Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 25, 1918, EDITORIAL, Image 20

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Another Sale of Men's "Manhattan" (fll 11
1 Sample Athletic Union Suits FoJi
uxcepiiunuwy vvm muuv, jt ivyvi uy r wwu
and the Most Comfortable Summer Garments
Worth $1.50 to $2.50
Another offering of these Perfect Summer Undergarments, made
by one of the most reputable concerns in America. This sale gives you
the advantage of high quality with exceptionally low price.
Manhattan Sample Athletic Union Suits, in popular styles of
comfortable Summer weight. Sleeveless and knee length, and all
perfectly sized and finished. Silk and Cotton, Mercerized
Jacquard and Fine Nainsook.
Special at 19c
200 Dona WaAaMe
Silk Fibre Neckwear,
made op in a reversible
4-in-hand, in neat pat
terns for summer wear.
Better buy your sum
mer's needs Saturday for
they won't last long.
14$ Doien Silk Fourf
in-hand Tie at SOe.
Made of all silk materials
in the new summer
shades, not 'one in this lot
worth less than 75c, some
even more.
Main Floor, Men' Bide;.
Men's Leather Belts, at
SOe to $2.00. Made of
fine quality calf or seal
leather, with plain or
plated initial buckles, in
tan, gray., and black,
sizes 30 to 50.
MunsingUnion Suits
at $1.25 to $3.00
Men's Hose. 25c a Pair
Men's' Mercerized Lisle Silk Hose and Fibre Silk
- Hose, in first and second quality. All shades and siies
in this lot Seconds of the 50c quality, special Saturday,
a pair 2Se. -
Two Special Groups of Shirts
Silk Striped Madrar Shirts, intended to sell
at $2. Made of short lengths of Shirtings.
' that go into higher priced Shirts. Madras,
' Percale, Mercerized Poplin and CI 4C
Oxford, soft cuffs ............ 1 ,
4 "' Silk Shirts that were intended to sell at
s $5.00 to $10.00, in fine Silk Crepes, Silk
. Broadcloth, Jersey Silk and Silk Twills. A
limited quantity, so "come early while the
assortment is $4,50 $6.50
quite complete . ... v
Iff " : 1 IEilS H!f lsi
Straw Hats in Every Good Style
Easy for You to Choose Here
Don't be the last man in town to put on a new straw hat. The new styles and
braids are selling rapidly, and if you want to get in on one of our smart hats,
drop in some time today. The assortment is complete and you'll find just
the. one you want.
There are si
crown Hats,
Panamas ... $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 to $10.00
Porto Ricans at; $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00
Split Braids at'.. .$2, $2.50 $3 and $5
stiff brims, soft brims, Panamas and Sailors; high crown Hats, low
3, narrow brims and wide brims; all modestly priced.
Bangkok and Leghorns at ...... . .$5.00
Big Assortment of Men's Every Day Straw
Hats in one big lot, at 65c
Specials in Men's Outing Hats, in a
. Variety of Styles, 65c
Bbys' Headwear-Best Styles
Boys' Golf Caps, plaids and checks, all colors and
all sizes, special at . .65c
Boys' and Children's Straw Hats in the widest va
riety of styles and sizes, at, 65c, $1.00, $1.50 up
to . . ...... i $3.98
Boys' and Children's Wash Hats in Rah-Rah
styles, all colors,. special
Aipade, Main Floor
Sporting Goods
For Golf Beginner W have
th . Brandeia Welloway Golf
Irons, made by the best factory
is the U. S., at $2.00.
Driven and Brattice, at $2.50
Our New Spalding and Mc
Gregor Golf Clubs are excep
tionally good this season.
We have a few last season's
Golf fiats, slightly soiled that
we will sell Saturday at half-
price. : $13.00 bags at 16.50.
Vt Steal Jointed Rods, worth
$2.50, Saturday at $1.50.
Furnished Linesline, hoolc.
bobbers and sinkers, le to 10c.
Every kind of fish hook and
bit .
Brownie Ball Bearing Roller
Skates, at'. ......$1.75
Boys' Base Ball Catcher
Mitts, at .........50c
Better ones up to $5.00.
