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Spectacular Event Held on dampus at Lincoln Consists of
. . Events Ranging From Classical Greek, to Rol
licking Negro Minstrel Show, Di
i rected By Omaha Girl.
The .frolicsome spirit of the car
nival dominited the spectacular "Fete
of the Nations" staged last night by
the students of the University of Ne
braska in the Temple building at Lin
coln. ' Ten .tations were represented at the
big all-university festival and the
stunts of the various groups ranged
rom the aesthetic clasisism of an
cient Greece to the grotesque antics
.of the .southern negro minstrel.
' The girls f the physical education
department succeeded well in their
novel exhibit in which th; predomi
nant note was Russian. A Bolshevik
himself could find no fault with '.heir
Real ukeleles .and real Hawiian
songs and d.nces featured the grace
ful Hawiian act which was staged
under the dinctiDii of Luce Wilcox.
Winifred Williams and Carolyn Reed.
A distinctive hit was the minstrel
nhow given under the directio.i of
Maurea Hendee of Omaha. Ten fair
co-eds converted by make-up and full
dress suits into roilickinor darkies,
strummed banjoes, sang sons and
cracked jokes that convuUed the au
dience. The "Chocola'.j Drops," as they
were stvled. consisted of members of
the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and they
hail from various parts of the state.
They an: Ada Kibler, Kearney;
I' ranees Larsen and Hele Larsen, St.
Paul; Jane Beechler nd Marguerite
Ehlers, Scribner; Lucille Keith, Hast
ings; Jean Rankin and Gera! line
Itrown, Can, bridge; Helen Fisher,
Fort Pierre, S. D.; and Maurea Hen
dee, Omaha. Misj Hendee acted as
From their opening chorus, "Over
There," through a varied program of
popular songs and clever quips, to the
final bow, the minstrel show breathed
originality and excellence in the dif- ,
ficult art of burlesque.
The crowning feature of the evening,
was the patriotic spectacle "America
written by Prof. H. 13. Alexander,
professor of philosophy, and coached
b Prof. Robert D. Scott, professor
oj dramatic literature. Prof. Alex
ander, is known to Nebraskans as
tlie author of several pageants given
irf Lincoln which attracted large
crowds and elicited favorable com
ment. .Following the pageant which de
lineated conditions of today, the mem
bers of the Philosophy club appeared
irf a Greek tableau setting forth the
c!flights of a Utopian republic, repre
senting the dreams of philosopher! on
'an ideal existence. 1
The setting was Greek and the flow
in'cr draneriea and classical attitude
of th" actors combined to form aO
beautiful finale to an exceptionally
mjeritorioui program.
Following is the list of nations rep
resented and the organizations par
ticipating: ."Orient, Art club; Russia, Physical
Educational department; Scandanavia,
Ttgner spciety; Italy, Latin club;
Minstrel Show, Alpha Xi Delta;
Hawaii, General; Bohemia, Komensky
klub; Greece, Pan-Hellenic; Holland,
Dramatic club; France, La Soire
Ffancaise; England, English club.
Refreshments were dispensed at, a
Yfcung Men's Christian association
hot and a Young Women's Christian
association hostess house. The en-
lire proceeds of the fete will go to
forward University of Nebraska war
few York. Feb. 9. The condition
of 1 Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, who
underwent .two operations last
Wednesday, Vas reported at Roose
velt hospital early today as "some
what improved."
Dr. Harold Keyes attended the
colonel throughout the night. He re
ported the patient had rested comfort
ably. The colonel did not awaken during
the night, a muse informed Mrs.
Roosevelt when the former president's
wife entered th- sick room at 5
j'clock this morning.
Letters and te'egrams addressed to
;he former president or to members
if his family here continued to reach
the hospital today from all parts of
ihe countrv.
That extra tooni will pav vour coal
bill. Rent it through a hi-.e Want Ad.
Five Years
at 1324
J!t 1
m bet
Dr. 'McKenney says:
"ONE 'BAD' TOOTH can make ypu lose a big sale,
a golden opportunity, a valued friend, and even put you
on a bed of sickness. You can't estimate the influence
. your teeth exert upon your health and success."
'Best Silver 7C- I Beit 22k
Filling IOC I Cold Crowa..
Wonder Plate Worth
$15 to $23.
14th and Farnam Sts.
1324 Farnam Street
NOTICE Out-ot-town patron can
got PlatM, Crown. Bridie end Fill
ing complete te ONE day.
Hours, 8:30
M. to P M
nd Saturday
Till S P. M.
Net Opea
yr:-v "if
HMC.. . ij ,4V.,. .;-"IHDk..
Sfaurea P. Hendee
Miss Hendet Directed Minstrel Show
of Ten Co-Eds.
