Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 26, 1918, Page 5, Image 5

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15 A
To read our announcement on Page Three,
Section D of this issue today, it'll interest you
if you own a car.
Clip your Liberty Bond interest Coupons of
the Second Liberty Loan (due ; May 15th) 'we
will accept them same as cash 'in payment for
merchandise. .
Sunday, May 26, 1918
Phone Douglas 137
at Lowest
That's the foundation stone
upon which this splendid
business is building.
It's the foremost ideal of
our business policy in an
effort to be of "the greatest
service to the greatest num
ber," that our co-operation
may be keener and our mer
chandise more worthy.
This store cherishes a confi
dence begotten of the ceaseless
desire to supply service in
merchandise that quality
which means True Economy.
To turn to an institution
whose foundation is built on
quality is to safeguard the
character of the merchandise
you buy. f
Quality today is of much
more concern than price.
Unreliable merchandise, no
matter how cheap, is sheer
waste. In the long run, quality
price for price out-lasts
the flimsy or the imitation.
Be Patriotic on Decoration Day
Decorate Your Home With Flags
EVERY true American will bang out Uld uiory to
the breezes next Thursday in honor of our heroes
who have passed on, for the boys who are "Over There"
and those who are in the training camps preparing to
go over.
Our stock of flags is very complete and at moderate
Burr-Naah Co. Down Stain Storo
In our storage vaults you are
assured of perfect protection,
even revivified in an atmos
phere made identical with that
where fur-bearing animals
thrive best
Telephone Douglas 137 our
automobile will call for your
furs and any other articles you
wish stored away for safe
keeping. Burcaaa-Naih Co. Second Floor
$1.95 to $3.95
Choose from three specially
selected groups, large variety
of styles Hand bags of Pin
seal, morocco, long grain and
vachette leathers, also silk
moire in black and navy, brown,
gray, purple and wine colors.
Specially priced, each $1.95,
$2.50 and $3.95.
Burgesi-Naih Co. Main Floor
Beautiful New Silk Ribbons for
Trimming the Graduation Dress
RIBBONS 'have come into their own again this season
and will be in greater demand than for some time
past. These special values Monday:
Exquisite Brocaded Ribbons, 59c.
Brocaded ribbons, dainty patterns, white, pink
and blue, 6 inches wide, special at ac yara.
Same quality as above, 5 inches wide, at 39c
Satin Taffeta Ribbons, 39c.
Satin taffeta ribbons, 6 inches wide, for
girdle and hair bows, in white and colors, at 39c
White Gros-Grain Ribbons, 35c.
Wliitu eros-sT&in ribbons. 2 U. -inch width. 35c.
yard, 3 -inch width, 49c yard.
NOTE: Sah and girdles made to order at a nominal charge.
Burfeta-Naah Co. Main Floor
Dress Patterns of Wash Goods in 7-Yard
Lengths. Special for Monday at
$1.95 Each
PRETTY new wash goods flaxons and batistes, in neat designs, with floral, figured,
checked and striped patterns in a large assortment of colors. Cut up in dress
pattern lengths of 7 yards, especially pncea ior monuay, at panem,
Wash Dress Patterns of
6 Yards, Monday, $2.95
Including voiles in floral, figured, striped,
checked and plaid designs, also wash summer
suitings in poplins and Hawaiian cloth. Prac
tically everywanted shade either light or dark, 6-
yard lengths, So incnes wiae, yarw.
6-Yard Dress Patterns of
Dress Ginghams, $3.49
' Pretty plaid check and stripe dress ginghams,
also fancy voiles, in light or dark colors, large
assortment of pretty patterns, 6-yard lengths.
Very special Monday, at $3.49 the pattern.
Burreaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Rich, Lustrous Black Chiffon
Taffeta Silks, Monday $1.15 Yard
BLACK taffeta silks, chiffon finish, 36 inches wide for
dresses and skirts. Splendid quality, at $1.15 yard.
Black Chiffon Taffeta, $1.39
Rich raven black, 36 inches wide. Splendid quality
for skirts and dresses, $1.39 yard.
Black Chiffon Taffeta, $1.59
36 inches wide, heavy quality for suits, dresses and
skirts. A good quality for wear, $1.59 yard. v
Black Chiffon Taffeta, $1.95
i Extra wide, 40 inches, soft finish, rich lustrous black,
especially desirable for skirts, suits and coats, $1.95 yard.
Burf eaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
With a Small Down Payment
You May Take Your Choice
of a dozen different styles of
with a price range of
$37.00 to $65.00
And Then You Can Arrange to
Pay the Balance at $1.00 a Week
Come in and let us tell you why we think the "Stand
ard" is the very best machine to buy let us demonstrate
to you its easy running qualities, lock and chain stitch,
device, central needle and the many other superior im
proved features tnat represent the best that can be found
in new machines.
