Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 24, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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Tires and Supplies.
FUk. Goodrich, Osnsral, Caraprlnf,
Plamond, Conrr, National. Star, Mo
Oraw. Portage, Kant. L, Kyton,
Ooo4yar. Mention ill and w will
and prlroi.
2M Farniim 8t lilt Cuming 8t
Ford ttibe....l.jgIJiIts 116. Tl
10t II l 11x4 2I4(
10x1 111. 131 14x4. non-aktd.124 71
f1rUn. McGrau, Republic Conxreat,
Lea Pullman, Finn Send (or circular.
Writ ua (or particular.
Agenta Wanted.
l-tn-1 VULCAN1Z1NO CO ,
1511 Davanport. Phon D. 1141.
KKAL bargain In allgbtly uad lire: n
tire at very low price. O. and O. Tlra
Co 1416 Leavenworth at Tyler I2C1-W.
BUY Lee puncture-proof pneurr.tle tire
and eliminate your tlra troubpl j'owell
HnpplyCo 8t t Farnm 8t
Ihorses, live stock.
For Sale.
IS fin hogi, average weight 120 lb ,
I)uroc-J.rey. 73d and Plnkney. O. P.
Mxdarn. Bnon 311 W.
ULl'TL'liU uecthfully treated without a
surgical operation, tall or writ Dr.
Frank H Wray. 30 Bs Bid
Organized by the Iuair,a Wen of Omaha
KUHNITL'RK, planoa and note lecur
Uy. Ho. mo., H gooda, total, S3 10.
433 Sei-urtiyF)Mie . 16th &Farnm Ty 681
Loans on bu monds. jewelr"t"and
rl 1 W C KI.ATAU. EST 183 O
I.owrit rate Private loan booth. Harry
Maleahork, 151 Dodge D. 5C1I Eat mil.
Wllllsm A. Let to Llda L. Leet,
nth St. 2.7 It. 8 ef Burt St. WS.
4uxt7 S (3,500
Edward Benkon and wife to John
H-nken, 34th St. 160 ft. 8 of K St.
KS, 60x130 und. V, 500
.Clrlno Varantl and wife to Elta Tay
lor, Tucker- St. 270 ft. W of Slat
NS. 40x132 3,850
Fred Haneen and wife to Adolph An
deraon. Wirt St., 100 ft. W of 40th
St. S3, 100x130 1,167
Edgar H Scott and wife to Nell!
. C. Bruce, 62nd St., 257 ft. N of
'Jackson St WS, 60x140 1,113
Nettle Woodard and huaband to
Mabel Walworth, Slat St. 67 ft. 8
of Manderaon St W8, 37x1134 300
John A. Anderion and wlfa to Wal
ter A. Anderson, Charles 8t. ISO
ft. W of 29th St. S3, 60x127.6 3,000
William Van Hyntng to W. Nathan
Watt. 32nd St. 140 ft S of N
St. E3, 10x130 SO
Barker Co. to John Radman, 33rd St.
133 ft. 8 of Myrtle Ave. E3 43x130. 4,950
John F. Flack and wife to Grace
Daly, 42nd St. 160 ft. S of Boyd
8t WS 40x130 290
John F. Flack and wife to Leaele
Tallmadge. 43rd St 206 ft. 8 of
Spauldlng St. WS 60x130 275
Copyright. 1I1T
International v'w Service.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
fVM I aVDCV . 1 V. , A W- .
T JW TO THE ;rocer
AND Pan mv 0)U -
ssjb sstjaCA - f a i i '.v. n v. u ir tl
Tlil I v cr, II . I I i fi ; , 11 I
Market and Financial News of the Day
Fair Food Prices.
The price fixing committee of
Douglas county has named the fol
lowing prices. Retailers are not
permitted to charge more than
these prices:
Brown Sugar, per lb
Sugar, per lb 11
Flour (Nebraska) 24-lb. No. 1.. 166
4Mb. No. 1 3.00
Bulk, per lb 07
Hominy .07
Oawego cornstarch 12 Vi
Cornstarch .10
CornmeaL par lb., whit ,..'.06H
Yellow 05H
.Corn flour , 0H
Potatoes, per lb., No. 1 03 V,
No. a , 03
Butter, per lb., creamery No. 1 63
Creamery No. 1 .S3
Egg, elect I .66
No. SI
No. I 44 -
. Bread (U. 8. Standard loaf wrap
' pedh 12 oa. alngl loaf.. OS
13-oa. loaf (3) IS
ll-o. loaf 10
34-01. loaf IS
... Cracker (Victory) ' .
Oatmeal 20
Graham 30
Corn . 20 .
Soda '. ! 30
Rice (In bulk), per lb., No. 1...... .15
No. 2 ,12H
- Barley flour . . 06 ft
By Graham flour, 24-lb. tack.... 1.T5
Rye flour, 24-lb. aaok 1.76
In bulk, per lb..... 08
Oatmeal (In bulk), per lb...,..aa .07'
Bean, per lb., navy, NO. 1........ .15
Pinto, beat No. 1... 12H
Bacon, per lb.
No. 1 whole piece, wrapped..., .57
- No. 1, whol pltcea, vinwrapped.. .66
No, 1, llcd ,..66
' . No. 3, whol pieces, wrapped.... ' .54
No. 2. whol plce unwrapped.. .53
No. 2, llced SO
Ham (whol), No. 1 klnned.. 43
No. 1 regular ., 42
Shoulder '. .23
Lard, per lb.. No. 1 pur , , ,35
Compound 41
Oleomargarine (In carton), par lb.
-i No.. I . .40
No. 2 '.. .25
' New cabbage, beat quality, per lb. .04
Corn syrup (In can), 1H lb 30
I lb. , 25
S lb SO
10 lb 85
Note 1 Thea price art for cah over
. counter.
Not 2 An additional charge may be
i mad for delivery or credit to customer.
Sawe price for ry or graham. Bread
price ar ft cah and carry or credit
and delivery.
The Weather
Compartlve Local Record.
