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    From Noxlo On
Omaha Professionals to. Meet
' Forty-first Infantry Team
at Rourke Park Saturday t
- A. '
Bill Jackson'i family of Rourke
hopefuls will make their tecond ex
hibition appearance-of the season at
Rourke park Saturday afternoon. A
came with the 41st Infantry, team from
Fort Crook. will be played, starting
at 3:15. .
The Fort Crook lads are reported
to boast a whirlwind diamond organ
ization. The team last year captured
the chanioionshiDof Minneapolis and
St. Paul and winter enlistments have
brought several more crsck players
into the ranks of the 41st ir.fantry. So
the soldier boys say their team is
better this year than last.
A few da; s ago the soldiers played
an Omaha amateur teanr Li the sixth
tnning the lads in khaki started hit-
-iJ!-MV "T-SSfi. WffTi r, V JiT JW5S"S V:
ting and the procession began. How
the amateurs finally got the side out
is still a mystery Also the soldiers
made so many runs the storekeepers
lost count, early , in the game. So it
looks like, the soldiers speak know
ingly wUen they say their ball club
, is fully capable of giving the Rourke's
t battle.
Bad WeatherHurts.
The Rourkes are not in the best
. condition. Inclement weather of the
last week has made Manager Jack
son's task i difficult one; It has been
so cold the athletes could do little
more than run around the park and
f"tKi handsprings; no ball playing
:ould It attempted. As a result the
team still needs gaining and lacks
lc'atn work. " .
Sunday, the big event of the spring
season will be staged. The Rourkes
wiJJ play the Camit Podge 'canton-
ment in a benefit game. All of the
funds will go into the Camp Dodge
athletic fund. In addition to the ball
game between the Rourkes and the
Dodgers,, Earl Caddock, champion
wrestler, and Mike and Tommy (Jib
bom, crack middleweight boxer, will,
give exhibitions. . . . j
' St Paul, Minn., April 19,-Final
'negotiations to bring Jess Willard and
Fred Fulton to Sr. Paul to decide the
heavywegh championship on July 4,
were sharply, halted this afternoon.
.; An' official intimation from the
' ' Itate'safety commission that the bout
1 dpinion opposed It was the reason.
Colonel J. C Miller, it is under
stood, may not make any- further
move until. after a ''meeting of the
' saf ty commission next Tuesday, to
consider the matter of permitting the
fight "-' ,
Rockford, III., April I9.-Vith the
consent and endorsement of General
Charles H. Martin, commander at
Camp Grant, plans were laid tonight
' to trv to staire the ffcht between
1 , iiicni on juiy t, in case iiic proposal
to hold the bout attSt. Paul and
Minneapolis failed.
When the, proposal was put to
General Martin he said: "The na
- tional army has fostered boxing and
we cannot put too much emphasis on
the, need to foster fighting spirit in
this training camp." . ,
Those behind the plan propose V
- erect an open ait: arena to seat 30,
000 spectators 'with standing room for
11 the soldiers' in the ramp. 0
Twin ities Near Mark in
Raising Fundvfor Big Bout
v St Paul Minn., April 19. Pro
' moters of the .proposed champiorl-
. ship boxing contest between Jess
V Willard and Fred Fulton marked time
today. Colonel J. C MillerMnspected
? several prospective sites for the bat-
Frarfoc A. Jurgeo'n, a St. Paul'hotel
Wan, announced that subscriptions
' were Close to the $10,000 demanded
by Colonel Miller. .
Colonel. Miller and Ray Archer,
. Willard's personal representative, said
. theyhoped an agreement would be
, -reachea before tonight One of the
minor details to be decided upon, is
tha training camp for Willard. It
was proposed that Fulton train in
Minneapolis and Willard Jn St. Paul.
University Football Leader,
Roscoe 8: Rhodes, Drafted
; " Lincoln', Neb, April 19. Roscoe B.
