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Conducted by Ella Fleishman
Entertainment for Soldiers. -
Old-fashioned ; games will consti
tute the. main part of an entertain
ment three of the girls' patriotic
clubs will put on for (the boys at
Fort Crook tonight The girls want
it to be distinctly understood that
this does-not mean "kissing games,"
which some of the misguided adults
.'played in their early days and persist
in understanding by the term "old
fashioned." The Victory club, . Pa
triotic club and . M. F. Shafer club
are the ones giving the entertain
ment. The crowning achievement
; of the -evening will he the opera, "II
iacobe," sung by Mildred Mekeel,
orothy Gray and Minna Stedinger,
with music furnished by Grace Sten
berg. Those who are familiar with
grand opera will find much amuse
ment in this little take-off, and those
who are not so well educated music
ally will appreciate the fun, too.
Afte'r the games have whetted the
appetites of the soldier boys a deli
cious lunch will be served.
For Miss Assman.
A very pretty luncheon was given
at the Blackstone today by Mrs. E.
W.. Arthur when the charming guest
of Miss Florence Rahm, Miss Sophia
Assman, was honoree. Miss Alice
Coad will entertain at luncheon at her
home Thursday in Miss Assman's
honor, and several evening affairs
will be given before she leaves for
her home in St. Louis Monday.
Dancing Party. , i
A dancing party will be given Fri
day evening by band No. 1 of the In
dependent circle of the Sacred Heart
parish. The affair will be given at
the hall at Twenty-second and Lo
cust streets.
Picnic Supper.
A picnic supper will be given by
the Miller Park Mothers' circle in
Miller park Thursday evening. Mem
bers of the club will bring their fam
ilies and bpend the evening at the
Miss Isabel Freehling of Chicago
is the guest of her aunt and uncle,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reichenberg.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond M. Crossman, Satunday.
The baby has been named Raymond
McCague, jr.
Mrs. J. N. Paul of St. Paul, General
Federation of Women's clubs secre
tary from Nebraska, is at Camp Cody,
Deming, New Mex., visiting her son,
Colonel Paul, before he is ordered
to France.
Mrs. Harry Jordan has returned
from Prior Lake.
Mrs. Mel Uhl arrives today from
Camp Dodge to make her home with
her parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Mil
roy, as Lieutenant Uhl has received
his over-seas orders.
Miss Henriette Bergman will leave
Thursday evening to visit her sister
in Chicago.
.. Mrs. Clara Mead, travelers' aid sec
retary, leaves this evening for West
Point, Neb. On her return she will
be at Camp Brewster for a short
Dr. E. 6. Barhart, 2103 Lothrop
street, and family, have returned from
a vacation spent in the lake region
of Minnesota.
Mr. and
home from
Mrs. W. C. Fleury are
a vacation at Lake Oko-
Mr. and Mrs. Will Herdman 're
turned this morning from Leroy,
Kan where. they have spent the last
two weeks.
Mr. Lester Heyn is home from
Chicafco, where his marriage to Bea
trice Neir Morris took place Friday.
Mrs. vHeyn will arrive Thursday
morning, when the couple will be at
the Blackstone.
The Chamber of Commerce has do
nated material for. 1,800 comfort' kits
to the Red Cross, through Mrs. T. M.
Orr, chairman of this branch of ser
vice. The kits, which are being made
in the public shop, are for Omaha
soldiers. Two hundred were distrib
uted to the colored draft men who
' left Monday, and 150 are ready to be
distributed tonight to the men leav
ing for a California post. When these
are completed, Mrs. Orr expects to
begin work on another consignment
of 1,200 kits. , ...
Mrs. Frederick H. Elijah, of Chi
cago;, director of the bureau of Red
Cross motor corps of the Central di
vision, is expected in Omaha this
week for a conference with the local
. board in regard to organizing a motor
corps here. Applications from many
who wish to join have already been
The salvage truck will pick up a
list ofpaper, iron, rubber, clothing
and shoes in the Windsor district on
Friday. Any one in this vicinity wish
ing the truck to -call will please
phone Harney 6498.'
. . In anticipation of fall work Omaha
chapter- has accepted' a large surgi
cal dressings quota f6r September.
