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Enormous Preparations Under
; Way on Western Front, De
' clares Englishman Before
Labor Delegation.
London, May 16 The American
labor delegation was received by King
George at Buckingham palace today.
The visit lasted an hour.
American preparations oft the west
ern front are amazing in their im
mensity and plans are being made to
care forv 5,000,000 American troops,
Harry E. V. Brittain, secretary of the
English branch of the Pilgrim's club,
told the Royal Colonial Institute last
Bight '
. Members of the American labor
delegation were also present.
If the Germans do not give in, add
ed Britain, the number of American
troops will be increased to any
amount necessary.
Sir Charles P. Lewis, former
head of the Dominion's department at
the colonial office, said he wondered
if the Germans realized what the en
try of America into the war meant.
It meant, .he said, not only the ac
cession to the allied powers of many
millions of fighting men and the ad
dition of vast resources, but also the
coming in of the only one amongst
the great peoples of the world who
hat seen and carried through to an
unmistakable issue a four years' war,
Speech by King George.
The king, receiving the American
iabor delegation, said:
"It gives the queen and me great
pleasure to receive you here today
and we trust that if the experiences
of your stay in this country have been
agreeable tney may also prove inter
esting and helpful. You have had op
portunities for judging the1 efforts
we are putting forth at home in order
adequately to, meet all the demands
from the various theaters ot war.
I hope these experiences will enable
you to assure the people i of the
United States that we are doing and
mean to continue to do our utmost
in this direction."
E. O. McCormick of San Francisco
replied briefly in behalf of the Amer
icans, thanking his majesty and ex
pressing the pleasure the visit had af
forded the delegates and how they ap
preciated it.
Washington, May 16, Italy in an
informal way has made known to the
United States that the presence of
American troops on the Italian front
is creatlv to be desired. A few
thousand men under the American
flag, Italian officials feel," would
hearten the Italian civilian population
and their troops.
Trendy of Fat Man; Air
Transportation by Weight
Washington, May 14. Pa'trons of
n airplane passenger and mail serv
ice to be established in the Caribbean
sea after the war will be required to
pay fare on a basis of weight.
The project, -which is said o have
the sanction of the British government
and the backing of London capitalists,
provides for the transportation of pas
sengers, mail and light freight be
tween Key West. Fla., and the island
of Trinidad, off the northeast coast
of South America. '
- Intermediate landing depots would
he established at Barbados, St. Kitts,
Forto Rico, Jamaica and Cuba. Hydro-airplanes
would be used for the
trip which, it is estimated, would take
live flays. : . ;.
Witness in Damage Suit
Pleads Guilty to Perjury
Clinton, la., May 16,-George John
son, a witness for the plaintiff in the
damage suit of W. G. Andrews
against C II. Young, today pleaded
guilty of perjury, Judge Theophiles
sentenced him to ten years imprison'
ment, but suspended punishment dur
ing good behavior. . .
The damage case in which John
son was witness was "dismissed : re
cently after the first witness for the
defense had been heard. Indictments
were then returned against Andrews
and the two principal witnesses for
.his side. , Andrews
trial is set for
next week.
Stssl Men Will Demand -
"Showdown" at Washington
Washington, May 16. A secret and
important meeting of the steel com
mittee of the American Iron and Steel
institute, headed by Elbert II. Gary,
with the war industries board, has
been called here for tomorrow.
The whole question of curtailment
of industries as well as that of steel
will be threshed out. "A show
down' will be demanded by the steel
men. The" government will be asked
to determine definitely and give fig
ures how the steel companies shall
be operated and how far the govern
ment must go in controlling their out
put. ' .
TSughes to Havj Full Charge
Of Aircraft Investigation
Washington, May 16. Charles E.
Hughes today notified Attorney Gen
eral Gregory that he would come to
Washington as soon as possible to
take up investigation of airplane pro
"iction situation on request of-Pres-.