1118. R17. ml. 1115.
Highest yeiterdty 6S 46 40 81
Lowest yesterday S3 25 36 63
Mean temperature ...St 3S 28 68
Precipitation 04 .00 .01 .00
Temperature and precipitation depart
ure from th normal:
' Normal temperature 51
Execs for th day S
Total exefss since March 1 838
i" Normal precipitation 0.0S Inch
Deficiency for th day 0.03 Inch
Total rainfall tine March 1 13.63 Inches
Deficiency (Inc March 1 12 99 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, '17 5.87 Inch
Deficiency for eor. period, "16 11. SO Inches
Report From Station at 1 P. M.
Station and Stat Temp. High- Rain
of Weather. T p. m. est. fall.
Davenport, cloudy 68 63 .T
Denver, cloudy 68 68 .T
Dodge City, cloudy 53 60 .00
Lander, part cloudy ..SO SI .00
North Platte, clear.... 62 68 .00
Omaha, part cloudy... 61 65 .04
Pueblo, cloudy. 66 68 .00
Rapid City, clear 46 52 .02
Salt Lake, part cloudy 14 56 .00
Santa Fe, part cloudy 61 58 .00
Sheridan, clear 46 SO .16
Sioux City, part cloudy 58 M .00
Valentine, clear ......54 66 .00
Army Appointments.
- Washington, Oct 33 (Special Tele
gram.) The following appointment have
been mad in the armyt John A. Lawler,
Haatinga, Neb., tlrat lieutenant army rv
ice corps: Eugene F. McEniry, Corning,
la., second lieutenant army service corpi;
William H. Buehn. Davenport. la., first
lieutenant ordnance corps; Harold P.
Breeden. Plerr, So. Dak.. Herbert C Rob
arts. Sioux City, la., George E. Davenport,
Sioux City, la., aeeond lieutenants ord
nance corps; Oeorge P. Abel, Lincoln. Neb.,
captain quartermaatsr corpa; Shirley
Leigh, Camp Dedge, la., second lieutenant
Quartermaster corps; Joseph U. Scbrup,
Dubuque. la., captain medical corpa; Wil
liam T. Burkman, De Home. Herbert M.
Huston, Ruthven, la., tint'' lieutenant
medical corps; Ralph E. Buckingham.
, Davenport, Is,, ecood lieutenant air
First lieutenant named below are re-
- lleved from duty at Omaha and will pro
. eeed to Chicago. 111., for duty: . Michael
T. Hayes, signal corps; John H. Roche,
- signal corik.
The appointment of Flrtt Lt. Jame C
' Holland, air eervice. ai first lieutenant air
service (aeronautics) is announced; Sergt..
, Stwior brat. Idrla John Heynold. quarter
master corps, a second lieutenant quarter-
master corps; Hrry Duckehardt Sultxer aa
first tinutenant rnglneers: Julian Alfred
BrahBr. aa flrtt Ilsutenant medical corps;
Wai.acA W. Tag gar t first Ueutenaot
jt, eiigiaeeri.:,,, '
Cattle Receipts Light and Ad
vance 10 to 15 Cents; Hog
Market Steady and Ac
tive; Sheep Active.
Omaha, Oct. 23. 1918.
Receipt wer Cattle Hog Sheep
OfflclaJ Monday 10,187 3.984 19,993
Official Tuesday 11.686 4,732 16.316
Estimate Wednesday . 5,000 6,800 30,000
Three day this week. 35, 673 14,616 66,309
Same day 1 wk. ago. 44.673 14,626 120,117
Sam day 2 wk. ago. 40,407 31,172 94.319
Same days 3 wks. ago. 39,166 16,511 130,356
Same days 1 year ago. 36,786 9,950 73,336
Receipts and disposition of live-stock
at the Union Stock yards for 24 hours
ending at 3 o'clock yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H's.
C. M. St. P.. 2
Missouri Pacific. 2
Union Pacific ... 65
C. & N. W eaat 4
C. A N. W., west 69
C, S. P., M & O. 10
C, B. & Q., east 82
C, B Q., west 49
C. R. I. & P. east 4
Illinois Central... 2
Chi. Qt. Weat 6
Total receipts 234 63 123 5
. Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morris ft Co 831 391 1,683
Swift A Co 2,400 832 2,133
Cudahy Packing Co 2,059 1,182 2,114
Armour & Co ,1,583 990 1,479
J. W. Murphy 479
Lincoln Packing Co. 77
So. Om. Packing Co. 15
Wilson Packing Co. 46
Hlgglns Packing Co 18
Hoffman Bros 11
John Roth A Sons.. 31
Mayerowlch & Vail 1
Olassberg 9
W B Van Sant & Co 28
Benton 4 Van Sant 261 . ....
F. P. Lewi 328
Huntslnger A Oliver 4
J. B. Root & Co.... 387
J. H. Bulla 232
R. M. Burruss & Co 22
Rosenatock Bros.... 127
F. O. Kellogg 227
Werthel'er & Degen 223
Ellis A Co.., 32
Sullivan Bros 6
A. Rothchlld 44
M. K. C. A C. Co.. 260
K. O. Christie 66
Baker ....v 120
Banner Bros 108
John Harvey 896
Jensen A Lundgren IS
Dennis A Francis., 95 , ..
Other buyer 2,661 1
Total .13,11 2,874 21,471
Cattle Supply of cattle was light this
morning, estimated at 6,000 head or 198
car. Trading on bulk of the desirable
westerns and native wa strong to 1015o
higher than yesterday and there wa a
considerable number of corn fed In th
upply, selling from tl8.5001S.00. Butcher
stock opened about steady with yesterday
and fairly active to the packers. Blocker
and feedera held about steady on the light
Quotation on cattl: Cholo to prime
steers, $17.00 18.25; good to oholce
beeves, 115.15 16.60; fair to good beeve.
S13.3SO15.00; common to fair beve.
89.00012.75;. good to choice yearlings,
216. 00917. 60; fair to good yearling,
812.00 15.60; common to fair yearling,
28.60O11.S0; otiolo to prime grass steers,
S13.75O15.00; fair to good grass beeve.
