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H Conducted by Ella Fleishman
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! Social (Calendar i
TVnn fnr M bmJ Hf
Gurdon W. Wattles, given
Dy ir. ana Mrs. F. H.
Dinner for Mr. and Mrs. E
M. Fairfield at Omaha dul
given by Mr. and Mrs. E.
W. Dixon.
Card party given by Holy
Name par.'sh.
Dinner-dance at Prettiest
Mile club.
Mid-week dinner-dance at
Comus club, Mrs. Ben F.
Marti, jr., hostess.
Country club.
Harvest Home dinner-dance ?
at Seymour Lake club.
Card party at Prettiest Mile
Dinner-dance at Prettiest t
Mile clift.
Formal closing of Country
Mae Ender to Wed Captato
-- A
DOESN'T it seem queer to have
a fall season without an Ak-Sar-Ben
ball? No new gowns
; fceinp nlannerf ipurU safplv tiirkprl
i away in safety deposit vaults and
v the narrow path of stern duty
BiidigiH aucau: m in si li was
.llimirybt that tUr minri, n fKr.
nation but no dancing, but the pow-
i . a mat uc nave ucviucu against
any such merry making and, of
r Ait rat vrvnn is .ir!l liner trt Kaui
to royal decree.
A guest or two. have lifted our
knockers. Miss Linda Hall. . a
charming girl from El Paso, Tex.,
is a guest at the E. H. Howland
home.- Affairs there have been for
her, but very informal, just a few
friends in for-a dainty luncheon, or
perhaps a bit of knitting and a cup
iif tea. Miss Ufariorie Howland en.
tertained at an "at home" Monday
' afternoon and Tuesday her sister,
Mrs. W. K. Wood, was hostess at a
delightful affair for the visitor from
Texas. Mrs. Frank Selby enter
tained at luncheon Thursday tY Miss
Hall's honor, when the guesls in
cluded the intimate friends of Miss
- Miss Harriet Scott of Brookline,
Mass., is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
X? A I-!. T A VT.. k Am
was hostess at a very pretty lunch
eon at the Field club Saturday in
honor of her guest Late fall flow
ers formed a most attractive center
piece and the guests numbered
even. .
With many Omahans planning a
winter in the east, their friends are
giving numerous farewell affairs.
Mrs. William Sears Poppleton, who
left several days ago. was honoree
at a number of luncheons and din
ners, -when the guests included little
coteries of friends who have enjoyed
so many delightful affairs together
in the past Mrs. E. M. Fairfield is
5 tanning to leave very soon, and
jr. and Mrs. E. W. Dixon will en
tertain at dinner in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Fairfield Tuesday at the
Oma!ia club.
The school girls are waving good
by to us, for the broad campus and
achoot room call them. The boys'
schools will be sadly depleted this
year, so many of the erstwhile stu
dents having chosen to complete
their educations in the college of
war with Uncle Sam as prexy.
Dinner at Fontenelle.
Miss Mary Ida Moore will be the
honor guest at a dinner party at
the Fontenelle on Sunday, followed
by a. theater party at the Boyd.
Those present will be:
' - Misses Misses
Mary Ida Moore. Maud Malloy Rowe.
Gertrude Kennedy. Mary C. Hanley.
Marjorlo Corrtgan. Margaret Browa.
Card Party.
A card party will be given Tues
day evening by members of Holy
Name Parish at their hall, Forty,
fifth and Burdette streets. Twenty
prizes will be given.
School Set Notes.
Miss Dorothy Judson expects to
leave Friday for Washington, where
.she will enter her first year at Miss
Somer's school.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holmes and
Miss Helen Holmes will leave next
week for Detroit where they will
make their future home.
Charles Rhodes and Rudyard Nor
ton have left for Kemper Military
tfic. TWntrtw Ralhseh left Mon
day for St Louis, where she at-
'tends the Principia school.
Mrs. Joseph Barker is expected
home today from Wyoming.
- Miss Helen Shepard will leave to
day to enter her senior year at Ann
Arbor. Mich.
. Walter Preston, jr., left last
Thnt-eriav fnr Anrlnver. Mass.. where
he has entered as a sophomore.
? t, rVirnliii Darke wilt
leave soon to enter the Hill school
at Pottstown, Pa.
Miss Louise Clarke, Miss Dorothy
Belt and Miss Gretchen Hess of
Council Bluffs will leave Monday for
Miss Bennett's school at Milbrook.
N.Y. .
. . Miss Catherine Hastings will
leave soon for Pennsylvania, where
V she will attend the Beechwood
school, just out of Philadelphia.
