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Aged Husband of Avenger, Who
Has Son in Army, Had Been
' Mistreated oy the
Grand Island, Neb., July 20.
'Special Telegram.) Indignities and
taunts visited upon an elderly man
and his 17-year-old son at Ravenna
by pro-Germans of a Burlington sec
' tion crew, caused the formation of a
mob at that place which took into
' hands the offenders and haled them
before the mother and wife of the
injured man and son and held them
up while the woman gave all but two
a lashing with a heavy horsewhip
until they cried "kamerad." The two
who escaped were later caught and
brought back to Ravenna and in tun
also given a thrashing.
The chastised men were then made
to kneel and kiss the American flag.
It is impossible at this hour to ob-
tain the names of the avengers or of
the offending men, who are stated to
be of German descent. The aged man
who was mistreated with his young
son is said to be an unoffending per
son who is forced to work on the
section since a son who was the main
support of the family has gone to
war. The pro-German workmen
made the old man and his son butts
of practical "jokes,", as they termed
the alleged treatment, when the father
was taken to a farm home and at
tired in dresses procured there and
then held in mud and water wlyle the
boy was thrown into the river, where
he was rescued by passersby. Then
it was that a mob of jndignant citi
zens gathered and prepared the way
for the wife and mother to inflict
punishment with a horsewhip upon
the hides of kaiser admirers.
Mercer Farmer Fires;
"Misses Suspect, Who
Proves to Be Neighbor
" Fremont, Neb., July 20. (Special
Telegram.) When Sam Finley, a
Douglas county farmer residing near
'Mercer, saw what. he though was the
form of a man at his window about
11 o'clock last night he grabbed his
shotgun and started an offensive.
When he got outside the house the
form had disappeared, Mr. Finley then
heard two men talking in low tones
by an automobile in the school house
yard adjoining the Finley farm
yard. Approaching within range iie
fired.' Shot struck the automobile,
but Julius Johnson and Fred Danner,
Mr. Finley's 'neighbors, who were
standing by the automobile, were not
pit. Before Finley could reload for a
'second shot his neighbors had made
known their identity. Mr. Johnson
and Mr. Danner had attended a meet
ing at the school house and stopped
for a chat before leaving for home.
Mr. Finley offered his apologies and
no action was taken.
Teachers Selected for
f Chadron Public Schools
Chadron, Neb., July 20. (Special.)
The following teachers have been
engaged for the Chadron public
schools for the ensuing year: T. R.
Crawford, superintendent; Miss Nellie
Morrissey, principal. . High school:
Miss Marcia Lennington, domestic
science; Mrs. B. E. Beamer, science
and mathematics;Mks Pauline Dowd,
history, writing and drawing. Sixth,
Seventh and Eighth, departmental.
Miss Ruth Sweeney, geography and
arithmetic; Miss Hazel Klingaman,
reading and grammar; Miss Blanche
Stumpn. domestic science, physiology
and spelling. East ward: The Misses
Viola Gillett, First grade; Carrie
Weaver, Second grade; Leone Shreve,
Third grade; Dora Argabright, Fourth
grade; Emma Wood, Fifth grade
West ward: Mrs. Edyth Latta, princi
pal and manual training; Misses Hazel
Lynn, First grade; Gertrude Lutz,
Second grade ;'Lela Pittis.Third grade;
Claire Moorman, Fourth grade; Mrs.
Merle Evans, Fifth garde.
Spanish will take the place of Ger
man in tfye high school.
Farmers Near Eustis Sell
$10,000 of Cream in June
Eustis, Neb., July 20. (Special.)
Belated figures just obtained from the
local cream stations, show that June
was the banner month, more than
$10,000 being paid out to farmers for
cream alone, during that month. In
addition to this amount the cream
agents handled hundreds of cases of
eggs"- and several thousand pounds
of homemade butter was sold to the
town people or shipped out.
Beatrice Man Aqain Held
On Liquor Violation Charga
Beatrice, Neb., July 19. (Special.)
Charles Jackson of Wymore was ar
rested .here by T. Carroll, deputy
United States marshal, and taken to
Lincoln to answer the charge of
bringing liquor into dry territory.
