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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1918.
would :yoo like
to have me mn5
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Drawn for
The Bee
Take Daniels' Men Into Camp,
10 to 3; Makes Seven Vic
tories in Nine Games on
' Local Lot.
Bill Jackson' tribe wound up their
very pleasantstay it home yesterday
afternoon by licking the spots oft the
unsaintJy Satnti from St. Joseph, 10
to 3, in another' windstorm battle.
This time the win4 caressed the
cheeks of the Rourkelets instead of
.the phoney Saints."
Harry Gaspar, celebrated as a pho
tosfraoher and occasionally as i
pitcher of base ball, was the victim.
Harry's trouble occurred in the fifth
inning. Harry aged 'greatly in this
' ttanza. It made him almost as old as
Cliff Curtis, his sprightly comrade.
Six runs made1 the Rourkes.
It was a very wild, weird inning. It
all started when Donica dropped 'a
windblown single into center held
Han ford bunted. Gaspar tried to
catch Donica at second. And oh,
. how he threw it Result: Donica on
third, Hanford on second.
Gaspar Errs Again.
Defate's single scored Donica and
Hanford galloped to third to come
home on Holderman's sacrifice fly
which Marr dropped. Defate, how
ever, got caught at - second. Then
Callahan hit one to right, sending
Holderman to third. He scored when
Lingle beat out a bunt and Caspar,
after holding the pill a while, decided
to throw it It was a bum throw.
Kopp singled to right and Callahan
tnd Lingle scored when Bachant let
t t
riinuni uuuw ii away irom nun.
Kopp went to third on Bashang's hit
ind scored on Jackson's squeeze bunt
, Two in Second.
Omaba scored two in the second on
a walk to Defate, Holderman's sacri
fice, Lingles double and Kopp's
single. ' An error by Bruebaker,
Lingle's sacrifice and Kopp's double
scored one in the fourth and in the
eipiU Bashang's triple and Jackson's
lorg sacrifice fly counted one.
a Kopp , held St. Joseph safe at 1 all
times and was never in danger of los
ing the fray.
J:p!in Wins Last Game.
Of Series From Hutchinson
Joplin, Mo., May 16. Hutchinson
,lot the last game of the series here
today 8 to 6. Joplin batting three
visiting pitchers hard. The team goes
to Hutchinson tonight for the begin
ning of a long road trip that will
keep them-s away until 1 June 4th.
Score: .-.
AB.H.O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.E. i i o ocarllsls.if I t 6
iMflftrf 4ll Brendt,s 4 S 1
FIMever 1111 Af nw.rf -o 4 1 till S S14
tUk.M 4 111 l 1 1 I 111 1 S 14 0
asfm.B l 0 4 I 11
Bmt, '4 S I Collins, S t S 1 0
JHH. 1SS 4Hobbl.rt 1 S 1 t 4
'traaam.p OMaplt.p S i o fl
-Moinun, I s Total ta it IT 11 1
Total SI 1411.1
MeCUllaa batted forBtntty In ninth.
Hut'chlnMB ....S 4 4 4 4 4 S 44
;oplio ....... .,1 1 1 t I 4 4 4
Rom nrnii Falk. Lamb. Three-base
hit: Conroy, Thompson, Collin, Carlisle.
Two-bas hltt Brlaberk, Dtlta. i; Met.
Blnwb; out:, Maple, S; Devi, 1: Oraham, I.
Has on balls: Off Maple, S: Da via, S;
Oraham, U Bentley, 1.' Saerlftee hits:
Agnew, Thompaon, Maptl. SaorlfTe files;
Conroy, Carlisle. Passed balla: Banner, t.
Left on bases: JIutchlnaon, 4: Jopltn, I. Hit
ana earned run: Off Mapel, 4 and S In
nln Innlnn: off Davie, 4 and I In on and
one-third Inning; oft Graham, 4 In two
and two-third Inntns; Bentley, I and 4 In
roar Inning. Stolen bases: Met, Lamb.
Umpire: Mullen, Tim I: SO.
Myers Wildness Gives Easy
Victory to Des Moines, 8 to 4
Des Moines. la!. May 16. Des
Moines took cdvtntasc of Myers
wildness todav end won. 8 to 4. Score:
qiuux :itt.- tfES MOINES.
S 4 4 4 oCass.lf
4 S 0 4 4
mita.2b 4
lHartfd.e 4
lShan' S
W.Hur.rf S
Murp'y,rf t
SCoffey.Sbl S
4 Braen.e 4
OStew'Ub 1
lPhlllip,p t
4 4 4 1
Thom'n.rf S
FarrII.b 4
114 4 4
4 11
4 Totl IS 4 1714 1
ToUl S4 T2414 1
"Batted for Kabort In ninth.
Sleui City ...M 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 14
Ce. alolnea ,.,. 14 114 14 1
Thrre-bae hit; rarrell, Stanley, Two
tuts hit: Relchle. Murphy, W. Hunter.
OacrUte hit: Murphy, Coffey (I)t Philllpe.
ttolen feaaoa. Can. Coffey (1); Breen. Left
on baa: Bionx City, tj Dea Molnea, 7. Base
nn ball: Off Phillip. S; off Myar. 4; off
Kabor. 1. Wild pitch: Myora. Kabor.
