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mm adopts
li Hindenburg Tries to Overwhelm
. Allies in Flanders by Sheer
V Force of Greater Numbers
? With Fresh Reserves.
4 (By AMMiatcd Pmm.)
- With the French Army in France,
April 30." The Germans turned their
attention to the southern flank of
. their front of attack Sunday night
Sand early Monday, assaulting the
jjj Hangard wood a number of times un-
' 1 successfully. At th same time they
f bombarded with poison gas shells the
. northern flank.
It appears certain that the Ger
mans soon must disclose their inten-
tions, showing whether they have de
0 tided to confine their operations to
? the present battle front or to extend
f? the actual fighting line on one end or
the other in the hope of finding a
;j weak spot.
, The enemy's tactics in the present
jS battle bear a very Close resemblance
to those used in the battles of Verdun
in 1916. but on an immensely larger
0 scale. . ,
How Enemy Is Working.
After the opening rush along the
$ entire , line for the purpose, if pos
V sible, of overwhelming the defenders
by pure strength of numbers before
." they are able to recover from their
$ first great shock, each flank is attacked
5 separately with the object of securing
strong supporting bases 6n both
Swings which would permit them to
4 launch a second and real offensive
i. with massea of fresh troops concen
trated meanwhile opposite the cen-
tral point.
3 Un this occasion r landers and
Picardy form the flanks of the Ger
j man battlefront, the center of which
is the Arras salient, which, for the
Z moment, is left in comparative peace,
' For their operations in Flanders the
- Germans are well placed as regards
: communicauons, since oenir.a ineir
lines there is a series of good routes
and railroads.
Little. Progress at Yet.
, ' Uo to the present the enemy has
made little progress 'on either end of
? the line, but his menace lias not been
5 effaced. '
i It is known that the Germans, in
sfiite of their losses, are very power-
tul ana that tresh divisions are avail
3 able for further big efforts, notwith-
standing the fact that they already
have thrown approximately 2,000,000
' men into the line. Several of these
divisions which have not been used
i are composed of excellent material,
but the others heretofore have occu-
pied quiet sectors, where they have
.".lost some of! their offensive.
Conservative estimates do not place
"their losses beyond 350,00ft men. The
rJ Germans have enough men in their
"depots b the itnerior to filkall gaps
S for some time, although reconstituted
divisions never wilt be able", to equal
fighting quality the original forma-
5 Prisoners taken recently dp not dis
S play the old-time feeling of certainty
2 :hat the great blow, so long prepared,
S rill yield immediate and full success.
El Centro, Cal April 30. A heavy
Earthquake shock lasting about 30 sec
onds was felt here at 9:35 tonight.
JjDoors and windows rattled and peo
ple fled from their homes to the open
gfor safety. 'Early reports indicated
goo damage was done.
Phoenix, Ariz., April 30. Yuma.
SAriz., felt an earthquake shock, which
; lasted for a few seconds at 9:30
Velock tonight The quake was felt
ll over the Yuma valley, but was not
severe enough to do damage, though
ki aroused people who were in bed
Jrom their sleep.
Dub!in Lord Mayor Pushes
Move for American Trip
''i Dublin, April 30. The lord mayor
of Dublin, at the resumed conference
!pf nationalises and Sinn Feiners last
hight mnnour.eed that he had received
: reply from the British foreign office
:o hit reque-if for passports to enable
film to g(f tt Washington to lay the
"Irish anti-conscription case before the
American government. He was di
rected to make application through
"he office of secretary for Ireland.
, i The LonJcii Daily Mail said last
"Saturday tlut it had learned the lord
-mayor of Drblin had abandoned hit
proposed vi to Washington.
540,000,000 Canadian Cheese
3 Purchased by Great Britain
Ottawa, April 30. Sir Robert Bor
den, premier of Canada, and Sir
Thomas White, Canadian minister of
finance arranged during the premier's
Visit to New York last Saturday for a
credit in Canada of $40,000,000 for
purchase by the British government
of Canada's entire exportable surplus
of cheese during the present year.
