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FjDlice Suspect Owner in Gate
v City to Confer With Alien
j-. Enemy Leaders
!; ' Here.
JOId John Barleycorn, with char
acteristic disloyalty to his friends, per
formed a catnotic duty July 4r in
helping to unearth a man named Win
tars, who ia supposed to be a German
On the morning of the Fourth a
trjjnk arrived at the Union depot that
smelled so strongly of booze the at
tention of the police was called to it.
They seized the trunk. and opened
it tip and found that a flask had
broken and saturated the contents of
the receptacle with the fluid which
both cheers and inebriates.
In an effort to ascertain the identity
of the owner the police went through
a number of papers and found a lot
of code letters and other documents,
welch would indicate the owner, who
went tinder three aliases, was either
a German spy or an alien enemy.,
Germans Turn to Vegetarianism,
. As Stocks of Meat Are Scarce
By Associated Press.
Amsterdam. July 5. Until well into
Tune of the present year the gravest
fears were enieriainea in ocnm iu
the failure of German crops owing to
the drought in April and May, writes
Dr. Dieckmann, in the Taegliche
Rundschau, but later the change of
weather brought an improvement so
that without exaggerated expectations
the new cereal year beginning August
1 promises to be better than the last
one. ,
Last year's failure of the fodder
crop, the writer adds, caused con
siderable shrinkage of live stock which
will detrimentally influence cultivation
in the coming year.
Dr. Dieckmann next points out that
potash supplies to German farmers,
owing to the shortage of labor and
the difficulties of 'transportation, are
nearly 100,000 car loads in arrears.
Yet large quantities of potash have
been sent to the Ukraine, he says,
and he thinks this is the worst possi
ble policy because Germany must de
pend upon foreign grain in the com
ing year. It is also doubtful whether
the Ukraine can help much as Austria
h.s put in a claim for a large part of
the Ukraine grain crop.
The writer insists that "a full pound
of flesh" should be exacted from
Roumania, whose crops must be sub
jected to the "strictest control."
Turning to the meat supplies,' Dr.
Dieckmann fears that next year will
bring little improvement. lie says a
majority of the breeders declare that
Germany's stocks of cattle and pigs
will taket ten years to recover their
normal size.
Germans, he concludes, are turning
in Greater numbers to vegetarianism,
this being conclusively evident in the
multiplication of kitchen gardens
especially in vicinity of large cities.
One Man Arrested.
Agents of the government went to
w$rk on the ease. and yesterday a
iraa named Winters, alleged to be
tf owner of the trunk, and who ap
pear to be in Omaha under rather
suspicious circumstances, was placed
uttder arrest by secret service agents,
and is being held for investigation.
It is assumed the man came here
to? meet one of the heads of the Teu
tcii spy system operating in this sec
tion of the country. .
Agents of the Department of Jus
tice, when approached in regard to
the case, refused to give out any in
formation, t saying it is the orders
frcra Washington not to say anything
a"Mit alien enemy or spy cases for
l;:nsit Concessions Refused
I Holland by Entente Allies
vhe Ilasrue. July ' 5. Washington
a i the other entente allied govern-
r nts have sent a note to Holland
' f f the purpose of controverting
i sements in the Dutch press that
t t associated governments contem
i te making concessions regarding
t "sit over the Limburg railroad.
' he note says this would be con
f ry td the agreement made with the
1 ch government, last April which,
Je releasing the Netherlands gov
i ment from certain engagements
r. arding the transit of gravet and
i d to. Germany, did not contem
I it any concession , regarding e
t. isit of military supplies.
i Hertford'! Acid PboiphtU
tcaipooaful In a kIms of water ry
hinr to tht mouth and throat Buy a
. Ad. " !
(Continued From Fag One.) .
were Fordn'ey and McLaughlin of
Michigan; Sterling of Illinois and
Woods of Iowa, all republicans.
Can't Pass Before Monday.
The resolution will be sent to the
senate tomorrow with leaders there
planning its reference to the interstate
commerce committee for a study and
probable hearing during the recess.
Regardless of the recess plans, senate
leaders said its adoption by next Mon
day, the date for which the strike of
operators employed by the Western
Union Telegraph company is called,
is not possible.
Under the present plan wartime
prohibition and woman suffrage would
go over until congress returns in Au
gust, though some leaders thought
prohibition advocates might keep con-
gree over until next week in a final
effort to pass the Norris prohibition
amendment to the ?U,UU0,UUU emer
gency agricultural appropriation.