Paed hall: Lyck. Earned ran and hlu:
Off Phillip 4 run. T hit In nln Innings;
U. A K LI,. I. .
third Innings: off Kabor. 1 run, 4 hit In
three and two-third Innings. Chare do.
feat to Myers. Doable plays: Hartford ta
rt,ffer to Shanley; Jonea to Smith to Hun
ter; Hunter to Jone to Hunter: Umplr:
Doyla, Tim 1:17.
f ' -sMssaaasaHBBjaBB smsbj at
Tissly Hitting Gives Game '
f ' To Wichita Over Topeka
Wichita, Kan., May 16. Timely hit
i'v: in ,the third enabled Wichita to
'-ore the only two runs of the game
ud win Irom lopcka, Z to 0. This
. 4 . . . . ? "... '
Hitting on High
AB. B. H. O. A. X.
BaahMl, rf ft 1 I 1 0
JarkJHin, lb S O 0 10 1 1
DoRica, Sb. S 1 1 t
Hanford If. I 1 O S 0 0
IMfata, a. , , S 1 1 1 4
Holderman, rf. S 1 OS 0 O
Callahan, Sb 4 t 1 a 1 0
Llnl, a. ........... S S 1 ) o
Kopp, p. 4 1 S O S 0
Total SO 10 Ml 17 IS S
AB. ft. If. O. A. T.
Coaaor, f. ........ 5 1 0 t 0
Dm!, If S 1 S O 0
DnoovHa, If ,. t O 0 O 0
Watson, rf. ........ 4 0 1 S. 0 0
MoWler, tb. 4 0 1 S O 0
Bruebaker ee. , 4 1 1 1 S
Noead, Sb.' ...I S 0 4 S 1 0
Marr, cf 4 1 1 1 1
Baahaat, a. ........ 4 0 0 4 1
Gaapar, p. S 0 1 0 S
Thleman 1 1 0 0 0 0
Totals ,....11 t 7 14 S
Batted far Oa par la ninth.
Run 0 S 1 0 0 1 10
Hit'... ;.,.. S 0 1 S 0 0 1 1
St, Joseph
Hun ......... .....0 SO 1 0 1 0 0 1 S
Hit 1 OOlOtllO 7
Thraa-baa hltt Baahanf. Two-base hits:
Llnl, Daniels, Kopp. Marr. Sarrlfie hitai
Holderman, Watson, Llnrle. Jackson, Han
ford (. Hacrlfic flleat Holderman, Jack.
on. stolen naaai Mueller. Iiouhle plays:
Jack Mia to Defate to Jar ken n. Struck onti
By Kopp, t by tiaapar, S. Bnsea on ball:
orr Kopp, li oft (lunar, s, ir on baaes:
Omaha, St St. Joseph, S. Timet 1:SS. Umpire:
is Wichita's last game at home until
the Fourth of June. Score:
AB.H.O.A.E. N.2b 4 0 I 1 0 114 0 OTralner.lf 4 0 S 0 0
Carey.Sb 1 1 I I 0 S 1 0 1 4
Ber(sr 4 4 11 4 1 S 0 0 4 1 S 1 4 10 0 0
Coy.rf 4 4 4 4 OBradlylb 1 111 1 0 S 4 t 4 lBlock.rf S 1 1
Taryan.o S 1 1 OManlon.s 1 4 3 4 0
Wshbn,lb S 1 S 1 lfialsbry.p S 0 1 1 0
Hovllk.p S 1 4 1 0
Total..17 414 I 0
Total., It 417 11 S
Topeka ,.4 4 0 4 6 0 4 6 00
Wichita 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
Left on baiea: Wichita, 4; Topeka, 1.
Pint base on error: Bradley. Sacrifice, hit:
Bradley, Wolf. Two-bass hit: Carey. Stolen
bases: Carey, Cleveland. Double play:
Berg-ar to Carey to Brown. Struck out: By
llovltk, I; by Salisbury, S. Bases an balls;
Oft Hovllk, 1: oft Salisbury, 2. Tim: 1:10.
Umpire: Shannon.
Brandeis Will Battle
'.f'- Lincoln Cleaners Sunday
.The Brandeis Stores and Lincoln
Cleaners and Dyers will be the attrac
tion at Rourke park Sunday.
former Clashes between these crack
semi-pro teams have always been
close and hotly contested, last sea
son's games going to the locals, 1 to 0,
and 3 to 2, each game being replete
with fast fielding and clever pitching.
Ulson, tor the locals, and "Dusty"
Miller for the visitors, will be the op
posing slabmen. Being two of Ne
braska's premier twirlers, backed by
the pick of the state's semi-professionals,
another close and interesting
contest is assured.
Australian Swimming Stars
' .Sail for the United States
San Francisco, May 16. Miss Fan
ny uurack, holder of all women's free
style swimming records, and Miss
Anna Wylie, world's champion breast
stroke swimmer, sailed today for the
United States, according to a cable
received here today from Sydney,
New South Wales. '
A tour has been arranged extend
ing from the Pacific to the Atlantic
coast, during which the Australian
girls will meet the best of tht Ameri
can girl swimmers.
