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    The Bee's Special Sunday
Sport Pages
Commander at Camp Dodge
Advises Champion to Apply for
, Less Furloughs for Profes-
. sional Engagements. '
y": ' V"
' The Earl Caddock-Ad Santel
orld' v championship wrestling
match, scheduled to be staged at the
Omaha Auditorium February 21, was
called off last night by Carl Marfisi,
who was to promote the event.
The postponement, according to a
wire received from Marfisi late last
night, is only temporary.
According to Marfisi. the extensive
publicity given" the Caddock-Zbyszko
match 'at Des Moines Friday nigsjt-4
prompted the commanding orhcer ot
Camp Dodge, where Caddock is sta
tionef as a private in the national
army, to order the champion to cut
down on the number of professional
matches in which he was booked to
The officer explained his action by
pointing out that the publicity results
ing from such matches might attract
the attention of higher ups in, the
army with the result that suspension
of. all furloughs for such purposes
' might be ordered by the War depart
ment. ,
Must Stick to Camp.
For this reason the Camp Dodge
7commartder declared he deemed it
imperative that Caddock remain in
camp and not make application for
furlough's too often.
This forced Marfisi to'cancel the
Omaha' match, which was to have
been only 10 days away.
Marfesj, however, hopes to be able
to promote the match at a later date.
Hoosier Fans Confident;
l ! Lajoje Will Be Manager
Supporters of the Indianapolis club
of the American association are ap
parently convinced that Larry Lajoie,
the former Cleveland star, will be ap
pointed manager to succeed Jack
Hendricks, the new" leader of the St.
Louis Nationals.
James C. McGill. president of the
clip, who is spending the winter, in
Los Angeles, wrote that the man he
is after "will fdl a-playing position
and will be a splendid man for the
club," Lajoie piloted the Toronto
club to a championship in the Inter
national league last season.
It is said that McGill plans to an
. nouncc the name of the new manager
at the schedule meeting of 'the as
sociation to be held in Milwaukee on
February 28. "
Silver King, Famous Yet, ;
No Longer Is -Diamond Fan
Silver King, once as great as any
pitcher in the world, has been found in
St. Louis and his occupation is now
that of a bricklayer. Base ball fans
whose memory extends back two de-
.xades and more, when the national
sport was not the "established enter
prise it now is, will remember old
, Silver King well. In 1886 he was with
St. Joseph club in the old Western
league, and the next year joined the
' Kansas City club. He was a member
of the St., Louis Browns when that
' team won four pennants. During the
20 years since he quiV the diamond
he has not seen a single major league
game, having lost all interest in the
sport . . ' 0
, Ross Leads Flyers to Win
, In Coast Swimming Tourney
. Nqrman Ross, holder of a number
of American and world's swimming
records, recently demonstrated the
fact that learning to fly does not im
pair one s natatorial prowess. Ross
is preparing to become an aviator
' with Uncle Sam's army and for some
time has devoted his attention and
energy entirely to the matter of fly
ing instead of swimming.'
At a recent swimming meet held at
the Olympic club at San Francisco,
Ross, as captain ot an aviation swim
mini team, won six' events and score(
25 Doints for the flyers out of the 31
bv that team. Incidentally Ross
broke his own America record for
the 500-yard swim in a special event,
Carrigan to Pilot Red
Hose Again, Says Report
In view of the probability that Jack
Barry will have to remain on active
duty at the Charleston navy yard
this year, a report has circulated
throuith BostdV that . Williarrp Car
rigan will returnVto the management
of the Red Sox. Carrigan retired
from the came a year ago after
vainlv demanding a salary of $25,000,
and .went into the banking business
up in Maine. It issaid he i anxious
to set back in. harness, and it is a
; certainty that his coming would be
a big help to the Red Sox in the race
for the nag this year.
George Stovall Swings
; Hammer in Ship Yards
George Stovall, former manager of
the Cleveland Americans, is doing his
bit swinging a sledgehammer in a
.'. ship yard at a "Pacific port," accord
ing to word received by friends.
Stovall believe the work will reduce
his weight and improve his batting
' eye for the coming season. He man
aged the Vernon club of the Pacific
. Coast league last season.
