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    THE OMAHA SUNDAY Bffl: JULY 7. 1918.
5 A
Vice President Permitted to
' Joy With Fates at Heme;
Champ Clark Tempted
by Mullen's Call.
fashington Bureau of
The Omaha Bee.
1311 G Street.
When the president announced to
congress in all seriousness, on
May 27 that, "politics is adjourned."
a broad smile illuminated the faces of
that body of 500 men. That it did not
break into a loud guffaw was pre
vented only by the self-restraint of
those representatives and senators.
That "adjournment," however, is
Ihe subject of many a quiet chuckle on
the part of democrats and republi
cans alike when they meet and talk
over the events of the past few
One witty democrat, who would
raise an awful row if he knew he was
being quoted, said to a friend in the
lobby of the house the other day, "It
is true politics have adjourned, but not
es to time, simply as to place, from
.Washington to Indianapolis. We sent
iicott Ferris, chairman of the national
fiemocratic committee, over to stage
the affair at the Indiana state con
vention. Vice President Marshall
wanted to make a speech and we
thought he could do as little damage
in Indianapolis as anywhere. Then
we had ex-Governor Ralston do the
Marc Antony stunt of offering the
crown for the third time to the mod
ern Julius. We thought it the part of
wisdom to have it offered at that par
ticular time and place, following the
recent disclaimers as to re-election.
It might not have been wise to have
offered it nearer in point of time or
place, for had it been closer our
modern Caesar might have grabbed
Arthur Mullen Has His Way.
So much for Indiana! Then again
Champ Clark, speaker of the house,
:n the latter part of May, announced
that he would make one speech in
Ohio and that was all he would make
in this campaign, but when Champ
listened to the siren-voiced li'l Arthur
Mullen of our own Nebraska demo
cracy, telling what a rousing ovation
the "unterrified" would give Champ
if he would deliver the keymote speech
at Hastings, the speaker yielded to
the seductive influences and agreed to
go if congress was in recess at that
All of which leads up to the ques
tion "has politics really adjourned or
is -somebody trying to camouflage the
American people?"
The League of National Unity
agreed upon a definition of loyalty
which was approved by the heads of
both republican and democratic na
tional committees. It was based upon
the records of candidates subsequent
to the declaration of war, whether
then in or out of congress. It is in
teresting to observe how the public
considered this definition in the nom
ination of 'candidates already made.
Lenfoot Overcomes Opposition.
Lenroot of Wisconsin was nomi
nated for senator in the face of strong
opposition. He was first opposed by
McGovern, who challenged Lenroot's
right to nomination because, before
the war. Lenroot had 'voted for the
tabling of the McLemore resolution
and favored prohibiting the shipment
of munitions to Europe. McGovern,
who was an ultra war man. was con
vinced of his error and withdrew from
the race.
This left Lenroot opposed by
Thompson, vflio was against war
measures, and especially objected to
the economic means which had been
taken to finance the war. On this,
the republicans turned him down,
showing that they were in favor of
supporting the war financially.
At the election the full power of
$ the, administration was used to defeat
Lenroot for his failure to come up to
the "acid test" which the president
based upoia record made by Lenroot
before the war. The answer was a
substantial majority for Lenroot.
A heavy fight was made on Con
gressmen Johnson and Dillon, repub
licans, in South Dakota, because they
voted against war. Johnson was
nominated by a three to one vote.
Dillon was defeated by a scratch. His
opponent lives in Sioux Falls, the
largest city of the state, and they
stormed the district that day, the
light country and village vote operat
ing the undoing of Dillon.
Haugen and Hull Big Winners.
In Iowa fights were made uoon
Haugen and Hull, republicans, be-
s-cause they voted against war and con
scription. Haugen was nominated by
a four to one vote, and Hull by sev
eral thousand majority. A contest
was made on Woods, republican, who
Governor and Madame
Guerin Address State
House Thrift Society
From a Staff Correspondent.
Lincoln, July 6. 'Special.) The
state house thrift society held a meet
ing today addressed by Governor
Neville. The society at present has
186 members and will probably reach
much greater proportions later.
