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Maximum Gross' Margins Fixed
by Fuel Administrator for
Maximum Vetail gross margins on
Ltoal and coke sold to, consumers in
Nebraska have been definitely fixed
tor the entire state, by Federal Fuel
Administrator Kennedy of Nebraska.
The maximum retail gross margin,
to which the usual reasonable dray
age and delivery charges of the local
ity .may be added as part of the re
tail price, are: ,
Domestic coal not yet screened.. 4. ..'..Jl!l5
Domestic coal. : rd screened 1.40
Steam coal .90
Coke 1.25
Thus, for the first time, margins
on theysale of eoal have been made
uniform all over the state, excluding
Douglas and 1 Lancaster Counties,
where conditions are much tiifferent
than in other parts of the state.
Must Pqst Cost.
The order further compels the re
tail coal dealers throughout the state
to post up and maintain in their
places of business,, -'sible to their
customers, the cost to . -n of each
kirM of coal and coke hai. '-d, the
maximum retail trross margin . '
ed, and the retail price at the yam,
aiso arayagt and delivery charges.
' Dealers may sell for lest but can
not collect more than the maximum
margins allowed.
m 1 .
inese new margins take effect at
7 a. m., February 9, which will be
Saturday of this week. Thev will re
main in effect until otherwise ordered
by the United States fuel administra
tion, or until modified by the federal
:uei administrator for Nebraska.
In thu new order just published
Mr. Kennedy briefly; reviews the in
vestigations that led up to the fixing
of margins, in part as follows:
"November 27. 1917, the federal fuel ad
ministrator ror Nebraska Issued instructions
to all county committees to Investigate and
report upon the retail prices nnd gross
margins being charged for coal in their
several communities; and to recommend
" reasonable gross - margins which the retail
dealers might be fcernjltted to add-to the
wai ui cuai o mem, in oraer 10 aetermine
reasonable retail prices.
"At the same time forms were sent1 out
for the returns of the retail coal dealers,
showing their costs and margins, in pursu
ance of publication No. 7. Issued by the
United States fuel administrator.
"The retail coal dealers throughout the
state have been slow In returning their
reports to the committees, and in many
cases they are Incomplete. This has hind
ered and delayed the work of the commit
tees; so that, more than two months after
the reports were sent out, with the winter
more than half over, not one-half of the
counties in the state have recommended re
tall gross margins or prices.
"In the meantime the Douglas and Lan
caster county fuel committees made a thor
ough Investigation of conditions and costs
of carrying on the retail coal business in
Omaha and Llscoln. Reports were made by
these committees to the state fuel admin
istrator, which when modified in minor
particulars Njvere approved. The Omaha
prices and margins took effect December 18,
1917. The Lincoln prices and margins Jan
uary S. 1918.
"Prices and maximum gross margins were
established In Douglas and Lancaster coun
ties, outside of Omaha and Lincoln, Feb
ruary 1, 1918.
Th prices and margins in Douglas and
Lancaster counties rest on a like basis.
Excluding drayage and delivery charges, an
average retail maximum gross margin of
approximately $1.40 per ton Is allowed on
domestic ooal. The average maximum gross
margin allowed In these counties is above
$1.40 on certain kinds of domestic coal, and
under $1.40 on certain other grades. It
averages, however, about $1.40 per ton;the
coal tp ba screened at the yards. Exclud
ing drayago charges, the maximum retail
gross margin allowed on steam coal In Oma
ha la 90 cents, and in Lincoln 80 cents.
There la no other material difference be
tween the Omaha and Lincoln margins.
"The conditions affecting the retail coal
trade in the several communities in Nebras
ka, excluding d.ayage, are much alike; and
there is no real reason why maximum gross
margins made applicable to Douglas and
Lancaster counties should not apply to other
counties in the state. In. the more popu
lous counties. the volume of business is
greater, dui expenses are correspondingly
Basis for Margins.