' 1 Singer Sewing Machine, used, $10.00
1 Singer Sewing Machine, with motor, $28.00
1 White Sewing Machine, almost new, $22.00
1 Standard Rotary, floor sample, $28.00
1 Standard Rotary, upright electric, $45.00.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Fourth Floor.
Cotton Goods
To make beautiful gradua
tion dresses.
White Voile, 50c.
With lustrous finish and of
fine quality, 40 inches wide,
50c yard.
White Voile, 75c to $1.50
39-inch of exceptionally fine
quality, a beautiful range of
embroidered designs to select
from, price range from 75c to
$1.50 yard.
Imported Organdies, 75c.
A fabric greatly in demand
for dresses. Splendid quality
that will retain its beautiful
finish, 45 inches wide, 75c
White Batiste, 89c
45 inches wide, a quality with
silk-like appearance which is
retained after laundering. Very
special, at 89c yard.
Burfaai-Naah Co. Main Floor
Small articles you will need
for the sewing room specially
J. & P. Coates, 6-cord sewing
thread, spool 4c
Sew-on , hose supporters,
pair, 15c.
Bias lawn tape, white only,
bolt, 5c.
Snap fasteners, dozen, 5c.
Skirt markers, nickel plated,
each, 15c.
Tracing wheels, good quality,
each, 7c.
Dressmakers pins, box, 35c.
Jet black toilet pins, box, 10c
Khaki button kits, box. 10c.
Scissors, various sizes, spe
cial, 25c, 75c.
French belting, just received.
Very nice quality, 30c to 50c.
Sanitary aprons, very light.
Specially priced, 19c.
Sanitary belts, well made.
Specially priced, 10c.
Basting thread, dozen, 28c,
spool, 2c.
Safety pins, nickel plated,
dozen, 5c.
Nickel silver thimbles, each,
Lingerie tape, with bodkins,
bolt, 10c.
Burgest-Naah Co. Mala Floor
Just in by
Express Saturday
A Charming Line of
For Women and Misses at
$25, $29.50 and $35
JUST in and out of their tissue wrappings in time for Monday's sell
ing. The season's very newest and smartest creations, individual
and distinctive models, embracing those little style features whichv
makes Burgess-Nash ready-to-wear so characteristic. ,
The materials include serges, . wool poplins,
Poiret twills and wool velours, in the new
season's most approved and favored shades.
You'll enjoy viewing these new styles even if you do not need a
new coat. Come and see them we assure you it is no trouble to
show them. '
BurfMi-Naah Co. Second Floor
for the
Just a hint that may help you
in deciding what to give:
Boudoir Lamp M a h o g a n y
finish and white ivory, standard
variety of colored shades, in
cluding rose, mulberry blue or
gold, $2.50 to $7.50.
(Third Floor.)
Kodaks An Eastman, No. 1A
folding junior autographic
2x4tf, at $15.50.
(Main Floor.)
Desk Set Futurist designs,
verde antique, hand painted,
pad and six pieces, $8,00.
(Main Floor.)
Stationery " Crane's v delicate
tinted French, bordered ' box
stationery, at 75c to $3.50.
(Main Floor.)
Necklace French pearl, opera
length, graduated beads, at
$3.00. (Main Floor.)
Bar Pins Sterling silver In
exact imitation of platinum
mounting, set with brilliant
white French chatons, $3.5C.
(Main Floor.)
Wrist Watch Either gold
filled or ribbon bracelet, 15
jewel, 20-year case, at $21.50.
(Main Floor.)
Furs S c a r f s, Stoles or
Coatees, wide variety of styles
and kinds of furs, $15.00 to
$100.00. (Second Floor.)
Ring Diamond set, tiffany
design in solid gold, at $25.00.
(Main Floor.)
Mesh Bag Roman and green
gold in extra fine mesh, en
graved top with stone set clasp,
$11.00 (Main Floor.)
Fan Of beautiful real lace
or spangles and lace, at $3.50
and upward. (Main Floor.)
NeckweafAn exquisite filet
collar in shawl effect, beautiful
new designs, at $5.50.
(Main Floor.)
Cedar Chests Assorted sizes
and designs, rubbed varnish
finish, $10.00 to $31.00
, , .Third Floor.)
Books Gift book, fiction,
girl graduate books, books from
the pen of famous authors, etc.,
75c to $3.50. (Third Floor.)
Service Flags Made of glass
and put up in a small box.
Priced at $1.50. (Third Floor.)
