Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 09, 1918, Page 10, Image 10

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1 Jini Bfcti : OMAHA. SAT UrtDAY, fcBK"UAK-r ir, 118.
We're Proving Every Day By Superior Value Giving That Cash Buying at a Cash Store Pays
1,000 MEN'S HATS 1
Regular prides to ?5. On sale Saturday at,
your choice. ...... J .. . ... . . . . ........
Children's Gloves and Mittens
That sold at 70c, jn fur tops and cloth Kfia
top gauntlets. Our Special Cash1 Price. . ....vU
' A Complete Line of the New Styles.
For ladies. All the new colors; Best value obtainable.
Our Special Cash Price .... . . ..... .$2.25 to $3.00
High and low crowns, broad and narrow brims, blacks,
browns, pearl grays, carbon, ivy and army colors". All
size from 6 5-8 to 7. All have leather sweat bands.
Now is your chance to get a good Spring Hat at a
remarkable bargain price.
Shop Early Store Close at 6 P. MSaturday.
A Rousing Sale of
Nearly 300 Young Men's
$17.50 and $20 Overcoats
Sizes 33 to 38 Only- ,
Only a few vf a kind, TJ) '-
To close Saturday. Our
CashPriee .
: A Remarkable Sale of
Men's Separate Trousers
Saturday we place on sale over 3,000 pairs of Men's
Trousers in big assortment of the newest patterns and
1,000 Pairs of Men' Trouieri That sold at $3.95. Our
Special Cash Price Saturday. ....... . $2.45
2,000 Pairs of MenY Trousers That sold at $5 and
$5.50. Our Special Cash Price Saturday. . . . . .$3.95
Every Pair Guaranteed.
' Don't Miu These Saturday Bargains.
Savings on Winter Underwear
Offered Buyers In Our February Clearance Pricings Saturday.
Men's $2.25 Heavy Fleeced Union SuiUtamb's-down
quality.'Any size to 50. Cash Price Saturday. .;$1.65
Men's $1.15 Heavy Underwear Two-piece kind, heavy
lamb's-down fleeced shVts and drawers. AH sizes. Our
Cash Price Saturday, each 85
Men's Union Suits Heavy fleeced and cotton ribbed.
Regular price, $1.75. Cash Price, each.'. ..... .$1.35
Men's$1 Heavy Underwear Shirts & drawers, heavy
fleeced and cotton ribbed. Cash Price, each . : . . . (5 j
Men's $1.50 Heavy Flannel Overshirts Blue and gray
colors, all sizes. Cash Price, each. ......... . .$1.00
Men's $1.25 Domet Flannel Night Shirts Full sizes,
bodies warm and comfortable, any size neck, each, $1
Men's $1.50 Domet Flannel Pajamas Cash Pr., $1,15
Men's Silk Underwear Big open-end shapes, fancy col
ors, large assortment to select from. Cfsh Pr., ea., 65
Saturday Specials in
Ladies' Wool Union Suits
High neck, long sleeves;
low neck, short sleeves or
low neck and no sleeves;
worth up to $3.50. Our
'Special Cash Price Satur
day.. $l.g8 and $2.50
House Dress Aprons
Dainty stripes and figures;
gowns worth to $2. Cash
Price, Saturday. . .$1.00
Black Sateen Bloomers
. All sizes. Cash Price 45
Silk and Satin Camisoles
'All sizes and extra sizes.
Garments worth up to' $2.
Special Cash Price.. 98
Odd Lots of Ladies' Mus
lin Garments Wortfl to
$2.50. Cash price Satur
day, at 98
Outing Flannel Gowns
Heavy quality, all sizes
and regular sizes, worth to
$2.50. Cash Price, $1.25
Remarkable Money-Saving
Values In Our
.Hosiery Sale ' '
women's Silk Hose One
big lot, stripes and clocks,
broken sizes. Worth up to
$2.26. Our Special Cash
Price ..... i v... $1.00
Women's Silk Boot Hose
All good colors, seconds of
$1.00 quality. Our Special
Cash, Price ....... .50
Misses' Fine Ribbed Mer
cerized I Lisle Hose All '
sizes, 39c quality. Our Spe
cial Cash Price. . , , ,25
Boys' Cotton and Fleeced
Hose Fine ribbed, med
ium weight,' extra good
wearing quality. 40c val
ues. Our Special Cash
Price 25
'Hundreds of Beautiful
Greatly Underpriced
Saturday - ,".,
,7k Dainty Designs in Taffetas, Mes-
" u' -l r
saiines, : oauns aiui serges ; many
styles . in the season's new color
ings and in all sizes; remarkable values.
