Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1918, SOCIETY SECTION, Image 16

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Conducted by Ella Fleishman
War Work for College Women.
Prof. Sarka Hrbkova, chairman of
the woman's committee, Nebraska
State Council of Defense, is in re
ceipt of information from Washing
ton on arious avenues of war work
for college women. Applicants for
specific positions should write to
Inter-Collegiate Committee on Wo
men's War Work Abroad, Women's
University club, 106 East Fifty-sec
ond street. New. York City.
This committee, at the request of
the American Red Cross .and the
women's overseas section of the Y.
M. C. A., has undertaken to act as
a personnel bureau for college wo
men in oversea service. Theconnec
tin between this committee and the
Red Cross and the Y. M. C. A. is
official and authoritative. For the
Red Cross, the committee will re
cruit social, canteen and hospital
hut workers, stenographers, clericaJ
aisistairts, etc.; for Y. M. C. A., can-t-cn
workers for the American
camps abroad. '
All colleges will be asked to fur
nish lists of graduates available for
these- services and an estimate of the
tficiency of individual candidate.
., College women who apply to the
rommittee will he assigned to serv
ice either as individuals, or in units
of If) as tlie Red Cross and the Y.
Id-' C, A. may indicate. The practi
cability of the unit has been, clearly
'The Kea Cross wants 50 canteen
workers, 25 hospital' hut workers. 23
stenographers immediately. If full
volunteers are not available, ex
penses and maintenance, of suitable
candidates will be paid. French is
desirable, not essential.
.The Y. M. C. A. wants a large
number of cpnteen workers for
American camps. 'If full Volunteers
t"f not available, transportation and
m: ' tenance will be paid.: French is
not necessary.
Service League Benefit
Innes' band will give matinee and
evening concerts at the Auditorium
October 13 under the auspices of
the National League" for Woman's
.Service. Booths will be installed in
the stores, where tickets will be sold
the week before, the concert.
Mrs. William Archibald Smith,
chairman of the league, has issued
a financial' report, beginning, January
JS, 1913, un to September 20. 1918.
Total receipts were $7,731.34; "flis-
i-,.,-,,.--,-. rt) 891.50. and the bal-
r I
ft .. IK
y fa V k -
" , f :
z i v, . 7 1
- ' - . lliichart-SU-ffcns ruttw.
Two more Oir.cha girls who have been selct;d by their country to
serve in foreiga lands are Miss Edith Star.d;?:n, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Stindeven, and Miss Lucile Scctt. These young business
women have recently been accepted for Red Cross clerical work abroad
and expect their overseas orders very, shortly, Miss Standeven is em
ployed as a stenographer in the First National bank and Miss Scott is a
member of the office force of Thompsbn-Beldeft' company.
ance in
the treasury up to date is
Patriotic Girls Practice.
All Patriotic League girls and
others who will help in the singing
at the Margaret Slattery meetings
are requested to meet for practice at
the Y. W. C. A. building Monky
evening at. 8 o'clock. Dr. H. A.
Knowles will remain over an addi
tional day to lead the singing at the
big meeting. The federation of mu
sicians has agreed to furnish music
for the Slattery meeting as a pat
riotic service.
Lt. Charles Zabriskie. who has
been in a southern aviation school,
spent several days the first of the
week with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pearce
and Miss Helen Pearce, on his way
to an eastern port, where he expects
to sail for overseas service.
According to a cablegram, Lt.
Hird Stryker of the 338th field artil
''rv hns arrived abroad.
Colorado Springs' Finest and Largest Hostelry
(European Plan Restaurant Famed
In the center of the city, surrounded
" by fifteen acres of garden and park.
SiH 'Golf, Tennis ..Motoring. ; Garage.
Turkish, Electric, Russian and Vapor
Autumn is the most enjoyable season
. , for motoring in Scenic Colorado.
The Antlers Hotel
; . ' ... ( Colorado Springs, Colorado.
". Delightful Climata Absolutely Fireproof
111 . m
Serves' On . National War
Mrs. George Bass of Chicago is
secretary of the National Woman's
t Liberty Loan committee ' and. "a
member of the National UOuncil
of Defense,' woman's committee. As
such, she was one of the principal
speakers at the war workers' con
ference held in Lincoln last week.
