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Rivals Famous White
-i House Birds; Hold
Dinner Tonight. .
An exhibit at the poultry show,
which will be of peculiar interest
Thanksgiving day, is a turkey gob
bler which tips the scales at 40
It is the equal size of any of
the- famous birds that are shipped
from Rhode Island. vear after vear
grace the Thanksgiving banquet
t the White House.
Members of the Omaha Poultry
association, exhibitors and visitors
last evening enjoyed a smoker.
There was a good attendance at the
show and the demonstration of can
ning chicken by the cold pack pro-
cess, given by Miss Chamberlain,
home demonstrator of Omaha, and
Miss Esther Ord of the Home
Economics Extension bureau of the
University of Nebraska, attracted
great attention.
Model City Poultry Plant.
An exhibit of peculiar interest to
the city dwellers' is xa model back
yard poultry plant, designed for the
- rear of the city lot. It consists of
an ideal poultry house and an exer
cise yard. The plant is about 14x14
and is capabteof housing and giving
yard space to a flock of a dozen
With this economic arrangement
it is possible for most city dwellers
to maintain a small flock of chickens
, without irritation to the neighbors.
It is estimated that one fowl will
. consume a bushel of grain in a
year and drink 10 gallons of water.
A hen should lay in that period
12 dozen eggs, valued at $5.
Automatic Food Devices.
It is recommended that every city
dweller with a suitable back yard
keep two laying hens for each mem
ber ot the tamily m a plant of this
kind and it would go a long way
toward . helping to solve the high
:ost of living.
Exhibits which re attracting a
great deal of intetest to breeders
and others are the automatic sani
tary feeding ands. watering devices,
cal brooders anct exercisers for
v the sanitary trapnests, the mcchani
young chicks, the various insectides,
germicides and patent foods.
All of these are conservation,, de
vices of th'e most approved kind "and
of themselves almost solve the prob
lem of successfully raising fowl.
A great amount of educational
literature is being distributed by the
firms making these exhibits and this
v will have a far-reaching effect in
stimulating poultry raising by no
vices. Turkey Supper Tonight.
Tonight a turkey supper will be
given by the members of the asso
ciation to exhibitors and invited
The awarding of premiums will
v be made on Friday when the scor
ing of the birds in competition will
have been completed.
Poultry canning demonstrations
will also be given on Friday. Daily
lectures on poultry breeding and
the care of fowl will also be fea
tures, these talks being made by
fedeVal jfnd state experts.
Railroads to Observe
; Thanksgiving Day at
Suggestion of McAdoo
Thanksgiving day is to be ob
served by the railroad people as
never before. Following a sugges
tion of Director General McAdoo,
all headquarters offices . will be
closed during the entire day. The
freight offices. The consolidated
ticket office will remain open until
noon. After that hour travelers will
' buy their tickets at the depbts.
Regardless of Thanksgiving day,
passenger trains will run as usual.
, Whenever possible, freight trains
will be annulled. ,
Stolen Car is Recovered
, When Automobiles Collide
C. E. Smith, Irvington, was driv
ing west on Hamilton street Tues
day night when a Ford car collided
with him , at the intersection of
Hamilton and Thirty-first streets.
Before Smith could extricate
himself from his car the two men
driving the Ford fled.
Smith, at ente suspicious, noti
fied the police, who discovered that
Peterson, who had reported the
theft about 15 minutes before.
None of the occupants was in
,jured. Modern Sherlock Holmes
Pays $3.50 for Adam's Ale
A federal booze hound, while
scouting around the South Side
Tuesday night accosted a large "cul
lud gemm'an" on the dark side, of a
telephone post and quickly consum
mated a business transaction, the
dark business man receiving $3.50
and Jthe federal sleuth a pint bottle
of suspicious liquid. The federal
official then displayed a gun and a
badge and retrieved his $3.50, bring
ing his prisoner to headquarters,
along with the pint bottle of per
fetfty innocent hydrant water. The
prisoner was released.
AH' South Slav Parties
k Form Union at Agram
Copenhagen, ftov. 27. An assem
bly of representatives of all south
Slav parties at Agram Saturday pro
claimed a union of all the south
Slave districts of Austria-Hungary
and Serbia and Montenegrq. w
I Violates Armistice.
Rome, Nov. 26.-i-Austria-Hungary
is violating the armistice by releas
ing Italian prisoners without food
""" and poorly clothed, says an official
note - issued through the Stefani
agency. The Italians also are "being
set free all at once instead of in
- successive sections.
