Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1918, Page 6, Image 6

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.orandas. 'Stores iqMd's Day m t.
r - : : ; ; Xfr
Stylish Dresses
, The
r if in .J
effects, also the new over-drapes, with pleats, and
folds, belts and buttons. Smart tailored styles as well
as the fancyj effects in widest variety.
Sizes run from 14 to 18.
Second Floor
a great variety to choose from, in All Wool Serges, Gabardines, Poiret Twills,
Tricotines, Poplins, Mannish Hair Line Stripes and Shepherd Checks, in Navy Blue, ,
Belgium Blue, Midnight Blue, Sand, Tan, Rookie, Gray and Brown. . . , , '
t ' The most complete stock of Stylish Suits anywfiere.
J S.cond Floor ,
New Silk Skirts for Spring
At $5.95 and up to $39 00 ,
THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL SKIRTS, just in time" for Easter and Spring wear
the newest and most fascinating colorings for present wear Roman Stripes, Tunic
effect, new large pockets, novelty .belts and also the black and navy Taffetas and
Silk: Ginghams. . "''.
.! Prices $5.95, $6.95, $8.95, $10.00 up to $39.00 -:
- ,; :-"- : 'Second Floor ;;'W-. V; 'y ; . ;" '
Voile' Blouses for Spring
1 Af fc9 nn j o Vii-'-I
m ailU J
. Voile Blouses are very popular for Spring wear
they are dainty and inexpensive and altogether
charming for ordinary wear. We are showing an
exceptionally wide variety. -v
$2 00Blouses with tucks down the front with
' , ,r . Jare collars and cuffs, edged with Val.
and Venice lace, another style has tucks with wash
satin collars, in Puritan design. Others have the pin
cross tucks with Organdie collars, forming a square
Al $2.95rVoile ?'ouse',wi"' embroidered designs,
bfiSSk triramed with
. Second Floor',
"Munsing ' Seconds" Women's
Vests, Pant and Corset Covers;
any desired style vests, sleeve
less, also wing 'sleeve: pants cuff
or lace trimmed, umbrella knee;
all sizes; second of fl.25 en
garments at...........0C
for Spring in the
For Misses and
THERE IS AN AIR of "youthfulness" about these gar
ments tbat makes them extremely desirable it is a charac
teristic that every woman seeks in her Spring "wear particu-.
larly and that very elusive quality is undeniably here. We
speak of stylish Spring Dresses in this announcement.
Priced at $16.50, 22.50, $25.00 and $29.75
At $16.50-We are showing Crepe de Chine Dresses.
. At $22.50 Taffeta and Georgette Crepe Dresses.
At $25.00 Foulards,, Taffetas and Crepe de Chines.
At $29.75 Crepe de Chines, Taffetas and Georgettes.
Some of the Style
Characteristics That .
Make These x
Distinctive r '
high waist line is one of the
features vestee and apron
Easter and Spring Suits
At $25, $29, $35, $45 up to $195
A STYLE AND A PRICE to suiUveryone. If you'
could see clearly into the future, you would not hesi
tate a moment in taking advantage of the remarkable
offerings we are making in Suits for SpringEvery
reliable statement from wholesale centers point to
higher and higher prices for fabrics and materials
that go into the making of Women's Wear, PRE
PARE NOW and you won't have to ponder later.
Every Size for Women, ,
Including Stylish Stouts Up to 54
All the new strictly tailored effectsin short and me
dium length Coats, as well as the fancy . novelty styles.
Plain tailored or braid trimmed: new vpsf effWfa
t -
PA! IQrO CITlH fllA TIAin VttfllrAta
"Munsing" Underwear for Spring
Right Weights for Women, Boys an4 Girls
Ahe rePutation of "Munsing" Underwear stands sec
ond to none other, and we are offering complete stocks
right now in the very weight you want for immediate
wear. We do not know of any better knit Underwear:
"Munsing Seconds." Wonderful
values of high grade union suits;
closed gore; extra wide umbrella
knee; open gore, medium loose
knee; also cuff knee, in regular
and extra sizes; values ; JO
up to $1.60; special.. OJ7C
Third Floor i
Specialty Shop
Small Women
W w ' -i-www 1W
trimmed 'with .Irish lace;
'.: ,; ' '
"Munsing Seconds" Union Suits,
for girls and boys, any style, all
sizes up to 1 years; unlimited
quantity of these high grade suits;
regular values up to $1.50; for
Saturday, special, suit,
r Mtu i h i. i nil r.j ir u
Easter Hosiery
AND YOU MAY stock up
easily and effectively here
because we have by far the
largest stock to show and the
stockings are all very mod
erately priced. Full range
of colorings and styles.
