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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRiiUY, MARCH 22, 1918.
Sergeant Edwards, Liberty
Loan Speaker, Relates Super
Cruelties at Hands of War
Mad Teutons.
Wounded three times, gassed a num
ber of times, and 15 months a pris-
oner in Germany,; Sergeant Edward
Edwards, a. survivor of the annihilated
Princess Pat regiment of Canada,
" longs to be back in the'trenches. He
was in Omaha yesterday accompanied
by Dorothy Frooks, aviatrix, to speak
in the interest of the Liberty bond
v campaign at the Auditorium mass
meeting. . , , .-
"I would rather be in the trenches,
said Edwards. "I feel more at home
there. I guess I am no good any
where else. I don't like living at ho
tels and things like that."''
. Edwards speaks in a low tone of
voice. The German poison gas has
affected his throat.
fHow does-it feel to be gassed?
Edwards was asked,
f ; Rather Be Wounded.
-"Qh, well, I'd rather. take a wound
any . time. I have been wounded three
time and know how it feels. You
never get over , the gas. You think
you are over it and you feel all right
bn some days, but on a rainy day or
misty day it comes up' in your throat
and ichokei you.". V
"When j you saw tthe,. Germans
swarming in over the trench the day
your regiment , was "wiped out, you
hardly thought you would, be sum
vivory did you? .wa .question, put
to Edwards, who never t talks unless
fee ' questioned. 1 f.' ' ' . -."We
didn't care much whether we
were or not.' On May 8 after our reg.
fment had been wiped out and a few
of us were prisoners, we tried to ag
jfcriva'e them into killing us: We would
frather have been killed than to go
jhrough the tortures of -the prison
"tamps. : v' "'
J i Squght Quick Death.
5 "levanted to' get thenj to put a bul
' get into me, but couldn't coax them
o do it. I didn't care how they killed
Itne so long as I didn't get, the bay
onet. Once they lined us up against a
'.wall to shoot us, but fchey changed
their minds. When they lined me and
, my partner up I said to him, 'Charley,
they're going to do us inland Charley
;id, 'Let her go; I don't tare.
k "There are probably 25 survivor in
M of the Princess Pat regiment of
Snore than UOQ men. At first t we
'thought there were only from seven
10 men left, but here and tjere
rin ihnivt ii n from inme nrison ramn.
Only a few months ago one of .hem
4ame back, ine Germans tnocuiateo
)iim with tuberculosis germs while in
th nrUnn ruin. Thv do that auite
ipften. Then when he got' sick, ibey
ent htm home.' lit came oar to
Canada and, after two months, died
8 "Sometimes they Rave us the choice
, 0n the prison ot taking a term o; se-
vere punishment, torture of come
. kind, or taking the tubercular inotula
'tion. We chose the torture instead
of the tuberculosis. Some of thf pyis
" oners will take the , inoculation in
stead of the immediate punishment."
Sponsored; By Princess.
I The Princess ' Pat regiment was
sponsored by Princess Patricia of
v Canada, hence the name of the regi
ment It was made up. Sergeant Ed
'wards explains, of soldiers of fortune,
.or men who had seen previous serv
ice. "We had American veterans of
the Spanish-American war," he said,
"Boers' who fought against us in
South Africa, r sergeant of a machine
gun battalion who had been with
Villa in Mexico, fellows who had
"served in the Philippine insurrection,
and, in fact, soldiers from all over the
world.; They were all men who were
' pretty, well able to take care of them
selves In th field in one way or n
other.' V ! i- v . j. "- '
' Wife pf Omaha Jeweler : v
; Owns Valuable Oil Land
Mrs. Fred Brodegaard, wife of the
. Fred Brodegaard, jeweler1, would be
$45,000 richer if she accepted an of
fer for her . land in the oil districts
, of Colorado.
, She has been offered a profit of
' $40 per acre for her land over what
- she paid for it last August. She has
; decided not to sell.