Rhodes, captain-elect of the 1918 foot
Ball team of the University of Ne
braska, has received notice to go with
the quota of . drafted xuefl to Camp
Funston. Kan., JromCuster county,
"Nebraska., the, latter. Dart of. this
"jviilk IJis home is at Ansleyi Neb. j
"Bringing Up
I raVaJ"" 1U T? wttt XOO lnV5 OOD IDEA I .- LOOK -LOOK! fi fat- 'J " . U. ; . UAf J
W THAT, PIPE bENDlT TO Vont uouMOfu.c I DxDtr ' ,L-TU IwRNTTODO- 1 k A b1
I n . .. I I LlM . i i 1" .ii. 1 t u. rui II iTIt a. I I IV 1 I' . V
1 noKEiN t-hp 1 it& i in.7." --"un s wKa LtT nf try r v"- .
Standing of the Teams
W. L. Prt.l
i W. I Pct.l
Bnatoa ,.,.S 0 l.OOOlNew Tork ,
(Mnveland .1 0 1.000! Cincinnati
Chicago .l 1 .r,00 riimton ....
St. Iouli ..1 1 .500Chlrai!O ...
Washington 2 ,600 St. I.ouia .
Nvr Torl .1 1 .400;lhllB
lptrolt ....0 1 .000IMtt(iburgh
I'hlla. 0 4 .000;nrooklyn .
.3 0 1.000
r ' Ytrly' RmulU.V
Ilotton. J-; Nr Tork, 1-6.
Washington, 1; Philadelphia,-. 0
Ht I.oul-Clfv land, rain.
Detroit-Chicago, rain.
Boaton 9; Philadelphia 4,.
Naw Tork, 7; Ilrooklyn, i.
Chlcago-Bb Loula, rain,
' Plttaburgh-CliK lnnatl, rain,
CiamM Today.
National Lfagu Boaton at New Tork,
Brooklyn at PhlladMphla, Plttaburgh at Bt.
Loula, Chicago at Cincinnati.
American League St. Loula at Cleveland
Detroit at Chicago, Philadelphia at Wash
ington, New Tork at Boaton.
In Game Costly to Visitors a
Three-Bagger and Two Ho
mers Provide Hot-Stuff
6 Features..
Philadelphia, April 19. Meuscl, a
Philadelphia recruit hjt Hughes' first
pitch to him for a drive into the left
field bleachers in the tenth inning to
day and beat Boston 4 to. 3. Ordin
arily the drive would have counted a
home run, but Whittcd scored . the
winning run from first base, which he
had gained on Rawlings fumble, fin
the seventh Pitcher Hughes drove a
homer into the bleachers, but in the
same inning, Captain Luderus. for the
locals, lined the ball over the right
held fence, scoring - two runners
ahead of him and tying the score:
1 II IT tt A in
Maaney.lf 4 1 o onwft..
4 114 1
Herann.aa 5
Powelcf 1
OMcO'f'nSb 4
ttock,3b 3
OCr'vath.rf 4
OL'd' 4
OWhi't'd.K 4 4
OBurns.o S
P'nd'gst,p J
OTotals Zi
Kon' 5
0 4
2 1
1 14
0 1
1 S.
0 2
0 1
Hnilth.Jb S
W'hl'nd.rf I
RTnga,Jb 4
Henry, o 4
Wllaon.o 0
Hughe,p 4
7 30 20 3
Totals ST Ta 28 12 1
tan for Henry In th.
i On out when winning run scored.
B""lon t 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 S
Philadelphia ..00000030 14
Two.,bas. hltsf Masaey. Powell, Cravath,
Three base hits: Meuaol. nonl9 run
Hughes. Luderus. Stolen base: Konetchy.
Double play,: r0well to SmIJh; Hersoa; to
Rawllufs; Konetchy. Left on baaes:
Boston, ?i Philadelphia. S. First base on
rrors: Boston. 1; Philadelphia. Bases
on ball.: Off Hughes, 1; Off Pendergaaf,
3. Struck out: By Hughes. 3; By PemleN
v "a Puc,": Pendergast. rassJ
ou wan. xturns. .