Thd Bee is the best papeWn Ne
braska. Ask the person who cads it,
Briel City News
Lighting Fixtures Burgess-Granden
Have Root Print It Beacon Press.
Omaha Man Weds In Chicago A
marriage license was Issued Wednes
day In Chicago to Martin Horning of
Omaha and Mrs. Martha Kasch ot
Early Morning Prayer The Jen
nings Methodist church will hold an
early morning Thanksgiving prayer
service in the church at 6:30 this
Organ Recital Postponed. The
recital which was to have been held
next Sunday evening In the First
rresbyterian church has been post
poned, and an evening service will
be held in its place.
Holiday at Postofflce Carriers
an d other employes of the Omaha
postofflce will be allowed a full holi
day today. No deliveries will be
made from the main office or the
Mothers' Club to Meet Friday
The West Omaha Mothers' club. Red
Cross auxiliary, will hold a meeting
Friday, afternon at 1 o'clock at the
home of Mrs. B. P. Barber, 4110
Davenport street.
Thanksgiving Celebration A
peace Thanksgiving and chancel
celebration wUlbe given oy the
children of the city Talmud Torah,
this afternon at 3 o'clock In the
synagogue at nineteenth and Burt
Give Dance for Employes. A big
dance was given "Wednesday evening
by the Union Outfitting company for
their employes, in the Hotel Rome,
which was attended by nearly 500
couples. Fifty boxes of candy were
distributed among the ladies.
Parole Alleged Wife Beater.
George Davis, 1813 Vinton, was ar
raigned in police court Wednesday,
charged with abusing his wife, and
parolled for 60 days. "If I ever say
another cross word to you," he told
his wife, "I hope you'll send me to
the pen."
Gets - Indeterminate Sentence
Charles Brown, 19-year-old resident
of the Pouth Side, was sentenced In
district court to an indeterminate
imprisonment of three to fifteen
years. He was convicted of holding
up Hugh Toner on the L street via
duct and stealing $46.
Retrial In Damage Case Judge
Leslie in district court is hearing a
retrial of an action brought by Mrs.
Edith Kerr against the Travelers'
Insurance company for $5,000 on a
policy held by her late husband. J.
Fred Kerr. A verdict in the first
case awarded Mrs. Kerr $360.60.
Polish Recruiting Mission A del
egation of Poles who went from
America and . fought in the Polish
army and now have returned and
are recruiting for that army will be
in Omaha next Tuesday. They
will be received at the city hall at
2 o'clock in the afternoon by the
Hold for Cutting Will Dorey,
negro, 2305 Pacific street, charged
with cutting Sam Mibibille. an Ital
ian, with intent to do bodily Injury,
waived preliminary hearing in po
lice court Wednesday and was bound
over to the district court on a bond
of $750. Mibibillo is confined at the
Lord Lister hospital recovering from
wounds received in his alleged en
counter with Dorey.
Edward Elected President. Al
bert Edward was chosen president of
the February graduating class of the
Central High school Tuesday. Oilier
officers are: Blanche Timbcrlake,
vice-president; Muriel Weber, secre
tary; Bruechart Reuel, treasurer;
Tom .Matthews and PattI Atkinson,
sergeants-at-arms. Miss Jessie Towne
and Miss Louise Stegner were chosen
class teachers. The class has about
35 members. -
Gets $400 Judgment Lorena Ta
ber was awarded a Judgment of $400
by a Jury !n Judge Leslie's court in
settlement of her claim for $5,000
against the Omaha and Council
Bluffs -Street Railway company. The
plaintiff alleged that while alighting
from one of the defendant com
pany's cars at Twenty-fourth and
Arbor streets a sudden Jerk of the
car threw her to the pavement,
causing injuries.
Held for Stealing Car Jacob Dil
Insky, 2514 Hamilton street, was
bound over to the district co,urt
Wednesday on a $1,000 bond. He is
charged with stealing a car belong
ing to Rev. Rhinehart Ulviden. 2708
Caldwell street. Rev. Mr. Ulviden's
car was stolen Tuesday night from a
garage1 at 2611 Hamilton street. De
tectives Schinoskl and Murphy ar
rested Dilinsky Wednesday morning.
Fine fireplace goods at Sunderland's.