Prof. Scott
Coached the
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flat on the ground just as a machine
gun began to spit bullets in their di
rection. A few feet away a heavy object
struck the ground. This was found
later to be a bomb which had beer,
hurled from the German trench.
The corporals stayed where they
were for some time and listened to
the German soidiers talk among them
selves. One of the corporals knows
German so that what the Germans
said was understood.
After the Germans retired again to
their dugout, the smaller patrol re
joined the large one, which soon after
was the target for IS or 20 German
shells, but no one was hit.
Mumps again have appeared in the
trenches. A number or soldiers are
afflicted, as is one member of the corps
of newspaper correspondents.
Yank Is" German Prisoner
As z Result of Delay
Washington, Feb. 9. Delay in de
livering orders to forces in France
was responsible for Daniel D. Gallig
her, an American trooper, being taken
prisoner in the first German raid on
American trenches, Representative
Huddleston of Alabama today told
the house committee on expenditures
in the Postoffice department.
Relatives of Galligher, who is not
yet 19, had prevailed upon the War
department to grant his discharge.
Orders to release him were sent on
September 26, but did not arrive until
October 6.
We Please
You or
Your Money
Heaviest Bridge
Work, per tooth,
Ap Aq A a
J0 ipOf iplU
Six Men and Two Women
Charged With Robbery of
Many Mercantile Stores;
One Escapes.
With the arrest of six men an two
women, Omaha police believe tirey
have uncovered a gang of the most
active thieves who have operated in
Omaha in many years.
Those arrested are: Mr. and Mrs.
Bennie Thomas, 2001 Vinton street;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guthrie, 2014
Vinton street; Frank Kellcrman aid
Sam Novak, 2121 Clark street;
Donald Diamond, 1108 North Eigh
teenth street, and Monk Trunimer,
4108 South Tenth street. Joe Novak,
alleged to be "fence" for the crowd,
The arrests followed the alleged
discovery of Diamond, Guthrie, and
Thomas stealing an automobile Fri
day night at Elevenworth and Far
nam streets. Diamond was captured,
but Guthrie and Thomas escaped.
Thomas was later captured at 2121
Clark street, the home of the Novaks,
where he was said to be found hiding
in a clothes closet.
1 Jobs Laid at Door
Police assert that durinsr the last
two months this gang have robbed
a number of Omaha merchants of
thousands of dollars worth of
merchandise. They are saiH to have
been indentified with the following
"jobs" Steinberg's junk yard, January
4, $1,000 worth of brass stolen; H. C.
Ellinghusen's Toggery, January 20,
$1,000 worth of clothing; Y. Thomp
son, Tailor, 282i Leavenworth street,
$3,000 worth of impored cloth; C. H.
Marquard's meat market, 2003 Cum
ing street, 31 hams, and a large
quantity of pork loins; Kulakofsky's
grocery, 1944 South Tenth street, six
sacks of sugar, and numerous other
food stuffs; Frank Simeral's clothing
store, Sixteenth and Williams street.
150 pairs os shoes. The last "job"
credited to them was Thursday night,
when they are said to have ramsacked
Sam Goldstrom's store at 2621 Sher
man avenue.
Well Known Characters
Trummer, Thomas and Guthrie are
well known police characters. All
have served sentences, according to
Acting Chief of Detectives Dunn.
Trummer will be turned over to the
federal authcrities Monday. He is
said to be wanted in Pacific Junction,
la., for two box car robberies,
U. S, Prisoners Are
Taken by Germans
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could work their way commercially
into the grain growing territory and
thus obtain supplies of food for their
hungry populations.
Their own people seem to have
built great hopes on the effectiveness
of this peace with the Ukraine, but
apparently their leaders are none too
certain of the relief it will give for
one thing because of the uncertainty
as to the security of the rada's power
in the territory.
They are reported trying to incite
Roumania to join forces with the
Ukrainians in an attempt to defeat
the bolsheviki and to be holding out
to the Roumanians the possibility of
their taking portions of Russian ter
ritory in Bessarabia as a reward,
labelling the transaction as compen
sation for the loss of Dobrudja to the
Bulgarians. The Ukrainians, it ,has
been reported, were to get parts of
Russian Poland for signing a peace.
The Spanish steamer Sebastian and
the Italian steamer Duca Da Genova
have been sunk by German subma
rines off the Spanish coast j
Spain is contemplating a protest to
Germany over the torpedoing of the
latter within a mile of the Spanish
shore, following up its recent pro
test over the sinking of the Giralda,
a Spanish coastwise steames.