311.26O12 50; common to fair grass beeve.
SS.00O107S; Mexican beeves, I8.0010 00;
good to choice heifers, $8.6011.50; good
to choice cows, 8S.50O10.S0; fair to good
cow, 27.S0OS 50: common to fair cows,
S6.60O7.00; prime feeder, 211.0013.60;
good to choice feeders, 39.75011.50; fair
to good feeders, 83.5001.; common to
fair feeders, S6. 0007.50; good to choice
stockers, 89.00O10.S0) tbck heifer, 86 50
07.60; stock cow, 16.2507. 60; stock
calve, S6.250t.SO; veal calve. 16.60
13 75; bulls, Hags, etc.. t7.S0O9.50.
Hogs Today'a receipts were estimated
at S.800 head, making total for th tint
three dyot th week 14,500 heed, nly
a trlfl lea than last week. Shipper
were a little more active this morning
and while their purchaae ware not many
they ecured a few light hog at price
bout steady with yesterday from $16.60
016.90. top reaching 317.00.'
Thar was not much- chang In th
market on packing grade, the market
being generally steady with yesterday'
uneven close, the bulk of the packer hog
being tl6.15016.SO, although sales were
reported on down to $16.00 with a few
rough on down to $15.76. Today' mar
ket was generally steady affair with pos
sibly som weakness on heavy packers.
Bulk of all sales wa $16. 15016.60.
Sheep There wa a fairly heavy run of
sheep today. 133 load, estimated at 30,(00
head, th heaviest receipt for this week.
Testerdav fat lamb finally reached a top
of 816.00. Choice feeders $14.00. feeders
practically regained all of the loss of last
week, selling at prices generally th same
a a week ago Tuesday. Today's market
opened active all around with all Indica
tion pointing to at least ateady price.
Quotation on Sheep: Lamb, good to
choice, $15.50016.00; lambs, fair t good.
tl3.0015.SHjamb feeder. tl2.5014.00;
yearlln.ra, goo9 to oholce. tlO.00011.00;
yearlings, fair to good. $9.00 0 10.00; yearl
ing feeder. tlO. 00010.60; wether, ft.
$1.00010.25; wether feeder. S8.00O9.00:
ewes, good to choice. 87.6008.26; ewes,
fair to good, 27.0007.50; ewe feeders, $6.00
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Oct 23. Cattle Receipts, 13,
000 head; steers, mostly 25o to 50o high
er; greatest gain on In between native and
good westerns Good cows and heifer 25c
higher; other and calves, steady to etrong.
Beef cattle, good, choice and prime, $15.75
019 00; common and medium, tt.SO01S.25;
butcher tock, cow and heifers. $8,75 0
13.50; canner and cutters. t5.8506.7S;
stockers and feeders, good, choice and
fancy, S10.26Q12.76; Inferior, common and
medium. 37.60610.25; veal calves, good to
choice, 816. 76(916. 76; western range, beef
steers, 812.75017.00; cow and heifers.
Hog Receipt, lt.001 head; market
closed very dull; amall order, chiefly for
good hogs filled at steady to weak price;
packing grades, almost unsalable, and
carry ever heavy; butchers. tl7.009917.6S;
light. tl6.t5017.te; packing. tl4.6O01t.2S;
rough, 813 75014.26; pig, good to choice,
tl4 50014.78.
Sheep and Lamb Receipts, 20.1)00 headr
market generally steady to strong; som
aheep and yearling, higher; lambs, choice
and prime. 815.75014 28; medium and
good. S14.tO01S.T5; cults, t,13O0;
ewes, choice and prime. ', tlO.6O91O.50!.
medium and. good, t9.6O01O.tO; culls, $3.50
City Live Stock.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 31. Cattle Re
ceipt, , head! including 200 south-
Local Stocks and Bonds
Quotatlona furnished by Burns, Brlnker
A Co.. 449-62 Omaha National Bank
STOCKS Bid. Asked.
Burgees-Nash Co., 7 pet. pfd 100
Cudahy Packing Co., com.. 123 126
Deer A Co., pfd ...."94 95
Fairmont Cream. 7 pet. pfd. 97
Oooch M'g-Elev 7 pet. p. "B" 97 100
Harding Cream Co., 7 pet p. 100
Orchard A Wll'm, 7 pet. pfd. 100
Union P. A L. 7 pet. pfd... 100
Union Stock Yard Co., Om. 97 99
Arm. A Co., 6, 1923 88 74 99V
Beth. Steel Corp. 7, 1923... 994 100
Cudahy Packing Co., 7s, 1923 99? 100"i
Int. Rapid Tra it S-yr. 7s, '21 98 88 Vi
Om. A C. B. St. Ry. 5s, 1928 83 85
P. S. T., L. A P. "a, 1921 .. 97 98
Rus. gvt. Int. 6s, '26, Id'd 195 205
Rue. gvt. Int. 5s ,'26, un d 195 200
U. S. gvt. 1 3Hs, due 6-15-47 99.71 99.98
U. S. gvt. 2d 4s, due 11-15-42 97. 97.14
U. S. gvt. 3d 4Ws, due 9-15-28 96.85 97.10
U. S. gvt. lit 4 (conv. 3H),
6-16-47 97.59 97.84
U. S. gvt. 1 4Vi (conv. 31, f
6-15-47 97.65 97.90
U. S. gvt. 2d 4 Vis (conv. 4a),
11-16-42 96.81 97.16
ern. 15c to 25e higher; prime fed teers,
817.60019.25; dressed beef steers, 312.50O
17.60;western steers, $10.00 H 14.50; south
ern steers, 87. 00912 50; cows, $5. 50016.50;
heifers, $7.0012.60; stockers and feeders,
t7.OO014.OO; bulls, 86.5008.50; calves,
Hogs Receipts, 18,000 head; market
steady to lOo lower; bulk, tl6.2517.25;
heavy, $16.00 17.50; packers and butch
ers, $16.4017.00; lights, tlO. 00017.25;
pigs, $13.60015.60.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 8,000 head;
market lOo to 25o higher; lambs, $11.60
15.76; yearlings, $10.0011.60; wethers,
ewes, $8.0009.50; stockers and feeder,
St. Louis Live Stock.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct, 23. Cattle Receipt,
6,400 head; market 26o higher; native beef
steers, lll.6018.26; yearling steers and
heifer. $9. 60015. 50; cows, $7.5012.50;
stockers and feeder, 1 8.50 1 2. 00 : fall to
prime southern beef steers, tl0.0018.00;
beef cow and heifers, $7.60015.00; na
tive calves. S7. 75017.26.
