Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 07, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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The whole store participates in this July Clear
ance Sofesattf this year because o f the market con
ditions, the values are more wonderful than ever
beforeLook for the Sign "July Clearance;"
there are scores of items not advertised.
IMPORTANT Clearance Sale Items from the
Basement will be advertised in Thursday's papers
and Men's Building in Friday's papers Excep
tiwal values for every man.
oraife Stores
Begin Monday Morning at 8:30-Wonderful Values All Over the Store
On the First, Second and Third Floors These Specials
Wash Cloths, 3c
Were 7 He
200 dozen, but only six
to a customer.
Main Floor
Rag Rugs, $2.93
4x7 feet size. Fine for
bedrooms and bath
Thjrd Floor
Women's $5.00 Oxfords and Pumps, $1.95
Red Cross and other well known brands, patent colt
and dull kid; medium and high heels; broken sizes.
Main Floor
69c Cretonnes, 39c
Excellent variety of col
orings and designs.
Third Floor
98c Cretonnes, 69c
You can choose well
from this assortment.
Third Floor
$2.95 Velvet and Tapestry Pillows, $1.95
Sateen backs, in red, blue, brown and green.
Third Floor
Axminster Rugs,
27x54 inches, and most
excellent wearing.
Third Floor
Camisoles, 45c
Soiled Wash Satin and
Crepe de Chine, worth
to $1.50.
ThjjeT' Floor
$1.00 Stamped Turkish Towels, 69c
Jacquard patterns, in pink, blue and yellow; extra
large size.
Third Floor
Corset Covers, 29c
Laces and embroidery
trimming, all sizes.
Third1 Floor
Boudoir Caps, 18c
Lace and Swiss, slightly
soiled, worth to 50c.
Third Floor
25c Fancy Lawn Aprons at 19c
Lace or plaited edges, all made up, ready to wear.
Third Floor
Corsets, $5.00
Were $8.50 to $10.00
Madeleine and Mme.
Lyra. Discontinued
Third Floor
Corsets, $2.00
Were $3.00 and $3.50
American Lady, P. N.
and R. & G. Small
lots. j
Third Floor
R. M. C. Crochet Cotton, a Ball, 5c
In white, ecru and colors, and sizes 3 to 70.
Third Floor
Neckwear at 69c
Collars and Vestees,
Swiss and Georgette
Crepe. Were to $1.75.
Main Floor
Union Suits, 99c
Women's fine lisle,
band top; tight knee or
shell bottom.
Third Floor
50c Union Suits at 35c
Tight knee on lace bottom. Regular and extra sizes.
Third Floor
Women9 s Suits
Suits marked $19, go at . . . .$10
Suits $22.50 to $29.50, at ..$15
Suits marked $49, go at $25
Second Floor Brandeit Stores
These Suits
For Misses and Small Women
Suits marked $39 to $62, at $25
Suits marked-fa $35, go at. .$15
Suits marked $18 to $25, at $10
Second Floor Brandeit Store
These Coats
For Misses and Small Women
Coats marked to $39, go at $24.75
Coats marked to $29, go at $17.75
Second Floor Brandeit Storet
Abonita Vanishing Cream, 35c size, 19c
Peroxide Hydrogen, 8 os. bottle.. lie
Eptom SalU, -lb. Package Sc
Sloan' Liniment, 25c tixe, at 15c
Trailing Arbutut Talcum, 1-lb. can. .10c
William' Tale Powder . . 12 He
Simplex Cuticle Remover, 30c tize. ,18c
Litterine, $1.00 tize, at 67c
White Ivory Combt, tpecial at 19c
Bathing Capt, tpecial at ...10c
Aspirin Tablets, JJozen for ..10c
Bath Sprayt, 98c value for 69c
2-qt. Fountain Syringe 79c
Rubber Sheeting, yard wide, yard, ,49c
Ettex Peroxide Soap, a bar 6c
Creme Oil Soap, at 7c
Elimento Cattile, 15c bar at 8c
Olovilo Soap, tpecial at 8c
, Zanol Peroxide Soap, at 5c
Main Floor Brandeit Store
Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, 19c
Dark and light colors. Values up to
29c yard.