This arrangement assures a certain
market for Canadian cheese at prices
. .Iraflv fixd.
i "Chinese Give Up American
J: Captive After Hot Pursuit
5 .Washington, April 30. The Chinese
' rtandits, who, on March 5, captured
nd held for ransom in Honan prov
Jnce the American engineer, George A.
Kyle of Portland, Ore., released Kyle
Jast week, only after they had been
'worn out by military pursuit instituted
by the Chinese government.
A dispatch to the State department
, today from American Miniaer Reinsch
at Peking, said the bandits surren
dered Kyle without ransom after they
' tad been given a promise of amnesty.
five Million Pairs of Shoes
f Made for Sammies Abroad
' - Washington, April 30. Contracts
av been let for the manufacture of
3,500,000 pairs of metallic fastened
U' ' shoes for the army overseas at
ail average price per pair of approxt
r ttely $7.75, and for the manufacture
if r.OOO.OOO pairs of field welt shoes
l$650 .. - .
Hoover Says U. S. Kept
Flour From Selling Up to
$30 and $50 Per Barrel
New York, April 30. If the gov
ernment had "allowed the com
r.crce in wheat to take its untram
meied course," flour would be sell
ing at the mill door today for $30 to
$50 a barrel instead of $10 to $10.50,
and probably "rioting would have
been experienced in all our centers
of congested population of a vio
lence that lead3 to blood in our gut
ters," declared Herbert Hoover,
federal food administrator, in an ad
dress here today.
U.S. ORDERS 1,025
Entire Purchase Will Cost Gov
ernment Near $60,000,000,
at Average Price of $60,
000 for Each Engine.
Washington, April 30. Contracts
for 1,025 freight and passenger loco
motives, the largest single order ever
placed in the history of American
railways, was let today by the rail
road administration to the American
Locomotive company and the Bald
win Locomotive works.
The entire order represents a cost
of about $60,000,000, or an average
price of a little less than $60,000 for
each locomotive. The profit to man
ufacturers who will divide the work
about equally will be between 5 and 6
per cent, less than half the rate of
profit represented in the original
Knute Nelson Endorsed.
St Taul, Minn., April 30. United
States Senator Knute Nelson of Min
nesota, a republican, was endorsed for
re-election today by the democratic
state executive committee.
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War Savings Stamps
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1 Victrola I
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Belief Prevails That Secretary
Will Demand an Additional
Million Soldiers for Serv
ice in France.
Washington. April 30. Plans for
increasing the army to keep pace with
the accelerated movement of Ameri
can soldiers to the battle front in
France will be laid before the house
military committee by Secretary
Baker within a day or two.
What increase is to be asked has
r,ot been disclosed, but the report
most widely circulated is that an addi
tional million men will be provided
for in the appropriation bills sub
mitted, bringing the army up to more
than 3,000,000 men.
It is known that a careful survey
of the equipment and .transportation
situations was completed by the War
department recently as a basis for
formulating army increase plans.
The accelerated movement of
troops to Europe is proceeding
smoothly, and officials are much en
couraged by the showing of the
transportation service. Secretary
Baker has been in frequent confer
ence with Lord Reading, British am
bassador, and the aid in transporting
soldiers Great Britain can furnish
probably will play a part in determin
ing the size Ot the enlarged army.
New Foundland to Send
More Soldiers to Front
St. Johns, N. F., April 30. Plans to
increase Newfoundland's man power
amontf the fighting forces in Europe
were announced today. As soon as
the governor formally assents, a proc
lamation will be issued calling to the
colors the men in class one, compris
ing those of ages from 19 to 24.
for May
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Lambert Murphy sings two exquisite sentimental songs.
Two sprightly new dance numbers by
Sergeant Markle's Orchestra and Earl Fuller's Orchestra.
Geoffrey O'Hara, Charles Hart and the Shannon Foui
and other" favorites entertain with tuneful war songs.
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Chicago, April 30. The Chicago
Herald, it was announced today, has
been sold to the Illlinois Printing &
Publishing company and will be con
solidated with the Examiner. The
transfer is to take place tomorrow
The name of the paper will be the
Herald and Examiner, and Arthur
Brisbane is to be editor.
The Illinois Printing & Publishing
company has published the Chicago
Examiner, one of William R. Hearst's
papers, for a number of years.