Mrs. Bass spoke in Omaha a year
ago, when the nucleus for the state
women's defense committee was
formed and may come again during
the Fourth Liberty loan drive.
, Our showing of the
newest creations i n
Fall headgear is com
plete in every detail.
And please accept
this as an invitation ,
:to view the new .
styles at your earliest
. . Due to our ever-
increasing, business,
we have been forced
to enlarge our Milli
on ery Department to. ;
three times its for-. ; .. - . ;
mer. size, , thus en- X ,. ' ; : . - - v
abling us to show a more varied and larger assort-.
; ment than heretojlore.
' Come and see the pleasing models and the
new styles.
Prices range from ' ,
L $4,95 to $16.S0
.V;itIr Cfeaft-Terms to Meet Your Approval
1417 Douglas Street
A conservation booth will be a
feature of the Ak-Sar-Ben and
county fair. Henry Maxwell, Doug
las county aent, and Miss Nellie
Farnsworth, hone demonstration
aent for Omaha, have it in charge,
Mrs, R.-E. .Winkleman, chairman
of the Conservation council, has ap
pointed committees to take charge
each- t'dy. Women arc urged to
bring their canned fruit and vege
tables for exhibit by 6 o'clock,
Thursday. September 26. Any resi
dent of Douglas county may com
pete for premiums., without any
charge for entries.
The instruction classes will be sus
pending' during ti'.e week except
in . Saratoga district. The regular
meeting vill he held in the school
house on Tuesday -at 3:30 p. m. Mrs.
R. H. rjiir is chairman, the subject
.... r. . ... . J 1 f - - 1
is Meat SUDsutmes ana run wcai
Dishes." Miss Farnsworth spoke on
' Suar Conservation" to the Miller
Park Mothers' club, Wednesday.
. Miss Maud Wilson, who has been
state leader of home demonstration
work for the- last-'three years, has
h-nded in her resignation to take
effect October 1. Mrs. Davis
son Irs bec-i appointed her succes
sor. Mrs, . Dr.vicson was called to
Wrsr.instot'i 1-st winter to help in
the cr.nscrvatioa work under Mr.
Hoover. ;
War SirCo Instead of
; Pr.per
Tl.e governnicnt wants every
scrap of paper put to war purposes
paner contains ivatenais ana
chemicals r.ece:sary in the manu
facture of explosives and nases. The
scribblintr'psd' must go.'school chil
dren and even storekeepers can
lielo the war by stopping the paper
scribbling habit. . Get out the slate
and sponge. Children should be fli
en slates, in t!:e schools. ,Tne paper
makers, before the wcr, made paper
so checp'y tat enormous waste of
n?er re;u'.ted? now the paper mak
er? are restric'td and conservation
mast b'e practiced. Bring out the
slate! and . siva su'.p'.ii:-, chlorine,
caustic ioda, and pu'.p, a'l wan'.ad by
our fijhting boys over there.
Benc3t for Smith College Unit.
Plans Are being formulated by
the Smith College club for a bene
fit to be given the fatter part of
Scplemher. Mies Portia Swelt. who
has recently-presented a dance car
nival tv Denver, under the auspices
of the Smith CoUe-e c'.uh there, has
been ashed to give a similar per
fnrmcnee fere, The afTair will be
glvcri Y.t or.8 cf the local tb-atcrs
and the procee-'.s sent to the Smith
Coiie-e 'unit; who are enpsged in re
construction work overseas
V -
Mrs. Frank Ellick, chairman of the
public shop, 'announces the opening
of the workrooms in the Keeline
building Monday morning at 10
o'clock. The shop will be open
Tuesday and Thursday evenings for
night work. '
December 16-23 is the wee!, desig
nated for the annual Red Cross
membership campaign.
Fines amounting to $270, collect
ed by Douglas county food adminis
tration, have been turned over to the
Red .Cross.
L'nion Pacific Pensioners' Red
Cross auxiliary will resume its reg
ular meetings Thursday at room 312,
L1. P. headquarters, Fifteenth and
Dodge streets.
Unitarian auxilliary, Mrs. W. F.
Baxter, chairman, will meet at the
Unitarian church, Wednesday from
10 a. m. to S p. m.
