Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 26, 1918, Page 7, Image 7

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7 A
, - i . i , , ,
lit! Ireh's Shoes
X OXFORDS in mili
ier elk soles: nair. $7
XFQRDS, leather mili-
and quarter; pair, $5
ii covered and leather
air; at......... $4.95
military leather heels,
t.-V-?3.50, $4 and $4.95
is I jh cut, lace styles; a
..:'U.$1.75, $2.75 and $3
lnk&ear . ...
i ' : .
ijp Skirts
ration Day
Ji I complete stock of these
hderful variety of styles.
s examples, of what.
Cvt ,m wash SKiKTmaoe
iH W NKABLE" Gabardine,
; tiored' self - banded side
f jj irl buttons, wide belt,
1J Vot& buttoned over with
jfc1 $4.95
WASH SKIRT made of
jatardine,-exactly as illus
mty . pockets trimmed with
)ttt, wide belt trimmed with
jery neat mr Qr
..;.. tyU tU
rE WASH SKIRT made of
H&INKABLE" Gabardine,
nraedwith white pearl
riinned.with (tQ QpT
special at. .-. . tpOs VO
J Floor
A : . ;
ided Sailors
Day -$1.95
drednew Banded Sailors
n smart black and white
ns, some with black brims
rowns; banded with 2-
ille ribbon and smart
b ;r siae trimming or DiacK
sF m t 1 1 1
M Woomand straight
A general utility hat.
Mhing Suits
invites when the
tt&tma up, and we are
in unusually broad and
:-3t4 stock of Bathing
.i right prices.
t- Suits, knitted One-
i s a tin and Taffeta,
ipes and Tights and
isfr icolor corBfoinations in
tthaki and Black.
73, $7.50, $12.50 to $25
) Second Floor.
ilfjCrfngs in Bathing Caps,
' Floor, Dni Dept.
r L.i .
-Jt rm M V J f
tfWtTstural Tan. Deep con
Ke pleats in back for full-
ySOO, $6.98 to $10.00
5VSKBa EH'IK $1900
poi. Jarerieted, rery smart and
J.:W. .SS5.00 to S39.00
mmnwry Offerings
BWl I I LMtM - .. ft XMM
' 31
Outing Frocks
for Women
Sport Dresses of Ging
ham, tailored models.
Cotton, Crepe and Linen,
attractive coat etyles,
showing vestees, belts,
collars, buttons, etc.
New plaids and plain col
ors in Copenhagen, Rose,
Tan, Green and Browns.
Very attractive styles to
choose from and priced at
$8.98, $12.50, $15
to $25
Second Floor
for Sports Wear
The foundation of style
and comfort f dr you is in
the Corset if you get the
right model and have it
properly fitted, as our ex
pert fitters will do, then
you can be sure of these
two essentials. The service
is free and the satisfaction
assured. We recommend
thesetwo models for mo
toringltnd sports wear.
Model 357 Low top
Corset, especially suit
able for Summer wear;
rubber section over
hips with ventilated
back and no fcQ en
Model 356 The same
style as 3 5 7, but
this one laces 4 CA
in back ..... PJeeJw
Extremely light boning
adds to the comfort.
Third Floor
for Decoration Day
Our stock is varied and
most complete and all
prices modest.
Knitted Sweaters
Pure Silk .
SUk Fiber ,
Wool and Mohair
All the smart styles in
sport models in vivid colors,
and the more practical models
in subdued shades, also com
binations of colors.
Coat SwmUh, Long-Sash
Sweaters, Tnsdo Opii
Front, S1tIm , Slip-Orer
Middies and mart tailored
$4.95 to $59"
Second Floor
b Stores
in Fabrics
Last Week of Our May Sale
Prtly Whit Embroidered Norelties, many dainty de
signs to select from for your Summer Dresses; Gradua
tion Frocks, Blouses, etc., 40 inches vide; a yard, 59c
Plain Whit Chiffon Voile, soft and sheer, finest quali
ty; 40 inches wide and exceptionally lo? priced, a
yard, Monday, at $1.00
40-inch Whit Lily Cloth, pretty and soft, lace check
and very dainty and sheer for waists and dresses; a
yard, Monday, at .....49c
44-inch Whit Voile, made from hard-twisted, combed
yarn, splendid quality; a yard 59c
Honey-Combed Skirting; a fabric that requires no
starch or ironing:, easy to launder; 40 inches wide; spe
cial, a yard, Monday, at ,85a
Delayed shipments of three numbers of fin quality Imperial Chamois Finish Long Cloth, snow white, con
tains no filling, very soft for undermuslins, men's pajamas and night shirts, etc. Buy your season s re
quirements of these three specials sold according to quality. All these are 36 inches wide.