':nt Wilson. Also the attorney gen
"il made no announcement of plans
r the inquiry after communicating
..4axr. nugnrs roaay. it is unaer
xd that Mr. Hughes will have full
' rge and will be assisted by Wil
L. Frierson, assistant attorney
-eril. - ... ; : -. - .--
rsny Melts Nickel Coins
To Use Metal in Projectiles
Amsterdam, May 16. Germany is
..'.t in her nickel coinage, the
t;J of which is needed for projec
v and is substituting, zinc for
'- 2 coins, of this class. Author
7 t ?. just been'given for the mint
T cf lO.COOSO 'marks worth of
' pfennig pieces, i
German Mayor a Sleuth
But Also "Perfect Lady"
London, May 16. After a lunch
eon given by the 'mayor of Char
lottenburg, Germany, to number
of distinguished lady charity work
ers, two dozen of his honor's best
silver spoons were missing.
The mayor, noted for his tactful
ness and delicacy, lent the follow
ing letter to each of his guests, ac
cording to a German newspaper ac-'
count: 1
"Dear Madam: I offer you my
heartfelt and grateful thanks for
the great condescension and amia
bility which you showed me in the
council hall yesterday and for the
invaluable help and support which
you have given in the furtherance
of the good causes which we dis
cussed. "May I also take the liberty of
inquiring whether by mistake you
have placed in your traveling bag
some silver spoons belonging to
me? I am, as always, your most
humble servant,
Omaha Convention is Brought
to Close With Selection o
Lincoln as the Next
Meeting' Place.
- (-
The annual state convention of the
Order of the Eastern Star at the Ma
sonic temple was brought to a close
Thursday afternoon, following in
stallation of officers for the ensuing
year. .-v -
A count of delegates from Ne
braska, including visitors from other
states, showed an attendance of 500.
Condition of the order was satisfac
tory from both financial and member
ship standpoints.
, Miss Maude Smith, principal of
Omaha school, was elected associate
grand conductress, and James E. Bed
nar of Omaha wasappointed grand
marshal, Subscriptions were taken for
the. orphanages at Fremont and
Officers installed by Mrs. Jos
ephine Swigart, past grand matron
and worthy grand Martha, included
Mrs. Carrie M. Spellman of Beatrice,
grand matron; Mrs. Stella Yont of
Brock, associate grand matron; Miss
Rose Owens of Omaha, secretary;
Mrs. Lou A. Conklin of Hubbell,
treasurer; Oliver E. Mickay of Osce
ola, grand patron; Alfred Powell
of St. Edward, associate grand
patron; Miss Anna Davis of Alliance,
grand conductress; Miss, .Maude
Smith of Omaha, associate grand
conductress; Tames E. Bednar of
A fewumana, grand marsnai.
Lincoln was cnosen as meeting
place of the next state convention
May, iviy. ,, ,
"No Peace Without Victory,"
Ex-President Taft's Slogan
(By AiisoiaWd Frew.
Philadelphia, May 10. No peace
without victory was the slogan
sounded by speakers at, the opening
session here today of the Win the
war tor remanent reace conven
tion of the League to Enforce Peace.
Former President William H. Taft,
who presided, emphasized the fact
that there can be no peace without
victory, and declared that the Ameri
can people should Set their faces stern
and unbending toward one end
war.' : '
"Let us have peace," said Mr. Taft,
out let us have war that we may
have peace. To sound the trumpet
for war to the end,' this convention
was called." !
Many other speakers endorsed the
sentiments expressed by Mr, Taft
War, Tears Gaps in Ranks
1 Of German Noble Families
Amsterdam, Wednesday, May. 15.
the gaps in the ranks of the uer
man nobility by the war are em
phasized in the current issue of the
uerman Adelsbiatt, a periodical de
voted to genealogical research. It
enumerates among the killed 270
counts, of, whom seven belonged to
the ilouse of Donna and . seven
others to the house of Finch von
finckenstem, and 633 barors, of
whom 13 were of the house of
In addition to' the foregoing, the
nobility, as it is known, has lost 843
members, while what is classed as the
later nobility, has suffered 8.16 losses,
the largest being those of the fami
ly of von Wedel, 22 members, and von
Ayiim 21.
