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Intensive Training at Fort Crook Interspersed ,
. With Play That Soldiers May Become More Agile
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Foster Wins Prize for Being
Best Hustler Among Wood
men of World in State
of Nebraska.
Court of Honor.
Banner court, No. 540. was visited
by H. A. Smith. Des Moines, the
state manager of Iowa and Nebraska
and a member of the supreme audit
ing committee, last Wednesday night.
He brought words of cheer from head
quarters and assisted in initiating a
class of candidates.
Brotherhood of American Yeomen.
Last Wednesday nicht Omaha hom
stead, No. 1404, save a benefit dance.
Next Wednesday bright the Yeo
men will give a patriotic dance in the
Lyric building.
Supreme Director Murphv. Minne
apolis, expects o be Th Omaha for the
initiation June 5.
A service flag is being prepared and
all Yeomen are reauested to report
the names of members of their famil
ies who are in the service.
Woodmen of the World,
Edward I. Foster, the clerk of
Druid camp, No. 24. secured more
applications than any other man in the
Soldier 8 at Fort Crook
Feed on Egg Omelets,
Roast Beef and Pot Pie
Boys at Fort Crook are well
fed. Here is the menu for yes
terdays Breakfast Egg omelet, fried
potatoes, boiled rice and cream,
coffee, bread and butter.
Dinner Roast beef, mashed
potatoes, creamed peas, bread,
butter, cornstarch pudding and
Supper Beef aot pie, stewed
apples, fried potatoes, bread, ap-,
pie butter and iced tea.
state of Nebraska, as shown by his
name appearing in the honor roll
of the Sovereign Visitor.
Sunshine Mustain from camp No. 16
is on the committee for the picnic to
be held at Krug park. Saturday, Tune
IS. This is going to he an old-fashioned
basket picnic. The person sell
ing the most tickets will receive a $50
Liberty bond.
Arrangements have been completed
for the Noon degree to be conferred
at the hall of Alpha camp. No. 1, next
Wednesday night.
Sunday June 2, a ioint memorial
service jill be held in Hanscom park.
In case the weather is bad. it will be
postponed one week. The Woodmen
circle will take an active part. The
ladies' drill team from Fraser grove,
No. 1, will be the guards of honor.
Sovereign Commander Fraser will de
liver the address.
Ancient Order United Workmen.
Last Friday night Union Pacific
lodge, No. 17, held a celebration of the
anniversary of the reafliliation with
the supreme lodee.
Council Bluffs lodee. No. 270, will
entertain the supreme foreman Thurs
day night, June 6.
Omaha lodge, No. 8. and Patton
lodge No, 173, are claimants for the
honors of first place in war activities.
Gdte City lodge No. 198, will give
an entertainment with refreshments.
The women will be the guests.
North Omaha Wodge. No. 9. enter
tained their members and families
Wednesday night with dancing and
refreshments. '
America lodge, No. 99. surprised the
central committee by delegating a
former representative of Ak-Sar-Ben
lodge, No. 322, to the meetings and
the announcement of its subscriptions
to the war stamps.
South Omaha lodee. No. 66, will
give a smoker at the next meeting.
, Spanish War Veterans.
Spanish war veterans and wives will
meet at Fortieth and Grand avenue
this morning and march in a body
to the Olivet Baptist church, where
Rev. J. A. Jensen will deliver the an
nual memorial sermon. It will be
along patriotic and reminiscent lines.
Tribe of Ben Hur.
Mecca court, No. 13. Tribe of Ben
Hur, will not hold a meetingnext
Thursday evening on account of it
being Memorial day. There will be an
open meeting, the evening to be spent
in dancing and card playing.
Odd Fellows.
Triangle encampment, No. 70, will
hold its regular meeting Monday
evening in Danish Odd Fellows' hall
at Twenty-fifth avenue and Leaven
worth street. All three of the en
campment degrees will be conferred
on a class of 18 candidates from
Waterloo. Hesperian encampment,
No. 2, and Crusader encampment, No.
37, of South Omaha, will be present
and assist in the conferring of the de
grees. All-Potato Dinner.
