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Bitire City Heap of Wreckage;
! Beautiful Cathedral Falls,
j Stone by Stone Despite
5 Work of French.
Fans, April 19. Jlheims, which has
tefen on fire for a week, is now noth
ing but a great pile of smoking
ruins. ,
birring the last week the Germans
halre fired more than 100,000 shells
ino the heart of the. city, according
to; the correspondent of Le Matin,
vj. anil flames from the burning build
ings can be seen by aviators 60 and
70 miles away. ,
1 ; fhere are no traces of streets and
' ' thoroughfares, which have disappear
ed! from v'ew mtr tne accumulation
.of j debris. Ancient buildings in the
Palace Royale and the market place,
and the Muscians' house, which dates
tfrom the 16th crntury, have been re
duced to dust and ashes.. The vaulting
of j the famous Rheims cathedral is
falling stone by stone. , ;
1 " Firemen at Work. ' ,
Notwithstanding the terrible bom
bardment, 40 Paris firemen are still
at work in the city. Some of them
hae lost their lives.' With them are
' ; sonSe local firemen, one of whom,
" Sergeant Eloi,' has been on duty in
Rhinims since the outbreak of the war
and has been wounded 14 times. ,
Rheims before the war' was a city
' of jnore than 100,000 souls, and has
slowly, but none the lesj surely, been
falling a victim to German hate and
' In their first advance in 1914 the
- Germans held Rheims. several days,
but the battle of the Marne stopped
their advance and they fell back a few
mites north and northeast of the city.
T Since then the big German guns have
been bombarding the city and Its fam-
" ou cathedral. .
t . , ' Fleeo Cellars. ' '
The population ' of the city a
few months ago was less than 18,000,
buf these persons' lived in dugouts
or tin cellars and the city was vir-
v tually dead.
The cathedral was one of the most
magnificent -examples of early Gothic
architecture and. was begun in 1212.
The west facade ' had three portals,
' which contained 530 statues.
Above the portals was the gorgeous
rose window, 40 feet in diameter, one
-of the finest specimens of the art of
. stained glass construction. ' '
' , ; Rote Window In Splinters.;
Up to November 1, 1916, the Ger
mans had fired thousands of shells;
. into the city, 1,000 of which had;
struck the cathedral . Since then,
whenever the German troops met with
reverses, the enemy guns, took up the
bombardment anew. Until the latest
bombardment the cathedral had suf
fer ereatly and the rose window
iad almost been destroyed.
V' In January, 1917, Emperor William,
in response to a request from Pope
'- Benedict, said he would permit re-
Saira to be made to the cathedral in
is -endeavor "to preserve from the
terrors of war venerable places of
; religious worship and monuments of
artf which ! consider as the common
property of humanity."
, . The German military authorities
tae attempted to excuse the bom
batsdment of the cathedral on the
- ground that, it was being' used for
.miMtary purposes by (he French. This
. claps has been denied repeatedly.
Ottawa, Ont; April' 19'. One of the
forkmost French' generals, whp. com
minded the three jFrench''. divisions
jn j the heavy fighting previous to
AjyU 7 declared unreservedly to
Renter's correspondent tnat "we hay
vary ground for confidence both in
Picardy and Flanders." ; The corre
spondent's ! dispatcH received here
ubtes the general as follows. ,
ila .this battle, like all others, each
alii will continue to ply blow and
covnter-blow, endeavoring by weight
ef (numbers or superior skill to find
th weak point in the enemy's armor
anl each endeavoring to retain-sufficient
reserves to turn the scale when
thi. decisive moment is reached.
1 lAfter four years we are now only
within sight of this "decisive point.
Thp Germans have still in France un
used reserves and fresh divisions. The
oaitie will proceed and the next shock
must be expected as sxou as the flood
soaring in through Bahleul up toward
latebrouch is checked. The battle
may continue a montty or more, but
,thi entente wilt continue until the
enemy reserves are exhausted and its
numerical superiority worn down to
thl vanishing point Then our turn
will come, with the help of American
divisions." '
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t . . a
j Mil Orders Solicited.