Notes of the Game
Omaha has played nlna game at horn
end ha won aeven ' of ,thm. Tolerably
good, tolerably food.
Don't overlook the fact that
mad thre hit. And he shut his eye too.
Sum hitter, that boy.
The 100 mark In attendance at a
day gam at Rourka park ia yet to be
reached. Two-fifty I about tha best Omaba
stem able to do.
Mueller (tola second In tha fourth hii.
Kopp was taking a wlndup. Tb Peoria
Kid (earn to have trouble watching the
batter "and th baa runner at the -same
tlma. , , .
Somebody ha bean deallnr 'em from th
bottom of tha deck. Tha Kru Park band
failed to appear acheduled. However, no.
body mlaaed It. Ther wan't anybody there
10 miss u. .
No gam today. Tha Kourkea s-o to nt
Joseph for a four-game erles; then they
return, and Tuesday tha twilight ball atari
lilt Hutchinson making lta first annearanea
or ins season.
Holderman made a fancy one-handed run
ning catch of a short drive by Marr la th
eigntn. Doc aeema ta be developing Into
considerable outfielder despite a year of
aoaence irom in gam.
Th iroreboard 1 now a total loss. That
part which did not blow down Wednesday
blew down Wednesday night with another
eciioa oi th fence. Which should be
pleasant news to th Insurance agent.
Bert Daniel wa canned from tha game
In th alxth for getting too sassy. Then
In th ninth he waa chased clear out of tha
park. Bertie said thing no person named
oeriia anouia ay. He wa very shocking.
Tony Defate had a terrible time at short
stop. He started poorly, then began to re
cover form and then mussed things up
again for a conclusion. He made four er
rors all told and then got into the middle
of a snappy double play and pulled soma
pretty nifty topa. That baaa ball, though.
j' American Association , j
St. Paul, May If Score:
R. H. E.
Louisville s 7 1
St. Paul .1 f I
Batteriea: Humphries and Kocher; Keat
ing and Cook.
Milwaukee, May 14. Score:
R.H. E.
Toledo ..; 7 S S
Milwaukee 11 I
Batteries: McCalU Brady and Devln;
Johnson and Huhn.
Kansas City. May 14. Score:
H. E
Columbus .......V 1
Ksnsaa City i a
Batteriea: Kahnlster, George and Hartley;
Wheatlea, Winter and Blackburn, On low.
A ', . m - - ' -
Muff Permits Cleveland to
Even Up, But Clarence Wal
ker Drives in Victory in
Last Half.
Philadelphia, May 16. After a muff
that allowed Cleveland to tie the score
in the ninth, Clarence Walker drove in
the winning run in the latter half of
the inning, and Philadelphia won, 6 to
5, after two hours and 23 minutes of
wild base ball. Fourteen errors were
marked up.
The Athletics obtained a three-run
lead on a fumble by Wambsganss,
three stolen bases and three wild
throws by Catcher Peters. After his
fourth wild throw, Peters was spiked
by Shannon and had to retire. First
Baseman Williams went behind the
plate and Wood played first. Kopp
and Geary of the Athletics, who left
the team last night, changed their
minds after a talk with Manager Mack
today. Score:
Oraney.lf S I 8
Roth rf I
Wmb'gs.ib 5
Wlmslb-o S
Turnsr.Sb S
1'eters.o 1
Wood, lb 1
Bagby.p 1
0 OJamlsn.rf 4
1 DKopp.lf I
0 4
1 8
S lClardnr,3b 1
1 lDavdsn,2b 4
4 eShanon.ld 4
3 4Perkln,o 4
1 lflregg.p 1
2 1 Perry. p 1
0 0
Total . 34 2S 18 S Total.. 35 S 17 11 8
Cleveland 4 0 0 1 1 0 4 0 11
Philadelphia 3 4 1 0 0 0 1 4 11
Two-base hits: Roth, Gardner. Home run:
Roth. .Stolen banes: Roth, Kopp (2), Walker,
Shannon. Sacrifice hit: Gardner. Left on
bases: Cleveland, 11; Philadelphia, 7. First
base on errors: Cleveland, 4; Philadelphia,
1. Base on balls: Off Bagley, 1; off Gregg,
4. Hit: Off Gregg. I In eight inning (none
out In ninth); off Perry 0 In one Inning.
Struck out: By Bagby, 8; by Gregg, 1. Win
ning pitcher: Perry.
Boston Defeat Detroit t to t.
Boston, May If. May held Detroit for
four hit today and Boston won th second
gam of the aerie. 7 to 2. Boston fell on
James' offerings In the ' third and made
six runs on six hits. Including Harry Hood
r noma run with May on base, the first
circuit drive of th Boston American league
season, Bcore:
Hush es 4 10 8 OHoop'r.rf 4 110
Drea' '
1 0 14
4 S S
4 0 1
0 S 0 1 S
0 4 110
0 8 110
0 OMcIn' 4 lit 1
S 4 10 8
4 4 116
1 OSchang.o 8 14 1
1 OMays.p 110 1
0 Totala 32 4 17 18
0 0
Heil'n rf
Young, 2b
4 0
8 0
James, p 1
Kalllo.p 4
Clonea.p 0
Walker 1
Totala 10 4 24 11 0
Batted for Kalllo In eighth, v
Dttrolt 4 0 0 1 0 4 4 4 01
Boston 0 0 4 0 4 4 0 1 T
Two-base hit: James, Strunk, Schang.
