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Thickness of Ice in Rivers
Likely, to Cause Trouble
When Break Comes
After Thaw.
(From a Staff CorrespoadenL)
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.)
State Engineer George Johnson is
" worried oyer the prospects for heivy
spring floods. Ice in the rivers is
four feet thick in many places, says
Johnson, due to the fact that the ice
first froze two feet and then came
a warm spell in which the water ran
over the ice and when the cold
weathre came again the two feet of
water on top froze solid, making the
ice four feet thick.
He believes the new bridges built
of cement will be able to stand the
rush, although the valleys along the
rivers are likely to overflow to an
alarming extent. In such a case it
' stands the people along the river
valleys to watch carefully and be pre
pared for the spring break-up.
Captain Harry Letton
Writes of Boat Sinking
(From a Butt CerreapoadenL) ''
Lincoln, March I. (Special.) Cap
tain Harry Letton, who was on board
the transport Tsscania when it was
sunk by a German submarine, has
sent his father, Judge C B. Letton of
the Nebraska supreme court, a letter
written from the north coast of Ire
land, the day after the sinking, in
which he says, in part: a
"Arriving here about midnight after
an exsiting night I won't be able to
send any details, but Just want you
to know that I am perfectly well and
"I had written you a long letter to
be mailed, but lost it with all my
equipment. Will write more later on,
when I know more than now.
"I want you to know that our men
are fine. They lived trp to ali the tra
ditions of the American army and not
one showed the white feather.
,4'You may have details of the .occur
rence before this reaches you, but
probably not.
"This is a beautiful country here
and interesting, too. Under other cir
cumstances I think I could really en
joy Jt. I will leave here today or to
morrow, probably, but don't know for
Table Rock Hogs Set
Price Record for February
Table Rock, Neb., March 1, (Spe
cial.) Last week Fay Tiller of this
county was on the Kansas City mar
ket with two cars of cattle and two
cars of hogs. His cows sold for a
75 cents top and his 127 head of hogs
n!(t tnr $17 1ft tk hia-haa. i.a
ever paid for hogs on the Kansas
City market in Februarv.
A farewell reception was given to
rrot. webt at the Table Rock opera
house last night by the faculty and
high school pupils of the Table Rock
schools. A soldier s kit was presented
to him.
Some three or four inches of snow
fell last night and this morning. The
( auvvr was vzif wet, naving Been pro
ceeded by sleet and rain, and will be
of much benefit to future crops. It
was the heaviest snowfall that has
fallen here at any one time this
.Prof. L. R. Trout, superintendent
of the Table Rock schools for the
last five years, has been elected as
superintendent of the Harvard, Neb,
scooois ior tne coming year.
Cutright's Associates
. Give Banquet for Him
.. t mm a oiair correipondenL)
ILinenln. March 1 Cna;1
Tohfl W. ftltrio-ht rrtirinir mAitnr n(
the Lincoln Daily Star and for 40
jw m newspaper wont, most ot the
time in Nebraska, was tentered an
other farewell banquet at the Lin
coln hotel last night, this time by his
associates on tne paper, both in the
eoiiomi ana nusiness otnce.
L. B. Tobin.
toastmaster and short eulogistic talks
were gives oy j. e. Lawrence, as-
' aitraat managing editor; Homer John
on, editorial writer, who succeeds
Mr. Outright; L. Becker, who takes
r. jonnson s place as telegraph edi
tor; Roy Hilton, E. E. Wolfe and
Henrv Allen Rrainoril rt tha nnw.
torial brigade. Mr. Cutright was pre
sented with a half-pint of gasoline
to run his new jitney presented him
this week by his friends. Mr. and Mrs.
rt.(.:t, . in i - i- i .
" s"i win tcavc iur ins uoincsicau
in Wyoming next Sunday.
Hartington Patriots
Send Message to Wilson
Hartington, Neb, March 1. (Spe
cial.) The biggest patriotic rally held
in this city since the outbreak of war
was held at the court house Sunday
Mapror Ham of Bloomfield was the
principal speaker.- Other speakers
were: Rev. Ferd. Schnuettgen of this
city, Rev. Joseph Bosheck of Crofton
and Jacob Ruger of Hartington.
nv.'-o. vvesion, cnairman ot tne
' County Council of Defense, presided.
, Music was furnished by the Harting
ton band and a quartet, and the Home
Guards attended the meetinar in a
body. The court house was crowded
to 4he doors and an overflow meeting
was held at the Lyric theater .
