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    THE ' BEE : OMAHA. TUESDAY, NOVEII6ER) 19, 1&18.
Beyond Added Quota With
out Using Extended
Child Labor Laws
Not Strictly Kept,
Says Committeeman
- W. H. Swift, legal representative
of trie National Child. Labor coni-
Sittee will meet a ' number of
maha oeople interested in social
i ... ' . . f i
Aft rB r:.. weitare movements, at an lniormai
QniCialS EXpeCt City 10 GoLccference at the University club
r . . . . t '
today at noon. Mr. iswitt is on nis
way to Lincoln for a somewhat
similar conference, and at the ur
gent request of some of the leaders
of social service here accepted the
invitation to stop for this meeting
Among, those who attend wjll be
representatives of the school board,
the juvenile court, the welfare board
and other organizations especially
concerned in child labor." The pur
pose of the conference is not o
create any new institutions or start
any new movements, but simply to
inform the persons particularly in
terested as to the present progress
of the! movement for the abolitkn
of child labor.
In response to a question Mon
day evening, Mr. Swift stated that
during the war there has been no
recession so far as child labor leg
islation is concerned. No state Las
repealed any law on the subject.
"Thcr has been, however," he
said, "a decided and quite unfortu
nate letting up in the matter of
ine united war work campaign
in Omaha is nearing completion.
Despite the fact that the national
drive lias been extended until Wed
nesday, it is not thought that this
city will find it necessary to utilize
the added 48 hours. Air workers
were concentrating their efforts in
soliciting $10,000 an hour through
out Monday, which, if successful,
"will mean that Omaha has reached
its highest goal in the drive.
: This city last Friday Went over the
top in the initial quota of $325,000
:and immediately began the solicit
ing of the 50 per cent added quota,
as asked by the national committee.
There ?s no 4oubt but that this goal
will be "topped." '
" Nebraska, however, requires con
siderable "speeding up" to place it
among the 100 per cent states. The
drive. throughout 'the state has been
; hindereit in many ways, not the
? least of which was the rain on Fri
;day and Saturday, both of which
.('ays had been designated as official
'. United War Work days, and on
iwhich the greatest portion of the
state had hoped to raise its quotas.
"But there's-no doubt but that
Ke'braska will go over in tne time
allotted," says O. II. Menold, state
;director of publicity. "This state
' has always come forward in 100 per
.cent manner, and now when the
Sliced is greatest it certainly is not
.going to fail. However.the various
communities must get together and
pull hard before success can be reg
istered." The- following subscriptions of
$100 or more were reported in
Omaha Monday morning: '
Adams-Why. e Grain Co 1200
Atbpra t'ommlsilon Co ... 3(1
.Avery. The Co....; Sou
BurgfMi-flrandeii Co 200
HroKun, Francis A..- 100
City "Trust Co t 200
Crowell Elevator Co 600
Hodge, N. P. Co 260
; KIsher-RothschllU Grain Co 250
Flanlry Grain Co 300
Gamble, John W 100
Head, Mra. Walter W 100
.loncB-Hansen Cadtllao Co 260
'Jones-Upper Co, 260
Kaae. Arthur 100
Leaven. Mr. and Mra. Robert F 600
Nah Rales Co . t 200
Noble, G. W I 100
Omaha Caskat Co 200
Veteraen & Pfftau Baking Co i225
Roaeh-Kaatner Co 150
Bkoglund, J. W . 250
' ! 1
Grain Prices to
ContinuerNeal Tells
Grain Exchange Men
Grain prices are going to continue
- high so long as the tremendous for
eign demand maintains. When that
.will ease no person can tell.
' The foregoing information was
J-brought to the Omaha Grain ex
change today by Charles T Neal,
head of the Omaha branch of the
United States Grain corporation.'
Mr. Neal had just returned from
New York, where he was called to
attend a meeting of all vice presi
dents j6f the United States Grain
corporation. In his talk at the Oma
ha Grain exchange he told the mem
bers that everything indicates that
the foreign demand for not only
grain, but all foodstuffs will be "as
great, if hot greater, than during the
war. This being true, he anticipated
the maintenance of high prices for a
long time. - ' '
As to facilities for handling grain
and foodstuftVto, Europe, Mr. Neal
says 'they are excellent. A large
- number of ships will be required to
bring home 'the boys and in going
to Europe these ships will be load
ed with grain, provisions and such
; other goods and material as may be
' required by the allies. Not only this,
but a large number, of new vessels
are being put afloat, and these will
immediately go hjto the carrying
business, loading for Europe.
