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Arrive Friday and Fly
Saturday Instead of Sun
day; to Land at Field
Revised plans for the exhibition in
Omaha of the American and British
fleet of aviators call for the display
flights in Omaha on Saturday, as
originally planned, instead of Sunday,
as was announced Tuesday. The
- flyers will arrive in the city Friday,
says Lieut. E. G. Montgomery, ad
vance officer for the aviation mission,
now in the city, and. after flying over
the downtown section of the city Sat
urday will leave for St. Paul, the next
stop on their itinerary.
The return to the original schedule
.was made possible through the short
ening of the Des Moines exhibition
from two days to one day. The fly
ers will spend only Thursday at Des
Moines, -giving exhibition flights at
the fair and will arrive in Omaha
Friday morning. It is planned to
have the party land at the Field club
grounds, which have been inspected
by Commissioner Manley of the
Chamber of Commerce and by Major
Van Nostrand of Fort Omaha.
Ten American planes and three
British planes make up the party
Six of th AmpnVan rtlonas
, . ; -..v.. j-tuuva "Lit yi
the Curtis bi-plane'type equipped with
Hispano-Suiza motors. Two are De
Havilands equipped with Liberty mo
tors and with four machine guns
each, two on each plane shooting
through the propellor and two op
erated by the observer in the rear of
the pilot Two speed scout planes
make up the American section. '
Immelmann turns, vertical banks,
loops, tail spins, spinning nose dives,
barrel rolls and side slips will be
some of the stunts which will thrill
Omahans in the spectacular aerial
combat between Lieuts. Samuel M.
Connell and T. E. Welsh of the
American air service.
This aerial combat will demon
strate all of the difficulties which at
tend the maneuvering of two hostile
scout planes for advantageous positions.
Brie) City News
Soldiers' Field Day
Will Be Staged at
Fort Omaha Labor Day
Events ranging from a "full equip
ment race" to a 12-pound shqtput
and a "shoe race" will fill the after
noon at the Chamber of Commerce
field day for soldiers at Fort Omaha
on Labor day. Only soldiers will par
ticipate in the field day, which has
been arranged by the Chamber of
Commerce. I
The program will open with a 100-'
yard dash, followed by a 220-yard
dash, a half-mile race around the
parade ground, a three-legged race, ,
an obstacle race and a shoe race. ,
Complete squads will partake in
the full equipment race. Sqads will
run 50 yards, put on. full equipment
and return with the squad lined up
at attention. I
A 12-pound shotput, a discus throw,
a pole vault, a running broad jump, j
a high jump and a relay race will
complete the first part of the field j
A base ball game between the army
and a team from the city under the
direction of the recreation committee
of Fort Omaha will comprise the sec
ond part of the events. The lineup of
the base ball teams will be announced
later. :
Rules governing the field events will
be issued later. AH companies in
Fort Omaha and Florence field are
required to take part. Prizes will be
offered for each event. Colonel Her
sey has granted the soldiers at the
fort a half holiday for the afternoon
A few tickets will be given out, main
ly to war work committee members.
Henry McDonald Assured
of Victory Over Henry Dunn
Henry S. McDonald is assured of
the republican nomination in the
First county commissioner district,
by a lead of 10 votes over Henry
W. Dunn.
This contest has been determined
by adding the figures entered by the
official convassers, who have pro
gressed far enough to include all of
this commissioner district.
James P. O'Hara has been watch
ing the official canvass closely and
he now clairhs a lead of 20 votes more
than Ray J. Abbott, present deputy
county attorney. It has been practi
cally conceded that O'Hara will be
the democratic nominee for county
Birthday Celebrants Will
, Donate Pershing Day Cake
cial sanction has been given the
plai suggested by a minister's wife
at Antiocii, Neb., for the raising of a
fund to pay for the big birthday cake
to be used in celebrating Pershing's
anniversary here on September 13. .
The plan is that every patriotic, per
son in Omaha having a birthday be
tween now and September 13 give" at
least 1 cent for each year they are
old. Th cake will cost at least $100
or 10,000 birthdavs.
