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More Than 1,000 Delegates,
Representing. Over 200
Chapters, Here for 43d
Annual Convention.
More than 1,000 delegates,, repre
senting more than 200 chapters, and
20,000 member of the Order of the
Eastern Star, in Nebraska, assembled
it the Masonic temple Tuesday morn
ing for the opening session of the 43d
annual convention of the order in
this state.
. Outside Omaha, the largest repre
sentation was from Lincoln, more
that 50 delegates, attending from
there. -
J. E. Bednar of Omaha is grand
sentinel of the order.
The convention is honored by the
presence of two national oflicers of
the order. They are Mrs. Margaret
Wheeler of Los Angeles, Cal., most
worthy grand marshal, and Mrs. Jose
phine Swigert. Ord, Neb., most
worthy grand matron. ,
Visitors Fro rolowa.
Iowa grand oflicers attending are
Miss Anna Stilwell. worth grand mar
shal, and Mrs. Clara Hjighes, grand
secretary. Mrs. Mahala Grove, grand
warden of North Dakota, is also
guest. Monday the visiting grand of
ficers were entertained at luncheon in
the banouet hall of the temple. '
The morning session was devoted
to patriotic exercises and to the re
ception of distinguished guests and
visitors, ana to welcoming delegates.
A business session was held in the
afternoon, at which reports of the
crand officers were head, and ad
Presses made by the grand officers.
Memorial services were held for mem
bers who died during: thevear and
the children of the Order of the East
ern Star home were introduced to the
assemblage. . ; v
- Memorial or Young.
Memorial exercises for the late
Frank Young were held in the after
noon under the direction ot past
erand officers. Mr. Young was presi
dent of the Order of the Eastern Star
home board at one time. He was
drowned at Palm Beach. Fla.. in De
cember, 1917, while sailing in a small
skiff. The formality was supple
mented by 27 children from the
ornhanaec homes at Fremont and
Plattsmouth who marched impressive
y in front of an altar where each
placed a red rose in memory to Mr.
Young, founder of the homes. The
procession was led by Miss Irene
Simpson of Omaha, daughter of the
grand matron.
The Order of Eastern Star main
tains three orphange homes in the
("tatc, two at Fremojit and one at
Plattsmouth, Alpha Morgan of
Brokeir Bow is acting president of the
home board. -
t Members of Homes.
following are the members of the
Girls' home at Fremont: Mrs. Bess
M. Bauer, matron. Margaret Martin,
Ada McFarland. Kate M. Allen. Nina
C Allen, Thelma C. Schloatman,
Lucile Schloatman. Bessie C. hast
man. Catherine Treadway, , Laura
Treadway and Edna Booman.''
Boys' home " at Fremont: Mrs.
Sadie D. Boorman, matron. Homer
I. McFarland, George E. McFarland,
' Glen E. Truax,.H. Eugene Truax, Ed
ward B. Schloatman, Bernard C.
Schloatman, Sydney K. Eastman,
Frank C. Eastman, Stanley P. East
man, Edna F. Boorman and William
Di'we Treadway. , r
Children' home at -.Plattsmouth:
Mrs. Hazel B. Smith, matron. Ruth
F. Klossner, John G. Klossner, Syl
vester Klossner, Burke bmttn, san
lord Burke, Marvin Cole and Claude
II. Cole ' : i i ; ' -
The evening session consisted of a
patriotic ceremony followed by a re
ception at Scottish Rite Cathedral.
mm - w . .
arooi uau vugs arccancu.
Thirteen denizens of lower" Doug
Us street were arrested Tuesday after
noon and charged with vagrancy. All
were corralled in a pool hall at Four
teenth and .Douglas.
Manley and Gamble Have Con
ferences Over Flying Field,
River Work and Ne- N
braska Affairs.
IVaiblngton Burma af The
Omaha Bee, 1111 U Street.
Washington, May 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Commissioner Manley and
John Gamble, chairman of the execu
tive committee of the Omaha Cham
ber of Commerce, after spending sev
eral days in New York, again gox
busy with the various departments of
the government today and under the
protecting wing of Congressman Lo
beck and ex-Congressman D. H. Mer
cer, and had interviews with a number
of heads ot bureaus. ,
They had a conference witn oionci
L. C. Brown of the signal corps witn
reference to leasing, through ; the
Chamber of Commerce additional
ground for the flying field at Fort
Omaha. ' ...
f While the colonel did not indicate
how much ground would be required,
or when, the OmaNa boosters came
away in a very well satisfied frame
of mind. ,
i Interest in Liberty Loan." ,
runnel Brown was in Omaha dur
ing the recent Liberty loan drive and
he was enthusiastic over the interest
shown. He spoke highly of the work
being done 'at the Fort Omaha bal
loon school and expressed himself as
much pleased with the way the uma
ha people had gone about construct
itir man a ahnut Florence field. f ,
The Omaha representatives also had
interview w ith W. R. Beatty of the
horticultural branch of the Depart
ment of Agriculture in reference , to
the standardization of war garden
thrmiDhniit Nebraska, and also
with John B. Densmore, director of
federal employment of the Depart
ment of Labor.
