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Four Officers Seeking Recruits
f i i i. u c i
Kutak of Omaha and
Miss Hrbkova.
From a Staff Correspondent.
Lincoln, June 29 .-(Special.) Four
Polish lieutenants, escorted by F. J.
Kutak of Omaha and Miss Sara
Hrbkova of Lincoln, called on the
governor today to pay their respects
and also to obtain his approval for the
work which'they expect to do in this
tit toward arousina a sentiment
amort their countrymen for Enlist
ment in an independent organization
which will go to France, t assist in
vinninc the war for the allies.
' But one of the men could speak
English, although all could under
stand it somewhat Miss Hrbkova
ttcted as interpreter.
The men formerly were soldiers in
the Austrian army, but deserted and
went to Russia. As soon as they could
they went to France and have been
serving in the French army. All have
been wounded and while recovering
will aid in the work, of enlisting their
countrymen in America. Omaha will
be headquarters in this section, while
Chicago will be headquarters for the
middle west . ' (
Parole Violator Goes
r To Prison at Beatrice
; Beatrice, Neb., June 29. -(Special)
WBoseoe" Mav. who violated his
parole at VVymore by getting intoxi
cated ana becoming aisoraeriy, was
sentenced to twenty days in the coun
ty jail by Judge Woolsey.
Announcement was recetvea or tne
marriaee of Miss Minnie Dierks of
this city and Lt. W. L Crosson of the
133d infantry, at Deming, N. M, Tnes
day. Lieutenant Crosson's home is at
Hastings and he formerly operated
the Lyric theater. '
Emil Schulti, editor of Die
Nebraska Post, will discontinue the
publication with this week's issue.
He was given until July 1 to print
the paper in English, but he claims
that it would be unsuccessful. Mr.
Schulti has been at the head of the
publication here twenty-one years.
Nebraska Soldiers Can
Not Be Grouped in Time
To Vote in the Primary
From a Staff Correspondent.
Lincoln. June 29. (Special.) Am
erican soldiers in France will not be
able to vote in the Nebraska pri
mary for the reason that the War de
partment will not be able tt gather
the names of the Nebraska men in
time. There are over 3,000,000 names
in the lists, and as they are not ar
ranged by state and only alphabetic
ally, it will be a long task to secure
a complete list
Gov. Neville has returned from
Washington and says that the War
department heartily coincides with the
plan as laid down by tne governor.
Adjutant General McCain said he had
already issued an order for grouping
the names of the soldiers by states.
This will not be available until Sep
tember 1, at least
100 Hebron Home Guards
Busy Helping Out Farmers
HKrnrv Kfch.. Tune 29. fSoecial.)
One hundred strong, the Hebron
home guards are each afternoon help
ing the Thayer county farmers handle
the wheat cropi The organization is
. -i i i
composea 01 Business ana pruicssiuii
il men who work every afternoon
from the close of business until dark.
Under, Captain Harvey Hess the
guardsmen go in squads of 25. A
squad will travel in cars until it finds
a larmer who is overcrowaea witn
work. Thev ston the cars and within a
few hours after they go to work the
farmer finds that his wheat is all
neatly shocked.
Four of 72 Draft Men Fail
To Appear at Falls City
Falls City, Neb., June 29. (Special)
Four in the list of 72 drafted men
did not appear to accompany the
others to Camp Funston and Fort
Riley. Three have not been heard
from and are Peter Mahan. Linton,
N. D., Emmett Woodworth of Hum
boldt who left three weeks ago for the
harvest field in Weatherford, Okla.;
Thomas J. Ahem at Washington.
James Gotees of Casper, WyO., was
heard from in a hospital in Omaha.
Two men were selected to take their
places as they had two extra ones on
first list. The two new ones are to
go on July 1, and they are Frank
Young of Verdon and Marinus E.
York County Wheat Yield
Only 10 to 20 Bushels
York, Neb., June 29. (Special.)
