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Federal Reserve Bank Makes
Compilation of Conditions
- in Tenth District; Wheat
Averaging Higher.
-.A report made by the Federal Re
serve tank of Kansas City of condi
tions in District No. 10, which em
braces the five principal wheat grow
ing states, places the condition of the
prop at 80 per cent, 2 per cent higher
than the 10-year average
It estimates the crop for the dis
trict 232,000,000 bushels. It states
. that old wheat supplies are shorter
than they have been years and have
beeen practically exhausted, while
there is only about one-third the sup
w.ply of flour on hand that there was
."i this time a year ago.
e cats crop 's we" advanced, with
the expectation of a yield equal to
i..'the large one of. last year. The fore
cast for Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
and Nebraska is a yield of 225,000,000
- 4. bushels, based on an acreage of 8,000.-
uou, and an average condition of 87
per cent as contrasted with the 10-
ip , year average of 81 per cent . '
Labor is being handled throughout
't'i the wheat districts as a result of gov
v 'mrnent co-operation so that supply
nd demand is being equalized and
reports show that good wages are
, feeing paid, averaging $1 per day
)iigher than a year ago.
The number of commercial fail
ures in the 10th district during the
month of April was 49. as compared
with 41 the same month a year ago,
with liabilities of insolvencies one
tialf In excess of those of April, 1917.
Business is good in all lines and man
bfacturers continue very active. Col
lections are generally prompt, though
(low in some cities.
Bank clearances fpr the 17 princi
pal cities of the district durinsr the
' fcnonth of May were about $1,400,000,-
000, a. gain of 37 per cent over the
iamo monm last year.
t to
Two File for Position
In State Legislature
R. L Bailey, 5212 North Fifteenth
street, has filed for the republican
nomination for state representative.
Charles O. Anderson 3816 North
Twenty-second street, has filed for
the democratic nomination for state
Assessor to Go After -Small
Firms Who Have
Not Made Any Returns
The county board of equalization
adjourned Monday night at 10 o'clock
after a 20-day session without having
received any appeals for reductions
from any large Omaha business firms.
The assessment of J. C. Robinson,
grain elevator proprietor of Waterloo,
heb., was raised irom,$J3,o5 to $30,'
"I believe that Omaha - business
firms are seeing that we are trying to
treat them fairly," said- Comity As
sessor Fitzgeral Tuesday. "We even
have had firms return voluntary as
sessments twice as laree as their vol
untary assessment of last year. One
firm made a tax return of $50,000 last
year, which we raised to $75,000. This
year the same nrm returned an as
sessment of $108,000."
Fitzgerald indicated, however, that
he. was preparing to go after a dozen
or so small companies in the city who
had refused to make any returns at
Mrs. Henry Brown, Former
Omahan, Dies in California
Mrs. Henry Brown, formerly a res
ident of Omaha for many years and
one of the early pioneers of the state,
died Monday in Los Angeles, Cat., at
the age of 80 years, according to a
telegram received Tuesday morning
by Mrs. David Lole. Mr$. Brown
had been in ill health for considerable
time, due to the infirmities of old
Mrs Brown, with her husband,
who died several years ago, lived for
a considerable time in Omaha at
Twenty-sixth and Charles streets. She
and her daughter, Mrs. Estella Mills,
moved to New York three years ago,
and from there went to California,
where they have been during the
last two winters.
Betides her daughter, Mrs. Brown
is survived by three sons, Frank
Brown of Seattle, Wash.; Mart
Brown of Sturgis, S. D., and John
Brown of Chicago. The body, ac
companied by Mrs. Mills, will be
brought to Omaha -Saturday. It is
probable that services will be held
here and interment will take place in
Nebraska City beside the body of
Mr. Brown.
Federal Agents Arrest Man
On Charge of White Slavery
Henry Howard Biggerstaff of Mis
sion, S. D., arrested by federal agents
Tuesday morning, is held on a charge
of white slavery. He is the father of
a 17-year-old girl, whom, it is alleged,
he took from Mission to Valentine,
Web., tor unmoral purposes.