Madame Guerin, a French woman,
who has been speaking over the coun
try in behalf of the French orp ran
fund, gave a brief talk.
had not been back to visit his district
for six years. He was defeated. His
vote on war was said by himself and
his colleagues not to have been an is
sue. Ramseyer was assailed because he
voted against conscription. He was
nominated by nearly 3.000. All of
these men voted for the completed
army bill and the revenue measure.
Fights were made on Volstead aiid
Steenerson of Minnesota, who had
voted for war, Steenerson having vot
ed against conscription. Both were
nominated by good majorities. Bit
ter fights were made against Davis
and Knutson, both of whom had vot
ed against w ar and Davis against con
scription. Davis was nominated by
over 6,000, and Knutson by over 2,000.
Minnesota MembeF Defeated.
Lundeen, a new Minnesota member,
who was not in congress before the
war came up, voted against war and
against the completed army bill. Ap
parently he was either opposed to
rtrosecuting the war, or his judgment
4as that we could fight Germany
without an army. They evidently con
demned his judgment. He was de
feated. Van Dyke, Minnesota democrat, al
though oting against war and con
scription, but supporting the war
measures, was nominated.
Young and Norton, republicans of
North Dakota, both voted for war
conscription and war measures, gen
erally. Young was nominated. Nor
ton defeated. Baer, who was not in
congress when war was declared, or
the early war measures passed upon,
was nominated by a close vote.
In Florida the only fight was on
Kehoe. who had voted for war. He
was defeated.
McLaughlin, republican of Penn
sylvania, voted for war, for con
scription and other war measures,
but was defeated.
Of the eight who voted .against war,
fights having been made on them for
that and various other reasons, three
were defeated. Of the seven who
voted for war and against whom a
contest was made, three were defeat
ed. One only, whose nomination
was contested, who had voted against
having an armyLundeen, was de
feated. What is Real Acid Test?
Among congressmen, if one were
to take the consensus of judgments as
to what is being held of importance
by the people "back home," I believe
we would find:
Did you vote for the army bill as
finally prepared and passed?
Did you support the tax measure
to support the army in the field?
Some one said that the "acid test,"
if it had been defined by Grant, Mc
Kinley, or Roosevelt, who knew what
fighting meant, would have been di
rected to the- question as to how y,ou
conducted yourself after being in the
fight rather than how. you got in.
Of one thing rest assured, the state
ment of "Politics. Adjourned" has de
ceived n5 one. "Too proud to fight,"
"Peace without victory," "Kept us
out of war," and all other phrases
have hardened the Washington pub
lic. They do not buy stock, political
ly, on the attractively-ornamentally-printed-and-ribbon-bound
They consult the actual market.
Three File for State Senator
As Democratic Candidates
Lincoln, July 6. (Special.) John
C. Harris, democrat, of Greeley has
filed for renomination for representa
tive from the 52d district, composed of
the counties of Greeley, Wheeler and
Garfield, represented by him in the
last two sessions.
Lance Hooper, democrat, has filed
for the sate senate from the 21st dis
trict, composed of Harlan, Furnas,
Gosper and Phelps, represented in the
last session by James W. Hammond
of Cambridge, republican.
C. Thomas Krogh of Dannebrog
has filed for the democratic nomina
tion for the state senate from the 18th
district, represented in the last two
sessions "by J. H. Buhrman of St.
Libory, democrat.
Petitions Circulated
For Wilson for Governor
Lincoln, Neb., July 6. (Special.)
Petitions are being circulated here
to file the name of H. H. Wilson as
a candidate for the republican nom
ination for governor. Mr. Wilson,
who is a law partner of ex-Senator
Burkett, has not yet indicated whether
he will run or whether the petition
is out with his sanction.
Pioneer Fremont Man
Kills Self and Wife
In Presence of a Son
Fremont, Neb., July 6. (Special
Telegram.) William Greaser, former
Fremonter whose body was brought
to Fremont for burial from Laramie,
Wyo., killed himself at Laramie after
shooting Mrs. Greaser, from whom he
had been separated tor three years.
