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Omaha Soldier Tells of Thrill
ing Experiences in Dugout
Keeping Up Telegraph
Among the first of the Omahans
to enlist and go "over there" was
John E. Ingoldsby, a telepragh oper
tor who worked in Union Pacific
headquarters, and who since being
in France has been in the signal
corps. Writing home from "Some-
October 8, he says:
When we left the Chateau-Thierry
front they sent us down to the St.
lliheil sector. The -Germans re
treated so fast there that my com
pany saw no action at all, so they
moved us ud to another front. Of
course, I can't tell you where we are,
but I can most solemnly assure you
that we are seeing the hardest serv
ice and fighting we have thus far
experienced. We have been in the
midst of a continuous bombardment
for so long thai we are so frazzled
, that a man who whistles becomes
very unpopular. ,The whistle sounds
too much like a shell approaching.
I am stationed in a semi-dugout,
which is fair protection against
fragments of she'll, but which will
make a first class grave if Heinie
ever lands a direct hit on us. We
have a telegraph office here and
bunks for the operators to sleep
in. They ace pretty crude bunks,
but we keep dry and warm, which
is something we haven't been ac
customed to for some time. As you
probably know, there are less than
100 days when it doesn't rain in
France. We have some rain every
day or night, which makes it inter
esting for the soldat when he has
to sleep out.
Shell in Doorway.
We had both doors of our office
open yesterday morning when a
shell landed right at the front door
and another at the back door. One
of the men had his head out of the
rear entrance when the shell ex
ploded there and he immediately
came in clawing dirt out of one ear
and almost strangled. Incidentally,
he had a slight wound in the
shoulder, but he didn't know it until
later. The smoke from the shells
filled the room and we immediately
grasped wildly for our gas-masks.
I've smelled the smoke from a good
many shells but the odor from that
one was new to me. It smelled ex
actly like arsenic such as you in-
Via1 rrnincr tVi tiridcp when the
smelter is going full blast and the
wind is blowing from the north
and it hurt our lungs, and made us
weep bitterly. We promptly hiked
back to the first aid station, where
the medico tested us and pro
nounced us "not gassed." We were
very much relieved for we had all
swallowed enough of the smoke to
kill us if it had been gas. (There is
a deadly gas with an arsenic base, j
and you die ;in great agony four
or five hours after you inhale it.) '
The lady or gentleman who
wrote the Irish song which pro
claimed that Ireland was "the most
distressful country" didn't know
what he was talking about. This is
the most distressful, desolate wil
derness the world has ever seen.
The other fronts we have been on
were a couple of paradises. We
haven't seen a house in a month.
There are fragments of houses, but
there wouldn't even be fragments if
the houses hadn't invariably been
constructed of stone. The fields
ire so pitted with shell holes that
they resemble gigantic honey combs.
It is difficult to even walk oyer
them and I have been vainly trying
to figure how the farmers will ever
it able to plow them again.
Germans Fight Hard.
The Germans have been putting
up a remarkably stiff fight along this
front, but we have at last got them
retreating, although they are taking
their time about it. Perhaps they
have heard that Austria has asked
for n armistice and are getting out
from under. We just got that news
yesterday, but we are paying little
attention to it.
I have had just seven small drinks
of water in the last 18 days. The
shell holes are about the only places
on this front where water can be ob
tained and the doctors won't let us
use k because it may have been
gassed. Our water carts have to go
long distances for pure water and
we get it in the form of coffee. I
generally drink two quart cups with
each meal, so I don't feet the need
of aqua pura. Almost every well or
spring we run across in the battle
area has a printed sign reading "This
water must not be used unless it is
chlorinated," or "Do not use this
water until It has been treated or
bailed for 20 minutes," or some such
words. One well we came across on
another front had these simple
.words: "This water is not fit to
drink." Some wag had printed un
derneath it with a pencil:. "No water
Emperor Charles is
Planning to Abdicate,
He Tells Conference
Basel, Nov. 4. (By Associated
Press.) Emperor Charles of Austria-Hungary
is determined to abdi
cate and will retire to Switzerland,
German newspapers say.
