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Figures Compiled by Police
Show 706 Cars Taken This"
Year and Only 425
" Last Year.
Figures illuminative of the growth
f automobile thefts in Omaha to
gether with a showing of tot; decreas
ing percentage of recoveries have
been compiled from statistics on rec
ord in the office of the chief of police.
, From January 1, 1917 to August 1,
1917, a total of 425 cars were reported
stolen and in the same period 338 cars
were recovered, .
From January 1, 1918 to August 1,
.1918, 705 cars wereported stolen
and 421 were reported recovered.
Comparative losses for the months
scheduled during the two years are
as follows:
Can Stolen.
'- 1917.
January. 41 61
February It ' 60
March 76 119
April 62 137
May 68 120
J una ....... ... 6 116
July 72 . 101
Total . 425 70(
Recoveries Fall Off. v
According to these figures 80 per
cent of the cars stolen during the first
seven months of 1917 were recovered
and only 60 per cent in the same
period in 1918.
Using the conservative valuation of
$500 per car to estimate property loss
es during the comparative periods
automobiles to the value of $212,500
were stolen in the first seven months
of 1917, and cars to the value of
$169,000 recovered, leaving a net prop
erty loss for the 1917 period of
In the first seven months of 1918
cars to the value of $352,200 were
stolen, and cars to the value of
$210,000 recovered, leaving a net
property loss of $142,000 (or the 1918
period, or an excess of loss of nearly
$100,000 for 1918 over 1917.
Twenty-Eight Mechanics
Will Enter Army School
Orders have been issued for the en
trainment of 28 men from ' draft
board No. 5 on Thursday, August IS,
at 9:30. Thirty-six others will go
from the other districts of the city.
This contingent goes to Lincoln for
a qourse in mechanics at the Univer
sity of Nebraska.
Zimman Refuses Offer of
of Five Passes to the Circus
City Commissioner Zimman re
fused five circus passes. when they
were offered to him by rne city clerk
Wdenesday morning.
Mayor Smith and the other com-r.-issioners
each accepted five passes
and smiled.
Clothes Robbed of $35 in
Cash While Taking a Swim
Henry Fritcher, 2409 N street, re
ported to the police that his locker
was broken into and $35 stolen from
his clothes while he was swimming
in the Metropolitan swimming pool
Tuesday night.
Omaha Boy. Reported
mA ar in A farm
V HP XT 1 1 T
lwo lNebraskans uie
Earnest R. Kreeger, son of Mrs.
Agnes C Kreeger, 4005 North Twenty-sixth
street, is reported on the
Wednesday army casualty list as
having been wounded in action. The
extent of his injuries were not de
termined. One Nebraskan, Leo J. Sanders,
of Ewing, was killed in action and
two men seriously wounded. The
wounded were Christopher R. Pol
ston, Alliance, and Homer Raymond
Ridenour, Wallace.
Fletcher L. Farley, son of Edward
Farley, of Bancroft, Neb., died in a
hospital in France, July 2, according
to information received here Tues
day. This was the first knowledge
his father had that the son had-been
Fletcher Farley was a graduate of
the University of Nebraska and was
a candidate on the republican ticket
fof county attorney of Cuming county
last fall. He enlisted in the marines
in March, this vear and landed in
France June 5.
Three Nebraskans who enlisted in
the marine corps are reported to have
been wounded in the fighting in
France. The degree of seriousness
of the wounds has not been deter
mined. They are Corp. Arthur W. An
derson, Valparaiso; Corp. , Byron E.
Arries, Plattsmouth, and Private
Harry P. Warren, Bellwood.
County Judge Crawford
Suffers Rheumatic Attack
County judge Bryce Crawford is
confined to his home by a severe at
tack of sciatic rheumatism.
Six Persons Badly Bruised
When Auto Is Struck by Car
.Six people were badly bruised
Tuesday night at 6 o'clock when an
automobile collided with a street car
at Thirty-third street and Ames ave
nue. Four of the occupants were
pinned underneath the car, which
turned over.