Great enthusiasm prevailed and at
the close of the meeting a telegram
of encouragement was sent to Presi
dent Wilson, pledging him the undi
vided support and loyalty of the peo-
Valley Grain Men Get
, ' All the Cars -Needed
(From a Staff Correspondent)
r Lincoln, March 1. (Special.) C.
Herbert Coy of the Coy Seed com
pany of Valley, called at the state
house to see Governor Neville today,
but the governor was out of the citv.
He would not state his mission.! In
' speaking of the car shortage Mr. Coy
aid at Valley there had been little
trouble to get cars for shipment of
grain when needed.
"Sometimes we had to wait a day
'or two," said Mr. Coy, "but general
ly we were able to get cars as iast
. as we could dry the corn out so it
couM safely be shipped.
(From a Staff Correepondsnt)
Lincoln, Feb. 28. (Special.) The
total amount necessary to pay the
running expenses of the state has
nearly doubled since 1912. according
to figures compiled by Secretary O.
A. Bernecker of the State Board of
Assessment, the total amount with
the levy being as follows:
Tear. MIIU. Total. Year. Milts. Total,
lilt. ..20 S2.4AI.C33 1915. .6.80 II 29,636
lilt. .T. IS 1,671,38s ll...l 3,066,064
1114. .LI! 3,631,086 1917. .8.41 4,470,117
Of these amounts the different uni
versity funds, normal school, state
institution improvement, state aid
bridge and state aid road funds re
ceived a good share, while the rest
went to tne general fund, which re
ceived the following:
Tear. MUla. Total. Tear. Mllle. Total.
1111. .1.20 S!,4l,t3S tlt..f.a 3,2C,S2
1IU..T.SS M71.m 11S. ..! 3,056,664
1114.. .1.1 t.lll.lll 1I1T...S.I 1.001,316
Hearing Postponed in
Wheat Hoarding Case
Beatrice. Neb.. March 1 (Special.
Louie Fellwock, a Beatrice farmer
charged with hoarding 16,000 bushels
of wheat on his farms in Lancaster
count v. and allowing it to rot. re
turned home yesterday from Lincoln
his hearing befor the State Council of
Defense having been postponed until
Mr. Fellwock states he has not
more than 8,000 bushels of wheat, and
that it is not spoiled as reported.
N. G. Hentses and Miss Ethe
Thompson, both of this city, were
married yesterday noon at the home
of the bride s parents, Mr. and Mrs
Lou Thompson, Rev. Will Thompson
uncle of the bride, oinciating.
Tt a meeting of the Commercial
club yesterday a committee was ap
pointed to call a meeting at the um
mercial club next Tuesday evening
to organize a home guard company
for the purpose ot protecting the
business interests of the city against
alien enemies.
J. W. Mayer, former ' .mayor of
Beatrice, and Will 1 nomas, p., tiled
for the offices of city commissioner.
The time limit for filing petitions
exnires Saturday evening.
Mrs. Edgar Brown, an old resident
of Blue Springs, died at her home
there yesterday, aged about 71 years.
She ii survived by two daughters,
Larria and Mae Brown.
Gasfj county will not send its last
IS per cent completing its quota for
the first draft. Orders were received
last evening , cancelling previous in
structions to send five men to Camp
Funston next Tuesday. Credits have
been given the county for enlistments
which will more than cover tne pre
scribed quota.
"German Kultur the Foe of Amer
ican Ideals," was the subject of an
address delivered yesterday to the
commercial club by Kev. A. M.
Keitzel of this city.
Briefly outlining war conditions
in Europe and explaining the food
situation there, Oscar Mitchell, who
recently returned from the trenches
in France, gave sn address last even
ing to a large crowd in the Christian
cnurcn, . i .
Last Quota of Selects '
; Will Leave Soon for Camp
York, Neb., March l.-(Special)-
i uesday, March 5, is the date for the
last quota of York county boys to
leave tor the army. Nineteen men have
been selected.
A York citizen last Sunday found
a certificate of deposit in the family
uiDie ior $tvv, wnicn naa oeen tssuea
14 years ago by a bank in Stromsburg.
The certificate bears interest from
In district court the case of the state
aoainct Dr P aw T Avail rbunJ ill.
wife desertion was settled after being
almost ready to submit to the jury.