Keen Hotel Property
is Sold for $160,000
to Harney Realty Co.
The first important real estate
transfer recorded by Register of
Deeds Pearce for a long time was
made Wednesday morning when the
Keen hotel property was sold to the
Harney Realty company for a con
sideration of $160,000.
The sale included, consideration
a lease held by Harry A. Wolf, who
held an .option to buy the property
for $160,000 at any time prior to
May 31, 19247
The property was owned by S. S.
Curtis, Kate Belinda Curtis, Carita
Curtis Bird and . Dimon Bird,
with the United States Trust company-mentioned
as a trustee.
This hotel site covers two lots on
Eighteenth street, between Farnarii
and Harney streets. -
Fifty Tons of Good
Things to Eat Given
To Poor by Kiddies
Fifty tons of apples, vegetables,
canned fruits and jellies are this
year's Thanksgiving contribution of
Omaha school children to the city's
poor. The distribution will be under
the supervision of Major McCor
mack of"the Volunteers of America,
Mrs. George Doane of the Associat
ed Charities and the Visiting Nurse
Fifteen charitable organizations
will profit by' these donations, for
the receiving of which the empty
s(ore building at 1313 Douglas street
was used. Mjtfor McCormack thanks
all those participating in the collec
tion and distribution.
Miss Lulu Teats and Charles M.
Poffenberger, both of Savannah,
111., were married by Rev. Charles W.
Savidge at his residence Wednesday
morning at 9 o'clock.
! Asserts He Sees No Harm in
"Technical Violation" of
. Rules and Refuses
City Commissioner Zimman re
fused to inform Fohce Commission
er Ringer of certain hotels in
Omaha where it is Said gambling is
going on. The little pass between
the commissioners took olace at the
hearing of Harry Norman, colored,
before the city council Wednesday
morning. Norman conducts a pool
hall at 2604 N street. Police officers
raided it and captured gambling
paraphernalia. They testified that a
lookout was always stationed out
side to warn of the approach of po
lice. Norman's license was not re
voked, the six commissioners pres
ent being evenly divided on the final
Commissioner Zimman, in ex
plaining his vote against revoking
the license, said:
Cites Instances.
"Shaking dice is practiced in
many places. At the Commercial
club you can shake dice for cigars.
In the hotels, cigar stores, and other
places we see men shaking dice for
cigars or drinks, and if this is al
lowed why should we stop some
colored men from doing it.
"I know men that play pinochle
for 50 cents a game or pitch for 10
cents a card. I know 16 men who
get together regularly twice a week
in a hotel and play poker for
Sees No Harm In It. .
"You better give the police de
partment the information where and
when this is done," said Ringer.
"I will certainly do nothing of
the kind," Zimman said. "It jnay be
a technical violation of the rules
concerning gambling but I see no
harm in what these men do and I
certainly shall give no information
that might lead to their arrest."
dentist, died at his home, 817 South
Thirty-sixth street, at midnight
Tuesday after 10 days' illness of gall
stones. He came to Omaha from
Ashland. Neb., 25 years ago and has
been engaged in the practice of his
frofesisoa hers sine then ;
No Dancing Will Be
Permitted in School
Community Centers
There will bejio dancing at the
community centers in the Omaha
nnhlic schools.
The school board, meeting in ses
sion of the committee of the whole
at noon Wednesday, decided by a
vote of 6 to 3 to "request" the Wel
fare board not to have dances at
the community centers The re
quest amounts to a command.
"I am, in favor of dancing, but
opposed to dancing in the public
school buildings," said President
Reed. '"I have received, numerous
protests from patrons of the schools
against the dancing feature of the
community centers and we believe
the excellent work of the commun
ity centers c an be carried on with
out dancing. There are many other
things that can be done which no
body will object to."
Mayor Smith is heartily in favor
of dancing at the community cen
ters and declared he would attend
the meetings and dance with the
Miss Sterba, recreation director,
had prepared a liberal program of
dancing at the community centers.
The school board meeting lasted
more than an hour and there was
vigorous debate on the Subject.
Three members were absent.
Red Cross to Assist in N
Welcoming Boys in
Khaki on Return Home
The government has announced
to the Red Cross that demobiliza
tion of the army has begun and
about 500 men are being released
daily from each camp and urges the
Red Cross and all the home people
to co-operate in welcoming the sol
diers home.