Gilbert Fenn, a negro chauffeur,
told police that he ran into the street
car in avoiding a boy who crossed
the street in front of the automobile.
The automobile struck Victor John
son, who had just stepped off a
street car. ,
The injured were Mrs. Burt Smith,
3316 -Ruggles street; Mr. and Mrs.
R. J. Long and son, Robert, who are
visiting at the Smith home from Col
orado; Victor Johnson, 3184 Lari
more avenue, and Gilbert Penn, ne
gro chauffeur, 4518 Saratoga street.
Toy BallooVi Men Ordered
to Stay at Circus Grounds
City officials ordered four toy bal
loon peddlers, traveling with a circus,
to confine their sales to the circus
grounds or pay $10 each for a city
License Inspector Fried found these
men operating without licenses in the
downtown streets. He took the mat
ter up with the mayor and council and
was sustained in his enforcement of
the license-ordinance.
Bute Stores
Albert W. Jefferis
yascgaasjaaganBBBM'Ts-sM JJBaKmssauaammmaKmmmmmmmmmmKmm
; ...
V.-Pres, andGtn. Mgr.
Bra cm $. SrTorro
"The Store of Specialty Shops" -
Beginning Thursday--Our Annual
August Clean-Up Sale
EVERY individual Shop in this institution will offer seasonable merchandise, at radically reduced prices. All new merehan- ,
dise taken from regular stock. -Jvmany instances the quantities are limited and early shopping is advisable. No C. O, D.s, (
No Approvals, No Exchanges. (
X v. (
Summer Dresses Must Go ,
Three Special Groups ' j
.1.00 , 5.00 - 9.75
EVERY summer dress must. go. "We must have the room for fast arriving fall merchandise. For a quick5 and decisive
' cleanaway, these prices will be in force. , '
Included are voiles, ginghams and organdies, reduced according to former prices and quality. A visit to the store will
convince you with the importance of this sale.
Tub Skif ts--Reduced
Carefully styled, shaped and finished tub
skirts of gabardine and pique. Pocket, belt
and button trims.- Previously priced up to
Sports and outing skirts in a variety of
striking colored effects. Well tailored of
pique, gabardine and poplin. Previously
priced up to $3.95.
A large group of fancy colored and em
broidered gabardines, ottoman, tricolette,
plain gabardine and whip cord. Previously
priced up to $7.50.
Dainty Lingerie Blouses
Too many styles to attempt to describe
in anything but the briefest manner. Made
of voile and popular lingerie fabrics. Plenty
of out sizes. Previously priced up to $2.50.
Voile, linen and Basiste blouses enter the
August Clean-up. Plaid collar of organdy on
one model all effectively trimmed. Pre
viously priced up to $3.95.
Sheer, dainty batiste and striped voile
blouses in this group, tucks, lace and em
broidery form attractive trimming features.
Previously priced up to to $4.95.
Hosiery Special No. 1
ALL silk hose in two-tone effects to match
the popular shoe shades also some Oaf"
plain colors included. Previously priced at J jf
$1.50. Unusual value.
Hosiery Special No. 2
FINE quality, good weight all silk hose.
Broken lots of black, white and shades
of grey and brown. Fashioned and seam
less. Exceptional value.
August Clean-Up of Shoes
Three Specially Priced Groups
50c - 2.00 - 3.00
WHITE canvas sport pumps and
shoes, white ivory and' rubber
soles; low and medium heels; also
strap slippers in patent, dull and bright
kid. Also a limited quantity of Infants'
first step low and high shoes
ONE hundred pairs of white canvas
pumps with white ivory soles and
heels; white sport shoes in high and
low styles, with white trimming also
white canvas pumps in styles that
Campfire girls wear
The Shops for the Younger Generation
Offer Some Splendid Values
s . From the Girls', Shop
DRESSES for girls 7 to 12 years. Durable
ginghams, chambray andflowered lawns. 1 I II I
Dresses previously priced up to $2.50. X W
Skirts for "big girls" 12 to 20. Made of
white galatea, and sport skirts with fancy 1 I 11 1
dots and Stripes. Were up to $2.95. ' . . 1A ,vv
Another group of children's hats all this
season's styles, variously trimmed. Previous
ly priced up to $3.95.
