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    IHE BEE: , OMAHA, THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1918.
Shipment of Hdgs and Cattle
That Brings a Fortune Is
Made Through Local
Commission House.
Ed Hickey, stock feeder of Gretna,
broke the season's record on the Chi
cago market Tuesday on both price
and weight for cattle. He had a ship
ment of 322 head that averaged 1,734
pounds each. The shipment was
handled by the Chicago office of the
Clay-Robinson Live Stock Commis
sion company, co-operating with the
' Omaha branch office. The season's
record price, of $17.60 was received
for 17 head of the cattle that averaged
1,987 pounds. Twenty loads brought
?I7.50, and four loads $17.45 per 100
-pounds. The 322 cattle brought an
average of $303.60 each. Mr. Hickey
had six car loads of hogs on the Chi
cago market. The receipts tor the
cattle and hogs were $114,000.
"We wefe not prepared to handle
such a large shipment of extra heavy
cattle on the Omaha market at the
present time, so ' made the consign
ment to our head office in Chicago,
said a member of the Clay-Robinson
This was the second time this sea
son that Hickey has topped the Chi
cago market. The first shipment of
cattle brought $15.60 per 100 pounds,
the highest price of the year up to
' that time. He is one of the largest
hog feeders in Nebraska, and has 2,-
JW hogs on his ranch.
State Red Cross Societies
Get Money From Hog Sales
Three loads of hogs from three Ne
braska communities were sold on the
market Wednesday, the proceeds go
ing to the Red Cross. Eighty-one
head from Park Center, consigned to
Byers Bros. & Co., weighed 16,170
pounds, and were sold to Swift at $17
per 100 pounds, netting $2,699.47,
Fifty-two head from Bradish, con
signed to the Fonda Commission com
pany, weighed 10,620 pounds, and were
bought by Swift at $17.05 per 100
pounds. The net for the Bradish
chanter Red Cross was $1,782.52.
Twenty-seven head, came from Rich
land, consigned to Bliss & Wellman
Commission company. The weight
'was 5,550 pounds, and Armour com
pany was the buyer at $17.05 per 100
pounds. I he net proceeds tor the
Richland chapter were $906.46.
' The shipments were handled by
the commission companies without
Mrs. Nora Carr, Aged
v 82, Dies in South Side
Mrs. Nora Carr, aged 82, died at
the residence of her daughter, Mrs.
Jerry Senton, 3601 Q street, with
whom she had resided for the last 10
years. She is survived also by two
sons, Edward of Lincoln, and Dennis
' of Tecumseh, Neb. Her husband died
Ihree years ago. Funeral notice will
be given later.
South Side Brevities
Ome Kro E-XIma Red Cross unit will
meet at the Social Settlement houaa at 7:30
l'clock Thursday night
A surprise party in honor of Private
Charles Rosewlcki, 140th field artillery,
Camp Funeton, wa given at the home of
his brother, at 4319 South Twenty-fourth
itreet, laat Thursday night.
. St" Luke'e Lutheran church will hold a
reception in McCrann'a hall Friday night
In honor of member received during the
rear. A program will be given. The South
high school will furnish music.
Sheriff Clark Finally "Goes
Over Top" in Jail Elevator Row
Sheriff Mike Clark has assumed
control of the jail elevator in the court
house. Recommendations by the re
cent grand jury that he be given
control of the elevator and be allowed
to appoint a man of his choice to run
It have been acted upon by the county
commissioners, and Michael O'Con
nell has' been removed, as conductor
by the board.
Sheriff Clark has substituted Isaac
Bailey, negro, whom he appointed to
fill that position at the time of the
controversy between himself and
"Johnny" Lynch. , Bailey is a veteran
of the Spanish-American war.
The control of the jail elevator was
.one of the causes of friction between
Lynch and Sheriff Clark. Jay Dud
ley, brother-in-law of Lynch, who
had been the conductor, was accused
by Clark of dereliction in his duty.
Records Go By Boards at
Omaha Recruiting Station
That the Omaha recruiting district
(s helping to move the allied line to
ward Berlin was again proven Tues
day, when 87 men were enlisted at
the Omaha office, a number exceeding
any one day's record since July, 1917,
ind which brings the total for April
up to 912 men, which is only surpassed
by the enlistment of December, 1917.
There have been two other records
made by the Omaha office since De
cember, 1917.
It is expected that even this excep
tional record will be broken before
May 5, as on that day all men who
have reached their 21st birthday since
last registration day will be required
to register. - After registration a man
is no longer eligible for voluntary en
listment. Two thousand men from
the Omaha district are expected to
volunteer before they are drafted.
