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    rfE BEE: OMAHA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 1918.'
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DDiUAiuA f i I I " s I NOTKE. THST "YOU CERTAttiLT- v.,-, , I.I.I I j
',JJ;T-0E r- v your own WES - kin LOEPPY let xmeohc i j
'"FATHER WXslllr-Ul (SAUT mem-in here J ?r g 17 ' 7 . fyll I
iJH- V-tttfc rSKT J. JM , .m - Wl V n LI Y
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VIWU tt, . 1 '' J I I l .1.1 111 II II 11 i i v i I -1 .u I 4 r
DY 3 II I ;, -.. , - I ' ' f t Vv ' 4 " I 1 Wf -'! ' f MR. II f- 0 . f ."-I .1
mumunu I) I" "--ii i mi . T"- ,,; I 1 . ' V
: ! ; : - ... rr- n n : " r
; Boston Defeats St. Louis as
j Nearest Rival, Cleveland,.
Wins First Game of
I , Washington Series.
-! Boston, Aug. 21. Boston won the
. first game of the ieriei from St Louis
today, 4 to 1, although outhit. In the
sixth Sothoron filled the bases by is
suing two passes and hitting Mclnnis.
Scott's sacrifice fly to Demmitt and
the "latter's bad throw brought in two
runs. Score: , , R.H.E.
81. I-oul. t l o t s 1 1 I
Bo.tan 0 I M 1 I H 4 0
" Butter!.! Botheron, Houck nd Nun.
. tnakwi M.yr and Bchang.
; : Indian Beat Senator.
" Wa.hlnnton, Aug. SI. Superior pitching
cnabltd Cl.valand ta win tb firat (am
if th aorlet from Waihlngton today. I to I.
'ficora: . B. H. .
Clavaland .l H I M IW 1
Waahlngtoa-...... 1M1UI 01 S
I Battarl: Morton, Coraleakla and O'N.Ill;
JIrper,,Matteson. Hovtlk and Alnamlth.
1 ' Clootto Loaea for Chicago.
Phlladslphta, Au. 11. Haavy hlLLlns by
Valk.r and Burn, baat Clcotta today, and
tb. Athletic, won the flrat saroa of th. aerlpa
frith Chicago, 4 to i. Bcorai K. H. B.
fhlraw .,....... 1
' ' Batterlla: Clcotta and Schalki Parry and
Mis In Row Hit Safely.
New Tork. Auf. 11. New York defeated
Detroit today, ( to S. The flrat .Is men up
tor New Tork In the leoond. Innlnc hit
eafely off pan... Vorrldge dfVanlng the
. haaea with a two-baaa hit. Score)
iDetrolt ...... .... 1 S 0 1 0 J J-J 11 1
, New Tork ......, I 0 0 0 0 I IS 1
Battertees Dau... C. Jonee, Kalllo and
fpencer; Mogrldge and Waltera.
Start September 4
. If Baker Approvees
7 ,. I ' ' ', ' -" -i
1 Clu'cago, Aug. 21 There; will be no
announcement of the details ior the
, World's series until official word is re-
ceived from Secretary of War Baker
- f hat the government will approve of
the games, President Ban Johnson of
the American league said tonight.
. The details were worked out at the
tneeting of the National Base Ball
, Commission in Cincinnati yesterday
and the program was then presented
to the War department which has
1 tuled "the work or fight order shall
,vapp1y to professional base ball players
on September 1. President Johnson
Said he txpected word from Secretary
Rat- "within in or three davs.
. i According to tentative plans, it Is
proposed to start tne series on oep
i.' Mttihcr 4.
John C Heydler, secretary and act
ing president of the National league,
accompanied President Johnson to
confer with the management of the
Chicago Nationals in , regard to the
' series. ; - t .
Corbeit Plans All Star Base
- ; . Ball 6ames:fdr War; Funds
., Chicago, Aug. 21. James J. Cor
bett. former champion heavy weight
'.''pugilist is planning the oganixatton
; of two all-star teams of base ball
Slayers wh don't have to work and
ave them tour the country in benefit
T' camea for war funds. He has asked
; "rhritv Matthewson and Ty Cobb to
ct as managers. Cobb, however, if
.', "he carries out bis announced inten
, ion, will join' the marines as soon as
the base ball season enas.
