Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 26, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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Long Distance Telephone to
Carry Omaha's Message of
Patriotism to President
at White House.
Omaha will have a triple celebra
tion on the court house lawn Friday
. noon. It will be Liberty day, pro
claimed by President Wilson, Omaha
will celebrate "over the top" in the
third Liberty loan drive and all Om
aha will join in singing "America" for
the president, who will be listening
ever the telephone at the White
The state "tank" was moved to the
$31,500,000 mark by the Shriners at
noon Thursday, headed by the Tan
gier drum corps.
A special telephone instrument! de
signed to carry the voices of singing
Omahans to the White House, will
be installed just outside the Liberty
bank. Omaha telephone officials call
ed headquarters at New York Wed
nesday and arranged all details for the
The program will start at 12:15
o'clock Friday noon with a concert
by the High School cadet band. Fol
lowing this number a large choir head
ed by James- Edward Carnal will sing
patriotic songs.
Present Honor Flag.
Thomas C. Byrne, state chairman
,, of the Liberty loan committee, will
then present the honor flag, won by
, Omaha, to W. E. Rhoades, city chair
man. Mr. Rhoades after formally ac
cepting the flag will turn it over to
' the Boy Scouts, who will raise it to
the top of the flag pole to the accom-
paniment of bugles in true military
fashion. 4The flag will stay at the
' top of the pole until the end of the
campaign, May 4. .
Following the flag-raising I. J.
Dunn will deliver a patriotic address.
At soon ai Mr. Dunn begins speak
ing the long distance connection to
the White House will be put through
and at the conclusion of his address
the crowd will sing "America."
During the singing of the national
anthem the state tank will be official
ly put "over the top" by Gus Renze
and his crew. The state quota, $31,-
942.000. will be fully subscribed at
that time, it is believed.
Scouts Start Saturday.
The Boy Scout campaign in the
third drive does not start until Satur
day, but at that time every home in
the city will be canvassed by the boys
and they are hoping to exceed their
mark set in the last drive.
Scout Executive C H. English
says: "The boys are going up against
a clean-up proposition that would dis
courage the average man or woman
before starting, but the pep and en
thusiasm of youth will carry them
through and the results will be aston
ishing." At Fort Omaha special ceremonies
will be held in the afternoon. A free
balloon ascension and patriotic
speeches by Mayor James C. Dahl
man, Major Maher and others will
form part of the program.
Liberty bond literature will be
dronnerl frnm th hallnnn Jn !t fltcrfir
and any owner of a Liberty bond may
return this literature to the fort,
where the signature of the pilot will
be attached and the literature re
turned to the finder.
No Exchange Session.
No session of the Omaha Grain
exchange will be called Friday, Lib
erty day, with a holiday in grain and
stock markets in all the cities in the
United States. Members of the Oma-h-i
Grain exchange will put in the
day boosting the sale of Liberty
Every Man in His Family
Killed in War; Scot Enlists
Alex L. Matthew, 37 years old, of
St. Andrews, Scotland, who enlisted
in the field artillery in Omaha Tues
day, told recruiting officers that every
male member of his family has been
killed in the war and that the only
thing he has to live for is the hope
of "getting a shot at the kaiser."
Everybody reads Bee Want Ads.
iurgess-Nash Company.
Thursday, April 25. Store Newt for Friday.
Phone D. 137
A Two-Day Sale of
For Friday and Saturday
THAT will command your attention in a saving way.
Check off your list and come here and buy your
season's supply for the medicine cabinet and dressing
Pebeco Tooth Paste, 39e.
Orchard White, 29o.
Pond's Vanishing Cream,
Daggett & Ramsdell's, 28c
Kolynos Tooth Paste, 24c.
Colgate's Tooth Paste, 10c
and 23c.
Tooth Brushes, transparent
handles, 25c.
Tooth Brushes, bone handle,
Senreco Tooth Paste, 19c.
Pepsodent Tooth Paste, 44c.
Sempre Giovine, 44c.
cmn 1 I
CftCAH I ,
Burgess-Nash Vanishing Cream,
Chamois, guaranteed washable,
Williams' Shaving Soap, 7c.