McCarthy in Class 1
' John McCarthy, second baseman
for the Louisville American A!So;
ciation club, who resides in Phila
delphia, received wo:d from his local
'exemption board that he has been
: placed in the third section of the first
classification, which seems to make
.'certain that he will be seen in a
;Louisvilue uniform this spring. The
district in which McCarthy lives is
- large and the next drat it is believed,
will hardly include his name.
Vj , ' Duncan in Trance.
'Jim Duncan, holder of the world's
discus record, is a first sergeant of the
Eleventh .engineers now on duty in
France. '
Woman's Ski Title is Won
By Pretty Chicago Lassie
4 "-
, r '
IS'''''' ' ' ' ' I - ' i ij?
Miss Hilda Erlandsen of Chicago, is
the woman's national ski champion.
She won the titje from a field of 12
starters recently at Gary, Ind.
Miss Erlandsen crossed tire line
first in a two-mile cross-country race
and also finished first in two short
races. " N '
The Chicago girl is a enthusiast of
the Norse sport and spends much
Champior Takes First Fall,
Pole the second; Finish in
Two and Half Hours -Agreed
Time. .
(By Auoclatcd frcst.)
Des Moines, la., Feb. 9. Earl, Cad
dock of Anita, la,, a private in the
national army, w awarded a ref
eree's decision over Wladek Zbyszko,
the Polish wrestler, in . their match
last night, after each participant had
won a fall. '
Caddack won' the first fall in one
hour and 22 minutes. Caddock pinned
his opponent to the mat by a quick
shift from a half-neUou Ao a head
scissors and wrist lock. -
Zbyszko won the second fall in 31
minutes with a side hip lock.
When the agreed limit o two and
a half hours of actual wrestling had
expired at 1:15 a. m. Ketcree. hd.
Smith, of Chicago awarded the con
test to the Iowan.
' Caddock Was Stunned
In the second fall, Caddock was
temporarily stunned and this slowed
him up visibly in the final 61 minutes
ot wrestling. Zbyszko had raised
himself with Caddock on his back,
and i the Pole executed Ahe fall by
hurling himself backward to the floor,
pinning Caddock beneath him.
Inter-League Games'
Carded This Spring
April 1 Boston National, against New
Tork Americana, at Macon, Ga.
April 3 Boston Nationals against New
York Americans, at Dublin, da.
April 3. Boston Nationals against New
Tork Americans, at Augusta, Oa.
April 4 Cleveland Americans against
New York Nationals, at Dallas, Tex. lis
ten Nationals against New York Americans,
at Orangeburg, 8. C. i
April 6 Detroit Americans against Cln
clnnatl Nationals, at Fort Worth, Tex. Bos
ton Nationals against New York Americans,
at Columbia, 8. C. (Nevela nil Americans
against New York Nationals- at Dallas, Tex.
April Detroit Americans against Cin
cinnati Nationals, at Oklahoma City? Bos
ton Nationals against New York Americana.
at Greenville,. 8. C. Cleveland Americans
against New York Nationals, at Houston,
Tex. ' 8t. Louis Nationals against St. Louis
Americans, at St. Louis.
April 7 Detroit Americana against Cin
cinnati Nationals, at Oklahoma City. St.
Louis Nationals against St Louis Americans,
at 8t. Louis. Cleveland Americans against
New York Nationals, at Houston, Tex.
April SIIostou American against Brook
lyn Nationals, at Mobile. Cleveland Ameri
cans against New. York Nationals, at New
Orleans. Boston Nationals against New
York Americans, at Spartanburg, 8. C. , De
trolt Americans against Cincinnati' Na
tionals, at Tuisa. Okl.
April f 8t. Louis Nationals against St
Louis Americans, at 8t. Louis. Datrblt
Americana against Cincinnati Nationals, at
Muskogee, tiki. Boston Nationals against
New York Americans, at Charlotte, N. C
Cleveland Americana against New York Na
tionals, at New Orleans.
April 1 Detroit Americana against Cin
cinnati Nationals, at Fort Smith, Ark.