The emperor made this announce
ment, it is added, during a confer
ence on Saturday with the new
Austrian government and other in
fluential leaders in the dual mon
archy. German Airplane Drops
Within the Yankee Lines
With the American Army North
west of Verdun, Nov. 4. (By Asso
ciated Press.) A Germap two
seated airplane crashed into the
American lines. The pilot was
killed, but the observer was unin
jured. Officers and men of the big
gun artillery claim that the German
was downed either by being struck
by t big gun projectile or that the
plane was damaged by falling into
the vacuum caused by the projec
tile. Just as one of the guns was fired
the German airman appeared. The
machine immediately crumbled and
fell. The observer was unable to
say what caused the accident. All
that he knew was that the plane
suddenly dropped into space and
then turned upside down and glided
to earth.
Many Railroads Pay Big
Dividends to Government
Washington, Nov. 4. The rail
road administration has made public
a list of 26 railroad companies which
apparently are prospering to such an
extent that they are able to turn
over surplus earnings to the gov
ernment administration without ask
ing for a return of part of thjese or
additional government help. Nearly
$78,000,000 has been paid in this
Roads with this record include
the Atlantic Coast line and Louis
ville and Nashville, which together
turned over $14,050,000 from their
surplus funds; Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe, $9,200,000; Central of
New Jersey, $2,500,000; Pullman car
lines. $2,000,000, and Los Angeles
and Salt Lake, $1.050.000.
Congressman Charles. Sloan
Will Vote in His Home Town
Congressman C. H. Sloan passed
through Omaha Monday enroute
from Washington to his home in
Geneva to cast his vote at the elec
tion Tuesday.
That's nonsense! Get a
bottle of Sloan's Lini
ment and change
your tune.
It pentrte, quickens tne circu
lation, helps to scatter the conges
tion, imparts a warmth that brings
back the feel-good and promotes
comfort. Good for stiff muscles,
too, sprains and most other exter
nal aches and pains.
Economical, reliable, clean. Don't
ask your druggist for just "lini
ment" say '"Sloan's Liniment"
Keep it in your "First Aid" kit Get
it today.
When constipated or bilious
give "California Syrup .
of Figs."
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, it is a sure sign that your
little one s stomach, liver and bow
els need a gentle, thorough cleans
ing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act
naturally, or is feverish, stomach
sour, breath bad; has stomach-ache,
sore throat, diarrhoea, full of cold,
ive a teaspoonful of "California
yrup of Figs," and in a few hours
all the foul, constipated waste, un
digested food and sour bile gently
moves out of its little bowels with
out griping, and you have a well,
playful child again.
You needn t coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative;"
they love its delicious taste, and
it always makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which
hag directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly on the bottle. Beware of
counterfeits sold here. To be sure
you get the genuine, ask to see that
it is made by "California Figs
Syrup Company.'' Refuse any
other kind with contempt Adv.
Only One Way to Know, De
clare Writer.
Seeks to Educate Public the j
Value of Good Health.
Recommends Tonic Under
Certain Conditions.
A well-known physic ian is quoted
as saying that "Careless habits,
evil habits and ignorant habits re
suit in fatalities whenever an epi
demic disease appears in a com
munity. It should be well known that ex
cesses and indulgences of whatso
ever kind bring about a condition
of low vitality. To have low vi
tality is to be partially sick; to
remain, so, gives entry to fatal
disease germs. It is duty and com
mon sense to remove low vitality.
Do you catch cold to easily? Are
you weak, irritable, nervous and
worn out before the day is half
over? Have you aches and pains
of unknown origin? Are you too
thin and seemingly "bloodless?"
Do you have tremors and unsound
fears? Do you lack energy and
ambition? Are you despondent
without reason? Is your digestion
faulty and your appetite fickle?
Do you suffer with dreadful pains
in the back of head and neck? Do
you have shooting pains like neu
ralgia and rheumatism?