Cjlahti Mk It Straight.
New ' Tork, --Aprlt ID. The New Tork
plants made It three straight from Broak,
lyn hers today, winning ths last gam ot
th series, 7 to t.
Ths Olants r'led up a four Yun lead on
Grimes lit tha flret inning on four hits and
thres bases on balls. Runs: ' Brooklyn
waged an uphill fight In tha eighth Inning
ST .,2rov. ' l"o retirement.
Schmidts all sround play featured. Bcora:
iD.n.u.A.H. AB.H.O.A.E.
4 11 ! aToung.rf 4 110 0
0 111 S 1 1 n i.
ss Wheat,
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
OHurnn.lf 11110
0Thorpe,lf 1 1 o 0:0
07.rman,:ib S 1 I 4 o
Doyle,2b 3 1 S 3 1 1 1 7 4 1110 0
OMcCrty.a 3 110 0
UDmare.p 3 0 0 1 1
OSallee.p 0 0 0 0 0
0 .
33 14 17 14 l
Totals 17112413 1
Batted for Grimes In 6th,
s: Batted for Orlner In Otu.
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 I
New Tork- , 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 x 7
Two-We blut Holke, Doylea. Schmandt.
Three-base hits: Daubert, . Stolen bases:
Fletcher, Doyler Burns, t. Sacrlfica hit.
Doyle. Sacrifice flies: Burns, Mitchell.
Double plays: Krueger, Schmandt: Fletcher,-
Doyls, Holke. Left on bases: Off
Grimes, 4; Denis ree, 1. lilts: Off Orlmes,
T In 4 Innings; Orlner, 7 In 4 innings; De
maree, 1 In 7 1.1 Innings; Bailee, 1 in 1 l.s
Innings. Hit by pitched ball: By Orlner,
1. (Fletcher srd McCarty); by Demare.
(Hickman. Balke: Orlmes.) Struck out:
By Grimes, 4; Orlnsr, 1; Snllee, 1. Wild
pitch: Grlner. Winning pitcher: Demaree.
lioslng pitcher: vQrlmcs.
towa Wins First Game
: Of Western Conference
Blobmington, Inrj., April 49-Iowa
defeated Indiana 7 to-2 in 'the open
ing game of the Western conference
season here today. Score:
, f. ' ' R. II. E.
Iowa .....0 1 1 0 1 t 0 07 10 1
Indiana 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 11 4 J
, Batteries: Hamilton and Frank; Gilbert
and Rausvhenbach.
Today's Sport Calendar
'Athletics Annual relay rarnlval at Drale
university, at lr Moines. Senior metro
politan r row -country champlonsblp, at New
York. .
hwlmmlng Pennsylvania Swimming as
sortation chaniplonhlp atj Minneapolis.
Kowlng PraswylTanla vs. Navy, at An
napolia, . Prlnrton Freshmen vs. Central
nigs of Philadelphia, at Princeton.
ftHwing . Annnl tnnminent of Illinois J
Bowling association opens In Cliicojo, I
. v -.'. " ,
Father" Appears Also in the Colored Comic Section of the
Costly Errors in Morning and
Weak Support in Afternoon
Game Give Victories to
Red Sox.
Boston, April 19. Eosfontook both
morning and afternoon holiday games
today from New York. Bush pitched
his first game for Boston this morn
ing, holding New York to four hits,
and won, 2 to 1. Krrofs figured in all
three runs. Strtink starred in center.
