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Poultry Association and Rabbit
Breeders Disagree and In
dependent Exhibit May
Be Looked For.
Owing to a disagreement with the
Omaha Poultry association, which
lias just been incorporated, as to
their share of expense for partici
pating in the annual poultry show
which is to be given at the Auditor
ium some time this winter, the prob
abilities are that the Omaha breed
ers of utility hares, rabbits and pet
stock will hold an independent
For some years past the pet stock
show, which consisted largely of en
tries of the various breeds of meat
producing hares and rabbits, and
alsor cavies, has been held in con
junction with the poultry , show.
Tl.'.s division of the annual exhibit
has grown in extent and importance
with each succeeding year.
In the last few months the num
ber of persons engaged in the rab
bit industry in Omaha and Douglas
county has increased several hun
dred per cent'aiftf the show the com
ing winter promises to be the largest
of the kind ever held in the west,
-both as to the number of entries
and the quality of the exhibits.
Members of the Omaha Rabbit
Breeders' association feel, under the
circumstances, unless some com
promise is made with the poultry
organization, they will be coin
oelled to organize their own show,
rent a large buillding in the down
town section and give an indepen
dent exhibition some time during
the winter.
The split-up may affect the at
tractiveness of the poultry show for
the reason that, one of the most at
tractive sections last winter was
that of the rabbits and pet stock.
War Exhibit of German
Trophies is Delayed
The Allied War exhibit of Ger
man trophies and other material
which was reported to be here the
latter part of this week has been
delayed to await the arrival of some
material from Europe. This an
nouncement is made by T. C.
liyrne, chairman of the state Lib
erty loan committee. The report
that it was to be here Thursday
and Friday came from a railroad of
fice which had a schedule of the
tour of the exhibit. As the tour
has been postponed it will arrive
in Omaha some time later.
, mLleanorJI.IJartQr
C-a Auhw a "PAllvanna
i'oW-right by Eleanor it. Porter and ; evef, there is an old schoolmate," she j "So you can bestow some of your
uv rorm'.si.m .,f u,Mn w'fn.. r I acknowledge demurely. i chanty there; and
AM niirVila tf. ''fit fSA1tl-CA 4hPr 1C'
CHAPTER XXIV (Continued)
"Oh, I see," murmured Miss
Maggie, in very evident relief. "That
wouiu re better in some ways;
only it does seem terrible not to
to tell them who you arc."
"Of course there is! Xow, write "It isn't charitv," she interrupted
her at once, and tell her you're com-1 with suddenly flashing eyes. "Oh,
ing." how I hate that word the way "it's
"But she she may not be there." used, I mean. Of course, the real
Then get her there. She s got to , charity means love. Love, indeed!
be there. And. listen. I think you d
better plan to go pretty soon after
"But we have just proved that j I go to South. America. Then you
to do that wouldn't bring happiness
anywhere, and would bring misery
everywhere, haven't we?"
'Then why do it? particularly
as by not doing it I am not defraud
ing anybody in the least, no; that
part isn't worrying me a bit now
but there is one point that does
worry me very much."
"What do you mean? What is
can be there when Mr. Stanley G.
Fulton arrives m Chicago and can
write the news here to Hillerton.
"Oil, they'll get it in the papers,
in time, ot course; but
had better come from
it r '
"Yourself. My scheme gets Stan
ley G. Fulton back to life and Chi
cago very nicely; but it doesn't
get Maggie Duff there worth a
cent! Maggie Duff can't marry Mr.
JohnSmith in Hillerton and arrive'
in Chicago as the wife of btanley
G. Fulton, can she?"
"No-no, but he he can come
back and get her if he wants her."
Miss Maggie blushed.
''If he wants her, indeed 1" (Miss
Maggie blushed all the more at the
method and the fervor of Mr.
Smith's answer to this.) "Come
back as Mr. Stanley G. Fulton, you
mean?" went on Mr. Smith, smil
ing at Miss Maggie's hurried ef
forts to smooth her ruffled hair.
"Too risky, my dear! He'd look al
together too much like like Mr.
John Smith."
"But your beard will be gone I
wonder how I shall like you without
a beard." She eyed him critically.
Mr. Smith laughed and threw up
his hands with a doleful shrug.
"That's what comes of courting
as one man and marrying as an
other," he groaned. Then, sternly:
"I'll warn you right now, Maggie
Duff, that Stanley G. Fulton is go
ing to be awfully jealous of John
Smith if vou don't look out."
' "He should have thought of that
j before," retorted Miss Maggie, her
I eyes mischievous. "But, tell me,
I wouldn't you ever dare to come
in your proper person?"
