Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 05, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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Big Bargains in New
And All Present Needs
In Fabrics and Utilities
At Very Low Prices
Spring and Summer Wear 1 e
Friday and Saturday
Ready-td-W ear amid All Spring asid Summer Needs--ILow Pricei
3 E) iTrs
Domestics Low Priced
Mill Remnant Percale, light and
dark colors, some are slightly
imperfect,; OXn
at yard lS2l
Mill Remnants, 36-inch Bleached
Mutlin and Cambric, splendid
quality for fine under- 1 7JL
wear, etc., a yard . . i . 1 2 C
38-inch Unbleached Mudin, fine,
closely-woven quality for making
sheets and sups, special,
at yard
36-inch Linen Finished Suiting in
a splendid variety of plain colors,
looks and wears like all linen.
Very desirable for outing suits,
skirts, etc., Oft-
at yard
Fine Zephyr Dress Gingham in a
variety of pretty plaids, checks
and stripes. Also plain colors. A
good dOc value; Friday
only, at yard
36-inch Bookfold Dress Percale in
a splendid assortment of new pat
terns, light and dark colors. Regu
lar 30c value, ng
at yard . OC
40-inch French Nainsook, made of
fine Sea Island cotton. An ideal
fabric for fine underwear, etc.,
5 to 15-yard lengths, OO
special, at yard ttQ
Fancy Printed Dress Voile in an
almost endless variety of new
printings on white and tinted
grounds. All 1918 spripg styles,
very special, 1 Q
at yard xC
Curtains and Draperies
1 Counter of Voiles and Scrims, 36 and 40 inches wide, "I ff
white, cream and beige ; special, a yard IOC
4,000 Yards of Dotted Curtain Swiss, many pretty checked and ribbon
designs to choose from, length 2 to 10 yards; 1 7
Friday, at, a yard , 1 C
1 Table of Nottingham Lace Curtains, 2 and 3 yards long, double
thread, excellent quality; white, cream and beige; QC
bargain at, a pair IOC
75 Pieces of Curtain Madras, 36 inches wide, new and pretty Qg
designs to select from; special, a yard . . ...OC
1 Table of Fancy and Plain Bordered Voiles A very fine quality, col
ors to suit any room; usual 29c values; 1 Q
special at, a yard 1 7 C
1 Bargain Table of Filet Strips, 1xh to 3 yards long. Nets QJ
that sell on the bolt up to 98c a yard; special, each OOC
1 Big Counter of Sunfast Madras for pretty overdraperies and door cur
tains, new designs in rose, green, brown and QQ CQ
other colors; special JCiad DtC
Women's Fibre Silk Hosiery
Women's Fibre Silk Hosiery in
colors, with double soles and gar
ter tops: seconds of 75c
quality,- at, a pair
Women's Black and White Cotton
Hosiery, at, a 1
pair IOC
Women's Black and White Fibre
Silk Boot Hosiery, with double
soles and high spliced
heels, at, a pair
Men's Cotton Seamless
all colors, some with
double soles, at, a pair.
Socks in
Men's Work Shoes, $2.95
Heavy calf, half double sole, blucher cut Shoes that
will stand hard wear. Sizes 6 to 11.
Men's Dress Shoes at $3.45
Friday and Saturday only,
Men's dull leather calf, good
leather sole, low heel, blucher
and button styles, English and
high toe, sizes from 6 to 11,
widths B to EE. Values on these
shoes from $4.00 to $4-50.
Women's Pumps and
Oxfords, 95c
Small sizes only, 2 to 4, gun
metal, vici kid, tan and patent,
good fitting, widths AAA to D. If
you can wear small sizes, come
Friday morning. Wonderful
Children's Mary Jane
Pumps at 98c
Sizes 2 to 5, patent, dull and
gray, ankle strap, hand turned
soles, plain toe.
Notice Friday's"" prices on this
lot of Baby Shoes.
Women's Pumps and
Oxfords it $1.95
Every pair stamped on bottom
by maker, good run of sizes, hand
toelted sole, leather heel; values
from $3.50 to $5.00. Only 500
pairs, so be sure to be here Friday.