Children's cool, summery pique hats, rad
ically reduced during August Clean-up Sale.
Children's beach rompers. J ust the thing
for hot weather. Anticipate several seasons'
needs at these August sale prices.
No .C.OD.V-No approvals-No exchanges-Every sale final
Middy coats -very popular with the girls,
Shown in stripes and white with fancy col
lars and cuffs. , Were up to $2.95.
" Girls sport middies in white, with fancy 1
collars and cuffs. Previously ' priced at SI If
$1.25, unusual values in the sale.
V Fro ip the Tots' Shop-
GOODLY assortment of children's hats, '
L including milan, panama and fancy 1 Uk
69c, 89c
TWO hundred pairs of women's high
and low shoes taken from this sea
son's selling, broken sizes but every size
in some style represented. .White can
vas boots, plain and colonial pumps, full
Louis covered heels
Clearance Sale of Shoes
Thousands of Pairs at Very Low Prices
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
These shoes would be bargains-at the regular prices, in view of the steadily
upward trend of the shoe market. Yet for Thursday, Friday and Saturday we
place them on sale in our basement at prices far below the regular.
There are several thousand pairs of Women's and Misses' Low Shoes, Ox
fordaand Pumps. Boys' and Girls' Low Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps and Men's Ox
fords. , You are sure to find the style, the leather and the color you want if you do
not wait too long.
Women's Pumps and
Men's Oxfords, $1.95.
Gun Metal Calf, Russia and
White Canvas, Button and Lacs
Style, Goodyear welted sole,
English and high toe. (00 pair,
sizes up to 11. Values up to
13.60 at $1.95
Men's Oxfords, $2.95.
In Viel Kid, Gun Metal Calf,
Taa and White or Palm Beach.
Blucher and Bal, English or
high toe. Every pair has Good
year welted sole. Sizes 6 to
11. Values up to $5.00 at $2.95
Boys' Oxfords and Shoes,
Sizes from 2 V to BM. A
clearing on all our boys' odd
lots. Values up to 3.60, $1.95
Boys' High Shoes, $1.45.
1,500 pairs in this lot and shoes
worth from $2.00 to $2.50.
Stitchdown sole, leather or
rubber, no heel. Every size,
from hV to 2.
Women's High White
Shoes, $2.95.
Every pair in stock of Wom
en's High White Shoes, regard
less of former prices. Values
up to $5.00. In 9-inch lace
top, plain toe, turned -or welted
sole, leather or full Louis cov
ered heel. Sizes from 2 to
6H. Width from A A to D.
COO pairs, clearing price $2.95
Women's Pumps, $2.95.
In Gun Metal Calf, Vici Kid,
or Patent Colt, plain pump and
one and two strap, low or high
heel; also in Mary Jane styles,
ankle strap. Sold up to $4.60 and
splendid run of sizes, 2H to 8.
700 pair, clearing sale, $2.95
Oxfords, $1.95.
In this lot ws have 1,500 pairs
in White Canvas, Whits Kid.
Patent Colt and Gun Metal
Calf. New and np to data lasts.
Odd lota of 20 different styles.
Values up to $6.00. Good run
of sizes and every pair has
turned or welted sole, short or
medium vamp, full- Louis cov
ered heel Splendid fitting
pumps sure to please you. One
price for clearance, $1.95.
Misses' Pumps and Ox-,
fords, $1.95.
785 .pairs in sizes from 8 M to
2. Vici Kid, Gun Metal Calf
and White Canvas Any style
from Mary Jane to 2-strap
Pumps. Made' up with inside
sole. Values from $2.50 to
$3.25. A clearing of lot, $1.95
Tennis Shoes and Pumps
Men's Black, 6-eyelet, sizes 6
to fl ..75c
Boy's Black, 6-eyelet, sizes 2'i
to 6 , ...69c
Youth's Black, 6-eyelet, sizes 9
to 2 . 69c
Women's White Mary Jane,
sizes 2H to 8 ...98c
Misses' Whits Mary Jane, sizes
9 to 2 89
Children's Wash Dresses.