Biggerstaff formerly lived in Sara
ders county and is well known in Ne
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One Carload'
Every Two Minutes
ft In
ty nd
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1 tl7.
15,000 POUNDS
One Hog Oof 0 Ewry
Four Being Sent
Chfjtffwnte eC BMfltt tuwe feeeti gotBar
to tlw alllM tor mbw ttnM at the rat
of. 11,000 penadi nlnnta. Aa the
shipments. kept p 4nrmc a tea
hour day they suooimt to 9,000,050
pounds daily. The meat gees to eoV
dlars of the United States sad the at
Bea sad t the eMBaa soputatkm of
sQ tha countries at war wKn Ger
man. .
3WsHJ sySHV9 4
These statements
were made by a prom
inent representative of
the United States Food
No industry in the
country has played a
more important part in
helping to win the war
than the American live
stock and meat-packing
industry. '
Swift & Company
alone has been forward-'
ing over 500 car loads of
meat and meat products
per ; week for overseas
Swift & Company, U. S A.
dj r cj
G)rps Makes Protest
of Shameful Neglect
An indignation meeeting was
called Tuesday mornina bv mem
bers of the Red Cross salvage com
mittee, the board of directors of the
Daughters ofMhe American Revolu
tion and Gould Dietz, head of the
Omaha chapter, at the Fontenelle.
The salvage department members
believe themselves to be a neglected
part of the Red Cross.. Thev ask that
several business men be appointed to
help them procure office store rooms
and in other ways' perfect their or
Mrs. Frank Adams, head of the de
partment, reported that when she has
applied to Scoutmaster English for
the service of the Boy Scouts in col
lecting the salvage, he said that the
scouts were already busy collecting
and selling bottles and other junk to
raise funds for the junior Red Cross.
Ihe Daughters of the American
Revolution members agreed to help
the Salvage committee redistrict the
chy, establish stations in each dis-1
inci ana secure one auto true, ine
department has netted an average of
$1,000 a month for the last few
months. , 1
Father and Son Enlist
Together for War Work
Humphrey D. Lynch, 41 years
old, and his son, Edward, 19 years
old, have both enlisted in the army
and Friday will go to war to
gether. Mrs, Lynch and 6-year-old
daughter will remain at home at
1007 South Twentieth street, while
the men folks are winning the war.
The father and son have enlisted
for the same -work and will go
first to Washington. They hope to
remain together throughout the
went to Camp Funston last week, to
military authorities at Fort Omaha.
In answer to the question, "Do you
claim exemption?" Blalack wrote, "I
shall obey God's law." He quotes
the . commandment, "Thou shalt not
Flynn Ordered to Send Draft
Objector to Fort Omaha
United States Marshal Flynn re
ceived orders Tuesday to deliver
Jacob Levi Blalack, conscientious ob
jector to military service, who dis
obeyed his summons to report for
service with the drafted men who
Health Officer Slams
lid on Women Smoking
Cigarets at City Home
Health Commissioner Manning has
ordered that cigaret smoking will not
be permitted at the municipal deten
tion home for women at Twenty-second
street -anTl St Mary's avenue.
"It is difficult to keep some of these
women from smoking, but we jiust
notllow the younger and more sus
ceptible patients to be exposed to this
temptation," the commissioner . tated.
Some of these women hide the ci
garets in their clothing and surrepti
tiously smoke them when not ob
served by the attendants.
Auto Truck Freight ,
Service for Omaha
Is Being Organized
Organization of an auto-truck
freight service to and from towns
within a radius of 50 miles of .Omaha
is going forward steadily. Manager
Gillan of the Chamber of Commerce
industrial bureau will call a- meeting
soon to put into definite shape the
plans outlined. It is likely that a small
fee will be charged the truck owners
and manufacturers to defray the ex
pense of a clerk, telephone, etc Of
fice room has been given free in the
Omaha Auto club office.
The clerk will keep a list of alt
freight calls and turn them over to
the trucks as they are called for.
