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The Widest Assortment
The Most Modest Prices
When you start to buy your spring
outfit, and find that your expenditure
must be kept within certain bounds, it is
well to remember that thi3 Immense
Basement is showing complete stocks of
all Ready-to-Wear at prices that are ex
tremely low. Consider also that many
of these styles are copies of models that
sell at higher prices. All excellent
Spring styles, shown in such wide variety
that you will surely supply your needs.
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The .Economy Center of Omaha
Styles for Every Purse
What You Want Is Here
Come to this Basement with the surety
that you are going to get what you
want at a price much below what you
could rightly expect to pay. These days
the wholesale markets have placed pro
hibitive prices upon many articles of
wear, and with the immense purchasing
power this Basement has, we are glad to
be able to announce that we can give you
the opportunity to purchase just what
you need at less than you expected to pay.
Knit Underwear
Women' Cotton Union Suiti in
envelope style ; all sizes, n g
each at-.
Women's Gauze Cotton Sleeveless
Taped Vet; all sizes; 1
seconds; each at . . . , IOC
Mutes' Cotton Union Suits in
lace trimmed knee style; in sizes,
2 to 16 years; special, o f
a suit at V0 V
Boys' Cotton Cream and White
Knit Union Suits in sizes 24 to 34; l
special, a Q C
Infants' Shirts in part wool and
cotton; your
choice, each at 0
suit at
Women's. Cotton Hosieryln black,
white arid tan; P
a pair at IOC
Children's Black Cotton Hosiery
in medium and heavy ribbed in
seconds of Black Cat n C
brand; special, a pair at. . C
Men's Cotton and Lisle Socks in
assorted colors; some with double
soles; your choice; a'
pair at
Infant's Pure Thread Silk v Black
Hose in sues 4 to 6 ; worth 50c
a pair; special, a
pair at ; .-:v. ."..;
Corsets for Spring
Remarkable Ready-to-Wear Values
The Coats
Hundreds to choose from ; right up-to-date
in every respect. Mjny new
fancy effects as well as the staple styles.
Cloth Coats, Silk and Satin Coats,
White Coats, Jersey Cloth Coats, Sport
Coats, etc.
The new Long Coats, as well as nar
row, shorter styles.
The new collars, new materials, new
styles, all at lowest prices.
Sizes to fit most anyone, stout women
as well as medium or small women.
Many styles at each price quoted.
$3.95, $5.95t $8.95
Up to $15.95
The Dresses-
Right up-to-the minute style, Silk,
Satin and Cloth Dresses. The right
styles for Spring wear. Every Dress a
copy of. a very mu-ch higher priced
All wool Light Weight Serges for
Spring, extra good quality Taffeta Silks,
in black and all the new Spring colors.
Fancy Figured Foulards as well as
the new Gingham Plaids. Silk and Sat
in Combinations with Georgette, in many
new pretty effects.
The new Bustle and Fancy Overdrape
effects ; new Fancy Collars, etc.
$8.95, $9.95, $10.95
Up to $15.95
The Suits
Hundreds of Women's and Miss
es' newest style Spring Suits; doz
ens of pretty models all copies of
very . much higher priced , styles.
Excellent workmanship, perfect fit.
New Short Coat Suits, Bustle and
Flare backs, Military effects, etc.
New Spring Colors, such as Sam
my, Khaki, Poilu Blue, Pekin, New
Tans, Browns, etc.
Many new materials as well as
the staple Serges.
Wonderful Suits at these prices,
$9.95, $10.95, $12.95
to $15.95
The Skirts
We are nowshowing hundreds of
the right styles for Spring wear.
Plain and Fancy Silk Skirts. Pop
lin and Serge Skirts, Fancy Plaids,
Stripes and Novelty Cloth Skirts.
New Pockets and Belt effects.
Wonderful Skirts at these prices. x
Many styles at each price. Sizes
to fit stout women as well as those
who are medium and small.
If you desire to get a new Skirt, and
what woman does not want a Skirt or two
in her Spring wardrobe,, we know that we
have the most complete stock, in styles
that will please. '
Prices are $3.95, $4.95
and $5.95
The Waists
The .Basement Waist Section Is
Brimful of Beautiful New Styles.
-All the new high shades as well
as tfie staple colors; all shades of
high priced Blouses ; the new fancy
Collars, newest effects, etc. White,
Black and Fancy Colors.
New Gingham Plaids, and Stripes ;
Fancy Stripe Crepe de Chines, also
Crepe de Chines in all the new plain
high colors ; smart tones, etc. Fancy
Taffeta and other Novelty Silks and
Georgettes. -
At $2.95 and $3.49
Girls' Wear
In the Girls' Department You
. yiUFind
New Spring Coats for Girls from
2 to 6 and 6 to 14 years of age. Silk
Poplins, in many pretty shades.