Equipment, machinery, etc.,
the finest ever installed in
the west. An eastern expert
and an able force will take
care of any manner of shoe
repairing. Just phone Tyler
345 and a man trill call for
your shoes and deliver them
when finished. Or? you may
send in the shoes when you
send in your clothes to be
cleaned. This is merely an
another instance of "Dresher
JDyers Cleaners
2211-2217 Farnam St.
U'c-'rvWi REPAIRING b-cjf;
mm " fosl!
wm mm
Just Added
Omaha Catholic
Clergy Opposed
To Prohibition
(Continued From Pafe One.)
stand against prohibition?" he was
"The church as a church does not
declare itself on such questions," he
said. "It is left to individual opinion."
"Hasn't prohibition been a success
in the states that have tried it?"
"On the surface it has, but not un-
derneath. It has encouraged abuses!
and the bringing in illegally of large j
quantities of very bad whisky." i
Father Judge, pastor of the Church ;
of the Sacred Heart, Twenty-second :
and Binney streets, is outspoken !
against prohibition.
"You can't legislate a man into be
ing virtuous," he declared. "Prohibi
tion is a fantastic law and it will be a
New Store Hours:
Every Day, Beginning
Tomorrow, Monday,
9 A. 6 P. M.
Correct Handwcar
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contrasting embroideries, priced
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Mochas and washable leathers,
for shopping wear, $2.25, $2.50
and $2.75.
Gowns, lace and embroidery
trimmed, low neck, short sleeves,
at 65c, 85c and $1.
Children's pajamas of corded
and striped nainsook, 6 to 14
years, at 85c, $1 and $1.25.
Drawers and knickerbockers, 2
to 14 years, at 25c to 65c
Third. Floor.
Knitting Yarns
Every sort now in demand is
' Third Floor.
New Mousewear
"True Worth" house dess aprons
practical, good looking styles,
in gingham and percales, $1.69.
Spring petticoats of black sateen,
at $1.29 and $1.69.
I Dancing Corsets
In the Corset Section are several
;i new models of corsets especially
designed for dancing. Some in
all elastic, others a combination
of treco materials, with wide
bands of elastic; flesh color and
$1.25 to $4 a Pair.
Third Floor
fiat failure if it is ever tried in this
"It abridges personal liberty. Here
in my parish are about 2,000 souls.
Not more than 20 of those have ever
abused their personal liberty. Is it
fair to abridge the personal liberty of
all the rest just because those 20 have
Father Flanagan Talks.
"Do you know any Omaha priests
who are in favor of prohibition?"
Father Judge was asked.
"Well, there may be some, but I
can't think of any at present," he said.
"I believe after a trial of prohibition
in this country the people will aban
don it."
Father P. A. Flanagan of the Church
of the Holy Angels, whose reference
to prohibition in his sermon at the
funeral of Detective Frank Rodney
has been criticised, declared his
staunch stand against prohibition.
"We were given to understand by
tVinc nermV uhrt ur fioVitinir for
prohibition that such tragedies could
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Plain Voiles, 35c to $1.50.
Checked Voiles (36-inch), 50c,
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White flaxons in checked and
striped designs. Plain flaxons,
30c to 65c. Patterned flaxons, ,
35c to 50c.
Linen Section
In Selecting Your
Certain of Quality
Silk hose are necesarily more ex
pensire than cotton and lisle and,
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$1.75 for pure thread Jap silk
hose, with lisle tops and soles.
Excellent values.
not happen when liquor was taken
away," he said. "We find that their
Utopia has not materialized. I am
informed that there is more liquor
in Omaha now than there was before
prohibition, and it is worse liquor
and it costs four or five times as much
as before.
"I would rather see a man drink a
few glasses of beer and a glass or
two of whisky legally than to have
him get them anyway and make a
criminal and a sneak of him besides.
I am talking plain common horse
ense and not indulging in the visions
that the prohibitionists have."
Father Flanagan did not know of
any Omaha priests who favor pro
hibition. British Meat Ration
Is One Pound Weekly
London, Feb. 9. Baron Rhondda,
the fodd controller, has issued a meat
rationing order which gives each
Civilian approximately one pound of
meat weekly,
The exclusive privilege of
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plicity of design is a charming feature of both the pumps
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Buenos Aires, Feb. 9. A general
railroad strike was called today
throughout Argentina. Immediately
upon quitting work the strikers began
a wild anarchistic demonstration
throughout the country. Trains were
wrecked', tracks destroyed, cars laden
with wheat were burned -and -wires
were cut, preventing news from the
interior from reaching this city.
Troops are oeing rushed to points
of greatest disorder. The large yards
in the outskirts of Buenos Aires which
cover 22 city blocks were set on fire
men. Exploding tank cars added to
the conflagration. The strike is a
fresh outbreak of the labor troubles
which have been dormant since last
For Spring, New Taffetas,
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