Canteen units are requested to
meet the trains and all civic organ
izations are asked to. make the sol
diers' homecoming a glorious cele
bration. It is suggested that each
city erect an honor rol containing
the names of all its men ia the serv
ice so that the men will feel that
the country is grateful to each sol
dier. The government will allow each
released soldier 3 12 cents a mile trav
eling expenses to his home.
Pubfhr Improvements Are
to Receive Consideration
The capital issues committee have
voted that hereafter where materia!
and labor are available, issues for
improvement of highways, and for
building schools, hospitals, water,
sewage, drainage and irrigation systems-,
and for the improvement of
fire and police protection, wilf re
ceive favorable consideration when
economic importance is shown to
exist. The committee will also give
favorable consideration to industrial
and public utility issues where the
improvements contemplated are
compatible with readjustment of a
peace basis.
Everybody loves a baby and
everybody wants a baby abun
dantly robust. There are many
young children to whom
given in small portions at intervals during
each day, would be an important factor
in overcoming malnutrition and starting
them well on the road to robust
ness. Every drop oPScOtt's
ia par, rich nourishment, the
kind that bxtUd strength and
promote healthy growth.
QblMren Thrive on Soott's
Scott Bowne, SSoomfidd, It. J. U-1S
MANDEERED All high-grade wheat three years age
today, November 28, 1915.
Find another farmer.
Upside do ten nose at right hand.
Army and Navy Club
Will Have Canteen
Service Next Week
A recreational canteen in the
Army and Navy club will be estab
lished by the National League for
Woman's Service. At an executive
meeting held Tuesday, a committee
composed of Mrs.' L. J. Healey,
chairman; Mrs. Luther Kountze,
Mrs. George Joslyn and Mrs. E. P.
Peck was named to take charge.
The billiard room will be used for
the canteen. For the first week the
canteen will be open only Saturday
and Sunday evenings between 4 and
i, tut Mrs. Healey plans to keep it
open daily within a week. The yVar
Camp Community service will co
operate. Too Little Sugar Breaks
Up Home of Gilliams
Sugar regulations was one of the
disturbing factors in the domestic
life of Ethel and W.rR. GVam,
according to evidence before Judge
Troup Wednesday afternoon when
the wife was granted a decree of
Mrs. Gilliam testified that her
husband became abusive when the
sugar bowl was low and after the
sugar quota had been almost ex
hausted. Excessive use of intoxi
cants was another charge made, by
the wife. The wife was granted
custody of an 8-year-old son.
South Side
Morris & Co. Employes
at South Side Plant to
Get Christmas Bonus
The management of the big Mor
ris Packing company received word
from the head office of the com
pany yesterday stating that all sal
aried employes at the local plant
will be given a 10 per cent bonus as
a Christmas gift -
About 300 will receive the bonrs
at the south side plant.
South Side Man is Fined
for Resisting an Officer
Stanley Tyrasowski was fined $100
and costs in police court Wednesday
morning by Judge Wheeler for re
sisting an officer. Felix Dolan. de
tective, went to Tyrasowski's resi
dence armed with a warrant for his
arrest, November 23. Tyrasowski
was suspected of illegal possession
of liquor. When Tyrasowski saw
Dolan coming, he ran into the kitch
en and locked the door. Dolan
forced the door open and when he
entered the kitchen a fight took
place. Mrs. Tyrasowski had a bottle
of whisky hidden in her dress,
which she destroyed before Dolan
succeeded in taking it frdm her.
Neither Dolan or Tyrasowski
were seriously injured.
South Side Citizen Dies
Following Long Illness
James Shubert, 52 yean of i.e.
died at his home, 5242 South Eight
eenth street, Saturday night after
an illness of several years. The
funeral will be held Thursday after
noon at the fa.nily residence at 2
o'clock, with interment in Graceland
Park cemetery. He is survived by
his wife and three daughters, Mrs.
Joseph Dwurak, Mrs. Charles Pos
pisel and Kathrine Shubert, and
three sons, George, Carl and John.