Main Floor Brandeit Store
Plain Taffeta Ribbons, 19c
With pretty satin stripe; good line of
Main Floor Brandeit Storet
Middy Blouses at 99c
With colored collars and cuffs; also
pink, blue and green stripes; worth
Second Floor Brandeit Stores
Without exception the most
wonderful Silk values in
many, many months.
$2.50 Silks, now $1.00
6,000 yards newest Spring and
Summer Silks. ,
36-inch Satin, printed and em
bossed Striped Taffetas, Radi
ant Satins, Gros de Londres,
Swiss Silks.
All new designs, no patterns
ever shown here before
$1.00 Silks at 59c
36-inch Fiber Silk Shirting;
fabrics that will wash and
wear better than many $2.00
$1.00 Silks at 39c
32-inch All-Silk Imported Nov
elty Pongee; pretty designs,
plendid weight.
$1.50 Silks at 59c
40-inch All-Silk Printed Chif
fon Cloth, white grounds witjj
gorgeous color effects; splen
did range of patterns.
$3.00 Silks at $1.25
36-inch "Motera Cotella" Dress
and Suiting Silk; ideal for mo
toring and sports wear.
Main Floor Brandeit Storet
Boys9 Wear
$6.50 to $8.50 Suits, $3.95
Palm Beach and Kool Cloth;
some with two pair of pants;
sizes 6 to 15 years.
$10.00 Suits go at $7.50
Long Pant Suits, Palm Beach
and Kool Cloth fabrics; real
snappy styles; sizes 14 to 19.
75c Blouses go at 59c
Sport styles, with either short
or long sleeves.
85c Wash Pants go at 69c
Khakis, Crashes, Cottons and
Linens, plain colors, stripes
and checks; sizes 4 to 17 years.
$1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 Wash
Suits, $1.39
Short lots and slightly mussed
Suits; various colors and pat
terns; many with two pair of
pants ; sizes 2 to 8 years.
75c Bathing Suits go at 55c
Shown in gray and white and
black and white; sizes 4 to 12
Seeond Floor, Men't Bldg.
Women9s Dresses
Dresses marked $22.75, at $18.25
Second Floor Brandeit Store
Women's Sweaters
Silk Sweaters to $59, at . . . .$35
Silk Sweaters to $29, at $19.50
Second Floor Brandeit Storet
Girls9 Wear
Girls' Coats to $5.95, at . .$3.95
Girls' Silk Frocks to $15, at $9.75
Girls' Frocks to $12.50, at $5.95
Flapper Sport Skirts $1.49
Second Floor Brandeit Store
O. N. T. Crochet Cotton, a ball, at. .7c
9 yard bolt of Bia Tape, a bolt. . . ,4c
Fatt Colored Wash Edging, a bolt. . . .4c
Fatt colored Darning Cotton, a ball, lc
Large tize Sanitary Aprons, each.. 35c
Coat and Shirt Hangen, 3 for 5c
Men't and Boys' Neck Band . ...3c
Rust Proof Dreti Clatpt, a card. . . .3c
Rutt Proof Hooka and Eyea, a card, 3Hc
200-yd. Spoolt Batting Thread 9 for 25c
J. O, King' Thread, 9 tpoolt ., . . ,25c
Boys' Pant Bandt, all aget, each.... 9c
t Knitting Needle, a pair at 9c
Large Piece Garter Elastic, each. . . ,5c
Boys' & Girls' Waist with gartera, 23c
Human Hair Nett, Regal Brand.... 5c
Sanitary Belts, all aizet, each. ... 12 He
Shell Hair Pint, 6 hi box, at 3c
Safety Pint, 3 tizet, a card 3Jc
Main Floor Brandeit Store.
Union Suits, 59c
Womens lisle, tight
knee or shell bottom;
all sizes.
Third Floor
Children's Socks, 39c
Pure Silk Half Socks,
slightly imperfect; roll
ed tops.