Boston Nationals against New York Ameri
cans, at Oreensboro, N. C. Cleveland Amer
icana against New York Nationals, at New
Orleans. 6t Louis Nationals against St
Louis Americans, at St. IauIs.
April It Detroit Americana against Cln
clnnstl Nationals, at- Little Rock. Boston
Nationals against New York Americans, at
Petersburg. Va. Cleveland Americans against
New York Nationals, at Memphrsr-St Louis
National! .against Bt. Louts Americans, at
8t Louia.
AdtII 13 Detroit Americans galnst Cin
cinnati Nationals, at Memphis. Cleveland
Americans against New York Nationals, at
ChaVtsnooga. . Brooklyn Nationals against
New York Americans, at Brooklyn.
April It Detroit Americana against Cin
cinnati Nationals, at ' Cincinnati. Boston
Nationals against Washington Americans, at
Washington. Cleveland Americans against
New York Nationals, at Lexington, Ky. 8t.
Louis Nationals against' St. Louis Ameri
cans, at Be Louis. New York Americans
against Brooklyn Nationals, at Brooklyn.
April 14 Detroit Americans against Cin
cinnati Nationals, at Cincinnati. Button
Nationals against New York Americans, at
Ntward, N. J,
The Omaha Sunday Bee
of her spare time on skis. She not
only has learned the knack of travel
fug ast on the long runners, but she
is said to be a skillful jumper al
though this strenuous part of the
Norseland pastime usually is reserved
for the men.who seem to be luckier
than women went it comes to flirting
with a broken neck or cracked spinal
Bemon & Thornes
Will flay Wesleyan
.The Benson and Thornes, Oma
ha's independent- basket ball cham
pions, will clash with the fast Ne
braska Wesleyan quintet at the
Omaha Young Men's Christian as
sociation next Saturday light.
The following men now are mem
bers of the 3enson & Thome
team: George Parish, Kenneth
Klepsenj Bob Koran, . Warren
Ritchie, Edward Burdick, Merritt
Klepser, Clyde Smith, Herbert
-Dana, Gilbert Fullington, John
Reel and Bromley.
Outfielder Who Jumped the
Rourkes Last Spring Tires of
Copper Country and Seeks
Old Cyrus
Forsythe, the well
Kid, wants to come
known Tango
Cvrus is in Hayden, Ariz. Last
April, two days after the 1917 season
opened, Forsythe jumped the Rourkes
in Denver for Arizona, tie lett at
night and the first intimation Rourke
or his fell6w players had that For
sythe had departed came when a
bunch of postal cards arrived at the
hotel. On thes cards Cyrus in
formed his mates he was on his way
to Arizona to play in the Copper
Yesterday Ta Rourke received a
letter from Forsythe in which Cyrus
expressed an ardent appeal to be
taken back into the fold of organized
ball. He's had enough of the copper
country, he wrote, and he wants to
return to Omaha.
Whether Rourke will -take For
sythe back or not is not known. Cy
rus became a contract jumper when
he left the Rourkes and contract
jumping is an offense over which the
national board of arbitration has
jurisdiction. A heavy penalty is at
tached. Rourke may, however, have
Cy restored to good graces, as or
ganized ball may need a few players
like Cy if the war continues.
Finals in Big Bonspiel
To Be Flayed This Morninq
The semi-final and final rounds in
the first annual Omaha curling bon
spiel will be played at Miller park
this morning, starting at 9 o'clock.
The following team will clash in the
semi-final round
R. G. Watson, skip; ST II. Wilson,
George Dunn, John Syme against W.
J. Mlislop. skip: Tom Leuchars, Ed
Higgins, C. K. Denman.
H. E. Fcrnandes, skip: C M. John
ston, C. J. Ferrandes. Charles Gran
den against'Alex Mclvin, ski j; W. D.
Brydon, J. K. Finlayson, George
Several .earns tested out the ice at
Miller park yesterday. Alex Melvin
skipped S. H. Wilson, C JC Sadler,
John Finlayson and Frank Golden to
victory, over W. J. Hislop, skip; C.