An all-potato dinner i one of the feaV
tures of a recent meettnf of the Topek
(Kan.) Chamber of Commerce. The din
ner wti a demonatratlon of the poaelbllitlM
that Kanins present! for palatable and
cheap aubstltutea for wheat In thla time of
need. ' '
1 No wheat wa aerved at the dinner.
Every dish contained potatoeey from potato
aoup to potato cake ae a wlndup. -. ,
r The girls of the home economics depart
ment of the Topeka High achool dliplayed
101 different ways of 'preparing potatoei
for food. The Idea of the potato dinner
followed an addreea by Food 'Administrator
Innea before the Rotary club.
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Photo supplies exclusivity
188 FARNAM Sir
BRANCH 306 S0.155T.
Fort Crook Soldier's
Grope in Hell-Hole
Filled With Hun Gas
Reality is Combined With Intensive Training to Fit Troops
in Omaha for Active Service in Trenches;
Await Orders to Go Overseas.
' Creeping through the winding passages of a dark tunnel,
rank with the heavy odor of poisonous gas, soldiers at Fort
Crook are facing the mosj; intensive training in dangerous war
lare since they enlisted in United States servite.
This tunnel of gloom and treacherous smell has just been
completed under the direction of skilled and battle-trained
army officers that the men may actually face the realities of
enemy gas attacks.
The "hell-hole," as the tunnel is
described, is one of the latest in
novations at American training
camps. The experiences of the
men in invading the tunnel quickens
their intuition, puts them on guard
for the unexpected and trains them
in, prompt avoidance of lurking
Combatting Gas Attacks. y
; The horrible gas attacks of the
enemy will not phase the soldiers
from Fort Crook. They can adjust
their masks in six seconds.
Even the knowledge that the air
about them is filled with poison will
not frighten them, for by the time
jthey go overseas that will be a
, familiar experience with them,
Gas is injected into the -ew tun
nel at the foot and the boys adjust
their masks and walk safely through
it. They will know what to do when
the Huns try to make a "hell hole"
out of their sector of the line "over
there." They will adjust their masks
and continue their attack upon the
enemy just as they,were taught to do
in peaceful Omaha.
Pep, push and pride mark the
activities at the army post at Fort
Crook.- ..The mighty work of war
and the miracle of changingan
awkward rookie into an efficient sol
dier goes on unceasingly. .
Training is Thorough.
The men are trained to win the
war. Outwitting the Hnn, withstand
ing a gas attack, using a bayonet,
throwing hand grenades and firing
machine guns at an enemy miles
away are a few of the things the sol
diers are taught to do.
They grow familiar with the awful
things of war and think clearly and
act quickly under conditions that
would craze an untrained man.
.. It givei one a thrill of pride to
see the men run forward carrying
parts of heavy machine guns. There
is not an instant's hesitation, not
one misdirected movement. At an
order they drop to the ground,
mount the guns and fire; all in less
time than it takes for a German to
drink a stein of beer.
Periscope Range-Finders
The guns will hit the target even
though the enemy is miles away
for the periscope-like machine seen
in the picture"- is a Grange finder."
The officers looking into the lens
can see more than a mile away. A
system of prisms reflects the object
and computes the distance.
The roar of cannons and the noise
of bursting shells will not hinder
messages which will be signaled by
the red and white flags. Only one
flag is used in the international code.
All real soldiers can "wig-wag."
Often as -ships pass in mid-ocean, a
Yankee soldier wig-wags 9. greeting
to a Jap sailor on a passing boat.
"Over there" where the soldiers
who are holding the line speak so
many different languages "wig-wagging"
is a common bond between the
men who have no other means of
'communication with their allies. In
the semaphore method two flags are
used and the words are spelled by
, Enemy Dummies Used.1
The spirited soldier lads will do
more than withstand the assaults of
the enemy. They will charge the
German lines; they are lea'rning'how
to do it in a miniature battlefield of
trenches and barbed-wire which they
have made at Fort Crook. Their
battlefield is even equipped with
German enemy and the soldiers are
taught how to "make a bayonet
charge and "run them through."
These hated German soldiery at
the Fort already have been pierced
The Rook at Ft. Crook
many times and likely will suffer
many more bayonet jabs, for they
are only stuffed dummies that help
the boys in learning how to attack.