Council Bluffs Boy Held
"for Robbery on South Side
James Smith, 19 years of age, 1710
Avenue E, Council Bluffs, was
bound over to the district court
Tuesday on $2,000 bend for holding
up Hugh Toner and Leo Koupski o:i
t" L street viaduct the night of Oc
tober 17. Smith's case was lie 1
before Judge Holmes in the South
Side court. Charles Brown, an ac
complice of Smith, is in the county
jail awaiting sentence on similar
Nurse in Nicholas Senn
Hospital Dies Monday
May Kudrla, 22 years of age, died
in the Nicholas Senn hospital Mon
day night of pneumonia. Miss
Kudrla 'had entered the hospital
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
DruifKistg refund money it PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure Itching, Blind. Bleed
ing or Protruding piles. Stops Irritation:
Soothes and Heals. You can get restful
sleep after the first application. Price 60c.
Charter No. 2978. Reserve District No. 10.
AT Omaha, in the State of Nebraska, at the Close of
Business on November 1, 1918. ,
Loans and discounts, Including rediscounts $1183,737 01
Notes and bills rediscounted (other than bank ac- '
ceptances sold)
Overdrafts, unsecured jj jjq g.
Customers' liability under letters of credit actually '
used and for which this bank has not been eim-
bursed 5,952.00
Customers liability account of "Acceptances" exe
cuted by this bank and by other banks for account !
' of this bank and now outstanding 30c 000 00
C. 8." bonds (other than Liberty bonds but including '
U. S. certificates of indebtedness): , 1
U. S. bonds deposited to secure circulation (par
value) .. tO, 000 00
U. S. bonds and certificates of indebtedness pledged '
to secure U. S. deposits (par value) 220,000.00 ,
U. S. bonds and certificates of indebtedness pledged
as collateral for bills payable 1,425,000.00 1,095,000.00
Liberty Loan bonds:
Liberty Loan bonds, SH, 4 and 4 per cent, un
pledged 202,800.00
Liberty Loan bonds, 3, 4 and 4 per cent, pledged
to secure bills payable 100,000.00
Payments actually made on Liberty iVi, per cent
bonds of the Fourth Liberty loan owned 2,564,850.00 i,8C7,650.00
Bonds, Securities, etc. (other than U. S.): .
Bonds (other than U. S. bonds) pledged to secure U.
S. deposits 354,000.01
Bonds (other than V. S. bonds) pledged to secure
postal savings deposits 166,600.00
Securities other than U. S. bonds (not including
stocks) owned unpledged 125,046.45
Total bonds, securities, etc., other than U. S 645,540.45
Stock of Federal Reserve bank (50 per cent of sub
scription) ". ... 54,000.00
Value of banking house, owned and unincumbered., 850,000.00
Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve bank 1,286,631.88
Items with Federal Reserve bank in process ot col
lection (not available as reserve) v 832,604.21
Cash in vault and net amounts due from national
banks 2.518,079.66
Net amounts due from banks, bankers and trust
companies other than Included in above three
items 552,089.74
Exchanges tor clearing house 298,835.04
Checks on other banks in the same city or town as "
reporting bank (other than above items) 20,703.25
Checks on banks located outside of city or town of
reporting bank and other cash items 257,454.96
Redemption fund with U. S. treasurer and due from
U. S. treasurer ,19,300.00
War savings certificates and thrift stamps actually -
owned 1 11,711.16
Other assets, if any Liberty loan bonds sold on con
tract first three issues 123,700.00
Total' $22,120,519.09
Capital stock paid in $ 1 100 000 00
Surplus fund 700,000.00
Undivided profits , 234,221.18
Less currrent expenses, interest, and taxes paid 221.18 234,000.00
Interest and discount collected or credited, in ad
vance of maturity and not earned (approximate). 79,161.56
Amount reserved for taxes accrued 40146443
Circulating notes outstanding 6oiooo!o0
Net amounts due to National banks 2,021,685.38 '
Net amounts due to banks, bankers and trust com
panies (other than included in above items) 2,717,129.85
Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject
to reserve (deposits payable withtn 30 days).
Individual deposits subject to check 9,609,287.71
. Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days
(other than for money borrowed) 125,910.30
Certified checks 10,001.98
Cashier's checks outstanding 62,809.38
Dividends unpaid 74.00
Time deposits subject to reserve (payable after 30
days, or subject to 30 days or more notice, and
postal savings): ' ,
Certificates of deposit (other than for maney bor
rowed) , 483,607.83
Postal savings deposits 116,302.32
United States deposits (other than postal savings):
War loan deposit account .Tk 1,269,850.05
Other U. S. deposits, including deposits of U. S. dis
bursing officers . ' 220,000.00 16,636.658.79
U. S. bonds borrowed, including Liberty loan and
- certificates of Indebtedness, without furnishing
collateral security for same. 152,000.00
Bills payable, with Federal Reserve bank 1,728,200.00
Cash letters ot credit and travelers' checks out
standing 6.952.00
Acceptances executed by this bank for its customers 300,000.00
Liabilities other than those above stated, partial
payments on Liberty bonds 1,094,182.31
Total $22,120,519.09
Liabilities for rediscounts, including those with Fed
eral Reserve bank , 1.013,006.79
State of Nebraska, County ot Douglas, ss:
I. R. P. Morsman, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement Is true to the nest of my knowledge and belief.