Commissioner Jardine's
4 Friends Hold Meeting
One hundred and fifty friends of
City Commissioner Walter S. Jardine
pledged him support at a meeting at
the Faxton hotel last evening.
W. I. Kiersted, Charles W. Martin,
Rome Miller and T. F. Stroud, unable
to be present, sent a letter boosting
his candidacy. '
' Speakers were ' Fred Hoye, E.
Holovtchincr, Carl Marfisi, Ed A.
S-nith. C. G. Carlberg, J. J. Hanighen,
Henry RohIff,,F. H. Gaines, B.J.
nctf, W. T. Hammond, Andrew Mur
phy, H. H. Claiborne and John A.
Bruce .." " '..
BriejGUy News
Towl, engineer, (or commlasioner.
Hare Boot rrint It New Beacon Presa
Lighting Fixtures, Burgess-Graden.
Might as Well Save 5c Buy your
Butter-Nut Coffee in one handy S-
pound can, $1.00 each.
Wins China Set Mlsa Sophie John
son. 1016 North Forty-seventh avenue,
was awarded the 100-ptece Haviland
China dinner set sriven at Mickel
Brothers store Tuesday.
Prudent saving in war tlmea Is a
hostage tor opportunities or peace.
Play sate by starting an account with
Nebraska Savings & Loan Assn, zu
a 18th St II to $5,000 received.
Iowans Win Commissions Alva E.
Lindsey of Waterloo, la., and Carroll
Wright, Des Moines, la., are among
the graduates of the third omcers
training camp at Camp Devens, Ayer,
Answers Divorce Salt Arthur C.
James, superintendent at the Water
loo creamery, answering the suit for
divorce brought against him by Pearl
I. James, alleges she used vulgar
language in tne presence or meir
child. ,
Bernstein Buys Department Mogy
Bernstein has bought the tea ana
coffee department at the Publio
Market from C. M. Harding & Co.
and will operate It in the future. This
is one of the large departments of
the store, occupying a prominent place
on the north side of the basement
Mr. Bernstein says that he will carry
the best of teas and coffees and spices.
Girl Struck By Auto Georgie Gen
sel. 8 years old. was run over by an
automobile while playing In the street
in front of her home, 2230 Vinton
street. Wednesday afternoon. She was
badly bruised about the head ana
body, but her injuries are noi con
sidered sarious.. The car, police allege,
was driven by Amel Herman, Ham
ock, la. The driver did not stoo.
Dr. Newton's Home Looted.' Burg'
lars made ranid work of looting the
home of Dr. H. E. Newton, 2854 New-
Dort avenue. Wednesday night. The
family was absent from the house
about 40 minutes and upon tneir re
turn found the house In disorder and
$600 worth of valuables stolen. A
solid silver service valued at $300 was
included in the loot. Dr. Newton said
the police were two hours in respond
ing to his notification of the robbery,
while the police say they responded
as quickly as they couia.
Fine fireplace goods at Sunaerlands.
Physical Body Outer Garment
Of Real Man, Says Dr. Strong
In his last night's lecture on "Life
at Tnfnilicrrnr in the ITnseen." Dr.
Strong asserted that science has
proven that the real man can exist
apart from his physical body.
"Th cumulative testimony of hun
dreds of trained investigators goes to
prove that man s consciousness ana
intelligence are not appreciably al
tered by physical death," he added.
"The man still exists in his finer body
in a world of atoms and vibrations
beyond the reach of most of our
nrpsent-riav laboratory instruments.
"Through experiments in telepathy,
hypnotism and clairvoyance, reiiaDie
evidence has been obtained of the
fact that the, physical body is only
the outer garment of the real man.
The finer bodies are still retained
after death, but the man is not neces
sarily wiser or better than before he
ArA Hpnre. most crenuine messaees
which come through psychics are
trivial. The most advanced men go
on iri the new life and do not as a
rule attempt to come back through
Defense Council Suggests
Closing Hours for Retailers
The State Council of Defense at a
recent meeting passed resolutions rec
ommending closing hours for retail
stores, following requests from
throughout the state for a uniform
closing time. The resolutions are:
"That on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Fridays, all retail merchan
dise stores close as early as possible,
and not later than 6 o'clock; that on
Wednesday and Saturday they close
as early as local conditions will
justify, iand that all merchants co-operate
in this matter and speedily re
spond to this request."
