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    'Conducted by Ella Fleishman5
.Women Report Large
Sums for Red Cross
, Among the biggest donations
recorded Wednesday by the woman'
ft division tor the Red Cross fund drive
is the ,$6,000 donation reported by
Mrs. William Hoagland, which came
throngb All Saints church. George
Hoagland gave $5,000 of it and the
.other. $1,000 was presented by the
Hoagland Lumber company.
'Mrs.' Tyler Beit realized $1,000
from her booth in the First National
bank. From the Red Cross Public
shop $1,200 was turned in. St. Fran
cis parish, of which Rev. M. F. Gluba
is pastor, gave $1,371 through its
chairman, Miss Bernice Warymke
vietV ..
Mrs. F. A. Nash, in charge of the
booth in Kilpatrick's store, reported
a $250 subscription taken by C W.
Hall. Mrs. J. . Davidson, in charge
of the booths in the stores, reported
$6,298 on Monday and $5,778 for
Tuesday. Miss Daphne Peters made
$37 from the vaudeville program
given on the street during the noon
hour Tuesday.
Subscriptions from business firms
1 are: Loose-Wiles company, $500; Mo
line Plow company, $150; McGraw
company, $250.
A man from out of town who is
a guest at the Fontenelle gave a pair
of child's rubber boots which he
asked be sold and the money given
tn the drive. The oorter at the same
place presented the workers with a
fat green turtle.
Motor Corps of Service
League Drives Belgians
Lieutenant (Mrs.) O. S. Goodrich
commanded a corps of 14 motor driv
ers of the National League for
Woman's Service who drove the cars
for the visiting Belgian soldiers. The
service league car headed this sec
tion of the parade. The corps in
cluded Mrs. H. G. Jordan. Mrs. Sam
uel Burns, Mrs. Gladys Rhodes. Miss
Isabel Shukert, Miss Orra Ambler,
Ijrs. E. T. Manning. Miss Pauline
Green, Miss Ada Riddlesbarger, Miss
Edna Clarke, Mrs. Harry Montgom
ery, Miss Francis Nieman, Miss El
len Green and Miss Anna Granbeck-
The National League for Woman's
Service will furnish a post band for
Fort Omaha. Captain A. A. Wede
myer will organize the band and the
women will furnish the eauioment. ,
At the board meeting Tuesday di
rectors voted to subscribe for six sci
entific magazine for Fort Omaha.
These magazines are Aerial Age, Air
Service Journal, Popular Science, Sci
entific American and Scientic Amer
ican Supplement and Wireless Age.
v Through the kindness of Mrs.
George A. Joslyn Omaha Campfire
Girls will have for their headquarters
a room in the Patterson block, which
was formerly the Boy Scout head
quarters. Mrs. Joslyn has donated
the room for an indefinite space of
time, the only expense incurred by
the girls arising from a few neces
sary repairs.
The room has been called "Omahe
qua," the "Campfire." Mrs. W. T.
"'Moore, chairman of the Guardians'
association, will be in charge every
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon
from 2 to 5 o'clock and all day on
. Mrs. Lee Huff, chairman for auxil
iaries for the Red Cross drive, has
an attractive way of raising money
for the drive. She is selling boxes
, for the opening night of the new Ri
alto, which will take place May 30.
Arthur Rothschild bought the first
box for $50, W. L. Reed paid $50 for
the second. Mrs. Huff hopes to sell
the remaining 20 before the end of
the week.
A little club of girls, who call them
selves the "I Will" club, are giving
a aeries of dances at the pavillion in
Hanscom park and 50 couples at
tended the party given Tuesday eve
ning at the park. Misss Nell Ryan
is sponsor for the dances and the
men from the balloon school at Fort
Omaha are honor guests.
The Military Welfare association,
made up of Swift & Co. office em
ployes, will give a dancing party Fri
day evening at Keep's academy.
, Mrs. Luther Kountze entertained
members of the Original Cooking club
at luncheon at her home today. The
afternoon was spent rolling bandages
W i RH Cm.
im -v.
The state office has received the
following telegram from national
"Law making it legal for national
banks to- contribute to Red Cross
passed last night. In some states
this .also will give state institutions
similar right. The passing of this
law removes any obstacles that might j
have prevented contributions coming
to RedvCross from banks." j
President and Mv Wilson have'
given two pounds of wool from the j
White House sheep to Governor Ne
ville of this state, which wool is to
be auctioned for the benefit of Red
Cross. Governor Neville will prob
ably announce within a very few days
the svstem he will follow in disnosine
of this wool for the benefit of Red',
Cross. !
