorney general s omce irom
Boone county over the death of a
candidate for re-election a few days
before election, too late for the com
mittee to nominate.
.Sheriff Otto Anderson .entered
the military service of the United
States and the board of county com
missioners appointed Capt. Frank
F. Willott of Albion acting sheriff.
Three days before election, after
having been selected by the repub
licans at the primary as a candidate
for re-election, Sheriff Anderson
iied in the service. The county board
appointed Captain Willott to serve
for : the remainder of Anderson's
Dead Man Elected.
-Deputy Attorney General Rowe
holds that as Willott was appointed
to fill the Anderson term and that
at Ahtierson would hold until a suc
cessor was elected and as no suc
cessor was elected, the term of Wil
lott, would run until a successor is
elected. Anderson, though dead, re
ceived a majority over his demo
cratic opponent. Mr. Rowe, how-
i ft ever, suggests that Willott be re
in qualified within the specified time,
.iwnich is within 1U days or Decem-
r ber 31. 1918.
t ;The county board, which ap
i. pointed Willott, is democratic and
tne new Doara coming in is aiso
democratic, while Willott is a re-
" mihliran f nnfciriprahlp interest is
taken in the matter for the reason
I,, that Willott is the national guard
?"' officer who was let out as com-
. mander of the Albion company of
f.ii the Sixth regiment just before that
! regiment was sent to Camp Cody.
" ' Shelved in Army.
Willott was an old national guard
K lie B company ai Aioion, oeing given
tA Understand that his acre would
I' flV e Dar 10 nis 8inK at the
it , neaa 01 tne company, ne passeu
71 a nrst-ciass pnysicai examination
(- 1 ' uric n.vnn hii! rnmniiectrn U'ltn.
Kjrt K1IU WOa Ilia vUHllHUJivn .......
out tne matter Deing raisea.
- Suddenly he was ordered to turn
K over the command ot nis company
Eto Victor Halligan of North Platte.
Willott was very popular with his
men and but for his pleadings that
& they, accept the situation and stay
j 4v by the company, most of them
wou!d have quit. The only satisfac
trrionvhir Was ever able to get was
L that he was too old. After his com
pany had gone he was importuned
f to raise another for the fated Sev-
enth, but refused.
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But Twelve Democrats
Are Sure of Seats in
' Coming Legislature
Lincoln, Dec. 12. (Special.)
Perhaps a baker's dozen, democrats
will be all that will be found in the
lower branch of the Nebraska legis
lature when that body convenes Jan
uary 7. It is now apparent that but
12 are sure of seats while up in the
Fifty-fifth district it will take the of
ficial count.
This district is composed of Rock,
Brown and Keya Paha counties and
newspapers have been carrying the
name of A. L. Moyer of Ainsworth,
republican, as the successful candi
date. A letter received in Lincoln
states that the democratic candidate,
A. 0. Smith, was elected by 11 ma
jority. The votes of the two counties of
Keya Paha and Rock show that
Smith is ahead with Brown to hear
from. Secretary of State Pool is
expecting the official vote of Brown
county soon. 'If Smith is elected
the democrats will have 13 in the
house and three in the senate, a total
on joint ballot of 16.
Bank Clerks III of Flu;'
Directors Are in Charge
Fullerton. Neb., Dec. 12 (Spe
cial.) The Spanish influenza, which
seemed to be practically stamped
out when the local quarantine was
lifted a week ago, has increased to
such an extent that the board of
health has again placed the ban
upon all public gatherings. Dozens
of new cases are reported each day,
Mrs. Jackson, who came here from
Wyoming very ill with pneumonia,
has since died. Louis Hoppock, eld
est son of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hop
pock, passed away. The entire
working force at the First National
bank is ill with the influenza. Ihe
directors have taken charge of the
bank and are administering the rou
tine business as best they can.
Falling Off in Death Rate
Due to Spanish Influenza
Lincoln, Dec. 12. (Special).
The death rate because of the in
fltienza is increasing in some por
tions of the state though on re
ports yesterday there is a falling off
in fatalities as compared with late
October and the early part of No
vember, according to the state board
of health. Two thousand five hun
dred and ninety-five new cases were
reported yesterday.
The state board requests that all
physicians desiring to go out in the
work of looking after cases shall
first communicate with the state
board that the board may become
familiar with all the work.
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Two Norfolk Soldiers
Are Wounded in France
Norfolk, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special
Telegram.) Official telegrams an
nouncing the serious wounding in
action of Privates Geo. H. Voss,'
November 8, and Private Simon
Brooks, November 10, in France was
received by relatives Thursday. Pri
vate Edward H. Voss is officially
reported missing in action Novem
ber 4.