I Last summer she bought 960 acres
of Colorado land at $10 per acre. Re
" cently the Pennsylvania Oil company,
;which is generally understood to be
,vone with the Standard, struck oil
, three miles south of Mrs. Erode
'. gaard's land. Last Sunday the Penn
sylvania . company Jiad three geolo
gists working oii the Brodegaard
Jand examining the strata of ground
Kand rock,.tBdeavoring to trace the
signs of oil. 4. 4 . ,
When the geologists had "completed
their inspection' of' the grounds Mrs.
Brodegaard got a telegram offering
50 an acre, for the entire tract - .
Husband Says Wife Goes ? I '
I To Movies With "Other Man"
t Attending moving picture shows
nvith another man, and the use of vile
language, are allegations in a divorce
petition filed in district court by Bert
3. Gibbs against Estella. The couple
fwere married January 21, 1912 in Ta
xoma. Wash. .
fc Larma Sturdevant askes a divorce
jrom Idar,on. the grounds of alleged
desertion.'.'' v 'J .--, -
Hustle For Recruits;
See Base Ball Games
Major Frith's helpers in the Oma
ha recruiting work are base oall
fans. The major has written to
Pa Rourke suggesting that a sea
son ticket to the base ball games
would be acceptable. If his "drive"
is successful, he plans to allow the
man who brings in the most re
cruits one day to attend the base
ball-game the following afternoon.
Witnesses Say Control of Big
Meat Corporations Extends
Deep Into the Business '
The Omaha-Sioux City parking
house investigation held here by the
Federal Trade commission, repre
sented by Francis J. Heney as ofn
sel, was concluded in the fj'fual
building Wednesday night and Mr.
Heney resumed his work this mim
ing in Kansas City. ,
During the hearings in this city Mr.
Henev read into the official reco?ds
a mass of confidential correspondence
oetween pacxers ana reports ci cx-,
aminers and special agents jf the
trade commission.
He expressed confidence thaf his
efforts here showed existence of a
stock buying agreement betweea the
packers, the alleged South Omaha
pact being on a basis of 30-30 25-15
between Armour, Cudaby, Swir. and
j f Brought Out Bonuses. , .,,
1 Mr. Heney went into an' extensive
investigation i of the affairs of.; the
Union stock. yards of Omaha,, horn
the inception "of that institution to
recent date. - He brought out bonuses
granted 'by that company tee big
packers and heard evidence from
South Omaha men who conteided
that the stocks yards company has
not developed this market as much
at it should have done. He em
phasized an allegation that no rew
packers had been. induced to locate
at the Omaha yards since the roitrol
of the yards by the "big four."
Gang Which Has Operated for
Several Weeks Broken Up;
Quantity Drug Seized
in Raids.
Nineteen alleged dope peddlers
placed under arrest by the federal
authorities are awaiting action of the
grand jury. They are alleged to con
stitute nearly the whole of the dope
gang operating in Omaha in violation
of the Harrison act, selling morphine,
opium, cocaine and heroin. Part of
their work is alleged to be the re
cruiting of new victims of the habit
by giving samples of dope to likely
candidates and urging them to use it.
Officers Russell Eberstein, Lake,
Knox and Smith of the , federal
bureau of investigation captured three
negroes in raids Wednesday night.
Virgil Price was arrested at 419 worth
Thirteenth street and a quantity of
cocaine confiscated. Jesse Shields
was captured at 1313 Capitol avenue
with a bottle of morphine in his pos
session. William Purvine was ar
rested at 21614 North Thirteenth
street. Cocaine was found in his pos
session. The three are in the coun
ty jail. I v
Customers Are Many.
All the places were lighted uo nd
filled with customers. One ntpro
tried to make his escape from the
Shields place, but was capture.t after
a hard run. He said he hai "just come
to get his laundry."
Two of the 19 arrested are Harry
Rudolph, now out on bond, an bid
Allen, in the county jail.