"Never! or, at least, not for some
! time. - The beard would be gone, to
be sure; but there d be all the rest
to tattle eyes, voice, size, manner,
walk everything; and smoked
glasses couldn't cover all that, you
know. Besides, classes would be
i taboo, anyway. They'd only result
! in making me look more like John
j Smith than ever. John Smith, you
remember, wore smoked glasses for
i some time to hide Mr. Stanley G.
"We will be able to give the peo- ; "om tne u"qs Po;
o Uoct l ,r .!.,.., n( I tr. i0. xlT. Olcimcy VI. I imuil i
intr the money. At any rate, she
hasn't said anything about it very
lately perhaps because she's been
too busy bemoaning the pass the
present nloney has brought them
"Yes, I know," frowned Mr.
Smith, with a gloomy sigh. "That
miserable money!"
"No, no I didn't mean to bring
that up," apologized Miss Maggie
quickly, with an apprehensive glance
into his face. "And it wasn't mis
erable money a bit! Besides, Hattie
has has learned her lesson, I'm
sure, and she'll do altogether dif
ferently in the new home. But, Mr.
Smith, am I never to to come
back here? Can't we come back
ever?" "Indeed we can some time, by
and by, when all this had blown
over, and they've forgotten how Mr.
Smith looks. We can come back
then. Meanwhile, you can come
alone a very little. I shaa't let
you ieave me very much. But I un
derstand; you'll have to come to
see your friends. Besides, there are
all those playgrounds for the babies
and cleaner milk for the streets,
"Cleaner milk for the streets, in
deed !"
"Eh? What? Oh, yes, that was the
milk for the babies, wasn't it?" he
teased "Well, however, that may be,
you'll have to come back to superin
tend all those things you ve been
wanting to do so long. But" his
face grew a little wistful "you
don't want to spend too much time
here. You know Chicago has a
few babies that need cleaner milk."
"Yes, I know, I know!" Her face
grew softly luminous as it had
grown earlier in the afternoon.
the exact time when this interesting
exhibit will be here, says Mr.
Women Wanted as Drivers
by Omaha Coal Dealers
Any woman who wants to drive
a coal wagon can get a job with an
Omaha coal concern, The work is
healthful, giving plenty of oppor
tunity for exercise in the open air,
say the coal dealers.
The request came Wednesday to
Mrs. Mabel Walker, in charge of
the Chamber of Commerce Wo
man's Employment bureau.
The coal company said it was so
short of men to deliver coal that,
it decided to try the women.
Mrs. Walker replied that she had
no applications from women for
positions as coal heavers.
"And I hope I never will have,"
she added. "That kind of work is
hard enough even for men."
Hotel Conant Has Great
Crowd at Formal Opening
Omahans turned out by hundreds
yesterday to attend the opening of
the city's newest hostelry, the Ho
tel Conant.
The lobby and second floor was a
veritable bower of flowers sent by
the friends of Harley Conant and
all day and evening crowds throng
ed the lobby and inspected the
floors of the hotel. Two hundred
guests were registered at the hotel
on the day of the formal opening.
- Last night the-cafe on the second
floor and the restaurant in the base
ment were crowded. Mr. Conant
expressed pleasure at the interest
and geniuine enthusiasm displayed
by the visitors at the opening.
Billiard Parlors Give Men
in U. S. Uniform Free Play
Proprietors of Omaha billiard par
lors are granting free use of the
tables in their places of business to
soldiers and sailors in uniform one
day each week. The Holmes' par
lors will hold open house to the
boys in uniform oH Wednesday of
each week. On Thursday the Un
der the Sun parlorslave extended
an invitation to thp'ooys in uniform
to visit them. On the days desig
nated, all men in uniform will be
allowed use of the tables free of
come to Hillerton. So, as Mahomet
can't go to the mountain, the moun
tain must come to Mahomet."
"Meaning?" Miss Maggie's
eyes were growing dangerously mu
tinous. "That you will have to come to
Chicago yes."
"And court you? No, sir thank
. Mr. Smith chuckled softly.
. "t- love you with your head tilted
that way." (Miss Magie promptly
tilted it the other.) "Or that, either,
for that matter," continued Mr.
Smith genially.
"However, speaking of courting
Mr. Fulton will do that, all right, and
endeavor to leave nothing lacking,
either as to quantity or quality.
Think, now. Don't you know any
one in Chicago? Haven't you got
some friend that you can visit?"
"No!" Miss Maggie's answer was
prompt and emphatic too prompt
and too emphatic for unquestion
ing acceptance.
"Oh. yes you have," asserted the
man cheerfuly. I don't know her
name hut she's there. She's waving
a red flag in your face this minute!