Hogs Receipts, 18,300 head; market
steady; light, $16. 60017.20; pigs, 614.26
O16.00; mixed and butchers, S16.76O17.60;
good heavy, tl7.35017.65; bulk, $16,850
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 2,300 head;
market steady; lambs, $1.6016.75; ewes,
$11.001.00; canner and chopper, $5.00
St. Paul Live Stock.
South St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 28. Cattle
Receipts, 4,400 head; market higheri
steers, $5.50 6.75; cow and heifer, 66.50
9.60; calves, 65. 50014.50; stookers and
feeders, steady at $6.76013.00.
Hogs Receipt, 7,000 head; market
lower; ranges, $14.86 16.65; bulk of sales,
Sheep and Lamb Receipts, 1,600 head;
market steady; lamb, $10.00014.26;
wethera, $7.00010.00; ewe, $3.009.00.
St. Joseph Llv Stock.
St. Joseph, Oct 23. Cattle Receipts,
1,800 head; market higher; steers, $8.00
011.00; cow and heifer. $5.50016.00;
calve, 16.00012.60.
Hogs Receipts, 11,000 head; market
lower; top, $17.65; bulk ot sales, $16.00
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 4,000 head;
market higher; Iamb,, tl2.0016.00;
wes, 88.0008.50.
Sioux City Live Stock.
Sioux City, la., Oct. 28. Cattle Re
ceipts, 2,000 head; market higher; beet
steers, t8.00O14.60; canners, $5. 5006.76;
feeding cows and heifers, tS.5009.60.
Hogs Receipts, 6,000 head; market
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 1,000 head;
market strong.
Mew York Coffee,
New Tork. Oct 2t. The feature In th
coffee situation today wa an announce
ment from Washington that the" war trade
board I prepared to consider application
for Import license through the sugar
equalisation board. There wa also a re
quest from th food administration that
member of th exchange send in full par
ticular of outstanding contract In th
future market. Including the name of the
principal and price. Thi suggesttd that
progress wa being made in maturing plans
of th government for control of the situa
tion, but there wa atlll more or less con
fusion -regarding conditions which would
attach to imports under the new arrange
ments, and little or no Improvement was
reported In business. The spot market was
dull and nominally unchanged at lOHc
for Rio 7s and 15c for Santos 4s. although
there were small sales reported of Santos
coffee grading about 4 at 16c "-
The official cable reported a holiday In
Rio. There were no quotations for spot
at Santos, but Santo future were 100
rel higher to 50 rela lower. Santo re
ceipts, 34,000 bags; Jundlahy, 36,000 bag.
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fruit.
New Tork. Oct 28. Evaporated Apple
Inactive. California, 13 14c; state,
Prune Scarce; looe muscatel,
Apricot Firm; choice, 20c;
choice. 22. ; fancy, 24c.
Peaches Nominal.
Raisin Firm; loo muscatel
choice to fancy seeded, 104c; all seedless,
11012c; London layer. $2.0007.00.
Turpentine and Rosin.
Savannah, Oa Oct. 23. Turpentine,
firm, 61V4c; aales, 67 bbl. ; receipts. 331
bbls.; shipments, 663 bbl.; tock, 29.945
' Rosin Firm; sales, 55S bbls.: receipts.
1,256 bty.; shipment, 1.600 bbls; stock,
66.027 bbls. Quote B, D. 216 25; E, tl4.36;
F, 816 20040.00; O, ' $14.35014.45; H,
$14.50; I, $14.70014.75; K, 215.10; M,
tl5.2015.25; N. $15.25; WO. 215.60; WW,
Dry Goods Market. .
New York, Oct. 23. Wool goods manu
facturer were notified today that bids
would shortly -be Invited for further
quantities of uniform cloth and other war
merchandise. Cotton good offering wer
more numerous and buying light. Burlaps
and itlka wer quiet
New York Cotton.
New Tork, Oct. 23. Cotton closed
steady at 29.28o. a net decline of 38 to 60
points. '
Airmen Bomb U-Boat.
Rome, Oct 23. Italian naval av
iators have bombarded' in enemy
submarine from a low height and
believe thati the U-boat was sunk,
;ays an official statement issued to
day. , ' : '
Corn Unchanged to 3 Cents
Higher; Choice White Re
covers Yesterday's Loss;
Oats a Fraction Up.
Omaha, October 23, 1918.
Receipts were unusually light today,
particularly for corn, with arrivals -tor
thla cereal only 24 ears. Total receipts
were 86 cars. Oats arrivals were 24 ears,
wheat 34 cars, rye 2 cars, and barley 4
Corn prloes wer virtually unchanged,
and while there was an advance of 6
cents in tha choice grades of white, this
was merely a recovery of yesterday' loss
In this kind.
Oat were to He, higher and other
grains were- firm.
Week Year
Receipt Today. Ao. A(ro
Wheat 34 18 58
Corn 22 41 36
Oat 24 89 76
Rye 4 4 6
Barley 4 11 g
Wheat 32 9 46
Corn 42 72 22
Oat 42 37 61
Rye ... 2 1 3
Barley 10 4 7
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 182 154 99
Kansas City 181 36 35
St. Louis 65 44 22
Minneapolis 673 .. ..