Last week broke all records at the
stock yards for the number of head
of stock brought in from the sur
rounding coimtrybyauto-truck.
Mailing Division W. S. S. in -Postoffice
Has Pledged $1,570
The Mailing Division 100 Per Cent
War Savings society, organized by the
employes in the mailing division of
the postoffice, have pledged $1,570.
There are 57 menfbers in this society,
which is but one of the 14 societies
formed among the postal employes.
Lee Utt is president and Emit Band
hauer is secretary of the mailing di
vision society.
Tilden Man Tops Market
With His Yearling Steers
Charles L. Corkle of Tilden, Neb.,
topped the market for yearling steers
Tuesday morning with a load of white
faces, which were sold by Melady i is a well known stock raiser and the
Brothers to a local packing company steers marketed were of his own rais
at $tf.35 per 100 pounds. Mr. Corkle ing and feeding. . '
WHAT I particularly like about
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is .
itsxmild but thorough action on the bowels.
It has been very helpful in relieving my nine-year-olol
son, who had been constipated since
a baby."
rom a letter to Dz, CaldweO wrhtea brV
Mr. C . Jaffny, 51 Madison Stmt, 1
Brooklyn, 14. Y.
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
The Perfect Laxative
Sold by Druggists Everywhere x
50 cts. OS) $1.00
Free from opiates and narcotic drugs and pleas
ant to the taste, it acts easily and naturally and
restoresliormal regularity; A trial bottle can
be. obtained free of charge by writing to
Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 458 Washington Street;
Monticello, Illinois..
fflobrasfcaiffllll Mo&Girt Arts;
Hacdl Coat This Wflnter
It is & stern fact that there will be no more Pennsylvania Hard Coal shipped
west of the Mississippi Biver. Thafs the order of the Fuel'Adnrinistra
tion. The shortage of cars caused by war conditions makes the order
imperative. The man who looks, upon it lightly will be sorely disap
pointed if he believes otherwise. The w&e Ones are preparing for
! A. ITT1 1 ' H A Al L L
winier now. rney realize, xnat mey musi get ,
Coal Now
or Be Cold
Next Winter
B irfse, look ahead, be prepared. Order
Dieti No. 8 Goal right now. Ton owe it
to yourself and family and yon owe it as
duty to yotrr country. YonH fool yourself
ii yon wait until eold weather. You 11 le
ing yourself" if yon put it off.
,The Sheridan Coal Company is "doing its bit' to irrgin&
the people of Nebraska to fill tteir bins now, while cars
are available. Sixty days from now cars will be scarce.
The mines will be flooded with orders and qnless you
' are prepared you will suffer for fuel next winter.
ir lace your order now lor
y - -
; A
m mm m w .
L3 U Lb X
Kio. m an , (
X - .
Our new Mine No. 8 contains a rein of Goal 47 feet tMct The
mine is working to capacity.- Our advice to Nebraska people is to
fill their coal bins NOW. Dietz No. 8 Coal is free from any foreign '
matter. It is all pure coal. It's the best coal that comes from Northern
Again We Urge You
To Put in Your Next
Winter's Coal Supply Nov
The above advice is so important, it means so much to Nebraska people, that we cannot
repeat it too often. The old saying about a "stitch in time" will be proven "as sure as yon
live" if you think that Government orders are issued merely for fun. Place your order for
'Dietz No. 8 right now. Pick up the telephone and get busy. , Next winter you will have only
thanks to give us for urging you so strongly.
If Your Regular Dealer Cannot
Supply You, Phone or Write to
Diets Egg and Nut Coal from our new
mine No. 8, 47-ft vein, will work to per
. f ection in Hot Xir Furnaces, Hot Wa
ter Heaters and Hard Coal Base
Burners, .Properly regulated
drafts will make your home
comfortable day' and night.
No Cllnkors
No Smoke
No Soot
Dti -StaHhdlsiini ,al
L D. KN1FFIN, Manager, 0'RearLell Bldg., Kantu City,
E. C. MATTO, Manager, Dlttx, Wy.
i, r.
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QeneraP8ale Agani