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eal Eatatc. Loans & Mortgages.
; C. a. Carlberg, Ill Brendel
Theater Bldg.. Doug. M5.
1U Omaha Nat. Bk. Bldg. Doug. 1715.
W.H.Thomas & Son, Ktclinc Bldg
1109 to llo.SOo MADE promptly. F. D.
Weed. Wtad Bldg.. ltth and farnam.
Private Moneey,
Arkansas Lands.
Oar next excursion to McQehse, Ark.
Colorado Lands.
Have several fine tract! of land from
160 acre to a full section, with fall
wheat already town, and share of crop
ton with land; In Sedwirk and Philip
county. Colorado; also Perkins and
Cheyenne counties, Nebraska. See C. L.
Tate, 651 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg,
Omaha, Neb.
FOR SALE Highly Improved 320-acr
ranch In Weld county, Colorado. All
kln" of crops grown; H mile from
school, church, store and cream sta
tion, on mall route and telephone; f
mils of railroad, 130 per acre, direct
from owner. A. V. Coonrodt, Brigg
dale. Colo.
WK own several large trai-ts of choice
eastern Colorado farm and ranch lands;
buy direct from owners; write today for
t list, John Lorenx, 31S Denham Bldg.,
Denver Colo.
WHEAT, corn, beans and alfalfa lands',
$12.60 to $40, easy terms; plenty of mois
ture; hot winds are unknown. Write for
list. Farmers1 Land Co. Byers. Colo.
IMPROVED quarters, half sections or
larger, Lincoln Co., Colo . bargains; easy
terms; good crops. Write John L.
Maurer, Arriba, Colo.
Florida Lands.
Real corn, Kay, cattle and hog land
In section lots and up at bargain prices.
Wflhln 10 miles of Armour's big new
packing plant at Jacksonville, Florida.
Write me for what Armour says of
North Florida as an unexcelled stock
Omaha, Neb.
Iowa Lands.
1(0 acres, 41 miles east of Omaha,
all plow land, slightly rolling, well Im
proved, owned by widow; must sell;
possession any time.
213 City National Bank Bldg.
VlNELY Improved quarter section land,
western Iowa; $110 acre; great bargain.
O. P. BTEBBINS, 1810 Chicago.
South Dakota Lands.
SEND for new descrlpUv map of South
Dakota showing crop production, auto
roads, etc. Chas. McCaffree, Cora, of
Immigration. Pierre S. D.
Minnesota Lands.
RAROAIN 240 acres: 40 miles from
Minneapolis; 120 acres cultivated; all
good corn land; 60 acres fine meadow
land: 60 acres pasture; some scattered
hard maple In pasture: set build
ings; near creamery and store. Price,
147. 60 per acre; 32,600 cash, balance five
years i per cent. Schwab Bros., 1028
Plymouth Bldg.. Minneapolis, Minn.
Nebraska Lands.
Alfalfa, wheat, corn and ranch land
several hundred acrea will be sown to
wheat this fall.
(00 acres alfalfa.
Several wall Improved lmlgrated
' farms; two good cattle ranches.
In very best part of Nebraska where
alfalfa yields 2 to 4V4 tons per acre every
year- Wet or dry grows better than any
weed on earth. Can show you farm after
farm that will net the landlord over
140 per acre In rent.
You people that own and that Is worth
1200 to $300 pr acre won't believe this
and will probably say: "If they had land
one-half that good It would be worth
twice what they ask for It." If seeing Is
believing come and see. We are pricing
thla 7,340 acres from 116 to $170 per
acre, with a small payment down, an
other In March or April, when posses
sion Is given, then a small payment each
year, as the retiring members of Coxer
A Co. would rather carry back their
money In this land than to have the
The 7,260 acres ara all owned by us.
We are selling only In order to settle up
a partnership and is subject to sale only.
Will not make any change in price, as
we have put It down to where It will
all sell in 60 days. It is a good buy as
a horn or investment All on the U. P.
B. R.
Cosed Is on the main line of the Union
Pacific, 341 miles west of Omaha and Is
the greatest alfalfa country la the world.
Grows more natural hers than any weed
' wa have. Wet or dry cuts about so much
hay every year. Can show you alfalfa 16
U It years old and Is still yielding lots
of hay. All that has ever been dona to
. it sines it was seeded Is to cut it three
. or four and one-half tons per aero every
season. If seeing is believing, com and
sea. ,
If you ara Interested in anything de
scribed, come and see, don't waste your
time by writing, but wlra by number,
what piece you ara Interested In, and we
will hold it for your Inspection.
If you coma and sea any of this and
don't find It exactly as described, we will
pay oyu for your time and all your ex
panses both ways.
Reference, Farmers State bank, Coxad,
Address all communication to Nosl
Cover, Manager, Cosad, Neb.
Write for compute list. Cover A Co.,
6,360 acres, 30 per eent tillable, all ex
cept about 80 acres level to gently roll
ing, black loam soil with clay sub-soil
just Ilk In eastern. Nebraska; running
water; spring and wells; ISO acre al
falfa, abundance of natlv hay. 200
acre cultivated; two good houses, water
system, plenty of barns, corrals and oth
er buildings; bearing orchard and Irri
gated garden. All fenced and cross
fenced. Price, $20 per acre, clear of In
cumbrance, but one-half of oil and mln-
eral right reserved. Reasonable terms.
This ia a first-class ranch and a money
maker. It is worth the price as a ranch
and the buyer will get the added profit
when the land i wanted for farming
purposes. Ha also stands a goond chane
of making a large fortune from oil.
Wells ara now being bored near this
416-418 Keellne Bldg. Phone Doug. 690.
Buy Direct From Owner.
Kimball County Farm,
$35 Per Acre.