Will File Robbery Charges
Against Alleged Gun Men
Charges of robbery will filed
against Burl C. Kirk, Frank Martin,
Samuel Stone, Harry Williams and
Thomas McKay by County Attorney
Magney. The five men are accused of
robbinz the Malashock jewelry store
on the afternoon of January 30, last.
McKay was acquitted last frnday of
the murder of Detective Frank
Rooney, who was killed in a gun
battle with the alleged robbers.
Williams and Stone have been con
victed of second degree murder on
this charge. McKay is being held in
the county jail to await trial on the
new charges against him.
To make room for
larger stock of Ladies'
Footwear we are dis
continuing our line of
Men's Shoes
at Cost Price
including High Shoes,
Oxfords, White Can
vas and Work Shoes.
Take Elevator to 2d
Floor. Inspect our
windows and get our
Sale Starts
Shoe Co.
"Tne House of Economy"
2d Floor Pax ton BIdg.,
16th and Farnam.
Promises of the Press Agents.
Empress Menlo Moore, noted for musical
comedy girl acts. Is presenting; his latest
traction "Circus Days" at the Empress
theater, headlining the new bill that starts
today. Surrounded by scenery depicting cir
cus life, this bunch of girls who sing and
dance, bring to an audience all the enjoy
ment ot an evening spent at a circus. Other
numbers on the bill Include a musical of
fering in which Kimball and Kenneth, banjo
experts, give an entertaining concert; a
cycling act by Joe Barton, and a monologue
on current topics of the day, In which Jimmy
Lyons takes the funny slds of alt subjects.
Orphenm No talker on war activities
hard at (the Orpheum this season has
created the enthusiasm as has Will XI.
Creasy every night this week. T. C. Byrne,
chairman of the State Liberty Bond com
mittee heard Mr Creasy at Kansas City,
and was so Impressed by Mr. Cressy's work
that he called at the Orpheum theater early
Sunday forenoon and asked Mr. Creasy to
speak nightly at the theater during his stay
here. Mr. Byrne also had the Chamber of
Commerce Invite Mr. Creasy to address the
members of that organization at noon to
day. Mr. Cressy's talks at the Orpheum
are not connected with his presentation of
"The Wyoming Whoop," a satire on news
paper life In which Mr. Creasy and his co
star, Blanche Dayne are appearing.
Boyd Richard Bennett, comes to Boyd's
Sunday evening for an engagement for four
nights, with a matinee Wednesday, In "The
Very Idea!" a farce by William Le Baron,
which achieved a distinct success In New
Tork early this season. It Is said to be a
light, sprightly, expertly conducted comedy,
written around a somewhat delicate sub
ject but the play nowhere oversteps the
limit of good 'taste and that It abounds in
comic test and plausibility.
Gayety Greater and. greater each day
grow the audiences attracted to the Gayety
to see Lew Kelly and "The Behman Show,"
which is by long odds the best entertain
ment under this title that Jack Singer has
brought to Omaha in many seasons. Lew
Kelly's "dope" character Is responsible tor
most of the fun. His "feeders" are John
Horan and George Douglas both tried and
true bruleiquers The beauty chorus 1 one
of tha most energetlo seen at the Gayety
this season and displays many changes of
wardrobe, most of which were designed by
Ameta Pynes. At every performance Mr.
Kelly tells ot his experiences during the
Zeppelin raids over London. Matinee dally.
In the Silent Drama.
Boyd William Farnum-ia always welcome
here. He Is particularly weloome In his
latest production, 'The Heart of A Lion,"
which commenced Us three days run at the
Boyd theater today. It Is a pleasure to see
big Bill go after 'era In his own Inimitable
way. When he pulls off his coat and pulls
up the sleeves of his blue shirt, one can reat
assured that there's going to be action on
the screen and plenty of It. That Is what
makes "The Heart of A Lion" one ot the
finest pieces that Mr, Farnum has ever
done. The picture will be screened at 1-3-6-1-t
p. m.
Sun Bessie Barrlscale will hold forth at
this theater for the final times today In tha
Paralta plot, "Within the Cup." There is a
touch of war, a little superstition and a
great deal of love, alt Intermingled In a
manner that makes for splendid entertain
ment. Other good pictures also are on the
bill, lnoludlng the usual comedies. Friday
and Saturday will be William Russell In
"Hearts or Diamonds."
Strand Mary Plckford continues at this
theater In her latest Paramount Artcraft
play, "Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley." She
plays the role of a girl of the slums, whose
friends attempt to make a real lady, but the
test Is unsuccessful and she returns to her
former lite, happy and willing to live there.
It was conceived mainly for laughing pur
poses and certainly fulfills this mission.