Duluth 8 697
Winnipeg 1028
Corn No. 2 white: 1 car, $1.43. No. 2
white: 2 cars, $1.40; 1 car, $1.39; 2 cars,
31.38. No. 4 winter 1 car; 31.33H. No. 5
white: 2-5 car, $1.23. Sample white: 2-5
car, 11.10. No. 3 yellow: 1 car (new),
$1.40; 1 car, $1.39. No, 4. yellow: 1 car,
$1.81; 3-5 car, $1.30: 5 cars, tl.29. No.
5 yellow: 2 oars, $1.26 ; 1 car, 21.25. No.
6 yellow: 2 cars, $1.21. Sample yellow:
1 car, $1.18. No. 8 mixed: 1 car, $1 . SS.
No. 6 mixed: 1 car, 81.21; 1 car, 81.18.
Oats No. 8 white: 1 car, 66c; 12 car,
6c; 3-5" car, 66Hc No. 4 white: 1 car,
Rye No. 3: 1 car, $1.51.
Barley No3:.l car, 96c. No. 4: 1 oar,
93c; 1 car, 92c. ,
Wheat Novl hard: 1 car, t2.1ttt. No.
2 hard: 2 cars, 13.16; 3 cars, 32.15; 1 car
(smutty), $2.11.. No. 3 hard: 1 car, 22.12ft;
3 cars, 22.12; 1 car, $3.07. No. 4 hard: 1
car, $2.09 : 1 car, t2.06V4; 1 car, (smutty),
$2.04. No. 6 hard: 1 car (rye). $2 06; 2
cars (musty), t2.0t. No. 2 spring: 1
car (smutty), $2.10. No. 1 mixed: 1
car (durum), $2.14. No. 2 mixed: 1 ear,
12.14; 1 car. 12.13; 1 car, $3.12; 1 car,
Reaction Follows Strong Open
ing; Setback Due to Re
ported Measures to
Check Speculation.
New York, Oct. 2 3. Stock wer ub
Jected to wide fluctuation today, popular
Issue recording extreme reaction of 2 to
10 point on reports that local money In
terests were contemplating action to re
strict excessive speculation. Sale approx
imated 1,100,000 shares.
New York, Oct. 23. The stock market
exeprlenccd a severe setback from its
strong opening today, representative shares
yielding 2 to 6 point and aome volatile Is
sues considerably more.
Unsettlement, which wa at It flood at
midday, resulted from rumor that flnan
cial Interest were earnestly considering
measures to check extravagant specula
tion. Leading bankers held a protracted con
ference with official of the federal re
serve bank during tha market session
but the result ot their deliberations, if
any definite plan was formulated, re
mained unknown at the market's close.
There wa a ctrong Impression, however.
that the local money pool had decided to
remove the long existing ban upon call
money rates, the effect of which might
be a much higher lending rate.
Various reasons were advanced In ex
planation of the attitude of the bankers,
but it was recalled that a 10 per cent In
stallment on the fourth Liberty loan falls
du tomorrow. Involving payment of $180,
000,000 from this section slone.
Additional uneasiness was created by the
publication of the German chancellor's
speech to the Reichstag, traders accepting
It tenor aa a further obstacle to Im
mediate peace negotiations.
War shares led the general rally of the
last hour, new buying ensuing on th
demand for Baldwin Locomotive, ahlp
ping and distilling issues. Final prices
averaged 1 to 2 points over lowest levels in
rails and active Industrial.
Bond were heavy, rati yielding much
wf their recent advance, with an irregular
trend In the Liberty group. Total aalea
(par value) aggregated $9,875,000. Old
United State coupon 4 lost H per cent on
War shares led the spirited rally of the
last hour on rumor that lt had been de
cided to lift the ban on call money. The
closing wa Irregular.
Sentiment Bullish til Corn Pitt Offerings
Scarce Escept on Bulge.
Chicago, Oct 23 Bullish sentiment.
engendered by development In the war
outlook became much more pronounced to
day a to corn, and there wa a sharp ad
vane In price. Closing figure ware
strong, S4o to 4Ho net higher, with No
vember $1.27 to fl.274. and December
$124 to tl.24. Oats finished Ho to 10
up and provision off 17o to 6O0.
Not only were corn future at no time
lower than yesterday' close, but the latest
quotations wers virtually at the topmost
level reached. The dominating Influence
continued throughout the session to be th
progress of diplomatic and military
events, and the apparent lack of any basis
therein which would favor ths bear aid
of the market. ' Offering were, scarce ex
cept on bulges, and although a reaction
at one time wiped out nearly all the gains
the effect was soon overcome. Report of
a scarcity of car In aome section added
to a noticeable extent the upward tendency
of value.
Oat war Influenced chiefly by the ac
tion of corn. Soma Improvement of th
domeatlo call was reported.
Provisions underwent a decided setback.
owlnc largely to weakness In the hog mar
ket and to a lull In cash demand. The
biggest breaks were in the value of lard.
Chicago closing prices, furnished The
Bee by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain
brokers, 215 South Sixteenth treat,
Art. Open. I High. Low. Close, YesTy
Corn I j j I j
Nov. 1.2474 1 1.27 1.17 1.2394
Dec. 1.23 1.2414 1.20HI 1.24 1.20
Nov. .68 i .69V .68 .69 .68
Dec. .67 .t .67 .61 .67
Nov. 35.00 35.60
Jan 37.70 38.20
Nov. 24.55 34.55 24.22 24.20 24.65
Jan. 23.45 23.45 23.07 21.10 23.42
Nov. 21.45 121.45 21.05 21.07 21.45
Jan. 20 57 20.57 20.22 20.32 20.42
8t. Loul Grain.
St. Louis. Oct. 23 Corn November,
$1.29 asked: December, $1.26 bid.
Oats November, 70 a e asked; Decem
ber, 69c bid.
Chicago Provisions.
Chicago, Oct. 23. Butter Higher;
creamery, 6155c.
Eggs Unsettled: receipts, 4,410 cases;
firsts, 6051c; ordinary firsts, 47048c;
at mark, cases Included, 47 0 49c.
Poultry Alive, lower; 24028c; spring
Corn No. 2 yellow, II. S3; No. 2 yellow.
