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Ben Festival Has Many
New Attractions This
What is probably the biggest car
tjlyal that has ever visited Qmaha
will arrive in this city Monday
morning. The Con T. Kennedy
hows, which have been booked for
th 10 days of the Ak-Sar-Ben fes
tival, ranks as one of the leading
hows on the road today. The
hows were booked to close in
Sioux City Saturday night with the
conclusion of the Interstate fair,
but by special request, they are
eiving Sunday performances there
to (fay. s
" The shows will unload here Mon
. day afternoon and will then have
two days to prepare for the grand
opening on Wednesday afternoon
at 1:30. A train of 32 cars will haul
the 23 concessions which compose
the company.
"Great White Way." .
A brilliant series of electric light
ed shows lining both sides of the
street will greet the visitor to the
carnival grounds as he passes
-. through, the welcome arch at Fif-
: teenth street and Capitol avenues.
.,, The "Whip," Krail's pit show.
. "Liberty," the electric light and mu
sical comedy show will be the first
concessions to strike the eye. On
the west side of Fourteenth street,
between Capitol avenue and Daven
port street, Chinatown, Coney
Island, and the motordrome, with
i its death-defying men and women
riders, will be on exhibition.
On the north side of Capitol ave
nue between Thirteenth and Four
teenth streets the huge Ferris wheel
' will be erected. On the corner of
Thirteenth street and Capitol ave
nue the "Garden of Allah," with all
of its Arabs, camel, desert atmo
sphere and above all, "Amorita, the
Queen of the Desert," will hold
Side Show, Tool
On the west side of Thirteenth
street at Capitol avenue Turner's
Circus side show will extend for
125 feet toward Davenporstreet:
Directly opposite will be the Doug -las
county fair.
At the southeast corner of Thir
teenth street and Capitol avenue
will be the Combination Trained
Wild Animal and Wild West shows.
"East is East and West is West,
And never the twain will meet,"
said Rudvard Kipling, but the pro
moters of this combined show assert
that they have brought East and
West together, and that the prairie
and the jungle are there.
On Thirteenth street between
Capitol and Dodpe streets the Ten
in One show will be erected. On
the southwest corner of Fourteenth
street and Capitol avenue the "Edu
cational Horse show" is to be on
exhihition. At Fourteenth street
and Capitol avenue the new mechan
ical show. "Over the Top," will
make its bid for the nickels of the
All of the advertised specialties
will be right on hand when the car
nival opens, says W. M. Moseley.
advance man and official represen
tative of the shows. "We have no
fakes." he says, "and we guarantee
our shows to be exactly as repre
sented." Honor Pennants for Loan.
Washington, Sept. 21.Industrial
honor pennants, a new development
in Liberty loan campaigning, will
be awarded to all establishments
which show that 75 per cent of their
employes have subscribed to the
Foii'th T.ibertv loan.
Railroads to Conduct .
School for Training
Of Young Women
Women over 20 years of age with
grammar school education are want
ed to enroll in the United States
railroad administration school for
instruction in clerical and secretarial
work to be opened in Chicago on
October 1.
Under direct supervision of the
United 'States railroad administra
tion, accepted students will be paid
$35 a month during the term of in
struction. Graduates will be awarded posi
tions for which their scholarship in
dicates they are best fitted.
Students will be trained especially
in the art of ticket selling and all
its intricacies; accounting, salesman
ship, traffic and tf asportation. Po
sitions awarded will be permanent.
Application should be made by
letter to Superintendent W.JL Abel,
Room 1120, Edison Building, 72
West Adams street, Chicago, 111.
British Monitor Sunk;
77 Killed and Missing
London, Sept. 21. A British
monitor was sunk Monday as it
was lying in harbor, the admiralty
announced today. One officer and
19 men were killed and 57 men are
missing and are presumed to have
been killed.
A For Srtry ocm m the Hon
T last has come a rug to war. They are made of Amer-
give to linen the role for which ican grown flaxwhichnoGov-
it is preeminently qualified, emment need requires. Made
Kiearflax Linen Rugs utilize mafactory where water power
the strength of linen where it saves coal. 80 women work,
finds the greatest opportunity era release men for service,
toshowitscolor-onthefloor. Reversible. dut
Made in the fashionable solid
colon that you want rose,
grays, blue, taupe, black,
greens and browns.