Roth was hit hard in the second game,
but poor support given thcew York
pitcher, Herbert Thormahlcn, enabled
Boston to win, 9 to 5A feature was
the one-hand catch by Gilhooley of
Kitfh's long drive up against the right
field bleacher fence, after which
catch Scott scored all the way from
second base. Pratt made three errors
in the fifth inning, when Boston made
five runs, but he had a bfg afternoon
at the bat, getting two doubles and
two singles. Score morning game:
(Mlholy.rf 4
1 0
2 0
2 6
Mlller.ol 8
Pratt. 2b 4
I' 4
Hnknr.Sb 2
Modle.lf S
3 1 OMclnla.Sb
0 0 (iVVhtmn.lf
.1 2 ISlDlt.BU
S 1 flA(?n!W,c
0 0 OHli.ilt.p
PiM-kph.aa 4
Ituel.o 2
Huxfiell.p 3
Totals.. 2 4 24 10 2 Totals.. 2 S 27 10 0
New York '.,..00001000 0--1
Boston 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 a 2
Two-bnse lilt: Miller. Stolen bases: 011
hooley, Shoan. Sacrifice hit: Shetfn. Sacri
fice fly: Strunk. Double plays: Pra,lt to
l'ecklnpaugh, Bush to HoblltxfH. Left on
buses:New York, If; Boston, 9. First base
m errors: Boston, 1. Bases' on balls: Off
Kussell, 4; off Bush, 6. Struck out: By Rus
sell. 3; by Hush, 4. Passed ball; Agnew.
Score, afternoon gamcw
Illlholy.lf 3 13 0 OHooper.rf 3 2 0 0 0
rf i 2 0, 0 0Shean,2b 4 12 3,0
4 0 2 0 OStrunk.of 3 2 4 0 0
6 4 2 5 .IHnhlitl.lh 4 0 10 1 0
r. 0 12 1 IMrlnlH.III) 4 0 2 0 0
4 12 1 lWhtmn.lf 4 12 0 0
3 3 0 0 OSrottis 4 0 2 4 0
4 12 2 OAcnew.C t 1 4 3 0
3 2 14 ORuth.p 1114 0
8 0 0 6 0''Totals..33 27 15 0
1 0 0 0 0
Hannah. c
0 0 11
0, 0 0 0
Totals.. 37 13 24 20 8
sBaJled for Thormahlen In soventh.
.zHattcd for Monroe In ninth.
New Yorll j. 9 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 15
Uoston 1 0 0 0 6 1 2 0 s 9
Two-lmse hits: Pratt (2), Whiteman,
Baiter, Altnew. SMcn bases: Bodle, Scott,
Hooper,Hiblltzell, Whlteman. Sacrifice hits:
Shcan, Akiicw. Siicrlflce fly: Ruth. Double
plays: Monroe to PecklnpauKh to Plpp, Ruth
lo Scott fo Holilltsoll. Left ou bases: New
York, 8; Boston, 6. First base on errors:
Boston, 5. Bases on balls: tiff Caldwell,
1: off Monroe, 3; off Ruth, 3. Hits: Oft
Caldwell, 1 In two-thirds Inning; off Thor-
mihlcn, (! In five and one-third lnnlnss; off
Monroe, 1 In two Inninits. Struck out: By
Monroe, 1: by Ruth. 4. Wild pitch: Monroe.
Passed ball: Hannah. Losing pitcher: Thor
mahlen. .
Defeat for Macks. I
Washington, April 19. Washington de
feated Philadelphia, 1 to 0, In a pitching
duel between Ayers and Gregg. Gregg's
only base on balls, Shotton's single and an
errr by Shannon filled the bases In tha
ninth and Shanks' hit decided the game.
Kopp.lf 1110 OShotton.rf 4 13
Jateson.rf 3 IS 0 0 Foster, S b 4 9,3
uuner.Sb 4 10 1 0Mllan,cf
Burns,lb 4 1 11 1 IShanka.lf 4 0 10
Shnon.Sb 4 111 lMgan,2b Sill 0Lavan,ss
4 0 10
4 13 1
3 0 11
McAvoy.o (Oil 0Alnsmth.e 3
Gregg.p 10 0 4 0 Ayers, p 3
0 3 3
0 0 4
Totals. 29 Si26 15 1 Totals. 30 3 27 14 1
sTwo out when winning run scored.