Kate Price as the mother of Amarilly Is a
scream, and the balance of the cast Is ex
cellent. Strand-Pathe News and comedies
complete the bill.
Hipp "Alimony," with practically an all-
star cast of players, will hold forth at this
theater today and for the remainder of the
week. This story tells a throbbing tale of
life, with one of Its most burning chapters.
It Is set amidst beautiful settings, while
the direction Is all that could be desired.
Muse For the laet times today Clara
Kimball Toung will be seen at the Muse
In "The Reason Why." The story tells of a
romance ot high society superbly acted and
gorgeously produced.
Empress "The Claim," with Edith Storey.
which Is the new photoplay attraction at
the Empress theater for the last half of
the week. Is woven around Belle Jones, who,
unable to support herself and child after
her gambler husband has deserted them,
abandon her baby and takes up work as a
cabaret singer In a dance hall.
Suburbam George Beban Is featured at
this theater today In a Paramount picture,
"One Mora American." In this production
the star gives another of his wonderful
characterisations that has made him so
popular In the past. Friday and Saturday
will be "The Kaiser The Beast of Berlin,"
an expos of the atrocities of the German
Lothrop Constance Talmadge In "The
Honeymoon,", will be the offering at this
theater today. It is a story of a young
couple on their honeymoon and Is full ot
laughs and clever situation. Friday comes
William 8. Hart In his latest play, "Wolves
ot the Rail."
Hamilton Barbara Castleton, Baby Mary
McAllister, James Toung and practically an
all star cast will be seen at this theater
today In the screen version of the famous
play, "On Trial." The story has lost none
of Its power In having been transferred to
the lights and shadows. Friday comes Mar
guerite Clark In "Bab' Matinee Idol."
Ideal Ma Marsh will be featured at this
theater today In her first Goldwyn picture,
"Polly of the Circus." A real circus was
employed by the producing company that
the proper atmosphere might be obtained,
and, although It Is In eight reels. It does
not "drag" at any point. Saturday comes
William Duncan In "Dead Shot Maker," and
the eleventh chapter of "The Fighting
Grand Gladys Brockwell In "The Devil's
Wheel," will be the William Fox offering
t this theater today In connection will be
'The Spirit of the Red Cross," a picture
being put out by the American Red Cross
and written by James Montgomery Flagg.
Friday. Monroe Salisbury In a Bluebird pro
duction, "Hungry Eye," and a Sunshine
comedy called, "HI Smashing Career."
Saturday, Mary Miles Mlnter In "A Bit ot
Bohlff Margarita Fischer In "Jilted
Janet," will be the photoplay attraction at
this theater today. It Is a comedy-drama
and tell a cheerful and amusing story.
Friday. William Nigh In "Th Blue Streak."
Saturday. Gladys Brockwell In "The Devil's
Hippodrome William S. Hart In "Hell's
Hinges," will be the Triangle picture to be
presented at this thester today. It Is an
other of this star's characterization that
have made him such a favorite. Friday,
Charlie Chaplin will be shown In "A Jitney
Elopment." Saturday, Antonio Moreno In a
clever comedy-drama with a western setting,
"By Right of Possession."
Dundee George Beban will be shown at
this, theater today In "A Roadside Im
pressarlo." Friday comes Norma Talmadge
In "The Secret of the Storm Country," said
to be a continuation of the story, "Tees of
the Storm Country." Saturday, Little Mary
McAllister In a comedy-drama, Sadie Goes
to Heaven."
Apollo Elsie Ferguson will be featured at
this theater today and Friday In a Para
mount picture, "Rose of the World." The
story of a girl who did not realize how
much she loved her husband until he was
reported killed In action. There Is an un
expected ending that will prove a delight to
those who see It. Saturday, Csrlyle black
well and June Elvldge In "The Way Out."
Alhambra Margery Wilson In a Triangle
production, "The Flames of Chance," will
be the featured photoplay attraction at this
theater today. The story presents the
star to splendid advantage. Friday, Mar
guerite Clark In a Paramount picture,
"The Pretty Sister ot Jose." Saturday,
Jewel Carmen In "The Girl With the Cham
pagne Eyes."
Burglars Make Two
Hauls in Omaha Homes
Burglars made two successful hauls
Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.
Miss M. Howland, 1618 South Thirty
second avenue, reported to the police
the theft of two valuable diamond
rings Monday night. The burglar
gained entrance to her room through
a window.
Dunne the absence of the family
Tuesday afternoon the home of Jacob
JMelson, 302 Dodge street, was
robbed. A wrist watch and $100 in
cash was taken.