1 " n: '. 8
iBIuejackets Enter Team
1 in A. A. U. Champion Swim
'; Chicago, Aug. 21. Perry McGilliv
""ray, Buddv Wallen, Tohn Bennett and
Itlerman Laubis will -represent 1 the
- -Great Lakes naval training station at
.; : the national A. A. U. outdoor cham
; ,pion swim here on Saturday it was
' .announced today. Three events have
" been listed, for women, a 50-yard free
'? 'style swim, 100-yard breast stroke
and fancy diving.
Mermaids Will Race' for
I-National Amateur Title
New York, Aug. 21. The 440-yard
'amateur national swimming cham
pionship for women raced
under the auspices of the Amateur
Athletic union at Brighton Beach to-
The entries are Mrs. Gatre Galli
gan Finney, New Rochelle, N. Y.;
Miss Charlotte Boyle, Sea Gate, N.
Y.; Miss Dorothy Burns,. Los Ange
. les, and MissOlga Dorfner of Phila-delphia.'.-.;"
J - -:'.' ; ....... .- .
Carnival Ball1 Carded at
; i , : J Lakeview Park Tonight
: Lakeview park will entertain at 1
Carnival and ball tonight. It will be a
real festivity,, with whistles, confetti,
, snakes that pop out at you, and every
body with paper hats and carnival ap
' earance The park management is
- ,' furnishing all these things and has
made ready a program of joyousness
)$ that will keep things lively until cioS'
'' ine time.-". '-.,...'.'-r . -
: l No charges beyond regular admis-
sion tharges at the ball. The dance
lull will be decorated and there will
- fee on hand a number of people ready
jo make things hum. ,
ii ii iii ii
Standing of the Teams.
Chicago ...7S .6St
New Tork ..44 49 .585
PltUburgh ..41 51 .636
Cincinnati ..tti.604
Boaton 41 44 .CM
Cleveland ..44S0.C6S
Waahlngton 41 (2 .648
New York.. 44 64 .491
Chicago ... 64 SS .487
Brooklyn . .53 41.460
Philadelphia 4 41 .441 St. Loula. .13 (9 .478
Boiton 41 4S.424Detrolt ....41 44 .429
8t. Loula ..49 T.41SPhiladel. ..44 41.404
Yeeterday'a Beaolta.
St. Louie, 1; Boaton, 4.
Cleveland t; Washington, I.
Chicago, 1; Philadelphia, 4.
Detroit, I; New Tork, S.
New Tork, 2; Chicago. I.
Bo.ton, S; Plttaburgh, S.
Philadelphia, 3; Cincinnati, 4.
Brooklyn, 1; SL Louis, 1.
Gam ea Today.
New Tork at Chicago.
Brooklyn at St. Louie.
BoBton at Plttaburgh.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Detroit at New Tork.
Ht. Louie at Boston.
Cleveland at Waahlngton.
Opportune Hitting and Daring
Base Running Feature of
Chicago's Easy Victory
Over New York.
Chicago, Aug. 21. Chicago in
creased its lead on New York today
to 10 and one-half games by defeat
ing the visitors 9 to 2 in the first game
of the series.
New York's erratic fielding, coupled
with the opportune hitting and daring
base running of Chicago, enabling the
Cubs to win easily behind Tyler's
fine pitching and support. Score:
New Tork lOOSl'SOO 0 t S 4
Chicago ....S 1 0 I 1' S 0 9 IS S
Batterlea: Brhupp and Rarlden; Tyler,
O'Farrell, Clarke. ,
Piratea Bft Bravee.
t Pittsburgh, Aug. si. In a game Inter-
spereed with long hits 'and errors, the
Pirates won, 3 to S. Both pitchers, Neht and
Miller, made errora of Judgment which cost
runs. Score: ,
Boston 0 S11SSSS 02 S 8
Pittsburgh ..1 t 0 S t S 0 S S 1
Battertesl Nehf and Wagner! Miller and
Cincinnati Wine Again.
Cincinnati, Aug. 21. The batting and base
running of Rouah and B. Magee were the
featurea of today'a game which Cincinnati
won from Philadelphia, 4 to I, In 10 Innings.