The defendant agreed to support his
wife and child and pay the costs of
the suit
Mrs. Addie Warnick of York snd
Lharles Green of Aurora were mar
ried February 26 at the home of the
brides sister at Lexington. Neb.
The Welfare board has made a
movement toward securing medical
inspection in the York public schools.
The German Interdenominational
Brotherhood convention of Nebraska
will be held at the German Congrega
tional church. The first meeting will
be held Saturday evening. The con
vention will close Sunday evening at
the first Congregational church.
. i i
Shipments Investigated
By State Food Officers
Kearney, Neb., March 1. (Special)
Persistent work of the food admin
istration officers has brought to light
many pecutiar conditions which ham
per the federal food movements.
There was brought to light here a
case involving shipment of flour con
signed by the Lexington (Neb.) Mills
to Europe. I he shipment was billed
out at Lexington on November 10 for
New Orleans, and. according to in
formation filed with the district food
commissioner, it has not yet arrived.
There is also a checking up of the
stores of grain held by farmers, done
under direction of C. G. Bliss, in
charge of the work in this district
One farmer is credited -with holding
12,000 bushels of wheat This supply
represents fhe crop of several years
back and the farmer has refused a
premium price for his grain.
Nuckolls County Couple
Celebrate Golden Wedding
Nelson. Neb.. March. 1. (Special.)
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Galley, who on
Wednesday celebrated their golden
wedding, came to .Nebraska in the
early 70s and took a homestead in
Nuckolls county near, the county seat.
Mr. Galley is a native of Pennsyl
vania, while his bride was born in
Toulon. 111., from which state Mr.
Galley went to serve in the civil war.
He was in Andcrsonviue prison tor
some three months and was reported
dead. - On Christmas day following
his funeral sermon was preached by
the local pastor in Toulon. He took
for his text, "Thy brother shall rise
again." .
Bloomfield Is Third in
; Reserve Registration
Bloomfield. Neb- March 1 (Spe
cial) According to word received
from Lincoln by Postmaster Fried
richs, Bloomfield has the largest reg
istration in the public service reserve
of any town in the state, excepting
Omaha and Lincoln. Twenty-four reg
istered from here to help Uncle dan
in his ship building program.
Secretary of State Pool Holds
It Will Be Necessary to Elect
New Officers of Special
(From a Staff CorreeBondenL)
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.)
secretary oi it ate rooi holds that
when the snprial critinn nf thf toons.
lature convenes it will be necessary
to organize, tne same as at the be
ffinninc of a n,i iriitnn
"The organization of the last ses
sion was made for the session," said
Mr. fooi. "When the session ad
inttrnrd sin HiV that mAA ha aa.
. ...... ..wu h. . evo
sinn and ihe trm nf th nffi-ra
lected for that session. Of course, the
name nld n(Hrn fir as tha.. ara
able to attend may serve, but they
win nave to De re-elected just as if
it was an entirely new session.
The nffirrra nf tha l3ct canst
elected were John Mattes of Ne-
nrasica wiy, president pro tern; E. A.
Walrath of Osceola.
I. Dold of Stockville, first assistant;
raui xoung of Nebraska City, second
assistant! Rev Tama Hff nf Omha
chaplain; Thomas Costello of Grand
Tl J . . ...
jsianu, icrgcam-ai-arms; w. u. MC
Cllllv nf CnllimhllQ ascistnnt arra-nt
at lrffll' Tama CmrVr nf Corikn.
postmaster, and Lucius Leslie of
uovq, engrossing cierK.
In the honae th nffirr u....
George Jackson of Nelson, speaker;
v urge roni oi .dudois, cniet clerk;
Walter Weis of Hebron and J. W.
Kelley of Merna, assistants; Jason
TuHsnn A Piirr rf AIKsm-. aca.'aHt.
f - . w 'viwi m&jimam. .
Rev. Thomas Davis of Seward, chap
Several Seward County
Residents Receive Injuries
Seward. Neb- March 1. fSneeian
Ralph Oaks, while doing some
piumoing work was terribly burned
yesterday when "blomer ' exploded
Carl Kearis, while feeding a corn
shredder on the Vance farm near
Milford sustained a crushed arm ne
cessitattng its amputation.
George Sweasy of Milford, while
returning rofm Beaver Crossing was
uijuitu aujiiuiy in a car collision.
Prof. J. C. Greenund. former an.
nerintendent of schools at Utica has
been elected to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of County
Superintendent W. H. Brokaw, who
goes to the University of Nebraska
to do extension work.