With the present conditions main
taining " and indications that the
Unitrd States must provision the
world for a long time, Mr. Neal sees
' no reason why there should be any
material drop in the prices of food
Latest Rain of Greatest
Aid to Winter Wheat Crop
Real Nebraska fall weather has
' returned to all the state is the re
port that comes to the railroads. In
the western part Sunday the
weather commenced to clear and
during the night worked east. To
day it is sunahine everywhere, with
temperatures of 24 to 48 above zero.
Sunday the precipitationVthrough
the central and eastern portions of.
the state ranged from one-fourth to
an inch. During the last week the
precipitation was two to four inches.
It is said that this has soaked the
, ground to a depth of a foot to 18
' inches, almost assuring a bumper
wheat crop next year.
Women Breaks Windows to
Scare Truant Hubby Home
"Judge, I'm 59 yeahs old. and
yon all know I 'd have a mighty
hard time gettin' another husband,"
explained Ella Hall, negress, ar
raigned in police court Monday
morning oh a charge of malicious
destruction of property. - -"""
"Mah husband's .only 46 years
old, and I've got to watch' him
close. iWheit he went down to see
that John Turner, and stayed late,
how'edI know what he as doing?
I jes broke a few windows to scare
him home, and nowhe's gone."
V John Turner, 2519- Burdette, who
' was complaining witness in the case,
was instructed to help find the lost
husband. Ella was 'dismissed.-
' Omaha doy iri Red Cross ,
to Sail for France Soon
David Noble, son of Mr .and
Mrs. G. U. Noble, 3505 Hawthorne
street, who recently went to Chica
. go for training in the American Red
Cross, is home on a short furlough
and will leave on Wednesday for
Connecticut, whence he will go over
seas in a few days, ,
Shots Fail to Stop Two
Men with Market Baskets
Two alleged bootleggers escaped
Police Officer Munch Sunday night
after he had fired three shots in their
general direction. Munch saw two
men carrying market baskets near
Thirteenth and. Howard street,,
which he believed contained whisky.
He hailed them, but instead of stop
ping, they jumped into an automo
bile and sped away.
Two of Munch's shots struck the
windshield and the third brought a
scream of pain. from , one of the oc
cupants of the car. A witness stand
ing near told Officer Munch he saw'
one of the men jump as if hit.
Men's Underwear
One big lot of men's heavy fleece
lined Shirts, in all size PQr
up to 46, at.
Bratite Stores
Sweater Coats
One big lot of men's heavy weight wool
mixed Sweater Coats with pockets and
shawl collar, some "V" neck style, woven
with good wearing quality yarns; all sizes,
34 to 46; bix value, --'
The Thanksgiving Linen Sales in Full Swing
Alien Enemies Will Be
Sent to Ogelthorpe, 6a.
United States Marshal Flynn and
two depuites will go to Kansas City
today with seven alien enemies
who are to be sent to Fort Ogle
thorpe, Ga., where they will be in
terned. Five of the aliens are from
South Dakota. Two are Nebras
kans, Edward Jordan of Wilcox an'd
Emil Moll of Scottsbluff. -
Ben Keegan. formerly in charge of
the city workhouse, who has been
sentenced to a year and a day in the
Leavenworth prison for selling
drugs, will be taken to Leavenworth
Gideon Society Presents
, Bibles to Conant Hotel
The Gideon society held a relig
ious meeting in the parlors of the
Couant hotel Sunday afternoon, at
which time they presented the ho
tel with 2S0 Bibles one for each
room in the big hotel.
Mr. Conant expresses high ap
preciation of the gift and extends
his sincere thanks and appreciation
of the society.
Christian Endeavor Union
to Dedicate Service Flag
The Omaha Christian Endeavor
Union will hold a rally at the First
Christian church, 2605 Harney
street, Tuesday night at 8 o'clock,
atHvhicfi time Senator L. P. Oberlies
will deliver an address on the sub
ject, "Under Two Ftags.""Mr. Ober
lies will also at this meeting dedi
cate the service flag of the Omaha
Christian 'Endeavor Union, contain
ing 149 stars. The public is invited.
Justice Dispensed on Run
by. Judge Britt Monday
Judga Britt was the only munici
pal judge in Omaha, and the only
police judge on the north side Mon
day. 'He opened municipal court at
8:30 a. ml, postponed all cases till
11 o'clock and went to the police
court, where he remained till 10:45,
then rushed back to the municipal
court to hear, the postponed cases.