New President of College
In reply to telegram from Dean
Cutter, who is at Crofton. Neb., in
response to call sent the state office
for assistance on account of the seri
ous tornado, Miss Blanche Fuller
sent two additional nurses to Crofton
Mrs. Hazel Smith Eldridce and
Miss Madge West played the violin at
the impromptu vaudeville presented
by Red Cross workers at the corner
of Farnam and Sixteenth street at
the noon hour. Miss Daphine Peters
was in charge of the affair.
Totals for Tuesday for Red Cross
donations from the Catholic churches
amounted to $8,278.83.
At a dance recently given in De
Luxe hall $200 was realized for the
Red Cross, which will be given
through the Public shop. Burgess
Nash company employes gave $134,
after subscribing through the
churches. -
Mrs. Miriam Patterson Boyce and
a number of her friends will be sta
tioned at Getten & Wickham's cigar
store Saturday. They will wait on the
customers for the smokes and soft
drinks and take Red Cross subscrip
tions. St. John's auxiliary donation
amounted to $14,591.30 at noon. The
subscriptions taken in at the theaters
and streets on Wednesday evening
lacked $2 of reaching the $1,000 mark.
The Red Cross auxiliary at Elk-
horn reported to Mrs. Lee Huff that
it had $172.33, but had no way
to send it in. Mrs. Huff drove to
Elkhorn after the subscription. The
Happy Hour auxiliary of Valley, Neb.,
consisting of 40 members, gave $40.
Mrs. Z. T. Lindsev. state director
Woman's service, assisted by Mrs. A.
L. Reed, have made out quotas cov
ering hospital supplies, comfort kits
and garments and refugee garments.
These have been forwarded to cen
tral division headquarters at Chicago
for approval. ,
A Quicker Victory
The present food problem in a nut
shell is a matter of ships. The allies
now have to be fed in large meas
ure from across seas. There seem
to be several markets from which
they could draw: Australia, the east,
South America, the United States and
"Why, then," complain the unthink
ing, "ask the people of the United
States and Canada to upset their eat
ing habits of years, to scrimp and
save, if Australia's wharves are loaded
with food stores waiting to be trans
ported to the war-ridden territories?"
This is the answer: It takes a ship
three times as long to carry food from
Australia and twice as long from
South American ports, to say nothing
of added exposure to the dangers of
the submarine. The north Atlantic
lane is both safer and shorter.
l!tfc .
(A I ,
Colorado Springs' Finest an Largest Hostelry
European Plan Restaurant Famed
In the center of the city, surrounded
by fifteen acres of garden and park.
Golf, Tennis, Motoring. Garage.
Turkish, Electric, ' Russian and Va
por Baths.
Booklet will be sent upon request.
The Antlers Hotel
Ddightjul Climate Absolutely Fireprooj
Art. v. . .-. ... .'..W.l TTQa u PmMVU.. .1
jputh Tj-tarrpsojv
Miss Ruth Thompson was named
president ot the Association ot Col
legiate Alumnae a,t the annual meet
ing held Saturday in the Fontenelle.
Mrs. Howard Rushton was elected
vice president. Miss Josephine Duras
secretary, Miss Ruth McDonald treas
urer and Miss Bess Dumont coun
selor. Mrs. Roy Sunderiand is the
retiring president
V. H. Indoe was named
of thefM'blhers chib at the
Mothers' Circle.
West Omaha Mothers' circle will
meet Friday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Newell Jones, 5117 Under
wood avenue. Election of officers will
take place.
Research Club.
The Research club will hold the
closing meeting of the year Sunday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, in'St. Berch
man's academy.
Mothers' Club Election.
Mrs. W.
nrriritlent of the
meeting held at the home of Mrs.
Herbert King Wednesday. Mrs. J.
H. CraUock is vice president: Mrs.
A. G. Piqkerton, secretary, and Mrs.
Oregon Wifliams, treasurer.
Drama Section Luncheon.
Bernard Shaw' "Press Cuttings"
will be presented by a cast including
Misses Mary Wallace. Theresa Hoye,
Bessie Shackel. Mrs. F. B. Hughes,
Mrs. H. E. Newbranch, and Mrs.
Stephen Davies, Saturday afternoon,
following the final luncheon and
meeting of the drama section, Asso
ciation of Collegiate Alumnae, at the
Chamber of Commerce, A new leader
will be named.