Now, listen. Well, turn your head
away, if you like if you can listen
better that way," he went on tran
quilly, paying n6 attention to her
gasp. "Well, all you have to do is
to write the lady you're coming, and
go. Never mind who she is Mr.
Stanley G. Fulton will find a way to
meet her. Trust him for that! Then
he'll call and meet you and be so
pleased to see you! The rest will be
easy. There'll be a regular whirl
wind courtship then calls, dinners,
theaters, candy, books, flowers!
Then Mr. Stanley G. Fulton will pro
pose marriage. You'll be immensely
surprised, of course, but you'll ac
cept. Then we'll get married," he
finished with a deep sigh of satisfac
tion. "Mr. Smith!" ejaculated Miss Mag
gie, faintly.
"Say, can't you call me anything
" he began wrathfully. but inter
rupted himself. "However, it's bet
ter that you don't, after all. Be
cause I've got to be 'Mr. Smith' as
long as I stay here. But you wait
till you meet Mr. Stanley G. Fulton
in Chicago! Now, what's her name,
and where does she live?"
Miss Maggie laughed in spite of
herself, as she said severely: "Her
name, indeed! I'm afraid Mr. Stao
leyG. Fulton is so in the habit of
having his own way that he forgets
he is still Mr. John Smith. How-
Saves Waste
Saves Cooking
Most attractive
of all cereal
You see the reappearance on this
earth of Mr. Stanley G. Fulton is
going to be of of some moment ;
to them, you know. There U Mrs.
Hattie, for instance, who is counting
on the rest of the money next No
vember" "Yes, I know, it will mean a good
deal to them, of course. Still, 1 1
I suppose it was love that made
John Daly give $100 to the Pension
Fund fair after he'd jewed it out of
those poor girls behind his counters!
And Airs. Morse went around every
where telling how kind dear Mr.
Daly was to give so much to chari-
1 think it ty ! Charity! Nobodv wants chari-
you first ' ty except a few lazv rascals like
those beggars of Flora's! But we all
want our rights. And if half the
world gave the other half its rights
th ore wouldn't be any charity 1 be
live." "Dear, dear! What have we here?
A rabid little socialist?" Mr. Smith
held up both hafuls in mock terror.
1 shall be petitioning her for my
could never, never thank him
enough for what he had done for
her. Mellicent, too, with "shy eyes
averted, told him she should never
forget what he had done for her
and for Donald.
James and Flora and Frank and
even Jane! said that they would
iiljevto have one of the Blaisdcll
books, when they were published,
to hand down in the family. Flora
took out her purse and said that
she would pay for hers now; but
Mr. Smith hastily, and with some
evident embarrassment, refused the
money, saying that he could not tell
yet what the price of the book would
All the Blaisdells, except Frank,
Fred and Bessie, went to the sta
tion to see Mr. Smith off. T,hy
said they wanted to. They told
him he was just like one of the
family, anyway, and they declared
thev hoped he would" come back
soon. Frank telephoned him that
he would have gone, too. if he had
not had so much to do at the store.
Mr. Smith seemed pleased at all
this attention he seemed, indeed,
quite touched; but he seemed also
embarrassed during those last few
days at Hillerton.
(Continued Tomorrow.)
don't believe Hattie is really expect- j bread and butter, yet!
Nonsense! But. honestly. Mr,
Smith, when I think of all that
money" her eyes began to shine
again "and of what we can do with
it, I I just can't believe it's so!"
"But you aren't expecting that
twenty millions are going to right
all the wrongs in the world, are
you?" Mr. Smith's eyes were quizzi
cal. "No, oh, no; but we can help
some that we know about. But it
isn't that 1 just want to give, you
know. We must get behind things
to the causes. We must " '
"We must make the Mr. Dalys
pay more to their girls before they
pay anything to pension funds, eh?"
laughed Mr. Smith, as Miss Maggie
came to a breathless pause.
"Exactly!" nodded Miss Maggie,
earnestly. "Oh. can't you see what
we can do with that twenty mil
lion dollars?"
Mr. Smith, his gaze on Miss Mag
gie's flushed cheeks and shining
eyes, smiled tenderly. Then with
mock severity he frowned.
"I see that I'm bTing married
for my money after all!" he scolded.
"Pooh!" sniffed Miss Maggie, so
altogether bewitchingly that Mr.
Smith gave her a rapturous kiss.
Exit Mr. John Smith.