Ask the Man
Who Knows Him
Walter S. Jardine is not a Politician.
He never ran for Public Office but
That was three years ago, when he was
Elected a City Commissioner.
He has treated his Public Office as he
would a Business of his Own.
He hat given SERVICE and has prac
ticed ECONOMY.
Under Walter S. Jardine's direction as
Superintendent of the Department of
Public Improvement, the City of Omaha
Built 75 per cent more paving than in
any other three years.
Built 11 miles more sewers than in any
similar period.
Done 50 per cent more Public Improve
ment work, without proportional in
creased appropriation.
Paved or re-paved practically all Main
Streets in need of it: No. 24th., No. 30th.,
Military Ave., Ames Ave., So. 13th., etc.
Jardine Deserves
a Second Term
Arrested on Charge of
Defrauding Omaha Bank
H. C. Hookstra, Herrick. S. D.,
bank cashier, who is wanted here on
a charge of defrauding the Packers'
National bank of $1,000 on a false
check, was arrested in Ogden, Utah,
Tuesday. He is being held by Utah
authorities for arrival of Omaha de
tectives. Hookstra was trailed by a
detective agency throughout the
entire United States. Last November,
it is alleged, he cashed a check at
the Packers' National bank on the
strength of his membership in -ttht
First National bank of Herricks, S,
D. He had resigned from his posi
tion as cashier of the Herricks bank
ten days previous to his trip here, it
is charged.
One Minute
Store Talk ,
Said a wide-awake customer,
an observing individual:
"You people have) a rea
son for courting compari
sons. What a contrast this
store presents to any other
clothing store west of Chi
cago! Why, it just seems
superfluous to even men
tion it it speak for it
self." Why be satisfied with less
than Greater Nebraska Service?
The Vigor and Dash
of Youth
Brandegee Kincaid
are built for men with red blood
in their veins, and they help keep
a man's blood red; "snap" and
"pep" in clothes puts ginger in
the step.
Refreshing Spring
Styles Galore
. the finest the market affords. .
the selection of Fifth Avenue's best.
the finest journeymen productions.
The combined result of the most efficient
production and design produces values un
surpassed in men's clothes. You must see
Spring Suits and Top Coats
$20, $25, $30, $35, $40., $45
Visit our greater clothing sections, 50 per
cent more floor space largest in the west
Several Thousand Men's Spring Suits, txtra Values at $15.00.
Menlo Moore Hosleal Comedy
With Girls,
Itanjo Entertainers.
The Trmmp fycllst.
Comedy Harmons' ttingers
Edith Story
"The Claim"
Story ot
Mother L
nAVIt 4 Nights Prices BOe to
BOTDcommenclnsP- M-.;
4 MA
c J u e .J.VW.
Mat., Wed. niftUADr.
it i v nil
Tha Loniest. Loud
est Laugh in Life
Just from 6 months at the
Astor Theater, New York
.JTS S lliiiT
Ev'ogs. 2S-50-7SC-I1
Dally Mat., 15-25-500
Relatlna st swry strforsuwe his thrllllss sxperlinet
Conjunction With
SlngWi "snni rie Burin.gue
Isoludlns the Ftmlnlns Riot, MARIE 8PARS0W
fl.ft u. mnA Wk "Th flton f.l.Alv OirlM
durins rh Zossolla
raid st London oomoi
ths srlalnal dopoitor.
-ApsurlRS Is Conjunction With
Isok DruMAU CUAM Muilonl
ROCK, DeMarest Colletto, "Color
Gems," Roodia a France, Orpheum
Travel Weekly.
Bernstein's, 111 S. 16 St.
$1.50 Gowns 95d
$2.00 Chemise 95
$2.00 Skirts 951
These are all prettily trimmed
with lac and embroidery.
He's Wearing the Blue Shirt Again!
The Most Beloved Star of Motion Pictures is Reappear
ins; in One of His Famous. Favorite Roles of the -f
, Great North Woods; t m
As "The Fighting Doctor" S
IN , " :;-' "
"THE KHEACxfif ?
Picturized From Ralph Connors' Famous
Novel, "The Doctor."
Screened at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 P. M.
rut. SB a sLaK -
Clothesline Alley
"The Spirit of the Red Cross."
24th and Ames
Colfax 2841
Friday and Saturday THE KAISER"
G R A N D '2 :r
Kimball Young
T Last Times Today - 'f
j bessie barrlscale
& "within" 'the cup"
Today, Friday and Saturday
All Star Cast ia
f The Tie) That Barn'