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Sunday, January 20, 1918.-
Stort Hour From
A. M. to" S P. M.'
Store Hours From
9 A. M. to S P. M.
-Phone Douglas 137.,
Till 1 YYT w v . .
Monday We Will Celebrate Our Fourth Anniversary Willi A"
Series of Unusual Values in Which Everybody is Invited to Share
Four Years
Old Last
January 18
We have entered upon
another year's business
the fifth year of our serv
ice to YOU the buying
public, by whose LIBERAL
patronage and APPRECIA
TION of our aggressive
methods of merchandising,
we have attained such
splendid success.
A success that is a power
ful illustration of the po
tency of proper principles
in business. It is a magnifi
cent unmistakable tribute
to the . nrinciDles unon
which this store has been
Absolute Integrity
With the purpose of winning
and holding the confidence of
every man, woman and child
who enter its doors.
But these principles could not
have won without the apprecia
tion of a discriminating public.
given to this store has placed it
under recognized obligations.
To show our appreciation we
will celebrate the event in a char
acteristic Burgess-Nash way
with a bargain festival to which
we invite everybody.
It will be our fourth celebra
tion an occasion which we take
to impress upon a larger public
the advantages of shopping at
this store "Everybody's Store"
to test ihe stability of our
rigid growth and the efficiency
of o" ganization.
InThe Anniversary Sale A Special
Purchase of Womens' Novelty Boots
At $4.85
Positively less than the
manufacturer's cost
HERE is beyond question the biggest shoe
value of the entire season, made all the
more important by the constantly increasing
costs of leather.
There's not an old style, not the tag ends
of lines, but beautiful, fresh new models, in
Brown kid lac boot with ivory cloth top and welt sole.
Golden brown lac kid boot with' brown cloth top to match,
welt coles.
Black kid vamp boot with gray cloth top, turn ole.
Patent colt lac or button boot, turn ole or welt.
Also about 100 pairs of women's sample walking boots in dark
tan Russia calf, black kid skin, tan Russia calf with cloth top, low
heels and welt soles'.
Burgess-Nash Co. Sacond Floor
Women's Sample Under Vests in
The Anniversary Sale at 15c
EXCEPTIONAL values really at less than half, made of white
cotton or lisle, low neck and sleeveless style, full taped. Very
special at 1 5c.
Women's Sample Vests at 25c
Cotton or lisle, in white or pink, low neck and sleeveless, sale
price 25c.
Women's Sample Union Suits 39c
Cotton or lisle, white only, knee length, lace trimmed, sale price
Women's Sample Union Suits 50c
Low neck and sleeveless style, knee length and lace trimmed, ex
ceptional values at 50c.
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
V Than i2 Price
Seven big groups of embroid
eries, including headings, inser
tions, 'galloons, bands, fine
swiss organdie' convent edges,
dress flouncings, corset covers,
allovers, baby flouncings, etc.,
at 3c, 5. 10c, 15c, 25c, 39c and
59c a yard.
Val Laces at 5c
Pine imported val laces,
edges and insertions to match,
round and diamond mesh, at 5c
a yard.
Flouncings at 25c
Lace flouncings, fine val,
shadow and embroidered net
and silk finish laces, 12 to 18
inches wide, at 25c a yard.
'Allover Laces 50c
Allover laces, embroidery
nets, shadow val and Venice,
sale price 50c a yard.
Linen Laces 15c
Linen laces, some edges,
mostly insertions from one to
three inches wide, at 15c a vard.
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
SAMPLE Hose on
Sale At 25c
Women's and children's
sample hose, cotton or silk lisle,
black or white and seamless;
sale price Monday, very special,
at 25c a pair.
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
HITE Chamoisette
Gloves At 75c
Women's two-clasp white
chamoisette gloves, plain white
or with three rows of black em
broidery on back, guaranteed
washable, at 75c a pair.
