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Adelaide Kennerlv
&f Ella Fleishmaix as
Those Chocolate Complexions.
Yesterday was a busy day for Mel
lificia. There seemed to be a cessa
tion frcm war duties. Mrs. Oh-So-Lofty
gave a luncheon and Mrs. So
cial Leader planned a theater party or
two and there you are! There was
no time for a regular "soup-and" at'
noon, so to a nearby drug store hied
tne weary society editor tor a wa
bread sandwich.
Working girls to right of her and
society matrons to left of her, grouped
around small tables in the drug em
porium were ordering their truga
luncheons. Listening idly to the or
ders, it struck Melly that every woman
ordered soiffe concoction that con
tained chocolate.
A girl at the same table with rather
a washed-out, pasty skin, ordered only
a "double chocolate goups " Double, !
mind you I lhree girls at the next
table had glass dishes standing beside
their plates of ice cream with a thick
looking chocolate mixture poured
over it. A thin little girl near by
whispered the magic words, "Samn
samwich, double chocolate soda," in
the slick pompadoured waiter's ear.
Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere.
Even the men were sucking the
sweety, brown fluid through straws,
and the health-seeking newspaper
scribe finished her Dr. Wiley-ized
glass of milk and hurried out.
When Johnny brings out a box of
candy to his heart's desire, is it pep
permints? No, indeed 1 They are
always chocolates, made in cunning
little shapes and filled with the most
delectable syrups.
When Friend Husband asks for his
favorite dessert, is it oatmeal pudding?
Far from it. It's gooey chocolate
Oh, Herbert, don't put the ban on
chocolate, for the great American
public would suffer far more than
from seven wheatless days!
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Westbrook will
entertain at a box party Saturday
evening at the benefit performance at
the Brandeis. A Dutch treat party
will include:
Messrs and Mesdames -Walter
Roberta, Lawrence Brlnker,
Ralph Peters, Rose Towlc.
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Boeder
Lieutenant and Mrs. George Thumroel.
Mr. W. Farnam Smith will enter
tain a party of nine guests and four
somes will be given by Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Daugherty, Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Page and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T.
The committee in charge of the af
fair wishes to announce that all tick
ets may be obtained at the box office
and that there will be no raise in the
regular price. Mrs. Lucien Stephens
and Mrs. J. E. Davidson will not sell
any tickets hereafter, as they are all
on sale at the Brandeis.
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Diutz, who. were
to have entertained a box party, leave
the last of the week for the south, and
they allowed the committee, to selLtheJ
box" a second' time. Mr. and Mrs.
Heagland have purchased the box and
will entertain a party. '
Mrs. Martin Harris
Play Will Be Presented
By Brandeis Players
Ml ! Ill
A ii. xJ
Jilt ' A "f: r4
I'm a
ft 'I
Bridge Luncheon.
Mrs. LyeU Rushton entertained at
a bridge luncheon at her home today
in honor of. several friends who are
visiting in city.
Miss Riley Entertained.
Miss Marie Hiley entertained at a
bridge and afternoon tea at the
Blackstone today in honor of Mrs.
Bernard Weadock of Detroit, who is
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. M. Mc
Creary. Mrs. George Riley, a recent
bride, was also an honor guest at the
affair. Five tables were placed for
the game.
Mr. Kennedy to Address Women.
John L. Kennedy, fuel administra
tor, will address the women's division,
Douglas County Council )f Defense
Friday. evening at 8 o'clpck in the city
hall council chamber, Mrs. A. L.
Fernald," the chairman, announces.
Reports of the war work conference
held in Lincoln last week will also
be given. It is possible that Gurdon
W. Wattles, food administrator, will
also speak.
For Mr. Howell.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Howell will en
tertain Mr. and Mrs. George Mcln
tyre, and Mr. George Howell in their
P box at the concert given this even
ing by Madame Yvette Guilbert at the
Boyd theater. Other box parties will
be given by Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Reed
and Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Nash.
Red Cross Workers.
Mrs. Hattie M. Scott of Stroms
burg, Mrs. Harry Willetts of Mc
Cbok, Mrs. Wilson and severdl others
from Waterloo. Mrs. Reidler of
Thurston and Mrs. Fride ci Fremont
were among state Red Cross workers
who "conferred with Mrs. J. O. Good
win." director for surgical dressings,
while in Omaha Wednesday.
Dinner for Mrs. Grant.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McGuire will
entertain at dinner, at the Blackstone
Friday evening in" honor of Mrs. Guy
Grant of Washington, D. C, who is
visiting her mother, Mrs. John Gar-low.