$1.431.46; No. 4 yellow, $1.3201.36..
Oats No. I white, 68070c; standard,
69H70c. , ,
Rye No. 2, $1.62.
Barley 90c$1.01.
Timothy 17.00010.00.
Clover Nominal.
Pork Nominal.
Lard 136.25025.22.
Rib 121.50013. 50.
New Tork Provisions.
New York. Oct. 22. Butter Higher;
creamteiy. higher; extra. S868c;
creamery, extra. 67 0 57c; creamery,
flrtt, 65057c.
Egg Steady and unchanged.
Cheese Steady and unchanged.
Poultry Dressed, steady; chickens, 280
17c; others unchanged.
New York General Market.
V... Va,1, W IX ..Wlieat AnAt
teady; No. 2 red, $8.34 track New York.
corn Bpot, rm; no. 1 yeuow, aa.n,
and No. 3 yellow, tl.St e. t t New
Oat Spot, firm; standard. 71c.
tl.0H.85; No. S. $1.7001.76.
Tallow Firm; city apvciai. loose, ivc
: Lead. A t
New York,' Oct. 2S. Lead Unchanged.
Spelter, higher: Eaat St Louis dUvry,
spot, 19.16 C.
Number of sales and quotations on lead
ing stocks: Closing
Sales. High. Low. Bid.
Am. Beet Sugar 69
American Can... 4,500 46 44 45
Am. Car A F'dry 3,400 88 88 87
Am. Locomotive.. 3,900 68 66 67
Am. 8. A Ret... 26,300 89 86 87
Am. Sugar Ref... 1,600 112 110 110
American TAT 1,200 107 106 106
Am. A., L, A S. . 400 16 15 15
Anaconda Cop'er 13,900 72 70 70
Atchison 6,500 97 94 95
AOAWISSL 19,200 114 112 112
Bait. A Ohio.... 6,600 68 57 67
Canadian Paclflo 1,400 171 168 170
Central Leather.. 3,600 66 65 66
Che. A Ohio.... 5,400 61 69 60
C, M. A St. P.. 5,600 51 50 50
C A N. W 103
C, R. I. & P. ctfa v 6,00 29 27 28
Chlno Copper.... 4,100 41 41 41
Colo. Fuel A Iron 400 44 44 44
Corn Prod. Ref.. 12,400 45 43 43
Crucible Steel 8,700 68 55 56
Cuba Cane Sugar 4,800 82 31 32
Distiller's Sec... 8,200 60 47 60
Erie ., 15,600 18 17 17
General Electric. 1,00 166 154 155
General Motor.. 5,300 130 126 129
Ot. Northern pfd 8,800 96 95 95
Ot. N. Ore ctf.. 3,800 33 32 83
Illinois Central.. 1,100 102 101 102
Inap. Copper 4,700 56 64 65
Int M. M. pfd.. 49,400 123 120 121
Iht. Nickel 3,300 33 32 82
Int. Paper 3,800 86 35 35
K. C. Southern.. 1,400 21 20 20
Kennecott Cop... 7,100 38 37 37
Loula'U A Nash 400 119 118 119
Maxwell Motors.. 1,000 . 83 32 33
Mex. Petroleum.. 65,900 160 146 151
Miami Copper... 4,000 28 28 28
Missouri Pacific. 11,600 27 26 26
Nevada Copper... 600 20 20 20
N. Y. Central... 81
N. Y., N. H. A H. 3,300 41 40 41
Norfolk A West. 2,400 114 107 109
Northern Pacific. 7,500 96 94 94
Pacific Mall 200 83 33 33
Pennsylvania ... 6,500 49 47 48
Pittsburgh Coal 51
Ray Cdn. Copper 2,900 25 24 24
Reading 78,900 96 92 92
Rep. Iron Z Steel 2,300 86 85 86
Southern Pacific. 86,200 104 99 101
Southern Ry 16,600 31 30 30
Studebaker Corp,. 18,000 64 61 62
Texa CO 62,000 191 187 187
Union Pacific... 14,800 136 133 134
U. S. Ind. Alcohol 4,800 108 105 107
U. S. Steel 167,400 111 108 109
V. S. Steel pfd.. 500 112 112 112
Utah Copper 700 90 87 88
Wabash pfd "B" 400 25 25 25
Western Union 92
West'house Elec 44
Bethlehem B.., 24,900 72 70, 71
New York Money Market.
New York. Oct. 23. Mercantile Paper-
Rterllnr Dav Bills Unchanged: de
mand 14.75; cable, 14.76 9-16.
Franc Demand 16.48; cables, $5.47.
Guilders Demand, 42o; cable, 42c.
Lire Unchanged.
Mexican Dollars Unchanged.
Tim Loan Strong; .unchanged.
Call Money Strong; unchanged.
U. S. 2s, reg... 98 'Ot. N. lt 87
U. 8. 2s, coup. M.I. C. ref 4... 81
U. S. 3s, reg.. 83 Int.M. M. 6s ..103
U. 8. 3s. coud. 83 K. C. S. ref. 6s 83
U. B. Lib. 3s 99.S0L. A N. un. 4s 87
U. S. 4a, reg. 106 M K A T 1st 4s 69
U. S. 4s, coup. 106M. Pac. gen. 4 tit
Am. F. Sec. 6s 98 Mont. Power 5s 88
Am. T. A T. c 5s 92 N. Y. Cen. d. 6s 98
Anglo-French 6 95No. Paclfio 4.. 84
Arm, A Co. 4a 86 No. Pacific 3.. 69
Atchlon gen. 4 850. S. L. ref. 4 85
B. A O. cv. 4 85PC T. A T. it 91
Beth. Steel r. 6s 90 Penn. con. 4s 95
Cen. Leather 5s 96Penn. g. 4s.. 89
Cen. Pac. 1st.. 82Reading gen. 4s 84
C. A O. cv. S.. 86 S LAS F a a 73
C. B. A Q,, J. 4s 93S. Pac. cv. 6s ..102
C M A 8 P c 4 81 Southern Ry Ss 94
C R I P r 4s 74 T. A P. lt.... 84
CAS ref. 4 76Unlon Paclflo 4-8Tl
D. A R. O. r. 6s 61 U. S. Rub. 5.... 84
D. of C. 6 1931 95 U. 8. Steel 6.. 98
Erie gen. 4.... 57Wabash lt 94
0n. EUctrlc I IS French gvt 5s 102
M'Adoo Modifies Rule
Forbidding Rail Men
Mixing in Politics
Liberty Bonds.