1 oz. Cocoa Butter, 8c.
Rubifoam, 22c.
Nonspi, 39c.
Mum, 22c.
Cutex Cuticle Remover, 24c.
Djier Kiss Talcum, 35c.
Djier Kiss Face Powder, large
size, 98c.
Johnson's Shaving Cream, 22c.
Racarma Toilet Water, $1.00.
Lustrite Nail Cake, 22c.
Simplex Cuticle Remover, 39e.
Hind's Honey and Almond, 39c.
Odorono, 44c.
Pompeian Night Cream, 32c.
Massatta Talcum, 16c.
Large Buffers, 75c.
Medium Buffers, 35c
Hughes' ideal water-proof
brush, $1.00.
Odo-Ro-No, 79c.
Carbona, small, 12c
Carbona, medium, 22c
1 lb. Lilac Rose Talcum Powder,
4 oz. Peroxide, 10c.
. 8 oz. Peroxide, 20c
16 oz. Peroxide, 30e.
4 oz. Glycerine, Bay Rum and
Rose Water, 19c.
4 oz. Glycerine and Bay Rum,
4 oz. Olive Oil, 19c
10 oz. Olive Oil, 45c
1 qt. Denatured Alcohol, 59c
1 oz. Spirit Camphor, 11c
2 oz. Spirit Camphor, 19c.
4 oz. Spirit Camphor, 39c.
2 oz. Castor Oil, 12c.
4 oz. Castor 1, 25c
lb. Epson. Salts, 10c.
lb. Epsom Salts, 15c.
1 lb. Eprjm Silts, 20c
4 oz. Glycerine and Rose Water
1 pt Witch Hazel, 35c.
1 qt Witch Hazel, 65c.
1 lb. Sulphur, 15c
Hinkle's Pills, 100 for 19c
Laxative Cold Tablets, 17c.
Nuxated Iron, 79c
Freezone, 29c.
Syrup of Figs, 49c.
Coor's Malted Milk, 45c, 90c
and $3.25.
Tyree's Antiseptic Powder, 22c.
Tyree's Antiseptic Powder,
large, 79c.
Hygeia Nursing Bottles, 14c
Mulsified Cocbanut Oil, 54c
Aspirin Tablets, Bayer's, 1
dozen in box, 17c
Sloan's Liniment, 16c.
Mentholatum, small, 17c
Lysol, small, 22c.
Lysol, medium, 44.
Lavois, small, 22c
Lavois, large, 44e.
Sal Hepatica, 24c
Sal Hepatica, medium, 49c
Aspirin, 100 in bottle, 89c.
Jad Salts, 64c.
Glover's Mange Remedy, 44c
Kondon's Catarrh Jelly, 19c
White Pine Cough Syrup, 19c.
4 oz. Chappedine, 19c.
Phillip's Milk of Magnesia, 44c
Castoria, 26c.
Lana oil and buttermilk soap,
Bocabelli castile soap, 12c.
Stork castile soap, 12c.
Cashmere bouquet soap, 10c
Olive oil soap, 10c.
Maxine Elliot, 9c
Physicians and surgeons, 8c
Peroxide toilet soap, 8c.
Rubber gloves, pair, 39c
Rubber gloves, extra heavy,
2-quart water bottle, guaran
teed, $1.25.
2-quart water bottle and sy
ringe combined, $1.50.
2-quart combination, guaran
teed $1.95.
Combination syringe fittings,
50c and 65c
Hospital cotton, 49c.
Wayna Moth-proof Bag. "J --
No. 8, at 50c No- 1?i at 75
No. 2, at 75c. No. 18, at $2.00.
Extra large automobile chamois, at . . .
i'utnam s dry cleaner
If I
. .22c
Store Hourss
8:30 A. M.
to 6 P. M.
Store Hoari
8:30 A. M.
to 6 P. M.
Thursday, April 25, 1918.'
-Telephone Douglas 137
Friday Will Be a Day of Wonderful
Saving Advantages in the
Sample Towels
5c t 65c
Every known kind and style
of towel made in this lot. Many
are slightly soiled and mussed
but wonderful values. Prices
range from 5c to 65c
Heavy Damask
Table Cloths
Extra heavy weight damask
pattern table cloth. A quality
that will give good service.