If any or all of these symptoms
are yours then a tonic medicine
like Cadomene Tablets should
bring relief, health and. strength if
taken regularly with meals. Three
grain Cadomene Tablets has often
been called the "miracle medicine"
because it is so quickly effective
in restoring strong, rugged, "happy"
Sold in sealed tubes by druggists
everywhere and each package is
guaranteed to please the buyer or
money refunded
For Your Boy in the Army
Consult our Over-seas Booth as to
how and when to send Christmas pres
ents to your boy "Over There."
For Your Boy in the Navy
Don't forget the Christmas present
for your boy in the navy.
Consult our Over-seas Booth.
Your Government Urges Early Christmas Shopping
Notions and Needle Helps
Practical Assets to the Woman Who Sews
Now that winter is almost with us, women are beginning in earnest to
prepare their winter wardrobes, so here are a few timely suggestions in
the way of notions that will help, at v moderate prices.
, Every Item in this Sale at a Price Worth While.
heavy Skirt
Fast colored darning cotton,
two spools for. . 5c
American Maid Crochet Cot
ton 6c
Sanitary Napkins, 12 in a box,
at .' 50c
Elgin Maid
Crochet Cot-
One book free
with each 12
J. & P. Coats Thread, 8 for 25c
Rubber Sheeting, a yard. .49c
50-yard spools of Sewing Silk,
a spool 5c
Best Wire
Hair Pins,
large box, fl
at 5c
Ocean Pearl Buttons, card37ac
each .
Rust Proof Dress Clasps, a
card lc
Wood Coat Hangers, each.. 4c
Ladies' and Children's Strong
Garters, a pair 15c
Large pieces of Garter Elastic,
each 4c
Carmen and
Sylvia Nets,
6 for 25c
Real Human
Hair Nets,
each 5c
Sanitary Aprons, best grade of
rubber, each 50c
San-Silk, all colors, spool, 372c
Darning Wool, large size card
for 5c
Dressing Pins, all brass, pa
per 3c
Good Safety Pins, card 5c
Sewing Machine Belts 21c
Black and Tan Shoe Laces, all
lengths, a pair 4c
Shoe Trees for all shoes, pr., 5c
Inside Skirt Belting, 25c value,
at 10c
12-Yd. bolts of rick- t-l
rack at, a bolt. .18c frsjd
10-yd. bolts of bias jMS
tape at, a bolt . . 4c
Men's Shirt Bands, all sizes,
each 4c
Boys' Pants Bands, all ages, 5c
Best Grade Eyed Needles, a
paper 127c
Steel Crochet Hooks, best
grade 7&c
West Electric Hair Curlers, a
card at ,, 9c
Girls' Braid Holders, each
The "Model" Form in 16 Sections
This form is the last form made, and is adjust
ed at the neck, bust, waist and hips, also over the
shoulders, and down the front, and across the bust.
These forms are all collapsible and may be
put away in a small box when you are
through using them. These are our regular
$15.00 forms on sale for one day only at
Black Jersey Covered Dress Forms
These are full forms with or without wire skirts,
the forms being perfectly proportioned and can eas
ily be adjusted to any height. Regular $5.00 forms
on sale for one day only, something every woman
who does her own sewing should have; aAn QQ
great saver of time; a wonderful help fitting PJ70
Main Floor.
Rugs, Draperies and Curtains
In Our Semi-Annual Home-Furnishing Sale
A great many people are taking advantage of this sale, which began
Monday morning prices are so astonishingly low that they can't help it.
Rugs are offered at less than today's factory prices and many items in
Draperies and Curtains are reduced to half price. Embrace this chance for
saving money, and come while the assortments are complete.