The soldiers in the picture who
have just "wound up" and made a
record throw are base ball pitchers
but they aren't throwing spit-balls
this time. They hold American gre
nades, lemon-shaped balls of iron,
harmless-looking, heavy little balls
filled with' explosives whose killing
capacity will cause long casuality
lists for the enemy.
Grenades Timed to Explode.
The grenades are timed and ex
plode just five seconds after they
are thrown. They are dangerous
death-dealers and skill is needed in
throwing them. Te soldier drops to
the ground as soon as the grenade
is thrown so thatt he will not be
a victim of the bursting iron. The
grenades burst into 42 pieces. They
can be thrown a maximum distance
of SO yards and have a killing range
of 75 yards.
I The soldiers have often fested the
little "death balls" and have been
awed at their power. One was
placed under a heavy oak door which
was covered on one side with zinc.
The grenade gave a whizz like the
snap of a whip and exploded. The
door was torn into toothpicks.
Work and Play.
The work is not all serious. The
husky soldiers have their play time
and then they shout and augh like
children. The picture shows them
playing "churn." The boyish sol
dier in the center is "it" and the
others are whirling him and tossing
him around. The eager hands are
keeping tne soldier in the air for the
one who lets him fall will be "it"
next and will have to take his turn
at a "churning."
Thegames help train the men to
be quick and alert and; with the more
serious training, are making the Fort
Crook soldiers quick and strong and
"fit to do their bit."
The soldiers expect overseas orders
( -OOHtOVl)f NiTHfjr ONP ) (tOO MICH ! TOO HtCH.1 MO 20y
fj An Army of 3;000,000f1 jOo
a. or i urn 11 1 11 1 1 p 11 1 1 1 1 1 ip . Tt
tcl ;r fsfi ImJMMmM lift mtiJni $J
It" 'J l N"l HI ("'""i. prn4 f A 0mA fliX Yt . ltl '
1 I X if '(I HI iluri wll-kn.wn Intfln II fc" .fWI I 17 ' S fA
vf4' lx I HI !"' ..b iqu II " SLJyiiiff VMfjX Asj 'HIS.
It '? iZN j4 ! 71 HI "Blt mi mn MvmiM s( I m 'AM-. TS sAEX
J "' V I H I, II TTCJT nH4lMlt
Vf ' I til " " ' , I stall II I ' 1 1 HI C'm t-a if
l hi - n i Hi Sh'"1 ''JISTu ! if
, " U tal 5'"'"5 If
finiry M tlw bam a wmm mm . v
vhan anly U .ar eld. Ha f
that Nui.i.a (ran la tna I I
avamllablatonlslhatliaaktalaaa' If
moil aurarialaa raaulls If am M I C t
a.alatwowwus' "ma. Ml
General Gordon, Hero of the
Battlo o'f Gettysburg, Leads the
Way; United States Judge Atkinson,
Former Governor of West Va., Tells
Benefits He Derived From its Use)
Former United States Senator Chas.
A. Town Commends 'Wuxated Iron
To All Who Feel the Need of Re
newed Energy.
Sworn Statement of Composition of Nuxatod
Iron Formula Printed Below Should Con
vince Every Physician and Druggist That
it is a Product of Greatest Therapeutic
Value. Doctor Tells How Best to Use it to
Create New Red Blood Corpuscles and
Thereby Greatly Increase Your Strength,
Power and Endurance.
IN discussing; Nuxated Iron at a dinner in a fashionable hotel in New York,
a well-known man of affairs said that the fact that over three million peo
ple annually were endorsing: It by their use of it, according to conservative1
estimates, was to him the strongest possible argument that could be advanced as
to its therapeutic efficacy. No newspaper or magazine in the world has a vast
army of three .million purchasers. It represents more than half the total num
ber of votes usually cast for successful candidates for President. ;Such an army
of trained American Soldiers in France today could, in
our opinion, immediately sweep the combined armies of
the Central Empires baek across the Rhine and win a
complete victory in less than three months, dictate the
terms of peace to Germany in Berlin. Nuxnted Iron is
such a valuable product to give the "stay-there" strength,
power end endurance so much demanded by soldiers in the
army that General Gibson says thaC Judging from the
results in his own case, he feels that every soldier who
g.oes to the front should take Nuxated Iron, and that it
has brought back to him in good measure that old buoy
ancy and, energy that filled his veins in 1847 when ha
made his triumphant entry with General Winfield Scott
into the City of Mexico.