Swiss Note Superiority of
Allies Over Germans in Air
Geneva. May 16. Swiss troops sta
tioned along the frontier have noticed
during the last three months an in
creasing superiority of the allies over
the Germans in the air over the terri
tory under Swiss observation. Ger
man aviators operating in Alsace and
along the Rhine have become scarcer,
while the-allied avriators are circu
lating freely in those regions. The
front further north, it thus appears,
is demanding the services of the best
German aviatdrs. . j
Doubts "Call" and Refuses to
Serve as Methodist Bishop
Atlanta. Ga ' Mav 16 IWI
he was not persuaded he was "called
by the will of the Lord Tmim ChrUr
to the office," Bishop-elect Frank N.
Parker today declined election tn one
of the highest offices in the southern
Methodist church. Dr. Tarker told
the general conference, that after 24
hours of prayer he had reached the
conclusion he should not accept the
,Rev. James Cannon, jr., of the Vir
ginia conference, was elected in place
of Dr. rarker. .,, -
f " Becker Acquitted. .
Chicago, V May ; 16. Francis A.
Becker, formerly a member of the
republican state committee and po
litical leader in the Twenty-first ward,
charged with conspiracy in the collec
tion of graft for the protection of re
sorts, was not found guilty by a jury
todajfr -
Assembly Which Failed to
Serve Germany's Purposes
Dissolved by Force of
Armed Troops.
Moscow, May . 16. The German
troops adopted forcible tactics in dis
banding the Ukrainian Rada, which
had failed to serve Germany's pur
poses. A witness of the seizure of
the Ukranian government by the Ger
mans arrived in Moscow recently and
related the details.
On the afternoon of April 28, he
says, a German lieutenant led his
troops into the hall s.t Kiev, where the
Rada was sitting.
"Hands tip, in the name of the Ger
man government," was the . order
shouted by the soldiers. The demand
was reinforced by bayonets.
Arrest of Ukrainians.
All the members of the Rada raised
their hands except M. Grusheviki, the
presiding officer. He tried to con
tinue the session, but was Checked by
the German lieutenant.
All the members of the cabinet
and the Rada, and even spectators,
were searched by the Germans, some
of them were arrested, while the oth
ers were expected to quit the hall.
The government was declared to be at
an end.
After the dissolution of the Rada
the land owners met in convention
in Kiev and named General. Socoro-
patsky head of the provisional gov
ernment of the Ukraine pending an
election of a national assembly. Gen
eral Socoropatsky issued a temporary
provisional constitution which made
null all the legislation provided by
the Kerensky and bolshevik regimes.
Socoropatsky has dictatorial pow
ers, including the right to appoint a
prime minister and to veto laws.
Washington, May 16. President
Wilson today , renewed his fight
against adoption by the senate of
Senator Chamberlain's resolution for
a war inquiry by the senate military
committee, He advised Senator
Thompson of Kansas that the resolu
tion as amended yesterday by the
senate expenditures committee Still is
objectionable. - '
Considering all the circumstances,
President Wilson told Senator
Thompson, chairman of the expendi
tures committee, the Chamberlain
resolution, even as modified, would, in
effect, authorize a "dagnet" investiga
tion by the military committee.
Only 6 Central High Pupils
To Take College "Exams"
Only six students of the Central
High school will take the college
board examinations this June. This is
partly due to the fact that there are
fewer students than usual this year
who wilt enter the eastern schools
from the Central High. Those who
will take them are: Sot Rosenblatt,
Robert Buckingham, Millard Rogers,
Barton Kuhns, Harold Boggs and
Milton Rogers. The examinations will
begin .about the middle of June.
Dr. Smith and Dr. Walton
Are Elected Moderators
Columbus, O., May 16. Rev. Dr. J.
Frank Smith of Dallas, Tex., was
elected, moderator of the general as
sembly' of the Presbyterian church of
America at its 130th annual session
here today.
Dallas, Tex.. May 16. Rev. Dr.
Charles H. Walton of Los Angeles,
Cal., was elected moderator of the
Cumberland Presbyterian church at
the Eighty-eighth General assembly
here today.
Death Rate Declines Among
Soldiers in Home Camps
Washington, May 16. The death
rate at National army and National
Guard camps last week was the
lowest since last November, the sur
geon general today reported. Total
deaths were 162 against 168 the week
before. There was an increase in
pneumonia and scarlet fever cases.