Miss Margaret McLaughlin will
leave soon for Wellesley, Mass..
where she will enter the freshman
year at Wellesley college.
Jasper Hall will attend the Hill
school at Pottstown, Pa., this year.
Miss Geraldine Hess of Council
Bluffs will leave Sunday for the east
i where she attends Bryn Mawr col
lege Miss Irene Dyball will leave today
for Washington, D. .C, lo enter ner
freshman year at National Park
seminary. . ,' , .
Lodovic Crofoot left the first of
the week for the east where he will
' enter his first year at Exeter col-
r... HreA will leave the
fir.t f the week for Miss Maderia's
school in Washington.
Miss Betty Kmgwait wiu enter
Photo J yj
Hi Htm li 1 1 IH 1 1 1 U 1 tl j -H"H-H4" I 4h-M-WH4--W-
Dundee Woman's Patriotic
league, Mrs. W. J. Culley,
hostess, 2:30 p. m.
Custer Woman's Relief
corps, Memorial hall, 2:30
p. ra.
Girls' rally at Auditorium,
Margaret Slattery. speaker,
8 p.m.
Douglas County Council of
Defense, woman's section
on Americanization, Y. W.
-t:. A., 2:30 p. m.
Mu Sigma, Mrs. George C.
Thompson, hostess, 10 a.
Omaha Woman's Press club,
Chamber of Commerce,
12:45 p. m.
Train school Mothers' club,
2 p. m.
Scottish Rite Woman's club
at cathedral, 2:30 p. m.
Train school Mothers' club,
2 p. m.
West Omaha Mothers' club,
Mrs. Jay Northrup, host
ess, 2 p.m.'
Baptist church women's
meeting, Y. W. C. A, 2:30.
IMPORTANCE of continuing
cfub work in spite of pressing
war duties looms large on the
club woman's horizon as the open
ing of the season draws near.
Whether departmental work should
be carired on as heretofore is indeed
a problem, and as war work fills the
days of a large . majority of the
members, many are loath to spare
any time for club work.
Mrs. A. E Sheldon of Lincoln,
state president of the federated
clubs, who passed a day in Omaha
last week, brings a reassuring an
swer to this question. At the last
biennial meeting recently held at
Hot Springs, Ark., a message was
brought from the government urg
ing the women's club of the coun
try to continue work as heretofore.
The need of organization among
women in war time is even more
necessary than in peace times. Gov
ernmental authorities urge the mem
bers to do their Red Cross work,
but to do further war work through
the medium of the clubs.
Mrs. Sheldon feels that the de
partmental work is most important,
as much of the training received is
essential to success in war activi
ties. For instance, the three-minute
speakers who do much to make the
drives a success receive their train
ing at meetings of the public speak
ing departments. Art and music
must be maintained, even though
nations are at war and each can
do war work along its own lines.
"Music hath charms" to win the
war by stimulating patriotism,
arousing recruiting, inspiring fights
ers, maintaining good cheer, raising
war millions, entertaining our men
and comforting the wounded. Wil
liam E. Gladstone said "Music is
one of the most forcible instruments
for training, arousing and governing
the mind and spirit of man." Com
munity singing of patriotic songs.
therefore, is to be the principal un
dertaking of this department.
W. C. T. Meetings.
Frances Willard Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union elected the
following delegates to attend the
state convention in Fremont, Sep
tember 24: Mesdames George Tick
nor, W. G. King, E. Longstreth, G.
R. Ward, G. A. Davidson, H. B.
Richie, D. J. Burden, J. A. Dalzell,
J. Salmon, George Covell and H. N.
Craig. Alternates will be: Mesdames
J. I. Lee, J. C. Roberts, Alex McKie,
E. K. Krisel, A. N. Eattn, C. E.
Malm and LeRoy Savell. The regu
lar meeting will be postponed owing
to the convention.
Mu Sigma.
Mu Sigma hold its -first meeting
of the year Wednday at 10 o'clock.
Mrs. George C. Thompson is hos
tess. A vacation program will be
given by Mesdames John Patrick,
Boyd, and G. W. Noble. Following
the program the club will be enter
tained at luncheon by Mesdames J.
W. Welshans, George Thompson
and William t. Holtz, in honor of
Mrs. Frank Holmes, who leaves the
latter part of the month to make her
home in Detroit.
Patriotic Organizations.
Mrs. W. J. Culley will be hostess
tor the meeting of the Dundee Wo
man's Patriotic club Monday after
noon at her home, 4906 Underwood
George A. Custer Woman's Relief
corps will meet Tuesday at 2:30 in
Memorial hall.