Where Terrific Battle Rages
Along Western Front in France
Map shows where the French are
driving back the Germans on 'the
western front. The enemy is reported
to have suffered frightful losses since
General Foch began his offensive.
The British line is holding, and ac
cording to advices from the front an
advance from that quarter may be ex.
"""" """"
Rome, April 19. British troops
operating on the Italian front made a
successful raid yesterday in the
Asiagq. basin, where they inflicted
heavy losses on the Austrians and
took 22 prisoners, says today's war
office report. The arftllcry fire along
the whole front has been only desul
tory. Vienna, April 19. The following
official communication was issued to
day. "Between the Adige and the Piave
(Italian theater), the fighting activity
continues lively. On the plains of
the Sette Communi several Italian
thrusts have been repulsed."
Irish Leaders to Make .
Appeal to President Wilson
Dublin. April 19. After a lengthy
conference today at the mansion
house representatives of the nation
alists, Sinn Feiners, O'Brienites and
laborites decided to prepare for pre
sentation to the world a detailed
statement of Ireland's case - against
the compulsory military service im
posed by the British government.
The lord mayor of Dublin has been
asked to go to Washington and pre
sent the statement personally to
President Wilson. '
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The capture of Bailleul and Wul
verghem by the Germans, two towns
distant from each other about four
miles, constitute the only change in
the battle line in the last few days.
The German drive through these
points is apparently an attempt to
'open the way to the channel ports.
Wilson Signs Bill Aimed
.At Germany's Women Agents
Washington, April 19. President
Wilson .today signed the bill extend
ing provisions of the espionage- act
to women and requiring registration
of women enemy aliens.
Colonel George Pope Dies.
Hartford, Conn., April 19. Colonel
George Pope, president and later re
ceiver of the Pope Manufacturing
company, died at his home here to
day. He was a former president of
the American manufacturers associa
tion and was 74 years old.
No Food Relief from
U kraine Says German
New York, April 19. No essential
relief for. food conditions in Ger
many may be expected from Uk
raine, during the present economic
year, said Privy Councillor von
Eynern of the state food commis
sion, in discussing the food supply
situation at a meeting in Berlin, ac
cording to the Cologne .Gazette of
March 21, a copy of which has been
received here.
Germany, he added, must con
tinue to save and husband food jis
heretofore. 1 - .;V;V' V "
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Food Administration Sends Out
Word That All Surplus Sup-
. plies Must Go to Armies"
in France.
"All wheat 'flour tendered by citi
zens of Nebraska will be accepted at
a fair market price by Gurdon W.
Wattles, Federal Food Administra
tor for Nebraska. and sent tn New
Lrleans, where it wiU be forwarded
immediately to the United States sol
diers and th? allies- in the trenches of
the war zone." , , .
; Acting under a request from Wash
ington to name a fair .price, Mr.
Wattles announces that the federal
food administration would pay a
maximum of $10.50 a barrel for flour,
delivered in sacks or packages and in
good condition at the government
warehouse in Omaha.
"Our desire is to accept) all flour
tendered at a, fair market price to
day," says the food administration in
a telegram yesterday to Mr. Wattles.
"Hold all that is necessary to meet
requirements in your state until har
vest. .Everything in excels cf home
requirements, : load on cars, giving
preference to largest sized sacks and
ship to ew Orleans, where we have
ships to take all excess flour ten
dered., v Advise full particulars, pack
ages and price, which should be fair
market' price today. Flour should be
the flout. Nebraska can go until the
Forget that you are a labor
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Girls, Send Uncle Sam Platinum V'?,
Trinkets! Needed for Munitions
Washington; April 19. Many offers
of platinum held by private cities
are being received by tHe government
as the result of the shortage which is
handicapping scientific and munitions
work necessary winning the war.