Philadelphia .ItlMMIt 02 10 1
Clnotnnatl I 01000000 14 11 2
Batteries: Hogg and Adams; XUer and
St. Louf. Bonrhea Hits.
8t. Louis, Aug. 21. Deak held Brooklyn
to five hits today while 8t. Loula bunched
bits oft Robertson In th. flrat, fifth and
aevonth and won, S to 1. Score:
Brooklyn ,.. M M 1 I I 01 S 0
Bt. Loula ..1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 S 14 2
Batteries: Robertson and O. Miller; Doak
and Qonkales.
Roamer Makes New
American Record in
Race Against Time
Saratoga, N. Y., Aug. 21. Roamer
made a new American record for a
mile in a race against time here to
day. He covered the distance in
1:J4 4-5, The record, made by Sal
vator 28 years ago, was 1 :35.
The fractional times in the race
were :12 1-5. :23 3-5, :34 3-5, :46, :58,
1:10 1-5,1:22 2-5. 1:34 4-5.
r Roamer carried 110 pounds, the
same is Salvator carried in his record-breaking
performance of years
ago. .
War Veteran, Aged 74,
Runs Five Miles in 36 '
! Minutes, Four Seconds
Portland, Ore., Aug. 21. Col. J. L.
Smith, old veteran here for the
encampment of the Grand Army
of the Republic, ran five miles
today, in 36 minutes and four
seconds, defeating two veterans
who ran a relay of a quarter of
a mile each against him and also dis
tancing several boy scouts who took
the race where Colonel Smith's mature
competitors left off.
Mrs. Finney Wins Swimming
Championship Second Time
New York. Aug. 21. The Amateur
Athletic Union's national 440-yard
swimming championship for women
was won by Mrs. Clara Galligan Fin
ney of New Kochelle, N. in the
open and rough water off Brighton
Beach today in 7 minutes 19 45 sec
onds.' Mrs. Finney made a record in
winning the same .event last year at
Honolulu. 4
Today's Sport Calendar
Racing; The SchnyleiTUle Stakes, for 1-year-olde,
at Saratoga.
Trotting Grand circuit meeting at
Ponghkeopsle, X. T. Great Western circuit
meeting at Springfield, 111.
Golf Main atata amateur championship
tonrmament opeme at Augusta. , j
' .Angling Tenth annual . championship
tournament of National Asaorlatloa at
Scientific Angling clubs open at Chicago.
Lt. Watson Will Fly Air
Plane in Omaha August 31
3 " .'.
3i iitiii -
ii iv , i"jMj4 -IS:
I II ti.
k a ..... -i
X('2W vTP4(i .!. .V.W.V t;T- nwv.
f WtSvW4 M
Lt. Harold E. Watson will be 'one
of a dozen or more fliers who will
participate in the mock aeroplane bat
tle being staged to take place in the
skies of Omaha on Saturday, August
31, when the British Air mission will
be here.
Lieutenant Watson is 25 years old
and left Yale university to join the
colors. He enlisted in the New York
cavalry, Squadron A, and saw service
on the Mexican border, where he was
commissioned a lieutenant and trans
ferred to the aviation corps. He took
his ground training at Columbus, O.,
and his first flying experience at
Hazelhurst field, Mineola, L. I.
After acting as an instructor at El
lington field, Houston, Tex., for a
Two Youths Admit
Theft of Motor Car
and Other Crimes
Earl Moore, 16 years old, and Ar
thur Cater, only 15, unblushingly con
fessed when arraigned in police court
at Council Bluffs Wednesday morning
that they not only stole a high-powered
automobile at Henderson, la.,
and drove it to Council Bluffs, but had
perpetrated at least three hold-ups in
the three nights they roamed around
town in the stolen car.
In each case they intimidated their
victims with revolvers, which are be
lieved to have been the product of
a burglary.
Cater formerly lived here, but his
home is now at Des Moines. He
attended the public schools here and
was one of the brightest of the pupils.
He won prizes that sent him to Ames
to attend the special short courses.
His age brines him still within the
jurisdiction of the juvenile court and
he is being detained for further ex
Moore, whose home is at Mace
donia, was sent Mo the, county jail
under $2,000 bonds to await a grand
jury indictment. Both boys said they
were planning more ambitious crimes.