R. P. MORSMAN, Cashier.
. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 15th day of November, 1918.
E. E. LANDSTROM, Notary Public
Correct Attest:
. Directors.
. t ... ,. . . . , ......
three months before as a student
The funeral will be held at 8:30
o'clock Thursday morning in the
home of her aunt, with services in
the Church of Assumption. The
body will be taken to Wahoo for
burial. Miss Kudrla is survived by
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frtmk
Kudrla and five sisters Gertrude,
Lillian. Clara, Elizabeth and Louise,
and one brother, John.
South Side Brevities
Will buy Liberty bohds. Room 1226,
Woodmen Bldg.
The Tackers National Bank, Twenty
fourth and Q, will keep jour Liberty
bonds without charge.
Two cars of Diets No. 8 coal for base
burners due to arrive this week. Phono
us your order before It Is all sold. Phone
South S3. O. E. Harding Coal company.
Released from Jail When
Judge Finds He is Sick
R. E. McLecster, convicted in fed- i
cral court several weeks ago on the i
charge of bootlegging and sentenced
to 60 days in jail, was released
Tuesday by Judge Woodrough upon
the plea of relatives and a -doctor's
certificate that his health was being
impaired by his incarceration in the
county jail.
McLeester received considerable
notoriety by escaping from federal
officials at the court room door at
the time he received his sentence.
He was at large three days before
being taken into custody and finally
lodged in jail. .
Herbert Field, Wounded in
France, Reaches States
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Field,
Wednesday received a telegram
stating that their son, Herbert, jr..
seriously wounded July IS, last while
lighting with the United States
forces in France, had landed in New
York and that he would be sent to
a hospital there to remain until able
to come home.
Young Field was a corporal in
Company K, Sixth reginient,vL'nited
States engineers and was at the
front several weeks prior to being
and Mter
The Old Reliable
Round Package
Alleges Company Broke
Contract; Asks Damages
Herbert I, Gannett has filed pe
tition in district court for $12,000
against the Douglas Motors cor
poration, alleging breach of
contract. Mr. Gannett contends
that he was engaged as manager for
a period of three years at $500 prr
month, giving up a position in Buf
falo. N. Y., to come to Omaha, and
he further alleges that on a recent
date "his services were summarily
dispensed with." in violation of his
rnnlrt with p defendants
f 'TsTrWf' L
MGNt Wli
mm n n
waited mim
Very Nutritious, Digestible
The REAL food Drtnk. Instantly picpared.
Made h iha ORIGINAL Hot lick process and
from carefully eleoted material. , .
Used successfully over Vi centiiry
PnirtrfiPfi hv nhvsirians everywhere. .
Specif) HOrlidl S The 0rigi!d
Others Are Imitations
ess-Mash Got .
Ufa Cfinsimas Store for 6vcryody
Our Store Will be Closed
All Day Thursday
Thanksgiving Day
but great plans have been perfected for several unusual value-giving
events throughout the store Friday; among them are:
--Choice of the house sale of Millinery at $5,00
Great clearaway of tailored suits at $15 .00 and $30. 00
--Sale of house dresses at $1.00 in Downstairs Store
See Thursday papers for full particulars.
r iJii
You'll be pleased
to do it Electrically
after you have had an electric
washer installed in your home,
you will just naturally wonder
how you "got along"- without
one. v
the electric vasher
takes the worry, work and wear out of
.washing, and it is done'quicker and more
economically, too.
You just place the clothes and hot
water in the tub and turn the switch.
.You'll be surprised how well it
washes the clothes come out clean
and white and it does not tear the
most delicate of fabrics.
Nebraska Power Co.
"Your Electric Service Co." s
15th and Farnam Sts.
.'hone Tyler Three One Hundred.
South Side Electric Shop, 2314 M Street
Phone South Three.