1,000 pes., 12 -yd. bolts, $2.49 600 pes., 12 -yd. bolts, $3.39 500 pes., 12-yd. bolts, $2.98
40-inch Silk Check Voile ' -very wanted plain color
for dainty frocks and b! ; special, a yard. .$1.35
Woven Tissue in stripes auJ plaids, pretty color com
binations and fast colors; 36 and 40 inches wide; a
yard, Monday, at ' 59o
Printed Flazon, a sheer, crisp linen fabric in large
assortment of new patterns; 28
Fin Quality Plain Dress Voile,
40 inches wide; special, a yard
36-Inch Dress and Wrapper Percale, light and dark
colors, plenty of the much wanted blue grounds, a
yard ..29
Fine Zephyr Dress Gingham, made in America. Pretty
plaids, checks and stripes, hundreds of pieces to se
lect from, at, a yard. 35 d and 29d
36-Inch Linen Finished Suiting in a variety of plain
shades and white, very desirable for wash suits, skirts,
etc. Special, a yard 35
48-Inch Woven Voile in a splendid assortment of
pretty stripes and over sho plaid effects, the season's
most popular wash fabric. Splendid 60c values, a
yard, at 39
Fancy Printed Dress Voile, in a splendid assortment
of new patterns and colorings on white and tinted
grounds, very sheer and dainty for summer wear, a
yard at 19
W1t, Si $2.50
Splendid Sport bilk Kaww
The Regular $4.00 Quality
A fortunate purchase enables us to offer the Genuine White Khaki Kool, which is
conceded to be the most popular Sport Silk, at a price away below its real value. Just
another evidence of the supremacy of this Silk Department.
Main Floor
Buy a Good Refrigerator NOW
Food Will Win the War Don't Waste I
The Food Administrator advises strict economy in food eat what you want, but
don't waste. A poor ice box will waste food by letting it spoil. It is a duty to get a
good ice box that will .preserve all the foods perfectly. Here is wide variety.
Bohn Syphon Refrigerators
(Seamless Porcelain Lined)
are the best food preservers that we know of. The patent syphon air circulating system
prevents odor contamination of all kinds of easily tainted foods and you can put in the
same compartment, onions, bananas, butter and cream not one will spoil.
The air in the Bohn Syphon Refrigerators is drier than in a room; the syphon causes the air to circu
late rapidly- through the fooo chambers and always in the same direction. The rapid circulation pre
vents collection of moisture on walls or shelves and keeps the entire food chamber sweet and sanitary.