Must sell in thirty days, 640 acres
Kimball county, seven miles front U. P.
R. Jt. School house on land. (00 acres
ran be plowed with tractor. 1(0 acre
broken. 100 acres now seeded to fall
wheat on sod. Kimball county sod
wheat this year went from 26 to 45
' bushels. This can be verified by com
ing hero and seeing wheat threshed now.
Will tak one-fifth down, balance fiv
years ( per cent. No reasonable terms
refused responsible parties. Will sell all
or part. Fin well and will. Small house
and barn. Land all fenced. Can have
section all plowed and seeded for non-
resident If desired.
Address E. L. Griffith, Bushnell, Neb.,
or call Frank A. Smith. Douglas (360.
Improved 10, fiv mile from Pierce;
good land, small building. Price $140
par acre: liberal tsrms.
Improved 1(0, fiv mil from Pierce;
good level land, fairly good V Improve
ments: in German neighborhood, clot
to Lutheran church and school. Price,
for chort tlm only, till per acre.
Pisrc county ba good all-around
crop this yar, the same as vrjr
year. Com and look u over.
W have several very attractive prop
erties for al In Daw. Key Paha and
Brown counties. The are place that
w nav personally inspected, and are
recommended a being good buy. Send
for IUt and photo stating a to jrour
wants. Klok In. Co.. Omaha.
' Tie B. W. M of i-lt-3. Cheyenne Co.,
Nb.. 131 acre now In fall wheat, at $60
par aero, am i . va
MERRICK COUNTY. Improved corn, and
alfalfa farnuvmt th right price. M. A.
. eWtMQi Wa US
Desirable Beeves Sell Steady
with Yesterday; Market on
Hogs Off Ten to Fif .
teen Cents.
Omshs. September 18. 1(18.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs.' Sheep.
Official Monday 16,940 3.243 (3,064
Official Tuesday ....17,498 8.828 42,800
Estimate Wednesday 13,000 8.000 37,000
Three days this wk. 47.438 20.071 132,864
Same days last week. 36. 917 19.940 126.448
Same days 2 wks ago.46.696 22.947 117.B5S
Same days 3 wks ago.39,827 21.938 90.47
Same days yesr ago.. 41, 506 14,918 128,424
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
-the Union Stock Yards. South Omsha,
Neb, for 24 hours ending at 3 p. m. yes
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
C. M. 4 St. P 16 - 16
Wabash 2 1
Missouri Pacific 9 2 1
Union Pacific 179 30 83
C. A N. W., east.... 16 ' 7 2
C. A N. W., west. 148 .26 46
C. St. P., M. A O..'.: 2 4
C. B. A Q. east.... 4 6 1
C, B. A Q., west.... 139 17 16
C, R. I. A P., east.. 11 6 1
C. R. 1. P., west.. . . 2
Illinois Central 6 1 ..
C. G. W 1 1
Totsl receipts ..62 177 160
Good Corn Ranges from Un
changed to Two Cents Up;
Bulk of Oats Half Cent
Off; Wheat Firm.
Morris Packing Co.. 980
Swift A Co 2,89?
Cudahy Packing Co.l,6M
Armour A Co 2.080
Swart A Co
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co. 83
S. O. Packing Co. . .
Wilson Packing Co..
Htggln Packing Co.
Hoffman Bros
John Roth A Sons..
Mayerowtcb A Vail.
P. O'Dea
Armour, Sioux City.
W. B. Van Sant Co. 201
enton A Van Sant 222
F. P. Lewis 428
Huntzlnger & Oliver 16
J. B. Root & Co.... 232
J. H. Bulla 138
Rosenstock Bros. .. 221
F. O. Kellogg 222
Werthelmer A Degen 218
Ellis A Co
Sullivan Bros. .
A. Rothschild .
Hogs. Sh
1.632 1
M.-Kan. C. & C. Co. 243
E. Q. Christie 64
Baker 221
Banner Urns. 164
John Harvey 934
Jensen & I.undgren. 26
Dennis & Francis... 171
Cheek A Krebs 78
Other buyers 4,292
Total 16,533 ' 8.657 36,958
Cattle There were 13,000 cattle again
this morning, making receipts 47,000 for
the three days, and desirable beeves on
the early trade were selling steady with
yesterday. Good to choice westerns
bringing $15.00 to $17.60 and medium
kinds from $12.00 to $14.60. Butcher
stock was slow, but steady, choice kinds
changing hands at $9 00 to $11.60. with
medium kind from $8.28 to $9.00. Stock
ers and feeders were steadier to easier.
Hogs There were 113 loads here today,
estimated at 8,000 head. Few hogs sold
early to both shippers and packers at
steady prices, but the market soon weak
ened gradually slipping downward until
shippers were 1015c lower and packers,
1520c lower than yesterday. Bulk of
sales was $19.65 19.80. with a top of
Sheep There were 138 loads of sheep
reported tn today, estimated at 37,000
head, making th run for the week, 132,
864 head. Yesterday's late close was th'e
weakest time of the day and today's open
ing was largely In line with closing prices
yesterday. It Is doubtful If feeders would
sell above $16.60 tlhs morning and down
to $13.60. Fat Iambs market Is generally
steady. These prices on feeders show a
decline of 60 75c for the week.
Quotations on sheep: Lambs, good to
choice, $16.7517.50: lambs, fair to good,
114.410 16.76; lamb feeders, $16.2516.75;
yearlings, good to choice, I12.5013.25;
yearlings', fair to good, 112. 00 ! 13.60 ;
yearling feeders, $12.0012.7(; wether
feeders, $U.7612.35; ewes, good to
choice, $9.25 3 9.75; ewes, fair to good,
$9.009.25; ewe feeders, $8.009.25.