Missouri River Interests.
Later they called on members of
the Inland Waterways commission in
connection with Missouri river-navigation
work in and out of Omaha,
endeavoring to enlist the commission
in certain features ot teacrai co-opera
V. H. H. Harrison, 3d, a grandson
r.f the la Alvin Saunders of Omaha,
has been ordered to the officers' train
ing school at Princeton university,
preparatory to receiving his commis
sion in the aviation branch of the sig
nal corps. '
F. V. Lawson Chairman Danish
Auxiliary of the Red. Cross
Frank V. Lawson attorney, has
been appointed chairman of the local
Danish auxiliary of the Red Cross
and will be in chartre of the cam
Daistn during the Red Cross drive.
mm Msv 20 to 25. Headauarters ot
thin branch will be at 748 Omaha Na-
linnat hank buildinir. A special meet
ing will be held at the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows' hall. Twenty
fifth and Leavenworth streets, Jhurs
Hav evening, when a working com
y - - - - ... . ,
mittee will be organized ot men ana
women representing all local lodges,
churches and societies.
Grand Jury to Investigate
Charges Against Windheim
Charges of destroying food prod
ucts against H. G. Windheim, presi
dent of the Nebraska Seed company,
the result of the dumping into the
Missouri river last Saturday of a
large quantity of onion sets, will be
investigated by the federal grand
jury, which convenes in Omaha next
week, lhe hearing set for iuesday
morning before United States Com
missioner ripely was set over until
after the findings of the f rand jury
are made known. Mr. Windheim is
at liberty under $1,000 bonds.
Seward Car of Hay Donated
Red Cross Sells for $300
donated a carload of hay to the Red
Cross. The hay was sold in the Oma
ha market and brought $25 a ton. The
carload containe more than 10 tons
and the sum realized for the Red
Cross was nearly $300. The A. W.
Wagner Feed Company was the pur
Mayor Smith Says He Will Not
Change Personnel of Wel
fare, Recreation and
Library Boards.
The new city administration is get
ting down to serious business. The
first regular city council meeting, fol
lowing the organization on Monday,
was pushed through with a snap by
Mayor Smith at the gavel. '
"I do not intend to disturb the per
sonnel of any of the nonsalaried po
sitions, announced the mayor, refer
ring particularly to the Board of Tub-
lie Welfare, Board of Public Recrea
tion, Public Library board and City
Planning commission. The mayor
met with the Welfare board on Mon
day night and obtained an insight to
the workings of that branch of mu
nicipal service. .
Commissioner Towl, head of the
public improvements department, is
rearranging the office space which is
occupied by his staff. He wllj hSve
his office in the center of the east
part of the fourth floor, with city en
gineer, assistant engineer and chief
draughtsman close at handr The
planning board rooms will adjoin the
engineering department.
"I want to consider the convenience
of the public in this rearrangement,"
the commissioner explained.
Commissioner. Ringer of the police
department has made, no decisions as
to prospective changes in his depart
ment. Meant What He Said.
"I want to look over the situation
carefully and any changes that may
be made will be ordered only after
careful thought," he said. "As yet I
have made no new appointments, nor
have I decided on any. I told Chief
Dempsey that every word I uttered
during the campaign was said in good
faith and made it clear to him that
I would expect an uncompromising
enforcement of the laws."
Job seekers continue to visit the
city hall. The first appointments will
be announced at a meeting of the city
council on Thursday morning.
The consolidation of city clerk's
office with department of accounts
and finance will be one of the first
changes to be considered.
Mayor Smith has accepted the res
ignation of Harry B. Fleharty, city
John Donahue Mentioned.
John Donahue is slated for the
position of general foreman in the
street decartment. to succeed Dean
Noyes, who has been receiv';g $250
a month. Mr. Donahue has een en
gaged in grading contracting busi
ness and has been in St. Louis for
more than a year. He owns property
in Omaha and is related by marriage
to Joh:i and Pat Dennison of the city
Directors of the Omaha and Coun
cil Bluffs Street Railway company
have voted another raise to the em
ployes of the company. Conductors
and motormen.allof whom were given
a 2-cent boost May 1. have been
voted another raise. This time the
advance is 5 cents an hour, which will
make the schedule of pay 35 to 40
cents. On Ma 1 the schedule was
advanced to 30 cents for beginners
with 35 cents thev. top wage.
"This advance which we have just
voted to the men will absorb all the
funds in our treasury which were
available for'lpaying dividends," said
G. W. Wattles, presidenbpf the com
pany. "VVe realize that we must pay the
men this greatly increased wage to
hold them. We have fast been losing
men who are attracted by better pay
to other lines of work. We hope by
this substantial increase to hold the
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