Home run Hooper. Stolen bse: Mnlnnls.
Double play: I Young to Dressen; Scott to
Aicinnta. Left on bases: Detroit, 1: Bos
ton, 1. First base on errors: Detroit, 1
Bases on balls: Off Jones, 1; Mays, 3
Hits. Off James, 6 In two and one-third
Innings; Kalllo, 1 In tour and two-thirds
Innings; Jones, 1 In one Inning. Hit by
pitched ball: By Jamea (Shean). Struck
out: By Kalllo, 1; May, 4. Wild pitch
Kalllo, 1. Pasted ball: Tall. - Losing
pitcner: jamea.
Recruit Stop St. Loul, 1 to 0.
New York, May 18. Thormahlen, a New
York pitching recruit, (topped Gallia' win
nlng atreak here today, defeating St. Louis
In a pitchers' battle, 1 to 0. Gallia previously
nan won- live straight games.
The only run waa eoored In the fifth In
ning when Gilhooley singled, took second
on Pecklnpaugh'a sacrifice and scored on
Baker' single.
Plpp was ordered off th field by Umpire
Nallln after a noisy protest when he wa
called out on strike In th fifth inning
Tobln.rf 4 0 4 4 OGU'ley.rf 4 14 0 6
Austin. Sb 8 4 S
Hex.lf-rf 1
Dem'ltt.rf S
Smith. If 4
Nuna'er.o 8 8
Gallla.p S
Lowd'k.p 0
Johns 0
10 1 OPec'gh.s 14
110 4 OBaker.Sb 4 11
0 S 1 SPratUb 8 18
1 S 4 8 4 8
0 10 0 0 1
4 4 0 OBodle.lf SOS
0 6 4 OMar'ns.rf 4 0 1
0 4 S lHan'ah.c 10 1
14 1 OThor'en.p 3 0 4
4 0 0 4
414 Total 14 6 27 It 4
4 0 0 4
Total 26 4 14 11 1
Batted for Gallia la eighth.
Batted for Demmltt In the seventh.
St. Loul 4 0 4 4 0 0 0 4 44
New York ...,0 0 4 4 1 0.0 6 1
Two-base hit: Austin, Gilhooley, Stolen
base: Baker, Pratt and Hendryx. Sacri
fice hit: Gedeon, Perkinpaugh, Beck.
Double pity: Gerber to Gedeon to Staler.
Left on base. New Tork, 13; St. Loul. 4.
First base on 'error: New York, 1. Base
on balls: Off Thormahlen, 4; Gallia, 6.
Hits: Off Gallia, 6 In aeven Inning; Low
dermllk, nonV; none In on Inning. Hit by
pitched bait: By Gallia. 1 (Peoklnpaugh).
Struck out: By Thomahlen, 1; Gallia, 4.
Losing pitcher: Gallia.
White Sox Wla In Eleventh.
Washington, May It. Chicago and Wash
ington played their second consecutive extra
inning gam today, th White Sox winning
In the eleventh. 4 to 8. Ben waa knocked
out of the box In the first inning, but
Washington waa unable to bunch hits on
Danforth, who succeeded him. Chicago again
fielded perfectly, making 24 Innings played
here without an error.
Heboid If 6 1 1 4 4 Shotton.rt 4 S 1 1 1
Murphyrf 4 0 S 0 0Lavan,as 6 1 S S 0
Shlnbk.rf 0 4 4 4Mtlan,cf 4 4 4 0 0
E.Colns lb S 1 6 4 OShanka.lf 65 1 1 4 4 S 114 1 0 Judge lb I 1 17 1 0'
J?tJolns,cf 4 1 4 0 4Mrgaa.2b 6 1 1 4 t 4 4 S 1 0 Foster, Jb 4 1 4 S 1
McMln.Jb 4 4 4 t 4Alnsmhc 1 1 S 4 0
Schalk.e 4 S S 1 4Harper.p 4 4 S 8 4
Bensp 0 4 4 4
Danfrth.p 4 4 0 4 4 Totala. 4011 11 11 I
Totala.. 88 4 33 11 4 .
Chicago ............ 4 4 1-4 40044 14
Washington 1 044444440 4 S
Two-base hlta: Lavan, Alnsmlth. Oandtl.
Stolen base: Foster. Sacrifice hits: J. Col
lins Shellback. Double play: E. Collins
to GandiL Lett on but: Chicago, 1: Wash
Standing of teams
W. L Pct. W. L.Pct.
Oman ....11 8 .OSSlMllwaukee.. .It
1 .846
1 .813
t .116
5 .16
6 ,tM
Dea Moines. U 6 .688
Louisville ..10
Topeka ....10 8 .684
Wlohlta ... 4 I .600
Indianapolis. 8
Kansas City. 8
Columbus . . 4
St. Paul..... 4
Hutchinson. 7 I .437
St. Jpseph.. 6 10 .175
Joplin I 10 .333
Sioux City.. 4 11 .240
4 .308
Minneapolis. 2 11 .164
Toledo 2 11 .164
W. L.Pct.
Boston ....It 10 .614
New York. .14 11 .660
New York. ..19 5 .724
Chicago 14 8.609
Chicago ....11 10 .645
Cincinnati .14 12 .638
Cleveland ..It 12 .620
Pittsburgh.. 12 11 .622
Washlngton.ll 13 .458IPhlla
11 11 .6U0
8 16 .384
4 14 .391
Phtla 11 11 .4681 Brooklyn
St. Louis. ..10 12 .465 St. Louis
Detroit .... 7 13 .8601 Boston ..