Quotations on cattle: Choice to prime
beeves, I17.50g18.40; good to choice
beeves, J 16.00 1 7. SS ; fair to good beeves,
$13.6015.75; . common to fair beeves,
$10.00 13.00; good to choice yearlings,
$16.0018.00; fair to good yearlings, $12.00
15.60; common to fair yearlings, $8.50
11.00; choice to prime grass steers, $15.00
17.76; fair to good grass beeves, $12.00
14.50; common to fair grass beeves, $9.00
011.25; Mexican beeves, $9.0011.00; good
to choice heifers. 19.75 12.00; good to
choice cows. $. 00 1 1. 50 ; fair to good
cows, $7. 7608.75; common to fair cows,
J6.264T7.25; prime feeders, tl3.603l(.60;
good to choice feeders. $10.75013.00; fair
to' good feeders, J9.00W10.25; common to
fair feeders, $7.008.00; good to choice
stockers, $10.00011.60; stock heifers, $7.26
08.75; stock cows, $6.507.75; stork
calves, $7.00011.00; veal calves, $7.00
13.75; bulls, stags, etc.. $8.0009.60.
Nebraska Lands.
WRITE me for pictures and prices of my
farms and ranches In good old Dawes
county, Arah L. Hungerford. Crawford.
VALLEY FARM 360 acres, new buildings,
pure spring water, fruit, $30 per acre.
Other farms, view free.
E. ARTHUR, Box Y-690, Omaha Bee.
WE specialize in the sale of Nebraska
ranches. White A Hoover, 454 Omaha
Nat'l Bank Bldg.
160 ACRES, improved, close In, paved road.
Nllson, 423 Securities Bldg.
Oregon Land.
"In th Heart of th Range"
The Jordan Valley Project.
Malheur County, Oregon'.
An empire In the making, land $1.00 per
acre plus the cost of the water. You ran
file on grazing homestead entries neaiby.
Literature and particulars on request.
Next excursion September 28.
30 First Natl. Bk. Bldg. Omaha, Neb..
Don't U6t your farm with us if you
want to keep it.
510 Electric Bldg. Douglas 9371.
EXPERIENCED, farmer with plenty of
help want to rent a good farm with
Itock and machinery. Call D. 3393. Mr.
Pease, 211 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Organised by the Business Men of Omaha
FURNITURE, pianos and notes as secur
ity, 340. 6 mo.. H. goods, total. $3.50.
483 Security Bldg., 16th A Farnam. Ty. 666.
iyfKf W. C FLATAU. EST. 182. 0
Lowest rates. Private loan booths. Harry
Maleshork, 1514 Dodge. D. (Sit.. Est. 1891.
.3x66 25
Frank R. Senear and wife to W. R.
Garrett, Laurel Ave.. 617 ft. w.
of 43d St., so. aide. 120x65...... 800
Josle Kroner to Minnie Swan
Franklin and . husband, I Pinkney
St.. 47 ft. w. of 22d St., no.
Ide, 47x120 5,500
Carl Oscar Nelson and wife to
Allc MacMahon, Lafayette Ave..
tll.f ft. w. of 36th St., no. aide.
10x141 5,800
M. A. Peas to Ida C. Bngstrora,
Emmet St., 1(0 ft. . of Jlst St.,
no. aide, (0x124 4.000
Richard C. Schlndlsr and wit to
John Winkler, t al. Hickory 8t..
180 .ft . of (th St.. no. side.
70x100 735
William J. -Traver and wife to
Domlnlck J. Hughes, S. W. Cor.
16th St and Deer Park Blvd.,
- (6x130 and other property 4,200
Domlnlck J. Hughes snd wlf to
Edward 8. Traver, 8. E. Cor. 34th
and Franklin St., (0x120 4,000
W. O. Hatten and wlf to L. Sheet.
S. E. Cer. 30th St., and Capitol
Ave., $3x100 5,000
Horn Builder Investment Co. to
Jessie M. Kane. Camden At., 44 .
ft . of 48th St. no. (Id, 40x131 1(0
Lloyd N. Osborne and wlf to Ella
F. Kelly, 88th Ave.. 41 ft s. of .
Lturel at, east side, 42HU30., tJOO
1 1
No. 3
Omaha, September 18, 1918.
Moderate receipts of grain were in evi
dence today with 63 cars of wheat, 103
cars of corn, 48 cars of oats, 3 cars of
rye and 7 cars of barley.
Corn prlcea rsnged from 2c higher to
2c lower, with the good grades selling
from unchanged to 2c up. White offerlnga
of good quality were steady, while yellow
ranged from unchanged to 2c higher. Oood
mixed was unchanged. Some off grades
showed a decline.
Oats were Vc to 1c lower, with the
bulk He off.
Wheat waa firm, rye 2e to 3c off and
barley easier.
Receipta tbu )
Today. Wk. Ago. Yr. Ago.
Wheat 62 28 28
Corn 103
Oats 4S
Rye 3
Barley 7
Shipments (cars)
Wheat 243
Corn 44
Oats 63
Barley 9
Wheat. Corn. Oats
Chicago 588 465
Kansas City 66 48
St. Louis ... 93 41
Minneapolis 297
Duluth 195
Winnipeg 256
Corn No. 2 white, 1 car, $1 85.
white, 2 cars, $1.83. No. 4 white, 6 cars,
$1.78; 1 car. $177. No. 6 white, 1 car,
$1.73; 2 cars, $1.72. No. 6 white, 1 car,
$1.70; 3 cars. $1 65. Sample white, 1 car,
$1.50; 2 cars. $1.42; 1 car, $1.40; 1 car,
$1.35; 1 car. $1.20. No. 3 yellow. $1.59;
6 cars. $1.58; No. 4 yellow, 1 car, $1.51; 10
cars, $150; 2-5 car, $1.48. No. 6 yellow,
6 cars, $1.45; 1 Car, $1.43; 10 cars, $1.42.