New Tork, Oht 22. Liberty bond clos
ing: !, 99.60; first convertible 4', 97;
second 4', 97.04; four convertible 4's, 97;
second convertible 4 s, 97.101; third 4(,
17.20. - - !
, Cotton Future.
Naw '"York. Oct 23. Cotton future
closed easy; October, lt.47c; December,
29.12c; January, 28.66c; March, 23.32c;
ita, 2I.ISO, .
Washington, Oct. 23. Modifica
tion of the recent order forbidding
railroad employes or officers from
holding office or participating in
politics was announced today by
Director General McAdoo, so as to
permit the men to hold municipal
offices and to be delegates, but not
chairmen, of political conventions.
The new regulations conform to
rules provided for navy yard meti
and other government employes.
Under the modified ruling a rail
way employe or c.Ticer may not be
a member or officer of any political
committee or organization whicfc
solicits funds for political purposes;
act as chairman of a special conven
tion, or use his position in the rail
road service to bring about his selec
tion as a delegate to political con
ventions; solicit or receive funds for
a political purpose, or contribute to
a political fund collected by an of
ficial or employe of any railroad or
any public official; conduct a politi
cal campaign; attempt to coerce or
intimidate another officer or em
ploye in voting; or neglect railroad
duties to engage in politics, or use
his railroad position to interfere
with an election.
1 i
A .1
nson autnorizes
Teachers' Agency to
Meet the Shortage
Washington, Oct. 23. President
Wilson has authorized the establish
ment by the United States bureau
of education of a teachers' agency
to be known as a school board serv
ice section to meet the shortage of
instructors in schools and colleges
estimated at reaching 30,000.
The purpose of the section, an
announcement today said, will be to
assist in finding teachers for col
leges, normal and technical schools,
superintendents and principals f of
schools, and teachers and supervis
ors of special subjects in secondary
and elementary schools.
As in other lines the shortage in
the teaching profession due to calls
for military and industrial service is
most marked in certain localities.
The bureau of education has re
ceived a number of letters describ
ing conditions as serious. It will
be the work of the new section to
aid in redistributing the' available
teaching force of the country.
The service of the bureau will be
free and, will be largely in the nature
rof a registration service to bring
teachers and school officials togeth
er. John Lynch and Fords File
Demurrer in Federal Court
John C. Lynch, deposed county
commissioner, and Mr. and Mrs.
John Ford appeared before Federal
Judge Woodrough Wednesday
morning to file demurrer in the in
dictments returned against them by
the recent grand jury. Lynch is
charged with a violation! of the
white slave act, and the three are
charged with conspiracy to violate
the Mann white slave act. Lynch
was represented in court by W. F.
Gurley, while Ben Baker was look
ing after the interests of John Ford
and Mrs. Ford.
After arguments by the attorney
for the defendants taking a greater
part of the day Judge Woodrough
moved to sustain the demurrer cov
ering the entire indictment for
conspiracy in which all three de
fendants are charged, and three of
the nine counts in the indictment
of Lynch.
Nebraska Uni Will Play
Private Games Saturday
Lincoln. Neb.. Oct. 23. The Uni
versity of Nebraska foot ball team
will play the squads from Cotner
college of Btthany, Neb., and Ne
braska Wesleyan , of University
Place here Saturday. To conform
with state health' regulations pro
hibiting public gatherings on ac
count of the influenza epidemic in
Nebraska the games will be played
behind locked gates. No spectators
other than officials to supervise the
play will be admitted.
Delaney to Take Part
In King's Trophy Bouts
Chicago, Oct 23. "Cal" Delaney,
Cleveland lightweight, today was
selected as the final boxer to repre
sent the Great Lakes naval training
station in the king's trophy bouts
at London next month. Ritchie
Mitchell, Pal Moore, Dennie
O'Keffe. Jack Heinen and possibly
Leo Schneider will be the other
members of the Great Lakes team to
make the trip.
Sport Calendar for Today.
RACIXG Antumn meeting- of Empire
City Raclna; association, Yonkers, N Y,
Autumn meeting of Latonla Jockey club,
Latonla, Ky. Twenty-thousnnd-dollar
match race between Eternal and Billy
Kelly, for benefit of Red Cross, at
Laurel. Md.
BILLIARDS Ancle Klerkhefer against
Charlie McConrt, at Chicago, for three
enshlon championship.
B0XT50 fiam Lenfford against Bat
tling Jim Johnson, 12 rooada. at LowelL
atesa - . - ...
Wife Gives Husband
Permission to Marry;
Other Asks Divorce
A divorce petition filed in district
court by Elmira against Carl Vogal,
'indicates that all ends of justice and
conveniences are not served by the
written permission of a wife to al
low her husband to marry another
Mrs. Vogal alleges that she was
married to Vogal in Council Bluffs
on September 24, 1917. and that she
left him when she learned of his for
mer marriage which had not been
legally annulled. A note from Vo
gal's alleged first wife did not suf
fice to satisfy the plaintiff in this
action. She asks to be released
from the marriage ties which bind
her to Vogal. Fraud and extreme
cruel.ty are charged.
A decree of divorce has been
granted to Georgia Richie from
William Richie, who made no ap
pearance in the case.
Frank Kirksey was granted an ab
solute decree from Lillie Kirksey,
whom he charged with desertion.
The wife did not contest the case.
In the divorce case of Inez against
Ahrahnih L. Herman, the wife was
allowed a decree. The husband did
not respond to a notice served on
him to appear.
Emma C. Reinbolt has filed a pe
tition in divorce court against Her
man B., alleging nonsupport She
asks for a decree and adequate pro
vision for a 14-year-old son.