Charles Would Be Mere
Citizen; Probably He May
Geneva, Nov. 18. (By Associated
Press.) Former Emperor Charles
hof Austria, who is still in Vienna,
renounced the throne in an auto
graph letter to Count Karolyi, presi
dent of the Hungarian national
council,, says an Innesbruck, dis
patch received here and declares he
wishes to live as a private citizen.
Over Inch and Half of Rain
Here in Last Downpour
During the last three days 1.60
inches of rain fell in Omaha and a
minimum temperature of 35 degrees
was reported.
After 3 years of married Ufa William
A. Ford has Med a petition In the district
court asking for a divorce from Iuise
E. Ford, charging the defendant with de
sertion. The plaiatitf also saya that the
defendant, caused him to be arrested and
placed in the city jail, from which ha
suffered mental anguish. The Fords were
married at Wahsp, Neb., In 18S4. and are
tharparents of four grown children. .
Louise Shlnrock filed a petition In the
district court Monday morning asklnsr for
a divorce from Lawrence Shinrock. alleg
ing nonsupport
Thelma Lowder filed a petition In the
district court asking for divorce ' from
Charles Lowderb charging extreme cruelty.
She asks the custody of their 4-year-old
child, Gwendlyn. The Lowdera were mar
ried December 25, 1913.
Florence Hill filed a petition In the dis
trict court asking for divorce from Oforge
Hill asserting that the defendant called
her tyle names, waa abusive and obnessed
with the Idea, that paying the .grocery bill
and house rent completed his family obli
gations She asks for the custody of two
minor children.
Lace Cloths
Lace Lunch Cloths
These are in the Cl
inch size, trimmed
with lace and design
center; special,
each 1.50
. Scarfs
Japanese drawn
work Scarfs, in the
hemstitched or scal
loped ends, with neat
embroidered de
signs - s J8
Boudoir Sets
Made of a fine em
broidered cloth with
' scarf and pincushion
top to match; also
4-piece Doilies Se);,
in neat embroidered
patterns and pretty
colorings of blue,
pink or yellow, "
each 1.25
Lunch Cloths
Beautiful lace cloth,
in the 5.4-inch size, all
in very elaborate pat
terns, will make an
appreciative gift,
each 2.98
, . Fancy Scarfs
Lace trimmed, scal
loped ends, with em
broidered designs,
plain white or pretty
colorings, each 49
Pattern Cloths
Fine Damasks
weave and finish and
good values at each
Perfect in
J ABLE CLOTHS These are hem
, ready to use, in the mercerized, 64x64, all ' very neat
terns, each, 1.39-
TABLE CLOTHS Made of a very
. fine quality mercerized damask pat
tern copied from high class linens,
in the hemstitched or scalloped ends,
a 9 Kfl nnmhpr. fhnir. parh. "I ftSi'
THOSE Who have linens
to buy will surely at:
tend this sale-ii foresight ' g'ffl:
ana values are an incen
tive. .
Table Cloths
Made of a heavy quality
damask, round designs, hem
stitched ends, satin finished,
very elaborate patterns; a
value; 70x70-inch size; special,
each, 2.98.
made in Ireland, exact copies from a
very higfi class damask, beautiful
satin finish, round designs, A QO
70x7O inch size, ( tTJO
Pattern Cloths, 7.50
All lftien, in the Irish make, a very
fine flax, double satin, damask, size
72x90; in very exquisite patterns..
Special in this sale, each, 7.50-
Jf .
' t
DAMASK The mercerized kind,
in a pretty range of patterns, special,
a yard, 49f.
DAMASK Mercerized, in the 64
inch width, wears and launders like
linen, in a variety t)f patterns. Our
79c number, a yard, 69S
DAMASK This is an extra quality
and finish, mercerized, 72-inch width,
in very .attractive designs, our 99c
value, at a yard, 89J.