Mrs. J. V. Kent'of 2124 North Fif
ifti'iUh street, was the first to follow
me plan. On September 13 Persh
r, birthday she will be 61 years
old. She gave 61 cents.
Five Alleged Deserters
Wiil Be Inducted in Army
Federal authorities are holding three
white men, Lee Waters, San Diego,
Cal.; Michael Beliotis, Detroit, Mich,
and Alex Swinton of Newcastle,
Wyo., and two negroes, Will Mdse,
Grove Hill, Ala., and Robert Lewis,
smelter eniployes, as deserters from
military service. All of the men wiil
be inducted into the service.
Elec Fans. $8. Burgess-Granden Co.
Have Root Print It New Beacon
Baby Girl O. E. Pierson,, superin
tendent of the Burlington, is taking
a day off, remaining at home to be
come acquainted with a baby girl
born Tuesday night.
Goes on Vacation Marshal Eber
stein, chief of the On aha department
of justice, returned Tuesday night
from a vacation trip in Michigan. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Eberstein.
Says Husband Is Drunkard Lovisa
Jenks has brought suit for divorce
from William Jenks in district court,
alleging that William is an habitual
drunkard anu has been guilty of non
support Back From Visiting: Son Mr. and
Mrs. Pat Keegan of Fort Calhoun,
spent the day in Omaha on their way
home from Camp Dodge where they
had been visiting their son, Francis
Keegan, in training there.
Two Given Freedom Margaret
Eddy wa3 granted a divorce decree
from John E. Eddy in district court
Tuesday on grounds of nonsupport.
Ida May Mullins was given a divorce
from Charles H. Mullins on grounds
of cruelty.
Magney Visits Son County At
torney Magney, his wife, daughter and
son, leave today for Camp Dodge, la.,
to visit Sergeant Vernon P. Magney,
who is in the quartermaster's depart
ment. Sergeant Magney expects soon
to leave for overseas duty.
Negro Robs Store A. Kline, Nine
teenth and Paul streets. reDorted to
the police that a negro "boy entered his
store while he was working in the
rear and stole a quantity of money
from the cash register. He did not
know how much money was taken.
The thief escaped.
Enters Air , Service Harold E.
Steere, son: of Asel Steere, chief clerk
in the office of the district clerk, left
Tuesday night for Berkeley, Cal.,
where he will enter the aviation ser
vice. Mr. Steere recently returned
from a short training at the military
school at Fort Sheridan.
Teachers In Session The Douglas
County Teachers institute, in session
at the court house this week, was
given over to Junior Red Cross work
Wednesday morning. Instruction in
this work was given the teachers of
the country schools especially. The
leacners neia oniy a nan-day s session
Wednesday. s
Divorce Petitions Filed The fol
lowing divorce petitions were filed in
district court Wednesday morning:
Desta Hatfield against William H., al
leging nonsupport and desertion after
31 years of married life; Gertrude
Hall against William, alleging cruelty,
and Sarah M. Tyson against Oliver,
whom she accuses of , ruelty, citing
one instance when he blackened her
Fln fireplace goods at Sunderland's
Railroad Conductor is
Held Up by Three Negroes
N. W. GordonKan M. & O. railroad
conductor, living at the Drexel hotel,
reported to the police that he was
held up and robbed by three negroes
Tuesday night at Fifteenth and Web
ster streets, about 12 o'clfltk. A val
uable watch was taken.
m J
NO, we do not fit shoes to your
Individual fitting attention in
sures a perfect fit in every in
stance. Added to this is the fact that
we feature .the best fitting
women's shoes built in America.
Let us assist you to select just
the right shape and size to in
sure you lasting comfort and
shoes that will hold their shape.
Remember Our upstairs loca
tion saves you from $1 to $3
on every pair of shoes.
"The House of Economy"
Second Floor, Paxton Block.
Entrance 16th and Farnam.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
We have the Vans. Our
packer are experienced
and our F I R E P R O O F
WAREHOUSE is a safe
place for your household
goods, etc.