In a divorce decree granted to
David Ricker from Anna Ricker,
the court stated that the wife had
insisted that relatives and friends
should abide in her home, against
protests of the husband; also that
she nagged and quarreled, and that
the husband had been a kind, loving
and provident husband. Mrs. Ricker
was granted restoration of her
former name, Anna Harris.
An absolute decree of divorce has
been granted to James M. Sparguf
from Anna M., wjio was charged
with cruelty and desertion, ihe
wife made no appearance.
Make Omaha Division on
Woodrow Wilson Airway
Definite announcement has been
made from official sources that
Omaha will be a highly important
division point on the Woodrow Wil
son airway, which will be maintained
for air mail services and other gov
ernment purposes. This airway will
be, the first and the most important
coast-to-coast air route designated
by the government.
The Omaha Chamber of Com
merce has been very active on the
matter for the past year. Last year
Chairman John W. Gamble and the
commissioners received assurance in
New York that Omaha would be
officially designated as a landing and
starting place on the airway.
This chamber is pledged to secure
a suitable landing field and to co
operate in other ways that the gov
ernment requires. The landing
place must be furnished with stand
ardized night and day markings.
Aeroplanes are now a part of the
equipment at Fort Omaha, arid there
is indication that Omaha will be rap
idly developed as one of the centers
for aviation iri this country.
Mabel Johnson Qualifies
For Superintendent's Office
Election Commissioner Moorhead
has received information from Lin
coln that Miss Mabel Johnson of
Waterloo, nominee for superintend
ent of schools in this county, has
been granted a first gra'de teachers'
certificate, which qualifies her to be
a candidate on November S.
Miss Johnson was the high candi
date at the August primaries, and
Milton A. Sams, who was third high
est, brought an action in district
court to restrain the election com
missioner from placing Miss John-!
son's name on the ballots, because
she did not hold a first grade cer
tificate. Since that action was start
ed she has taken the examinations
and qualified. Judge Troup allowed
her until Wednesday to obtain the
required certificate.
Brothers Declared Deserters.
Los Angeles, Cal., "Oct. 23. Ben
jamin Livingston, who recently was
returned to Los Angeles from Ven
ezuela as an alleged draft evader,
was declared a willful deserter from
the army today after a hearing be
fore his local exemption board and
was turned over to the military
authorities for trial.
Robert Livingston, a brother, was
similarly disposed of yesterday by
another local board.
Boys Between Ages of Fifteen
and Sixteen Will Be Given
Chance to Register
Next Month.
; Tfte State Council of Defense hai
set aside November-14 as registra f
tion day for all boys who have air
tained the age of b years 7 months
and up to 18 years. This registra
tion of the boys of our nation is not
compulsory, but any boy who fails
to register on this day in order that
the government may make the best
use of his services in the occupation,
for which he is best fitted, is as much
a slacker as the man who failed tov
register for military service. ';
After he has registered the matter
of placing him where he can be ot
best service will be a mutual con
cern, as the boys' parents will bo
consulted and their "opinions ad-,
hered to.
Registration on November 14
constitutes membership in the U. S,
Boys'. Working Reserve. The two
general classes into which this re
serve will be divided is industrial'
and agricultural.
Upon the close of school In the
spring there will be a great demand?
for boys on the farms and the work
of placing these boys will be of the ,'
greatest importance.
The school houses in each country
and city district will no douot bs
used as the place of registration and
the teachers asked to act as
A telegram received from General
Pershing says: "The achievement f
of the Boys' Working Reserve dur- :,
ing the tfast year are beyond praise.
The American expeditionary forces
thank one and all for the support
you are giving us." Now boys, let's
get together and help Uncle Sam out
all we can in his great struggle for
Junior Red Cross Meeting ;
Plans Work for Next Year
At a meeting of the Nebraska ad
visory committee to the central
division of the Red Cross, held
Tuesday afternoon at the Fontenelle
hotel, plans for the year's work of
the junior division were mapped out
for iecommendation to the central
division. ,i
Those in attendance at the meet
ing were John E. Stout, Chicago,
director of junior activities of the
central division; J. H. Beveridge,
Lincoln chairman; President Rouse
of Peru Normal school; Fred Le
Crone, Columbus chairman, Louis
Trester, former state director. '
Health, thrift and civic programi
were planned for recommendation.
As soon as the schools are allow
ed to open, Red' Cross work will be
taken up and pushed rapidly. Each v
state of the central division has an
advisory commiteee, all of which
will report recommendations on 3
which the year's work will be
Six Cases of Whisky Sent
to State Hospital of Omaha
The first, beneficiary of the dis
trict court order pertaining to dis
tribution of confiscated liquors to
hospitals was the state hospital of
Omaha. An application from this
institution approved by Health Com-
missioner Manning has been re
ceived and honored by Sheriff?
Clark. ' 1
The request was for one barrel of
whisky, but inasmuch as the sheriff
does not have liquor in barrel lots,
he issued six cases containing 144
Pleads Guilty to Being
Slacker; Gets Six Months '
John Schuck, slacker, pleaded
guilty before Judge Woodrough to ,
the charge of having failed to regis
ter. At the time of Schuck's arrest
he .admitted he had not registered
and did not intend to, and that this
country had no business in the war. ,
Schuck says he is Russian, nine
years in this country. Judge Wood
rough gave him six months in Jail
to think it over. .
1116-1118 - Doudlas St:
Beftbe standard
'by wbicba
AlSeXlf a1 Led Pmcll Ox
ItO f ifth Avmu Nw York
Monongahela Valley
Traction Company
General Mortftfa
7 Geld Bends
Dates' Mr 1. 1)11 Dm Mr 1, 13
Recent rate advances indi
cate a materially increased
margin above all interest
These bonds are unusuallyv
Well securer! nA viVIt
than 775. VI
' Ask tor Circular O B-ian
v TheNationalGty
CtrrtiPondtnt OfcntHll Cititi
Chicago 137 So. La Salle St