Greaser went to Laramie and found
Mrs. Greaser in an office building
with their son. He opened fire and j
Mrs. Greaser fell over dead. Another!
shot through his own head resulted j
in instant death to Greaser. '
He was 60 years of age and was the i
father of eight children, two sons of j
them now in service in France, j
He left Fremont 35 years ago and !
had been living on a ranch near Lara-'
mie since.
Grand Island Council
And Power Co. Disagree
Over Consolidation
Grand Island. Neb.. July 6.
(Special.) The city council and the
officers of Central Power company,
who are confronted with the request
of the national fuel administration to
conserve coal by merging the electnc
manufacturing plants, are involved in
a deadlock, the outcome of which is
yet doubtful. After several confer
ences between the engineers ynd
managers of both plants it was
unanimously agreed that no coal
woura De saved simpiy ty a merlin
of the steam plants, am!
servation, as designed by the national itul
tuel administration, couui nv he at
tained by the combined -rise oi the
Central Power company's hdro
station, at lsoelus. It developcs, how
ever, that since its construction the
water power plant has been out of
commission by the undermining of
quicks.ind upon three separate oc
casions and has only within .en days
been connected up for the first time
in five or six months. City authori
ties arc inclined to regard reliance
upon the water power as very douht-
and the Central Power company
is reported to have bccfi oppoed to
the city's purchase of current from"
the power company, the distribution
to be made by the city.
the council meeting the Central
Tower company yielded with a sup-
plementary proposition, which
council's committee, however,
asked for time to investigate.
Gage County Republicans
To Meet at Beatrice July H
Bfiatrice, Neb., July 6. (Special. )
Tffe Gage county republican cen
tral committee has issued a call
tor a meeting to be held in Beatrice
Just before I on July 15 for the purpose of select-
ins utixgaics 10 me rcpuoiican state
mom xjit
Bohemian Farmer Takes
His Life in Jefferson j
County by Shooting:
Fairbury, Neb., July 6. (Special.'
Ladislav Tivonka, a Bohemian
farmer of the northern part of Jeffer
son county, is dead at his home from
the discharge of a shotgun in his
own hands. The charge blew the
top of his head off. He and his wife
had returned from the milk house
and while she stepped to the well for
some milk crocks he seized a shotgun
from its place on the wall and fired.
The family had had no trouble and
no cause bas been assigned for the
deed. '
Save Sugar Save Flour
Yet Serve Luscious Fruit Desserts
Varsity Romance Terminates
In an Elaborate Wedding j
Fremont, Neb., July 6. (Special j
lelegram.) -Mss hva Irene Miller,
daughter of Mrs. Eva Miller, and
Lt. George E. Grimes, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. A Grimes, of Omaha were
married at the First Congregational
church here this evening.
Rev. W. H. Buss read the lines, the
ring ceremony being used. M'ss Ot
tilia Herman, cousin of the bride, and
Ralph Thorp of Nebraska City were
the attendants.
About 200 guests were present. A
reception followed at the home of
rfce bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. J. Lee. I
Lieutenant Grimes and his bride left
for Battle Creek, Mich., where they
will make their home until Lieutenant
Grimes is called for overseas duty.
Tie is now stationed at Camp Cubter.
Both Lieutenant and Mrs. Grimes
are former students of the University
of Nebraska, Mrs. Grimes being grad
uated this spring and Lieutenant
Grimes being in his senior year w hen
he quit to go to Fort Snelling officers'
training school.
During the last semester he attend
ed school he was editor-in-chief of the
Daily Nebraskan, Mrs. Grimes hold
ing the same position for the semester
i preceding. Lieutenant Grimes is a
member of the' Phi Kappa Fsi fra
ternity and Mrs. Grimes is a member
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Corn Growing Rapidly;
Wheat Yields 28 Bushels
Beak-ice, Neb., July 6. (Special.)
Farmers report that corn is growing
rapidly at the present time, and dur
ing the past week many fields haveH
been laid by. With one good rain dur
ing July and another during the
month of August, a bumper crop is
John Huttenniaier, livig three miles
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