One morsel of morphine wrapped in
a piece of chewing gum represented
a dollar's worth of the drug. - It is
as much as could be held on the tip
of the thumb nail. ;
Omaha Within $7,000 of
. . $45,000 Armenian Fund
Less than $7,000 is now needed in
the American, relief campaign to bring
Omaha up to mark of $45,000. The
total reported by the committees
Thursday noon was $38,191.82. ..
linasian, Candidate for
;y City Commission, Fined
fs Johsf l Taminasian, socialist can
didate for - city commissioner, vas
lined $12.50 and costs in police court
Thursday charged with -. assaulting
tr. Messiah' ,Mesropian in his office
in the Paxton block. The assault is
Alleged, to have occurred February 25.
jfcfesropiani is. 57 years old. V ? ;
Spring" Officially Arrives;
jl . Winter Passes at 4:26 A. M.
'".Did vou observe, as-vou-iwere aris.
ing at 4;26,o'clock Thursday tnorning,
that there was a new balmmest in the
ir? Did; you list to the happy chirp
or me room, the blithesome buzz of
the bee. the wild call of the ice man,
AH this was because soring officially
arrived in Omaha Thursday morning.
v A "Big Idea" Isv
Valueless If
in the Mind of a
The world is full of people who can duplicate the feats of
the really great, but who fail to attract attention because
they hide their lights "under a bushel."
Every new invention hat been thought out by a score of
mindsi but the idea never got out of its cradle.
Many a small merchant has watched a young upstart rise
to fame and fortune, and while viewing the colossal busi
ness that so overshadows his own, contented himself with
Perhaps he did "teach" the boy, but he DIDN'T PUT IT
I have no doubt but what there are1 a dozen Dentists In
this city who could have made a greater success of Den
tistry than I have men who had as thorough an educa
tion, equally good training in Dental College, as much,
and perhaps more, Natural ability, and who were as sin
cere and ambitious as myself, but they have not realized
on their talents and opportunities because THEY DID
I am not going to charge them wifh mental cowardice, but
I AM going to say that had there been an ounce, of
cowardice in my make-up I would not be standing today
at the head of the largest Dental Practice in the states
When I conceived the Idea of SPECIALIZING AND SYS
TEMATIZING DENTISTRY reactionaries who had
profited by the ignorance of the public: (as to the actual
cost of Dentistry) fought me tooth and toenail. 1
Men who could learn the rudiments of Dentistry at my
hands sneered at me and tried to discredit my ability in
my profession. , t5;; ., ""
It did not discourage me, however, because I had back of
me the great mass of people who were sick and tired of
paying outrageous fees for inferior dental work.-
They welcomed my advent into the Dental field, because
they realized it meant the end of high prices, the end of
needless suffering, the end of insanitary Dental offices,
arid the birth of better dentistry.
The people were with me, and have stayed with me
that is why you people in ordinary circumstances can
today secure as good dental work as the millionaire.
423-428 Securities Bid gr. 18th and Farnam Streets.
Office Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sunday, 9 to 1.
Kectai Diseases Cured without a severe sur
fiica) jperatioa No Chloroform or Ethe
used Cure guaranteed fAI WHEN CURED
WrlU for thtttrmted book Do Keeta l UlsMse. rlt
oames tad testimonials ot aior cha i000 oroml
lent oeool hr havt bees nermanentH anrl
jtl E. R. TARRY.. 240 Bee Bldg., Omaha. Neb.
i la.
f The Nebraska War
Savings Director, un
der authority of the
United States Treas
ury, has called all citi
zens to go to their
nearest public school
ttn iiimi
V 1
Between 7 and 9 O'clock
to pledge Omaha's full
quota in War Savings
Stamps to be pur
chased in 1918.
You Are Expected to Attend
9 This is a meeting for
those who have subscribed
as well as for those who
have not yet purchased
- 1
1 Moll
' 1
1M Call?
Nebraska Will Be the First State in the
Union to Subscribe Its Fall Quota