7 17 .292
(New Tork, May IS. President Tener of
th National league ha ordered replayed
th Clnelnnatl-St. Loul game, played April
29, which was won by Cincinnati. Th
gam ha been deducted from the table )
, Yesterday's Result.
Omaha, 10; St. Joe, 3.
Des Moines, 8; Sioux City, 4.
Topska, 0; Wichita. 2.
Hutchinson, 8: Joplin, 4.
Boston, 7; Detroit, 2.
New York, 1: St. Louis, 0.
Chicago, 4; Washington, 2.
Philadelphia, 6; Cleveland, 6.
Boston, 1; St. Louis, 2.
Chicago, 1: Philadelphia, 6.
New York, 0; Cincinnati, 8.
Brooklyn. 3: Plttaburgh. 4.
Indianapolis, 3; Minneapolis, 1;
Louisville, 6; St. Paul, 2.
Columbus, 6; Kanaaa City, 1.
Milwaukee, 8: Toledo. 7.
Oamra Today.
Omaha at 8t,' Joe.
Dea Moines at Sioux City.
Joplin at Hutchlnnon.
Wichita at Topeka.
New York at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
Boston at St, Loula.
Chicago at Washington.
Detroit at Boston.
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
St. Loul at New York.
ington, 7. First baae on errors: Chicago, 2.
Base on balls: Off Harper, 1; off Danforth,
2. Hit: Oft Bens, 4 In two-thirds inning;
off Danforth, 7 In 10 1-3 Innings. Struck out:
By Harper, 1; by Danforth 2. Winning
pitcher: Danforth.
Nicola! Wins Championship
In Missouri State Trap Shoot
Kansas City, Mo., May 16. George
Nicolai of Kansas City, by breaking
97 out of 100 targets, won the Mis
souri interstate championship, feature
event of the Missouri state trap shoot,
which closed here this' afternoon.
Nicolai now becomes eligible to com
pete in the Grand American handicap
in Chicago the first week in August.
H. E. Snyder, also of Kansas City,
was second and runner-up in the
event, with 95 out of 100 targets.
The Missouri handicap event was
won by Joseph Grey of Farber, Mo.,
with 93 out of a possible 100 targets.
Willard Goes Back to
His Farm in Kansas
Chicago, May 16. Jess Willard,
worlds heavyweiRht champion pugu
ist, has given up his Chicago home
and left today by motor for his farm
near Lawrence, Kan., where, he said,
he intends to soend the rest of his life
"The public does not want to see
me defend the championship during
the war, the champion declared be
fore he departed. "The Fred Fulton
match is off. and there may never be
another. I am making no definite
statement about retiring, but that
seems the probable outcome of the
present situation.
Bobby Jones Is one of
Golf Holdover Champs
Bobbie Jones, the Atlantic golf
prodigy, becomes one of the holdover
champions by , the decision of the
Southern Golf association to cancel
its 1918 championship. Bobby won
the title last year at the Roebuck
course at Birmingham by defeating
Louis Jacoby m the final. He will
have distinguished company as a
holdover, in that links galaxy being
Chich Lvans, open and amateur
champion of the United States;
Francis. Ouimet, western champion:
Oswald Kirby, metropolitan and New
Jersey champion; Jesse Gifford, Mas
sachusetts champion, and others.
Barney Oldf ield Captures
Race From Louis Chevrolet
Uniontown. Pa.. May 16. Barney
OldfielH rlefratrrf. I.nnia 'tTievrolet in
"a five-lap match race at the opening
meeting of the year at the Union-
town speedway today. Uldheld s
time for the five laps slightly more
than five miles was 3:18:51. The race
was for a purse of $10,000. The at
tendance was estimated at 10,000.
Joe Stecher to Wrestle
Pospishel at Sioux City
Joe Stecher. who is carded to meet
Wladek Zbyszko in Omaha May 28.
and Earl Caddock on July 4, will clash
with one Charles rospishel, alleged
Slavian giant, at Sioux City tonieht.
Joe is expected to make short work
of Pospishel whose chief bid to fame
is plenty of bulk.
Southern Association.
Mobil, 1; Chattanooga, 1.
Atlanta, 1; Little Bock. 8.
Birmingham, O; Memphis. 1.
New Orleans-Naahvllle, wet grounds.
Today's Sport Calendar
Raring t Close of spring meeting of Mary
tend Jorkey club, at rtmllco, Md.
Baw Ball: Annual hase ball tournament
et Illinois Intmollrsiate Athletic associa
tion, at rhareaton. III.
Athletlrst Oklahoma state Intercollegiate
track and fleM cbampionshlps. at Millwatcr.