Klearflax Linen Rugs save
wool and cotton needed for
moth-proof, thick, flatrlying,
and richly colored, Klearflax
Linen Rugs are war-time, all.
time rugs for every room in
the house as well as for con
tract work.
Which has been planned and organized on a tre
mendous scale, regardless of high and fancy prices.
You will find Hats better in style an workman
shin than the same goods sold elsewhere at nearly
twice the price. '
This sale will make a record In our
New Store, as the prices are so
much lower than you expect to pay.
Be Sure to Buy
Your Hat
Lot 1
Trimmed and Readv-to-Wear Hats. Lyons Velvet
SailZ velvet anu ramie, u-
everv new Autumn color and V
black,' values $7.50 and
$8.75. !
Choice ..
Loi 2
Beautiful Ostrich Trim
med Dress and Street tf
Hats, every hat a New P
York model. Regular
$10.00 and $12.00 Hats. '
Choice '
Lot 3r-Model Hats
Every Hat individual and different Compari-
son will prove these Hats are marked at about half r
the T)rice asked elsewhere. Regular price up to
. $27.50. Choice ..
y. n n u
n ;j75.'
n .
A Store Astir
With 'Unusual
das. Stores
At Unusu
New Tailleur Frocks
Fall Styles for Womeji
Fall Fashions dictate smartest
dressed women will wear the
one-piece tailored gown , of
Tricotine, Gabardine, Duve-
tyne, Serge; also combinations
with satin prove favorites.
Coat effects and loosely
girdled, straight from the
shoulder models lead in popu
larity and together with the
close bodice and full' skirted
models give us variety from
j which to choose. Navy for color
has first call.
Handsome braids in rat-tail
Soutache and wide Mohair,
embroidery tucked vestees of
satin, also Tricolette arid Ba
tiste play important parts in
detail of trimmings .
Excellent models at variousi
Dinner .Theater andAfterncon Frocks
Dressy Frocks for dinner, theater and afternoon wear developed
in Satins', Tricolettes and Velvet. New jet embroidered, fringe
trimmed models. Lovely, dressy, yet simple styles for all occa
sions. Shadings: New Algeria, Taupe, Sapphire, Copen and
Navy Blues, Walnut Beaver and Brown, and very important are
the Black Gowns.
$49.00 to $135.00
Second Floor
.aw nm ,
New, Smart, Youthful Clothes
For Misses and Small Women
These are Clothes which satisfy
the desire that every woman has to
wear styles that reflect the spirit of
youth and line and contour. There
is also an indefinable charm which
is undeniably reflected in all the
Specialty Shop Clothes.
ments made with such a nicety to
detail and faithfulness to all the
little things that go to make the
very best apparel, that one cannot
help but admire and desire them.
Some with fur collars and cuffs;
some with new pockets and but
tons, new collars.
Made of Bolivia, Peau de Pache,
: Velour and Silvertone.
$29.00 to $65.00
New Dresses of Serge and Wool Jersey
' fashioned in the latest and most engaging styles. These
Dresses reflect the art of dressmaking in a very forceful way,
indicating plainly what may be obtained in this specialty shop
for a very moderate outlay of money.
Many of the Serge Dresses are embroidered with Satin; shown
v in Navy Blue, Brown, Smoke and Gray.
, $25.00 to $45.00
Second Floor .
Stylish Shoes
For Fall
All the grace and charm
that is characterized in
Footwear that fits, Foot
wear that wears and looks
well Footwear that is ex
tremely stylish, as well as
durable and satisfactory
in every way.
Women's Boots
Women's Boots made
by Wright & Peters Co.,
famous makers of fine
shoes for women. Of
selected brown kid,
with high covered Louis
heel and welted soles;
Full 9-inch heijrht;
every size and width,
pT.'0.0:.1 $14.00
Hih Boots
A complete line of dark
brown calf, with Cuban
or military heel; dark
brown-kid or gray kid,
with toppings of gray
cloth; military or Louis
heels, with welted
soles; shoes suitable for
all occasions ; extraordi-
Here you may choose from
a select stock at the right
prices, and in specialty
shoe shop that is conven
ient and has ample facili
ties for giving you excel
lent service.