A fine lot ot Children's WasW Dresses, aged
2 to 6. In Ginghams, Percales and Reps,
daintily made and trimmed, some with late
'pockets and vest effect, values
from 75c to $1.25.
Wash Skirts.
300 Wash Skirts in Gabardines and
Reps, plain and fancy, worth from
$1.25 to $2.00. 7( ,
While, they last. IVC
Basement ' '
Sport Suits and
Summer Dresses
These sport suits itd porch and house
dresses are a timely offering.
Sport Suits More than 300 splendid2-piece
sport suits. We have purchased the lot
1 away under price, and we are selling to
you in the same way. Splendifstyles. Some
suits have colored coats and white skirts,
others have coat and skirt of the same mate
rial. The skirts alone are worth the price we
ask for the suit. Sale price, Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday $2.39
Tub Dresses A big assortment of Women's
and .Misses' Fancy Tub Dresses house
dresses, porch dresses, etc. Worth on today's
market, $1.49 to $2.00. Percales, ginghams,
fancy prints. We have grouped hundreds of
these dresses to sell, starting Thursday morn
ing, at 11-19
' Basement
Bargains In Hosiery
For Thursday, Friday and Saturday's ell
ing ws ars offering the following Jots of
tiosiery at very attractive prices: '. .
Women's Pure Silk and Fibre Hosiery, mock
seam, in black, whit,e grey, suede, champagne,
pongee and African brown shades, with
double heels, toes and soles and lisle garter
tops. Per pair. ............ .1 SJ.25
Women's eamless Fashioned Lisle Hosiery,
in pink, navy, bronze, suede, khaki and cham
pagne shades.- Per pair. . . ,59c
Women's Mercerized Colored Hosiery, in
black and white, rib tops. Seconds of 60c
quality. Per pair ......39c
Women's Cotton Hosiery in black and white,
with double aoles. Per pair. ........... 25c
Children's Lisle Hosiery In black and white.
SizesS to 9. Perpair. ...... ........39c
Men's Cotton Maco Socks In black, white,
Russian calf and navyr Split soles and all
with double soles. Per pair 35c
Basement ' ": v'
Stephen Fulton, millionaire bachelor)
wondered what would happen to hia for
tune whea he died. To find the person
best qualified to handle his millions, he
sent checks for $100,000 to each of three
distant cousins, whom he had never seen
and then followed the checks in a
manner as unusual as was his original (
idea. v
Eleanor H. Porter
has selected this as the opening inci-,
dent for her latest novel, "Oh, Money! !
Money!" y f '
What happened when the three checks
were cashed, what Fulton discovered!
about human nature and the strange way
in which his problem was solved, is told
in a style possible only to the author of
"Pollyanna" and "Just David."
- Daily Installments
Commence in
Next Sunday
Yoog Men tk Cutma
The cause of prematura baldness is
usually dandruff. Shampoos with
Cuticura Soap and hot water followed
by occasional dressings of Cuticura
Ointment do much to remove the
worst dandruff, allay itching and lrn
tatioMnd arrest falling hiir.
link Shea tnt k Htli. Addraa Krt-eanl
"Ortim, Daf. W.M" Sold mrrwhw.
Sspa. Ointmwta to bM. Tmknm c
Work In
"""The Braath el RelieP
Afford the war. Jost carry
tbe little Inhaler, with few
drops of Inhalatum In H and you
have instant relief ready the mo
ment yon feel the Hay Fever
coming on. A breath now and then
keeps It away.
Complete Outfit, $1.25
. At leading- drnf stores e we will
send it by mail upon receipt of
price. ... . ':, "
The InhaUhoa CheemlcaJ Company.
Colorado Springe. Cele.
. ' ....