Illinois Intercollegiate conferenr track mad
field championship, at Peoria,
- i. i .1,
Effective Work by Sanders,
Who Relieves Jacobs in
Fifth Inning, Wins for
Pittsburgh, May 16. Brooklyn was
defeated by Pittsburgh today in the
second game of the series, 4 to 3. Ef
festive work by Sanders, who went on
in the fifth, relieving Jacobs, brought
victory to the home team. When
Sanders went in the bases were filled,
but Myers, the next batter, fanned.
In the next inning Sanders came to
bat with two on and tripled to the
right field fence. He scored the win
ning run on Mollvvitz's double.
Olson, n 6 112 OCa 4 10 6 2
0'Mara,3b 3 0 0 2 3 1 14
ZWheat.lf 8 0 2 0 4 4 0 10 "Stengel. rf 3 4 2 12 0 0Ctshw.2b 4
Hkman.rf 4 0 4 0 OKIng.lf 1
flmndUb 4 12 4 OBIgbee.lf 1
Krueger.o 4 1 2 0 0M'Kne.3b 3
Coombs, p 3 0 0 3 OSchmldt.c 4
Jacobg.p 2
Total 33 i 24 11 OSanders.p 2
0 1
0 1
Totals 31 9 27 13 4
Brooklyn ... 00008 000 03
Pittsburgh ..00010300 4
Two base hits: Sehmandt, Caton, Moll
wits. Three base hits: Cutshaw, Sanders.
Stolen base: Hickman. Sacrifice hits: Moll
wit, King. Sacrifice fly: O'Mara. Double
plays: Caton to Cutshaw to Mollwlts. Left
on bases: Brooklyn, 7; Pittsburgh, 8. First
base on errors: Brooklyn, 3. First base on
balla: Off Coombs, 3: Jacobs, 2; Sanders,
1. Hits: Off Coombs, 9 in eight innings;
Jacobs, 4 In four and one-third Innings;
Sander, 1 In four and two-thirds innings.
Struck out: By Sander, 3. Winning pitch
er: Sanders. Losing pitcher: Coombs,
rhillie Make It Two Straight.
Chicago, May 16. Philadelphia today hit
Chicago' pitcher and made it two straight,
6 to 5. Mayer weakened in the ninth when
Chicago started It rally and retired In
favor of Oeschge, with the tying run on
econd. The locals outhlt the visitors but
snappy fielding behind Mayer kept the,
score down. Score:
110 lPaskert.rf 4 12
Stock. 3b
Burns, o
115 OHolcnrss
2 12 OMannrlr
112 0Flack,rf
5. 1 3
4 3 2
0, 2
1 10
1 2
0 2
0 4
2 2
1 6
0 2
2 0
0 0
10 2
3 0 1
1 0 0
Totals 33 12 27 16 3
Totals- 38 14 27 17 2
Batted for KUduff In ninth.
Philadelphia ..f 1 0 3 0 0 2 0 06
Chicago ,0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 S
, Two-base hits: Mann (2), Fitzgerald,
Paskert, Ludarua. Three-base hit; McGaf
flgan. Sacrifice hits: Meusel, Luderus.
Sacrifice flies: Mayer, Stock. Double plays:
Cravath to Burns, Bancroft to McGafftgan
to I.uderua, Left on basest Philadelphia,
7; Chicago, 8. First base on error: Phila
delphia. 1. Bases on ball: Off Mayer, 2;
off Carter, 2; off Tyler, 1. Hits: Off Car
ter, 4 in three innings and none out In
fourth; off Tyler, 8 in al innings; off
Mayer, 14 in eight and two-thirds innings;
off Oeschger, none in one-third Inning.
Struck out: By Mayer, 1; by Tyler, 1.
Wild pitch: Carter. Winning pitcher:
Mayer. Losing pitcher: Carter.
Ames Pitches St. Loul to Victory.
St. Loul, May 18, Ames pitched St.
Louts o a S to -l victory over Boston to
day, holding that team to four hits. With
th score tied in the sixth, Baird singled,
was sacrificed by Hornsby and scored on
Cruise's hit, which bounded off Konetchy's
ahlns. Score: .
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. 4
Herzog,2b 4
ft. 0 0
12 3
0 0 0
O.'ehof.2b 4 118
0-ISmth.rf 4 10 0
0Balrd,3b 4 10 4 I 0 2 .7
OCruise.lf 4 13 1
0 Paul' 3 1 14 0
Kelley.lf 4
Wklnd.rf 4
3 Smth.Sb 2 2
R' 8
Wllson.o 2
Ragan.p 2
Massey 1'
Canvn.p o
1 1
1 1
1 14
0 2
0 4
0 0
OSnyder.e 2 16 10
OBetxel.rf 3 0 2 1 0
OAmes.p 3 0 0 1 0
0 Totala 28 6 27 20 1
0 0
0 0
Totala 28 4 24 15 0
Batted for Ragan In eighth.
Boston ...... 1 0 0 0 0 0
St Loula .... 0 1 0 0 0 1
Stolen base: NIehoff. Sacrifice hits:
Hornsby, Konetchy. Double plays: Hornsby,
NIehoff and Paulette; Betsel, Snyder, Horn
by, Snyder. Balrd and Snyder.. Left on
bases: Boston, 3; St. Louis, 8. First base
on errors: Boston, 1. Bases on balls: Off
Ragan. 2; Canavan, 1; Ames. 2. Hits: Off
Ragan, 6 in seven Innings; Canavan, 1 in
one Inning. Struck out: By Ragan, 2; Can
avan, 2; Ames, 1' Losing pitcher: Ragan.
