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Kesoiution sent to uesk in
Spirit of Fun Brings Ava
; (anche; Tracewell Makes
Patriotic Address.
From a Staff Correrpondent.) , ' .
JJntolnv, April 5. Special.) Ai
little Jojte resolution sent to the clerk
of 'the house today in a spirit of fun
was the innocent .-cause" for turning
loose of several 'brands'' of J oratory
lasting an hour'and a' half., The house
did not have much to do anyway and
it gave an opportunity for' the ex
change of idaes.ancj finally, developed
into a patriotic, discussion in which
the nonpartisan league was the: sub
ject. v- ' ' . .. .:',
The resolution : was sent tip after
an invitation had been received by the
hoyse froiu J3r. George ; E.( Condra
of the Nebraska .conservation - de
partment inviting ' nemhers to the
Commercial club this evening to, see
motion pictures of interesting scenes.
The joke 'resolution recited that
Whereas Dr.; Condra had .invited
the house to. view motion picture of
the legislature, the invitation-be ac
cepted providing he would, showa
picture of. Taylor and Fries escaping
irom trie uame ot YVanoo,;
Taylor Defends League.
After ' Lampert of Wahoo and
: Lamar of the same town had spoken
on the resolution in which they
called attention" to the recent trouble
in their city when representatives of
the nonpartisan league had been
denied the right to speak, Represen
tative Taylor of Custer replied In a
defense of the leajrue and Its loyalty.
He said ihat just, because certain
members of the league had been
charged with uttering disloyal ut
terances it was no sign the whole
organization was disloyal.
He deplored the seeming right of
the state Council of Defense to pro
nounce judgment upon any man as
to his loyalty. , He deplored the fact
that in the name of patriotism so
many things were being done which
he believed unjust to men who were
just as patriotic as any in the legis
lature and he believed a great mis
take was' being made ' when ' men
charged the nonpartisan league with
being a disloyal organization.
Tracewell's Fine Talk.
Tatriotic speeches were made by
Neff, McAllister, Trumble and other's.
Tracewell of Cherry, repeatedly
brought the house into applause in a
five minute address. Mr. Tracewell
is probably one - of the few real
orators fa the house. Whenever he
speaks, every member listens.
"It is a good time for" everyone to
be an American," said Mr. (Tracewell.
"Only two propositions are involved
in. .the present crisis, Americanism
and Prussian ism. v Both cannot live
at the same time fn free America.
"Which one are you going to call
your own?. There . is no half way
place, no dividing line, no camping
place between the two. We must go
back to the old motto United we
stand divided we fall.' . . . .. ..
"I have given of my means to the
very besl of my ability. If this war
continues two more- years I will
probably be a financial wreck, but I
nave a boy in the trepches in France,
and if , I can only live long' enough
to hear that old Liberty bell once
again proclaim peace on earth I care
not what my sacrifice, just so long
as Old Glory shall once more waive
unsullied over the land of the free
and the home of the brave-r-our own
loved Amerfca.,'; v ,;: ! - , ,
Flag tb Broken fow.
On a 'resolution'', signed . by shout
two dozen members of-the house the
flag which hangs back of the speaker
was given .into the keeping ot Rep
resentative George W. Greenwalt as
a present to. Washburn Post No. 96
of the Grand Army of the Republic
at his home city of Broken -Bow.
This' post is the largest in the
Nebraska department and Mr. Green
Walt received the flag in a powerful
patriotic address in which he paid a
tribute tc the men who with his own
father had fought the bloody battles
of the civil war side by side.
A voteof thanks was given Assis
tant Clerk Horace M. Davis who had
used his vacation as postmaster at
Ord, to come to the legislature and
assist in : the work.
Mr. Davis responded, thanking the
members for the expression given and
said that having been fourth time
assistant clerk of the house and once
in the senate, he did not believe he
ever could stand it to miss a session
and the oportunity of meeting those
of his legislative acquaintance. He
"Omaha's Popular
. 320 South
New Conant
State Agents - Say Barberry
Br-'". Harbor Germs That
Work Havoc in the
Fremont. Neb.. April 5. (Special
Telegram.) J I. P. Rigdon, represent
ing the plant bureau of the University
oi Nebraska, spent two days in Fre
mont, arranging for the campaign to
eradicate barberry bushes. Boy Scouts
will canvafs the city and secure the
names of owners of all property on
which are" found the bushes. The bar
berry bush" affords shelter and nour
ishment, for" ihe germ 'of wheat rust
that causes a big loss each year in this
country) By' exterminating the plant
specialist? believe the pest may be
largely checked.
District Court to Open.
Sixteen .cases1 are set for hearing
at the April term of district court.
which convenes next Monday, with
Judge Button of Fremont presiding.
i AJexlhoni, the law and order can
didate', was elected mayor of North
BemKovcr James Eason of the citi-
votes against-78 for Eason. Roy J.