No. 6 yellow, 2 cars, $1.26; 1 car, $1.35.
Sample yellow, 2 cars. $1.30; 1 car, $1.25;
3 cars. $1.23; 2 cars. $1.20. No. 4 mixed.
1 car (6 per ceot color), $1.62; 2 cars,
$1.60. No 6 mixed. 1 car, $1.38; 1 car,
$1.37; t 3-5 cars, $1.35. Sample mixed, 1
car, $1.:'.0; I car, $1.28; 2 cars. $1.22.
Oats No. 2 white, 2, cars, 69c. Stand
ard, 1 car, 694c. No. 3 white, 27 cars,
68c. No. 4 white. 3 cars, 68c.
Rye No. 2, 3 1-5 cars, $1.60. No. 3. 1
car. $1.69; 3-5 car, $1.57. No. 4, 1 car,
. Barley No. 2, 1 csr, $1.03. No. 3, 3
cars, $1.04; 1 car, $1.02; 1 car, $1.00. No.
4. 1 car, $1.00. '
Wheat No. 1 hard, 3 cars, $2.18V. No.
2 hard, 1 car, $2.16'.; 1 car, $2.16; 6 cars.
$2.15Vi: 5 cars, $2.15; 1 car (yellow),
$2.13; 2 cars (smutty), $2.13.. No. 3 hard,
4 cars, $2.13; 1 car, $2.12; 4-5 car, $2.11;
1 car (smutty), $2.10; 2 cars (yellow),
$2.09; 1 car (smutty), $2.08; 1 car (smut
ty), $2.07; 1 car (smutty), $2.06. No. 4
hard, 1 car (smutty), $2.06; 2-3 car (smut
ty), $2,05. Sample hard, 1 car (smutty),
$1.95. No. 1 northern spring, 2 cars.
$2.18; 2-6 car, $2.11; 2 cars (smutty),
$2 12. No. 4 northern spring. 1 car, $2.05;
1-3 car (smutty, red), $1.80. No. 1 mixed,
2 cars, $2.16; 2 cars, $2.14.
Chicago closing prices furnished The
Bee by Logan & Bryan, stocrf and grain
brokers, 315 South Sixteenth street,
Omaha: a
Article. Open. High. Low. Close. Yest'y
Sep. ..
Oct. ..
Nov. . .
Sep. ..
Oct. ..
Nov. . .
Sep. . .
Oct. ...
Nov. ..
Sep. . . ,
Oct. ..
Nov, . ,
Sep. ..
Oct. ..
Nov. ..
1 64ll 65i!l 5411 54Vi:l 55i
1 63 1 63 1 51 i,J 1 62il 52H
1 49HU 49V4J1 47ll 491 48
724l 72H 72
73'4 73Vj, 73
74", 74Vi 73V4
40 15 40 821 40 15
40 15 40 85! 40 10
40 161 40 85 40 15 40 65! 39 90
27 02! 27 00
26 87 26 871
26 47 26 52!
23 "70
23 60
23 72
23 67
7 3 i
40 55
40 55
39 90
39 90
27 00
26 87
26 47
23 60
23 52
27 02 27 00
26 87 26 85
26 50 26 45
23 70 23 52
23 79 23 52
23 60 23 45
Killing Frost In Iowa Bullish Factor in
Corn Market; Close Unsettled.
Chicago, Sept. 18. Likelihood of delay
on shipments from the Interior mors than
counterbalanced In the corn market to
day the bearish Influence of a renewal of
peace gossip. The finish was unsettled,
varying from half cent decline to c
advance, with October, $1.62 W 1.52H and
November. $1.4901.49. Oats gained
Hc to ho and provisions 2 to 85
A majority of trader finally adopted
the opinion that during the next few days
a decrease liii the movement of corn from
rural points would not be surprising. In
this connection, It was said, country rail
road agents were not yet familiar with
the process required to obtain permits
for shipments, and that a falling off in
arrivals here might be looked for, tnstesd
of the enlarged receipts which yesterday
were predicted. Another bullish factor
wa a killing frost in northwestern Iowa,
but estimates quickly became current that
more than 80 per cent of the whole United
States crop was now safe from frost, and
that within a week 10 per cent additional
weuld be out of danger. Bears then msde
the most of peace talk until general at
tention focussed on the prospect of dim
inished supplies.
Liberal sale to Georgian Bay ports
strengthened oats.
Improved cash demand gave an up
ward slant to provisions.
Corn No. 2 yellow, $1.6601.67; No. 3
yellow, $1.551.60; No. 4 yellow, $1,620
Oats No. 3 white. 72?4 0 73c; tan
dard. 7273lc.
Rye No. 2. $1.6301.63Vi.
Barley 9Oc0$l. 03.
Timothy $7. 00 10. 00.
Clover Nominal.
Pork' Nominal.
Lard $27.10.
Ribs $23.45f 23 95.
Chicago. Sept. IS. Butter Market
higher; creamery, 48067c.
Eggs Receipts, 9.730 cases; market un
changed. Potatoes Market lower; receipts, (8
cars; Minnesota Early Ohlos, bulk, $2.40
62.45; sacks, (2.5502.60: Wisconsin bulk,
$2.3(02.40-,' sacks, $2.50 0 2.(0.
Poultry Alive, market unchanged.
Kansaa City Live Stock.
Kansa City, Mo., Sept. 18. Cattle
Receipts, 20,000 head, including 300 south
erns; steady; prime fed steers, $18,000
19.40; drfssed beef steers, $11.50017.60;
western steers, $10.50 0 16.00; southern,
$7.00014.60; cows, 6.23 12.25; heifers,
$7.6013.0; stockers- and feeders, $7,500
15.75; bulls, $7.0009.50; calves, $6,500
Hogs Receipt, 12,000 head; strong;
bulk, $19.50020.60; heavy. $20.00020.65;
packers and butchers, $19.76020.80; light
$19.25020.(0; . pigs, $17,00019.25.