Main Floor
Opaque. Window Shades at 39c
Odd lots, made up and mounted on rollers, ready to
Third Floor
Women's Hosiery,
Pure Thread Silk, a few
irregulars; silk to the
knee; worth $1.00.
Main Floor
Women's Hosiery
Worth up to $3.00
Highest Grade Fancy
Hose, small lots.
Main Floor
All-Linen Table Cloths, $5.98
8x10 size, no napkins to match, pattern cloths, all
Main Floor
Women's Vests, 35c
Lisle Vests and Bod
ices, beaded tops.
Third Floor
Buttons at 2c
All kinds, many worth
as much as 25c each.
Main Floor
75c Dressing Sacques at 39c
Gingham and Percale, belted at waist line; fancy
stripes and plain trimming.
Third Floor
Iced Tea Tumblers, $1.75 Doz.
Heisy Blown Glass; reduced from
$2.50 a dozen.
Main Floor Brandeit Stores
Chop Dishes at 25c
Also Cake Plates, Vegetable Dishes,
Water Pitchers; worth to $1X0
Main Floor Brandeit Store
Georgette Crepe Blouses, $3.95
In dark shades, for wear with suits;
a few are worth to $10.00; slightly
Second Floor Brandeit Store
Buttons, 7V&c Doz.
White Wash Buttons,
worth 25c a dozen.
Main Floor
Belt Buckles, -25c
All sizes, fancy styles:
many colors; worth 98c.
Main Floor
Infants' $2.00 Wash Dresses, 98c .
Plain and Plaid Ginghams and Chambrays, sizes 2 to
6 years.
Third Floor
Filet Laces, 59c
Exact copies of the
real; collar widths;
worth 98c.
Main Floor
Children's Hose, 25c
Lisle Half Socks; dou
ble soles, heels and
Main Floor
50c Small Hand Pocket Books, 19c
Real leather, with overlapping flat card pocket. Great
' Main Floor
Val Laces, 15c
Van Dyke points with
beading tops; worth
Main Floor
Edges, 12V2C
2 to 5-inch Swiss and
Cambric Edges, worth
Main Floor
$1.25 Semi-Made Corset Covers, 79o
Madeira embroidery; very dajpty.
Main Floor
On fthe Basement Yoao Will Find These Exfaraoird-nairy Offerings
Women's Canvas Shoes $1.95
Women's Pumps and Oxfords ...$1.95
Women's White Canvas Pumps . .$2.45
Women's White Sport Oxfords ..$1.95,
Misses' and Children's Pumps . . . .$1.95
Women's and Boys' Tennis Oxfords, 75c
Infants' Soft Sole Shoes 25c
Women's Tennis Shoes 69c
All-Leather Hand Bags 95c
Japanese Iced Tea Sets 25c
Pearl Handle Table Flat Ware . . . .99c
Genuine Ivory Mirrors 99c
Slightly Imperfect
Genuine Ivory Brushes 99c
Slightly Imperfect
Women's Cotton and Lisle Hose . . .15c
Children's Black Cotton Hose ....15c
Men's Cotton Seamless Hose 15c
Infants' All-Wool Hosiery 39c
Women's Cotton Shaped Vests ... .19c
Women's Sleeveless Gauze Vests, 12V2c
Children's Vests and Pants 19c
Women's Union Suits 49c
Women's and Children's Handkerchiefs,
very special, each 2Vc
50 Dozen Boys' Wash Suits 39c
Boys' Wash Blouses, 150 dozen . . . .25c
Brocaded Silk and Cotton Fabrics, 19c,
.Wash Goods, worth 50c, at . . . . . .25c
Printed Flaxon, 27 inches wide .... 18c
Women9 s, Misses9 and Children9 s Ready-to-Wear
Women's and Misses' Dresses, were to $15.00, at $7.95
Women's and Misses' Suits, were to $15.00, at. .$8.95
Women's and Misses' Coats, were to $20.00, at. .$12.95
Women's and Misses' Coats, were to $15.00, at. .$9.95