Mr. Kennedy gives the above men
tioned margins for the state, pointing
out thjit they are based upon reports
fnd recommerfdations submitted by
county committees and upon infor
mation otherwise obtained.
Ten thousand copies of the ordeT
Milk Chocolate and
Lemon Sour! Oh, Bacchus
A glass of lemon sour and some
milk chocolates caused Dave Worn-
bold of Lincoln to imagine that the J
acvu was cnasing mm, ,ne tola
Judge Fitzgerald Thursday morn
ing. He was arrested in the Carl
ton hotel Wednesday night by Joe
McDonald. He is said to have ven
tured the opinion that he "could
lick the world." He was found to
be in a nervous condition, border
ing on insanity, and was discharged
with the admonition to enter a sani
tarium at once.
will go out at once to thi fuel ad
ministration committees, in the coun
ties of the state to be distributed to
the coal dealers and others
Applications for modification of the
order must be made in writing and
forwarded. -through the -chairman of
the fuel committee of the county in
which the business is transacted, and
it shall be supported by written evi
dence submitted with the application
to the state administrator.
1 Any person aggrieved bv the max
imum margins hereby established
may appeal to the United States fuel
administrator,, by forwarding to the
legal department, United States fuel
administration, at Washington, aNveri
fied written petition, setting forth in
detail the facts relied upon, and by
forwarding a copy of such petition
to the state fuel administrator. Pend
ing such appeal, the margins estab-
lished remain in full force and effect,
unless otherwise ordered bv the state
or LTnited States fuel administrator.
Long List of-Crimes
Charged Against McKay
cting Chief of Police Dempsey
has received from the national bureau
of identification a record of Thomas
McKay, one of the five diamond ban
dits arrested here last week.
McKay's record shows that tie has
police records in Boston, Dayton,
Milwaukee, Chicago, Baltimore, New
Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Cincinnati, Evansville, Cleveland, De
troit, Columbus, Kansas City Hous
ton, Minneapolis.
The earliest date of these records
is 1891. He gave the following
aliases, according to the. police:
Thomas Fay, Clayton Wade, Will
Wade, Edward Harvey, Thomas
Carey, Thomas Corey and Frank
Harvey. '
He has been sentenced or fined for
forgery, grand larceny, burglary and
other crimes.
Only Bathes When He
Goes to the Hospital
Joe Stock, laborer, charged with
stealing coal from the Burlington
yards, was asked by Police Judge
ritzgerald when he had bathed last,
He said he had taken a bath when
he went, to , the hospital, but since
then, as he works on the track, he
hadf managed to get by without one
To the charge of stealing coal, lie
answered that he was "just looking at
it wjien the officer pinched him." He
was given four hours in jail.
Store Opens
9 A. 1YI.
Closes 5 P. M.
Saturdays at 6
DMfe S
. Store Opens
9 A.M.
Closes 5 P iVcs
Closing ,
Saturdays at 6
Take care of
the pennies and S
the dollars will ES
take of them- g
selves. m
is! fl o yd A i is
It isn t what
you earn, but
what you sKive
that counts in
the long run.
Publicity Bureau to Spend
$50,000 in Ad Campaign.
A fund of $50,000 is planned for
the bureau of publicity of the Omaha
Chamber' of Commerce. The new
committee directing the affairs of the
bureau met Wednesday noon at the
Chamber of Commerce rooms and
decided that, the bureau shall have this
amount for a national advertising
campaign so tnaowhen the recon
struction period starts after the war
Omaha may be assured of its share
of national development.
Hitherto the comparatively small
fund of the bureau was not sufficient
to warrant any extensive campaign of
paid .advertising, ihe former fund
was enough to handle conventions,
prepare and distribute printed matter,
and ger out news letters.