P. Chester Turechek, in the divi
sional accounts department of the
Northwestern railroad, died here
Thursday morning of influenza. His
wife and three children are critically
ill with the same disease. He was
34 years old.
New Food Commissioner
Confers With Governor
Lincoln, Dec. 12, (Special).
Leo Stuhr, the new commissioner of
the food, drag and dairy department
of the state, is in the city conferr'lg
with Governor McKelvie - over ap
pointments of inspectors and the
general work of the department
Mr. Stuhr disposed of his .busi
ness in Grand Island preparatory to
entering the military service of the
United States, but old Bill Hohen
zollern "kameraded" before Mr.
Stuhr had a chance to reach camp
and so the state gets the opportuni
ty of getting the' services of a
mighty good man at the head of the
food department.
Fiancee of Fremont Man
Killed in Torrington, Wyo.
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 12. (Spe
cial Telegram.) A telegram an
nouncing that . Miss Sylvia Kelly,
former student at Fremont college,
was killed at Torrington, Wyo., was
received in Fremont by the father
of Bruce Dickerson, her fiance, now
in the navy. Particulars were not
given. Miss Kelly, after finishing
a course at Fremont collefee, went
to Torrington to take a position in a
bank. Plans for her marriage to
Mr. Dickerson after the war had
been made.
Dodge County Sheriff Gets
Big Quantity of Joy Water
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special
Telegram.) Twenty-one gallons of
booze, shipped from Kansas City to
a residence in the Crowell vicinity,
were seized by Deputy Sheriff
Lowry and Policeman Ed Brenner
of Fremont at the Northwestern
station at Crowell.' A warrant for
the arrest of John Elsinger has been
issued. Elsinger is believed to have
Information as to the owners. It
is believed fictitious names were
used, as persons to whom the booze
was shipped have not been located.
Creston Business Man Dies
Wednesday of Pneumonia
Creston, Neb., Dec. 12 (Special
Telegram.) Herman W. Luedke
died last night of double pneumonia
which originated with the influenza.
He was vice-president of the Citi
zens State bank and is also president
of group two of the Nebraska Bank
ers association. He is survived by
his wife, three children, eight broth
ers and four sisters.
Mrs. Martha Hahn Dies; Had
Lived in Fremont 35 Years
JVemont, Neb., Dec 12. (Special
Telegram.) Mrs. Martha - Hahn,
mother of County Treasurer Ernest
Hahn, for over 35 years a resident
of Fremont, died suddenly in her
home here at the age of 75 years.
Mrs. Hahn was a native of Germany
and came to Fremont with her fam
ily in 1881. Mr. Hahn died in 1889.
Four sons and three daughters are
the dose surviving xelath ?
Narrowly Misses Plunging
Over High Embankment;
Engineer and Firemen
Slightly Injured.
Alliance, Neb., Dec. 12. Burling
ton passenger train No. 43, St. Louis
to the coast, narrowly escaped
plunging down a deep embankment
near the city limits of Alliance late'
today. The engine left the track
50 feet from the bridge over the
embankment, finally falling on its
side near the edge of the hollow.
The engineer and fireman are repor ted
to have escaped with slight in
juries. No one else was hurt.
Blame for the accident has not
been definitely fixed, although it is
generally attributed to an open
switch. A more serious accident is
said to have been averted by the
presence of mind of the engineer in
applying brakes.
Holmesville Man Dies
of Pneumonia Wednesday
Beatrice, Neb., Dec. 12. (Spe
cial). George Harris, of Holmes
ville, died Wednesday of he influ
enza. He was the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Harris of Holmes
ville. He was 29 years of age and
leaves a widow and one child three
years of age.
Mrs. Elizabeth Heckathorn, an
old resident of Beatrice, died in
Lincoln yesterday of pneumonia,
aged 57 years. She is survived by
four children. The remains were
brought here today for burial.1
Announcement was received here
yesterday of the marriage of Clif
ford Young and Miss Helen
Staehs, both of this city, which oc
curred at Chicago on Tuesday. Mr.
Young is in the aviation service at
the Great Lakes, where the couple
will reside until the latter is dis
charged from the service.
Two Relatives of Fremont
Man Die in Week Overseas
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special
Telegram.) Within a week after
he received word that his brother.
Ernest Nelson, had died of wounds
in France, a telegram announcing
that his brother-in-law, Private Arvid
G. Holmburg, of Ideal, S. D., form
erly of Fremont, had died of bron
chial pneumonia in a military hos
pital in France, was received by
Water and Light Commissioner
Harry Larson. Private Holmburg
was 26 years of age and for a
period made his home in Fremont,
llis mother resides here. Private
Holmburg went overseas in August.