0 Hit AHA VAN &
Phone Doug. 4163.
806 S. 16th St
Are You Registered So You
Can Vote November 5?
U30 MMJ8
Wednesday, August 28, 1918.
-Phone Douglas 2100
Announcing a Big Rousing
End'jot-thto-Monih Sd
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
TN reality an end-of-the-season's clearaway at a time when we say "goodbye" to all sum
mer merchandise and make room for the new Fall goods that are tumbling in every
day. The prices are most attractive, as a glance over our announcement will indicate. .
Good quality material and
good fitting; open front, lace
and embroidery trimmed both
back and front; all sizes, 34
to 46, at 35c.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downstairs Store.
White Goods,
A clearaway of the summer's
newest fabrics, including stripes
and plaids. Unusual values at
19c a yard.
Burgess-Nash Co. Downataira Store
Luncheon Sets,
' 89c
Set consists of 13 pieces, lb
dozen each, two-size doilies and
one center piece. Handsome
colored designs, and they are
extreme values at 89c.
Burg eaa-Nash Co. Main Floor.
Dresser Scarfs,
Natural colors, with neatly
scalloped edge in colors of
blue, green or white. Size
17x50 inches, at 89c.
Burgets-Nash Co. Downataira Stora
Turkish Towels,
Bleached Turkish towels,
soft and spongy, neatly hem
med ends. Special, each, 15c.
Burgets-Nash Co. Main Floor.
Dresser Scarfs,
Made of lawn in handsome
colored designs and splendid
quality. Size 17x50 inches.
Sale price, 29c.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downataira Store.
Crash Suitings,
Momie cloth suiting, a very
popular fabric in colors of
brown, helio, tan and blue. Un
usual values at 25c.
Burgess-Nash Co. Downataira Stora
Sale of Books
Including such titles a3 "Real
Adventure." "Cracker Box
School," "Daredevi 1," "The
Trufflers." "Dawn of Tomor
row," "The Seed of the Right
eous," "Wishing Mnon." etc.
Burgess-Nash Co. Third Floor
Crex Rugs
Reduced for final clearaway;
De Luxe weave.
Size 36x72, at $2.75.
Size 4-6x7-6, at $6.75.
Size 6x0, at $8.50.
Size 9x12, at $12.75.
Burgess-Nash Co. Third Floor
er i Rugs
Congoleums Good patterns.
Only a few sizes for a quick
3-4x6 at $1.75.
3x6 at $2.25. -
6x9 at $6.75.
9x9 at $9.75.
9x10-6 at $11.75.
Burgess-Nash Co. Third Floor
Vacuum Cleaner,
Hand vacuum cleaners, per
fect workine order, hut sliihtlv
i marred from handling, reduced
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
Fancy Pillows,
For autos or porches, made
of cretonne or leatherette; navy
blue, green, red and black.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
Bucilla Vicuna-
In the popular shades, some
slightly soiled. Very special at
39c ball.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
Stamped Dresses,
Children's ready-made dress
es, stamped ready for embroid
ery; odd lots in sizes 2, 4 and
6. The materials are poplin,
pique, chambray, etc., 98c.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
Remarkable Clearaway of
Mina Taylor Bungalow
HEY'RE just the sort of dresses every
JL woman needs and they're the kind of
dresses you will like to wear.
Made in a variety of pretty styles of such ma-y
terials as percales and ginghams, in either light or
dark stripes, plaids, checks and plain colors, also in all
Don't fail to take advantage of this wonderful
offering. The values are so exceptional that women
should purchase a season's supply at $2.95 eaph.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
Final Clearaway Sale
Wash Skirts
T NCLUDING the sea
son's newest models;
made of gabardines,
piques and honeycomb
in white and colors; spe
v cially reduced to $1.95.
Wash Skirts
Reduced to
Pretty belted models
with novelty pockets.
Mostly white, in such ma
terials as gabardines, cot
ton, tricotines, piques,
wide and narrow novelty
cloth and repps.
os-Nath Co. Second Floor.