Photo Frames A large assort
ment in various styles and fin
ishes; prices range from 69c to
$4.00. (Third Floor.)
Insense Burners Odd looking
ensence burners in a variety of
styles. Priced from 35c to
$4.00. (Third Floor.)
Perfume A bottle of Houbi
gont quelques fleues in a fancy
satin lined box, $5.00.
(Main Floor.)
Silk Hose Pure silk, white,
black and any desired color.
Wide price range from $1.00
to $3.75. (Main Floor.)
Silk Dress Pattern A girl
would appreciate a pretty silk
dress pattern. Prices from $9.00
to $25.00 a pattern.
(Main Floor.)
Wash Dress Patter, t A dain
ty wash dress pattern for sum
mer occasions. Large selection
of patterns from $1.95 to $6.00.
(Main Floor.)
Candy Johnson's fine candies
make appreciated gifts or a
plumbridge basket. Prices $1.00
to $5.00. (Main Floor)
Flowm Put up in artistic
fashion and priced accordingly.
' (Main Floor.)
The Wise Girl Graduate
Considers Her Corset First
A ND by so doing her graduation gown is not spoiled in the fitting
by wearing a poor corset. Your corset is the beginning the
foundation of your new outfit; upon it every garment is moulded
and upon it depends the grace of every gown.
Rust-Proof Corsets
Give smart lines to the simplest frocks
there's a special model for every type of figure
and each model has the style, fit, comfort,
and the wearing qualities for which Warner's
corsets are so well known. Price, $1.25 to $6.00
BurtM-Naah Co. Sacand Floor '
'IV .
- and Supplies
This store has carried the
Eastman kodak exclusively, for
the past 15 years,', and we
recommend them to our friends.
No, 0 Brownie camera, $2.00
No. 2 Brownie camera, $2.75
No. 2A Brownie camera, $3.50
No. 3 Brownie camera, $4.50.
No. 2C P r e m o Cartridge
Brownie, $4.50.
No. 2C Autographic Brownie
camera, $13.50
No. 2 A Autographic Brownie
camera, $9.00
No. 2 . Autographic Brownie
camera, $8.00
Mo. 2 Premo Cartridge Brownie,
$7.00 '
No. 3 A Kodak, E. E. lens, 1
No. 1A Kodak, R. B. lens,
S15.50 ;j
Vest Pocket Cameras, $7.80 1
Burfaaa-Naah Co. Mala Floor
Make the Home More Attractive
With Some of These New Draperies
BEAUTIFUL new summery draperies that will add attractiveness to the home are rep
resented in this showing and sale for Monday. The range of selection is very extensive.
New Novelty Nets at 30c
A late arrival of novelty nets, very desirable for under
curtains. An extensive range of selection, at 30c yard.
Ivory Ground Madras, 35c and 50c
36-inch ivory ground madras, with colored floral designs
in blue, pink, yellow and blue, 35c and 50c yard.
Marquisette at 25c
Marquisette for curtains,
36 to 40 inches wide, white,
cream and ecru. Special,
at 25c yard.
Voile at 40c
Figured and plain voiles,
also marquisette,' big assort
ment of designs, at 40c
yard. , .
New Cretonnes at 50c Yard
Cretonnes for draperies and slip covers, in a large assortment of patterns and
ings, at 50c yard. '""." :
Imported and Linenized Cretonnes, 70c to $1.20
Eeautiful line of imported and linenized cretonnes, 31 and 36 inches wide,
range of colorings and designs, at 70c, .90c and $1.20 yard. ,
Burgtti-Naah Co. Third Floor ..!,,"..'
Salesman's Sample Rugs Offered
Monday, at a Saving of 1-2 or More
THERE are four price groups and we consider the offering
one of uncommon importance.
Brussels Ruga At $1.95
Size 27x54 inch in neat oriental designs and colorings.
Very special at $1.95.
Axminster Rugs At $2.85
Size 27x54 inch, pretty persian or floral patterns, in a
wide range of coloring at $2.85.
Hartford Saxony Rugs, $4.00
Size 22ix36 inches, wide selection of coloring and pat-'
terns at $4.00. ,
Hartford Saxony Rugs, $5.00
Also Bigelow Saumoc rugs reproductions of fine oriental
prices. Very special at $5.00.
Cork Filled Lineoleums at 59c
Genuine cork filled linoleums and fibre line felt process linoleums in a
variety of new patterns, either light or dark effects, 6 feet wide, , at 59c
square yard. i
Inlaid Linoleums, Very Special At $1.35 , . , ' . : ;
The patterns will not wear off, colors go through to the back. An ex
treme value, at $1.35 square yard.,: i ' V
Burfcaa-Naah Co. Third Floor