A i. SO e are showing hundreds of Classy
AXf . AiT) New Dresses" in a broad range of
"lTfT-. styles suitable for streetafternoon
and general wear, in finex Taffetas, Satins Georgettes,'
Silk and Wool Combinations, etc. v
AH Sizes Real Bargains. , ,
A big assortment of QOQ50 (PQ pT - & A And
charming, styles at. puVy tyOU) tpQD Up.
Two Specials in New Dress Skirts Saturday
Dress Skirts In fine nov
elty striped Silks, with .
fancy pockets and novelty belts; all the
season's newest colorings. t 'a 1
At $5.95
Made to sell to nr
$5. Casli Price .tO
Come in Georgettes, Tub
Silks and Crepe de Chine;
many styles, in all sizes.
a j. Q 1 A Dress Skirts--In big as
P V ; sortment of distinctive de
signs, in Satins, Taffetas and Wool ma
terials; plain colors and fancies. ; ' ;
Hush Goats :,
Women's Long Princess Slips and Petti.
coats Made to sell at $5 and $6.vqQP
Our Cash Price . . .......... , . L&L
Women's Bungalow Aprons-Worth $1.25.
Several styles for selection. On " Q(n
sale Saturday, Cash Price. . r. ... .OtC
Worth n $35 and u $40
Sizes for small women
and misses; all wonder
ful values, at our
Price'. ... 119.50
Made to sell
$7.50. Cash Prict
Beautiful designs in Georgettes,
Crepes and novelties, all styles
and colors. : Wonderf nL values
at the price. - i ; :: ;-: .;
Women's Lone : Flannelette Kimonas
Made to sell at $1.50. , On sale QAn'
Saturday Cash Price.., ..1 .... lOuO
Women's Long Seco Silk Kimonas--That i
sold at $3 and $4. Our Cash $-f 'QO
Price Saturday. . ,V.r.:. . 122
r Interesting Sales in Children's Department
All Children's Winter Coats That sold at$5 to $8.95, all sizes, 3 to 14 (ft q qq
years, go in one lot at'Our Special Cash Price Saturday. Ji;. ..,l,tyt0
ew uingham Dresses Npbby designs m
all. sizes and colors ; attractive values. A
Children's Bath Robes Satin trimmed or
plain, sizes 8 to 14jrears. Two specials at
: February Clearing Sale of Pictures
One TKousand Pictures Values to 75c; all new and
good subjects, large and small sizes. Saturday. .35
$2.00 and $2.50 Pictures Suitable for any room
gilt or dark frames. Saturday Special . . .... ... .981
Ready-Made Frames In all the popular sizes, each,
at. ,. . . . .194, 254, 39, 45 nd 69
'i Jill
'I'i'T'j '
Saturday Shoe Sale
SI of Man's Fin Shoi
In button and blucher
patterns, 'welt soles; shoes
' tht are worth up to $4.
In sizes from 6 to 11. Our
Cash Trice .....82.95
Mtn' Gun Metal Calf
' Button or Bluchar SKo
With Goodyear welted
soles, in all sizes from 6
to 11. $5 values. Price,
only S3.50
Th "Harden Special"
Shoes for Men In all the
wanted styles, black only:
all sizes and widths; made from cai'aKin, fitted with best qual
ity of silk and "Union Made." Our Special Cash Price. .$4.50
Women's Brown Vici Kid Lac Shoe With leather French
heels and cloth top to match; in all sizes from 5 to 9; widths ,
from B to . Our Special Cash Price ............... $6.00
'Women's Queen Quality Shoot Tan or black; sizes 2 to 4;
A to D widths; former price to $5. Cash Price. ..... . .$2.50
Muttt' and Children's Kid and Gun Metal School Shoes Shoes
that wear and give the best of satisfaction. Good f 3 values.