Fancy Check and Plaid Coats, Plain
Cloth Coats, etc.
At $1.95 to $5.95 ,
Washable Spring Dresses white
and colored; sizes 1 to 3, 2 to 6 and
6 to 14-year sizes. Also 14 to 20
year sizes. "Flapper" Dresses; a
very extensive assortment.
At 69c to $5.00 0
When buying a Corset you must
keep in mind that Corset that fits
you will- wear longer and give you
Nemo Corsets, a low top model made'
of coutil ; long over hip, with NEMO
self-reducing strap in front ; fci flA
sizes 22 to 36 ; price
Brandeis Special Self-Re
ducing Corset, at .....
Front Laced Corsets in pink
and white coutil; long over
hip, with elastic band in back ;
sizes 20 ta 30; flfi
, price
A Good Comfortable Corset that is
guaranteed rust-proof;
Summer Net Corsets that are
"Well boned
Good Shoes for Spring and mm
High and Low Styles-Low Priced
You might do without many things, but
you simply cannot do without Shoes, and
especially as you are not tempted to do
without as many as yotf need, when the
prices are as low as this. ,
400 Pairs Women's Shoes in patent vamp,
mat kid tops, also in all gray cloth Shoes ;
welted sole ; leather Cuban heel ; patent tip
or plain toe ; sizes 2 to 4 only ; values up to
$5.00; special Friday, a pair, M AC
1,500 Pairs Women's Pumps; can
you wear a small size? if so, come
Friday morning at 8:30 A. M.
All kinds of leathers, patent, dull
and fancy; hand turned and welt
ed soles; sizes 2 to' 4y
widths from AA to D; values
from $3.50 to $5.00; QC
onnmnl o nnif o - J J 0
spciiai, a jJnii, at
1,000 Pairs Children's Shoes in vid kid, patent and mat kid,
button and lace styles; tip and plain toe; hand turned sole;
wedges heel; sizes from 2 to 8; special, 1 OC
a pair, at . . . . . . .f!. . . . .". . .-r'.
500 Pairs Women's House Slippers; in one and two-strap;
plain toe, hand turned sole; sizes to 7; also women's
Lace Oxfords in vici kid, rubber heel ; patent tip ; M E A
sizes 212 to 8 ; special Friday, a pair, at v 1
Boys' Shoes, sizes 2 to 5i2 ; in button and blucher cut;
half double sole ; made up for good wearing and will not rip.
Same shoe in Little Gents' sizes 9 to 2 ; d0 AC
apair, at , .tO
Same as above only in youth sizes
9 to 2 f
s Basement 1,
Easter Hats for Women and Children
. 1
Are Here in the Broadest Assortment
A IT IS TRULY surprising what a little money will buy
in the way of a very pretty Hat in this Basement Milli
nery Department. We have never had more nor better
Hats to show, and certainly the prices have never been
more moderate.
Copies of higher priced hats at a wonderful saving. Hundreds
of new shiny straws; trimmed hats in colors and plenty of
black hats trimmed with shiny ribbon, flowers, fl A Q
fancy and novelties; price -. '. 4T'0
Untrimmed Shapes, $1.95
in Shiny Straws and Milans in Pokes, Sailors, Side Rolls
and many other styles, in all colors and black.
Children's and Misses' Hats
$1.25 to $2.50
Never before did we show such a big assortment of
hatsin milans; milan hemp; patent milans and made
hats In whites, blacks and colors.
Women's Cotton Handker
chiefs, in white and colored,
fancy embroidered initials;
fancy embroidered corners,
in white and colored effects ;
plain white one-inch hem
and bluebird effects; your
choice, each, 6"C
4 for , 25tf
Men's Good Size, White,
Soft Finish Cotton Handker
chiefs in plain white and
corded; each, 1 fl
at 1UC
5Cc Turkish Towels, 39c
Fancy Colored Checks and
plaids (slight mill imperfec
tions) special Friday, TJCj q
The Big Mew Section fr Hen and Soys
s Ready With Unusual Offerings Also
THIS RECENTLY enlarged and greatly improved Men's and Boys' Section of this Big Basement, is making
hundreds and hundreds of new friends every week. Here are opportunities to practice wise economies.
's and Young Hen's Suits
Good Styles, $11 and $15
Everyone knows how Clothes have
jumped in prices, and everyone knows
that there won't ,be any backward
jump for many years to come. There
fore, when an opportunity like this
presents itself,togetgood-style Clothes
for a very modest outlay, it behooves
every man andbung man to get right
down to this Big Basement Depart
ment and share in the savings. Spring
and Easter are here are you ready?