Henry W. Lawton auxiliary's
kensington will be held at Mrs.
Lane's residence, 4950 North Thirty
fifth street, Wednesday, 2 p. m., to
make arrangements lor holding a
bazar some time in November for
the benefit of the Red Cross.
Omaha Woman's Club.
Six concerts are planned by the
music department of the Omaha
Woman's clubs beginning the first
of November or the first of Decern-1
her. one to he iriven enrh mrvnfVi I
Omaha musicians will be featured
and the concerts will be given in
the Y. W. C. A. auditorium.
"Do Your Own Thinking." is the
title of an article by Mrs. Elizabeth
Sears, former Omaha newspaper
woman, in the current number of the
General Federation Magazine.
Camp Fire Meeting.
The Raosu Group held its last
meeting in the form of a wiener
roast at Elmwood park, Wednesday
Another charming Omaha girl whose heart is in the service is Miss
Mae Marguerite Engler, for today Mrs. Mary M. Engler announces the
engagement of her daughter to Captain Morton Francis Engleman, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Engleman. The wedding date is indefinite.
Miss Engler, who is one of the prettiest girls in the younger set, has !
kept her secret well, for only a few intimate friends knew of the romance j
with the young officer. Engler, after completing her high school
course, attended a school in southern California, The land of sunshine
has ende'ared itself to this young woman, for she leaves Saturday, accom- j
panied by her mother and sister, Miss Mabel Engler, to spend the winter
there. ' ; j
Captain Engleman was also a Central High chool student, later at-'
tending the Western Military academy. He receiv.d hi3 first lieutenantcy
at tne nrst oincers training camp at ort bneiung ana hns been stationed
at Camp Doige for some time. Captain Engleman is a member of the
88th infantry, with temporary assignment in the 19th division. He will
spend the week-end visiting his fkncee in Omaha.
her freshman year at Smith college
and will be at the Maitby House.
Miss Elizabeth Robertson has re
turned to the Principia school in
St. Louis.
James Love, Harold Streight and
Paul Bekins left last Friday for St.
luis, where they will attend the
Principia school.
Kosher Restaurant
Efforts of the Jewish Welfare
board to provide Kosher food in
army camps for visitors of soldiers
have met with the approval of the
military morale section of the War
department, which is lending its co
operation to the plan. A Kosher
restaurant has been recommended
and will probably be established
shortly at Camp Upton, which has
the largest Jewish military popula
tion of any camp.
Lts. Sidney Stocking and George
Stocking have arrived safely over
seas. One $500 bond will 'provide two
machine guns or 300 steel helmets
(Carnegie derbies).
Col. S. S. Curtis and Miss Lynn
(V; of New York are at the Fon
tenelle. v
(This Has
Helped Others!
Make sure you are not pay
ing war profits tor wearing
Visit the splendid Beno store
in Council Bluffs and youll
be able to dress better at less
This ought to set you think
ing as it has scores of others
evening. The next meeting will be
held at the home of Margaret Rix
on Wednesday, Sept. 25.
Mothers' Clubs.
The Mothers' club of Train school
will hold an election of officers Fri
day at 2 p. ,m. in the school.
West Omaha Mothers' club will
meet riday at 2 o'clock for Red
Cross work at the home of Mrs. Jay
Northrup, 1037 South Twenty-ninth
Scottish Rite.
The jiext social meeting of the
Scottish Rite VVnman'a rltih unit Ke
held Fridav at 2 o'clock at the ra.
hthedral. :
Child Welfare to Be in
Home Economics Course
The General Federation of Wo
men's clubs has requested the Na
tional Home Economics association,
the National Education association,
and the Federal Vocational Board
to use their influence in introducing
child welfare as an integral part of
all home economics courses of study
offered in secondary schools, col
leges, and universities of the Unit
ed States. This action is taken in
view of the fact that, because of so
cial, industrial, and economic condi
tions brought on by the war, the
child life of the country will be in
unusual danger.'
The wife of Prince Frederick
Charles of Hesse, who is said to be
slated for the throne of the new
kingdom of Finland, is a sister of the
German emperor, and according to
popular gossip, is the only one of the
emperor s relatives who has stead
fastly refused to recognize the right
of the All-Highest to run and regu
late the personal affairs of the whole
imperial family.
Knoxville has adopted rigorous
measures to supplant the men chauf
feurs with women. By agreement
the dealers hereafter will refuse to
sell gasoline or other supplies for
any automobiles or trucks to be
driven by men.