Sheep and Lanbs Receipts, 13,000
head; higher; lambs, $16.00017.60; year
lings. $10.5013.50; wethers, $10 000
13.60; ewes, $8.00011.50; stockers and
feeders, $7.00017.60.
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fruit.
New York, Sept. 18. Evaporated Apples
Dull; atate, 14H016c.
Prunes Scaroe; Callfornlas, (ftieue
Oregons, 1614 016c. '
Apricots Firm; cholc. 16c; itra
choice, lc; fancy, 19Uc.
Peaches Firm; standard, 1201214c
choice, 13Hc; fancy, 1414c. '
Raisins Strong; loose muscatels, tuc
choice to fancy seeded, 1014 4' 11c; seed
less, ItteilVic; London layer, $2.00.
New York General.
New York, Sept. 18. Wheat Spot,
steady; No. t red, $2.34 track New
York, export to arrive.
Corn Spot, steady; No. 1 yellow
J1?3?0' ?eUow' 1.7. "St and
freight New York.
Oats Spot, firm; standard, 82t4c
Hay 8trong: No. 1, $1.8(01.(0; No 2
$1.76 0$1.8O; No. 3, $1.6601.70. ' '
Lard Firm; mlddlwet. $22.75023.45.
Kansas City Produce.
Kansas City. Sept. It. Buttr Cream
ery, (4c; flrt, 62c; iscond. 51c; pack
ing, 39c.
Eggs First. 41c; second. 16c.
Poultry Unchanged.
Established 1894.
Reaction From Liquidation
Gives Upward Swing to
Market; Many Issues
Make Advances.
New York, Sept. 18. Reaction from the
recent heavy liquidation carried some
prominent issues steadily upward in the
stork market today, presumably on the
theory that a generally oversold condi
tion existed. Professional buying In vari
ous quarters, together with liberal short
covering, furnished a foundation which had
not been In evidence for some time. An
other Influential factor was the grati
fying war news. Msny of the stocks
advanced 1 to 4 points, some reaching
new high ground.
The upward swing was preceded shortly
after the opening by profit taking from
last night's closing advances as there was
no confirmation of yesterday's rumors
which sent the market up on reports that
the German emperor had abdicated. These
losses were quickly recovered, active pur
chasing of oil stocks, which have been
persistently strong of late, Imbuing the
general list with strength.
French government 5Vis established a
new high record at 100.
Liberty bonds displayed a good tone
and other issues were not essentially
changed. Total sales, par value, were
United State bonds (old Issues) were
unchanged on call.
Sales High Low Close.
Am. Beet Sugar.. 400 9'i 69 6 9
American Can 800 44V. 43 44 H
Am. Car & Fdry . 400 85Vs S4i 84
Am. Locomotive . 200 65 Si 65 65 W
Am. Smelt. & Ref. 1.400 77?, 76 77
Am. Sugar Ref.... 1,300 108 107 107 Vi
Am. Tel. & Tel... 900 99 9SH 99
Anaconda Copper. 5,600 67 H 67V 67H
Canadian Pacific. 3,000 1631, 160' 162'i
400 67
67 H 67
48A 49
Ches. A Ohio
C, M. & St. P. . (00 49
C R I & P ctfs.. 1.400 25
Corn Prod. Ref... 2,100 42
Cuba Cane Sugar. 2.800 30
Gt. Nor. pfd. xd 400 89
Gt. Nor. Ore ctfs. 200 30
Illinois Central
Int. M. Mar. pfd.. 17,600 102 101 101
30 30
K. C. Southern
Mo. Pacific
Nevada Copper xd.
N. Y. Central
Nor. Pacific
Southern Pacific.
Studebaker Corp..
Texas Co
Union Pacific
500 18
600 24
800 73
600 86
88 87
44 44
18 18
23 24
.... 20
86 86.
800 46 45 45
8,600 162 169 162
700 124 124 124
U. S. Steel 57.300 110 108 109
U. S. Steel pfd.... 500 110 110 110
Western Union . . 300 83 83 83
Total sales for the day, 250,000 shares.
New York Money.
New York. Sept. IS. Mercantile
Four months, unchanged.
Stirling Unchanged; demand,
7-16;; cables, $4.7055.
Francs Unchanged.
Guilders Demand, 47c; cables,
I,re Demand, $6.37; cables. $6.3
Mexican Dollars Unchanged.
Time Loans Strong; unchanged.
Call Mono: Strong; unchanged.
U. S. 2s, reg. 88 G N 1st 4s
U. S. 2s, cou. . 98 'I. C. ref. 4s
U. S. 3s, reg. 83 Int. M. M. 6s
U. S. 3s, cou. t83 K C S ref. 5s
U S. L. 8s 100.18 V A N un. 4s
U. S. 4s, reg. 106 MK & T 1st 4s
U. S. 4s, cou. 106 M. P. gen. 4s
Am. Fr- S. 5s 97 Vs'. Pr. fis
A T & T c. 5s 90 N V C deb. (is
Anglo-Fr. 5s 94 Nor. Pac. 4s
A. A Co. 4s 82 Nor. Pac. 3s
80 O 8 L ref. 4s
76 P T & T Es
88 'P. con. 4s
Cen. Lea. Es 94 Pen. gen. 4s
On. Tac. 1st 76 Read. gen. 4s
C. & O. cv. 6s 79 SL&SF a. (s
C B & Q j. 4s 93 S. P. cv. 6s
CM & SP c.4s 77 South. Ry. 6s
CRI P r. 4s 68 Tex Pac 1st
C A S r. 4s 72 Un. Pacific 4s
D & RG r. 5s 55 U. 8. Rub. 6s
DofC 6s(1931) 94 V. S. Steel 6s
Erie gen. 4s 53 Wabash 1st..