The largest number of men ever
served in one day at Fort Omaha
canteen is 1,600. Between Septem
ber 5 and 12, 9,714 took advantage of
the canteen.
cal dressings. Mrs. C. Grandon.jWMH,4'
house Tuesday at 1 o'clock. ! Army smd Mavy Nates i I GOSSIP OF PEOPLE :c
All Saints' church Red Cross aux
iliary meets every Monday in the
church between the hours of 10 and
5. Mrs. Robert Trimble is chairman.
There was no shipment of socks
last week. The quota, 21.600 pairs
by November 1, is not yet one-half
completed. Women are urged to
knit. '
In the salvage department there
are Mason jars and jelly glasses for
sale at a bargain.
Carter Lake club auxiliary, Mrs.
A. D. Chapman, chairman, surgical
dressings, will meet at the Scottish
Rite cathedral Thursday, October 3,
at the usual hour.
The Prettiest Mile auxiliary, surgi-
Organization of workers for the
Red Cross information desk at the
Union Station, Mrs. J. C. Dahlman,
chairman, has been perfected for
duty every day but Sunday, as fol
Mondays Company C, Mrs. Sam
uel Burns? captain. On duty, Mrs.
Osgood T. Eastman and Mrs. Tom
Davis; substitutes, Mrs.1 K. H.
Sprague, Miss Mary Megeath, Miss
Gladys Peters and Miss Helen
Tuesdays Company A, Mrs. L. J.
Healey, captain. On duty, Mrs. Piatt.
Miss Lucy Updike.
Wednesdays Company H, Mrs.
George B. Prinz, captain. On duty,
Mrs. W. G. Nicholson, Miss Ger
trude Stout.
Thursdays Company G, Mrs. W.
J. Cully, assisting captain. On duty,
Mrs. Culley, Miss Eloise West, Miss
Florence Rahm and Miss Corinne
Fridays Company A, Mrs. L. J.
Healey, captain. On duty, Mrs. W.
G. Bradley, Mrs. A. F. Tyler.
Saturdays Company H, Mrs.
Howard Baldrige, captain. On duty,
Mrs. H. E. Newbrailch, Mrs. A.
F. Taylor, Mrs. A. V. Kinsler and
Mrs. O. G. Osborne, Mrs. F. P.
Kirkendall and Mrs. F. A. Brogan,
Mrs. Thomas W. Allen, Mrs. F. R.
Dailey, Mrs. Alv;n Johnson and Mrs.
George Doane, Mrs. W. J. Mettlen,
Mrs. H. H. Berger, Mrs. Baldrige,
Mrs. R. C. Howe, Miss Marion
Lt. and Mrs. Isaac Carpenter re
ceived word on their arrival at Fort
Andrews' of Lieutenant Carpenter's
promotion to first lieutenant. He is
adjutant at the fort now.
Lt. Harold Graham, stationed at
Camp Dodge, is passing the week
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Graham.
ii .... i. r- i? . ... f
I i roniouon to ic ursi iieuirnani oi
Hubert Keyes Owen is announced
from headquarters of the aeronautic
section of the air service of the army.
Lieutenant Owen received his com
mission as second lieutenant at Fort
Omaha in February, He is now on
duty at West Point, Ky., where he
is attached to the artillery observers'
Captain rhillip Morgan McCul
lough, who has been spending a
short leave of absence with his par
ents, Col. and Mrs. T. W. McCul
lough, will leave Monday night for
Fcrt Leavenworth, where he will
take command of a company in a
new battalion of signal corps men
being organized for overseas duty.
Lt. Victor Caldwell, who
has been at Akron, O., is now on
special duty in Washington, D. C.
Lt. R. W. Hall, who has been
spending a two weeks' leave with his
mother, Mrs. R. S. Hall, left Sunday
evening for Camp Funston.
Lt. Henry Jennings of Council
Bluffs has left Camp Dodge for the
east, where he expects to sail soon
for overseas service. Mrs. Jennings
is with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. McConnell.
Mrs. P. L. Market has received a
cable from her husband, Captain
Markel telling of' his safe arrival
Lt. Ralph M6ser, .who was sta
tioned at Fort Omaha for some time,
and Capt. H. B. Lemere of the medi
cal corps have arrived abroad.
Miss Loretta De Lone, Miss Thel
ma Skeen, Miss Hughes and
Wright's orchestra will give a con
cert in the Henshaw hotel, Sunday
from 6 to 8 p. m.