Early in July Mr. Smith took his
departure from Hillerton. He made
a farewell call upon each of the
Blaisdell families and thanked them
heartily for all their kindness in
assisting him with his Blaisdell
The Blaisdells, one and all, said
they were very sorry to have him
go and Miss Flora frankly wiped
her eves and told Mr. Smith she
Helena Woman Visiting
Here Hurt in Auto Crash
Mrs. George A. Redding of
Helena, Mont., who is visiting her
sister, Mrs. George Reitri, 303 Hap
py Hollow boulevard, had one of
her legs broken Tuesday evening,
when an automobile in which she
was riding and driven by Mrs. Reini,
overturned at Forty-ninth and
Dodge streets. She was taken to
Nicholas Senn hospital, where phy
sicians stated the limb might have
to be amputated.
Colors While
it Cleans
Andreesen Named Head !?nd J- ,A- c f,:ne1' ol" Mahoncy &
11 , (Kennedv, attorneys.
of Hardware Company i
E. M. Andreesen was elected j BlOOdhOUndS Run DOWn
president and treasurer of the Lee- j Men Wfl0 Steal Car TireS
Coit-Andreesen Hardware company, Beatrice. Neb., Sept. IS. (Special
at a meeting of the directors of the Telegram.') I'. H. Jacksoi and
company Tuesday. J. Clark Coit 1 Frank I.. Kansparek were brought
was re-elected vice president, and ' here this afternoon and lodged in
A. L. Timms continues as secretary, j jail on the charge of stealing auto
Henry Rix was 'named assistant , tires from Rudolph Tricka, a fanner
treasurer. New directors selected
were: Luther Kountze, vice presi
dent of the First National bank.
living near Odcll. The men were
run down by bloodhounds, and confessed.
Shields Quits asflailroadir.3
Chief to GoW in the
rthr T Sh!M. secH y
ofiice of chief of police foVHroi J :
lias icaiK"tu v "
work at a substantial incrta
salary. '
XX. .no tunn'n "the little chiefV
and was conversant with all Of tn V
detail of policeNlepartment work. J;
His successor hti not been P- ..f:
pointed. . '
Color Shades
Aladdin dyes delicate fabrics,
aaiata, lingerie, hofliery. infant and chil
dren't wear, etc No stains on hands ot
bowl. Wash and Aladdin area float
and th work ia dona
Takes But a Jiffy
Slake, that old garment at rood at
new Try Aladdin Dye Soap practice
thrift The resolte will delight yoo
ajaddto frodueU Co New Twk-Caicatr
On Salt Eeervzohar
f lilrt 3 .... ....... ,, . lk
Staint rrrr Wtim
You Can't Eat Meat
100 Miles Away
Preparing meat is only a part of Swift & Company's
The finest meat in the world wouldn't do you any
good one hundred miles away from your table.
Swift & Company efficiency has made1 it possible to
place complete lines of products in the smallest and most
remote communities.
To be sure the work is done well Swift & Company,
through its branch houses and qar routes, brings the meat
to the retail dealer for you.
Swift & Company lays out car routes covering towns
big, little, medium size which are not served by a
Swift branch house. i
Salesmen find out in advance what is wanted by
the dealers in every town.
They are followed by refrigerator cars, loaded with
retailers' orders, which are delivered at each town fresh,
clean, and sweet once or twice each week.
Swift & Company operates a large number of car
routes like this, from fourteen distributing plants.
This is a necessary and natural part of the packer's
usefulness. It fits into the industry in an orderly, effective
way. it makes better meat cheaper from one end of
the land to the other.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Omaha Local Branch, J3th & Leavenworth Streets
F. J. Souders, Manager
. .. ... ...... ' ' V ' '
fp-JOHN A. SW ANSON, Pres.-
WM. L. HOLZMAN, Trees.
Where Societtj rattd loi9. are sokJ
' II
BEFORE you spend your money for a new Fall suit, come
in and see what we have to offer you. v
You really owe it to yourself to look around a bit nowa
days because your dollars must go the extreme limit in
clothes buying.
When you visit this store you will be convinced that you
will get more for your dollars than you are likely; to get
anywhere else.
Come in and see for yourself that we back up our state-
ments with right merchandise and right prices. X''i m
You will enjoy inspecting our complete Fall display ; of
The model illustrated is the "Militaire'Vdesigne'd spe
cially for young men. V
All the New Society Brand Models
$25, $30, $35, $40, $45 to $60
mm A awAMSOrMM
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"Style Headquarters" Where Society Brand Clothes Are Sold.
One Hundred Dollars for a Second-Hand
is predicted for the near future. Looks that way from our point of view, and we are
watching the situation pretty closely. We hope such a condition will not exist, but
why take a chance? Come in today and select one of our rebuilt Underwoods.
Monarchs, Olivers, Royals, L. C. Smith or Remingtons at $27.50 up. 1 Mighty good
Prompt delivery to all parts of the City, South Side, Benson, Florence and
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corona, Oliver: Woodstock Agencies "
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1905 Farnam Street.