A collection of $25 for the Red
Cross was talcen at the meeting of
the Comus club at the home of Mrs.
Charles Everson, Wednesday. The
members of this club are all giving
from two to three days every week to
Red Cross work. The guests of the
afternoon were Mrs. Thomas C. Rich
and Mrs. J. H. Hale.
Commissioner of Mediation and Coneil
iation Board Tries EATONIC, the
Wonderful Stomach Remedy,
and Endorse It
Jodra William L. Chan
ban, who dim KATONIO aa
a remedy lor lots of appe
tlta and Indigestion, la a
Commissioner ol the O. 8.
Board ot Mediation and
Conciliation. It to natural -for
him to axDreea blmaelt
In fuarded language, yet
there la no healtatlon In bla
pronouncement regardlnc
tne value oi satuniu.
Writing from Washington,
D. C, to tn Satonio Item
ay Co., be tayi.
"EATONIO promote appetite and
aide digestion. I bare uaed It with
beneficial results."
Office workers ibd other who 1t much ar
martyrs to dyspepeia, belching, bad breath,
heartburn, poor appetite, bloat, and Impair
ment ot general health. Are yon, yourself,
euflertrf SATONIO 111 relieve you just a
urely as it baa benefited Judge Chamber and
thousands of other.
Here's the secret: EATONIO drive the u
out of the body-1 and the Bloat Ooe With Itl
It is guaranteed to bring relief or you get your
money back! Costs only a cent or two a day to
use it. Get box today irom your druggist.
Dandruff Surely
Destroys The Hair
Girls if you want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by all
means get rid of dandruff, for it will
starve your hair and ruin it if you
It doesn't do much good to try to
brush or wash it out. The only sure
way to get rid of dandruff is to dis
solve it, then you destroy it entirely.
To do this, "get about Tour ounces of
ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at
night when retiring; use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub it in gen
tly yith the finger tips.
By morning most if not all of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will complete
ly dissojve and entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of it.
You will find, too. that all itching
and digging of the scab wil stop, and
your hair will look and feel a hundred
times better. You can cet liquid arvon
at any drug store. It is inexpensive
and four ounces is all vou will need,
no matter how much dandruff you
have. This simple remedv never fails.
Rely On Cuticura
For Skin Troubles
All 4tti i & SL Otntmms a B. T Jem SS.
Saapl oP'OeMm. tt. S. HSmm."
Advice to
the Lovelorn
Red Hair.
Dear Mist Falrfai. Omaha Bet: Would
you kindly tell m of snmtthlng that will
give a bright or a reddish ting to my
hair It li fluffy and slightly wavy, but
the ugliest drub color, and other nave
often asked m why I didn't wash It In
something to give It a reddish color, as It
would lw becoming. Also, could you tell
me ot some becoming way to arrange my
hair, as my fscs Is slender and my boss
father prominent T I now arrange It rather
low on my neck and brought back loosely
over my head, but I am so tlrsd of It that
Way. I am SO.
Pleas tell ms your eptnloo of girl
marrying a man about to enlist. I am
self-supporting and could continue to sup
port myself, so It Is not of advantage to
me, but he wants to be married and I
would like to for his sake, but my folks
and my friends bavs expressed themselves
a number of times aa thlnktng a girl Is
foolish who marries a man In tbs army.
1 am Quits surs my affection .would not
Another question: Is there anything that
can be taken without dieting to help ons
gain flesh? I seem to bs In good health
nnd have a splendid appetite, but I am
very thin. I also gst plently of sleep.
You do glvs such ssnslbl advice, ao I
hope you will advise me. Do you think
a year' difference In a roan and woman's
age. when the woman Is the elder, la any
reason why thsy should not marry T I have
a girl friend who hesitates on this aocount.
Henna will make you hair red, but I
would not advlss you to apply It yoor
self. Go to a professional hairdresser and
ask her opinion before you attempt to
change the color of your balr. A great
many people have ths hairdresser give the
hair a "henna rinse" after a shampoo, as
this gives a rsddlsh tinge to the hair, bat
does not glvs It that mahogany ahads
which Is so ugly. Hsv yoa triad brashlng
your hair well before retiring? The magic
"hundred strokes" with a stiff brash will
do much to glvs your hair mors life and
Why not arrange your aetr la a soft
pompadour with ons largs roll at the back?
Or, you might part It en ths aid with a
low knot at ths back.