War Savings Societies
; Officers Are Entertained
Nearly 500 secretaries and - presi
dents of war savings societies . in
Douglas county were entertained at
the Omaha Country club Tuesday
night. C. E. Corey, Robert Manley
and Guy Kiddoo made short ad
dresses, telling them how to stimulate
the sale of the stamps. The Young
Men's Christian association quartet
sang. .
A little impromptu playlet entitled,
"You Need the Stamps," was staged,
in which Messrs. Manley and Corey
succeeded in selling a bunch of 'the
stamps to a "hard-boiled egg" who
had all manner of excuses for not
buying, but whose excuses were an
swered promptly. Refreshments and
dancing were features of the evening.
it II
time he then was sent back to Mine
ola, where he received instruction
from Captain Resinatti and Sergeant
Gino of the Royal Italian air forces in
handling the large Caproni bombing
machines. Both of his instructors lost
their lives.
Lieutenant Watson was one of the
first American fliers to "solo" in the
American-built, Liberty-motored Ca
pronis. He has nearly 50 hours in
these big planes to his credit and more
than 500 hours in the Curtis and scout
planes. ,
Two British and a dozen American
machines are to be here for the big
exhibition. They will rise from the
Field club grounds and their maneu
vers will take place right over the
main part of the city.
Negro Draft Men to
Leave Omaha for Army
At Camp in Arkansas
The following negroes from local
draft board No. 5 will leave 0,maha
Thursday for Camp Pike, Ark., for
army training. .
The men are to report at the court
house at 9:30 Thursday morning.
Harry Mitchell. William L. Davis.
Harry Murray. Spencer Jackson.
Henry A. Caver. Manley B. Dlckerson.
Hoy Jamea Monroe. Frank D. Payne.
Wtlber Hlghtower. -
Walter Puckott.
Ira Austin.
Rollle Dlckins.
Rufus Courtney Long. William Whitely.
Paul B. Fleming.
Harry W. Reed.
Kim er Brooks.
Geo. 'Washington.
Chas. Jack Robinson.
Jeptha Moore.
William Cathrottt:
Thomaa Laird.
Son Thornton.
Robert L. Dawson.
Bert Goiter.
Oeo. O. Johnson.
Edward Craig.
Leon Simmons.
Oudus L. Leath.
Earl Level 1.
Alvln Harvie Moora.
Mokoskl Sprain gs.
Gilbert H. Cheatham. Edward Whitely.
Louis Banks.
Calvin Murks.
Henry Brown.
Jamea H. Smith.
Jesse Fowler.
Eugene Dubard.
Harry L. Morrison.
Frank Blackwell.
Charlea Pate.
Gordon Parks.
William Alexander.
Ernest L. Conway.
John H. Jackson.
Jamess Manfell, Omaha
Soldier, Wounded in
Action in France
James L. Manfell, son of Frank
Manfell, 2624 South Thirty-second
street, was severely wounded in ac
tion in France, according to informa
tion received by his parents from the
War, department Wednesday. .
He enlisted in the regular army im
mediately after the declaration of war
and sailed for France a year ago last
June. He enlisted in the infantry.
Captain Mills Killed.
New York, Aug. 21. Capt. Philip
O. Mills, former Harvard foot-ball
player and a- son of the late Gen.
Samuel M. Mills, chief of artillery,
United States army, was killed in
action July 25 last, according to in
formation received here today by
friends '
2:00 3-4 MINUTES
Equals Poughkeepsie Track
Record Made by Napoleon
Direct; Periscope Wins
2-Year-0ld Trot.
Poughkeepsie N. Y., Aug. 21. John
L. Dodge, owner of the Hollyrood
farm at Lexington,, Ky., drove his
newly-purchased Periscope to victory
in "The Liberty" 2-year-old . trot in
the Grand circuit races here today.
Periscope broke in the first heat,
which was won by Princess Ettawah.
The second heat furnished a close
finish between Periscope, Brusiloff
and Princess Eftwah, the three being
lapped at the finish. Periscope led
all the way in the third heat and won
handily.' He was purchased by Mr.
Dodge this week from John Madden.