The public shop will open Friday
with Mrs. H. B. Robinson in charge,
for the repairing of a large number of
soldiers' uniforms. Volunteers are
needed. ", , . -
'-. Mrs. Walter Silver, chairman of the
surgical dressings department, ; who
is recuperating from a strenuous
year's work in Estes Park, expresses
' through The Bee her appreciation of
the loyal, service given by her vice
chairman and all Red Cross .workers
and especially for getting out the
enormous quota of shirts, ' ,
Mdis Will Can
T Miss Sarah Canfield'a canning
class kiddies are offering their
f services to the housekeepers of f
Umana. , . ;
'Him nt ti rViiMran hn
have , worked in the canning X
classes this summer are quite T
expert in the work of canning
fruit and vegetables," said Miss
Canfield. "They are eager to
earn a little money before the I
opening ot school and will be
glad to assist housekeepers who
are in need of help in putting up A
their winter supplies. They are r
even capable of taking lull
charge of the canning operations
if desired."
Hundreds of 5ar nf delicious.
looking goodies the children
f have put up so far speak well
tor tneir pronciency. Any
housekeeper wanting the assist
ance of a boy or girl may call
on Miss Canfield in her office at
the Board of Education rooms
in the city hall and she will
supply such help from her prize
Mother of Two Soldiers
Working as Calker in
Vancouver Shipyards
In the shipyard at Vancouver,
Wash., there is a woman who is work
ing successfully as a calker. Mrs.
G. R. Underwood, who has two sons
in the United States army, both now
overseas, determined to seek a place
wheije she could serve her country to
the best advantage, and she found em
ployment with a shipping corporation.
"On one occasion, when her four
assistants failed to appear for work,
Mrs. Underwood alone managed the
machine and kept the supply flowing
steadily out to the men in the yards,
so that no calker had to wait for his
oakum," said the head of the corpora
tion. "She works until she is ready
to drop. The vision of . those two
magnificent boys is constantly be
fore her and she feels that every
stroke she puts in safeguards them
'over there.'"
Mrs. J. H. Dietrich, of Hastings,
Neb., is chairman of the program
t Ii n.lrJ THP
jjjr uau..ij uun..r vi liivuiuiu beginning Monday ana andlnt Saturdar
Judge Owl's Spanking Bee.
fPeRR-y. summonad to tha trial of tha Jays
for staling Mia Purpls Swalla, la choaen
by Blue Jay aa hli lawyer, and then la
accused by him ot being the cause' ot bla
ALL the jury list I ordered
Judge Owl. Cat Bird, who
was actine as clerk of the
court, turned to a roll of lily pads he
had in front of him.
"The first juror is Mrs. Swallow,
formerly Miss Purple Swallow," he.
"That's silly I A person who is in a
case can t be on the jury, declared
Peeev. who was decidedly miffed at
Judge Owl for threatening to have her
"Its not silly; its very sensible.
Doesn't Mrs. Swallow know whether
Blue Jav and his gang are guilty of
stealing her?" hooted Judge Owl.
Of course she does, answered
Peee-v. "But she is the one who is
complaining against Blue Jay and she
hadn't ought to be on the jury trying
"Piffle!" hooted Judge Owl impo
litely. "She ought to be on the jury
if any one is. Then they can't make
the mistake of letting these rascals go
free. I fine Princess Peggy one spank
and one laugh for being foolish."
Before. Peggy could protest, Blue
Heron cave her a sharp whack with
his club. Peggy laughed. That started
all the Birds laughing and in a mo
ment the whole courtroom was twit
tering with mirth.
"Silence," hooted Judge Owl. "I
sentence every one here one spank for
laughing when they hadn't ought to."
Blue Heron, Officer Martin and
King?sher started in to carry out the
sentence, but the task was too big
for them, and the Birds good-naturedly
helped out by spanking each other.
Blue Heron fluttered down to and
was himself spanked by Officer Mar
tin. Then Blue Heron climbed - up
on the Judge's bench and gave Judge
Owl a whack that tumbled him over.
"Here! Here! Don't you spank mel"
hooted the Judge.
"Orders are orders!" said Blue
Heron. "Your sentence was to spank
"Hee-haw! Hee-haw! Hee-haw!"
came a big roar from the Woods.