Cussk was' re-elected treasurer against
William Kuzicka, 110. to 108.
: Protest Against Pop.
Frank' Knapp. well known Red
Cross booster, wired Congressman'
Dan'.V. Stephens and Senator Hitch
cock -tq 'protest against the shipping
p 5,(KJU,XXJ cases ot pop to the sol
diers infrance. Mr. Knapp set forth
hi h.fs telegram that the ships arc
needed 'for transporting more essen
tials in the way of food and other sup
plies. '
. Red Cross Relief Work.
A scries of meetings to further Red
Cross civilian relief work were held
in Fremont today. Miss Verna El
singer of Chicago, Mrs. C. M. Wil
hclm of Omaha, field representative
for Nebraska; Dr. J. L. Gillcn of Chi
cago, field representative of the cen
tral division, and Dr. Hattie Williams
of the University of Nebraska, were
the speakers. The meetings will con
tinue tomorrow.
Stecher Recovering.
' Joe Stecher, who has been ill with
an attack of grip at his home at
Dodge, was in Fremont today on
business. Joe is recovering from his
illness, but says he will not be in
condition to wrestle for a week or
two. He expects to leave about the
middle of the month for the east to
take on some of the big fellows. Joe
lost five pounds during his illness.
Kidnaping Story Denied
v - By .Pickrell pitizens
Beatrice? Neb.,' April S.f Special.)
Pickr'efl citizens deny the story
which appearedn' a Lincoln news-,
paper regarding the kidnaping of C.
W., Bennett, organizer of the Nonpar
tisan league, vwho claimed be was
hustled out of town in an automobile
by a party of unknown men. Bennett
was booked for a meeting at Pickrell
last week but he failed to show up,
and the kidnaping storjr was then put
fa circulation. ':. ?i 1 ? V ,i t
Hattie Barkey et al. yesterday sold
the old Barkey farm of 16Q. acres near
Cortland for $20,000 to John Brunken,
who will assume charge at once.
County Agent Rist is making a
campaign' against blackleg - in Gage
Hubbell Citizens Hold . ,
.". ' Patriotic Mass Meeting
HUBBELL,1 Neb., April S.-(Spe-cial.)
A patriotic meeting was held
this afternoon in - th Methodist
church. Mayor Harm of Bloomfield
made an' address; " '
paid a glowing tribute to. Chief Clerk
Arthur Ev.. Howard, as one of the
quietest and most, competent- and
efficient clerks the" house had ever
had and complimented them on their
selection. ' '
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Douglas Member, III After
Three Operations Forced to
Come to State House to
Pass Salary Bill.
(From Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, April 5. (Special.) Sena
torial courtesy and senatorial good
fellowship were sadly forgotten today
when members of the senate voting
no on the salaries and mileage bill
compelled Senator "Doc" Tanner of
Douglas county, who was ill in bed at
his hotel, having undergone three
operations in the last 15 days, to get
out of bed and come to the senate
chamber under a call of the house.
Only one vote was needed to pass
the bill, which was nothing more than
an effort to have the constitutionality
of the matter of paying salaries put
up to the supreme court so that the
controversy could be settled for good.
Feebly Casts Vote.
But IS of Tanner's, colleagues,
knowing that the bill would pass any
way, if he came, refused to change
their votes and thus compelled the
senator to painfully come to the sen
ate, even at the risk of a collapse, and
He came, escorted in a taxi by four
men and feebly made his way to his
chair. His vote for the bill was given
so emphatically that it was evident
that he felt deeply "man's inhumanity
to man." After voting he was com
pelled to return to his bed.
The bill up for consideration was
one to pay mileage of the members,
amounting to $3,1 10.20. This bill car
ried the emergency clause and it was
necessary to have a call of the house
to get the required two members, Beal
and Tanner being absent.
Bcal was found.
,Kohl Changes Vote.
In order that the bill might be put
up to the courts immediately, Kohl
changed from no to yes on the under
standing that if the courts decided in
favor of the bill that the money com
ing to him should go to the Red
Cross. Adams, Albert and Oberlies
changed their votes to yes, believing
the matter should go to the courts
if the bill passed, and as it would
probably get enough, the emergency
clause should' be attached.
The bill went through by a vote of
22, to 9, those voting no beingTIaase,
Hager, Lahners. McMullen, Mofiarity,
'' "" '" : ....
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Neat, Sandall, Sawyer, Wilson of
How They Voted.
When it came to the salaries bill,
which called for an appropriation of
$12,800, the vote stood 16 to 15, one
less than the required majority. Kohl
and Adams, who had changed on the
mileage bill, voted yes on the salaries
bill, Kohl giving the same explanation
as on the other bill. With one vote
lacking Tanner was sent for and when
he voted the required constitutional
majority was secured. It will still be
three months before it can become a
Fairbury Candidate Gives
First Talk of Campaign
Fairmont, Neb., April 5. (Spe
cial.) C. H. Denney republican
candidate for congress fourth dis
trict, in his speech delivered tonight,
made a forceful plea in behalf of the
oncoming Liberty loan drive. His
speech in part follows: "It is not a
question any more whether we
believe that the war is right or
proper between the United States
and Germany, it is a question of our
lives, our property, our freedom.