An advisory governing committee
of 15 men will be chosen next week
to help manage the various activities
ot the bureau. Joe Kelley has been
elected secretary. C. O. Talmage is
chairman and Charles D. Beaton vice
.Over 1000 Pairs
of desirable new $6, $7, $8 boots
(embracing nearly all very short lines) have
been condensed in one section, and will
be available Friday and Saturday at the
one almost "give-away" price of
$ V)90
I s Q
black kid, patent colt or
pretty combinations of kid and
fabric with high lace or button
tops, graceful Loiiis or walking
heels. Your size is surely here
in a good style that will please
you. Tis true that we are sell
ing this lot for less than whole
sale cost, but our profit was
made earlier in the season. We
will not carry over these broken
lines. Come Friday morning
and be fitted in that smart $8
bootfor $3$0
- ' i
Other Lines
rzB More Complete
including over 12,000 pairs of
all Winter boots are now on sale
at real reductions. Nearly 50
per cent of the styles are good
for this coming spring. Such as
brown militaire boots and beau
tiful shades of gray and brown
kid, in French heel models with
extremely high lace tops. If you
need and want .quality foot
wear, come to Napier's Friday
morning and buy and save.
This $8 boot, ex
actly as pictured-
in black kid vamp with
best quality fabric tops of
biege, dark gray, light gray,
ivory or champagne. Complete
sizes for Friday, at $4.90.
Cash Mail Orders Prepaid Send for Cut-Price Catalog.
Desirable Charge Accounts Desired.
16th St
16th St.
If there is one time in all the year when OPPORTUNITY comes to you,
it is now-right now, when "Thrift Week," brought about by conditions
which make it wise to establish this idea throughout the country, is here.
center in other words), comes to the fore no$ with of-
ferings that will put dollars back into your pockets and
at the same time enable you to purchase good depend-
able merchandise that will give satisfaction.
This Big Basement has, since its beginning, many years
ago, had this idea always in mind-"the same goods for
less money, or better goods for the same money," and
with this principle always in view, has established this
as the "Economy Center of Omaha"
Warm, roomy
and comfortable,
at a price that
should sell them
all. High storm
collars, Norfolk
half - belt style,
big pockets. In
gray and brown
colors. Special, in
our Boys' New
Base ment De
partment, $3.50.
Broken Lots of Boys' Knee
Pant., f 00. Some full lined,
in all sizes. Gray, brown and
blue mixtures. These will
make good school pants. Spe
cial for Friday,
Boys' Sweaters, $1.00. Buy
these now for next fall. These,
are good values in blue red and'
gray colore. Shawl collar and
pockets. Good weights. Sizes 2
to 4 and 8 to 14 years. Very
each ........
Boys' Overcoats, $2.95. Just
75 coats in all priced for
quick clearance. Convertible
collars, good weights, in gray
and Drown mixtures. Sizes 3
to 7 years. Very
special, each. . . .
' Slip
.25 and 40 Watt
Electric Light Bulbs,
each ........ 23J
100 Watt, each
at 89
On Ezy Slip-Oa
of 3 in I Combinahon
Mop, consists
one polish mop, or pousm
,1. HMTwtwwqym
one oust mop
and one can of
oil: regular $1.75
value, complete V ygfy
outfit y
for .... OUC bmI,.
One Lot of Splint Clothes Bas
kets, while the lot lasts,
special, each, at
"Mirro" Alumi
num Percolators,
large size, spe
cial, d1 OQ
each. PlsSi
One Lot of Granite Dippers,
ond quality, y pint size, T
special, each, at C
At Lowest Prices
0x12 Hit and Miss Rag Rugs,
regular S10.50 jC QO
values, each POsJO
Special Axmin.ter and Velvet
Rugs, 36x72, prey patterns,
s. $4.50
Salesman's Samples cf Axmin
ster and Brussels Remnants,
1 to 4-yard lengths, special,
a7.ard: $1.00
27x54 Velvet Rugs, worth
$2.50, Friday, d 1 PA
each . .' P 1 OV
27x54 Hit and Miss Rag Rugs,
regular $1.00 values, QP
special, each ........ OOC
High Grade , Linoleum, 6 feet
wide, very special, a "Cg
square yard, at OOC
Congoleum Felt Base Linol-um,
6 feet wide, special a QQ0
square yard, at tiCf
"Economy is the
road to wealth, 99
begin to ssave today.