Gen. Elec. 6s 97 Fr. Gov. 5s
Atch. gen. 4s
B A O c. 4s
B. Steel r. 5s
81 Vi
Chicago Live Stock,
Chicago, Sept. 18. (United States Bu
reau of Murkets.) Cattle Receipts, 16,
000; native steers selling strong, $15,500
18.00; othors slow to lower; western
steady to strong; fat cows and heifers
10 to 15c lower; canners, bulls, calves
and feeders, st"ady. Beef cattle: good,
choice and primo. $16.50019.50; common
and medium, $10.00016.50. Butcher
sleek: Cows and heifers, $7.65013.75.
Canner and cutters, $6.65 07.65. Stock
ers and feeders: Good, choice and fancy,
$11.00014.06; Inferior, common and med
ium, $8.00011.00. Veal calves: Good and
choice, $16.60019.(0.
Hogs Receipts, 10,000, market fully
steady with yesterday's average. Butch
ers (20.1520.75, light, $20.40020.85;
packing, $19.50020.00; rough, $18 500
19.26; pigs, good to choice, $19.00019.60.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 21.000;
market strong to 25c higher, top lambs
advancing most; choice and prime, $17.60
18.40; medium and good, $16.00017.50:
culls, $10.00013.50. Ewes: Choice snd
prime, $11.60012.25; medium and good,
$10.25011.50; cull. $4.0008.00.
Checks Fly Hither and Thither
for Garage and Diamonds
and Automobiles; In
vestigation Starts.
Sheriff Conlon and A. G. Brunrr
of Fremont, assisted by Omaha de
tectives, are combing the city of
Omaha in an effort to find J. -P.
O'Brien, one of the most picturesque
of the frenzied financiers who have
ever visited Dodge county.
They want hinr to account for a
car he had sold, for numerous bad
checks he had floated, and for the
purpose of straightening out one of
the most curious business muddles
that has ever occurred in that thriv
ing city.
J. P. O'Brien came to Fremont a
few days ago and, because of his
affability and his apparent prosper
ity, soon made many friends.
He told a firm of real estate deal
ers there, it is alleged, that he had
been an adventurer in old Mexico,
and despite the unsettled conditions
in that revolution-torn country, he
had been enabled to amass a fortune.
Bank Owes Him Money.
O'Brien, in his conference with
the real estate nien, exhibited a
sight draft drawn on an El Paso,
Texas, bank, with telegrams of veri
fication, showing that bank indebted
to him for more than $14,000.
He said he was tir.ed of roving
about the country and was anxious
to settle down in some enterprising
city and engage in business. Fre
mont seemed to have the "pep," he
explained, and was his ideal of a city
in which to retire and still be in
The real estate firm happened to
know of a good opening. It was the'
garage of A. G. Bruner, and they
took the man from Mexico to Bru-j
ner and it did not take long, to
make the deal.
O'Brien gave a check drawn on
the Bank of Nickerson, Neb., for
$10,591, and assumed possession of
the place. He showeed his ability
as a business man by at once hav
ing all of the stocl insured and Bru
ner, with the check in his pocket,
was looking for new places for in
vestment. Advertised Change.
O'Brien advertised extensively in
the papers, the business change
that had been made.
Tuesday night he went to the jew
elry store of Grover Spangler and
bought a diamond ring for $650, giv
ing a check on the Commercial Na
tional bank for the same. Then he
went to a clothing store and pur
chased $140 worth of clothes, de
ferring payment until later in the
Spangler became suspicious of the
check in his possession and did not
give O'Brien the diamond until he
could investigate. He went to the
Commercial National and found that
O'Brien had been there during the
dav and had deposited a check for
$7a0, which he claimed he had re
ceived in payment for a car pur
chased from his newly acquired gar
age. I he check was made out by
J. C. Ord. As a result of the jew
eler s suspicions, it was found that
the First National bank, on which
the check had been drawn", had no
depositor by the name of Ord.
Check on Wrong Bank.
When confronted by Spangler,
O'Brien said there must be some
mistake, that Ord had intended to
give the check on the Nickerson,
Nekr, bank, and the check was re
turned to him.
Investigation proceeded as a re
sult of the transaction and O'Brien,
becoming alarmed, went to his gar
age and took out a Maxwell car,
which he sold at Dodge. Later he
returned and got an Allen car which
he drove to Omaha and placed in the
Service garage, where it was re
covered Tuesday night by Detectives
Danbaum and Murphy.
In the meantime O'Brien managed
to hide himself somewhere in the
city. Bruner, the former proprietor
of the garage, has the check for $10,
591 in his possession and is at sea
as to whether he or O'Brien is the
owner of the business and he is
very anxious to meet the man so as
to be able to settle the perplexing
Only Best Quality of Heavy
Beef to Be Supplied Army
Washington. Sept. 18. Only
heavy weight beef of the best qual
ity will be supplied the fighting
forces of the United States and the
allies, a minimum weight of 575
pounds per head having been es
tablished by the food purchase
board today in a request to the food
administration to make sufficient
allotments of beef for military
needs. Lighter beef of proper qual
ity will be accepted, the board an
nounced, only in case of shortage
in the heavy weight, in which event
no heavy beef is to be diverted to
civilian uses.
Creighton University Notes.
After high mass the students assem
bled In the Creighton auditorium, whore
they received a hearty welcome from the
president of the school. He briefly ad
dressed the students, giving some pro
limlnary instructions, and urged them to
enter upon their year's work with energy
and serlousnens. Special mention was
made of the work expected of the S. A
T C.