Wheat harvest has begun in York
county While there is more acreage
in the county than ever known, the
yield will be from 10 to 20 bushels of
fall wheat. Spring wheat is hot worth
cutting. Oats are almost a complete
failure in the county. Corn never was
as far advanced as at this time of
year and with . favorable weather
there will be the largest crop ever
known in York county.
PETER, JENSEN, a plonneer of
Gage county living four miles north
east of Fllley, died, aged 80. He is
survived by his widow and nine chil
dren. C. E. Blakesley, a pioneer: of Gage
county, who resided for years near
Cortland, died at his home near
Paradise, Kan., as a result of injuries
received by falling from a windmill
tower. .
the oldest pioneers of Cuming county,
died at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
F. Kind of Beemer. Mr. Beerbohm
located in Cuming county over 60
years ago. He was a native of Ger
many and was 86 years of age.
braska City, a resident of Nebraska
since 1865, lied Friday. Mrs. Catron
had been ill for several months.
Annual Tractor Meet
Goes to Salina; Held
In Fremont Four Times
Fremont, Neb.,- June 29. (Special
Telegram.) The annual tractor meet
this year will be held at Salina, Kan,
July 29 to August 3. according to in
formation that has reached Fremont
club officials. Fremont invited the
tractor men to come back again this
summer, but during the winter a res
olution was passed to the effect that
the meet would not be held for any
town that had had the show before.
The first meet was held at Fremont
and for four years the iron horse
manufacturers had returned here. A
numbex of Nebraska towns bid for
the show this year. '
An increase in water rates amount
ing t o about 30 per cent became ef
fective with the passage of an or
dinance at an adjourned session of
the city council. A rate of 18 cents a
hundred cubic feet up to 10,000 will
become effective July 1.
Sons of Veterans Form
"John Lett Camp" at York
York, Neb., June 29. (Special
Telegram.) A camp of the Sons of
Veterans and grandsons of veterans
was organized Thursday night with 36
charter members. The camp was
named "John Lett Camp," in honor of
John Lett, a prominent member of the
Grand Army of the Republic. The
installing officer was P. A. Barrows
of Lincoln. Following are the offi
cers: W. G. Liggett, commander; E.
B. Koon, vice commander; R. M.
Rankin, jr., viceicommander; W. W.
Wyckoff, M. O. McLaughlin, G. H.
Nedbold, camp counsel; Rev. S. Har
vey, chaplain; Rev. L. R. Bobbin, pa
triotic instructor; Charles Stroman,
guide; L. F. Richardson, color bearer;
Harry Shipman, inside guide; Lee
Worman, outside guide; George De
bord, treasurer; Raymond Woodrura,
Celebrates 90th Birthday.
Falls City, Neb., June 29. (Special)
Mrs. Jane Sinclair of Jetmore, Kan.,
who is visiting at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. John Hossack, in this
city, reached her 90th birthday anni-
Red Cross Subscriptions
Second War Fund Drive
Now Amount $170flS8?4
"Washington, June 29 Red Cross
subscriptions in the second war fund
drive amount now to $170,038,394,
with returns still coming in, national
headquarters today announced.
The first fund amounted to $110,
475,125, of which $17,895,211 was re
funded to or retained by local chap
ters. A financial statement issued to
day shows Red Cross receipts from
all sources during the 11 months
ending May 31 were $117,500,284,
which, with $3,134,904 on hand July
1, last year, brought the society's
total funds to $120,679,188. Of this
$12,090,633 came from the second
war drive.
Total appropriations during the
period were $100,985,498, of which
$83,745,212 had been expended to
May 31. Unencumbered resources
were $19,593,690 on May 31.
versary on Wednesday, June 26th. In
her honor, Mrs. Hossack invited a
number of her old-time friends in to
spend the day with her. Mrs. Sin
clair is a most .active woman for her
years and is enjoying good health.
Beatrice Physician HI.
Beatrice, Neb., June 29. (Special)
Dr. G. H. Brash, Beatrice physician,
is lying critically ill at a local hospital
from an attack of acute Bright's
disease. An operation was performed
this morning as the last hope of sav
ing his life. Dr. Brash came here
from Albia, Neb., about twenty years
Heavy Bain at Beatrice.