Denounce Konenkamp.''
Chicago, ' July 5. One thousand
Chicago employes of the Western
Union Telegraph company announced
in resolutions sent to President Wil
son today that they are not members
of the Commercial Telegraphers union
of America, that its president, Sylves
ter J. Konenkamp, does not represent
them and that they will not heed the
call issued by him for a strike next
Monday. The resolutions are said to
have been signed only by employes
with five years or more of experience.
Senate and House Conferees
Reach Complete Agreement;
Fort Crook Water Supply
Fund Included.
By Associated Press.
Washington, July 5. Senate and
House conferees reached a complete
agreement late today on the $12,000,
000,000 army appropriation.
Most of the senate amendments
including that for organization of a
volunteer Slavic legion and to base
army draft quotas on the number of
men in class one instead of state
populations were retained, as was the
suddenly develop, tends to keep Ger- house provision giving the president
man reserves scattered,
The activity of the allied forces
puts a wholly new aspect on meeting
the forthcoming German effort. The
possibilities of feints at remote parts
of the line, to cover the development
of the real attack until it was well
under way, are -believed to be less
promising as it is the allies who are
now creating diversions.
It is regarded probable General
Foch will be able to form accurate
estimates of the course and strength
of the next blow before it is de
livered. One advantage of the increasing
manpower will be the possiblity of
allied thrusts at other points along
the line, compelling the shifting of
German reserves, ft is believed Gen
eral Foch now is in a position to
take this means of slowing up the
enemy without impairing his own re
serves. '
Profiteering in Woolens
Must Stop, Board Declares
Washington, July 5. Reports of
continued speculation in woolens
caused the industries board today to
send notice to dealers in woolen piece
goods that profiteering is detrimental
to the public welfare and is contrary
to the industrial policy as outlined by
the president.
In a previous warning the board
said drastic action would be taken
unless speculation ceased.
unlimited authority to increase the
army by calls under the draft law.
At the suggestion of Provost Mar
shal General Crowder, the amendment
of Senator McKellar of Tennessee,
which the senate had adopted,
authorizing the president to promote
General Crowder to be a lieutenant
ireneral, was dropped from the bill.
General Crowder wrote a letter stat
ing that credit for. administration of
the draft law belonged not to him
alone and urged that he be not singled
out for recognition.
The senate amendment authorizing
the president to appoint two major
generals "at large designed for
General Crozier, chief of ordnance,
and Quartermaster General Sharpe,
was accepted by the house conferees.
The bill carries an appropriation of
$59,000 to connect Omaha water
mains with Fort Crook.
Three Billion Dollar Bill
Signed by the President
Washington, July 5. President
Wilson has signed the $3,000,000,000
sundry civil appropriation bill pro
viding for government expenses, in
cluding the shipbuilding program dur
ing the coming year, and the naval ap
propriation bill carrying $1,609,323,000
and authorizing a permanent increase
of the navy's enlisted personnel to
131,000 men with 50,000 additional for
the war.
The Bee's Fund For
Free Milk and Ice
Remember, we have no solicitors to
canvass the city for money for this
fund. You must act yourself, by send
ing or bringing your contributions to
The Bee office.
Every cent of its goes to buy pure
milk and cooling ice for the helpless
ones of helpless families.
The fund is in urgent need of every
cent it can get. Won't you send yours
in NOW.
Previously acknowledged $218.75
Mrs. A. Linneman 1-00
J. W. Fead.. 1.00
Total t220.7S
Lt.-Col. Frank C. Todd,
Commander Gimp Dodge
Base Hospital, Is Dead
From a Staff Correspondent.
Des Moines, July 5. (Special Tele
gram.) Word was received here to
day of the death in a hospital in Chi
cago of Lt.-Col. Frank C. Todd, who
has been in command of base hospial
at Camp Dodge. Death was due to
pneumonia. He contracted a cold
while on an inspection trip which
later developed into the dread di
sease. In civil life he was a prom
inent eye, ear and nose specialist and
lived in Minneapolis.
Navy Air Pilot Is Taken
To Prison in Germany
Washington, July 5. Ensign
George Roe of Scituate, Mass., an
aviation pilot in the American navy,
has been captured and is imprisoned
at Camp Landschut, Germany, the
Navy department was advised today
by Admiral Sims.