125-lb. Capacity "Bohn Syphon" Refrigerator. .$60.00
,125-lb. Capacity "Sanitor" Three-Door Type Refrig
erator, seamless porcelain lined, first quality oak
case $43.50
100-lb. Capacity "Sanitor," same as foregoing. .$35.00
1201b. Capacity "Furniture City," white enamel lined,
three-door type Refrigerator, oak case, golden oak fin
ish; eight walls of charcoal sheathing and wool-felt
insulation $32.50
65-lb. Capacity "Furniture City" .. .--; $21.50
yi p I u ri
Sx5, fast color 75c
3x5, sewed stripes...... $1.00
Finest Quality Whit Gabardine, soft wool finish, for
suits," separate skirts, middies, etc., 42 inches wide;
special, a yard, Monday, at .$1.25
Another Beautiful Quality Whit Gabardine, wool fin
ish; extra special in our May Sale; 36 inches wide, a
yard, Monday, at 65c
36-inch White Poplin, highly' mercerized, good heavy
quality, pure white, for suits, nurses' uniforms, chil
dren's dresses and rompers; special Monday, yd., 48o
36-inch White Pajama Cloth in broken satin plaids, ex
tra special, yard IB
Imported Whit Piqu in wide and narrow wales, for
suits, skirts, etc., extra fine quality, 86 inches wide;
a yard, Monday, at ....65c
Colored Wash Goods
Printed Voile in plaids stripes, florals; light and dark
colors; all new patterns and colorings; 40 inches wide;
a yard, Monday, at 49c
Silk and Cotton Crepe de Chin in every wanted plain
color, for dresses, blouses, undermuslins, etc.; 86
inches wide; a yard 59e
Linen Pongee for suits, dresses, middies, etc., medium
light weight; In green, light blue, pin, white, tan and
Copenhagen; 27 inches wide; a yard 59c
in. wide; a yd., 25c
regular 60c value;
Main Floor and Basement
Sale of Domestics
The Genuine Dallas Bleached Seamless Sheets, size
72x90, with 3-inch hem. A well known popular make
at less than today's mill price. Monday only, 81.25
36-Inch Unbleached Muslin, extra heavy, round thread
quality, for making sheets and slips, special, yd., 20
Galatea Suiting in a variety of light and dark colors,
neat figures and stripes, for boys' and girls' rompers,
etc., a yard 29
40-Inch Black Sateen, hand loom woven, highly yarn
mercerized, permanent finish, for underskirts, bloom
ers, etc. Regular 60c value, at, a yard 39
36-Inch Fancy White Skirting, in a variety of new pat
terns and weaves, for summer suits, skirts, etc. 60c
values, a yard 35
.Mill Remnants 36-Inch Dress and Wrapper Percale,
light and dark colors in long, serviceable lengths, spe
cial, a yard 18H
N Base ment
Top-Fill Type Refrigerators, oak finish, heavy double
wall with six thicknesses of insulation, SO-lb. capacity,
at $8.95
45-lb. Capacity Refrigerator, top-fill type, oak finish,
heavy double wall with six thicknesses of insulation,
white enamel lined, at $15.00
70-lb. Capacity Top-Icing, white enamel lined Refrig
erators $18.00
Front-Fill Type Refrigerator, oak case with golden oak
finish; insulated with charcoal sheathing and wool
felt, white enamel lined, 85-lb. capacity. .... .$24.00
100-lb. Capacity Refrigerator $25.00
E& I
1 1
Flags or Decoration Day
Large, Defiance Bunting, Water-proof
and Fast Color Flags, from $5.00 to $20
Flags for Poles or Porch
4x8, tewed stripes...... $1.50
6x10, sewed stripes $2.98
Paul Dickey, playwright, author of
"The Misleading Lady, "The Ghost
Breaker," "l he L.ait Lsugh" and -the
-va vTSftsiscBta. ) jubi tyia
sworn in at the New York rectuiting
omce as a second lieutenant in the
aviation section of the United States
marine corps. He was a student at
the Curtlss Flying school at Miami,
Fhk, where he qualified as a first-class
flyer. He was the first aviator on rec
ord to change spark plugs at an alti
tude of 5,000 feet
Army Commanders in
Cleanup Conference.
Commissioner Kinder nf th nnlire
and sanitation department held a con
ference Saturday with Colonel Her
scy of Fort Omaha and Colonel
Pickering of Fort Crook, in connec
tion with co-operative plans for bet
ter sanitation in Omaha and con
tiguous territory.
Health Commissioner Manning re
ports that disregard of quarantine
regulations by several residents of the
Train school district has resulted in
an increase of diphtheria. "We
going to insist on observance of
quarantine rules," the new health
commissioner announced.
Robert (Bob) Smith avers that he
has not been in the city hall since the
recent city election.
Commissioner Zimman has decided
to allow full pay to 32 firemen who
were out working for the Jim Dahl-
man ticket on election day. It was
stated that most of the city hall em
ployes were working at the polls on
May 7. and the argument has been
offered that if the firemen's pay was
cut, then many others should be given
the same treatment.
The health department will buy an
ambulance for city work, instead of
using a car owned by an Omaha un
Weather Bureau Says Cool
Wave is Coming From North
Demo te the rising temperature in
Nebraska since Friday morning, un
settled and cooler tonight and Sun
day, with probable showers, is the
forecast of the local weather bureau.