Busy's Lassie, driven by Walter R.
Cox, won "The Knickerbocker" 2:06
trot for a purse of $3,000. Ima Jay
took the first heat in 2:064, but Cox's
mount beat her half a length in the
'second in 2:05J4, and won the third
by a more comfortable margin, the
time again being 2:05j4.
There were only two starters in the
free-for-all pace, Miss Harris M. and
Ben Earl and the latter was no match
for the mare. Distance was waived
in the second heat and Murphy drove
Miss Harris M. out in 2:00)4, which
equals the track pacing record made
two years ago by Napoleon Direct
Edna Early proved the best of the
2:17 pacers, winning all three heats.
Two-year-old trotters, the Liberty, purse
22,000, two In three:
Periscope, Dodge S 1 1
Princes. Et&wah, Pike 1 2 4
Brusslloff, Oeers 2 3 2
Dorothy Day, Murphy.... 2 4 2
Klngstout (R. Stout) 4 6 ro
Harvest Star also started.
Time: 2:10, 2:10, 2:13.
2:08 trotting, the Knickerbocker, purse
23,000, three heats:
Busy's Lassie (Cox) , 3 1 1
Ima Jay, Erneat 1 2 3
Royal Mee, Murphy 3 3 2
Ross B. Wright 6 t 4
Brescia, Rodney 4 7 6
Al Mack, Esperanza, Bacelll and Zomrect
also started.
Time: 2:084, 2:06, 2:06.
Free-for-all pace, purse $1,200, two In
Miss Harris M. Murphy 1 1
Ben Earl, Coakley :. 2 2
Time: 2:06, 3:00.
2:17 pacing, purse 31,000, three heats:
Edna Early White 1 1 1
Cochato Banks, Valentine 3 2 1
Peter Elliott. McDonald 3 2 3
Eaater Night, Cox 4 dls
Judge Sale, Pitman dls
Time: 3:08, 2:07, 2:14.
Price of Milk Advances
to Fifteen Cents a Quart
Omaha'dairymen have given milk
prices another boost. For a long time
milk has been selling at 2J2 cents a
quart, but now the price has gone to
15 cents for a single quart, or seven
quarts for $1. The contention is that
scarcity of feed and an advance in its
price has made it necessary to in
crease milk prices.
Built by the largest
Distributed by the largest and most reliable truck distributors in the
Central West.
More than 45,000 Republics now in use.
More than 1,400 Republic Trucks running in Nebraska and West. Iowa.
insurance on your investment when purchasing a Truck demands con
sideration of Republic Trucks.
Sioux City. Iowa.
Brie) City News
dec Fans, $8. Burgess-Granden Co.
Have Root Print It New Beacon
Licensed to Wed Herbert C
Chamberlain of New York' City was
granted a license to wed Edna W.
Jenkins of Omaha at Waukegan, 111.,
' Arrives Overseas Mr. and Mrs.
George Ketcham, 3317 North Four
teenth avenue, received word of the
safe arrival overseas of their son, Lt
Earl Ketcham. formerly stationed at
Camp Dodge.
Thieves Rob Dentist Dr. T. W.
Sawyer, 1424 North Thirteith street,
reported to the police that thieves en
tered his dental parlors Tuesday night
and stole a wrist watch and several
gold bridges. The loss is estimated
at $75.
Finds Home for Boy A home has
been found for Marion Arnold. Within
24 hours after the e-tory of the J-year-old
boy who stole a horse and buggy
to And a way to his old home and to
mother love, had been told in The
Bee a home on a farm was offered
Wreck on Wabash The St Louis
Omaha passenger train No. 11, on the
Wabash, due here at 9:30 o'clock
Wednesday morning did not arrive
until 3:30 in the afternoon. The de
lay was due to a derailment near Wil
cox, Mo., the fourth station south ot.
the Iowa state line. The engine and
two cars went into the ditch. No. one
was injured.
Held as Fugitive James Parsons,
Greek laborer, waated in Pocatello,
Idaho, on a charge of forfeiting a
bond, was arrested Wednesday morn
ing by Detectives Lepinski and Mc
Cleneghan when he called for his mail
at the general delivery window at the
postofflce. He is held as a fugitive
from Justice, pending the arrival of
the Idaho authorities.