Board Asks Law to Make
: Commercial Bribery Crime
Washngtn. May 16. Enactment of
"a sufneent law striking at the un-:
justifiable and vicious practices of
commercial bribery was urged on
congress today by the federal trade
commission. - - . j
Northumberland Duke Dies.
- London, ' May IS. Henry George
Percy, seventh duke of Northumber
land, died last night-at Alnwick
Castle, Northumberland, in his 72d
year.. --r; , ...
Tells How To Make a Home-Made
Gray Hair Remedy.
Mr. A. E. O'Brien, who has been a
barber in New York City for many
years, made the following statement:
"Gray, streaked or faded hair can be
immediately made black, brown or
light brown, whichever shade you de
sire, by the use of the following rem
edy that you can make at home:
"Merely get a small box of Orlex
powder at any drug store. It costs
only 25 cents, and no extras to buy.
Dissolve' it in one ounce of water and
comb it through the hair. Full direc
tions tor use come m each box. -
"You need not hesitate to use Orlex,
as a $100.00 gold bond comes in each
box guaranteeing the user that Orlex
powder does not contain silver, lead,
zinc; sulphur, mercury, aniline, coal
tar products or their derivatives. ;
"It does not rub off. is not sticky or
gummy and leaves the hair fluffy. It
will make a gray haired person look
twenty years younger. Aq
Retail Men Instructed in New
Rulings by Federal Con
servation Represen
tatives. A meeting of Omaha retail grocers
was held Thursday night at . the
Chamber of Commerce rooms. Sev
eral members of the federal food ad
ministration were present to instruct
the' grocers on new rulings of the
food administrator.
The'annual picnic for the grocers
and butchers was set for July 11 at
the new Krug park. An automobile
will be given away on this occasion.
E. E. Wise, J. J. Cameron and R.
P. Winkleman were chosen as dele
gates to attend the national conven
tion of retail grocers to be held in
Chicago, May 20 to 24.
Arrangements for extension of the
fruit and vegetable market were dis
cussed and the City Welfare board
and Chamoer of Commerce? together
with the retail grocers, will submit
the matter to the city council next
Hotels defying
, food law rules
may be closed
. .. . j
Hotels, and restaurants in Oma
ha and Nebraska subject themselves
to the chance of being closed in
definitely if they do not operate in
accordance with orders issued by the
state food administration. This de
cree was announced by J. F. Letton,
chairman for food administration of
hotels and restaurants in Nebraska,
at a meeting of Omaha proprietors
Thursday afternoon in the Paxton ho
tel. . . : ? -i
It is estimated that there are 1,690
hotels and eating houses in this state.
Inspectors may visit these at any
time, and if any place is found to be
violating, any food administration or
ders, the keeper will be summoned
before the state administrator for
such penalty as may seem fit.
Disregard of Rules.
Some boarding bouses are reported
to have shown a flagrant disregard
of orders, especially relative to the
serving of br;ad. This order specifi
cally, states that rot more than two
bunces, gross weight, of y Victory
bread or rolls, class' one. or four
ounces, gross weight, of quick bread,
class live, shall be served to any
person at any one meal.
1 he total consumption of wheat
flour, inclusive of the wheat con
tent of bread and rolls and other
bakery products, breakfast foods and
alimentary pastes, shall not average
more than six pounds for every 90
meals. ' , . i
Praises Omaha Hotels.
Mr. Letton complimented the Oma
ha Miotel" and restaurant men upon
their careful observance of orders,
but warned them that he would per
sonally see to enforcement of all to
the letter, with particular regard to
the. bread order. '
Dutch Steamer Lost.
Washington, May 16. -The steam
ship Zaanland, one of the Dutch ves
sels recently requisitioned by the
United States government,, was sunk
in a collision at sea May 13. The
Navy department tonight announced
that all on board were rescued. -The
vessel was a cargo carrier, manned
by the navy for army purposes.
No War, Says Germany.
Monevedo, Uruguay, May 16.
The German government has informed
Uruguay, in response to the request
for a definition of the relations be
tween the two countries, that it does
not consider that a state of war ex
ists, i v
You Wan'
Minute Buying
'ME imi
Of Our High Island Property
When You Fully Understand Our Plan
One Tract May Make Your Fortune
OifEflPMEtJT 60.