A cool wave is due to arrive here
from the north, where freezing tern
neratures have been orevailing in
Montana, Idaho, southeastern Ore
gon, western Canada and in the ex
treme northern portion of North Da
kota. Snow was reported Friday
night at Helena, Mont., and the tem
perature fell to 24 above In south
eastern Orgeon, where killing frosts
occurred.sThe weather conditions are
considere(Tunusual for so late in May.
Our Near Neighbors
Mr. snS Mrs. Rom Whitney of SldnT,
la., r her Tliltlng Mrs. Roy Whitney.
R. O. OloTer of Weeping Water was a
SDrlnifleld visitor.
Minus Frances and Elisabeth Roes of
Oman visited their father, Dr. a H. Roes.
Mr. end Mrs. John Hart of Omaha visited
the borne of John H. Wataon.
Ernest Chrlitlanion Is attending the
United States court at Omaha.
Mr. B. M. Swain and sons. Bob and Jaak,
returned to their home In Chicago.
Mrs. W. R. Hell of Louisville visited Mrs.
Martha Mettngr.
The old school house bought at amotion
by W. H. Davldooa Is being torn down.
Alois Elwell visited his home peopl for
a fw days and left for Camp Dlx, Tea.
He Is now a lieutenant.
Mr. and Mrs. Orey Miller vlalttd at th
horn of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Mlas ArUn Smith and Miss Berntoe Mlteh
U who. hay bean teaching here the past
year, left for their homes, th former at
Calhoun and the latter at Belden, Neb.
Miss Llda Herrlck who eonduoted a re
vival matting her II years ago, will b
here for two servloe Sunday.
Miss Loo Keeler and children of Farnaia,
Neb., are visiting Mrs. Keller's parents,
Mr. and Mr. Frank Adair.
The graduation exerola of th high
school were held last Friday night tn th
Optra house. Dean Rouee of Pent gave th
address. Thos graduating were Margaret
Ward, Orace Klger, Minnie Anson Emerald
Keyes, Luoll Mundell, Lilt Swanson, Don
ald Phelps, Herbert Hots and Fred Hots.
Miss Beralo Nutsman has returned from
Bertrand, where she has been attending
Joseph C. Elm merer, Claud Fahnaatock
and W. O. Barker were Llnooln visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stutt and son visit
ed the stat capital.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Harmon and children
were here from Weeping Water.
Mr. and Mr. Henry Brookmaa and
daughters of near Elmwood war hare for
a visit.
Mr, and Mr. Win, OoIIner and children
visited relatives near Palmyra.
Frank Qreenrod and Louie Carstea were
at Omaha the first of the week with a ear
of stock.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maeemaa and Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Graham and son, Ralston,
were Pent vleltors.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert NIckle. son, Harry.
and daughter, Genevieve, were Nebraska
City visitors.
Mies Florence BardlH has gone to Blyrla.
O., for a few weeks' visit.-
Mrs. James F. Toung and son, William,
and Mrs. and Mrs. Hal Proudfltt of Cook,
were her Sunday for a visit with relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Franzen and Mr. and
Mr. L. C. Ruhge were Omaha visitor.
H. H. Marquardt made a trip to Osceola,
la., Saturday.
Elkhorn. a
Mrs. Charles Witt was an Oman visitor
H. A. Hansen has returned from Colorado,
to vlalt his daughter, Mrs. Chester Hall,
and family.
Mrs. Amy Calvert Is spending th week
with her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Baadla,
near Hooper.
Marie Holllster Is visiting' In th country
with her aunt, Mrs. Floyd Seberte, and
family. '
Miss Lucy Richardson and Lawerenc
Coita were married at the Cathollo church.
They have gone to Iowa to visit.
Mlas Twills. Chamberlln Is In Falrbury
visiting her sisters.
Mr. and Mrs. Oaeth are visiting at New
man Grove with Mrs. Gaeth's parenta
1 ft, A
Officers Coming
Here to Obtain Big, Double
Fisted Men of Brawn and
Quick Thinking. .
Big, double-fisted righting men, the
kind who are aching for a "crack at
the Hun," men who want to kill and
who don't care what happens to them
while they are engaged in the job of
kiliibg, are wanted for the tank corps.