Chamoisette Gloves, $1.00
Two-clasp, extra fine quality
chamoisette gloves, in black,
white, gray, biscuit, pongee,
chamois, plain, black or white
embroidered backs, at $1.00 a
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
A Manufacturers' Sample Line of
Men's Shirts for Spring in The
Anniversary Sale Monday at
95c, $1.45 and $2.95
ALL the road samples of the
1918 spring line of a big
manufacturer consisting of
madras, pongee, fibre, fibre silk,
fine percales, cords and many du
rable materials suitable for men's
In fact there are too many different materials for us to go into de
tail and describe. They're all made coat style, with soft turn-back and
stiff cuffs, a remarkably varied assortment of colors and patterns.
Its the big shirting event of the season, so come prepared to share
generously in it, and tell your friends about it, too, they'll thank you for
the tip.
Burgess-Nash Co. Mala Floor
A Standard Rotary Sewing
Machine in The Anniversary
At $39.50
AVERY special offer probably never again
will the price be so low as during our
j fourth anniversary sale.
The constant increase in cost of labor and ma
terials makes it imperative that the price must
be advanced.
It's recognized the world over that the Standard Rotary is in a
class by itself possessing features of which no other sewing ma
chine can boast, the sit straight design and the lock and chain stitch
attachment which means you can sew with one or two threads. A
rapid sewer, easy to operate, satisfaction guaranteed or your money
back, and you can secure it on terms as low as
$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER WEEK
Other Specials Monday
Four-drawer golden oak sewing machine with automatic lift,
White sewing machine with automatic lift (used), at $20.00.
Six-drawer golden oak automatic lift (new), at $32.50.
Burgi-Nih Co. Fourth Floor
AND Made Filet
Prices Reduced lz
Finest hand made allovers,
filet ovals, centers and lunch
cloths, your choice of the en
tire line at one-third off regu
lar price.
Madeira Scarfs
Fine round thread irish linen,
snow white, handsome rose
18x36 inch at $1.00
18x45 inch at $1.25
18x54 inch at $1.50
Cluny Centers $1.50
24-inch round hand made
cluny lace centers of pure
linen,' $1.50. ,
Pattern Cloths
Double satin damask, snow
white, made from fine select
flax, handsome round or square
designs, six patterns.
72 inch by 2 yds. ..... . .$5.95
72 inch by 2 yds $7.45
72 inch by 3 yds. .... . . .$8.95
24x24 inch napkins $7.50
Turkish Towels 35c
22x44 inch heavy double and
twist weave bath towels, full
bleached, corded . border, spe
cial 35c
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
Would You Do Without
Nemo Wonderlift?
Certainly Not!
Then buy now, if you can, a
supply for the coming year.
Prices advance on Monday,
February 4, 1918
FROM $5.00 to $6.00
on the following popular
models Nos. 402, 403, 554,
556 and 658 from $4.50 to $5.
We know this announcement
will be of interest to thousands
of women who save their health
and appearance by wearing the
Nemo Wonderlift. They now
have an opportunity to save
money, too, if they buy before
prices advance.
We have a stock of these cor
sets on hand, and can supply
your needs at the old low prices.
Come in soon they are going
Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor
Co-operating with the
efforts of John L. Ken
nedy, Fuel Administrator,
for the conservation of
coal, e have adopted his
recommendation for short
er store hours beginning
Monday, and announce the
following schedule for
store business.
Store opens at 9:00 and
closes at 5:00 p. m., ex
cept Saturday, when we
will close at 6:00 p. m.
Ribbons At 15c
Here's a splendid Anniver
sary Special for Monday
Satin Taffeta, Taffeta and
flowered effects, 5ft to 6
inches wide, extra quality, sale
price, 15c yard.
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
Quire of Stationery
Stamped From Own
Die for 39c
DURING our anniversary
sale we will stamp one
quire box of Highland Plaid
stationery from your own die
or from one of our stock dies
from which you have a choice
of five styles, at 39c. The sta
tionery is in three tints, blue,
gray, lavender and white.