740 First Nat'l Bank Bldg.
Phone Tyler 398 OMAHA, NEB.
"""""""""""""""" -
Three small fires Thursday after
noon within one hour kept fire de
partments of the loop on continuous
runs. No serious damage resulted.
A patch of weeds adjoiping the Mc
Keen Motor company, Thirteenth a.nd
Cass streets, caught fire from sparks
of a passing locomotive and for
awhile threatened the high board
fencing about the railroad yards.
The second alarm was turned in
from the American Racing Tread
company, 1806 Hainey street, where
a front window awning caught-from
a lighted cigarette. Firemen from
the Harney street department extin
guished the fire before much damage
wa3 done. The plate glass window
cracked from the heat of the flames.
A coal shaft in the Sanford hotel,
Nineteenth and Farnam streets,
caught fire from some ' unknown
cause, but did little damage. Firemen
put out the blaze by playing a stream
of water upon it through a manhole
above the shaft.
Don't stay constipated with
breath bad, stomach sour
and head dul1..
Enjoy life! Liven your liver
and bowel tonight and
feel fine.
Is not such a great task
when you are thorough
ly equipped for it.
We have the vans, the
men and know mbving
in all its branches.
Omaha Van &
Storage Co.
Phone Douglas 4163.
806 South 16th Street.
lninMM atrffiffth' of iMIeaie. nervous.
run-down people in two i weeks' time in
fnanv InxtancM. Used 'and hiffhlv en-
manv instances. Used 'and BiKhly en
dorsed by former United States Senators
and Members of Congress, -well-known
physicians and former Public Health offi
cials. Ask youc .doctor .or druggist
about it
German Bomb Shipment ' i
Seized in Switzerland
Washington, May 16. Revolution
ary documents and bombs and fire
arms of German origin designed for
distribution in Italy have been seized
recently by the Zurich police, says an
official dispatch today 'to the tlalian
Many Nebraska People Report Astonishing
Gains in Weight in Short Time( Powers
of Medicine Conclusively Proven Men
and Women. Old and Young, Benefited
Alike by "Premier Preparation."
C NE of the most noteworthy features in connection with the
introduction of Tanlac, and the one that stands out more
prominently than any other, perhaps,, is the very large number
of well-known men and women from all parts of the state who
have recently reported an astonishing and rapid increase in
weight as a result of its use.
When so many well-known people of unquestioned integ
rity make statement after statement, each corroborating the
other, the truth of such statements can no longer be doubted
Thousands have testifed that this, famous medicine has
completely restored them to health and strength, after every
other medicine and the most skilled medical treatment had .
failed. , ...
A case in point is that of Bert
Brown, engineer on the Chicago, Bur
lington & Quincy Railroad, who lives
at 420 South 19th street, Lincoln, and
who states that for. three years his.
health was so seriously impaired that
he was almost a nervous and physical
wreck. Soon after taking Tanlac his
digestion rapidly improved, his pain
disappeared, his nerves became calm
and steady and he gained thirty
Another interesting case is that of
E. A. Weldy, the well-known manager
of the Emory Hotel in Scottsbluff,
Neb., who says that he was suffering
from a complete nervous breakdown
and was in such a serious condition
that he despaired of ever regaining
his health and strength, but upon tak
ing a few bottles of Tanlac his health
was fully restored and he made a gain
of eighteen pounds. .
Mrs. Arch Allen, of 3322 North
65th street, Omaha, who formerly
lived in Evansville, Ind., and was at
one time a nurse in a hospital near
that city, makes a statement which,
coming as it does from one of such
wide experience .in relieving suffer
ing, is of unusual interest. Mrs.