Dr. C L. Parson a,' of the bureau of
mines today said some of the plati
num had been tendered as gifts, while
other lots were offered for sah at the
market price because the owners did
not think it patriotic to hold metal
for personal adornment in the present
crisis. All of the 'owners were in
structed to turn over their holdings to
certain refiners, who will liold. the
platinum subject to government dis
position. ( . .
V Requisitioning of , all platinum in
next harvest without flour, if neces
sary," says Mr. Wattles. "I hope
that every pound of excess flour will
consigned to Wheat Exports Com
pany, New Orleans"
Ordered to Accept Flour.
Upon receipt of this telegram, Mr.
Wattles prepared advices to all coun
ty food administrators in Nebraska
telling them to accept all flour of
fered and to send it to Omaha. He
ask that the names of consignors
and data on quantity of flour they
surrendered be sent to hist office,
that proper credit may be givenand
that checks may be sent to the prop
er parties.
Plenty of Substitutes.
In the opinion of Mr. Wattles, it
will not be necessary to hold any
flour in Nebraska for state require
ments, which means that all flour
collected by the administration will
be forwarded to the trenches.
"Nebraska has. sufficient substitutes
and its people are patriotic so that it
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the hands of manufacturing jewelers
may be the .next step. The war in
dustries board has warned jewelers
that not more than $100 an ounce will
be paid for commandeered platinum
and that efforts to corner scrap metal
by running up the price may redpund
to their financial loss.
The Women's National League for
Consersation of Platinum is urging
women to have their jewels reset in
gold or in some of the white alloys of
gold, such as pallidium gold. Be
sides aiding the government, they
would obtain a new ornament without
cost, since the difference in the values
of the platinum and the new setting
would more than pay for the work of
resetting. ;
will not be necessary to redistribute
be turned in 60 that it caa Jmmedi
atelybe shipped to the front, where
it is so badly needed. All citizens
who tender flour may be assured that
it will be used, directly or indirectly,
to supply the needs of our fighting
County fooft administrators are re
quested to begin a systematic collec
tion of excess flour. That there is
much available flour in Nebraska is
evidenced by reports of holdings in
different counties. Based on these
reports, it :s believed that Nebraska
will be among, the top notchers in
amounts returned.
In order to properly warehouse the
flour, the food administration is seek
ing quarters where it can be stored,
until accumulations permit of . car-
load shipments. The flour, it is ex
pected, will be offered in large and
small quantities and it is the 'desire
of Mr. Wattles to handle it as fast
as circumstances will permit.
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Nippon Says Russ People Soon
Will Understand True Mo-is-.
tives; Perfect Confidence '
in America.
Tokio, Friday, April 19. The Jap
anese press and public are not greatly
concerned over the situation which
has brought about the landing ol
Japanese and British forces at Vlad
ivostok. The jingo, element's efforfs
have fallen flat. Anti-governmeni
newspapers have seized the opportuni.
ty, but have been unable to make
The Nichi Nichi Shimbun says the
Russian people probably will soon un
derstand Japan's true motives more
fullv. The Kokumin Shimbun eives
a warning against snai judgment cal-
rnlafArl tn . alls. trMiK! Tt Y-nrce4
the belief that the bolsheviki do not
intend to attempt to drive away trom
Vladivostok the landing forces of
r f..ii j:
ripnu v Ti3TiriTi nrarfini v vim rn ill v
life and property from the mob.
Some effort has been made to cre
ate distrust of America's motives, but
government officials being interviewed
say there is no basis for such feeling
and that the 'United States joined
Great Britain and Japan inrepresen
tations to Russia regarding the situa
tion at Vladivostok and would itself
4iave landed troops in similar circum-.
. Tt. . T ' ' i J C , . . I
stances, ijic VJimcu o.aic is merely
observing the principle of noninter
ference unless absolute necessity
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