Beatrice, Neb., June 29. (Special
Telegram.) Heavy showers fell in
this section today,, breaking the pro
longed drouth and improving crop
conditions. The rainfall is estimated
at about one inch.
Calls Trust Company Reports.
From" a Staff Correspondent.
Lincoln, June 29. Special.) State
Auditor Smith has made a call for
annual reports from all trust com
panies of the state for the period end
ing June 30, 1918.
Rev. Paul Waldschmidt of
Howells Fails to Convince
Judge Button of His
Schuyler, Neb., June 29. (Special
Telegram.) On May 20 last Judge
Frederick W. Button licensed Rev.
Paul Waldschmidt, a German Luth
eran minister, to preach at , Howells,
but admonished him to preatch in the
English language only. Rev. Wald
schmidt did not obey the court's
orders and preached his sermon in
German and th: local Council of De
fense received complaints concerning
the same and upon investigation the
charges were shown to be well found
ed. Senator John R. Henry, chairman
of the local Council of Defense, had
the pastor summoned to appear be
fore Judge Button today.
Rev. Waldschmidt pleaded guilty
to the charge, and upon promises
being made that it would not be re
peated, the court was about to excuse
the minister with a sort of reprimand
and a caution as to the future, but
Judge Button asked the minister a
further question as to what he
thought would happen to an American
preacher in Germany if he preached a
sermon in English after the govern
men had warned him not to. Rev.
Waldschmidt 'answered that he
thought the German government
would take into consideration the cir
cumstances and deal with the erring
minister in a humane and considerate
manner. Judge Button promptly told
the minister that his reply well told
that he was 100 per cent pro-German
and revoked his license. Judge But
ton stated that he will not tolerate
anything that smacks of disloyalty in
word or sentiment, a stand which all
people in this judicial district strongly
endorse and applaud.
Leigh Home Guardt Break
Up Nonpartisan Meeting
Leigh.Neb., June 29. (Special Tele
gram.) A " meeting of the farmers
south of Leigh, who have recently
organized an auxiliary of the Non
partisan league, was broken up last
evening when members of the homi
guards went out and intercepted the
meeting. The league members havi
been holding regular meetings of late
When members of the home guards
entered the school house where the
meeting was being conducted tht
members departed from the building
All of the men present with the ex
ception of one were Germans. Ths
names of those present were takea bj
the guards.
Nebraska News Notes
The use of the German language n
Thayer county schools and churches
will be discussed and decided upon
Monday afternoon when the Germas
Lutheran ministers of the county will
meet with the county council of de
fense at Hebron.
Nels Anderson and Miss Lillis An
derson of Stromsburg; George W.
Grandorff and Miss Olive Darnell;
George' A. Brent and Miss Hazel Win
field of York were married in York
during the week.,
Mission festivals have been held
during the week at the Lutheran
church in Bismarck township and
Zion Lutheran church. Clergymen
assisting were Rev. S. Meeske, Rev.
M. Nierman, Rev. C Hoffman, Rev.
William Harms, Rev. E. T. Otto and
Rev. W. E. Harms. Rev. Hans
Harms, who has been a missionary
in India for the last six years, gave
illustrated lectures during the prog
ress of the missions.
APOLLO Leavenworth
Today at 2:00 Pf M.
And Two Reel Comedy
4 -
good homes and beautiful furniture will
come to participate in this much-waited-for
event.-' v.:r..rv :C r : - -V I ' '
If you need an odd dresser, an odd bed,
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i f ...
A! F
suites and odd pieces, will soon be closed out
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indeed and because there is a place in some
home where each piece will exactly fit and
serve a good purpose.