Hon. Leslie M.
Shaw Former Sec
retary of theTreaB
ury in the Cabinet
of one of the most
strenuous of Amer
i e a n Presidents,
also former Gov
ernor of Iowa.
United States
Judge George W.
Atkinson Of the
Court of Claims of
Washington, D. C,
former Governor of
W. Va.
General John L.
Clem, U. S. A. (Re
tired) The drum
mer boy of Shiloh,
who was Sergeant
in the V, S. Army
at J 2 years of age.
Former United
States Senator
Chas. ' A. Towns
the silver-tongued
orator ,of Minne
sota, nominated for
Vice President.
Former Health
Commissioner Wm.
R. Kerr of Chicago.
General David
Stuart Gordon. U.
S. A. (Retired)
Well-known Indian
fighter and hero of
the battle, of Get
tysburg. Former United
States Senator
Obadiah Gardner of
Former First As
sistant Postmaster
General of the
United States, C.
P. Gran field.
General Horatio
Gates Gibson, U. S.
A. (Retired) Who
entered in the City
of Mexico in the
war of 1847 with:
General Winfield
Farmer United
States Senator
Wm. V. Sulivanof
Judge Samuel S.
Yoder S t a tes
man. Jurist, for
merly Ssn-geon-Ma-jor
in th Army.
Former United
States Senator
Richard Rolland
Kenney Present
Judge Advocate
General in the 28th
Division, Hattics
burg, Miss. ,
Sworn Statement of Composition
of Formula of Nuxated Iron
Iron Peptonate (special specific standard)
Quality given below. Sodium Glycerophos
phates U. S. P. (Monsanto.) Calcium Glycero-
U 1. . - TT C D Mnm.antn k P V. Mil
Vomica U. S. P. Cns'carin Bitter,' Magnesium Carbonate, Po. Ginger U. S. P, OH Cassia Clnnamom '
U. S. P. Calcium Carbonate Precip. U. 8. P. , ' ,
Each dose of two tablets of Nuxatpd Iron contains one and one-half grains of organla Iron w
the form of iron peptonate of a special apecific standard which in our opinion possesses auperiot)
qualities to any other known form of iron By using other makes oi
Iron Peptonate we could have put the same quality of actual iron in
the tablets at less than one-fourth the cost to us, and by uainlf metalllo
iron we could have accomplished the same thing at less than one
twelfth of the cost, but by sn doing we mutt htva mnt certsinlr Impaired thalr
ttiurmieuUff elTlcacy. flhreroiihosphstea uned In NuxMetl Iron in one of the most ex
pensive tnnlo lniredlriita known. It is enneclslly recominwided to build up the
nerve foroa and tliofoliy Increase brain power, as slrcemphoapliates sra said to con
tain phoiuihormu In a state very similar to that In which It Is found In the nenre
and brain celli of man.
As will be iesn from the tbote, two Important tngredlentt of Nuxated Iron (Iron
Peptonate and OlyceropUoaiilialea) are very sxiienilve products as compared wita
most other tonlr. ' N
Under such rlrrtimntances the temptation to adulteration and substitution by un
scrupulous persona Is very great, and the tmbllo la hereby warned to be careful and
see every bottle la plainly labeled "NUXATEK 1BON" by the Dae Health Laboratories.
Paris, London, and (Detroit. U. fl. A., as tills Is the only genuine article. Look out
for preparations lalwled Nux and Iran and othor similar names, aa these preparations
are- not the genuine Nuxated Iron. If you have taken other forma of iron without
siatfDM. this does not prove jtuxitert Iron will not help yon. We wtrantes satlsrae
tlon to every purchaser or your money will b refunded. Dae Health Laboratories,
Detroit. Mich.