Four $100 and one $50 bond will
provide two sets of artillery wheel
Carl Johnson, and a son to Mr. and
Mrs. George Graham during -"tn
past week.
S. HIKELL, Chemist
One Hundred Dollars Reward
To any doctor or chemlit who can prova
that thcrt ii better vanishing or cold
cream on the market regardlese of price.
Hikell's Vanishing and
Cold Cream
To the ladies ef the community no mat
ter how rich or poor, in order to introduce
my vanishing and eold cream I will sive
you to a full half pound Jar for 60c in sta
tion to this I will give you 2 Re worth
of my oriental perfume free ef charge.
Aik your druggist for it if he ean't sup
ply you call us and we will tell you where
to procure it. If he tells you he has
soir'ihing better, he la not telling the
1614 CHICAGO ST. DOUG. 4268
Martin Hedelund, who is at the
naval training station at Seattle,
Wash., is home on a furlough.
Mrs. John Calvert returned Mon
day from Lincoln, where she at
tended a church conference. Rev.
Calvert was made pastor of the
Methodist church with Rev. Mr.
Jansen as supply till his return from
The local King's Heralds attend
ed the district convention at Hans
corn park Saturday. This chapter
has won the banner for three years
and hopes t6 this year.
Mr.-and Mrs. James Walsh are
home from a summer spent in the
northern states.
The Immaijual Ladies' Aid society
meets alternate Fridays to sew and
mend soldiers' clothing. They meet
Mr. Ed Janke left last, week for
Wyoming. Mrs. Janke will join
him in a short time.
The Benson Hospital Supply aux
iliaries will not meet for another
week on account of supply work
Mrs. D. H. Fair is chairman of the
salvage department of this place,
and can be called af Benson 780.
Peach and other fruit pits are
The Odd Fellows lodge and Re
bekahs will celebrate the latter's an
niversary with an entertainment Fri
day evening at their hall.
The annual election of teachers
and officers of the Methodist Sun
day school was held Wednesday
evening. Several changes were
made. P. A. Leggee resigned, who
was superintendent for three years,
was succeeded by G. Roth; assist
ant superintendent, E. C. Hodder,
secretary, C. H. Penoyer, and
treasurer, Mrs. C. H. Stephens.
Daughters were born to Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Turnev. Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Whitefield. Mr. and Mrs.
enuaMMA easam a (Ma
B Sur That You Arc Rf UtaraJ
So You Can Voto November 8.
Dermatologist Gives
Complexion JSecret
"The great secret of keeping the face
young is to keep off the dead cuticle," aaya
Dr. 1. Mortimer Mitchell. "It ia well
known that the surface skin Is constantly
dying, falling off in imperceptible par
ticles, except in some diseaaed conditions.
T.hcn the same appear like dandruff. But
the particles do not all drop off Imme
diately they die, being help for while by
the live skin.
"To have the dermatologies! surgeon
peel off the entire outer akin at one tim
ia a painful and expensive operation. The
same result is obtained by app'ylng or
dinary mercoVsed wax, as you would eold
erenm, allowing this to remain on over
n!ght. then taking It off with warm Water.
One ounce usually suffices. The process
Is both painless and Inexpensive. The
wax, wh'eh Is procurable at youf drug;
store, 1wvns the nstur-t ahedd'ng proee.
It rnJnUy absorbs the dead and hlf
dead 'kin. reveal'ng the new. healthy,
yonthf'i'-!nV'n skin underneath." Adv.
The Public Is Cordially Invited to Attend -
Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother
Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Mass., v
First Church of Christ, Scientist, . . ..
St. Mary's Ave. and 24th Sts., - . - ,
Sept. 26 and 27,
. At 8 O'clock.
Ground Crfper
For MDa r-d Women.
M !rl?
V i
J y
; ItfOfit u M I
3 CBOUUVf i I m A 1
3 ammo
Ak-Sar-Ben visitors (all and let
us show you our shoe. We have
the ahoe that will cure all your
toot troubles.
Many teet in same condition as
shown here, positively cured in
a short tine,
Ground Griper
Sace Stare
Is San Theater TWf.
& A. JOHSSdXXgr.