Report of Secretary of State
Shows Increased Receipts
Lincoln. Neb., Dec. 12. (Special)
Secretary of State Pool is rather
proud of the achievements in his of
fice during two years as shown in
his biennial report made to Gov
ernor Neville. The secretary of state
collected and turned into the treas
ury during the two years just closed
$350,448.29. In his biennial report
filed in 1916 the secretary showed a
total collection of $273,666.38. In
the biennium ending November 30,
1914 the total collections amounted
to $205,978.64. This shows an in
crease of $67,687.7 in the years of
1915-16 over the years . of 1913-14
and a gain of $76,781.91 for the years
of 1917-18 over the years of 1915-16.
It might also be added that the ap
propriation for the maintenance of
the office for the biennium of 1913-14
and 1917-18 was the same but it was
$500 less for the years of 1915-16.
This does not include the auto
mobile department in which the
total receipts for the biennium
amounted to $127,912.57. The ex
penditures for the biennium amount
ed to $105,768.96. leaving a net bal
ance of $32,148.61.
Fremont Woman Dies at
Home of Mother in Omaha
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special
Telegram.) Mrs. Charles Hauri
gan, 24 years of age, died at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Mary
Eggers, in Omaha of influenza and
pneumonia. Mrs. Haurigan was
married to Mr. Haurigan in Fremont
four years ago.
Milner to Quit.
London, Dec. 12. The Daily Ex
press this morning says it under
stands that Viscount Milner, the sec
retary of state for war, is about to
quit the government.
Beautiful, modern park plan ceme
tery accesaible to Omaha's beet resi
dence section. Family lots on partial
payment at time of burial. Telephone
Walnut 820 and Douglas 829. Our free
automobile is at your service.
58th and Center. Office 15th A Harney.
Shorthorn Cattle Bring .
Average Price of $360 Each
Fremont, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special
Telegram.) The auction sale of
shorthorn cattle of Peter Parkert, jr.
of Hooper, amounted to a total of
$17,000. The highest rrice paid for
any animal was $1,000. The average
price was $360.
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Grapefruit is not an acci
dent. From the first planting
the Atwood Grapefruit Co.
has sacrificed everything for
QUALITY. An initial expense
of hundreds of thousands of
dollars was incurred, while
everything that scientific cul
ture and experience could
suggest was done to produce
QUALITY. Even then some
trees at maturity bore simply
good grapefruit, but not good
enough for the Atwood Brand.
These trees were cut down
and replaced by superior va
rieties. So through selection and
cultivation;" has ': evofved the
delicious ATWOOD GRAPE
FRUIT "the Aristocrat of
the Breakfast Table."
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Milbank Board of Health
Puts Ban on All Meetings
Milbank, S. D., Dec. 12. (Spe
cial) The t board of , health, as a
precautionary measure, has decided
to again call off all public meet
ings in Millbank and put a ban on
all gatherings excepting the schools,
to aid in putting an end to the in
fluenza epidemic here. For the
present ;i least the schools will be
permitted to run, with the provision
that an examination of each pupil
in the first four grades be made
every morning. The ban includes
the churches and Christmas exercises.
Gregory Schools Closed
Until After Christmas
Gregory, S. 1)., Dec. 12. (Spe
cial) Btcause of an increase in the
number of influenza cases here and
in this vicinity the hoard of edu
cation has closed the public schools,
and will keep them closed until the
Monday following Christmas. A
number of pupils came down with
the disease while in school.
Beatrice Has Good Chance
to Land Y. M. C. A. Camp
Beatrice, Neb., Dec. 12 (Special.)
According to Secretary H. M.
Garrett of the Y. M. C. A., Beatrice
has a good chance of winning the
three-cornered race with Norfolk
and Columbus for a state camp site.
The V. H. Wagner farm on the
river four miles northwest of Be
atrice has been tentatively chosen
as a site for such camp if it is lo
cated in Beatrice. The location is
an ideal one as there is plenty of
shade uid it is close to the Blu
river. Numerous personal improve
ments will be made on the ground!
if the camp is established here
Aside from the assembly hall and
other buildings, a fine athletic field
will be another feature. The camp
will be in continuous operation dur
ing .the, summer months each year.
A committee from state headquar
ters will be here Saturday to look
over the proposition.
Colds Cum Grip and Influent.
mov th cui. There I only on "Brorn
Quinine." E. W. GROVE'S signature OB
the box. 80c.
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