9x12 Brussels Rugs. Good range
of designs and patterns. For. din
ing room and living room there
are al lover tans and browns; for
the bedroom there- are two-toned
blues and blue and brown and
tans, with chintz borders. Worth
, today $35. On sale at $16.98
9x12 Velvet Rugs. Suitable for
any room in the house; blues,
tans and browns, some in conven
tional and some in oriental pat
terns. Worth today $40. On
sale at ' $27.98
2lzx4 Axminster Rugs. Smith Axminsters; wide assortment of good
patterns; the kind that should sell at $3.50. On sale at $2.39
3x5 and 3x6 Axminster Rugs. Smith Axminsters, in large variety of
good patterns. Should sell at $6.50. On sale at $3.98
Axminster Rugs. One of the best service rugs you can buy. We have
for this sale a limited quantity only, and as the price quoted is Jess than
the factory price on the same rug today, you should make your selection
at once. Latest designs and patterns
9x12 size
, . . . . ... ,T. . f . . . . . . .$31.98
8 ft. 3 in.xlO ft. 6 in. . .... .t. . . . ... ....... . . .$29.98
Draperies and Curtains at Special Prices
Curtain Nets, Fringed
Scrims and Figured JQq
Voiles, worth 35 yd.
Plain Scrims, several hun
dred yards, white and
ecru, worth 29c, q
Plain Marquisettes, 29(J
worth 49c, special.
Curtain Nets, in white
and ecru, worth AQ
69c, at
Regular $1.00 Curtain
Nets, new pattterns, 7Q c
large assortment..
Drapery Fabrics, a large
assortment in plain and -figured
styles; many have
sold up to $5 a yard.
Curtains in Four Groups. From 300 to 800 Pairs in Each Group:
Curtains worth up to $3 a pair. ......
Curtains worth up to $5 a pair. .
Curtains worth up to $10.50 a pair.
Curtains worth up to $16 a pair. . ....... ..... . .$8.50
.... ...... $2.75
Third Floor
Tuesday Thrift Sales
Little Bargains in the Basement that Mean Much
Beautiful Crepe
36-inch silk and cotton Crepe
de Chine, colors and white,
nile, lavender, rose, canary,
purple For one day's sell
ing only. 69c AKn
values Tuesday for C
Sateen Slippers
Tuesday only, 480 pairs of
Women's Sateen Slippers,
in black, white, pink and
gray. Also sizes from 2
to 6. Tuesday, OQ
at, per pair OJC
100 pieces of pretty Mar
quisettes and Voiles and Fil
let Nets; 36 and 40 inches
wide; a Thrift Day Special
and a real bargain QP
at, a yard OC
Women's $1.00 and $1.25
value Envelope Chemise to
be sold at a very special
price during the Thrift
ast": 69c
Mercerized Poplin
36-inch mercerized poplin in
light and colors. A very
good weight. This is ab
solutely a 48c value. To
be sold on Tuesday QC
for . . . . faJC
Women's Spats
About 300 pairs of Spats in
white, black, brown, red
and blue, 6 to 8 buttons.
Extra good quality. If you
need a pair come OQ
Tuesday. At pair ..OJC
Window Shades
50 dozen Window Shades
in light and dark green col
ors; 36 inches wide and 6
feei long, all complete with
fixtures ready to O,
put up, at each . . . HJC
Fibre Silk Hose
Women's Fiber Silk Hose, in
black, white and various col
ors. Specially priced in this
Tuesday Thrift sale. A
bargain 39 C
Waist Union Suits
Children's Waist Union Suits
ready taped for hose sup
porters. In sizes up to 12
years. Special for Tuesday
selling, at, per CQ
suit oyc
Sweater Coats
Made of good weight wool
mixed in Oxford and Ma
roon, with pockets and
shawl collar and "V"-neck
style. All sixes d0 QQ
up to 46 P0
Curtain Nets
One table full of attractive
curtain nets, sample lengths,
suitable for many things be
sidts curtains, special for
this thrift sale, 1 C
each IOC
Rain Capes
Girls' 6 to 14 sizes, fancy,
Check. Rain Capes, with
hoods, just the thing for
girls to wear to school in
bad weather, dl
Thrift Day price V 1 OI
Union Suits
Ladies' pink band top shell
knee union suits, worth at
least $1.00 the suit, to be
sold Tuesday at the very
special price nn
of OJC
Fancy Scarfs
One lot of lace trimmed
Scarfs, . also scalloped and
prettily embroidered ones,
plain white or fancy color
ings, a suggestive CQ
Christmas gift ....OJC
2,000 yards of Scrims, fan
cy colored borders, pretty
for bedroom curtains or to
make dainty bed covers, 36
inches wide, a real f n
bargain, a yard .... 1 V C
Men's Kerchiefs
Men's colored Initial Hand
kerchiefs. An excellent val
ue for the money. Special
selling in the basement.