GS!l SSftsjj
With Keeps at Hotel Rome
Monday, Thursday and Saturday
Classes and Prlvat Lessons. Phons Doug. 2581 or Harnsy 2782:
1 r : ' 1 fiLJ
What Determines Efficiency
Efficiency protection la more than bare com
nVanee with the Isw. The Woodmen of the
World not only pays tvery legal obligation to
fuU promptly, but our 850,000 members rlsit
and care for the sick and needy.,
Men that are called to the eolors art looked
after the same as the ones that have to stay
This entire organisation is pledged to the en
thusiastic support . of our Government's War
Program. You need additional insurance.
sAr rT rvB TTJir XTTOXil D
HON. W-rKASfcK. aoeeteum u "i " " j K
An All 'Tear Hostelry Beyond Compare
INDIAN Summer now reigns in Cole
rado's Rockies. The majestic slopes
-that flank The Broadmoor are ablaze
with autumn color. A thousand moun
tain trails tempt the motorist and horse
back rider.
C At The Broadmoor every room com
mands a view of the p ncspiked Rockies.
Here the days are sunny and the skies of
turquoise blue. C.The Broadmoor golf
course is in its prime. The hotel is sur
rounded by a mountain park of 2,000
acres. And combined .with these attrac
tions of the great outdoors are those de
.luxe appointments, service and cuisine so
distinctively Broadmoor's.
C.The Broadmoor is easily accessible
from either coast It is open all the year.
m I miHWWlllSIIBI' uaipmniwitiw.w.
T I I - . xhe
Write for illustrated booklet
r a
. a ..... . ......
auc;uiuns answered below are gea
eral in character, the symptoms or diseasei
are given and the answers will apply b.
any case of similar nature.
Those wish'ng further advice, free, may
address Dr. Lewis Baker, College Bldg..
Collcee-Elwood streets, Dayton, Ohio, en
closing self -addressed stamped envelope for
reply. Full name and address must be given,
but only init'als or fictitious names will
be ued in my answers. The prescriptions
can be filled at any well-stocked Hug
' store. Any druggist can order of whole
Lady writes: "I am writing for advica
to cure myself of pimples and boils. My
skin seems too oily."
. Answer: The organa which eliminate
waste matter need attention. Obtain three
grain suipherb tablets (not sulphur tab
lets) and take regularly as per directions
for several months.
I .
"Father" writes: "Should man of
forty-six find himself utterly incapaci
tated T Am weak, nervous, timid, self
conscious. Do not sleep well. Arise with
a tired feeling, lame back and often have
severe headeche in the back part of head.
Fickle appetite, but when I do eat, do noi
get strength."
' Answer: To use a common expression
"you have exceeded the apeed limit" and
your nervous system needs the aid of an
Invigorating tonic medicine. .Get s tube
of three grain esdomene tablets. Take aa
per dlrect'ons and continue treatment sev
eral months if necessary.
Young Miss writes: "My hair ia comb
ing out, my scalp itches and dandruff ia
much annoying, and I want something to
cure these conditions.
Answer: For hair and scalp troubles
t have never found anything to equal the
benefieial results of a thorough treatment
or plain yellow minyol. It Is cooling,
cleansing and invigorating, and thousands
now use it regularly as a hair and scalp
"Restless" writes: "I am uneasy about
my health.vjpy kidneys and bladder are not
well. Have' spells of degression do not
nleep well, have to arise frequently. Urtns '
hed odor and color, very scant sometimes.
My ankles puff and under my eyes I havs '
bags.' Please prescribe."
Answer: Your symptoms Indicate yon
need treatment to tons tin the functions
of kidneys and bladder. Obtain in aaaled
tubes balmwort tibleta and take as per
directions for several weeks, or until relief
Is experienced. . , ,
ess i
Mr. writes: "When a person becomes
uncomfortable from excess fat do you be
lieve in reducing with medicine treat--merit
J . .t
Answer: The treatment of excess fat
for reduction can be carried out aafely '
w'.1i five gra'n arbolons tablets. I do
not advise indiscriminate meri-'eation, but
this treatment seems to bo uniformly sue. .
NOTE r -Tor many years Dr. BaVer has
been r'ving free advice and prescriptions
to millions .of peonie through the press
columns, and doubt'ess has helped In re
lieving illness and distress mom thsn sns
s'ngle Individual in the world's hiatorr
Thousands have written h'm expressions':
of gratitude snd confidence similar to the -following:
Dr. Lewis Baker. Dear S'rs I have Us
taking Sulnhrrb Tablet, for wnstTnauS
and 1 liver trouble for two weeks, and find
that they give me the moat benefieial re
suite of anything the. I havs taken for
the past 20 years. So viewed am I that
I recommend them to all my fronds. I en-
cloe tami and eonnon for book. "Health
and Beauty." and treating I may receive
mors benefit from r-edlng ft, I am
Very truly yours.
. T. J. O'WIW
V ittinestaifcS