Ready-to -Wear
Ten Bargain Lots
We have grouped in special lots for Friday and
Saturday's selling wonderful; bargains in
ready-to-wear for women, misses' and chil
dren. There are economy opportunities here
not to be overlooked. Materials will undoubt
edly be very much higher later on this is look
ing well into the future to profit by these offer-
, .
Bargain No. 1
We have grouped together about 400 Silk
Blouscs-at $1.00 Each. Made to sell at $2.00,
$2.50 and $3.00. These are made of Jap Silk,
Tub Silk, Crepe de Chine, Net, Lace, etc.
Slightly soiled and mussed,, but otherwise
perfect in every way. All up-to- ' f 1 aaJ
date styles. Very special, each, at. 1 sUU
Bargain No. 2
Jap Silk and Cotton Blouses at 55c Each.
Made to sell at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50, some
even more. These are all new up-to-date
styles. Slightly soiled and mussed from
handling. Transferred from our second floor
blouse department to the basement fop quick
clearance. Every blouse is a bargain rg
at this low price of....": OOC
Bargain No. 3
Women's White and Colored Cotton Blouses
Only 29c Each.- Regular 50c, 75c and $1.00
values. All good styles; good materials, such
as lawns, organdies, rice cloths, etc. Dozens
of -styjs, hundreds to choose from. Slightly
soiled and mussed. Wonderful OQ
bargains at UC
Bargain No. 4
Women's and Misses' Heavy Winter Coats,
$4.00 Each. Made to sell at $5.00 up to
$10.00, some even more. Over 300 to choose
from. All good styles.- Many have fur col
lars, fur trimmed, etc. All satin lined broad
cloth coats with fur trimming. Lined cordu
roy coats with fur collars. Fancy roughcloth
coacs, etc. wonaeriui Bargains,
Bargain No. 5
Women's, Misses' and Juniors' Cloth Dresses
Only $2.00 Each. Made to sell at $3.95 up to
$6.00. Over 300 to choose from. Not this
season's styles, but good, prac- drt AA
tical styles for ordinary wear. Each PvJ
Bargain No. 6
Girls' Coats, ages 2 to 6 years and 6' to 14
years, also a few 13 to 17 years. Made to sell
at $3.95 up to $5.95. 9. few even more. Take
your choice of any girl's coat in our basement
section at this low price. Over
200 to select, from. Each
Bargain No. 7-
Girh' Winter Weight Dresses Only 39c Each.
Made to sell up to $1.25: We have grouped
the balance of the girls' Winter dresses for
quick clearance at once price. These are in
sizes from 2 to 6 years and 6 to 14
years. A wonderful bargain at
Bargain No. 8-
Women's and Misses' Dress Skirts, $1.29 Each.
Over 600 splendid skirts in dozens styles.
Made to sell at $2.00, $2.50 up to $3.50,
some even more. Corduroys in various col
ors, serges, fancy cloths, Shepherd checks, etc.
Many have pockets. Every skirt is a good
style and all good materials. d OQ
A bargain at , V
Bargain No. 9
Women's and Misses' Fur Sets, $6.95 a Set.
Your choice of any fur set in the basement.
Such furs as Red Fox, Jap Fox, Near Seal,
Canadian Marten and others. Former prices
$8.95 to $15.00. Now, a
set, at pO.I0
Bargain No. 10
Fur Scarfs and Shoulder Pieces for Women,
..Misses and Children. About-350 pieces in
this lot. Many different kinds, large, and
small pieces. Were made to sell at $2.00 to
$6.00. Now, each piece,
Men's Overcoats, $9.50
Broken Lots About 400 ,
.Broken Lots from our regular stock in plain colors and fancy
mixtures others conservative models. Sizes for men and
young men. At a saving of from $5.00 to $10.00
on each coat. Special each. .;
Men's Worsted Work Trousers, $1.50
About 100 dozen in all good styles. - .