' Last week Jackson was fined $100 and
costs for having liquor in his posses
sion. He appealed the case to the
district court.
Pastor to Be Army Chaplain.
Deshler. Neb., July 20. (Special)
Rev. R. M. McDonald, pastor of
the Deshler Presbyterian church, has
requested a leave of absence and is
attending a school .for chaplains in
Louisville, Ky. Prof. Theo. Hopman,
former teacher of the Lutheran pa
rochial school here and one of Thaler
county's first volunteers, has been
transferred from Camp Cody. New
Mexico, to an officiers' training camp
in Louisville.
Bross Receives 400
Requests for Tickets
T6G. A. R. Meet
Lincoln, July 20. (Special.) More
than 400 applications have been re
ceived by Assistant Adjutant uenerai
Bross of the Grand Army of t he Re
public for tickets to the Grand Army
encampment at Portland next montn
and he expects the number to run up
to 500.
A letter from railway officials states
that the regular sleeping car rates
will be charged for the trip and that
the surcharge at first contemplated
has been abandoned. Pullman cars
will be furnished. ,
The lowest rate eiven for years, 1
cent a mile, has been secured, and no
tickets will be sold except on the
certificate plan and these certificates
must be secured through post adju
The "official train carrying Nebras
ka department officials will leave Lin
coln at 10:45 a. m. Friday, August 16.
and will reach Portland the following
Monday afternoon. In order to give
the chair car tourists a chance to get
needed rest the train will stop two
nights en route. The first night will
be spent at Helena, Mont., and the
next night at Spokane. -
Two Men Sustain Broken
v Legs in Tarm Accidents
Avoca. Neb., July 20. (Special.)
Thos. Henegar, of near Weeping
Water, met with a painful accident
when both bones of his right leg were
broken between the knee and the
ankle, the bones protruding through
the flesh. The accident happened on
the Oscar Domingo farm. The young
man was called to dinner and while
passing the well, the engine was
started to pump water, and the belt
came off the pulley and in some way
caught his foot, breaking his leg
as above. The young man is in the
Sherman Cole, farmer, living near
Mynard, sustained a broken ankle
when the team he was driving ran
Thayer County to Build More
Stalls for Pure Bred Cattle
Deshler, Neb., July 20. (Special.)
Thayer County Agricultural so
ciety has decided to build additiona1
stalls for pure bred cattle and horses,
as more room is needed for stock now
entered. The fair to be held August
27 to 30 promises to, be the largest live
stock show in the state this yeaf ex
cept the state fair. The last day,
Friday, will be "Military Day," and
home guard companies of the county
will compete for a silk flag and staff.
The evening show will close with the
patriotic war spectacle, "Bombard
ment of the Dardanelles." Saturday
automobile races by professional
drivers will be put on.
Nebraska News Notes
JOSEPH WALLA, brother of A. 1
Walla, former mayor of West Point,
died suddenly from heart disease while
riding In an automobile about eight
miles west of West Point Mr. Walla
was 63 years of ase and came to Cum
ing county with his parents from Wis
consin in the year 1868. He had 13
ihildren, nine of whom survive, beside
four brothers and two sisters.
near Creighton. She is survived by
a h-'and and four children.
uum vi ruining county, ciea at n si ,m
um to West Point at the age of 81
years. ; .. J
The Missouri Lutheran synod of Nebras
ka and neighboring states will bo held In
Deshler the week of August 18. An at
tendance of several hundred ministers Is
expected. ,
George H. Smart is the new manager of
the plant and business of the Nebraska .Gas
and Electrio company at West Point. He
has also in his charge the plants of the
company at Oakland, Hooper and Scrlb
ner. A big patriotic meeting is called to meet
at Bancroft on Sunday, at which Hon. S.
S. Howell of Omaha ylll be the principal
speaker. A special feature of the meeting
will be the tributes to be paid to the boys
from eastern Cuming county who will leave
Tuesday for the training camps.
Albert Jones, who was to have been taken
to the state asylum Friday dropped dead In
the county Jail at Beatrice, presumably
from heart disease. Jones had resided near
Wymore for years and was a civil war
veteran. He was 74 years of age and
leaves no family.
Deshler Red Cross recently sent a check
for $1,000 to Omaha for general relief uss
of the order.
The Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph
companyS has purchased the plant of '-ie
Plymouth Telephone company, and expects
to make a number of improvements within
the next few weeks.
Omaha people can prevent appen
dicitis with simple buckthorn bark,
glvcerine,etc..s mixed inAdler-i-ka.
ONE SPOONFUL flushes the EN
TIRE bowel tract so completely it re
lieves ANY CASE sour stomach, gas
or constipation and prevents appen
dicitis.. The INSTANT, pleasant ac
tion of Adler-i-ka surprises both
doctors and patients. Leaves stomach
clear! and strong. Sherman & Mc
Connell Drug Co., 16th and Dodge;
Beaton Drug Co., 15th and Farnam;
Yates Drug Co., 16th and Chicago.
"The greatest step towards
good government that was ever
taken in Omaha' was the
World-Herald's comment on the
Dod Honest Election Law.
At this sals we are offering a
rrjular $5 value A4A A
4-hole Cos Burner ft I .all
Uange for V,w
t-holo Gas note Sl.45
Arrangements made la salt your
Railroad fares refunded to pur
chasers of $:o or more within
190-mile radius of Omaha.
State Furniture Co.
Utb and Dodge St.
Opposite I', r. l.'liig., Omaha.
Sunday, July 21, 1918-
-Phcne Douglas 2100
The Special July Sales in Force Throughout the
Store Afford Economies of An Uncommon Sort
The New Suits for Fall Are
Being Received Almost Daily'
ALMOST each express brings in some new style in
tailored suits for fall. You'll enjoy viewing
the display, as the materials and styles are quite dif
ferent, from last season.
" Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor.
Women's Pure Silk Hose
Women's pure thread silk hose, all silk or
with lisle tops. Full fashioned, full regular
made foot, black, white and colors. In the lot
are first and second quality,- odd pairs and
samples. ,
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor.
Children's Dress, Like Illustra
tion, Stamped for Embroidering
i 75 c
MADE of fine quality barred muslin in sizes 2, 4
and 6, four styles for selection. Special at
75c each.
Peri Lusta Crochet
1J Cotton, 15c Ball
"N In white, ecru and colors, some num-
i 1 i 1 . . .
I jcib missing. vuiors are pmK, llgnt
. blue, china blue, wisteria and yellow;
sizes 3, 10, 30, 50 and 70.
White, sizes 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
and 60.
Ecru, sizes 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
CO, 70 and 80.
Stamped Pieces at Y2 Price
Odd lots, including lunch cloths,
scarfs, center pieces, crib quilts, laun-
dry bags, bed spreads, bolster covers,
bags, towels, etc,
- Burtsss-Nash Co. Third Floor
Our Entire Stock of the Better
Wash Materials Has Been
Reduced for Monday to
98c Yard
THIS price has been made regardless of desirabili
ty and former selling price.
The offering includes imported voiles with silk stripes,
cheeks, plaids and figures. Ginghams and many embroid
ered novelties. All 40-inch widths pretty selection of colors.
Pretty New Organdies at 75c
The wanted sheer wash fabrics for dressy gowns in the
shades of pink, light blue, nile green, yellow and ivory. 49
inches wide and a special value at 75c
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor.
Heavy Quality Chiffon Taffeta
Featured Monday at $1.69
NOT the flimsy kind, but a good, dependable
quality in a full line of colors, including every
shade of blue. 36 inches wide. Very special at
$1.69 yacd.
30-Inch Black Chiffon Taffeta, $1.59
Soft quality, rich black, desirable for suits, dress
es and skirts. Special for $1.59 yard.
Tub Silk in Plain Colors, 98c
For waists, dresses and underwear, in flesh, pink,
light blue, yellow, black and white, 36-inch, 98c.
Black Chiffon Velvet at $3J5
32-inches wide, especially desirable for smart
jackets, at $3.95 yard.
, Burgets-Nash Co. Main Floor.
We've Clipped a V4 Off the Regular
Prices on Our Entire Stock of
THIS is indeed good
news to you who
have need of a good re
frigerator. Our entire
stock, which consists of
three of; the very best
- The Automatic
The Illinois
The Jewett
Have been rerhirpH 25 off the reculor nnVpq.