The army officer who has been de
tailed by the government to take charge
of the Creighton students' army training
corps Is expected In Omaha within th
next few days.
Registration for the S. A. T. C. prom
ises to be very active. Already 150 stu
dents ar enrolled In the college of arts
it Is likely that St. John's hall will be
converted into barracks to accommodate
the students.
All members of the S. T! A. C. are re
quired to take a count In war alms
From th following subjects the student
must choose his course: College algebra,
biology, chemistry, drawing, economics,
English, ethics, French, German, solid
geometry, hygiene and sanitation. Inter'
national law, military law and govern
ment, physios, surveying and trigonometry
Friday, September 13, a large number
of students, old and new, returned to
register for the coming year. They ex
pected to begin their routine of studio
the following Saturday, but learned that
the weekly holiday had been changed
from Thursday to Saturday for the con
venience of the S. A. T. C. member.
First regular classes met Monday morn
Ing, September 16. Tuesday, the students
attended the annual opening high mass.
Officers of the mass were: Rev. Father
Kaufman, celebrant; Moonman, subdean,
and Prof. O'Leary, S. J., deacon. Prof.
Mahoney, S. J., acted as master of cere
monies. The sermon wa delivered by the
Rev. Father Callangen.
New U. S. Order Finds No Con
gestion Here; Ship-
ments Equal to
By order of the U. S. Railroad
Administration, and because of lim
ited storage capacity, an embargo
was placed yesterday on all' grain
shipments consigned to Omaha,
Council Bluffs, Kansas City, and
other points in the grain belt.
As a result of the embargo fu
ture shipments of grain to these
markets will be made on a' permit
basis. These permits will be issued
in co-operation with the Food Ad-
A specially appointed grain con
trol committee will receive these
permits, which will be issued to the
shipper or the agent at the point of
origin of the shipment. Providing
storage can be given at destination,
the shipper or agent at point of ori
gin will be so notified, and the
shipment may be made accordingly.
While Omaha, theoretically, comes
under the provision of the embargo,
it actually should have little effect
on the movement of grain from the
country elevators to this point, ac
cording to a statement issued by
the Grain Exchange yesterday.
"Omaha starts under the new
regulations without congestion,
while other markets are not so for
tunate," says a bulletin issued at the
Grain Exchange. According to the
bulletin, during the 30-dav oeriod
from August 15 to September 15,
7,986 cars of grain were unloaded
at this point, and there were 5,777
cars shipped. Heavy shipments are
being made from Omaha to interior
points, and that there will be ample
facilities for handling the regular
amounts of grain due this market.
is the opinion of Omaha grain men.
Army Orders.
Washington, 8ept. 3 8. (Special Tele
gram.) C'apt. Norrls S. Oliver, Infantry,
is relieved from duty as commanding of
ficer of the t'nlted State rmy training
detachment, Carnegie Institute of Tech
nology, Pittsburgh, Pa and Is directed to
proceed to Grlnnell college, Iowa, for
duty as officer and acting quartermaster
of the students' army.
First Lt. Edward C. Mylott, medical
corps, Is relieved from duty at Camp
Orernleaf, CJa., and will proceed to Camp
Hodge, Des Moines. Ia.
First Lt. Edgsr H. O'Neal, Infantry, Is
relieved from duty at army training de
tachment at the Iowa state college of
agriculture and mechanical arts, Ames,
and Is directed to proceed to Iowa state
teachers college, Cedar Falls.
First Lt. Harold M. Bates,' Infantry, Is
relieved from army training detachment
at Newark board of education, Newark,
N. J., and will proceed to Luther college,
Pecorah, and Upper Iowa university, Fa
yette, la., for duty as commanding offi
cer of the students' army training oorp.
Appointment of Pvt. Chester Elijah
Kellog, medical department, a first lieu
tenant, sanitary corps. Is announced;
IJernard Henry Berger, quartermaster
corps, as second lieutenant; master Hos
pital Sergt. Edwin Angerman, medical
department, as second . lieutenant, sani
tary corps, United State army.
Capt. Frederick DeP. Townsend, avia
tion section, signal corps, will prooeed to
Fort Omsha.
Three Billion Bill Passei. '
Washington, Sept. 18. With lew
than an hour's discussion and with
out amendment, the house today
adopted the general plan ana rates
in the war revenue bill iot taxation
of war and excess tax profits. eti
mated to yield $3,200,000,000 in
Lantson Bros. & Co.
E.Lbli.b..d 1874 ;
New York Stock Exchange
New York Cotton Exchange
Chicago Board of Trade
Minneapolis Chamber of
Stocks Bonds Grain
Provisions Cotton,.
Careful attention given to invest
ment purchases of stocks and
bonds. , '
Private'wire to principal markets.
We have the "Hutton Du
plex" direct private wire,
Omaha to New "York.
Your business solicited ' ''
402 Grain Exch. Bldg., Omaha.
Tel. Douglas 2567. -
. -.1'
Monon gahela Valley
Traction Company
General Mortgage) ' '
7 Cold Bonds
DatW Jalj 1, HIS
Dm Ur i m
THIS is a well secured
and otherwise desirable;
investment yielding more
than 7.73.
You will he interested in
the detailed description of
this bond. (
Send for Circular OB-181
TheNationalQty ,
Company .
Carrtipondtnl Ofieit in It CUitt
Chicago 137 So. La Salle St
ftmUShcrt Twm Htlm-Aumtmm
a a4 99 rt
I -I M I a I V
tadi Me -
St. Louis Live Stock.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 18. Cattle Re
ceipts, 8.300 head; steady; native beef
steers, $11.50 IS. 25; yearling steers and
heifers, I9.5016.60; cows, $7.60 12.68;
stockers and feeders, I8.SO13.00; fair to
prime southern beef steers, $10.0018.00;
beef cows and heifers, J7.S0 15.00 ; natlv
calves, S7.7517.25.