Women' Fancy Silk'Hoie in all
colors under the sun and any
styles you want, in embroidered
stripes, lace boot, lace stripes
and a dozen other styles; spe
cial, a pair, at $1.25
Women' Thread Silk Hot and
also fiber, in all shoe shades;
, also black and white; fashioned
' and seamless; garter tops; spe
cial, a pair, at 79c
Women' Fiber Silk Hoie in all
colors; seamless, double heels
. and toes; special, a pair, at 59c
, Main Floor
Jewelry Specials
Military Wri.t Watch, Kitchener
Strap, Radolite Dial, very fine
seven-jewel lever movement spe
cial at 810.00
Military Wrist Watch; midget
size; radolite dial; a good guar
anteed timepiece; Kitchner strap;
special at .95.00
Peart Bead; 16-inch short neck
length; graduated pearls; special
at 20 .
Pearl Beadi 21 Inches long;
raduated pearls;, very fine pearl
eads for this money; special, 81;
52-inch lonf (trend of pearl
bead, special at 81.98
Meh Bag of Fine Mh; both in
fish scale and ring mesh; regular
$5.00 value; special at ..$2.98
Very Fine Leather Hand Bat and
Pocket Book; both top hamdle and
back strap, come in pin seals and
patent leathers with fancy leather;
trimmings; worth $5.00 to $7.50;
sale price 82.98
Real Seal Back
Book, special at
Strap Pocket
Children' Real Morocco Bag with
flowered silk poplin lining; a bag
really worth $2.50.; has inside
purse and large mirror; special
at 81.00
Main Floor.
, For New Spring Hats
A beautiful line of double faced
combinations of patel shades,
moirre ribbon for Millinery uses.;
5 and 7-inch ?4oirre Ribbon in all
the popular colors; special a yard
at 294 and 394
New Cirrie Ribbons In black. Also
a wonderful assortment of bows;
ready to sew on the hat; a good
line of prices as well as colors;
you can trim your own hat Spe
cial up from 754 to S1.50
' Main Floor.
Ladies' Neckwear
A beautiful line of novelties in
colored neckwear. -:
Pique Sett; also swiss and net lace
trimmed collar and cuff set; up
from ....694
Veitee in Pique and Madras for
the tailored suits; special, up '
from ..504
-Main Floor
A diildrenV
Children's Fancy Colored, Em
broidered Picture Handkerchiefs;
three designs in box; special, a
box, at J25c
Children's Jap Silk Handkerchiefs
In white, with fancy colored bor
ders; large assortment; special,
each, at 10c
Misses' and Children' Sheer, All
Pur Linen Handkerchiefs; your
first name embroidered in corner;
mostly all names; special, each,
at, ,f ..MM
" Main Floor
And Photo Supplies
There is more reason thaaever
this .year .why you should have a
Kodak. We are showing a complete
line from the tiniest Vest Pocket
to the Panoramic.
Eastman Vest Pocket Kodak, takes
a picture lx2ft inches, auto- '
matic shutter ......$7.00
Eastman Vest Pocket Kodak, with
rapid rectilinear lense, takes pic.
ture 1 x2 H Inches $10.00
Eastman Autographic Kodak, 2C
Junior .....$15.00
Eastman Autographic Brownie,
3A ...$12.00
Main Floor
for Children
Comfortable g a r m e n t,
well made and the right
weight for wear right now,
"Munsing Seconds" for Chil
dren. We are offering a va
riety of styles in Union Suits, J
sizes 1 to 8 years, regular $1
values, special, Saturday, a
suit, at . ..50c
"M" Knit Waists for Chil
dren, well taped; bone but
tons, all sizes, extra value,
p each, at
gp ,
. , 25c
Third Floor.
p Children's.Hosiery
p So wonderfully have we'
1 increased our business in this
If particular branch, that we
1m have established a whole
P section for the display and
p selling of Hosiery for Chil-
1 den- I
Sox for Children and Infants in
various styles; plain colors with
fancy stripes, rolled tops; pure
thread silk and very nifty a pair
at .754 and 854
The English Sox, which are very
rare and seldom seen, in Omaha.