Philadelphia ..00000000 0 0
Washington ...0 0000000 1 1
Two-base hit: Burns. Stolen bases:
Milan, Jamleson. Sacrifice ; hits: Dugan.
Gregg. Double plays: Foster to Judge,
Gardner to Shannon to Burns. Shanks to
Lavan to Alnsmlth. Left on bases: Phila
delphia, 7; Washington, 4. First on errors:
Philadelphia, 1; Washington 1. Bases on
balls: Off Ayers, 3; off Gregg, 1. Struck
out: By Gregg, 1; by Ayers, 1.
Track Aihletes Assemble
For Drake Relay Carnival
Des Moines, la., April 19.-Track
athletes from 18 tvniversities and col
leges oX-the middle west gathered
here tonight in preperation -for the
annual Drake, relay carnival . to
morrow afternoon in which ' number
of high-schools also will compete.
Much of Jhe interest tonight cen
tered in the 100-yard dash, the special
event "of the meet,. in which eight
sterling sprinters from seven institu
tions are entered, including Drew of
Drake, Johnson of Michigan, Scholtz
of Missouri and-Rutler of Dubuque.
There will be 12 other events, fcnir
for universities, three for colleges and
five for high schools.
College Bae Ball Result.
Springfield, Mass., April 19. Morning
game, score: ' r
Dartmouth 4
Springfield. T. M. C. A
Afternoon game, score: R
Darthmouth -, 5
Springfield Y, At. C. A 1
Lewlston," Maine, April 19. Bowdota !;
Southern Assorlntlnav
At Cliatanooga.; Atlanta. 4. ' .
At Nabsvilte. 3: Birmincham, 4. '
At New Orleans. 3; Mobile. 3.
1 At i'.mnphU. ' 1; l.lttle Kock, J. (called
lllh Inning Uiiikn83.) , ,
Kieckhefer Retains Billiard
Title by Defeating Maupome
Chicago, April 19. Angie Kieck
hefer, of Chicago-, tonight retained
his title of world's champion three
cushion billiard ' player by winning
the third block of SO points from
Pierre MaUjjome, Cleveland, in 70
innings. Maupomc's score was 48
for 69 innings.
Kieckhefer's grand average for
the match of ISO points was 753 and
Maupome's was J.$2. The high run
of the match wa36, made by Mau
pome. Kie.-khefer's high run was 5,
and he had the high run of 4 to
night. The total for -the match hs:
Kieckhefer, 150; Maupome, 145.
Central' High Athletes
Entered in Track Meet
Coach Mulligan of Omaha Central
High school announces the follow
ing athletes will take part in the dual
track meet with Lincoln High school
at Lincoln Saturday:
100 Yard Daah Noble, Mayne.
2L'0 Yard Dash-Noble, Mayn
44(1 Yard Hash MuConney, T. T.nstfn.
SS0 Yard Dash l'aynter, Swoboda.
1 Mile Nelaon, Johnaon.
120 Hurdlea Carson, Maxwell.
220 Hurdles Catwon, Maxwell,
HiKh Jump Noblo, T. Logan.
Huia.l Jump Carson, T.'( Logan.
Shot Put Noble, Carson.
Dhicus A. Loga... Maxwell.
Gates and Pierce to Meet
In Golf Tournament Finals
Finehnrsr, N. C, April 19. Frank
lin H. Gates of Pinhurst and Leslie
Deane Tierce of Rochester, Vt., will
meet here tomorrow in the. finals of
the mid-April golf tournament. Gates
wonUi the semi-finals today, 6 and 4,
from 'Walter M. Crooks of Brooklyn.
Pierce defeated Henry C. Fownes of
Pittsburgh, 3 and 2.
Crowd in Oklahoma
Hangs Disloyalty Suspect
Collinsville, Okla., Aprit 19. Hen
ry Rheimer, suspected of disloyalty,
was hanged by a crowd'. of 50 men
here tonight, but after he had swung
until lie had become semi-conscious
the police persuaded the would-be
executioners to cut Mim down on the
promise that he will be given a trial
by the County Council of Defense to
morrow morning.