Women's and Misses' Coats to $10, at $3.95 and $4.95
Women's and Misses' Cloth Skirts to $6.95, at. .$3.95
Women's and Misses' Cloth Skirts, were to $4, at $1.95
Women's and Misses' Tub Skirts to $2 and $3, at $1.69
Girls' Middy Skirts, were $1.00 and $1.25, at. . . .69c
Street and Porch Dresses to $5.00, at $1.95 and $2.95
Fancy Summer Dresses, were to $7.50, at $3.95, $4.95
Porch and House Dresses, were to $2.00, at . . . .$1.29
House Dresses) were $1.00 and $1.50, at. ...... .89c
Smocks, were $2.39 and $3.49, to go at .$1.95
Smocks, were $3.69 and $3.95, to go at $2.95
Middies, were 75c to $1.95, at .49c to $1.39
Girls' White Dresses, were to $1.95, at. 95c
Women's White Waists, were to $1.00, at 49c and 69c
Women's Silk Waists, were $3.00 and $4.00, at $2.69
Bathing Suits, were $1.00 and $2.00, at . . . ,69c, $1.39
EnamelwareTurquoise Blue and White Lined Very Special
Thit it the highest grade Enaraelware we know of but because we will not reorder we sacrifice this lot at these prices.
Lot 1 Choice at $1.19
6 to 10 qt. Kettles, enamel cover, worth to $2.39
8 to 14 qt. Preserving Kettles, worth to $1.79
12 qt. Water Pail, worth $1.59
3 and 4 qt. Seamiest Double Boilert, worth to $2.85
Vt qt. Coffee Pot worth $1.49
5, 6 and 7 qt. Tea Kettlet, worth to $2.98
Lot 2-Choice at 79c
4 and 5 qt. Kettlet, worth to , $1.59
6 qt. Preterving Kettlet, worth , 98c
Cutpidort, worth .$1.25
10 qt. Pail, worth $1.49
1, 2, 3 and 4 qt. Covered Buckett, worth 59c to $1.00
1 qt. Tea Pots, worth $1.49
Soaps and Washing Powders-Extraordinary Low Prices
10 Bart Diamond C Soap for 38c
10 Bart Pearl White Soap for ....42c
10 Bart White Naptha Soap for.... 42c
10 Bart Felt Naptha Soap for 59c
6 Bart Ivory Soap for 33c
7 Bart Excel Soap for ........... ,33c
6 Bar Goblin Soap for 24c
3 Pkg. Britt's Ammonia Powder 21c
1 Package Sterl Foam and Brush for 27c
2 Can Res Lye for 15c
2 can Old Dutch Cleanser for 15c
3 Cane Sunbrite Cleanser for 10c
1 lb. Borax Powder for 10c
2Y Ibt. Borax Powder for 22c
5 lbt. Borax Powder for 43c
Washing Powder, Golden Rod Naptha,
large tize 19c
American and Simpson's Prints, at 12 Vic
Mill remnants, medium and light colors.
Dress Ginghams, Mill Remnants . . -22c
(Red Seal, York and Everette Classic)
Leader and Hartcliffe Voiles . . . ,16c
Bleached Muslin and Cambric 18c
Dress and Wrapper Percale at . . 16V&C
Bleached Seamless Sheets, $1.10, $1.19
Scrims, Plain arid Fancy 8V2C
Cretonnes, worth 60c 39c
Nottingham Lace Curtains ........ 98c
Colored Madras, worth to 50c .... 39c
Scrims, 2,000 yards at 13c
Johnson's Floor Wax, pint size .... 38c
(Not more than 3 to a customer No phone or.)
75c Adjustable Screens, 37 in 49c
(Only 6 to a customer No phone orders)
75c to 85c Parlor Brooms, four-tie, 59c
No Mail or Phone Orders.
25c Flour Sifters, while they last . . .14c
Good Quality Aluminum Ware, worth to
$2.00, now priced $1.19
69c Hit and Miss Rag Rugs . . . . .. . .49c
18x36-inch Axminster Rugs $1.59