Allen says that she became so weak
that she couldn't lift her ten months'
old baby, her nervous system was
almost a wreck and she was often
confined to her bed for weeks at a
time. She states that upon the ad
vice of the other nurses at the hos
pital she took Tanlac with the result
that she was soon entirely relieved
of all her troubles, became well and
strong and increased twelve pounds
in weight. '
N. H. Church, of 1117 ' Davenport
street, Omaha, says that he suffered
so much from rheumatism, stomach
and liver trouble that he fell off
thirty-five pounds, and his left arm
hurt so bad he could hardly raise it to
his head. After taking Tanlac he im
proved so rapidly in everyway that
Popl. who have u
DR. E. R. TARRY - 240 Bee BuilJin. Omi tie
I v
m m V n ml Tli ... ?tsk .. tmin i
in chests. Severalif thosesuspected
of implication in' the pIotvescaped t
Germany. -'
. , f
t oatnuutor TimnlmtloM. - s - "
Washington. May K. (Special Telfirtn
Civil aervlc examination! will J) .held
June 12 for presidential postmasters at
Overton. Neb., ealarr f 1.200: Audubon, fa-
salary, $1,900; Hawarden, la., 13,190; feceia
Ya tl AAA. P)...nn,(U. T . ft, 9AA ... 4
he gained ten pounds on two bottles.
Ira W. Polsley, a fireman on the
Union Pacific Railroad, and who lives
at 2033 Elm street, Omaha, says he
was so rundown and worn out with
indigestion and other troubles that he
could not work long without feeling
exhausted. A few bottles of Tanlac
fully restored his strength and en
ergy, he gained ten pounds and now
weighs more thn he did before his
troubles began.
The foregoing statements are from
well known citizens of Nebraska, and
while astonishing in their import, they
are not really remarkable, as thou
sands of people all over the United"
States and Canada have taken Tahlac
with the same and, in many cases,
with far greater resllts. '
Take, for instance, the case of Mrs.
Viola Ives, 315 Cross street, Little
Rock, Ark., who gained forty pounds
or that of Mrs. Don J. Perry, of 370
Quince street, Salt Lake City; Utah,
who gained twenty-eight pounds: or
that of Mrs. G. W. Williams, of Gads
den, Ala., who gained forty-eight
pounds; that of O. H. Mahaffey,.
Nashville, Tenn., who gained forty
pounds; or of Mrs. O. C. Cason, Ac
worth, Ga., who gained thirty-five
Sn? r rs. A. M. Richards, of
803 Thirteenth street, Denver, Colo.,
who gained eighteen pounds: Mrs.
Mamie O'Neil, of 2611 Welton
street, Denver, Colo., who gained
eighteen pounds; John McNamee, of
419 Church street, Salt Lake City,
who gained sixteen pounds, and thou
sands of others too numerous to men
tion. ,
Tanlac is sold in Omaha by Sher
man & McConnell Drug Company,
corner 16th and Dodge streets; Owl
Drug Co 16th and Harney streets;
Harvard Pharmacy, 24th and Farnam
streets; Northeast corner 19th and
farnam streets, and West End Phar
macy,9th and Dodge streets, under
the personal direction of a special
lanlac representative. Adv.
Cure guaranteed- PAY WHEN nmVn m . .
Washing Won't Rid ,
Head Of Dandruff
The only sure way to get rid of
dandruff is to dissolve it, then vou de--stroy
it entirely. To do this, get about
four ounces of ordinary liquid arvon;
apply it at night when retiring; use
enough to moisten the scalp and rul
it in gently with the finger tips.
Do this tonight, and by morning
most if not all of your dandruff will
fie gone, and three or four more ap
plications svvill completely, dissolve
and entirely destroy every single sign
and trace of it, no matter how much
dandruff you may have.
You will find, too, that all itching
and digging of the scalp will stop at
once, and your hair will 'be soft, and'
look and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug 'store. It is inexpensive and
never fails to do the work. Adv.
No other remedy will so
surely and quickly correct ,
stomach ailments, regulate
the liver and improve the
general health as a dose o!
Larieat SaU of Any Madldn in tha World
Said rrywnre. In Dozes, lOc 25a
Just One Application
and the Hairs Vanish
; . (Toilet Talks) , (
Am nrnmnn run Vppn her skin free
from unsightly hair or fuzz if she
will follow these simple instructions:
When hairy growtns appear, apply a
simple paste, made by mixing some
water with powdered delatone. ApV
ly this to hairy surface and after 2 or
3 minutes rub off, wash the skin and
the hairs are gone. This is a harm
less treatment, but be sure you get
the real delatone. Adv.
r.nitciira Soap is
Easy Shaving 0
Cone Wive Skins
Tb Haw tlMo-Jt Crtlcf Medio