Rochester Ferryboats
Icebound in Lake Ontario
Rochester, N. Y., April 19. The
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh
car ferry Ontario No. 1, bound for
the port of Rochester late today was
caught fast in the floe of ice which
has imprisoned its sister ship, the
Ontario No. 2, since yesterday. The
ships have only two days provisions
on board and are in danger of being
crushed by the ice.
Cneyenne to Hold Annual
Frontier Day Show as Usu'aI
Cheyenne will stage its annial
Frontier day show this year with he
approval of the government. Duties
have been fixed for July 24 to 27.
The show will be a combined wild
west and military spectacle.
n .y ' .
- - rr.
sisaiieaaiaHtiBisaiia a mna m I
. mm mmm-M-mmm-mmm mm a k-MMmH,mm'M.'di-mti
Best Treatment for Catarrh
Se S. S. Removes the Cause
By Purifying the Blood
Onco you get your blood free
from impurities cleansed of the ca
tarrhal poisons, which it is now a
prey to because 01 us unhealthy
state then you will be relieved of
Catawh the dripping in the throat,
hawking and spitting, raw sores in
the nostrils, and the disagreeable
bad breath. It was caused, in the
first place, because your impover
ished blood was easily- infected.
Possibly a slight cold or contact
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the point is don't suffer with Ca
tarrh it is not necessary. The rem
edy S. S. S., discovered over fifty
years aso. tested, true and tried, is
Promises of th Press Agents.
Hiiyd Two performances today will close
Iho engagement of "The Wanderer" at the
Boyd. This splendldy drama, based on tha
parable of "The Prodigal Son." Is presented
In moat Impressive form by a company of
star actors, headed by James ONseill and
.ance O Nelll, who are supported Dyome
of the best of America's younger sfage tal
ent and a company of more than 100 people.
The drama was prepared for the stage by
Iiavld Belasoo, who has achieved another
triumph In realism. The matinee this aft.
crnoon will be at the usual hour.
Orpheuiri "Submarine P T," allowing In
detail a United States fighting submarine
and narrating a tense story of a terrifying
experience of under thfi ea. Harry Oiifoll,
Man Stanley and the other current features
at the Orpheum will be seen for the last
two times, matinee and night, today. The
curtain will rise early tontght, 8:10 Vclock
sharp. The stellar attraction for next week
will be John Hyams an- Leila Mclntyre,
who have returned to their original field
vaudeville, In a model playlet entitled,
"Mayhloom." Stuart Barnes will also be on
yie roster of acts and another ffccial fea
ture will be Harry Beresford awd, company
In "Jlind Your Own Business.''
Boyd "The Passing Show olf 1917," the.
New York Winter Garden's clafcorato annual'
revsc, will he .presented by Messrs. Lee and
J. J. Shubert at the Boyd tomorrow for
four nights and Wednesday iwatinee, coming
here directly following a record run of seven
months on Broadway. It employs, of course,
the celebrated "Illuminated runway,"
along which parada the half hundred youth
ful feminine choristers In neemingly endless
array of novel and daring costume of rain
bow hue. One of Its surprises Is a stage
Y:tle-Harvard foot ball ifame, with 70,000
cheering spectators looklsig on. Another is
a monster replica of the. Statue of LlbertjsJ
... vn..t m-iuiica Bu1.11 c,-ntir ceiwunues as
KeWolf Hopper, Charles (Chic) Sale. Johnny
Dooley. Al B White. Mildred Klatne, George
Schiller, Rosie julnn. Miller and Mack,
Helen Carrington, IJarl Hlgley, William
Singer. Claude Allen. Kmily Miles, Betty
Touruine. Bess Hobau, Mae McDermott and
many others. .