Fine fireplace goods at Sunderland'.
Find Omaha Man Guilty of
Stealing Iowa Automobile
Quick justice was meted out to Fay
Chapman, 1411 California street, in
the district court of Harrison county,
la., Monday.
He was found guilty of the theft of
an automobile belonging to Hans
Johnson of Little Sioux Saturday
night, and was given an indetermin
ate sentence of five years in the Iowa
reformatory at Anamosa. Chapman
was arrested by members of the
Omaha "auto sqaud."
Charles Young, former jiight man
ager of the Busy Bee cafe who was
arrested on suspicion of being an ac
complice in the theft of the car. which
was located in this city last Sunday
afternoon, was found entirely inno
cent and was used by the prosecu
tions of the case at Logan, as one of
the state's witnesses.
In the trial he proved that he was
in Omaha at the time of the theft and
that he met Chapman at the Palace
pool hall at 12:30 Sunday morning,
two hours after the machine had been
stolen at Little Sioux.
Buffalo Refuses to Grant
Six-Cent Street Car Fare
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 20. The city
by a referendum vote today repudi
ated the action of the common coun
cil in agreeing to a 6-cent fare on
the street car lines of the city. The
vote stood 35,661 for repeal and 7,044
truck factory in the world.
Established 1694
rr aff k . . .
jvdiyibftlrlAlii 1)W i
Omaha, Neb. $
. . -
. f , ,r-
have perfected the bet trestment in existence today. 1 do n. t inject paraffin or wax.
as it ia dangerous. The advantages of my treatment are: No loss of time. No detention
from business. No danger from chloroform, shock and blood poison, and no laying up.
in hospital. Call or write Dr. Wray. 806 Bea Bldg.. Omaha.
Protests Losses from Opera
tions of Submarines and
Threatens to Seize Equal
Amount of Shipping.
" - aaaasa-
Patis, Aug. 21. Spain has informed
Germany that because of the serious
inroads submarine sinkings have
made into Spanish shipping, Spain
hereafter will use German vessels now
in Spanish ports in place of tonnage
sunk. This announcement is made in
an official statement issued after a
meeting of the Spanish cabinet at San
The cabinet statement, which it
transmitted from Madrid by the
Havas Agency, says:
'As a consequence of the sub
marine campaign more than 20 pet
cent of our merchant marine has been
sunk, more than 100 Spanish sailors
have perished, a rOnsiderable num
ber of sailors haVe been wounded and
numbers have been shipwrecked and
abandoned. Ships needed exclusive
ly for Spanish use have been torpe
doed without the slightest pretext
"The government has believed that
it is unable without failing in its es
sential obligations and without set
ting aside neutrality, to defer the
adoption of measures necessary to
guarantee Spanish maritime traffic ,
and to protect Spanish crews and pas-J
sengers. '
Will Use German Ships.
"Consequently, the government has
decided to address the" imperial Ger
man government and declare that
owing to reduction of tonnage to its
extreme limit, it will be obliged in.
case of new sinkings to substitute
therefor German vessels interned in
Spanish ports. This measure does not
imply the confiscation of the ships
under definite title. It would be only
a temporary solution until the estab
lishment of peace, when Spanish
claims also will be liquidated.
"Our ambassador at Berlin has re
ceived instructions to bring this de
cision to the notice of the German
government. The Spanish govern
ment doe's not doubt that the German
government will appreciate the cir-'
cumstances determining this' resolu
tion and will recognize that Spain, in
holding to the neutrality it has prac
ticed since the beginning of the war,
which has sacrificed many of its
rights and legitimate conveniences
when it has been possible without af
fecting the dignity of Spain and its
national life.
"The decision of the government
does not affect its firm .resolve to
maintain strict neutrality."
British Casualties 8,411.
London, Aug. 21. British casual
ties reported in the week ending to
day totaled 8,411, compared with an
aggregate of 8,620 reported in the
previous week.
1 have a successful treatment tor Rupture with
out resorting to a painful and uncertain surgical
operation. I am the only reputable physician who
will take such eases upon a guarantee to give sat.
isfactory results 1 have devoted more than 20
year to the exclusive treatment of Rupture and