Lieutenant Garland of the tank
corps will be here for the purpose of
recruiting such men and will remain
one day only. He will be at at 1607
Farnam street, May 28, which will b
next Tuesday, h ' y
Only volunteers are used in this
service, which Is composed of picked
men, who are quick thinking, devils
for righting aj)d who are strong physi
cally. Men between th ages of 18 and 40.
who can drive a truck or tractor, ana
who are auto mechanics or machinists,
will be given the preference, although
a limited number of men of high
mental character, good soldiers and
of fine physique will also be ac
cepted. The Tank-Killing Unit j
The tank corps comprises one of the
finest fighting units of the army, and
tank strategy Is of a nature that calls
for quick wit, resourcefulness and the
greatest amount of physical en
durance. i is a'killing unit and the motto of
every man In this branch of the serv
ice is "Kill Germans kill them early,
late and all the time, but kill them
The need for men in the tank serv
ice is so great that those who volun
teer are guaranteed quick action on -the
French front, but no guaranty is
given of safe return.
Former members of the Fourth
and Fifth Nebraska are now in train
ing at the tank school at Gettysburg, -Pa
and because they make the best
material recruiting has been started
out here, but the emergency is so
great that the recruiting officer is al- -lowed
only one day in Omaha to ,
gather red-blooded,' adventurous,
reckless men for the service from this
Death-Dealing Devices. "
Americas tanks are the most for
midable death-dealing devices thai
have yet been brought forward in
this war. Great numbers of them are
being made for the western front and
it is to man these that volunteers are
now being sought
There are three types of the tanks,
the slow, heavy tank for cleaning
up; the intermediate, lor following an
attack, and the faster driven kind, a
powerful land dreadnaught, of 250-horse-
power, used for keeping pact
with the infantry In the battle cone
in attack.
British and French tanks were toe
slow for this purpose, and they
forced the slowing up of an advance,
or caused the infantry to be with
out the mobile artillery planned for
The high-powered American type
and the intermediate will be right
with the Sammies when they are go
ing "over the top" and the Omaha
man, who is qualified, who wants to
kill the- Germans who stand between
the world and peace, will have his
chance to get in the game Tuesday
May 28, by calling on Lieutenant G "
G. Garland, 1607 Farnam street
Five homes in North Omaha where
entered by burglars Friday sight
A lady's gold watch was taken out
of the home of G. F. Bovee, 5319
North Twenty-seventh street J by
thieves who entered the house by un
locking the front door.
The home of A. B. Swanson, 6001
North Thirtieth street was ransacked
from basement to garret during the .
absence of the family. A diamond
ring, a watch, one suit of clothes and '
a pair of shoes are missing. .
Thieves entered the Howard Ken
nedy school, Thirtieth and Binnej
streets, by climbing through a sky
light, and decamped with $7 in cash
and $5 in thrift stamps.
Two suits of clothes and a pair of
shoes were stolen out of the home ot
J. O. Richards, 4118 North Twenty.
fourth street
Burglars entered the home by break
ing a rear window.
F. B. Duncan. 28S Crows Point
avenue, lost a gold watch to thieves
who entered through a rear, window.
Police believe the "jobs '.were Jer- :
oetrated bv youthful burglars, be
cause of the quantities of more valua
ble articles they overlooked in th V
homes ransacked.
Two Negro Men Bound Over
For Alleged Disloyal Talk
Charged with, obstructing the work
of the Red Cross and the violation
of the new sedition law, Sam Hudei
son and Tom Brown, negro laborer,
employed at the Armour packing
plant were taken into custody Friday
Tames M. Smith. Armour employe.
who was soliciting for the Red Cross '
in the department which the men
were working, testified in police court -
Saturday that when he asked them if
they had contributed to the Red '
Cross they replied: "To h with the
Red Cross."
Hudelson is also alleged to have
made the remark, "I hope the Ger- '
mans will kill every man, woman and
child over there." . '
Mr. Smith's testimony was cor-
roborated by several other witnesses.
In police court the men stoutly de-.
nied the charge and declared their
loyalty. They were bound over to the
district court under $2,000 bonds.
Hamilton Jto Build in Dundee.
, R. P. Hamilton took out a permi' ,
this week to-erect a two-story bricli .
dwelling at 5123 Davenport street, '
Dundee. The residence will cost