Gayety An entertainer well known In
Omaha heads the attraction opening at the
Gayeiy this nfte.moon. for who hasn't heard
of Kdmond Hayes? He and his mient part
ner, "Bozo," with, their act, "The Piano
Movers," come frm vaudeville to musical
burlesque for th very self-same object
that we are all driving for a greater sal
ary. Aside froi this admittedly headline
act, Barney Gertrd offers In "Some show."
no end of attrrotlve features. A thorough
ly competent cist of principals will Inter,
pret the many froles of the play. Tha chorus
is said to b 'particularly attractive. Sun
day's matinee .Sstarta at 3. '
Brnndels Adolpho," who Is appearing
at the Brandos Hippodrome, has a winning
personality nd manages to inject Into an
audience trm feeling that he Is before them
for the puTjjose of pleasing and entertaining
them. In consequence he is much in de
mand. BeygVies playing the accordion, he has
a splendhi voice and puts over his numbers
most cnmtably. As a whistler he Is par
excellcne. Empifeas Kartell!, an eflulllbrlstlc wonder,
s appearing at the Empress theater for the
last tmes today. The way he swings on
this Aiiread of steel Is positively alarming.
Tomorrow the bill will be headed by a mu
sical comedy, "Quaiertown to Broadway,"
B. IV Berg's new creation, with Its beauti
ful eenery, its weaath of pretty girls, mag
nificent costumes and musical tiumbers.
Ir the Silent Drama.
Sun For the last times today Margarita
Tlscher will hold forth at this theater in
rer latest cheerful offerlna-. "Tho Prlmiilv.
Woman." It is a delightful stnrv e 1
.l'U lUMUiritTH UIHI IR If! n In a mannA .h...
y proves hlgWy entertaining. Other good pic
tures wm do snown, whfl-h includes another
of those clever Billle Rhodes (jomediei.
Auditorium Only toaay and Sunday re
main in which to see "The Kaiser the
Beast of Berlin" at the Municipal Audi
torium. There is a story Interwoven of a
Belgium family and ' holds tha Interest.
Then there Is the Incident of the kaiser
being knocked down by a young German
officer, and so many other exciting mo
ments that it must be seen to be appre
ciated. A popular children's matinee is an
nounced for today. Today's performances
obtainable at any drug store. It
has proven its value in thousands of
cases. It will do "so injour case.
Get S. S. S. at once and begin treat
ment. If yours is a long standing
case, be sure to write for free ex
pert medical advice. We will tell
you how this purely vegetable blood
tonic cleanses the impurities from
the blood by literally washing it clean.
We will prove to you that thousands
of sufferers from Catarrh, after
consistent treatment with S. S. S.
have been freed from the trouble
and all its disagreeable features and
restored to perfect health and vigor.
Don't delay the treatment Address
Medical Director, 439 Swift Labora
tory. Atlanta. C.a. . .. ' ,
are at 2:15. 7:30 and 9 o'clock. Sunday
showings will be continuous, starling at 2
o'clock and lasting until 11.
Muse "The Bride of Fear," featuring
Jewel Carman, will be seen at the Muse to
day for the" last times, also the third
episode of the "Eagle's Eye," a serial com
plete in each episode It deals with- the
German epy system In this country: all
their plots explained.
IJlpp "Empty Pockets" will be the photo
play attraction at this theater for final
showings today. It Is a screen adaption of
the popular story by Rupert Hughes and
was produced by Rupert Hughes. Bert
Lytel, Barbara Castlcton and a notable cast
present the story in a splendid manner. A
comedy will also be on the bill.
Strand Many of ths scenes In "Headln'
South," Douglas Fairbanks' latest Artcraft
picture, which is now being shown at this
theater for final presentations today, were
taken on the Mexican border during a time
when trouble was brewing, and close watch
was kept on the hundred Mexicans who
were engaged to take part in the photo
play, "lleadin' South'" is full ot Mexican
and western types, who supply the locai
color to tho vivid episodes.