41)641 8. South 16th Stfeet
a :
' a
' i
NOW Is the tine to purchase the floor covering you have hither
to felt-was a little' top expensive, and NOW because hundreds of
beautiful rugs are off ered t sale prices that really .mean large sav
ings, NOW because our agreement with various manufacturers per
mit us to put all our Close-Out pattern's on sale. Such well known
lines as Hardwick & Magee, Alexander Smith & Sons, Bigelow-Hart-ford
Carpet Company are among those represented. .All sizes and
shapes are in this sale. A partial list followsi ,
lilt French Wilton, , fringed,
9x12, for ........... $89.00
$83.50 Bandhar Wilton, 9x12,
for i SG3.50
, $80 -Ova! Bundhar, tolled, 9x12,
' for ...... ....... 340.50
' 177.60 "Standard W 1 1 1 o n s,
fringed, 9x12, for. . . . .$57.50
130 American Orientals, seam
less, 9x12, for. . . . . . . .$95.00
143.50 Hartford Velvet Seam
less, 9x12, for. ...... .$31.50
$32.00 Roxbury Tapestry Brus
sels,' 9x12, for. . . . . , . .$24,50
$27.50 Velvet Seamless, 9x12,
for '.. p ......... .$19.95
$24.50 Hudson Seamless Tapes
try, 9x12. for........ $16.75
$31.50 Axminster Oriental Pat
terns,, 8-3x10-6, for. .. $23.50
$12.75 Seamless Art Bugs, 8-3x
10-e, for ..$9.95
$65 Dark Mosul. Runner, 15-1 Ox
M.for ......$45.00
$35 Kazaek, Blue Ground, 5-8x
3-8. for . ..$21.00
$22.50 Genja, Mixed Ground, 4-4
x3-l,for ......$15.50
$110 Hartford Saxony Rugs,
9x12, for ......$69.00
$101 French Wilton Fringed, "
8-8x10-0, for ..... . .$79.50
$120 Royal Bengal Seamless, 8x
10, for .............$87.50
$36 Heavy Axminster1 Mis
matched, 9x12, for, . , .$25.75
$55 Bigelow Body Brussels, 9x
12, for .......... ...S33.50
$115 Bundhar Wilton, red color,
9x15, for ........... S59.50
$124.50 Standard Wilton Rug,
10- 6x13-6, for ....... $87.50
$60 Smith Axminster, 11-3x12,
for ..$47.50
$187.60 Hartford Saxony Rug,
11- 3x15, for ,.,,.......$125
$90 Klearflax Reversible Rug,
12x16, for ..........$69.00
$47.50 Hartford Body Brussels,
8-3x10-6, for ....... .$28.75
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Piece V ery Desirable- Every Item Priced
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From the offeriaff in thfc sale it is possible to re
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LINOLEUM in ! from 1 to 1H
yard mum, at ISc, 2S an SOe pw
VERY STECIM STrl pattwnt
ia burlap-hacked, printed linolaum, aU
1 fct and- inch wida, in til and
wood pattern! : worth Its tqnara yards
slightly imparfaet, at, SOc aqaara yard.
$275 Yamouth Bokhara, An
tique, 12x6-7, for .... ; . .$175
$350 Mahal, Camel Allover, 11-9
x9-8,for ......$225
$125 Khiva, dark! red, 9-6x7-5,
for ....... .....,...$97,50
rag-a. That oomt from our Cut Or
der Dept. and art all aeatly bound or
finished. i
ST.69 aamplea of fine Wilton Car
pets, 1 yard long, for $3.75 each.
$4.54 aamplea of heavy Axmlntster
Carpets, 1 H yard long, for $2.50 each.
Mala Floor
' ? v Our (Sift Shop '
offers seasonable suggestions in this sale.
for the Vacation Season, when the woman and girl will have more
time for knitting. 5 t
$2.75 Cretonne Bags for .......... , ........... .$1.85
$3.50 Taffeta Silk Bags for............. 4,00
$9,00 Decorative Bags for........... ...A... $6.00
I15.D0' Black Satin Bags for...,.;'.,...... . .$10.00
$1.00 Liberty Shopping Baskets for. ............ .s ... . -65d
$3.50 Torch pillows . . $2.25
CO Hammock, Cushions . . ; .