M. Johnson, M. M. Levings. Dicker
Porter and J. K. Finlayson. Melvin's
team Won by three points in a 19-end
game.v -,
Later Melvin skipped a rink com
posed of S. H. Wilson, H. Goodrich
and J. McCall against Charles John
ston, C. J. Fernande?, Dick Porter
and J. H. Hussie, but lost. 16 to 9. ,
E, S. Dodds, aided by W. D. Bry
don and Angus McPherson, beat Joe
Polcar, W. J. Hislop and Frank
Golden, IS to 12.
, Lodsrecole Defeats Sidney.
Lodgepole, Neb., Feb. 9. (Special
Telegram.) Lodgepole high school
team won a game of basket ball over
SMney here Friday night.
Mulligan's Men to Invade South
Friday and Saturday for
Games at St. Joseph and
Kansas City.
After a string of overwhelming vic
tories on the home floor the Central
High basket ball team taces the road
and starts in pursuit of the scalps of
neighboring high schools this week.
St. Joseph and Kansas City are the
first ones booked for slaughter by the
local champs. Lincoln and Beatrice
come the following week and Sioux
City and Fort Dodge the next.
Central High has made a fine record
l during the last few weeks. The local
institutions and even Lincoln were
easy pickings.' Although Council
Bluffs slipped one over on the Purple
and White in'the first clash of the sea
son, the beating that the Iowa boys
received in the return contest showed
that the first game was accidental.
University Place, which has one of the
hest teams in this oart of the country,
also succumbed to the Central boys'
brand of play by a two-point margin.
Central is fortunate in having four
of her veterans in the lineup this year.
Besides these, Coach Mulligan Iras de
veloped two good players out of Rus
sell and A. Smith.
St. Joseph Friday.
St. Joseph is reported to have a
first-class quintet to fight the local
five at St. Joseph Friday afternoon. St
Joseph has won four games and lost
three, piling up 306 counters to ner
opponents' 227. Coach Dittemore has
a squad of 30 from which to pick his
team. Packwood is reported as a sen
sational forward. Bealls and Full play
guard and Whitehead and Sollan for
ward and center.
The game with Kansas City Satur
day afternoon will be the first played
between that school and Central High
for many years. The Missouri team
has gone through three seasons with
out a defeat. Her players are all de
mons at the game, according to re
ports from down the. river,
Kay See Dangerous.
Duval!, captain, is said to be the
flashiest, speediest, crack shot that
ever helped , a Kansa3 City team to
victory. Duvall has achieved special
reknown as- an expert dribbler and
basket tosser. More than 33 goals
have been tossed by him this season.
Browning is tied with him in this re
spect. Foster, however, is the crack
flipper who had made 38 field goals up
to a week ago. x
The Kansas Citv earn will be the
hardest on the" schedule, according 4o
local opinion. Fort Dodge next week
is also expected to give the locals a
hard run. , -
Central's large schedule will close
with a home game against St. Joseph
on Marcly9.
Champ's Views orv Boxing
Change After Packey Mix
The first boxing exhibition at Camp
Zachary Taylor jndicated that the
ranks of the national army are not
without men who know how to handle
themselves in the ring.
All of the seven matches were three-
round, no decision affairs. They were
without exception fast from start, to
hnish and were enthusiastically ap
plauded by hundreds of enlisted men
and officers who attended.
The main bout was between Packev
McFarfand, boxing instructor, and
Larry Larrison, who claims the cham
pionship of southern Illinois. The
Illinois soldier was no match for Mc
Farland, however, and after the bout
admitted that his ideas about boxing
had undergone a radical change.
Instructor McFarland recently in
putting a class through its exercises
took on a colored recruit for three
rounds, who, after the first round, ex
claitrled: "Good Lawd, I never saw
so many gloves before. . Before the
beginning of the third round someone
in the crowd acquainted the colored
recruit with the identity of his oppo
ncnt, whereupon he quit the ring, say
insr: "I can't eo no further." "That's
how you cad 'get by' on your reputa
tion, Mcrarland remarked.
Joe Qeschger to Coach
Coast College Players,
Pitcher Joe Oeschger, alumnus of
St. Mary's college, has been named to
assist in coaching the California
school's base ball squad in the spring,
Oeschger was St. Mary's star pitcher
when the Phillies landed him.