Empress A final opportunity wily be af
forded today for seeing Emmy Whelen, the
Metro star In "The Shell Game," at the
Empress. Tomorrow, Jane and Katherlne
Leo, the William Fox "Baby Grands," "are
to be featured in a romantic drama entitled
"American Buds," which depicts Jane In
the role of upsetting the plans of a German
Hamilton Mae Marsh will be featured
at this theater today in a Goldwyn produc
tion, "The Cinderella Man.'' It is a screen
version of the successful stage play of the
same name, and is said to lose none of Its
best points In film form,. A good comedy
will also be on the bill.
Suburban Constance Talmadge will" be
featured at thi.vtheater today In tho Select
picture, "Scandal." Atspendld supporting
cast has been engaged and an evening enter
tainment is assured. Other good pictures
will also be shown on ths bill. ;
Lothrop Dustln Farnnm will be shown
at this theater for the final times today In
the William Fox special De Luxe produc
tion, "The Spy." The story deals with
German Intrigue and their spy systems In
Suitor Kills Rival.
St. Louis, April 19. Clarence
Rogers, 19 years old, was shot and
killed in th? hcme of Mrs. Mamie
Satchet, a widow? this afternoon by
John Wellard, 24 years old.. Both
were courting Mrs. Satchet and she
had rejected Wellafd a few days ago.
Last Times Today
International Athletes America's
Physical Marvel.
On tha Wire,
The Violinists and
the Boob
Character Singipf
Emmy Whelen
Romance of
Love and
"SUBMARINE F7;" Stan Stanley; Harry
Gilfoil and Current BUI.
Early Curtain
Tonight at 8: 10
Today 2:30, To
night Last Time
Tht Blgaeit Dramatic Spectacle On Earth
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Dally Mat.. 15.25,50c
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. BARNEY GERARD. PriMfttt Uuat l " Mrtaar "BOZO"
tomona nayes l( THE PAN0 movers
Is eoniesetlos with COM IT CHOW Mualcal
what all aay Is 3WIlt 3HUn Biirl.iia
Gerard's trtatett. most strftct tftvt. Beauty Charm
, si "CheeruS" Girls.
, Matlses Toaay. 2:15 I5e
WILTON SISTERS- StaaSarf Acta. '
. Slrtner Draw Cemtsy '
rrleea: Nlshta. Ijc. 25 and .
- PartormaiKas 2:15, 7:45. 9:15.
PI "-" Jg-Mr.-riRUW
IntTTiisWX'Llili-jiaVVWVilllMaTn I
I - f Y ar la
Madison Defeats Albion
In State Debating Contest;
Madison, Neb., April 19. (Special ,'.
Telegram.) Albion and Madison
high school teams debated here' to-,
night in the -tfte contest on the reso
lution that "military training should
be established in the high schools of' -the
United States." Madison was
declared winner, the judge being r
Samuel Carpenter of Omaha. c This
contest was in the nature of the semi
final, for the northern part of the
Speculation in New Liberty f
Loan Bonds Is Prohibited
New York, vApril 19. To ptevent
preliminary speculation in the , new
Liberty loan, the stock exchange jitoni-"
mittee on listings today issued ah e-r-
der prohibiting dealings on those v,;.
bonds until authorization had been-,,
granted by the committee. The pre-'s
vious Liberty bonds were traded on
the "when issued" basis in advance ;"
of the actual issuance.
Muse Extra!
First Showing
Third Liberty Loan
Parade Omana
Jewel Carmen
The Bride of Fear1.
Plot to Destroy Fleet
rH a 4
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It Is the Talk of Omaha
Omaha Liberty Loan Parade
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The Season's Sensation
By Rupert Hughes
I HTHPflP 24thd
Today Last Times
in "THE SPY."
in "SCANDAL" -
Today MAE MARSH in
If '
2, i sntj n
ron Nttwsp&Drn ""Mk.-
l fcfciW
tan. '"
-V -
' ;
- .
" 1 -4, ' v'-