There were Balky Sam, Billy Goat
and Johnny Bull, all laughing at
Complete the letters of Simon's Sign they will spell the name
pf a president. Answer to previous pWzlerFORD
A quota of 200 shirts has been completed by the Hillsdale auxiliary
before they closed for the summer. Mrs. Bessie Bray is the chairman
of this busy unit and they have met every Friday at the Hillsdale Congre
gational church. This is a neighborhood auxiliary and has 25 members
Miss Galena Stowell will be physi
cal director at the Y. W. C. A. next
winter. She will take up her work
September 1. This does not mean
that the girls will lose Miss Clara
Brewster. With the addition of the
summer camp, the physical culture
work has become too heavy for one
to handle. The camp does not end
in the fall until long after the "gym"
work begins and it starts in the spring
before the indoor work ends. Miss
Stowell will have charge of the in
door work and Miss Brewster of the
outdoor work and each will assist the
other in especially busy times.
Miss stowell is a graduate of the
Chicago Normal school and of the
Chalif school of dancing and comes
to Omaha after nine years of suc
cessful teaching, the last six in the
high schools of Des Moines.
Thursday evening the Lohache
club will entertain a group of Italian
girls at the club rooms in the associ
ation building. This is part of the
work the club has been doing in con
r.AW fW RTPni AMn completa,
Judge Owl. On Balky Sam's back was
Billy Belgium. Judge Owl was decid
edly vexed.
"I sentence you animals to be
soundly spanked," he hooted.
Blue Heron fluttered down to
carry out the sentence, but when he
tried to whack Balky Sam he found
only flying heels. The mule whirled
around and kicked m a way that
showed that he would be a mighty
tough customer to spank.
"Hee-haw! Hee-hawl" brayed Balky
Sam, "come on with your spanks 1"
As he uttered the taunt his mouth
was wide open. Into it Officer Mar
tin dropped a blade of fairy ring
grass. Quick as a wink, Balky Sam
shrank from a full-size mule to toy
size, and Billy Belgium, his support
taken away from him, found him
self sprawling on the grass. Blue
Heron snatched up Balky Sam, and
in spite of his frantic kicking gave
him a sound thrashing.
Billy Goat and Johnny Bull were
laughing uproariously at Balky
Sam's plight when they suddenly
found themselves made tiny. Offi
cer Martin had dropped blades Of
grass into their mouths. Officer Mar
tin then held Billy Goat while Blue
Heron spanked him and Kingfisher
held Johnny Bull, who fairly frothed
at the mouth as he tried in vain to
stop the spanking and grab the
"Into the jury box with them," or
dered Judge Owl; and Blue Heron
promptly plumped the mule, the goat
and the dbg upon the big stone that
served as the jury box.
"Where is Mrs. Swallow?" asked
Judge Owl.
"Sailing, sailing, in the sky so high,
Making, making love upon the fly."
So chanted the 'Birds in answer.
Every one looked up. There were
General and Mrs. Swallow, a loving
pair of Newlyweds, floating high
above. Apparently they had f6rgot
ten everything else in the world ex
cept themselves.
"I sentence them to be brought into
court," hooted Judge Owl, and quickly
the .honeymooners were brought
"I sentence you to sit at opposite
ends of the jury box," said Judge
Owl severely.
General Swallow ' scowled blackly
at the Judge and then promptly for
got his vexation in the absorbing oc
cupation of throwing kisses at his
nection with the Americanization
Monday evening the new club room,
which is the lib'ary ort the first floor,
remodeled, will be formally opened.
A band and other attractions are
promised by the committee now mak
ing arrangements.
. Miss Beulah Hall, president of the
Business Women's club; Miss Emma
Sasstrom and Miss Marie Kocher
leave Friday to attend the Geneve
Miss Esther Stamate, formerly
educational and extension secretary,
has been appointed general secretary
of the West Side branch of the Young
Women's Christian association in
Chicago. The work will be largely
With the approval of the British
Young Women's Christian associa
tion, and the international committee
of the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation, the blue triangle has been of
ficially adopted as the insignia of the
American Young Women's Christian
association. The red triangle of the
Young Men's Christian association is
quite familiar.