All Linen Damask
Full bleached, all linen in the
Jrish make. 72 inches wide, su
perior quality, and finish, in a
beautiful array of. patterns, a
2.75 value, a special in this
sale. v 1 QO
a yard 1 tQ
Napkins j"
Madeira Doilies
Beautiful hand embroidered
in the 6-in. and 10-in. sizes; a
limited tman- Efi and 1Q
tity, each WV IV C
NAPKINS 20-inch airiinenvnap
kins, a dozen at 5.98-
NAPKINS Mercerized damask,
hemmed ends, ready to use, 18x18
inch size; each, 10S
NAPKINS All linen, damask nap
kins in the 19x19 inch size, in an
assortment of patterns, special a
, dozen, 3.75-
75c Padding, 59c
The heavy fleeced quality, 54-inch
J wide, for your table protection, a
yard, at
Huck Towels
HUCK TOWELS These are In
4he bird's-eye, weave, hemmed ends,
soft and absorbent finish, special,
each, 10S
HUCK TOWELS A very fine
quality huck, with damask effect
borders, hemstitched ends, superior
finish, each, 75S
Towels, 17c
GLASS TOWELS Made of v a
linen finish cloth, red striped, hem
med ends, at, each, 17S
Main Floor.
50c Towels, 39c
These are in a heavy quality
huck (chief value linen) hem
stitched ends, regulation size,
wearing qualities unexcelled, a
special in this sale, for Mon
special in this sale, QQ
each, OUC
A Notable
A Sample Lice of High Class
Way Below Regular Prices
We were exceptionally fortunate in securing a
sample lot of high-class Linens from Dezell &
Helwig, one of the foremost importers of very
fine iinens, at prices prevailing several months
ago with a discount of 25. If we were to
purchase them "at today's prices, they would be
considerably higher
Thjs Lot Consists of--
High cla linen cloths, napkins, towels, 6 and
9-inch doilies, 24, 27 and 30-inch center luncheon
sets; 36 and 54-inch breakfast cloths, odd nap
kins and guest towels.
Some of the pieces there are only one or two
numours, so wui auviseeariy siiujujing.
A Few Prices for Example
9.00 Lunch Cloths,
5.50- j
10.00, 72x90 inch
Tables Cloths, 7.50
12.50, 70x106 inch
Cloths, o.OO.
10.00, 22x22 inch Nap.
kins, G.50
19c, 6-inch Doilies,
15.00 Cloths, 10.00.
25.00 Cloths, 15.00-
In the Gift Shop Tomorrow s
Manufacturer's Stock
of Fancy Frames
Choice at
Shop r
Large Size Oval Frames.
White Enameled on Metal. Fancy Gilt Frames in Oval, and
Fancy Frames in Square and Oval shapes. Fancy Metal Frames.
Polished Nickel in small and medium sizes. Also Solid Metal
Embossed Patriotic Army or Navy Picture Frames.
Domestids -Flannels
Mill Remnants, fine
plaids, checks, , etc.
Amoskeag and Toile-du-Nord, in
long lengths, at 25
Mill ' Remnants, 40-inch white
lawn and India linon, sheer crisp
quality for waists, aprons,
etc. 18C
Mill Remnants Dress Calico, me
dium and light colors. American
and Simpson make. Long, useful
lengths, at , .'s12Hd"
36-Inch Bleached Outing Flannel.
Heavy quality, long, warm, fleecy
nap. Extra value, at 35
36-Inch Bleached Muslin, cambric
finish, splendid quality for fine
underwear, etc. 1 28c
The Tuesday Sales of
Always interesting to Home
Sewers and Professional Dressmakers.
Fast Colored Darning Cotton, 2VzC.
12-Yard Bias Tape, bolt, 5c.
Wood Cpat Hangers, etch, 5c.
American Mercerized Crochet Cotton, 3 for 25c.
Best Machine Thread, Coats, a spool, 5c.
Dressing Pins, all brass, paper, 5c.
Safety Pins, all brass, paper, 5c.
50-Yard Spools of Sewing Silk, 5c.
Hair Nets, l human hair, 5c.
Stocking Feet, all sizes, 2 pair for 25c.
Button Molds, a dozen, 5c.
Ocean Pearl Buttons, a card, 5c.
Khaki Colored Sewing Kits, each, 10c.
Belting, tyack, white a yardlOc.
Large Pieces of Elastic, each, 5c.
San Silk Crochet Cotton, 6 for 25c.
Large Box Assorted Bronze Hair Pins, 10c.
Crochet Books, each, 5c. ,
Best English Sewing Needles, a package, 12c.
, Shoe Trees, for all shoes; a pair, 5c.