This question of marrying aa army man
Is a grav ons. As yon ar Mlf-anpportlng
It seems that you have mnch tn your
favor. To my mind the auprsms qaeatlon
Is Just whether you care enough to be
true through the weary month of separa
tion and If your lov would stand ths
test of supporting a man w,ho might be
Plenty of wholesoms food I ths beat
way to gain flesh. Drink as much milk
as possible, from on , to two quart
day, and I feel surs you will gala In weight
If you persist for several month.
I ds not think that the dlffsrsnes f a
few yeare In age need make any difference
to a man and woman.
Don't Deceive Him.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am In lov with a
man who I believe reciprocate my feeling.
He Is wealthy, and Is undsr the Impression
that I am also. Our family consists ot sis,
my father earning about t(S per week,
while I make tit.
I would like to knew whether It would b
sdvlsable for me to reveal my true station
to this man. I tsar attempting anything
of this naturs, for I am quits surs X would
lose him If he knew I was poor. M. R.
If yon eaa only win this man' lev by
deceiving him, and it yen feel that hi ks
tsrest tn you would esas If . h wer to
know, that you are a poor girl,' row ar
pretty uncertain as to the basis f hi
feeling and you know In your heart that
hs is not sincere and that ths slightest
difficulty would make him earing tor
Norfolk Shirtwaist
! c
1 1 jj
A SHIRTWAIST modeled after a
Norfolk jacket has a chance to
be distinctive in this frock of novelty
pique, in thin crossed-barred weave.
A yoked skirt repeats the plaits of the
waist and is fastened with white pearl
buttons. The yoke should be lined
if the frock is developed in thin ma
terial. Plaid or plain ground ging
ham will furnish art effective material
for the construction of this simple but
stylish dresa.
yen. Jast b trn t yoursslf don't ds
eslve htm. Let the man raalls that yen
ar simple, honest folk with fin ideals
and a beautiful home life, that la Infinitely
more important than mere money. If he
Is a ' man ef good caliber and tin prin
ciples alt this will appeal to him not
repel him. And tn any event, from a
practical point of view, yon probably
couldn't deoelre him for long anyhow.
In a new million-dollar hotel ju t
opened in Baltimore a woman pre
sides behind the desk to welcome the
arriving and speed the departing
1 il? ji? w:
1 1 till i Mb I" lrf1tf1lf " H' m.
1 1 H W They're ' right It is
lljilll' H I great Great in goodness.
1 Sri il Great in purity. AgreatB-I-G f
IkSI I JIJ11 improvernait in soft f "
mm wmM3 .
Mi J B EVE RAG E . ! 1 '
fi t ill "V
llHl l H Combines the most likeable 1
. llll BlI ' I I of drink qualities. It has a ,
llilnMlijlLji snappy tang of character,
T M toneddowntoasmoothmellcmre
ICTISSJ ness. Try it it's different. Get
lf wtT3Wa acquainted with the new
UfP HI n lfMiv l flavor that will give you new '
FI Mil nl 111 1 drink enjoyment.
.Jot To be had whererer soft
H BtVtRl! 1 drinks are soid and that's every .
f "rToyM wherBythf!l.e I
J FK? I(m E """ COM PAR Y I
wcmpny! Nnwi KaUkee Brokerage Co. I
1 pT - DUtribwtwre
IN IH l UA esLrCorth Sts. !
Red Cross
First Call
Give the Savings to the Red Cross
Queer Advice
From a
Dry Goods
Thomas Kilpatrick & Co.
Start a Sale af
ailoired State
Friday Morning at 8:30
Which will make it impossible for you to resist purchasing if you can use a Smt All the
model Suits specially suited to travel wear and early Autumn wear go in 3 Lots.
9 Dollars
2 Dollars
3S) Dollars
In the $19.00 Lot Suits which sold up to $36.00.
In the $29.00 Lot Suits which sold up to $50.00.
In the $39.00 Lot Suits which sold up to $87.50.
Note, if you please, that not one or two in each lot
sold up to the prices mentioned, but very' many of them,
and every Suit much above the LOW SALE PRICES.
Note also, and this is in sober earnest, if you have not
given to the Red Cross, and to buy one of these Suits
would make it impossible for you to subscribe, DONT
TILL IT HURTS. If, however, you have money to spare,
and you need a Suit, if you will GIVE THE SAVINGS. IT
CROSS FUND. If we cannot convince yoa of the laving,
we will make another liberal donation ourselves. - '
Th omqs Kilpatrick $k Co,