These refrigerators are of the highest type of
construction built on the most sanitary and ice
saying plan and represent remarkable values'at the
prices at which they are offered for Monday.
Burtsss-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store i
You'll Find These to Be Unusual
Values in Summery
Which We Feature Here Monday at
$1.00 to $3.50
THEY are all late arrivals many of them will receive their first showing Monday.
Crisp, cool, snow white blouses of voile, organdie and batiste. Exquisitely trimmed
with embroidery, lace and tucks; made with round, square and "V" necks. Dressy models
or the more severe tailored effects. There's a style to satisfy every desire, in the material
and at a price that will please you. Sizes 34 to 46. Prices range $1, $1.50, $2.50, $3.50.
Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor.
These New Wash Skirts are a Third and
Better Under Intended Selling Price at
m HERE'S a score or more of the very latest mod
JL els, plain tailored and dressy effects for after
noon wear.
The materials are gabardines, pique, waffle
cloth, corded poplins and faqcy stripes, in plain
white, tan, blue, light green, etc.
They're all finished with the popular wide or
narrow belt, pocket in many novel shapes and pearl
buttons. ,
You'll need one or more of these 'skirts before
the summer is over for afternoon and vacation wear,
and the saving is worth while.
Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor.
Join Our Circulating Library
And Read the Latest Books
THERE possibly has never been so much good
reading as there is at the present time espe
cially interesting are the new bookB on the war. You
can get them through our circulating library at 2c
a day. No charge to join.
Burfess-Nash Co. Third Floor
Alarm Clocks at 98c
"Look out" alarm clocks the kina
that will get you up nickel plate finish,
good time-keepers one of the best Wes
clock Co. numbers. Very special for
Monday at 98c
Burfess-Nash Co. Mala Floor.
Notions for Monday
Slipper trees, pair, 10c. Safety pins, good qual-
ity, dozen, 5c. N ,.
Baby bibs, assorted i
styles, wonderful val- w-i8 belting, -whita
ues, each, Be. o black with ivory
' stays, yard, 25c
Sn?r' T?i?Ct BnaP Needle booW'good qual
fastener, card, 10c assorted; tachf s80e.
Pearl buttons, assorted
styles, dozen, Sc. Sanitary napkins, at
Sanitary belts, woven package 'of 6 for 25c
and shaped, each, 50e. , .
Bust forms, each, $1.98.
t . t rw. r nA 1 Reel tape measures, 25c.
J. & P. Coats 6-cord Bmu real hair neta
sewing thread, spl., 4c J i2je,
, Scissors and Shears, as-
Stickerie, assorted col- sorted sizes; each, 25
ors, bolt, 12Jie and 75c.
Buress-Nash Co. Main Floor.
This Sale of the Surplus Stock of a High Grade
Shoe Factory of Women's
THE values are really extraordinary in the extreme a trifle more than half the price at
which they were intended to retail. But owing -to the fact that they are short lines,'
in some instances a complete line of sizes, while in other models only 10 to 15 pair, the
maker willing accepted the sacrifice that he might clear his floors.
Here's an idea of what the offering includes:
Silver gray patent. kid oxfords, full
Louis covered heels, turn soles.
Gray kid oxfords, with patent kid
vamp, full Louis covered heels, turn
All grav kid oxfords, perforated
vamp, imitation wing tip, full Louis
covered heels, turn soles.
Dark srray calf oxford with welt soles,
lepfher Louis heels.
Field mouse gray kid, plain toe, full
Lc's covered hoels, turn soles.
Cray patent kid walking oxford, low
nr'ary heels. l!ht welt soles.
French pray kid oxford, full Louis
covered heels, hand turn soles.
Brown kid oxford, with leather Louis
Cuban heels, welt soles.
All patent kid colonial pump, with
handsome buckle, enamel Louis heels,
turn soles, -
Brown kid Colonial pump, with large
buckle, leather Louis heels, light welt
Black dull kid Colonial turn soles,
medium high leather Louis heels.
Mate kid pump, with vamp ornament,
low Louis heels, welt soles.
Patent kid, short tongue, colonial
covered French heels, turn soles.
All brown patent kid oxford, hand
turn soles, high French heels.
Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor. '
1 e