Burfess-Nash Co. Main Floor
Several Thousand Yards of
Go Into The. Anniversary Monday at Prices
Way Below The Present Market
IT'S the result of weeks of careful planning picking up a few pieces here and a few
there, whenever and wherever the price was low enough to be at all attractive.
How well we have provided is told in the following:
Silk of the Most Wanted Sort
Priced at 98c
36-inch Silk Canton Crepe, in wanted shades.
32-inch Satin Stripe Shirting, in white grounds, fast colors,
36-inch Black Chiffon Taffeta, for shirts and dresses.
32-inch Imported natural pongee silk.
36-inch Black water proof and perspiration proof Jap silk.
36-inch white heavy Japanese wash silk for waists.
36-inch Japanese silk with printed figures for kimonas.
32-inch imported pongee with printed sport figures.
36-inch Black silk poplin, rich raven black.
36-inch colored Rangoon Shantung, ten pretty shades.
Another Magnificent Collection of Silks
Priced at $1.49
36-inch Black Charmeuse Satin, raven black.
36-inch White Crepe de Chine, all silk.
40-inch Printed Silk Chiffon, flowers and figures.
36-inch Fancy Stripe Taffeta, for skirts and dresses.
36-inch Fancy Stripe Satin, for skirts and dresses.
36-inch Check and Plaid Taffeta, for skirts and dresses.
40-inch Black Crepe de Chine, heavy quality.
36-inch Black Peau de Soie, all pure silk. , .
40-inch Brocade Silk Poplin, in brown and green.
36-inch Black Chiffon Taffeta, excellent for wear.
36-inch Imperial Satin, 40 different shades.
36-inch Brocaded Coat Lining Satin.
40-inch Jersey Silk in Black and Navy Blue.
36-inch Guaranteed Lining Satin, all shades.
Black Chiffon Dress Taffeta $1.69
Fine quality and good weight, note the width, full 40-inch.
Special sale price, $1.69 a yard.
Black Dress Satins at $1.79
Imported Black Dress Satin, in a desirable weight and
quality, 86 inches wide, at 1.79 a yard.
Black Gros De Londre $1.95
For suits; dresses, skirts and coats, very smart
and excellent for wear, rich raven black, full one
yard wide, Sale Price, $1.95 a yard.
Black Satin Charmeuse $1.95
In a soft drapy quality, rich satin face, firmly
woven. Will make a rich and dressy gown. 40
inches wide. Special sale, $1.95 a yard.
Black Chiffon Taffeta $1.9
dye. fine quality, correct weight and 40
inches wide. This width requires less material for
skirts and dresses. Sale Price, $1.95 a yard.'
40c-inch Black Silk Faille $2.50
For Silk Suits in both the plain and crepe weave
This is not the light weight kind, but a good heavy
quality that will tailor nicely, also navy blue. Spe
cial, $2.50 a yard.
Burgess-Nash Co. Main Floor '
Anniversary Sale in The Down Stairs Store
Decorated Semi-Porcelain
Dinner Ware Anniversary Sale
INCLUDING gold decorated American semi-porcelain
ware plain neat shapes:
Cups and saucers, pair, 20c.
Dinner plates, each, 10c.
Soup plates, each. 10c.
Oatmeal bowls, each, 10c.
Round vegetable dishes, each, 15c.
Oval vegetable dishes, each, 15c
Bowls, each, 15c.
Meat platter, each, 15c.
Creamers, each, 15c.
Earthen Bowls, 10c
Brown glazed earthen bowls, white lined, each, 10c.
Semi-Porcelain Breakfast Set at $2.69
31-piece gold decorated breakfast set, $2.69.
Complete Dinner Service, $9.95
51-piecc blue line and conventional patterns, complete dinner
service for six people, $9.95.
100-piece floral decorated dinner sets, complete service for
twelve people, $15.95.
Cut Table Tumblers, Each 10c
Star or floral cut table tumblers, cut on thin blown bldnks.
Floral cut floral sugar and creamer sets, neat shapes, set, 59c
Heisey Glassware Special
Colonial Pattern With Grecian Border.