Cubs Get Daly.
A recent American league bulletin
of contracts and releases shows 1 that
Catcher Tom Daly has been released
by th Cleveland Americans to the
Chicago Nationals. Last fall the Chi
cago club thought it had purchased
Daly from Buffalo, bu& Cleveland
stepped in with an option.' The Cubs
get him, but they settle with Cleveland.
Monarch of Mound Kicks Becausi
His Fair Name Is Taken in Vain
When Grover Cleveland Alexander,
monarch' of the modnd, shook the dust
of Omaha from his heels and beat it
fox the city of the sleeping .dead,
sometimes "known as Philadelphia, it
was t)n a business errand.
Among several things that Alex is
going to see about is the editor of an
afternoon paper of large circulation
which three or four times a week
publishes a signed story by the
pitcher. Alexander expressed great
indignation at this liberty taken by
the paper. "I don't write any of the
articles, nor do I give any base ball
facta to anybody to put in newspaper
shape," says Alex. "
"I had a contract with a syndicate
man that expired last summer. These
articles are appearing just the same
Former Western Leaguer
Who Will Lead St. Louis
I - Nto - L;
."i ""yX
Jack Hendricks, former pilot of the
Denver Bears in the Western league
and later manager of the Indianapolis
club in the American association, is
the second famous "busher" to step
into a managerial position in the big
show. The first was Clarence Row:
land, who led the Chicago White Sox
to a world's championship last year.
Hendricks is a real manager, Omaha'
fans believe. When he was at Den
ver the Bears were scrappy fighters
Mat Fam Dish Out
$24,000 to See Go
Des Moines, la, Feb. 9. Nearly
8,000 persons paid more than $24,000
to see the wrestling match here last
night in which Earl Caddock of
Anita, Ia national army private,
was awarded a referee's decision
over Wladek ' Zbyszgo after they
had wrestled two and a half hours.
- i
Cracks From Nebraska, Iowa,
Illinois, Missouri and Okla
homa Are to Play in
; Tourney.
.Whisters will have their Inning in
Omaha this week. Thursday, Friday
snd Saturday, the 24th annual meeting
of the Central Whist association will
be held at the Hotel Rome.
The tournament proper will be held
Friday and Saturday, on "which days
the card sharks will clash for the
Richards challenge trophy, the St.
Joseph trophy and the Schmelzer
The Richards challenge trdphy goes
to the winners of the team play; the
St. Joseph trophy, to the winners of
a pair contest and the Schmelzer
trophy to the winners of a free-for-all
pair contest irnder the Mitchell pro
gressive system.
Thursday night, a preliminary com
pleted pair contest will betaged. 4
Whisters""" from Omaha, Council
Bluffs, Sioux City, .Elk Point, S. D.,
Grand Island, Perry, Okl., St. Joseph,
Wakefield, York, Kansas City,
Bartlesville, Okl., Broken Bow and
Chicago are expected to take part.
St. Joseph and Sioux City, it is said,
will send large delegations as both
cities are after the 1919 tourney.
C. W. Martin of Omaha is president
of the Central Whist association and
J. A. Abbott of Omaha is secretary.
They will have charge of the tourney.
Eleven Brownies Sign;
.Former Omaha Star Is One
With the signing of Infielder Jimmy
Austin, 11 members of the St. Louis
Americans are now in the fold. Aus
tin accepted , a reduction in salary
without protest, as he said he appre
ciated the conditions facing the game
at this time.
The list of players under contract
for the 1918 season are:
Inf.elders Sisler, Gerber, Austin
and Gedeon.
Outfielders Tobin, Demmit and
Earl Smith:
Pitchers Loudermilk, Liefield and
Catcher Nunamaker.
under my own signature although I
have nothing more to do with ttrem
than the resident of the Chinese re
public and moreover have, never re
ceived a dollar of pay since last sum
mer, when the contrac expirea.
"I want everybody to know that I
am not writing these articles or giv
ing any ideas to anybody else to write.
It's nothine more or less than a
swindle on the public when they put
my name over stories with which I
haven't the slightest thing to do.