Ensign Roe was last heard from
in a cablegram from Admiral Sims on
June 4. He had made a forced land
ing 18 miles off the coast of Holland
when his seaplane developed engine
Campaign to Raise War
Fund Planned by Y. M. C. Al
Washington, July 5. Announce
ment that a campaign for a $112,000,
000 fund for the Young Men's Chris
tian association war work will begin
immediately after the fourth Liberty
loan was made today by John R.
Mott, international secretary.
Railway Wage Board
Reaches Agreement
On Shopmen's Wages
Washington, July 5. Recommenda
tions of the railway wage board on
the. question of increased pay and
working conditions of fcliop men have
been completed and forwarded to
Director-General McAdoo at San
Francisco. This announcement was
made tonight by the railroad adminis
tration. There was no indication what the
decision was. The shop men asked
for higher wages than were given
them under the original increase ap
proved by the director-general. In
protest against the award shop men
at Alexandria, Va., and Silvis, 111.,
walked out, but the strikes ended
upon promise by Mr. McAdoo to
take up the complaint.
i .... i
Mail Service for Army
In France Is Shameful,
Says Senator Johnson
Washington, July 5. The senate
today adopted a tesolution by Sena
tor Sutherland of West Virginia, re
publican, asking the secretary of war
and the postmaster general to ad
vise the senate regarding the move
ment of mail to and from American
troops abroad and the steps being
taken to improve the service. Sen
ator Johnson of California, repub
lican, characterized the present ser
vice as "shameful" and said that
transportation of mail to the front
now requires a month.
South Africa Revolution
Threatened, Botha Reports
Pretoria, July 5. Premier Botha
of the Union of South Africa has is
sued a statement showing that' ser
ious unrest exists in South Africa.
Strong police and military measures
are being taken to cope with the sit
uation. .
Premier Botha said that had not
prompt and effective military meas
ures been taken the situation would
have culminated in a grave dis
turbance and probably serious loss of
life. .
The Boer leader added that the
government had information pointing
to the existence of a movement hav
ing for its object the submersion of
the constitution by violent methods
Agricultural Appropriation Bill
Will Fail to Pass if House
Again Rejects Provision
on Final Test Today.
Washington, July 5. Senators .
from wheat-growing states renewed
their fight for an increase of the gov'- ;
ernment minimum price to $2.30 by
blocking efforts to pass an emergency'' .
resolution continuing departmental
appropriations until the regular appro
priation bills could be passed.
Senators Norris of Nebraska and
Gore of Oklahoma demanded the resd-
lution be held up until the house."
could vote again on the senate's vhea
price amendment to the emergency s
agricultural appropriation bill.
Senators McCumber of North Da
kota and Sterling of South Dakotu
supported the increase, the former
saying the present prices discriminates
against 33,000,000 farmers and the 1aK
iter insisting that ttie larmers are -
granting a concession in accepting uic
government price on wheat.
Plans were made today for a vote . .
in the house tomorrow on the senate .
amendment. Chairman Lever of the ,
house agriculture committee planned,
to ask the house to insist upon it's
refusal to accept the - amendment.
Should the house again reject the pro-.
posal, senators said the resolution
continuing the departmental appro
priations until the regular annual ap
propriation bills are completed would. ,
be passed tomorrow. ,
Department Orders.
"Wathlngton. July 5. (Special Telegram..
Second Lt. Clyde W. McLaughlin.'
veterinary reserve corps, Is relieved from
his present duties and will proceed to Fort
D- A. Russell. Wyo., and report to the com
manding officer In the military service. .
Postmastersi appointed In Iowa: Holland.
Grundy county, Ben Boldt, jr.. vies Eddie i
A. Ltngelbach. resigned; Oakley. I,uca
county, Gail H. Mikesell, vice Ralph B
Mlkesell, died; Pleananton, Decatur county.
Delana D. Davis, vlca William. W:- Moore,
South ' Dakota: Viewfleld. Meade county.
Hosea A. Bridgman, vies Joseph G. Pratt.
deceased. '
Iowa rural letter carrier appointed: Mile. .
route 2, Casslus O. Fellows, Minburn; Johr
H. West, Ottumwa, 4; Verdon Reinhard, .
(Continued From Fsgs One.) i ! ,.
of vantage held by him, which would
be of value as. a starting place of a
new" major thrust, are being re-
captured all along the line. The ef
fect is to embarrass German prepara
tions and officers believe the fact
any of these local operations may
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