Handsome circular designs.
70x70-inch. Special, $2.95 each.
Sample Spreads,
$1.00 to $4.75
Satin finest marsailles and
crochet, suitable for single or
or full size bed. Buy your
season's supply at prices from
$1.00 to $4.75 each.
Burgess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Stor
We Consider This a
Most Extraordinary Sale of
Women's Sample Shoes, ai $3.85
Infants' and chil
dren's strap pumps and
kid button shoes, spe
cial for Friday, at
Sizes 3, 3) 4, 4x2 and 5
A SALE of great Importance, including hun
dreds of beautiful new summer weight
shoes, lace. Twenty different styles to select
from. The values are very extreme and afford
savings of more than half.
The lot included
Gray kid, nine-inch lace boot.
Brown kid lace, nine-inch boots.
Patent kid lace, nine-inch boots,
(ray cloth top.
Black kid, nine-inch boot, gray cloth top.
Brown kid lace boots, brown cloth top.
Brown Russia calf, low walking
All-black vici kid, turn tola, Louis heels.
White high-cut canvas lac boots.
Whit canvas sport shoes.
Sample Pairs of Misses' and
Growing Girls' Shoes, at tiJO AC
Goodyear welt soles. Y
All-white fabric lace shoes.
Patent vamp, pearl white kid top, lace.
Patent vamps, with white kid top, lace.
Tan Russia calf with pearl gray kid tops.
Gun metal calf, button and lace shoes.
Burfess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Stor
Boys scout shoes of
tan elk skin and solid
elk leather sole, at
$2.98 and $2.45 a pair.
U Effect Prints
Gingham effect printa In
short lengths for children's
dresses, etc., front 2 yards to
5 yards in a piece. Very spe
cial, at l2Hc yard.
Mercerized Yarn ;
Poplin, at
26-inch mercerised yarn
poplin for women's dresses,
skirts, children'! rlrMa
in lltrht and dark enlnra. Sn
cial, at 29c yard.
Madras Draperies
Colored madras cUth tnr
Bide drapes or over drapes in
various colors. Specially priced
for Friday, at 39c a yard.
Buricss-Naeh Co. Down Stairs Store
SALE of Aprons and Feminals
at Less Than Cost of Material
Friday is Mina Taylor apron and
Feminall day in the Down Stairs
Store and a large assortment will be
placed on sale at the ridiculously
low price of 98c.
Made of gingham, chambray or
percale, in plain colors. Stripe check
or plaid effects. Rose, pink, blue,
navy and black ; also white.
Made in Hoover, middy, kimona,
slip-over, empire and step in styles ;
sizes 34 to 46.
No. C. O. D., no approvals ; limit
ed quantity to a customer.
Burfsss-Nash Co. Dowa Stairs Store
Cotton Vests, at
A lot of women's low neck and
sleevless vests of fine cotton, pink
only. Sizes 36. Very special, at
17c each.
Women's Vests, 25c
Low neck and sleeveless, fine
white cotton and lisle vests. Road
men's samples, at 25c each.
Union Suits, 50c
Sample union suits, low neck
and sleeveless, knee length, vari
ous styles cuff or lace knee. Spe
cial, at 50c each.
Biirgeet-Nash Co. Down Stairs Stora
"TAKE Advantage of This Timely
1 Sale of Men's Union Suits.
Friday we plncc on sale an assortment
of new, fresh merchandise, just unpacked.
Athletic union suits of nainsook and
checked and barred materials, summer
weiRht. Elastic web in back, closed
crotch, regular and V neck. Also men's
eyelet mesh suits, short or long sleeves. Just
the suits for the coming season. Don't
miss this sale of union suits, at 59c.
Men's Underwear 45c
A line of men's two-piece underwear,
a well made, balbriggan garment, full cut.
Very special, at 45c each.
Work Shirts 79c
Men's work shirts of blue or gray mabry
panama cloth. Military or flat collar,
double pocket. Special, at 79c.
Burgess-Nash Co. Down Stain Stora
Special, at
Extension sash curtain rods,
specially priced, 5c each.