Mrs. Whitehouse Hostess
Mrs. H. B. Whitehouse will be
'hostess for the meeting of the Dun
dee Woman's Patriotic ciub at her
home Friday afternoon.
$oiaha Club's Annual Dinner.
The annual dinner and election of
officers of the Omaha club will take
place Friday evening at the club.
Vesta Chapter.
Vesta chapter No. 6, O. E. S., will
give a card party Friday afternoon at
the new Masonic. Temple.
Melting Pots Yield
Sum of $325 in First
Melting Check Here
The melting pots for the war re
lief fund, one at the Baird building
and the other at Brown's jewelry
store, yielded $325 in the first melt
ing. Miss Nannie Richardson an
nounces the receipt of a check for
that amount from the smelting com
pany. The melting pots are nearly
filled again for the second time. If
they yield as good a return this time
the project will, indeed, have been
worth while.
Mrs. Martin Harris, the versatile
young playwright, who is the author
of the playlet, "When Jenny Comes
Marching Home," which will be pre
sented by the Brandeis Players Satur
day evening at the benefit perform
ance to be given for the war relief
fund. The author of this little war
play is so deeply touched by the great
war that she very naturally wrote a
war play as her contribution to the
contest given by the Omaha Wom
an's Press club. A brother of Mrs.
Harris, Mr. Charles Kanka, enlisted
in the navy at the outbreak of the
war and is now stationed on the tor
pedo destroyer Isabel on an eastern
coast. Another brother Lieutenant
Robert Kanka, is an instructor in the
machine gun corps of the aviation
section at Cornell university.
Mrs. Harris, who was formerly
Miss Allena Kanka of New York, is
the author of the play, "The Upper
Crust," which was presented at the
Blackstone last year. Another play
written by Mrs. Harris, "Just Boys,"
had several weeks run in New York
and also at the Princess theater in
Hurrah! White Elephant
Dances Reduced in Price
To a Mere Jitney Each
Women working for the success of
the White Elephant sale in the Audi
torium January 30-31 are determined
to have something for everybody.
Mrs. Clement Chase, chairman of
the adult clothing booth, already has
collected some splendid dress suits.
They belonged to Omaha's best, who,
along with their prosperity and asso
ciation with Father Time, have grown
"stout." Mrs. Chase is doing her
best to spread the glad news to
young, slender men, musicians and
others, who appear in evening clothes
A victrola has been presented by
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McConnell to the
"White Elephant" workers worth
$120. It now stands in the rooms of
the Service league.
Mrs. John T. Stewart, 2d, in charge
of the sports booth, is growing en
thusiastic over the hundreds of arti
cles being presented, but she is clam
oring for more skates, golf sticks,
sleds, cameras and tennis racquets.
Now comes an appeal for used knit
ting bags. Everybody help.
But to leave a sweet taste, after the
appeals, the committee and manager
of the dancing pavilion announce
that the price per dance has been re
duced from 10 cents to S cents.
Question Troubling Red
Cross Workers Is
Now Settled
Red Cross insignia of service just
now command as much interest and
attention among women as the cor
responding service marks do among
Uncle Sam's soldiers. To give infor
mation on this point, which is troub
ling Red Cross workers all over the
state, Mrs. J. O. Goodwin of the sur
gical dressings department issues the
following statement:
"The white apron wiu long sleeves
and the coif -is the recognized cos
tume for Red Cross work rooms. The
apron should be worn in all work
rooms and in surgical dressings work
rooms the head must be covered also,
but the use of the red and blue coifs
is optional with the committee in
charge. They may, however, be worn
i any authorized work room where
Red Cross supplies are made,
whether surgical dressings or gar
ments, or comforts for fighting men.
Any worker in any of these work
rooms may wear the white apron and
white coif, which is worn for sanita
tion and cleanliness. The blue and
red coifs have no significance except
to distinguish tho: . in charge of the
rooms. The woman in blue is known
to be in charge, and those in the red
coifs are her assistants for the day.
"These blue and red coifs may al
ways have the Red Cross emblem on
them, as national headquarters ruled
thus, but the central division, of which
Nebraska is a part, was otherwise
given the right to reserve the privilege
of wearing the emblem as a reward
for services given. The expression
"sign up for definite hours" simply
means that in order to earn the right,
the women must promise definite
time, not come when they have noth
ing else to do.