If X
new advantura aacb wkak. f
"Go on with the jury list,'' ordered
Judge Owl. '
Cat Bird read again from tne niy-
pad roll:
"Mr. Purple Swallow, Keddy wood
pecker, Billy Belgium, Brownie Owl,
Kingfisher, Princess Peggy 1"
"I can't be on the j'ury if I'm the
lawyer for the Jays," interrupted Peggy-
"Yes, you can" screamed Blue Jay.
"I want some one on that jury who
doesn't want us killed.'
"But every one on the jury is a wit
ness' protested Peggy. "I never
heard of a jury like that,"
It's a new idea all my own,"
Lhooted Judge Owl. "When you get a
jury mat Knows an aooui cne case
you can be sure no one can fool it by
telling fibs."
"We need one more juror," said
Cat Bird. "We have only eleven."
"I'll be the other one," volunteered
Blue Jay. "I know more about the
case than any one else."
"Sure you do," agreed Judge Owl,
"but I want to be on the jury my
self." "That not right," declared Peggy.
"A judge is never on a jury."
''Haven't you ever heard your father
say that some judge was judge and
jury both?" (
"Yes," agreed Peggy, "but he didn't
mean it really." ,
"Then he shouldn't have said it,"
hooted Judge Owl. "I'm going to take
him at his word, and Fm going to be
judge and jury, too." and down he
flopped into the jury box, crowding
tne others. Blue jay, you can t be
a juror, but we'll let you be the wit
ness. Tell your story."
"It's a story of romance, adventure
and tragedy, spoke up Blue Jay
eagerly, and he strutted out in front,
just like an actor taking the center
of the stage. 'Listen to my thrilling
taiei ' t
weird story.)
will b told Bla Jay-i
Nebraska Club Women
to Meet in Fairbury
October 15-18 is the date set for
the Nebraska Federation of Women's
clubs annual convention this year.
Mrs. A. E. Sheldon, of Lincoln, presi
dent, approved the date after confer
ence with clubwomen interested in
the next Liberty Loan and Red Tri
angle campaigns, ine meeting win
be held in Fairbury.
Locust Lane
cooling, refreshing, health
ful served where meals or
oft drinks are served.
Delivered at most Omaha
homes before breakfast.
Douglas 409
School for Women Ticket Sellers.
The United States railroad admin
istration has opened schools in several
sections of the country for training
women ticket sellers.
The present force of trained men
ticket sellers will be retained when
ever possible because of the expert
character of their work, but it has
been found necessary to supplement
their activities with women. This
is due partially to the increase of traf
fic and partially to the loss of men
to the army and navy.
Wheri thoroughly trained, women
ticket sellers will be paid the same
salaries as men doing the same work
Already enough applications have
been made to fill the schooh for the
After preliminary training of from
one to two months, the women who
show aptitude vill be given .work
of actual selling the simpler form of
tickets and gradually will be worked
into the sale of more complicated
forms, according to Mrs. F. H. Cole,
publicity chairman of the Douglas
County Council of Defense, woman's
Save Children of the Nation.
To foster and pronlote wholesome
leisure-time activities throughout the
month, leading up to a patriotic play
week September 1 to is the war
time appeal to American women
adopted by state chairmen of women's
committees, National Council of De
fense. Suggested programs will be provid
ed through state chairmen of the
Child Welfare committee by the wo
man's commttee, Washington, D. C
Organizations whose representa
tives have already enlisted with the
woman's committee and the Chil
dren's bureau by signing this appeal,
include: Boy Scouts', of America,
Camp Fire Girls, American Red Cross
bureau of Junior membership, Young
Women's Christian association. Dra
ma Leagus of America, Amateur Ath
letic Union of the United States. U.
S. Argicultural departement Boys'
and Girls' club, community chorus
movement, U. S. Bureau of Educa
tionwar gardens, etc., Story-telling
league, Girl Scouts of America, Edu
cational Drama league, Playground
and Recreation Association of
Mrs. R. S. Moore, wife of Captain
Moore, of the engineers' corps, who
was called to Washington, D. C, for
government work, has taken the civil
service examination in the capital,
passed them and will be connected
with the fuel administration. Mrs.