Men's and Young Men AH-Wool Mackinaws
All sizes and all colors.
Sale Price, each
Values to $12.50
Omaha Distributor for Carhart Overalls.
Men!s Furnishing (Offerings
Men's Wool and Wool Mixed Sweater Coats, with or
without collars, in medium and heavy weight; assorted
colors; $2.50 and $3.00 Values, sale price, 69
Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mittens, in wool knit, fleece
lined and leather fleece lined; values to 69c, sale OQ
pries, a pair v. .' O JC
Wool Knit Mufflers, reefer
around neck' styles, assorted
colors; sale price, each.....
and button I Men's Heavy Fleece Lined and
1 Q( Shirts and Drawers; in ecru and
. ... random colors ; sale price, a garment
Mill Remnants Bleached Mus
lin, good quality in useful
lengths, while the lot CJLr-
lasts, a yard at OjsC
Mill Remnants Kimona Crepe,
pretty patterns and colors for
Kimonas, Wrappers, li
etc., special a yard at X T 2 C
36-inch Vnbleached Muslin;
heavy round thread quality for
sheets and slips, Fri- -1 nl
day only, a yard at Ifciz'C
Fancy Zephyr Dress Gingham
in plaids, checks and Btrtpes for
Misses' and Children's dresses,
etc. A bargain; 1 Q
a yard at. Jl C
Fancy Shirting ' Madras! a
splendid assortment of pretty
figures and stripes for men's
and boys' shirts,
etc., a yard at OC
72x90-inch Bleached Sheets
with French Center seam;
made of fine heavy muslin,
special, ? C '
each at ............ O C
42x36-inch Bleached Pillow
Cases; made of good quality
sheeting; unusual 1 f
value, each IOC
NoTelty Challie; pretty styles
and colors for dressing sacques,
kimonas, etc., 1 1
a yard at 1 1 2 C
61-inch Bleached Sheeting;
good quality, Eastern make, for
sheets, etc. . Very spe- OC
cial, a yard at, , . . . . . . OOC
and Underwear
Women's Fine Cotton Fleece
Lined Union Suits, in low neck
and sleeveless style, large
sizes, a suit, $ 1 35
Children's ' Peeler Vests ' and
Pants, and Gray Ye' in odd
lots, special,
each, at , j smOC
Infants' Sample Shirts, in wool.'
navf nrL an A onniA n1t- mm!
ltM. v nuv , i i u ouiuo aim auu
wool; in sizes 2 to 6, QA
each, at JU
Odd Lots of Infants' Shirts and
Bands, to clean up, 1 C
each, at. IOC
Women's Cotton Hosiery, in
black and tan, odd lots, ig ,
special, a pair, at . . . .'. IOC
Children's Black Hose for
school wear, heavy and medium
ribbed, special, a ng
pair, at OC
Women's ll-Silk Hosiery, mis
mates and some slightly imper
fect. Colors are black, white
and colors. Each 1 J"
stocking at IOC
Basement .
1 Case of Curtain Nets, sample
corners, pretty allover designs,
special for Friday , . i Q
each , . 1 C
500 Window Shades, size 6x36,
fn the light and dark green.
Complete with fixtures, ready
to hang, OC-
each at'. OOC
50 Pieces of Silkolines in the
latest colorings, some with bor
dered designs, in
special a yard 1UC
I Case of Lace Curtains, 2
and 3 yards long; slightly im
perfect. Many worth up to
$5.00 a pair. Special .while
this lot lasts, tf Ar
a pair at V 1 TtJ
1,000 Sash Rods, size 22x45;
with fixtures, . j-
special, each at. OC
Men's Good Sise White Cotton
Handkerchiefs, 7i
each at , 2"C
Women' Fins Lawa Fancy Ini
tial Handkerchiefs,
special, each-at
Never put off the
saving til tomor
row, if you can do
it today.