We have a nice lot in plain White
lisle with fancy rolled .tops; a pair
.at-. '. 654
Sox for All Ages from 4 to 9V1;
P in many styles and fancy rolled
tops in lisle; fine quality; special
III a pair, at., ,254. 354 and 394
Misses' Plain and Ribbed Thread
p Silk Hose in sky, pink, black and
white; all sizes extra quality;
pf 6 to 9 ; special a pair $1,50
11 Boys' and Girls' Hose in all sizes
H and all prices, in black and white:
:M fine and medium ribbed: good
quality and dye; The Black Cat
brand and other makes; a pair,
at. . .254. 354. 394 and 454
Main Floor.
fl A Picture
m For Your Child's Room
P A special offering of a
jH Picture that has made a de
fff cided "hit" over the country.
"Little Bit of Heaven," that great
Guttman : picture; special, un
framed, at ,'-81.00
"Cinderella" Will Be Her.
WE began to make preparations weeks anc
Day-Every Department of Children's
with the broadest and most comprehensive st
lected merchandise. Dresses, Coats, Hats. Shoe
kerchiefs, and all wea'rables and accessories
clad and at a modest outlay. CHILDREN'S Di
'VindmM'WUt H6 CouH at 10 to
Girls' and "Flapper"
The Greatest Stock We
chosen with great care and off eric
Dresses at $1.00
We have just received a new lot of Dresses to sell special
at this price.. They consist of Ginghams, Percales and
Crash in checks and stripes in various colors; sizes are 6 to
12 years. Many are daintily trimmed with contrasting col
or; you could not buy the materials and get these Dresses
at this price.
Dainty Party Frocks
for Little Folks
, ' These are fascinating lit
tle Frocks that will make'lit
tie girls happy in their pos
session." Our stock has been
very carefully selected ior
highest merit.
Made of Chiffons, Nets, Satins,
Taffetas, Georgettes, with ruffles,
inserts and dainty ribbon rosettes
and flowers. High waisted effects.
Charmingly trimmed . with laces;
some show as many1 as four and
five flounces. Large collars trim
med with narrow ribbon. Sizes
are 6 to 14 years".
Prices are $10.00, $12.50,
$15.00, $16.50 up to $25.00.
Cmderella Hats 'Hi
YES, INDEED Cinderella has come again to the Bra:
Hats than ever the
' Alice, Edith, Mary, Dorothea, Charlotte,
or any
Boys' Wash Suits
For Children's Day
1,500 Samples
$1.25 Each.
easily bring from $2.00 to
$4.00 if they were bpught
and , sold in the regular way
. being samples, we were
enabled to purchase them
for less, and are selling them
Every smart new style in
. this assortment. , Stripes,
plaids, checks and plain col
ors. Plenty of short sleeve
styles for wear later on.
Sizes 2 to 8 years. '
Second Floor, Mn' Bid.
Other Dresses, at $1.95, $2.50, $2.7
Confirmation and
Graduation Dresses
Sheer Organdies, Nets and Geor
gettes. These are daintily trim
med with pretty laces and some
shown with the new tunics; mostly
high waisted; ribbon sashes.
Prices are $2.50, $2.95,
$3.50, $3.95, $4.95, $5.95,
$6.50, $6.95 up to $25.00.
Girls' Flapper Skirts
Made plain or pleated, shirred
around the yoke; with belt of self
material and buckle in the front.
Real classy pockets, just what the
girls like. '
Made of pretty plaids and stripes
in serges, poplins, taffeMs and
trimmed with pearl buttons. -
Prices are $5.00, $6.50,
$7.50, $8.95 to $12.50. ,
1 4
Latest Styles, Pried
styles shown in the picture are
other prettily named little girl
Little Tots' Dresse
We have just unpacked t
just in time for Children's Da
pretty plaids, checks and stril
fects, and pockets, OF COUR
Prices '"
$1.25 I
and pwvpf
1 JO lJ
4 t