"Thirty-two hours must be given in
the workrcom before the emblem may
be worn on the apron; 72 hours be
fore it may be worn on the coif (ex
cept on red and blue coifs) and 128
hours must be given before the small
red ribbon may be placed below the
emblem on the apron. This applies
to all workers in all workrooms.
"There is a distinguishing mark for
those who have had the course in sur
gical dressings. Those who have had
the first course may wear a red band
one inch wide around the sleeve of the
apron, and those who have had the
second course, a four-inch band.
Colonel and Mrs. Albert S. Towar
of Detroit are the guests of Mrs. Wil
liam R. Bowen.
SoMoqpay off Modera
its manager did not prepare for its coming the
manager was thought : : : : : :
YOU met a big job, but your thoughts were small and they didn't jibe
at all, at all.
They never do.
For your thoughts make you and mar you; they put a bright smile
on your face and turn the lines of life upward, or they pull downward your
spirit and the lines together.
Thoughts always go ahead of actions.
Never was a good deed done that a good thought did not precede it.
No great achievement ever was accomplished that it's manager did not
prepare for its coming the manager was thought.
The Savage.
The savage lives by instinct; nis life is a battle for food and existence.
He thinks but little and, therefore, leaves nothing worth while as a me
morial to his thoughts nothing wonderful ever has been handed down to
savage posterity.
No child ever reached high school with fourth grade ambition fourth
grade thoughts.
It is quite impossible to step into a big place in life from the center
of small thoughts.
No person can handle large affairs until large thoughts have developed
a plan.
A Chance.
If you think big thoughts thoughts way in advance of your present
position soon you will be up with the big job.
Remember that no one ever reached a mountain top stirring around
in the mud at the bottom.
Give your thoughts a big chance and you will meet another big job
some day.
Where is the
Draw a fish for tiny
He'a been fishing with
a vim,
But no fish can he
In a tub where they
can't hatch.
Advice to the Lovelorn
Mrs. Howard Rushton is visiting
relatives in Logan, O., for a few
The Omah'ans registered at the
Hotel Cleik in Los Angeles include,
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Roberts, B. L.
Brown, C. J. Dobson, Mrs. C. W.
Ogle, Mr. an J Mrs. F. Signal, Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Neitzel, Mrs. Sarah New
hart, Miss Grace Newhart, L. J. Bean
land and Mrs. E. J. Updegraff.
Mr. S. S. Montgomery leaves to
day for Por.tland, Ore. He will spend
some time in Los Angles also, and
will not return for about two months.
XZ?' 'J VypB war rtnutyy
To Win Respect.
Dear Mtta Fairfax: I am a youn lady.
21, engaged for about a year to a. young
man about 2S. while his father never
nhowed a paternal affertlon for htm before
he met me, two years ago, be has been
line I came Into his son's life, feeling, or
showing, a strong antipathy for the boy,
as well as a repelling antagonism toward
me. The reason is primarily that his father
wanted him, and Is still Insistent, to marry
a certain other girl. Love, however, de.
crend that his heart should belong to me.
His father once grossly, without provoca
tion, Insulted me. and considering the fact
that he is Ignorant and self-opinionated, I
am not very much surprised at tha condi
tions. Neither my friend nor I talk to his
father, who hates not only the sight, but
the mere mention of my friend, apparently
for no other reason but the "disobedience"
In question. Miss Fairfax, as I intend short
ly to get married, Is there any possibility
of our winning, under the circumstances, at
least the good grace and respect of my in
tended father-in-law? What, if anything,
are wa to do how are ws to guide our
selves In this matter? J. F.
While you continue to take your bitter
and critical attitude toward your aweet-
heart'a father, there Is practically no
chance for either one of you to win his re
gard. I.ove begets love. lfou are sincere
In your desire for the respect of your In
tended father-in-law, why not go to him
simply and sincerely ask htm to let by
gones be by-gones, and tell him that you
long for a happy, united household. While
you are thinking In terms of hatred, call
ing this man Igorant and opinionated, gloat
ing over the fact that you won his son In
spite of him, how can you expect to attract
his liking?
proposition. Of course, now-a-days there
are a good many men who long for fem
inine friendship and feel they cannot afford
properly to keep up their contributions to
ward It. If yon have a pleasant home, why
not lnvlta tha young man Into dinner oc
casionally. If you are boarding you might
even ask him to dine at your boarding
house. You can take lunches along when
you go on little picnics; suggest going to
the movies. Instead of to theater, or for
walks. Instead of monsy on any sort of a
soolal good tlma. I think yon can arranga
to bring about a friendship where there Is
reciprocity, without descending to a mer
cenary discussion of dollar and cents.