L. L. Stava. cashier of the Bank o
Bet, this county, lost one eye by a
blow from a sunflower stalk, while
hunting. Mic other eye is now af
fected. Miss Hazel Case, who is lerving
her sixth year as instructor in the
seventh and eighth grades at Milford
has resigned her position to accept a
place in the War department at
Building Permits for
February Show Decrease
February reports of the building in
spector shows a decrease in buildina;
permits granted in Omaha. Following
are the hgures:
Fermtta. Valua.
Fakraarr. Hl. ...... 44 t 1S,0
rib ary, llf. SS S9S.II5
Total thU yar SI 484,010
km parM, lift...., Ill 1.1SS.7I0
Pythlans to Go to Fremont.
Fremont, Neb,. March 1. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Triumph lodge, No.
iZ, Knights of Pythias at. the regular
meeting voted to invite the Grand
lodge to meet in Fremont next may.
urand Chancellor ti. A. bast of Lu
coin, called on officers of the lodge a
few days ago and informed them that
if the local lodge would extend the
invitation it would be accepted.
Raise Money lor Funston.
Fremont Neb- March 1. (Special
Telegram.) The fund for the Ne
braska building at Camp Funston has
reached a total of $350 in Fremont,
and the committee of home guards has
not completed its work canvassing.
A number of towns in the county have
pledged sums. It is expected Dodge
county will raise several times iti
Herman Williams.
Ralph H. Herman of Nickerson,
Neb., and Mabel C Williams of Fre-
mant, Neb., were married at the
Young Men's Christian association
Friday afternoon by Rev. B. R. Van
dercliff, castor of the Clifton Hill
Presbyterian church. C. J. Cunning
ham and J. J. Cooke witnessed the
Beatrice. Neb.. March 1. Snerial
Telegram.) Elmer D. Hensel and
Mary Irankforter. both of Tobias.
Neb., were married here todav bv
Judge, O'Keefe.
Soldi a Hum Jtaiaa,
Grand IalaaO. liar. 1 StcUl.t Riv. Mr.
Haata aa mt tha Ftrat Mathodltt eh arch ot
Orand laland officiated at tha fnnaral oi
Mra. Colvart, which took 4aaa at tha Homo
chapa! on Monday afternooa at S o'clock.
Tha ramalna wera Intarred la tha Grand
uiaaa comaier?. i
Chariot H. Joaea. lata of Coranany Jl.
Third lllchlran cavalry, dlaA Thar day.
Mr. Jonea waa it yoara of at at tha time
of hla admittance to Burkeit an Jaae 14,
A latter haa boea roeeiyed from Joha
Browa at Camp Dody, Denting. N.
formerly a hoapltal atewart at tha home,
to the effect that he haa been promoted to
a pealtlon In the field hoapltal. Bow having
cnarva oi toe pneumonia "era.
William Madden, who anitalned painful
Injurlea laat January aa the reault of a fall,
la eohrateadna; nicety and ta' How able te
be about with the aid of crutchea.
Tha atata encampment of the Orand
Army af tha Republle will be held at
Seward, Nab., la May.
A ttoeoa oa Iadlana,
One afternoon the leaeon In a paella
arhoet related to tao American ladtaa, whea
the teacher pauaed and aakud If any boy or
(Irl coala tell her what the lcadera of tha
vaiinua ttlbea ware called.
They are called ehlef waa tha ready
reaponaa of a brtaht little ilrl at the head
of tha claaa. '
Thafa riaht." am lied tha teacher, ap
provingly. "Now can anybody tell ma What
the women of the trtbea are called?" f
For a moment there, waa an Impressive el.
lence. Every little mind wa thinking bar.
finally Jimmy Brown' hand wont op.
"Well, Jimmy," aald tha teacher, "what
are the women of the trtbea called T"
"Mla Chiefs, " anawered Jimmy proudly,
if not gallantly. Philadelphia Telegraph.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
Charles W. Bryan Prepares
Statement Outlining His Views
(From a Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, March 1 (Special.)
Charles W. Bryan today said he is
preparing a proclamation which will
give his ideas oi the kind of legisla
tion that should be enacted by the
next legislature. He was passing
through the state house on his way to
his office.
, "Will it be your platform as a can
didate for governor," he was asked.