Tesreau In First 191 Defeat
Cincinnati. O.. Mav IS. Tesreau. the New
Tork pitcher, suffered bis first defeat of
tn season today when the locals hit him
hard In two Innings, scortnar three runs off
his delivery. Toney pitched masterly ball
and was given sensational support, especial
ly by Oroh and Neale. The hitting of Rouen
and S. Magee was heavy and timely. Score:
Tng.rf-!b 4 111 0Groh.3b 4 1 6 S 0 4 1 4 0 0LMgee,3b 1112
Burns.lf 4 12 0 ORoush.cfe 4 3 10
Zm'mn,3b 4 110 4 2 6 1 4 16 3 OOriflth.rf 4 0 10 4 1 6 0 0 Neale.lf 4 17 0
M'Carty.o 3 0 3 4 0 2 S
Rdrgi.Zb 2 0 2 1 OWlnaro.o 3 16 1
Wllhoit.rf 0 0 0 0 0 Toner. D 2 10 0
0 ,
Tesreau.p 110 10 .
Thorpe 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 32 11 XT 10 1
Dmaree.p 0014
Totals 32 T 24 8 0
Batted for Tesreau In seventh.
New Tork
Cincinnati ,
0 0 o 0
0 0 2 0 0
0 0
Two base hits: L. Mage. Roush. Three
base hits: Roush, 8. Magee. Neale. Stolen
bases: L. Magee, Holke, Sacrifice hits:
Toney. Double plays: S. Mage to Black
burne to S. Magee; Wlngo to Oroh; Fletcher
to Rodriguez. Left on bases: New Tork.
T: Cincinnati, T. Flrat baae on errors: New
Tork, 1. Baaea on balls: Off Toney, 2;
Demaree, 1. Hits: Oft Tesreau. In l
tnnlngs; Demaree, 1 In two innings. Struck
out; By Toney, ; Tesreau. 3. Wild pitch:
Tesreau. Pasaed ball: - McCarty, . Im
ing pitcher: Tarea i
Would Yank Into Army
Players Who Shirk by
Taking Shipyards Jobs
Chicago, May 16. Base ball play
ers of the major leagues who have
sought employment in shipyards
and other war industries in an at
tempt to evade military service
"should be yanked into the army by
the coat collar," President Ban
Johnson of the American league
said tonight.
President Johnson said he had
taken up the question with Charles
M. Schwab, who has assured him
that no overtures would be made to
ball players in Class A-l to engage
in shipbuilding work. The Amer
ican league executive also said he
would take up the issue with other
government officials to learn if the
players now engaged in the ship
building and other war industries
have been granted exemption from
the selective service, law.
"The American league has lost
more than 70 players in the draft
and through enlistment, and expects
to lose more, but it does not approve
of the players trying to evade mili
tary service," President Johnson
said. "Some of them apparently
have been badly advised."
Promises of the Press Agents.
Orpheum "Camouflage," Henri DeVrles'
stirring narrative of a den of counterfeit
ers, the headline attraction for this week
at the Orpheum, together with the two big
time feature acts, Foster Ball in his char
acter stua, "Since the Days of '61," and
Will Oakly in "Danny O'Glll. U. S. A. and
the four other current features are prov
ing magnetic despite the weather, the
audiences being well up to Orpheum stand
ard. On Saturday night the curtain will
rise unusually early, 7:S0 o'clock sharp.
For next week, the last of the season,
"Vanity Fair of 1918," the musical com
edy with 20 people and described as the
zenith of magnificence In this popular line
of entertainment, will be the headline at
traction. There will also be two big time
feature , attractions on the bill. One of
these will be the International star, Vinie
Daly. The other will be "The Corner
Store." described as a hilarious rural
Empress A husband's desire to serv his
country, the wife strenuously opposing bis
wish, is the Story of the patriotic drama
called "The Coward," in which Lillian
Kingsbury, Ned Dano and company feature
at the Empress. The principals are splendid
performers whose work makes the sketch
stronger. Aside from its value as a most
Interestingly entertaining sketch, it answers
perfectly the question, "Is a man's first
duty to his family or his country?"
In the Silent Drama.
Strand An Artcraft picture with Elsie
Ferguson as the star will be shown at this
theater today and balance of the week.
The scenario was written by Charles
Malgne from the "Song of Songs," a play
which attracted wide attention when pre
sented several years ago. Coincident In
connection with the screening of "The Song
of Songs" Is the fact that Frank Loses,
who now appeara in chief support of Miss
Ferguson in the film, waa scheduled to
portray that character on the stage, but
owing to sudden illness could not fulfill his
engagement. Crauford Kent, who played
with .George M. Cohan In "Broadway
Jones," again came under Mr. Kaufman's
direction in this new Artcraft picture.
Comedy and Strand Paths News also
Sun Henry B. Walthall will be pre
sented at this theater today and Saturday
in his latest production, "Hoops of Steel."