Moore was formerly Miss Ethel Bark-
Packers' Profits .
Packers' profits lpok big
When the Federal Trade Commission
reports that four of them earned
$140,000,000 during the three war years. s
Packers' profits look small " . '
When it is explained that this profit was
earned on total sales of over four and a
half billion dollars ot only about three
1 n cents on each dollar of sales.
This is the relation between profits and sales:
Profits D Three cents on each dollar of sales.
If no packer profits had been earned,
you could have bought your meat at only
a fraction of a cent per pound cheaper 1
Packers' profits on meats and ' animal
products have. been limited by the Food
Administration since itavemfcerl, 1917.
, - ,
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
. Omaha Local Branch, 13th & Leavenworth Streets '
F. J. Souders, Manager '
ley of Council Bluffs and is well
known in Omaha. Mrs. Moore writes
that women ticket sellers in the rail
road administration are paid as high
as $150 a month.
House Girl WarWorkers.
The woman's committee, Nebraska
Council of Defense, is in receipt of
a communication' from Washington
which assures the girls of Nebraska
who go to the capital city for war
work in the near future 4 suitable
place to stay until they have secured
a permanent location.
A transient hotel for girls arriving
to do government work will be
opened by the Young Women's Chris
tian association at North Capitol and
E streets. The building will be a few
blocks from the Union station. It
will accommodate 150 girls and will
be available only for short periods.
The hotel will be run on the plan
of the Hotel Petrograd, run bythe
Young Women's Christian Sssoc -tion
in Paris, which houses all. the
women war workers who are passing
through to their assigned posts.
Volunteer Student Nurses.
Fifteen young women volunteered
for the student nurses' reserve corps
Monday in the drive conducted by
the woman's committee, Council of
Defense. Among them were Miss
Hazel Barrett, assistant treasurer in
the Burlington ticket office on the
South Side; Miss Mabel Swett, steno
type instructor in Boytes college, and
Miss Dorothy Dorian, of Humboldt,
whtf Is visiting Mrs. L. J. Healey.
Miss Dorian is to teach school in
Schuyler, Neb., until her application
is accepted.
Y. M. C. A. Need! Women In France.
Four times as many women are
needed in Y. M. C. A. war work in
France as are now in the service, ae
cording to Dr. John R. Mott, general
secretary of the association. The fin
est type of woman Is needed for this
work. High-minded, unselfish devo
tion, and absolute willingness to do
the humblest work, ' combined with
ability to rise to any emergency; are
Safe mMcuiirmmtziYJimd
The Original
For lnfants,In vallda andGrowing Children.
The Orurinal Food-Drink For An Ages. I
or Small:
neccessary for success. Qualification!
sent by the women's overseas section,
which is recruiting 1,000 women fof
this work, are outlined as follows:
Candldatea between the agea of ttt and 41
years ara desirable. Under no circumstance
will any woman under the age ot 21 be
aent Candldatea must be in perfect health.
A knowledge ot French la very helpful, but
not necessary. The T. M. C. A. will assist
with the transportation and living expenses
Of Its workers, but there Is always a mint
mum expense to each oandidata of S500 3
a month for Incidentals and emergencies
and $140 for the Initial equipment). A per
sonal interview Is alwaya necessary without
guarantee of final appointment, and . tha
candidate must go to New York on her own
responsibility. The government will not la
sue passports to any woman under IS or
to any woman whose husband, brother,
father or son la sorvlng with tha United
Statea forcea abroad or at home, or la civil
ian capacity with tha expeditionary forces)
or tha Red Cross Or tha Y. M. C. A. - Any
one wishing to communicate on this subject
may address Women's Overseas Section,
S4T Madison avenue, New York City. .
Sea that atl your cleaning, dyeing,
pressing, altering and repairing la dona in
Omaha. Ask your cleaner if all his work
is don In Omaha and it not, why uotT
Omaha has the best cleaning planta in
the world. We are modest, but the Carey
Cleaning Co. is on of them. .
Beatoa Drug Co., Omaha, Net
Rich Milk, Malted Grain fcxtract fh PowOm
i ,
.J . i ValAV, t v