Good Dress Clasps, 12 on a card, lc. N '
Rust-proof Hooks and Eyes, a card, 5c
Bone and Steel Crochet Hooks, each, 7y2c. j
West Electric Hair Curlers, a card, 9c
Main Floor. ,
Footwear Specials (
117 T I CM .
TTumtjii rviiii uppers
. Wonderful assortment in blue, gray, oxford, red
nnrl now Tilno VoonoA inner cnlo lootViii. itf cnla l
Invitingly warm and com
fortable. Noiseless and rest
ful to tense nerves. Any size
wanted from 3 to 6. 1
Women's Sateen Slippers
360 pairs in pink, white and silver. All on one big table, sizes front'
2 to 5. One day only, Tuesday. Hand turned soles. OQ '
Full Louis covered heel OJ7C
Little Gents' Shoes, 75c
Sizes from 9 to 1. Tan and black. ' Stitch down rubber
sole. Spring heel. Lace style. Only 265 pairs.
Men's Underwear
Men's Shirts and Drawers. Heavy ribbed winter "weight.
?ray color. Long sleeve shirts, ankle length drawers.
. Sizes up to 46. Extraordinary value. Each
Ecro or.
Men's Shirts
Men's Shirts, at a price that shoulisell them in a hurry. In- this
lot you will find percales, soissette and other good wearing fabrics.
Collar attached and band collar style. All sizes, 7C
14 b 17. At a very, special price . I OC,
Boy's Suits
Latest Fall Models in Norfolk Blue Serges, Corduroys and Fancy
Mixed Cassimeres. Sizes, 6 to 18 years. Values up to 7C
10.00. Special in this sale, only OeO
. ' Basement.
The best t corn
flakes says i
Rich in Flavor
Soaps and Washing Powders
No Mail or Phone Orders. None Delivered.
.wv.-.. ijfim, iu uum viuaituiy puiciiaseu uy any one
Large Golden Rod
Washing Powder, pkg.,
Small Pkg. Golden
Rod, 4 cans for 14c.
Ivory Soap, 5 bars for
Excel Soap, 5 bars for
Whiz Mechanic Soap,
per can, 6c '
Rex Lye, 3 cans for
Pearl White
Soap, 10 bars for
38c -
White Borax
Naphtha, Soap, ' 10
bars for 38c.
Diamond "C'
Soap, 10 bars for
33c '
Fels. Naphtha
Soap, 10 bars for
Electro Silicon Silver Cream, 13c Victoria Cleanser, 3 cans for 10c
Spec! a 1
2.1&- New
Food v Chop-,
pers, J.
Univers a 1
Choppers, up
from 1.85.
"Lisk Roaster"
. These are three-piece enameled
self-basting Roasters in six sizes,
ranging from 2.59 to 4.50. "-
Sanitary Self-Ba.ting "SaTory"
Roasters, plain steel, 1.39 and 1.98.
Enameled "Savory" Roasters,
up fnmT2.49.
. Round Aluminum. Roasters, 11
inches in diameter, 2.29.
Wash Goods
36-inch Silk and Cotton Crepe de Chine,
for undermuslins; light blue, canary,
white, Nile, lavender;' 69c
value, at TJi
Silk and Cotton Wash Silk
Good quality for slips, foundations, drap
eries, etc. Shades are tan, Nile, gold'
black, Receda, lavender, and 1 OC
peach; 27 inches wide; 39c val., JC
Remnants of Mill Ends of Wool
en Dress Goods, Suitings
and Coatings
in almost1 any wanted weave and color;
lengths from 1 to 5 yards; width 36 to
54 in. These are accumulations from our
regular stock, to be sold by the piece at a
fraction of their uegular value.. Each
piece, at
95c 5.95
300 Bolts of Wool Dress Goods
such as Serges, Poplins, Granites, Plaids,
Checks, etc., in all the new fall colors, in
cluding plenty of navy. Specially QO
priced for this sale, 69c, 79c and VOQ
Basement .
Union Suits
"Women's Cotton Fleece Lined Union
Suits Dutch neck, elbow sleeves; low
neck, no sleeves; ankle length; all sizes,
1.39. f
, A Remarkable Selling Event of
Interest to AH Homekeepers.
' ' ' V -
A Sale of a Carload of
Nationally Advertised V
"The Art Floor Covering"
At Less Than Factory Prices I
This, is a Sale all homes, hotels, board-
nig iiuuocis, -icsstauiauta, clc, suuuiu pic v
. pare for r measure your rooms now.
-' - ; ; A '
See Wednesday Papers!
Third Floor. ff