Hogs Receipts, 19,000 head; lower;
lights, $2. 15(5 20.60; pigs, $15.261820.00;
mixed and butchers, $20.0020.(i6; good
heavy, $20.5020.66; bulk, $20. IBS 20.60.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 3,100 head:
stiady; lambs, $16.5016.76: ewes. $11.00
12.00; canner and choppers, $5. 009.00.
fhiargo Llv Stork.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 18. Cattle Receipts,
18,000 hesd; market steady to lower; beef
cattle, $10.00 1 9. 60 ; butcher stock, cows
and heifers. $7.6513.76; canners and cut
ters, $6.657.5; stockers and feeder,
$8.0014.00; calves, $18.60019.50.
Hogs Receipts, 10,000 head; market
steady; heavy, $20.15 20.76; light,
$20.4020.85; packing, $19.50 20.00;
rough. $18.5019.25; pigs. $19.0019.50.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 21,000
head; 10 to 25 cents higher; no prime
lambs here; top western, $18.25; top na
tives, $17.50.
Sioux City Live Stock.
Sioux City, la.', Sept. 18. Cattle Re
ceipts, 8,000 head; market steady; beef
steers, $9.25018.00; canners, $6.0007.60;
stockers and feeders, $9.00 14.00 ; calves,
$8.0013.50; bulls, stags, etc., $7. 0069.00;
cows and heifers, $6.6010.60."
Hogs Receipt, 6,000 head; msrket
steady to 15 cent lower; light. $19.90
20.15; mixed, $19.70 11.90; heavy, $19.36
St. Joseph Live Stock.
St. Joseph, Sept. II. Cattle Receipts,
3,000 head; market steady; steers, $9.00
calves, $6.00 13.60.
Hogs Receipts, 7.009 head; market
strong; top, $20.66; bulk of sales, $19.59
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 1,500 head;
market strong; lambs, $11.0017.25; ewe,
New York Cotton Future.
New Tork, SepU 18. Cotton Future
opened steady; October, 23.96c; December,
83. 28c; January, 33.16c;; March, 32. Sic;
May, 33.870.
Army Appointments.
Washington, Sept. 18. (Special Tele
gram.) Th following appointment have
been made in th United State army:
Arthur G. Anderson. Sioux City; Albert
H. Cunningham, Stark Lake; Jay C.
Ford, Des Moines; Charles DeWltt Glbbs,
Forr Dodge; Wllber R. Oleendun, Leon;
Donald M. Rounds, Des Molnea, Ia., first
lieutenants, engineering corps.
John H. Hamilton, Des Moines; Robert
Johnson, Estherville; Archie S. Patterson,
Marshall town; Warren L. Porter, Stan
wood. Ia. ; Harold A. Langdon, Omaha,
econd lieutenants, engineer.
Harry Dlcua, Sioux City; David R. Et
tlnger, Osceola; Harry L. Wells, West
Point, Neb., second lieutenants, Quarter
master corp.
Harvey E. Hanna, Marlon, la., second
lieutenant, motor transport corps.
William M. Kelley, Mitchell, 9. D.;
Wayne Burbank. Omaha; Vincent Skele
ton. Lawler, la., second lieutenants, air
i"'U!(l!!llll!!l!!lllll!lllll lilllllll!lllllll!l!!!ll!nilll!illllll!llll!llllllllllllll;lIIM lllllllllltlllllll!llllll!llllllllllllllllllUHIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIII!l!llllllllllll!IIUlllllllllllllllll IIIIIUII!!IIUIIIIIIIII!HI!IUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!lllllllllln
I " ' " "'" r. , ,i, i , ; n., : ;. ii!llillllllllIIU :MM i 1 1 1 ' I . : , It I r 1 1 1 I II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 i I Illl lllllll'lliElllllimiilimiClinilllllllllllSIIIIIIIHillilHMM
i i I
Boost the
Liberty Loan
1 f I
I have (ucceaiful treatment for Rupture with
out resorting to painful and uncertain surgi
cal operation. I am th only reputable physi
cian who will take such uses upon a guarantee
to giv satisfactory result. I have devoted more
. than 20 year to the exclusive treatment of Hup-
fiI.?Vi.. 7.i.Cied th bMt J.reatnlent exUUnee tody. I do not Inject paraf
No ewLZtfi. fimUl.iS!I.!r.0U,v TJ" dvnt" i r treatm.nt ere: No los. of time.
Bfl $2. wLTl- t chloroform, shock snd bleed poison, and
no laying up in a notpitah CaU or write Dr. Wr.v. aos R rm-. om.ha.
IHE entire first issue of the securities of the SKIN
NER PACKING COMPANY has been' sold.
The cqhtract for the plant has been awarded to
Collins Bros, of Kansas City. This firm makes a spe
cialty of packing-house construction and is just fin
ishing a large contract for Swift & Company of
Kansas City. No securities of the SKINNER PACK
ING COMPANY will be placed on the market until
after the coming LIBERTY LOAN, and every effort
will be made to put this loan "over the top" in the
quickest possible time.
Sincerely an4 respectfully
Books Audited by Arthur Young & Company, Chicago, 111.
j Passed by the Capital Issues Committee as not incompatible with the national interest, but without approval of legality, validity
MtAttiU .... ...... t
. woi ui ur security - '
I f HmiiiniiaiiiiuimiiiM
iHtMnnimmiiiiiiimtiitiiititiiiriufiHHafiirtiitifi.tHiwiHittiiiiiiiMiiiwmitimt MswmiiirwH
1 i
, t