Our Special Cash Price . . . . ...... $2.00
Little Gnt'a Storm Shoes High cut, with straps and buckles;
good $2,50 values. Cash Price v ................ . J . .$1.75
The Best pf Every thing at Lowest : Cash
Prices in Our Sanitary Market ; :
Fancy Ifla Crmmmy Butter,' fcUi, per Ifc
Sirloin StMk. per Ib.........J7',,
Standlne Sib Bo it, lb.....;... IS
BolM Sib Roaat. lbA...,..J41
PortrbUf 8taJ(, lb. .Z2c u4 ZS
Sound Steak, lb. . . '. . '. . . !, . . XI Vie
Shoulder Steak, lb. .... . . . , .lS'io
Vd Round Eteak, per lb. .'.Z3Ve
Vyl Chop., lb... ............ .30
Veal Rowt, lb.'...v..18e aa4 21c
Veml Stew. lb.. ,.1S
. Faoer Beef Hindquartera or Fore-
Quartert, per lb.... 1S',C
fancy ' Eprtnc Lamb, (oreqaerterav
per lb, t. ............... .ISc
Hindquarten. per lb. ...... 21 Va
tantb Chop, pife lb. ...SO aae t
IavcA fitev. lb:... ......... ...ISc
M VartetiM of Sauaafa. . .
Fork Loin Boast, lb ..V,c
Pork Lota Cndpa , lb. . J ..... .25 ,
Pork Spare Rib", lb...... 19c
Pork Keekbonea, lb........... Vie
Hamburger Steak," lb... .....17 Vic
Homemade Perk Sauaasc lb....lSc
Braakfaat Bacon, lb......... 37 V,c
Retnlar Hami. per lb. ........ .SSe
t lbs. Sauer Knot for........'.2Sc
Faner Mlnee Meat. lb.... 10c
Strictly Fresh Erira, doien,,. .SSe
Wisconsin Cream Cheese, lb.... 28c
Young America Cheese, lb. ... . .SOc
tiew York Cream Brick or Llmbur
ger Cheese, per lb. ......... 3S
All brands of Buttcrina at lowest
cash prices. '
McLaren's Nippy and Derlled Cheese
specUl, at ...,.,.........Sc
Our First
Specially Arranged for ,.
We Feature the New and
. Correct "Andrea" Models
These Hats are truly dreams, not only be-
cause of the beautiful shapes, but the softness
of the fabrics and the wonderful rich blend
ing of the colors. ; - ,
A profusion of the quaint bonnet and bus
tle Hats, with ribbon and beautiful Slower
trimmings; not only will you find these fav
ored styles, but scores of other equally new
and.attractive models. A visit to our Millinery
Department will quickly convince you of. the
.superiority of these "Andrea" models, both
tu si,yie aim uecomingness. j
$7.50 to $18.00
Special for -Saturday Only-- CDQ
500 New Trimmed Hats, worth $5.00, $6.50 and $7.50, at, i . . fqrf
f A purchase which just arrived in time for Saturday. All new, never shown before, in
cluding combinations of straw and satin, all satin, crepe combined. with fancy silk straws,
all crepe hats, etc. These hats come in all the newest shapes and colors. Your chance to
select a new Spring Hat at an exceptionally low price. .- vVrv ? v 1
4 b(. Best Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal. .2Sc
It lbs. Best Whits or Yellow Cornmeel SBc
Hand Picked Navy Beans, per lb.. ...,15c
Fancy Japan RiceJ )b. ............... .9c
The Qest Macaroni or Spsshetti, pkg. .7Vie
- H-ov cans Condensed Milk........l2V,c
t-oi. cans Condensed Milk..... ........ 7e
I cans Mission Brand Sardines, in Tomato
Sauce, at ....................... .23c
t-lb. cans Corn Eyrap. ............ t ..ISc
H-!K1mm Corn Symp 22c
No. S cans Fancy Sweat Sugar Cora. 12 Vie
No. S'i cans Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, 12 Vic
No. S cans Golden Pumpkin 10c
bars Swift's Pride, Diamond C or Beat
Em All Soap for ...,.2Sc
Ul-lb, sack Bran Flour 45c
7aney Queen Olives, bottle.. 10c, 15c, 25c
Z4-OS. Jars Pure trait p reserves...... zsc
29-ot. jars Pure Strained Honey.,..., 40c
Choice- California Prunes, lb. ...... . 12' ',e
Large Fancy California Prunes, lb.... ,16c
Choice S -C"wn Muscatel Raisins, lb., 12Via
Fancy California White Cooking Fiss, per
' lb, at V........1SC
Fancy California Muir Peaches, per lb, ISc
Golden Sultana Raisins, lb ISc
Fancy Evaporated Apples, lb ISc
Fancy California Bartlett Pears, lb.. ..20c
Condensed Mince Meat, Paj. ........ We
MARXET -Golden
Santos Coffee, per lb.........e
Maricaibo Blend, a delicioosly flavored
Coffee, per lb.... v;;""',V .