"A friend sent me copies of the
newsoaoer since I was sold to the
Cubs and I was made to make asser
tions that are liable to set me in bad
both In Philadelphia and Chicago. I
am coins to see if a man's name
hasn't some protection." , . - -
All the Latest
AH the
" i
who always made trouble. Jack him
self is a fighter and never quits, no
matter iow the ball game is going.
When Jack was at Denver Omaha
fans had little love for Hendricks,
principally because Omaha and Den
ver were bitter rivals then, but now
that he has eone to St. Louis his ca
reer with the Cardinals will be
watched with interest and he will have
the troad will and eood wishes of
many an old-time enemy.
Gives Smashing 27 to 15
Defeat to Funston Flippers
After Trimming Dodge
on First Night.
Creighton, 27; Camp Funston, IS.
Creighton won all the honors in the
big triangular basket ball tournament
staged at the Creighton gym by de
cisively, defeating the vaunted Camp
Funston quintet in the last event ot
the three-game series. Creighten
vanquished Dodge on Wednesday
night. Dodge overwhelmed Funston
Thursday night. By taking the Fun
ston five to a thorough trimming last
night Creighton maintains its long
string of victories, and easily occu
pies one of the highest positions on
the pinnacle of baket balldom
throughout the west. ; Both Funston
and Dodge have beaten teams . all
over the west before coming to
Creighton, but th? Blue and White
.nnj ,ae th neer of them all.
In the contest last night the OmahaJ
five completely outclassed tne sot
diers, who strove desperately to stage
a comeback and wipe out the sting
of Thursday night's submission to
Dodge. But their best efforts came
to naught against the well-nigh im
pregnable defense of Tommy Mills
tCTh'e conflist from the first blast of
the referee's whistle was fast and furi
ous. There was little or no roughness
HJcniavprf parent when the army
men began to despair of ever attain-
in sr victory and made the tJlue ana
White team feel the brunt of their flis
nleasure. There wftr no individual stars on
the Creighton team. Each member of
the squad played a brilliant consistent
game froift first to last, and it was
their swaftness and never-failing team-
' work that proved, the undoing o:
Funston. I
The accurate coal shootuiR of Kear
ney and Haley was one of the fea
tures of the game. These . two
worthies simply ran rings around
their opponents: Captain Eddie Mull
holland, as usual, assumed the leader
ship in the attack.
Marvelous Floor Work
His fast floor work and heady feeding
of the ball to his two comrades proved
nothing short of marvelous.
At the guard positions Tom Berry
and Howard Vandiver were on the
alert every second and spoiled many
endeavors by Hodge and Lansing to
garner, a number of baskets.
Vic Spittler was out in uniform but
was not in good condition to play.
Leslie Burkenroad. one of Omaha's
products, did not start in the game for
runston. . He went in t the second
hajf and played a hard, determined
game throughout that pericd. But
guarded by Kearney, when he had the
ball, and with the watchtul eye of
Vandiver on him, he failed to make a
Scores Come Fast
Hodge, reputed to be an all-eastern
stat, was Funston's most aggressive
contender on the floor, and was in
the thick of every fray. He made two
field goals, and threw seven out of
a possible eleven fouls. Lieutenant
Modissette was also out of the game,
on account of an injury sustained in
the conflict with Dodge on Thursday
Sheckard to Go.
Chicago report has it that the sign
ing of Otto Knabe by the Cubs to act
as handyandy around the team will
mean the release of Jimmy Sheckard.
Sport N ews
Ed Holly, After Fifteen Years
of Diamond Service, May
Quit Game for Street
Railway Position.
! Spike .Shannon, who came to tle
! Western league shortly after the in
lauguration of the Dickerson regime
j last year, will be chief of the Western
league umpiring staff this season.
Shannon is one of the best umpires
the Western league has seen in years.
He is a capable judge of balls and
strikes and field plays, and he main
tains order on the field. Shannon,
like all umpires, has been guilty of
error in sight and judgment, but as
a rule he is-as reliable as can be ex
pected. Further, Shannon is the kind oi
umpire who keeps ball games moving
and that, in the eyes of many fans, is
the chief requisite of the hrst-clasj
Holly to Quit.
Ed Hollv, manager of the Sioux
City-St. Jo'seph team last year, may
quit base ball. .