"I am not prepared to say just now
what my intentions are," was the re
ply. "Perhaps in a few weeks or per
Pass Measure Permitting
Women Lodge Membership
Grand Island, Neb. March 1.
(Special.) A measure to admit
women to membership in the Ancient
Order of United Workmen of Neb
raska, was introduced Thursday at
a meeting of the grand finance com
mittee. The measure carried unani
mously, and will be submitted to
the subordinate lodges for approval.
Reports from lodges in jurisdic
tions where women are permitted
active membership, state the project
has proven satisfactory.
. Presi 'pnt
Initial Presentation of
Charmingly Modeled Tailleur Suits
Trimmed Millinery for
Maid and Matron
DIFFICULTIES seemingly insurmountable have been
overcome, and for this new season this store's
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VftVJ'JwWS tMVfff)M Lm ttlSaUt SMaWlf 4k oj)MrlV
Weae Lei-. WaleritM A Bertie. Mdtlee Pet
Bsaet Chant. It Mu'lflunt Settlaet.
LAST sgshpa. m 42:lg
Eatira) New Skew Tomorrow
I If.
haps days I may" and then his
eyes turned cautiously toward the
open door through which could be
seen the spacious private office of the
executive, and the sentence was never
"Won't you have a smoke?" said the
ex-mayor as he moved over toward
the cigar stand."
"No, thank you," replied the re
porter, "I don't smoke, and as Mr.
Bryan continued his journey down
the corridor, the newspaper man be
gan his daily grind in search of state
house scandal.
State Pays Much Money
. For Telephone Service
(From a Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, March 1, It costs the
state $17,848.72 for telephone service
last year, according to figures pre
pared in the office of the state, audi
tor. Of this amount, $6,346 was from the
university and normal schools; $4,
943.34 from the 15 state institutions
and the State Board of Control and
the balance covering the service for
the state house, mansion, etc,
Food Conservation h the First Duty of Every American
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Batotdar Mcbl-'-Biebstd IIL"
PrioMt WtMs. la ta Il ia.
Ms t ll.eO.
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.) The
car chortage in Nebraska has again
reached the acute stage, according to
the State Council of Defense. Vice
Chairman Coupland has sent the fol
lowing message to Washington to W.
S. Gilford, director of the Council of
National Defense:
"Car situation in Nebraska again
very acute. Temporary relief came for
about two weeks. At present time
scarcely any empty cars arriving from
the east. Unless quick relief comes
very, very serious loss of foodstuffs
will result Please urge immediate as
sistance by the government, so as to
avoid great loss to the nation. We are
urging maximum production in spite
of the fact that Nebraska's crops are
still unable to be marketed.
S. R. McKeivie Addresses
Keith Community Club
Oealalla. Neb.. March l-(Special)
The Keith County Community club
held its annual banquet last evening at
the opera house. S. R. McKeivie, edi
tor of the Nebraska Farmer, made the
after-dinner address.
full realization of present demands, we have assembled a
Oxidized buckles
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a s Mrwrr wtetw S
5; an vw tw ew m
Last Times Today
in 'The Flash of Fate"
I ATUDAD 24tk4
Laat Ttnea Totlar
When Buying Advertised
Goods Say You Read of
Them in The Bee
Alien Property Placed 1
Where Will Do Most Good
(From a Start Correspondent)
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.) Sev
eral weeks ago the secret service de
partment of the Nebraska State Coun
cil of Defense discovered that an
enemy alien, living in Germany, was
preparing to collect on a Nebraska
farm mortgage and to dispose of a
quantity of Nebraska corn owned by
this alien. Report of the fame was
made to A. Mitchell Palmer,- alien
property custodian at Washington.
The State Council has received this
letter from the alien property cus
todian: "As a result of your letter, the alien
property custodian is today in receipt
of a report showing $2,100 in cash and
700 bushels of corn that is property
of the alien enemy to whom you re
ferred. Appropriate measures have
been taken to put this cash and corr
where it will do the most good."
State Warrants Issued.
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.)
Nearly as many warrants were issued
in the office of the state auditor in
the short month of February as were
issued in the previous month, but the
amount was only about half as much.
Warrants in February numbered 4,528
in tha tntat atnnnnt nf $74.35l.l9.
while in January there were 5,686 war-
rants drawn tor a total ot
V. -Pres. and Gen. Mgr.
Nary blue
Midnight blue
Mist gray
Artillery blue
Brown checks
Black and white checks
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The Birth of a Nation"
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