Brassed extension rods, at
Brassed extension flat rod or
white enamel, at 15c.
Gooseneck brassed rod ex
tension, 20c.
All rods complete with fix
tures. Burgess-Nash Co. Dowa Stairs Stora
Extra Special!
Silk Camisoles
Camisole, made of tub silk,
satin or crepe. Elaborately
trimmed. Flesh only; AQn
sizes 34 to 44, at TvC
Envelope Chemise
Envelope chemise of fine
nainsook. Empress or yoke ef
fect, trimmed with val or tor
chon lace, ribbon and beading.
Sizes 36 to ng
44, at JJO C
Burgess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
For Friday We Announce
A Wonderful Sale of
Women's Spring Coats
at $10.95 $12.95 and $14.95
"yE have been able to secure a quantity of new Spring,
coats at a figure that enables us to offer them to you i
at less than the actual cost to manufacture.
The range of style, color and material selection is very ex
treme and there is no doubt but the very coat you had in
mind is here and at a big price reduction.
Include Scotch Plaids, Wool Vol
ours, Silk Poplins, French Serge,
Silks, Black and Whit Checks, ate.
Include Blue, Copen, Green Bur
gundy, Tan, Taupe, Gray, Reseda,
Plaids, Black and White Checks,
alto Black.
Every coat represents one of the season'a very newest and favored styles.
Some all silk lined, others half lined, while still others are unlined. And
there are all sizes for misses, 16 to 20, and women 34 to 42. We recom
mend them as the season's greatest coat values, at $10.50, $12.95 and
ILK Remnants
Special, at
Yards and yards of silk rem
nants suitable for dresses, trim
mings, skirts, etc.; lengths from
1 yard to 8 yards. Includes taf
feta, messaline, pongee, foulard,
Burgess-Nash CV Dowa Stab Stars
Extra Special!
Seamed Sheets
72x90 seamed sheets, made
of good quality muslin, nice,
soft quality. Very QO,
special, at OC
Bleached Muslin
36-inch bleached muslin,
priced far below the regular
price, special, 1 e
at, a yard IOC
Burgess-Nash Co. Dowa Stair Start
Sale of Household Necessities
SPECIALLY priced items from the housefurnishing section that you
will want and need in your home this Spring. Take advantage of
these low prices Friday.
Crepe tis
sue toilet
paper, good
size rolls,
Friday, 8
I rolls for
Electric wall paper
cleaner, a can, at . .
Wash boilers, No. 8 size, spe
cially M 9Q
priced, at .... VliiJ
Curtain stretchers, nickel
plated brass pins, full size,
adjustable to different
sizes, spe
cial at
Molded gar
den hose,
non kink,
g uaranteed
for the sea
son, -inch
size, at
Oil mop outfit, consisting of
triangle shape cedar oil mop
witn nandie, l quart can
cedar oil polish and dust
less broom cover. CQ
Complete, at ,. Ol7C
Window boxes, made of
heavy lumber, painted green,
24-inch dQ
size, at te7l
Large packages of flower
and vegetable seeds,
at ,
Burfess-Nash Co. Down Stair Store
Sale of SOAPS and Cleaners
AT these prices we reserve the right to limit quantities, accept no mail
or phone orders and make no deliveries except when sent with other
goods bought on a transfer.
Toili- whit x . .ries-.JJ." . very Sani
M.n bora ffi2M?U 1 soap, small F,"h
can' :s for Vu-Mm b- c""a
18c 48c hJttmm 34c 19c
Diamond C
10 cakes
v ictor la
uleanser, can,
Pearl White
laundry soap,
10 48c
cakes .
S u n b r i t e
Lux, specially
priced, pack-
ffi. 13c
5c .
Ammonia pow
der, special, at
L 15c
Sal soda, large size
Fels naplha
Ljsoap, 10
lljllll III II J.IUfc
bars for
Soffone spe
cially priced
Gold Dust,
large size
K 1 e e n t one,
very special,
for Ql.
Fri. . 0"2C
. la.
Golden Rod
washing pow
der,' pack-
T... 5c
Bir-es-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
Burgass-Nsh Co. Main Floor