Holly has landed a good paying job
with the street railway company m
St. Joseph. He likes the job and it
is reported he is loathe to give it up
for the uncertainties of base ball.
If Holly does quit, it will mark the
passing of a veteran of more than 1.")
years in base ball. Old-time Omaha
fans remember Holly way back in
1902 when he played shortstop for
Peoria. He was a youngster then,
just breaking in. Ife antf George Mc
Bride, now with the Washington Sen
ators, then with" St. Joseph, were the
two classiest shortstoppers in the
Gilmore, Too.
George Gilmore. one of Holly's hire
lings on the Sioux City-St. Joseph
club and another Western league et
eran, also is said to have announced
his intention to give up base ball.
Gilmore is traveling for Swift
Co. out of Sioux City. George Se
grist, former Western league ump, is
head of the Switt sales department
for that territory, and Gilmore be
lieves he has his job cinched so he
may forsake the diamond pastime for
all time. m
Don Rader, shortstop, and Tex
Crosbycatcher, may be sold by Ed
Hanlon to Kansas City. Ganzel is
said to be sweet on these Western
athletes and reports have it" that he
has made Hanlon a proposition which
the Sioux City-St. Joseph magnate is
likely to accept. Crosby was with
the Rourkes for a part of one season,
Izzy Optimistic.
Joe Berger again will lead Wichita,
Frank Isbell has announced. ;Isbell
is bubbling over w-tih confidence, ac
cording, to reports from the Kaw vil
lage, ami predicts the Western will
enjoy one of its most prosperous
years this seasoiu
Suggestion of a hitch in the Quincy
Hannibal combination for a Western
, leaeue franchise came to the surface
when it was learned the defunct Quin-
cy club still owes about $1,000 m un
paid salaries and back bills around
Jack Powell Is 44, But He
Has Ideas of Half That Age
Any big league bas ball manager
in need of a strong right handed
pitcher might do well to get in touch
with one Jack Powell, who lives in
St. Louis, Mo. He is six et-ta-ll,
weights about 230 pounds, is am
bitious, and has splendid habits. In
case present-day managers do not
know of hify, he offers the names of
Cy Young, Bill Lange and Amos
Rusie for references, for Jack played
ball withll those notables.
Powell m about 44 years young. He
nas oeen an inrougn one Dase Dan
career and now proposes to start an
other. He just can't help feeling he is
far superior to the average 22-year-old
who breaks in, and'anyway, he
thinks those 22-year-olds ought to be
in the war. For that reason he has de-1
cided to come forth when spring ar
rives and offer his services to any
wise manager who desires help onhc
pitching staff.
Benny Kauff Placed in
Fatal Class 1 of Draft
Bennie Kauff, star outfielder of the
New York Giants, was placed in class
one of tlie new selective draft, but it
is doubtfulif he will be called before
tlie middle of the season. The re
cent decision of the major league to
make the players carry their own
uniforms and baggage next summer
to simplify transportation will place
much hardship on poor Benny. He
cannot possibly survive a western trip
unless he has at least a dozen of his
favorite war clubs along with him.
If the players have to take care of
their bats this year Benny will be in a
fine fix.
Mary Wagner to Defend
Title of Indoor Champ
Miss Mary K. Wagner, national in
door tennis champion, is about to
oion i. a. u. ii kji mc iiitioor cnam
piohships, which arc to be held at!
Seventh Regiment armory. New York,'
in the near future. Miss Wagner ap-i
proves of the notable improvements!
made by Harry McNeal, the profes-'
sional tennis star, in the building of
courts for championships. One of the'
most notable improvements is the
hanging of dark green canvass at both
ends Of COUrtS. wliirli afWrl a f,n
'background so that the white ball
can easily re seen.
Orvie Seeks Office.
Orvie Overall, one-time star pitch
er of the Cubs ajid now a rancher near
Visalia, Cal.. is a candidate for sheriff
of his county.
Accept Britton's Terms. '
New Orleans promoters will mo
likely accept Jack Britton's terms for
a go with Johnny Dundee. Jack's fig.
ures are $1,500, win, lose or draw, J