General David Stu" Former United States Senator Chas. Upon the declaration of war I decided to forming drugs, stim-
art Gordon, noted Towne says: "As a member of Congress re-enter public life whlchi to me meant the plants and aleoholio
Indian fighter and from New York, as a member of Congress army in the mlds't of war time. With the beverages. There
hero of the battle of and" Senator from Minnesota, as particl- sustslnlng tonie of Nuxated Iron I have ar thousands who
Gettysburg, says: pant in political campaigns and candidate had no occasion to weaken under the most J"1
"When I became for Vice President, my nervous energy and strenuous duties and the longer the hours the, re1 bIood ,or.
badly run down this reserve forca were tremendously drawn of work and study, the better I have felt, puscl. Increase
year, I found myself "upon. . That 1 survived these trials and I beg to recommend to every man, whether thejr phy
totally without the came into advanced middle life witn tne ne wonts wim nana ana oraiu, n. ...-
physical power to elasticity snd strength of aboy Is unques- able medicament which only yourselves pre-
'corns back' as I had tionably due to the righteous attention I pare. It has no equal on the market"
done In my younger have paid to the proper care of my body. Drv Ferdinand King, a New York phy-
days. I tried differ- Recently I have been taking Nuxated Iron siclan and -Medical author, says: "There
ent so-called 'tonics' and have found it of tha greatest benefit as can be no vigorous Iron men without iron,
without feeling sny a tonic and regulative. Henceforth I shall Pallor means anaemia. Anaemia means Iron
Wf.r hut finallv I not be without it. I am in a position to deficiency. The skin of anaemic men and and do not know it
heard of how physl- testify for the advantage of others, to the women is pale; the flesh flabby. Th mus- U
clans were widely remarkable and immediate helfulness of cles lack tone, the brain fags and the mem- ow( jt to youriej
recommenaing or- tn:g remedy .and I unhesitatingly recom- ,ory fsils and tftey Decoms weaK, nervous, to make the follow.
into a condition to
ward off the mil
lions of disease
germs that are al
m o s t continually
around us. It is
surprising how
many people suffer
from iron deficiency
ganic iron to renew
red blood and re
build . strength in
worn-out bodies. As
a result I stsrted
taking Nuxated Iron
and within a month
it had aroused my
weakened vital
forces and made me
eel strong again,
giving me endur
ance such as I never
hoped to again pos
sess" United States
Judge George W.
Atkinson of the
Court of Claims of
Washington, D. C,
says: "Only this
Spring I have tried
your valued pre
scription, Nuxated
Iron, as a tonic, and
elites' States Jaat
8. W.ltalamfaraw
tiavaraer. aaya taat
U mails a kaa
telaea Iroai taking
NaaateS Iraa bar
ba slaiplr ssarnl
that ha has aarar
haa raaaara to a
Medldaa wkosa ra
alia ware sa ,atisfaa
taryt that wltbla U
law waek, ba haa baaa
taklag It ba teela ba
haa SropveS all tba
baraa el tba tasnthi'
at talk ,
1 I
aa. teasel. fkaia,
faraiar eMralary at
tha traeiary, la tba
eableet el aaa at tba
eat ttreaaeea !
SBMrleaa FrsaUrate.
alee lener Savaraar
at lewa.
Shaw baa takea Sal.
at Ml Irea buaitlf aaS
aiparlaatea tba ba
aaflta al its teale Bad
health giving proper
tlMae tbat la writing
ale aaaarwaBt ba
kaawa a hartal ha
restorative following mend Nuxated Iron to all who feel the need Irritable, despondent, and melancholy.
1L. I A.t
on, ine riirors oi Tne . ... ..,
piist winter. , The of "neea energy and tne reguiaruy oi
results have been bodily functions."
haellnv"rVhad,re Former Unittd State Senator Richard
ouree to a medicine Rolland IJenney, Judge Advocate General,
whose results were 28th Division, Hottiesburg, Miss., says: "It
compete and.o free ive' m enuine Ple"ure to beir te'timpny
from any of the in- to the curative properties and the restora-
cidental complies- tive and , tonic value of Nuxated Iron. I
tions Which India-
When the iron goes from the blood of
women the roses go from their cheeks. In
the most common foods of America, the
starches, sugars, table syrups, candies, pol
ished rice, white bread, soda crackers, bis
cuits, macaroni, spaghetti, tapioca, sago, far
ina, determinated corn meal, no longer is
iron to be found. Refining processes have ?ne. down, ,,n
. , glorious defeat sim-
removed the iron of Mother Earth from vy for ne j,,,, 0
test: See how
long you can work
or how far you ean
walk without becom
ing tired. Next
take two five grain
tablets, ordinary
nuxated iron, three
times per day after
meals for two weeks.