V -
Y. W. C. A. to Hold Annual
Dinner Next Monday
The Young Women's Christian as
sociation will hold its annual meet
ing 'and dinner at the association
building Monday evening at 6:30
o'clock. In the absence of Mrs. J.
P. Lord, president, Mrs. W. P. Har
ford, honorary president, will preside.
The speaker for the evening will be
Lieutenant Harry B. Boyd of Camp
Dodge. The West Sisters' orchestra
will furnish music. '
The regular cafeteria supper will
not be served that evening. Tickets
for the dinner are on sale at the of
fice and should be purchased before
Saturday morning .
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Keep Right On.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am It years old and
to to parties and have a rood time, and the
girls are very jealous ot me, and conee
quently they go to telling lies to the boys
and to each other and tell their mothers,
and I am losing friends. I have always tried
to do right and there la not a soul that can
say I did anything that I should not do, so
the question Is, "What shall I do?" My
mother left my father when I was but 10
years old and I have been living with my
father until Just lately I have been work
ing for my board and clothes, and tha peo
ple are well off and t have nice clothes
and everyone says I am good looking and
very little and tiny, making me attractive.
Tell me what I shall do. C. W.
Keep right on trying to do right and you
will win. Little talcs upset one's mental
poise sometimes, but If you do the right
thing, as you see It, you will come out all
"A Fifty-Fifty Friendship."
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am 23. Would It be
Improper for a girl and boy to form a
friendship on a 60-50 basts that is, be real
chums, take In shows, etc., and afterward
spilt the bill? Would it be unwomanly? I
am so lonely, I long for the companionship
of a real true friend. I know a young man
who I'm sure likes me very much as a
friend but while I would like to be frank
and explain this proposition to him, I'm
afraid he might misunderstand and think
me unwomanly. OLIVE P.
It wouldn't be a bit unwomanly, but there
ar very few men who would relish the
ff S3 in. LengthV
HE 1 fefr-BrjIfe. UHimnMiuasCs I
Foolish and Dangerous..
Dear Mlsa Fairfax: limit and have a
girl friend whom I lova dearly. She has
met a nice man who seems to car a great
deal for her. Now, Mlsa Fairfax, I cer
tanly am not jealous, yet when I am left
alone I cry myaelf stok.
She has often told me to stop thinking
about her so muua. B. M. A. O.
Now, my dear, you want to take yourself
right In hand and cure yourself at one of
an attitude that Is morbid and quit silly
as wall. In tha natural course) of events
your girl friend would fall In love and marry
and so will you. Now ahe baa been the
first to find tha man sha carea for. Don't
take an absurd attitude about It. Just
recognlie this had to coma, and that thera
are other girl friends for whom you may
also care, and what Is more, that there
are a great manv fine young fellows with
one of whom you are probably going to ba
really In lova aome day. Tou ara not the
first girl who has overldealised a feminine
friendship and baeu absurdly sentimental
about It But It Is an attitude that does
nobody any good and that muat be con
quered. Oo put and have a good time and
forget your own foolish and high-strung
Reverse Economy.
"Are you trying to economize?"
"Yes, I've actually got on so far
that I've quit telling other people
what to go without and am going
without a few things myself."
Washington Star.
Was Condition of Indiana Lady
Before Beginning to Take
Card-u-i, the Woman's
Electric Cleaner
s I
CD CD: 1
333 nc Ol
Kokomo, Ind. Mrs. H. Hanke
meier, of this town, says: "I look so
well and am so well that it does not
seem as if I ever needed Cardui. But
I was not always this way. . . .1 think
I have taken a dozen bottles. .. .be
fore my little girl came.
I was feeling dreadfully bad, had
headache, backache, sick at my stom
ach, no energy.... I was very irrit
able, too, and nervous.
I began taking Cardui about 6
months before my baby came. As a
result all those bad feelings left me,
and I just felt grand, just as if noth
ing at all was the matter, and when
the end came I was hardly sick at all,
Since that I have never taken Car
dui at all.... it has done me good,
and I know it will help others, if
they will only try it."
Many women have written grate
ful letters like the above, telling of
the good that Cardui has done them.
Why should it not help you, too? If
you suffer from any of the ailments
so common to women, and feel the
need of a safe, reliable, strengthen
ing tonic, we urg you to begin to
day and give Cardui a fair trial. ,
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