"It is not now a question of
diplomacy; it is not now a question
whether a man is for or against the
war. The time has now come that
unless a man or woman is whole
souledly in favor of doing everything
that is possible to win this war, un
less he or she is willing to do his or
her duty, then, he or she is a traitor.
' "If you should borrow $100 for one
year and buy a liberty bond with it
all it would cost you would be the
diflerence in 4A per cent and 6 or 7
per cent, or whatever your bank
would loan it to you at. If it is 6
per cent it costs you $1.75 to loan
your government $100, $17.50 to loan
your government $1,000.
Idle Aliens and Rich
In Canada Must Work
Ottawa, April 5. Idle aliens and
the idle rich in Canada have been
made the subject of government con
trol. The government today an
nounced an order in council provid
ing that every male shall be regular
ly engaged in some useful occupation
with the exception of persons under
16 years and over 60, or physically
unfit, or a student or temporarily un
employed. . .
Violation of the provisions is
punishable by a fine not exceeding
$100 or in default, with imprisonment
with hard labor not longer than six
Fined for Having Liquor.
Fremont, Neb., April 5. (Special
lelegram.) Will Shomaker was sen
tenced to 45 days in the county jail
and fined the costs in the case,
amounting to $90 for having booze in
his possession and transporting it.
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Woman Swears Husband
Bought Her From Parents
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, April 5. (Special.) Tes
tifying in district court here Friday
morning in her divorce action against
William H. Ward, a locksmith, Mrs.
Lulu K. Ward declared she was sold
to her husband for $500 by her father
and step-mother.
She said the payments were made
on the installment plan, covering a
period of two years. The transaction
began when,she was 15 years old and
at the age ot 1 sne saia sne oecame
Wards bride. Their marriage took
place in St. Joseph.
Denial was made by Mrs. Ward that
she had improper relations with Rev.
James Delk, local "circus boy" evan
gelist and other men.
Attorneys for Ward denied the
woman's statement about the "money
York to Celebrate Liberty
Day With Big Parade
York, Neb., April 5. Specials
Preparations are being made here for
1 the big Liberty day parade Saturday.
A band concert will be held at l:oU
p. m. followed by an address of wel
come by mayor T. W. Smith. J. E.
Hart will speak on the Liberty loan
fand Frank S. Howell will give a talk
on "Patriotism."
Fire Department Officers.
Fremont, Neb., April 5 (Special
Telegram.) John C. Cleland was
elected president of the Fremont fire
department for the. 15th successive
time at the annual meeting. Dr. W.
F. Roseman was named vice presi
dent and Harry S. Morse re-elected
chief. The annual report of Chief
Morse showed that the total fire loss
for the vear was $12,590. with insur
ance of $10,990. The department will
by $2i0 Liberty bonds.
Buy Many Liberty Bonds.
Fremont, Neb., April ' 5. (Special
Telegram.) The riatteville school
district of ' Saunders county sub
scribed $16,000 in Liberty bonds at
meetinar held to launch ..the cam
paign in that district. The district's
quota is $7,000. It is expected to
boost the total to at least three times
the allotment. At a meeting at Cedar
Bluffs $16,000 was subscribed. The
town's quota is $11,500.
State House Employes
In Force in Big Parade
(From a Staff Correnpondent.)
Lincoln, April 5. (Special.) Three
hundred and fifty state house em
ployes and the members of both
branches of the Nebraska legislature
will march in the Liberty bond parade
Saturday morning in Lincoln.
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(From a Staff Correspondent.) -
Lincoln, April 5. (Special.) The
house took a little, jolt at the alien
voting bill today and when it had
recommended it for passage provided
that all citizens of the United States
could vote. Those who have not com
pleted their citizenship papers can
vote at the next election, but if they
do not complete their citizenship in
the next two years, or by the time
of the next election they are out of it
for good. . .
The Omaha charter bill and the
sabotage bill both passed the house
Representative J. H. Bulla of Doug
las appeared in the house for the
first time today and was called on
for a speech.
Representative Albert Labounty
of Frontier, who has moved out of his
district to Dawson county, was in
vited to talk to the house.
Ashton Purchases Entire
Supply of Thrift Stamps
Ashton, Neb. April 5. (Special.)
School children as well as the old
er folks made a run on the banks and
postoffice last Friday and purchased
the entire supply of Thrift stamps.
District No. 16 oversubscribed its.
quota by $5,000.
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Service Flag;Unveiling '
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Rj'sing- City,1' Neb., April .SU"Bond
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theme i next Sunday morning at the.
M. E. church at . which time the
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