Then test your
strength again and
see how much you
have gained. Num
bers o f nervous,
run down people
who were ailing all
the while have in
creased their
strength and e n -durance
in two
weeks' time while
taking iron in the
proper form. Many
an athlete and prize-
fighter has won the
day simply because
he knew the secret
of great strength
and endurance
which is so greatly
aided by having
plenty of Iron in
the blood, while
many another has
lions wnicn ino.s- have been BgI prescription for a " " " ln ply for
criminate dosing so , . . . . .. . . these Impoverisbed foods, and silly methdas iron.
frequently brings to - number of months during which time I have " '
the people w h o enjoyed an incresse of weight, s decided in- ' klnB- bJ throwing down ths Usauhji
Dr. James Fran
cis Sullivan For-
Srrly Physician of
ellevue Hospital
(Outdoor Dept.)
New York, and the
Westchester Coun
ty Hospital.
Dr. A. J. New
man -Lata Police
Surgeon of the City
of Chicago and for
mer House Surgeon
Jefferson Park
Hospital, Chicago.
Dr. Ferdinand
King New York
physician and Med
ical Author.
Dr. Schuyler t
Jaques Formerly
Visiting Surgeon
St Elisabeths Hos-s
pital. New York.
Dr. F. Rorback
Graduate of Belle
vue Hospital Medi
cal College.
Dr. J. W. Armi
sted Graduate of
University of Ala
bama, School of
Medicine, Mobile.
Dr. D. F. Canone
Graduate of -the
Vanderbilt Univer
sity. Nashville, Ten
Dr. C. W. Bailey
Graduate of the
State University of
Dr. W. O. Parish
Graduate of the
College of Physi
cians and Surgeons
Keokuk. lows,
v Dr. E. Truett
Graduate of ths
AJnive-Bity of Ar
kansas, M e di e a 1
Dent, Little Rock.
Dr. E. C. Ballard
Graduate of the
Eclectic Medical
College. Cincinnati.
Dr. R. C Baugh
Graduate of the
Memphis Hospital
College, Memphis..
Dr. M. B. Pollard
Graduate of the
University of Tex
as, Dent, of Medi
cine, Galveston.
Dr. J. D. Shelton
Graduate of the
Louisville Medical
College. i
Dr. E. Cross
Graduate of the
Tulane University
of. Louisville,
School of Medicine,
New Orleans. '
arVentsf "ffc cresa in y vigor tti in th" power, of
Manufacturers' Vote! Nuxated Iron 1a mi a aaa.
. wastepipe th. water in which our vegetable. yhlsh to wU known to
il. at. .t . c,atne n t s. It is , t. ., . .,i ..,-j are cooked, is responsible for another grave it is easily assimilated, does not injur the testa.
without hesitation that I recommend Nux- durance under the strain of newly-accepted ' , ...... ... . ... Bke them black, nor jioset tha stokarfi Vi.iTtXi
" Iron Is not recommended for us In eases of acute UU
iron deficienoy in your food by using some nets, but only aa a tonic strength and blood builder.
tnrm of nrirnnin iron Nuxated Iron lust m oaM of cM ulnes always consult your family
lorm or organic iron iNuxateairon just physl(jllln Md by h, tMatky lt ln aoubl
as you would use salt when your food iias as to whether or not you need a tonic, ask your doe- '
not enough salt" tor, as we do not wish to sell you Nuxated Iron If
. , . . . v.,.,ari 7. on dtTHot require It. If you should use it and it
If people would only take Nuxated Iron d0M ot n,lp you BOtlfT M d ,m m
when they feel weak or' run down instead money. It is sold In this city by Sherman aa aVkCoan
of dosing thernse)res with habit-neU Dnuj store and other druggists. Ads, ,
sted iron to persons who in the stress
of physical or mental labors have permitted
the system to become debilitated, the body
exhausted orthe nerves run down. It has
restored my appetite and my vitality. I
feel that I have dropped off the burden of
months of toil in the few weeks that I have
been following the very simple direction
for the use of Nuxated Iron
duties to the Government. From the time
of my retirement from the Senate of the
United States, nearly fifteen years ago
down to the present time, or rather until
the outbreak of the war, I had been actu
ally and unremittingly engaged in ths prac
tice of my profession in my home state.