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    . ' . I'HE BEE: OMAHA.
FKIUAY, AfKIL 5, 1915.
f '
Army Officer and Attache to
United States Government
Describes Hardships in
His Country.
RagnvalU Hvoslef. a major in the
.Norwegian army and military attache
to the United States government, is
in Omaha Thursday to inspect the
Fqrt Omaha balloon school.
Major Hvoslef has the highest
praise for the balloon school and is
enthusiastic about America. ...
"You have- li'ch wonderful re
source here; there seems to be an
abundance of food. The food short
ape is a j?rave problem in Norway.
We have had bread cards for a long
t-sie and the people are meeting the
troubli. which the war haa imposed
upon them with a wonderful spirit.
1 be war has brought vt terrible hard
ships. The food supply is entirely in
adequate and many of my people are
oflen underfed, but we are thankful
lor our great forests, for we do not
luve to hear the added suffering of a
u:f! famine, such as Denmark and
other neighbors have."
Wei! Trained Army.
When asked about the Norwegian
army the general smiled proudly.
'Small, but well-trained." lie said.
He is 45 years old and has been in
military life since 1895. He has a
son 21 years old in the Norwegian
11c is tall and straight and has a
boyish appearance.
lie has traveled extensively and is
familiar with conditions in European
countries, including Germany and
France. This is his first trip to Amer
ica and be is impressed with the vast
ncss of the country and its undertak
ings. He has permission from the
War department to visit war camps.
He has been in the aviation camps in
T ejsa. was at Fort Sill, Okl.. and will
visit the Great Lakes naval training
station before he returns to Washing
Milwaukee, Wis., April 4. The lat
est, though incomplete, returns from
Tuesday's sWto'riat' election give
Congressman Irvine L.- Lenroot, re
publican, i plurality - of '11,669 over
Davie, democrat."'! f ? '':
Additional returns reported during
'.he night swelled Lenroot's vote to
,148.244. Davie's to 136,575 and cred
tcij Bcrger, socialist, Vvith, 103,431.
The latter carried seven counties
hre the population . was largely
Marvin B. Rosenberry, present su
preme court justice, was re-elected
by about 40,000 majority.
Daniel W, Hoan, re-elected mayor
of Milwaukee, hat plurality of 2,110,
according to complete returns. In
cluding the holdover aldermen At
large, the new council will consist of
24 nonpartisans and 13 socialists. The
mayor will have barely enough sup
port in the council to prevent the
overriding of any vetoes which he
may make on measures passed by
that body. .
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1 The conclusion that perforated plas
tering indicate poor workmanship in
the building ol the new annex to tne
county hospital is declared to be un
warranted and unfair by both Archi
tect J. M. l.aclitipall and Arthur M.
Moore, one of the contractors erect
ing the structure.
"The photograph that has been re
produced," vays Mr. Nachtigsll, "rep
resents not .he majority of the wall
space, but a portion about 18 iuche
square in a job of approximately 3,000
yards. The first coat in a three-coat
job, such as this is, is known as the
scratch coat tnd is invariably thin. 1
will assure the taxpayers thar this
job will stand any test when it is
"As to my neglecting to properly
supervise ths job, I have been out
there more Jian a doen times, and
will continue to go out as often ai I
deem necessary to oversee the proper
construction of the building.
Arthur M. Moore, for Moore broth
trs, contractus, says? "You may say
for me the plastering done in that
building will be a first-class job. No
job is completed until it is finished,
and this one will bear the closest
scrutiny. Mr. Nachtigall has been out
many times to oversee the work, and
we have acted upon his every sugges
tion." .
' i
(Continue! Trom Fes On.)
under Mackensen have now been
placed at our front.
To Try Mountain Foute.
"Italian aviators report that the
Austrian are transferring large
bodies of troops from the Piave line
to the mountain zonesn. Evidently
the Austrian commands has realized
the impossibility of breaking through
the Italian resistance along the
Piave. and regards the mountain line
more suited for the invasion of Italy.
"Lately the Austrians have under
taken the construction of new fortifi
cations along the Livenza and the
Tageliamento rivers, adopting a new
system consisting oi points oi sup
port with several bridge heads em
ploying in this work Italian prisoners.
and the civilian population of the in
vaded Italian provinces.
Chamber of Commerce Warns
Against Smallpox Epidemic
The executive committee of the
Chamber of Commerce has sent a let
ter to members, urging every precau
tion against smallpox. The letter
says 150 new cases of smallpox have
developed in the city in the last three
weeks and that the situation it par
ticularly grave because of the Marge
number of soldiers stationed here.
Missouri Flood Waters
Are Rapidly Receding
Flood waters of the Missouri river
are rapidly receding and all danger
of an overflow has passed. Some
of the gardens and farms on the low
lands have been flooded (lightly, but
it is believed the water will drain
off so that the land can be cropped.
Germans Promise Fight ;v
Soon Will Begin Again
Amsterdam, April 4. German news
papers received here assert that the
marked dacicase in the fighting in
France was made necessary by the bad
weather, but that it. soon will begin
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More Than One-Half Goes to
Allies; Slow Progress (.'