"James Keeley has been invited
abroad by two European governments
for war work, to make certain investi
gations and report to the American
"!lr. Keeley will be absent from
America approximately three months.
He will serve the Herald and Ex
aminer in an advisory capacity; and
it is hoped and expected that upon
his return to this country Mr. Keeley
will resume his work as editor."
Dublin, April 30. The national di
rectorate of the United Irish League
today elected John Dillon chairman
to succeed the late John Redmond.
A resolution was unanimously
adopted protesting against the appli
cation of conscription to Ireland, de
claring that such an attempt under
present circumstances would be cer
tain to end in failure and disaster and
calling on the members of the league
throughout the country to "strength
en and extend its organization with
a view to co-operating effectually with
the Mansion house conference in re
sisting the application of conscrip
tion to Ireland."
Federal Judge Imposes Maxi
mum Sentences in German
Intrigues to Destroy Brit
ish Rule in India.
(By Annocliitnl Prm.)
San Francisco, April 30, One lurid
chapter in the history of Germany's
intrigue to win mastery of the world
was closed today when United States
District Judge William C. Van Fleet
sentenced 29 Germans, Americans and
Hindus, convicted of having conspired
to overthrow British rule in India,
world-wide conspiracy was a series of
world-wde conspiracy was a series of
sensations exposes of criminal Ger
man diplomacy and the shooting to
death of two Hindu defendants in the
court room a week ago.
The total of the prison terms im
posed by Judge Van Fleet was 23
years and eight months, and the fines
Lawyer is Fined $5,000.
Louis T. Hengstler, San Francisco
admiralty lawyer, was the only de
fendant to escape a prison sentence.
Judge Van Fleet remitted a jail term
of four, months after Hengstler made
a plea to the court, asserting his
Guilt for the conspiracy was placed
quarely on the German supreme com
mand. Judge Van Fleet characterized
the Hindu conspirators as mere cat's
paws of the "ruthless Prussian mili
tary system."
The German foreign office, its em
bassy at Washington and consulate
at San Francisco were the nerve
centers of the world-wide plot to
wrest India from England, Judge Van i
Fleet said in sentencing Franz Bopp, !
Wilhelm von Bnncken and E. von
Schack, heads of the consulate.
Bopp and von Schack were given
An excellent investment
and a patriotic duty
French "Blue DeviUT
With U. S. Heroes Sell
$250,000 in War Bonds
New York, April 30. Veterans,
notwithstanding their youth, from
the American forces in France, and
Chausseurs Alpines, the "Blue Dev
ils" of the French army, today in
spired in thousands of New York
ers something of the "feel" of war,
in a series of demonstrations in be
half of the third Liberty loan. The
returned troops from the American
trenches appeared at a rally on the
sutreasury steps at which $250,000
in bonds was sold.
maximum sentences, two years im
p.isonment and a $10,000 fine each.
Von Brincken was sentenced to serve
tw years, this sentence to run with
a similar judgment hanging over him
as a result of dynamiting plots against
Because of the tragedy of last Tues
day, when Ram Singh, a defendant
shot and killed Ram Chandra, another
defendant, and was in turn shot dead
by United States Marshal James B.
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When Buying Advertised Gocds
Say You Read of Them in The Bee
Holohan, deputy marshals today
searched all soectators for weapons..
Military Guard at Trial.
The military guard was increased
-nd many armed secret service men,
city policemen and agents of the De
partment of Justice were placed
throughout the court room.
"The people of this country are
taking the law into their own hands,
much as we may regret it," Judge Van
Fleet said, in warning the Hindus not
to return to their propaganda activi
ties when they are freed from prison.
"This country will not stand for any
activities of this sort, directed against
ether itself or its allies." ,
The judge's statement followed a
declaration by John W. Preston,
United States district attorney, that
the Hindus in this city, "still have two
presses turning out barrels and bales
of seditious literature every day."
High School Is Raided; :f
German Books Missing
Amboy, III., April 30. The Amboy II"
high school was broken into today V
and all the German text books de
stroyed. The raid resulted from the
failure of the school board to abolish
tne teaching of the German language.
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