A daught r. Grace Irene, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Judge,
Wednesday. Mrs. Judge was former
ly Miss Irene Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kom and
Mrs. Ralph M. Holzman arrive this
morning from New York City, to be
guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Morris Levy.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Talmage leave
the first of the week for Chicago.
Miss Anbeline Rush will leave this
evening for the east, where she will
enter her first year at Rogers' Hall,
Lowell, Mass.
Miss Alice Coad was operated
upon Thursday at the St Joseph
hos-pital and is getting along very
Edward Daugherty expects to re
main here and join the student army
training corps at Creighton univer
sity. Mrs. Willard H. Hosford is ex
pected home today from Des Moines.
Mrs. P. A. Wells returned to Oma
ha Friday from her summer home
in northern Minnesota. Mrs. Wells
and her neice, Mrs. H. H. Hancock,
motored through in three days, a
distance of 600 miles, over roads
wade rough from recent rains. Mrs.
Wells exoects to remain in Omaha
this winter and Mrs. Hancock will
stay with her. as; her hushanH is
now at Camp Dodge, and will proba
bly be sent across the water soon.
i f Lt Hanigihsii to Wed
'l Southern Belle
An announcement of interest . ti
Omaha friends is the engagemen
of Miss Anna Maria Damrich
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J
Damrich, of Mobile, Ala., to Lt
John J. Hanighen, jr., son of Mi
and Mrs. J. J. Hanighen. The wed
ding will take place in October. Ti'
Hanighens plan to leave soon fo
the south to be present at the nup
Miss Damrich, who is a cjiarminl
girl of the brunette type, comes oj
an old and prominent lamily of. Mo!
bile. She is a graduate of the Con)
vent of Mercy, after attending th
Nazareth academy in Kentucky.
Miss Damrich was chosen quee
of the Mardi Gras last vear whirl
honor acknowledges her leadership
of the social set. Friends of tl.J
pretty southern girl are not suri
prised at the announcement, as th
romance with the young Omaha ofi
ficer began a year ago, when Lieut
tenant Hanighen was first stationed
at Fort Morgan.
Lieutenant Hanighen is a gradj
uate of the Central High school)
later attending Cornell university
He is a member of the Zeta Psi fral
ternity, of the Masque Dramatic soj
cierY and Savage club. He entereij
the first officers' training camp a
Fort Snelling, where he received hij
commission of second lieutenant iq
the coast artillery. Lieutenant Ha
nighen was then assigned tn Fori
Morgan and has recently been pro
moted to first lieutenant and engw
neer of artillery.
Miss Marian Lowell of Portland)
Me., has been the sruest of MisJ
Helen Shepard for several days,
Nine $100 bonds will provide 2(j
demolition drop bombs.
11 mKA rJS7rT7f7T-7f7 i rUL-LJ'T-i H 5- Fill EIS
Thi$ beautiful figure, adapted at truly itprtttnlativ of
"Quten Quality," will b tttn wheretm th $hoet art Mold.
It la reproduced in colon on th cover of tht Fall and " k
Winter Style Book, now ready for general dittribution.
nn m
( J I
ST J D it
J- J Ff3 I I I ! f
M'KMM mi I
Q . Ill I i m
aj L) mi
If i u II t
"TfwClrJMlUfarw'rolaicooffon IT II f
U t.lj .. .J II II I:
lun, UHV .uu, rt.H. ...uw, iumi..v h
hmrni or Mock ifcx-toap kid. - I i
" I
i n is- mi i
tia r trr ; ft
6 ' F F RSI
& J' m U fed! 4-
A f L-.) V' Hit HI
I' H9 I a U K -TW 1 1 I 1
m s y, . i y 1 1 l: s i rr- i i mm m
H l hr WV y. U Ll
is is . :i
khlackmiihoot at haatvai tract. Cray, luli moo, tobacco .roan UJ,
It hat timpUctty of Una and die- era th laathen wd In ! hand- . Z
nity at ttyia tot tailormod towm. tome modtL Many tfmilar ttylu,
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Fall and Winter shoe styles
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kid oamp. Variant timUar ttyltt.
Thlt handtomt boot may ha had In
cherry caU. Thtrt art ttmllar ttyltt
ol other Uathtn and pattern.