Ankola Blend, equal to Coffer Bold at
40 a pound, our price.. ..........30
Breakfast Cocoa, per lb..............2Sc
Choice Sun-Dried Japan Tea. lb.. .....35c
Choice Basket-Fired Japan Tea, lb.....40e
The Best Tea Sif tings, bulk, lb Oa
. Lowest Prices on Drugs and Toilet Goods
50e Face Powder (Madame Jse'bell'e
or Jardin de Rose), Our Cash Price.
only .... 25c
15o Rose Talcum Powder. ......10c
' SOe Liquid Face Powder, (flesh or
white). Cash Price......... ...30c
$1.00 Rlegers Toilet Waters. Our
Special Cash Price..... 60c
SOo Almond Cold Cream. .......25c
1 1.00 Hair Brushes, (guaranteed
Extra quality, hand drawn, Siberian
bristles). Price 50c
$2.25 Combination Rot Water Bot
tle and Syringe, (guaranteed two
years). Cash Price. $1.69
10c Creme Oil or Imperial Pcoxide
Soap, 4 cakes lor. . . . 4 .... U. ,25c
Our cash savinar prices are-more noticeable in our Dreseriotion desart.
raent than- anywhere else. We use only high quality drugs and chemicals
and give them to you at the vary lowest prices Try Hayden'a First It
.rays. w, -,- : vv, :
Corsets and Yarns
Odds and Ends of Yarn In all colors '
regular 0c per skein yarn. Saturday Cash ;
Price, per skein!,. ... .... .... . ...18t "'
Extra Heavy Knitting Yarn In khaki,
navy blue, battleship gray. Cash Price, per v
hank, at . . , 81.15 ,
Natural) Wool Lizht and dark srrav. khaki.
in regular weight knitting yarn. Our Cash
Price, per hank. .............. . .$1.10
Qirla' and Misses' Corsets Mediurn low
bust, all light-boned, four supporters. Just
what you want for growing, girls. Cash
Price, only .$1.25
$1.50 Corsets In low rubber. -tops, long
skirts, four supporters, in pink and white i
Cash Price ..... .j,. ........... .$1.00
$3 and S4 Corsets In medium bust, long
skirts, heavy spoon-shaped front stays, six
supporters,, in pink and white. Cash Price,
only ...........,.......$2.50
Children's "M" Knit Waists 2 to 12 years. Our Special Cash
Price, only t. ..... .1 .......... .j. . ..... ....... . .25t
Children's Muslin Waists All sizes. Our Special Cash Price
only 256 and 506
February; Sale 'of French .China
100 piece Sets of Beautiful French China Dinner sets, serv
ice for .12 persons; spray designs; regular $55 values. Special
in Our February Sale at.............. ... $34.50
$30 100-piece Dinner Set Spray or gold band; service for
12 persons. Our Special Cash Price. , .$19.50
$4.50 31-piece Breakfaat Set Special Cash Price. . .".$2i68
Decorated China. Cups and Saucers Special, per pair.. . .156
4, 5, 6 and 7-piece Decorated Plates Special, each. . . . ..5
75c per Doxen Water Classes 6 for. , , ; .256
$18 Floor Lamps 6-feet high, with two sockets, fine mahog
any standards, 24-ifich shades. Our Special Cash Price, com
plete, only . . . ... . . . ..... ..... . . ................ .$9.50
$8 Beautiful Metal Table Lauipa--Special Price ...... $4.98
'- 'Fourth Floor. . ... . .
v: '"..:";"...',,' ,!i;-v:.- T- v .
k&kikMsMMsisisidi-) T;t;i iii, if"-"-'i..L.!f:!-i. L.iHiLiJ..: 1 .i "."rr;
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; l.lii i i
rrs1 Pays TRY HAYDEN'S FIRST It Pays
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