Thrift Day sale -I f
price, each ...... 1 vr C
Sleeping Garments
We have a few dozen chil
dren's Sleeping Garments
in good sizes. These are to
to be sold out Fine for the
cool nighty For spe- EQ
ial selling Tuesday OJC
Wall Paper
Plain 36-inch Oat Meal Pa
pers in tan, green, gray,
blue and brown sold with
handsome cut-out borders
to match, special for 11
Thrift Day, roll ... 1 1 C
32-inch Pongee ia a var
iety plain shades, highly
yarn mercerized, with a per
manent lustrous finish,
pretty lor chldren s
dresses, etc., per
yd. 29 c
Boudoir Caps
A wide assortment of la
dies' Boudoir Caps. You
are sure to find a pleasing
style. Prices range from 65c
?r.... .29c
Women s Hosiery
Women's black Hose in very
good quality. This is to be
a very special item, and to
be sold Tuesday for the low
price of, per -l Q
pair LU
Outing Flannel
27-inch gray Outing Flan
nel, genuine Amoskeag
make, heavy, warm, fleecy
nap. A good, durable flan
nel, one that will OO 1
wear well, per yd. "2v
Long Kimonos, for women
and misses, in light and dark
patterns. Good, heavy fan
cy kimona cloth. Different
styles. Worth d 1 Af
$1.69 to $1.95, atP 1
Gift Shop-
Manufacturers stock of sol
id nickel silver; will wear
well; knives, forks, table
spoons and many fancy odd
pieces, all at one IP
price, . X O C
Children's Hose
We have on hand a small
lot of Children's Hose
which we intend closing out.
This lot .will be sold in our
Tuesday sale, at,
per pair
Mill remnants, 32 inches
wide, fine Zephyr Gingham,
suitable for school dresses
for little ones all winter, in
beautiful plaids, ' Of
checks, etc., per yd. OOC
Sweater Coats
Girls 2 to 6 years. Sweater
Coats made to Bell up to
$3.00. Many are samples.
These will be special for
Thrift Sale $1 29
Hand Bags
genuine leather Hand Bags
and Strap Purses; some
leather lined, some fancy
lined; fitted with purse
and mirror, .
"Renown"; Ranges
Every Renown Range is sold under a guarantee
that it is made from the best materials obtainable
and by the most skilled workmen. We guarantee
them to operate perfectly and to do their work
under proper and reasonable conditions.
A Renown Cast Iron Range Will
Outlast Any Steel Range Made
They Do Not Rust Out
Renown Plain Finish Cast
Iron Ranges Upward
from ' $33.00
Renown Nickel Finish
Ranges With polished
tops, upward from $65.00
Renown Black Nickel Fin-
pish Ranges .$62.50
Cast Iron Cook Stoves
Excellent values at $18.00
Oak Heaters Which we
especially reccommend
upward from . . . .$10.50
Perfection Oil Heaters
Fine for cool niffhts and
mornings, at $5.75
Six Big Bargains for Tuesday's Selling
In the Hardware Department
Six 5c Rolls of Elite
Toilet Paper for ... .18c
Full, size Wash Board
,with white metal rubbing
surface for. 39c
One quart Cedar Oil Pol
ish, for 39c
12 oz. bottle Cedar Oil
Polish for 19c
Extra large package of
Golden Rod Borax Naptha
Washing Powder .... 17c
$2.19 size New Standard
Food Choppers, while
they last $1.49
No 'phone orders accepted on any of these six
items and we reserve the right to limit the quantity
to each customer. '