Goblets, each, 12 He
Sherbets, high stem, each, 12 He
Ice tea glasses, each, 12 He
Bell and straight shape glasses, each, 10c.
Footed comport, 19c. 1
Two-handled nappy, 35c.
Fruit saucers, square or round, 6 for 50e.
Burfess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
NO woman 'with a winter
coat need can afford to
overlook this opportunity. The
colors are the moat extreme.
The coats are of good quality
mixtures, with large cape col
lars, trimmed with velvet, belt
ed and large pockets. We con
sider them the biggest values of
the entire year at $3.95.
Every Tailored Suit in
The Down Stairs Store
All good styles and in a
varied . range of desirable
models. Splendid selection of
colors at one-half price.
Taffeta Petticoats at $1.95
Made of soft taffeta with
pleated flounce, some have rub
ber in waist, colors are navy
and black. Special at $1.95.
J if "
Bur ess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Storv
Special J. & P. Coats' Six Cord Machine Thread, Spool. 4o
Snap Fasteners, black and
white, card, 4c.
Nickel plated safety pins,
three cards for 10c.
Silk thread, all shades, spool,
Pearl buttons, first quality,
10 to Z4 line, dozen, 5c
Burf ass-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
Powder puffs, each. 7Ue.
Inside, skirt belting, 1H to
3-inch, yard, 10c.
Darning cotton, three spools
for Sc.
Beeswax, each, 2c.
Men's shirt bands, each,
Hemstitched Sheets and Cases
Fine round thread sheeting, full bleached, heavy soft finish,
spoke stitched.
72x99 inch at $1.50 81x99 inch at $1.65
81x90 inch at $1.50 42 or 45x36 inch cases.., .35c
Ideal Sheets $1.25 Each
81x90 inch fine seamless sheets, good weight, hemmed and
ironed, ready for use.
Burgess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
111 jgB 'tsfts ms&i
Diamond C soap, 8 for 25c.
Ammonia powder, 7 He.
Borax 20-mule-team, lb.,
Beat-'Em-All soap, 2 for 11c.
Borax chips, large pkg., 25c.
Crystal White soap, 6c.
Old Dutch Cleanser, 8 He.
Fels Naphtha, 6 He.
Golden Rod washing pow
der, 5c.
Gold Dust, small, 6 He.
bold Dust, large, 29e.
Ivory soap, small, 7c.
P. & G. naphtha soap, 6 He.
Light House Cleaner, 5c.
Star naptha, small, 6c
Star naptha. large, 25c.
Sam-Flush, 20c.
Toili Kleen, 18c.
Kleentone, 8 He.
White Borax naphtha soap,
cake, 4c.
White Russian soap, 5c.
Victorian cleanser, pkg., 5c.
Lux. 3 Tike-s. for 35e.
Pearl White soap, cake, 4c.
No nhone nr mail
when sent with other goods bought on a transfer.
Buriess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
House Furnishings in Anniversary
Specials in the housewares section for Anniversary.
Big Wonder Mop 34c
Big wonder triangle oil mop large size, ready for use. Specially
priced at 34c.
Oil Polish 29c
Cedar oil polish, for furniture, floors, autos or mops, quart
can, 29c.
Toilet Paper 17 Rolls $1.00
Pure crepe tissue toilet paper, extra large
rolls, 17 for $1.00.
Enameled Dish Pans 69c
Seamless Enameled dish pans Blue enam
eled outside white lined, 10 quart size, 69c.
Wear-Ever Aluminum 55c
Wear-ever pure aluminum sauce pans:
1 quart size, extra special 55c
2H quart size, extra special 69c
Step Stools $1.00
Step stools, very handy to have
around the home, exceptionally well
made, heavily varnished, extra special,
Sedge Grass Brooms 39c
Brooms made of sedge grass, will
wear better than broomcorn, four
sewed, every one made perfect and has
best grade of handle. Special, 39c.
Burfess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store