This Basement performs a service that is appreciated by every
woman who would be economical without the sacrifice of style or
service in the apparel she wears or the materials or fabrics she
buys. This Immense Basement is able to serve in this way only
because it is part of the Greatest Store in the Middle West and
shares with other departments proportionately in the wonderful
buying power and prestige that the name Brandeis has. Right
after Easter we are particularly pleased to announce that al
though wholesale markets are quoting prohibitive prices on many
articles of Merchandise, Your Store Is Ready to Serve You and
Save for You. Big Bargains Here for Friday and Saturday.
500 New Spring
and Summer
Corsels and Brassieres
Front Laced Corsets in pink and
white coutil, low top and long
over hip, with elastic band at hot
torn of corset in back. This
makes the corset comfortable to
sit in and keeps corset line from
showing in skirt. J J QQ
Corsets for Slender Figures in fancy pink and white
coutiL free hip section, long hip d . C(
with four garters, price y 1 OU
Corsets at 75c in dainty pink coutil, low HZL
top, long hip, sizes 20 to 26. at. . .... OC
Brassieres Specially Priced
Lace and Embroidery trimmed Brassieres in pink and white,
sizes 34 to 48 ,
fife if s
. 45c
Notions at Special Prices
$12.50 to $20 Values
frh nn
PICTURE TO YOURSELF some of the prettiest little Silk and
Satin Dresses that you have seen in many a day at anything like
this price, then come here on Friday prepared to buy liberally.
These Dresses are all crisp and new, in dozens of styles.
At $3.0.00
They are certainly wonderful value, and you will do well to make
up your mind to get two if you had a thought of one, or three if you
had two in mind. N i
Many different kinds of pretty
silks, plain and fancy styles the new
est combinations of Crepe de Chine, in
black and colors; heavy Taffetas in
black and colors, Fancy Foulards, New
Silk Ginghams, Plaids and Stripes; also
heavy Charmeuse and Satin.
In other words, you never saw such
a fine array of materials, or such good
styles to sell for a ten dollar bill before.
New fancy collars; many prettily
embroidered and trimmed with bead
ing. Many of the Dresses have Geor
gette sleeves.
As a matter of fact, $10 in some instances
barely covers the cost df the materials.
A few Silk Poplins in sizes up to 52.
Many are samples. All sizes and colors.
Large Pieces of Elastic, black and
white, each 5c
Wooden Coat and Trouser Hang,
ers, 2 for 5c
200-Yard Spools of Thread, 8
'for 25c
One Big Lot of Safety Pins, Dress
Clasps, Hook anryes, etc., at
6 cards for 25c
Genuine San-Silk, 6 spools for 25c
Fast Colored Wash Edging, Tapes,
Braids, Rick-Rack, etc., C bolts
for 25c
O. N. T. Crochet Cotton, all sizes,
ball 8c
Ladies' and- Children's Hose Sup
porters, pair 5c
Large Shell Hair Pins, each. . . ,1c
White Knitting Cotton, large
ball 6c
Extra Strong Wire Hair Pins, 8
packages 5c
Stocking Feet, black only, 3
pairs 25c
Fast Colored Darning Cotton,
spool lc
Coats' & Merrick's Best 6-Cord
Thread, spool 4c
Large Fish Net Shopping Bags,
. each 10c
Neck Bands for Men's Shirts, 6
for 25c
One big lot of slightly soiled 0. N.
T., "American Maid" and Dex
ter Crochet Cotton, to close out
at, ball 4c
Garden Seeds and Garden Needs
Poultry Netting
We carry only the double galvanized
kind that lasts twice as long.
2-ft., 2-in. mesh, per foot, 253 c, or
$3.50 for roll of 150 lineal feet.
4-ft., 2-inch mesh, per foot, 4JJc, or
$6.25 for roll of 150 lineal feet.
G-ft., 2-in. mesh, pw foot, 6c, or
$9.25 for roll of 150 lineal feet.