Main Floor, Rear
New Georgette and Crepe de Chine
This is a very remarkable price, now, with the price of
these dainty materials soaring sky high in the wholesale market.
This is all new merchandise, made up in the most charm
ing styles with the smart round collars, square necks and V-necks.
Also two-in-one collars to wear high or low neck. White
Flesh, Navy, Brown and Taupe.
A Blouse at a
moderate price
like this is sucl
a rarity, that it
behooves you to
take advantage
of this offering
Second Floor
Fall Hosiery
For Street and Dress
One of the most noticeable
features of the new Fall
hosiery is the blending of
color tones the almost
unlimited amount of suit
shades and the fact that
we can offer such- excel
lent qualities at a timeH
when all materials are ex
ceptionally high, at very
moderate prices. We have
what is unquestionably the
most fascinating, as well
as the most complete and"
varied stock in the Middle
West. :t v
Lace Inset
Comes in the lace boot
effects, allover lace and
sheer plain thread silk,
in the daintiest of color
ings, and also the rich
Autumn shoe shades,
and the always wanted
black and white. '
Prices range from $1.95
to $3.50.
Plain Styles
For the more tailored
wear and the practical
business woman, will
be found in the dark
colors in the plain, pure
dye thread silk hose, at
very moderate prices.
From $1.75 to $2.25
.Newest Fur Styles
An Unusual Display
The advance displays we are
making are the most complete we
have ever had the pleasure of show
ing. With the increased facilities
we have at our command, we are
able to invite you to view these gar
ments under the most favorable
Enlarged to one of the
most complete Fur Centers
in the West. Our prices are
low for the reasons that the
buying power of our com
bined New York office ex
cels so far any amount by
any single concern here in
Omaha-our New York fur
buyer always on the alert to pick up
all that is new. and attractive in furs.
All our furs early contracted for, ac
counts for our reasonable prices. The
Brandeis Guarantee of THIRTY
SEVEN YEARS stands back of every
piece of fux we sell.
tria, Australia Opossum, Muskrat,-Leopard Cat and
$150.00. $195.00, $225.00 and up.
Muskrat, Mole, Nutria, etc.,
' $225.00, $300.00 and upward.
FUR SETS of all the popular furs of the season,
$25.00, $35.00 up to $3Q0.00.
SEPARATE SCARFS, Stoles, Capes, Separate Muffs
and School Girls' and Children's Sets at all prices.
Madam Lyra Corsets
Eov Fashion, Fit and Comfort
A close study of the feminine form in all its phases
and advance knowledge of fashions, enables the de
signers of Madam Lyra Corsets to produce for every
type of figure a Corset unequaled for beauty of line,
fit, comfort and wearing qualities.
We guarantee Madam Lyra Corsets not to break or
These Corsets are flexible; dainty in materials and
The prices are moderate, $3.50 to $12.50. The high
est grade Corsets at very low, prices. We style them
"High Grade Economy Corsets." If you require an
entirely different type of Corset from the one you
have been wearing, let our corsetieres show you our
new Madam Lyra Corset.
Our Fitting Srric U Ft and ear Expert Fitter
arc glad to ba of urTic to yen. Be fitted, you
are under no obligation to buy if you are not pleaaed.
particularly attractive in handsome flesh
colored broche and pink rr aa
satin .$O.UU
made of pink coutil; very low top, the
back and front of this Corset is well
boned, with- hip section free ; elastic
gore over thigh; six j qq
Third Floor
must be seen to be appreciated. It is de
signed to mold the excess flesh into fash
ionable lines, being remarkably well
boned across the abdomen. Very low
above the waist line, long over jq ja
hip,. with six garters attached.. $0.uU
Brassieres and Baudeaux 50c to $7.50
Necessary to mold the figure above the, waist line, A complete
line of Brassieres and Baudeaux, 50c to $7.50. ' : ;
i i r v