Ship Building Cut:
Washington, April 4. Nine billion
dollars is the approximate cost of the
United States of one year of war.
More than one half has gone in
loans to allies and will be repaid
eventually; over one third has been
spent for the army and military es
tablishment: one-tenth for the navy
and one-fifteenth for ship building.
Just one-sixth of this big war cost
has been raised by taxation and
other ordinary sources of revenue,
and the balance has come from sale
of liberty bonds and certificates of
Enormous as these war expendi
tures may seem to a country whose
government in peace times costs be
tween $700,000,000 and $800,000,000,
they are less than Great Britains and
are only about two-thirds of esti
mates made by officials less than a
year ago. Slow progres of the ship
building program and the retarding
of the pouring of war supplies are
regarded by officials as the chief
reasons why expenses did not equal
Under Billion Monthly.
Government expenses now are
running about a billion dollars a
monthn with somewhat less than
half going to allies, who spend the
greater part of their loans for war
supplies in this country.
Since the declaration of dar April
6, 1917, the government's actual ex
penditures have been more than
$9,800,000,000, but about $800,000,000
of this sum would have been spent
for normal activities even if the
United States had not entered the
war. 1
Ordinary expenditures under which
the treasurery classifies all outlays
for operation of the governmental
machinery and war enterprises since
the declaration of war, have been
approximately $5,084,000,000. Actual
payments to allies amounted to about
Income from Internal revenue, most
of which is represented by war taxes,
and from customs and miscellaneous
sources, was run up to about $1,535,
000,000 and the two Liberty loans
have brought to the treasury a little
less than $5,800,000,000. .Small col
lections from war savings and thrift
stamps in the last four months
amount to $140,000,000.
There are a number of other minor
receipts and expenditures but they
do not materially affect the condition
of the public coffer. Outlays for
redemption of certificates of indebted
ness mean little to the government
in the long run since certificates
represents short time loanspublic
borrowings which are repaid, within
three months.
About $3,200,000,000 of certificates
of indebtedness are now outstanding.
Council Approves Boost
In Pay for City Toilers
Superintendent Parks of the street
maintenance department recom
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increase fiom 30 to 36 cents per hour
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National Nonr. .rtisa. League
Speaker at U: loa Asks Body
to Uphold Law azd 7-:rcby
Permit Free Speech.
(From Staff Corrtpendnt.)
Lincoln, April 4. (Special.) Fu
ture' state officers of Nebraska will
draw their salaries without any
qualms of conscience when they make
out their vouchers, according to W.
T. Mills of California, sent here by the
national nonpartisan league to tell
members of "the legislature what the
league stands for.
However very few of the members
took the trouble to attend, less than
a dozen being present. Secretary
Henry Richmond of the council of de
fense was present and even clapped
his hands sometimes when the speak
er said things which suited him. Mr.
Mills at times referred to the "Waho
oism" of certain interests which were
working against the league and re
ferred to the state council of defense
by saying that the council of defense
exists to protect us 1I in our liberties
and rights.
Upholding Constitution.
Mills asked if the council has ar
rested or caused the arrest of the ex
saloon keeper at Warjoo who openly
violated the constitution of the United
States and also of the state.
"Until they do." he said, "we ar4
waiting to hear from the guardian of
thepeace. The men who abducted a
representative of the league in your
state a short time ago said they did
so with the approval of the council of
defense. If they lied they should be
chastised. If they did not the per
sonnel of the state council of defense
should be reorganized."
He said that the league was an or
ganization intended to protect the
interests of the farmers. There was
no disloyalty in it and it was just
as stronp for winning the war as any
organization in the United States. But
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it wanted the big profiteering interests
to use theri profits in helping the
United States win the war. He said
they should be compelled to do their
He said that the league had swept
everything in the Dakotas and would
do the same thing in Nebraska. He
wanted, state officers to know that in
the future state officers of Nebraska
would draw their salaries without
having their conciences troubled when
they drew their salaries.
April 6 to Be Legal
Holiday in Chicago
Chicago, April 4. Saturday. April
6, will be a legal holiday in Chicago,
as marking not only the first anni
versary of the entry of the United
States into the war, but also the open
ing ofithe third Liberty loan drive. A
monster parade and many patriotic
demonstrations are planned.
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Hot Artillery Duels Occur on
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Rheims Fail.
Taris, April 4. Heavy artillery
fighting occurred last night on the
front north of Montdidier, the war
office announces. In raids in Cham.
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region north of Montdidier.
''Northwest of Rheims, in the
Champagne, and on the left bank of
the Meuse (Verdun front) French
troops penetrated German trenches
at several points, bringing back 3C
prisoners and two machine guns.
German raids east of Rheims, in
Avocourt wood, and north of St Die
were without success."
Ex-Congressman Cook Dies.
Oshkosh, Wis., April 4. S. A
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Wis., aiea at
his home at Neenal
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