Men's and Young Men's Suits
Blue Sergei, Cassimeres, Tweed. At a sav
ing from $5.00 to $7.00 on a Suit. Grouped
in. two lots, .at . $10.00 and $15.00
3G0 to 500 Pair of Men's and YouW Men'
Pant to choose from at less than manufactur
ers' cost today; price $2.00 and $2.50
250 Pair Men' Work Trouier, at. .'. .$1.50
Men' Khaki Union All, at $2.50
300 Pair Men' Khaki Work Pant, $3.00 val
ues; at $2.00
Omaha Dittributor for Carhart Orerall.
den's Furnishings
Four Excellent Offerings for Friday
125 Dozen Men's Work Shirts, 69c
, Every shirt in this lot is cut extra large in body", full length
sleeves and made of heavy weight Chambrays and Madras Cloth; as
sorted patterns in stripes and plain colors of blue, gray and CQ
tan chambrays and twills; all sizes, special, at 02 C
100 Dozen Men' Negligee and Golf Shirt in neat stripes and plain
colors; made of percales, and corded madras; all C and OP
sizes; values up to $1.00; special, at OUC OOC
Two Lot of Men Spring Weight Ribbed Union
Suit in ecru and white color. All sizes; short
or long sleeves; ankle length; Q and 70
sale price, a suit at O l7C
75 Doren Men' Silk 4-in-hand Tie;
patterns; regular 35 and 45c values;
all new
Boys' Spring Suits a! $5.75
' Suits with two pair of Pants, guaranteeing
long and satisfactory wear in addition to the
satisfaction of good style and good looks. $5.75
for a Suit like this is very low at this time
take advantage of this offering.
New Spring Suits with Two Pair Pants
both pants fully lined. Dark mixtures and light
mixtures; all neat patterns; tailored with the
same care as suits of double the price. All sizes
6 to 17 years.
From the
Suggestions for
Easter Jewelry
New Trench Purte in brown, black,
navy and brown; real leather;
at 75d
Fancy Bead in pearl, jet and ori
ental styles; from 69 to $1.69
20 Style Fancy Stone Set Dinner
and Evening Ring in sterling sil
ver and gold filled; at 81.25,
81.50 and ..$2.00
Service Ring, enameled in one
and two stars; sterling,' silver and
filled; at ..50d and 691
72-inch Cut Jet Strand and Fill
gree Silver and Jet Combination!
at ,.$2.50 to $5.00
Basement '
36-inch Dr and Wrapper Per
cale; light and dark colors in long
mill lengths; special, , 1
a yard at .............. C
Fine Dret Gingham j pretty plaids,
checks and stripes; 3 to 10-yara
lengths; regular 29c 0 1
value, a yard at aw 1 C
27-inch Merceriied Poplin; good
assortment of plain colors for
Misses' and Children's dresses, etc.,
in useful lengths;
value; special, a
yard at
. . 16ic
40-inch Fancy Printed Qret Voile
in a beautiful assortment of new
printings and colors for pretty
wash dresses, .etc.: , regular 39c
value; special, a OKn
yard at ..i. ...wC
. "
38-inch Unbleached Mutlin; fine,
closely woven quality; correct
width for making sheets and slips;
2 to 15-yard lengths; 1 JXg
Friday only, a yard at 2 C
36-ir. -.h Fancy Printed Curtain
Scrim in white and ecru; reversible
borders; pretty patterns and dol
ors; usually luc a yard; spe
cial, a
yard at
32-inch Zephyr Dret Gingham,
neat staple checks and stripes, as
sorted colors; special,
a yard at
32-inch Fine Madras for Men's
and Boys' Shirts, Waists, etc
pretty patterns and colorings; a
good 30c value; special OO
Friday only, a yard at. . . . iiC
36-inch Linen Finished Suitings in
the wanted plain shades; a splen
did fabric for making tailored
suits and skirts; well worth 40c;
special, a oq
yard at 4 J C
Garden Tools
Get wha you need and,
start work. The govern-
your garden
ment wants
this year.
Rakes, a good
steel garden rake,
at 50c
A 24-tooth wire
lawn rake, at. 65c
ood four-tine
and strap
Soadintr h or let: a pi
with selected handles
ferrules, for
Hoes, a good riveted garden hoe
ior ( , , .
A very high grade hoe at
Shovels; best grade
long or styui'e handle
shovels and spades;
round or square point,
ar $1.50
fi. good grade shovel;
open back, at 95c
Rubber Hose; a 5-ply
red hose, '6-inch, fully
warranted; special, per
foot, at . . ,9c
Manure Fork;
four-tine strap.
Special, at 95c
rruning Shears
A 9-inch Califor
nia pattern, very
high grade, 5ic.
Wheel Barrow:
Stave Tray Barrows. ..... .$3.75
Regular Garden Barrows, at $7.00
' Basement