Juvenile Tennis Rackets, spe
cial for Saturday, worth 50c,
t .'..........25c
, Common . Sense ,
. - Minnow Seines
12x4 Minnow Seines, at $1.75
15x4 Minnow Seines, at $2.00
25x4 Minnow Seines, at $3.75
15c Size Three In One Oil
St 10c.
W Feet Split Bamboo Joint
ed Fly Bods, today a price
$5.00, special Saturday at $2.50
Main Floor, Men's Bide.
It's a Sate Thing to Bank on Value and Variety
Rather Than the Lowest Prices, When You Come to Buy Clothes
The policy here
is to make this
store a s a f e
place in which
to do business.
Right merchan
dise, right
prices and sat-
isfaction guar
anteed or your
money cheer
fully refunded.
You'll find
here cl o t h e s
that have all
the character
of finest cus
tom tailoring.
Fabrics unex
celled; work
manship b e -yond
best style and
fit that you'll
say is just right
CopyrisM Hart Schaftwr & Ma
xvarc weaves or cngianai ocoiianaj ireiana ana vmenca; ricneso ujl j.uic aiiaiciiaio. (ton QC A( to QLRCi
We make a specialty of fitting men of unusual figure; we do it well. Unusual Value Wu w 10 5OU
Officers Uniforms.
perfect fitting
modestly priced.
Special Suits, at $20 and $22.50
For Young Men: Whita and black Shepherd Check Flannels,'
trimmed with high colored fancy silks and silk sleeves. Frock
back Flannel Suits, silk-trimmed high-class military style Suits,
silk-trimmed inverted pleat plunger-pocket Suits, in vari-cojered
mixtures and other , $20 $22 50
For Middle-Aged Men: New club checks in fine unfinished
. worsteds and velours basket weaves in solid color effects, clear,
smooth, finished worsteds in new weaves and shadeslight-weight
blue worsteds and fine grain clear blue fcOf and dJOO C A
serges Dressy fancy mixtures 4)asU PaOU
- For Elderly Men : Dark silk 1 mixture worsted SuitsW ine
neat patterned pin dot and hairline stripe Suits handsome gray, '
'black and blue, finished and unfinished (OA and fcOO CA
and Cassimera Suits ............ PV $OU
Special-Young MepV Suits, $25
The young fellows like the idea of these , military types ; welt waist coats, five-seam back
coats and the new double breasted models and soft front types. The new weaves are very
smart in color and pattern; in grays," blues, greens and browns, silk mixtures, checks, stripes
and overplaids. ' '
. Hart Schaffner & Marx
Suits for Men-Splendid Styles
The values are remarkable, because you are buyipg ALL WOOL fabrics,
in the most perfect styles the highest refinements of clothes making. The best
made clothes of today. Durable, stylish, serviceable and thoroughly satisfac
' tory in every way.
$25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50 and $60
Ride up on the
Escalator to Second
Floor, Men's Bldg.
Men's Oxfords
Values Up to $8.00
Men's Trustworthy, Florv
sheim and Bates Lace Ox
fords in Russia and black
kid and calfskin. Values
up to $8.00, Saturday
specially priced at. .$3.95
Mala Floor, Men's .Bldg.
and Traveling Bags
Complete showing of
trunks, traveling bags
and suitcases moder
ately priced.
Trunks at $6.50, $7.00,
$7.50 and up to $35.00.
Wardrobe Trunks at
$25, $32.50, up to $75
Traveling Bags and
Suitcases, values up to
$8.50, very special for
Saturday, at . . . .$4.98
Arcade. i
Special Values in Trousers
For Men and Young Men
Men's Fancy Worsted Trousers dark stripes suit
able for dress or business. 30 to 40 waist. J2 ,50
Exceptional value
Men's Trousers Cheviots, Cassimeres, Fancy Wor
steds and Gray Serges plain and cuff " KQ
bottom 27 to 42 waist. . . : v
Men's and Young Men's Trousers of W o r s t e ds,
Cassimeres and all-wool Blue Serges stripes j C QQ
in dark and light colors 27 to 50 waist
Blue Serge Suits, at $18 to $40
f 'Splendid for Decoration Day
Hundreds of fine ALL WOOL Serges to
choose from at this range of prices. " ,
The Best $15 Boy Anywhere
Schloss Bros. 2-Piece Suits
Suits for summer wear, of Cheviots and
cool cloths at this specially low price.