$245 9-Piece Dining Room Suite in Normandie Grey
Oak, William and Mary design, consisting of 60-inch
buffet, 64x8 extension table, side table and six chairs,
now $195
$318 11-Piece Dining Room Suite, finished in Douglas
Oak, modern design, consisting of buffet, wood door
china cabinet, serving table, host chair and six side.
chairs, now ............ $258
$45 Walnut Chiffonier, Adam style, now $34
$57 Walnut Dressing Table to match, now $42
$15 Walnut Hair Dressing Chair to match, '
now ......... $11.75
$16 Walnut(Side Chair, now $12.50
$80 Mahogany Dressing Table, William, and Mary
style, now .$57.50
$87 Mahogany Chest of Drawers to match,
now ; .....$67.50
$14.50 Mahogany Bench to match, now. . . .$11.50
$15 Mahogany Side Chair, now. $12
$102 Walnut Dresser, William and Mary style,
' now $75
: $75 Walnut Dressing Table to match, now. . . . .$50
.$75 Walnut Chiffonier to match, now ..,.$55
$66 Walnut fall size Bed to match, now...... $48
$75 Old Ivory Dresser, typical Adam style, now, $60
' $90 Chifforobe to match, now. ... .. .$75
$70 Mahogany Dining Table, 54-inch by 8 ft exten
sion, William and Mary style, now. .......... .$55
$ 19 Host's Chair to match, now . . . . . . . . .'.$15
$13.50 Side Chairs to match, now, each ..$10
$41.50 Golden Oak Buffet, Colonial Scroll type,
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$63 Golden Oak Buffet, Colonial Scroll type,
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. $54 Golden Oak Buffet, Colonial Scroll type,
now ,...........;............ ..$40
- $38 Golden Oak Dining Table, 54-inch by 8 ft exten
sion, now ....$29
$32 Golden Oak Dining Table, 54-inch by 6 ft exten
sion; now .'. .$23
.' $30 Mahogany Library Table, Charles II style,
now .. $22.50
$106 Queen Anne Buffet, 66-inch, in American Wal
nut, now '. . . . . .$80
$78 54-inch by 8 ft extension table to match, $60
$42.50 Serving Table to match .$30
$25 Host's Chair to match.. $18,75
$20 Side Chairs to match, each. $15
$75 Tapestry overstuffed Davenport, mahogany
frame, similar in style to the one pictured above,
now : $59
$40 Overstuffed Rocker to match, now .$30
$40 Arm Chair to match, now ; .$30
$98 Velour Covered Davenport, with loose cushion
seat and mahogany frame, in Queen Anne style, $80
$57 Arm Chair to match, now .$45
$115 Overstuffed Davenport, upholstered in tapestry
with loose cushion spring seat, mahogany frame, $89
$61.50 Chair to match $48
$42 Velour Covered Mahogany Rocker, Queen Anne
style, now $32.50
$45 Velour Covered Mahogany Rocker, Queen Anne
style, now .$37.50
$26.50 Mahogany, Wing Back Chairs, cane panelled.
now $21.50
$30 Mahogany Wing Back Chairs, cane panelled,
now ...... , $22.50
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Down Stairs-
Seeger Refrigerators in This Sale
The list prices quoted below went into effect in February.
We are daily expecting them to raise, but notwithstanding this,
the following radical reductions will be made durmg this July
Sale List Price. Now.
3-door 90-lb. capacity Seeger, enameled lined.. ..$ 64 . $45
3- door 100-lb. capacity Seeger, enameled lined. 1..$ 74 $53
4- door 150-lb. capacity Seeger, enameled lined.... $ 87 , $62
4-door 175-lb. capacity Seeger, enameled lined. . . .$101 $72
3-door 90-lb. capacity Seeger, porcelain lined.... $ 84 $60
3- door 100-lb. capacity Seeger, porcelain lined.... $100 $62
4- door 150-lb. capacity Seeger, porcelain lined. . . .$114 $81
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' i h ' i-. ir. -v
I 111,11,1 I II
iVMrii -Orchard & Wilhelm C,o. Mi...
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.