A Quick Clearaway of
Girls Dresses
$1. SO ,$5.00
THEY'RE made of
ginghams, cham
brays and voiles; in
plaids, checks, stripes,
plain colors and fancy
figured patterns.
There's a big variety
of styles; trimmed
with smocking, pockets,
fancy buttons, belts
and collars and cuffs.
Just the sort of dress
for school wear, sizes
6 to 14 years, and the
prices have been great
ly reduced for a quick
disposal Thursday.
Burgeaa-Nath Co. Second Floor
Remarkable Clearaway ot
Silks for End-of -Month Sale
BEAUTIFUL assortment in plain and
fancy striped and figured foulard,
taffeta, messaline, Canton crepe, pongee,
poplin, etc. S6 inches wide. Flesh, blue,
yellow, white and black. On sale Thurs
day Burgeis-Nash Co. Down-Staira Store,
These Summer
Corsets Reduced
Wonderful values; summer net
corsets with low bust, long skirt,
free hips, coutil stripped, embroid
ery trimmed, two pair supporters,
for $1.00.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
Women's Pumps, Oxfords and Colonials,
in the End-of-the-Month Sale at
A Price That Is Less Than J The Original
IT'S a clearaway of all short lines and broken assortments of women's
' pumps, oxfords and colonials. All sizes represented but not all sizes
in every style. The price reduction is very extreme at $2.95.
Final Reduction on All
Women's White Shoes
Just the kind for now and early Fall w ear.
White duck lace boots with covered Cuban
heels, reduced to $3.95
White duck lace boots with covered Louis
heels, reduced to $4.45
White Nile cloth boots with covered Louis
heels, reduced to $4.65
White Nile cloth boots with covered Louis
heels, reduced to ...$4.S5
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor.
Suit Cases,
Walrus grain, 22x24 inches,
brass trimmings, with extra
well made lock, heavy canvai
and lined with cretonnes. Very
special at $6.75.
Burgeat-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
Union Suits,
Boys' and girls' summer
union suits, odd lots and
broken sizes. Sale price, 39c.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downataira) Stora.
Union Suits,
Women's union suits, fine
white cotton, "Setsnug" or
"Mesco" makes, regular and
extra sizes, SOc.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downataira Stortv
Women's Hose,
Women's hose, cotton, seam
less, black or colors, odd lots.
Special sale price, 29c.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downs t aire Stora.
Union Suits,
Women's anion' suits, low
neck and sleeveless, cotton or
mercerized, cuff knee or lace
trimmed, odd lots, $1.00.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Union Suits,
Women's fine quality white
cotton union suits, low neck
and sleeveless, knee length,
Burg tae-Naah Co. Main Floor '
Women's Hose,
Women's black or white fine
quality cotton hose, seamless
and with double tops, 35c
.Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
H Price.
Short lengths of 1 to 5
yards of organdie, swiss, ba
tiste and voile dress flouncings,
also ruffled and tucked or
gandie and net flouncing, J4
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Laces at
Shadow and val laces, cluny
laces and wide bands for un
derwear, bed spreads and cen
terpieces, widths 3 to 27 inches,
at 25c yard.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
fVal Laces,
Val laces, insertions, arefcty
new designs, sale price Thurs
day, 2?e a yard.
Burgess-Nash Co. Downataira Stora.
Embroidery edges, inser
tions, good selection of pat
terns. Sale price, 5c a yard.
Burgesa-Nash Co. Downataira Storo.
Auto Hat 8,
Sample line of women's auto
hats. Variety of pretty styles
nnd colors, at 25c each.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downataira Store.
Women's and children's
handkerchiefs, big range of se
lection, very special Thursday
at 3c each.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downataira Storo.
Men 8 Shirts,
Made of panama cloth,
double trimmed military pock
ets, regular flat collar, elbow
sleeves, 59c.
Burgeaa-Nash Co. Downataira Stora.
Men's two-piece underwear
balbriggan and eyelet mesh,
odd lots of size, sale price, 37c
a garment. ..-
Burgeaf-Naah Co. Downataira Storo.