It is a western characterization, in which
Manager Goldberg promises to present the
star to splendid advantage and should be
appreciated by his many admirers and fol
lowers. He Is accused of a murder and Is
released by .the court on his honor that the
real murderer may be brought to justice.
Other good pictures will also be shown on
the bill.
Hipp Jewel Carmen In the William Fox
play, "The Bride of Fear," will be offered
patrons of this theater today and Satur
day, It Is a story that affords her a role
for acting she has taken full advantage of.
A typical Fox cast Is in her support and
It Is said that great attention was given
to detail.
Muse George Walsh, the Fox athletlo
thunderbolt, will be at the Muse today and
Saturday In "Brave and Bold." Would
you like to have your breath almost taken
away from you? Do you care to forget
your dally worries and your business? Then
don't think of missing this one. Alsd the
sixth episode of "The Eagle's Eye."
Hamilton Followers of motion pictures
should be delighted with the announce
ment that Jack Pickford will bo the attrac
tion at this theater today In "Tom and
Huck," or "The Further Adventures of Tom
Sawyer." It Is rather a continuation of the
Mark Twain atory, "Tom Sawyer," In which
this star was seen a short time ago, and
with the same splendid supporting cast.
This time, Tom and Huck and Rebefca
get lost in the cave, clear up a murder
mystery and find some hidden treasure. It
is a picture that can be enjoyed by the
entire family. Saturday comes Alice Brady
In "The Knife" and a Keystone comedy.
Lothrop William Farnum In a William
Fox super de luxe photoplay, "When . a
Man Sees Red," will form the attraction at
this theater today and Saturday, It la a
story of the sea, and of how a sailor fol
lowed his sister's betrayer around the
eartbj that he might wreak his vengeance
on him. A splendid case is tn his support,
which Includes, among others,. Jewel
Suburban William S. Hart will hold
forth here today In a Triangle production,
"The Patriot" Hart deserts) from the
American forces on the border and has ar
ranged with the Mexicans for a massacre,
when through the love of a little boy, he
changed his mind, becomes a loyal Ameri
can citizen again and saves tha day in a
spectacular manner. Saturday will be
Margarita Fisher In "The Primitive
Brandeis Former Ambassador James W.
Gerard's "My Four Tears in Germany" con-
. a thHtl nnrnclatlve auillenrea at th
r... ..i. dta.tap The nhntnnlav loan fin
Dlinuvi. ii-.. .... r .
opportunity to Impress the spectator with
the supposition that tb Sarajovo incident
was not accidental, but coolly and care
fully planned by the Oerman emperor and
his advisers. Two of the most important
scenea of the picture are Mr. Gerard'a visit
to the prisoners' camp at Wittenberg and
that In which he la given his passports. Mr.
Gerard's refusal to algn on the dotted line
and his statement that before doing so he
"would stay In Germany until hell freezes
over" supplies on of th moat exciting In
cident. Empress A worthy addition to th photo
play program at th Emprasa theater for
the last half of the week la "Our Fighting
Ally Th Tank," an official government
picture, showing the British tank at Camp
Dlx. N. J., giving a complete demonstration
of th uses to which these engines of war
ar put at tb westers front
Nebraska Base Hospital Unit
Athletes Clash With Omaha
Semi-Pros at Rourke .
, Park Saturday.
Nebraska boys who have given their,
services to the country will be seen in
action upon the diamond at Rourke
park Saturday afternoon, when the
hase ball team of the Nebraska Base
Hospital Unit, which just recently
left Omaha for Fort Des Moines, will
play the Brandeis semi-pro team in a
benefit combat.
Johnny Hazen, former manager of
the Ernie Holmes White Sox and one
of the best known sandlot players irt
Omaha, is captain of the Hospital
Unit nine, and will lead the team on
the field in the game here Saturday.
Several of the players are former
Omaha amateurs and all of them are
from Nebraska.
, The game is being played te pro
cure funds for the Hospital Unit
athletic fund. The fund is very slim
and much equipment is needed. Not
only is the unit short on base ball
equipment, but in everv other kind of
equipment. It is hoped by the game
here Saturday to give the fund a start.
Fred Bradford and his Brandeis
players have agreed to donate their
services and Pa Rourke has donated
the use. of the park. Thus all the
coin taken in at the gate will go to
the hospital bovs. -. ;
The hospital team arrives in Omaha
tonight. The band also arrives to
night and will plav a few concerts
down town. Saturday, a trainload of
the Nebraska boys who are in the
hospital unit, are expected to arrive
as a great number arranged to get
furloughs so as to make their visits
home at the time the ball team plays
Saturday night, a benefit dance is
to be held at the Castle hotel with the .
Hospital Unit's own orchestra sup--
Flying the music.
, 4 i
109 S. 16th Street
Friday and Saturday
$5 and $6 men's fine tail
ored Trousers, blue serges
and fancy worsteds at.-
NO. 2
Men's and Young MenV,
Palm Beach and Kool
clothes, coat and pants, all
hand tailored, regular
price all over $15.00, at-
1 A00
NO. 3
Men's all wool suits, tht
very latest trench models I ,f.
, selling anywhere at $20,
$30.00 Trench models, all
wool suits in green and
brown mixtures with 2
pairs trousers, all sizes, at.