Our own Nebraska Seed Co.'s fresh
Blue Grass, special, per lb 25c
White Clover, ppccial. per lb 65c
All Vegetable Seed, 0 pkgs for ... . 25c
"Pakro" Seed Tape, 3 for ....... .23c
Spading Fork
A 4-tine good quality spad
ing fork 95c
Shovels and Spades
Very high grade socket strap
shovels, with extra select
handles, long handle, short
handle, square or round
I Iocs
Full size riveted hoe, good
quality 35c
Very best hoca 85c
Very high grade, small
ma boys' or ladies' hoes,
nt '.50c
Fancy woven wire flower
bed borders and vine trellis,
up from, per foot. .... ,10c
Rubber Hose
Fully warranted 5-ply, 'i-inch hose,
at foot 10c
-ineh, 5-ply hose, at foot lie
Genuine "Electric" moulded hose:
Vi-inch, per foot 25c
-inch. ter foot 27c
A good grade forged garden rake
for . .45e
16-tooth very best grade steel bow
rakes for lawn or garden. . . .$1.15
Wheel Barrows
Stave tray barrows $3.19
Very high grade garden barrows with
removable sides $7.00
We carry "Cyclone" fancy woven wire town fence in a variety of
sizes and styles at the right price.
This Big New Mien's
asemeni Department
Is the 4nly basement salesroom devoted exclusively to men's, young men's and boys' lower priced dependable clothing.
I Sw fcSl vali
Boys' Hear at Very Low Prices
Exceptionally Good Values for Friday
Here's an opportunity for mothers to outfit their
boys at very little expense, and at the same time find
that they have purchased wear that will give long
and lasting satisfaction. This is one of the big fea
tures of this special section in this Basement and
hundreds and hundreds of mothers'are not only buy
ing themselves-, but telling others about it
Friday and Saturday Special Knickerbocker Pants at $1.00
2-T.r.Panl Suits for Boys, 5S.50 botS3
Eyery suit a $7.50 and $8.50 tures in qualities equal to $1.50
tvt 1 l.-iUIrt oinf limits clvoc R tr 1 7 vooi'e '
IT ' I r. ' '
All-Over Koverails at $1.00
Blue denim, khaki and kickory
stripes, trimmed in red and tan gal
atea, sizes 1 to '8 years, special,
at $1.00
and knees. Here are fiTavs. tans
and browns in neat mixture effects;
.lew spring weights and patterns to
medium weights of the past seasoiT
and consequently much greater
values. Sizes 7 to 17 vears.
Men's Furnishings
Unusual values here also In
just the things you need right
Men's Work Shirts, at 75c
Chambrays, Twills and Madras
Cloths, in khaki, blue and pray
and fancy mixtures, well made;
with lonsr sleeves, seams well
felled and very special for this
price 75c
Men's Negligee and Golf
Shirts, at 50c and 85c Each
New Rprinp patterns, in stripes
and plain colors; laundered and
soft cuffs; all sizes in this special
lob for Friday and Saturday.
Men's Union Suits, at 69c
One lot. of Men's Nainsook and
Ribbed Union Suits; sizes Si to
40; extra well made, with closed
crotch, ankle lenpth, short sleeves;
fine quality cotton and ribbed
Men's New Spring
Neckties, 25c
200 dozen New Sprinp Veckties
for Men, large open end style,
four-in-hands; all new patterns;
full 35c values; excellent colors.
Suits, Top Goats and Slip-On Coats
At $11.00 and $15.00
Our success in anticipating market advances is your success and
the money saved in our buying means a substantial saving for
you in buying here. Though the prices are remarkably lows we
have unflinchingly maintained our dependable . quality stan
dard,and this assures of satisfaction and service. Suits, Top
Coats and Slip-On Coats at . ; -. . .$11.00 and $15.00
Men's Trousers
Hundreds of Pairs of Men's Trousers to chotfsc from, in striped fabric
and corduroy. Trousers stees 30 to 42, at $2.00 $2.50 $3.00 and $3.50
Men's Slip-On Rain Coats
Men's Slip-On Rain Coats, tweed mixtures, gray and tan serges, many
silk lined, guaranteed rainproof, at $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00
v Men's Work Pants
185 Pairs ofy Men's Work Pants, price $1.50
Khaki Unionalls
Khaki Unionalls, all sizes 33 to 52, price $2.25
Special Serge Suits
Serge Suits, special at $11.00
Omaha Distributors for Carhart Overalls.
Friday and Saturday, JjlOTdPK
Stores isisp